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Taking a Biospy

Biopsy Forceps
When the doctor wishes to sample the lining of the intestine during a gastroscopy or colonoscopy, he can simply pass a biopsy forceps through the center hollow channel of the scope. Here you can see the open jaws of the biopsy forceps as it is about to biopsy this normal appearing duodenum. This procedure takes only a few small specimens and causes no pain. While bleedig is a potential complication of any biopsy, seldom does more than a few drops of blood loss result. The patient is back to normal as soon as the sedation wears off with no residual pain even after the anesthetic wears off.

Even though all may look normal to the naked eye, the biopsy specimen can be viewed under the microscope. Sometimes this is the only way to make a diagnosis of unusual diseases - such as celiac sprue.

Text & Images Courtesy of Three Rivers Endoscopy Center
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