Human Anatomy:
The Human Eye

Human Anatomy

For those readers new to the field of medical transcription, and those considering getting into the profession, we know these illustrations will give you some insight into the complexity - and simplicity - of human anatomy. As a medical transcriptionist you will be required to know all the major systems and organs of the body as well as their function. Performing transcription for various medical specialists will eventually give you a level of knowledge of human anatomy that will serve you well. Of course, these illustrations as presented here are not intended for work reference, although, if necessary, you could use them for information on most major areas of the human body. There are many fine books on human anatomy and we have a list here that you may want to review, if you need such a book.

The Human Eye

Figure: The Human Eye

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This illustration was published in
Henry Gray's 1918 "Anatomy of the Human Body."

Medword presents it with the
express permission of...

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