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Celiac Sprue

This short video segment was taken during a gastroscopy examination of the duodenum, or upper small intestine, in a patient who has celiac disease, or sprue. Affecting approximately 1 in 200 Americans, sprue is a food allergy to gluten, a dietary protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. When a patient with sprue eats a food containing gluten, such as a slice of bread, the allergic reaction damages the delicate inner lining of the small intestine. This damage decreases one's ability to absorb nutrition from the diet which can lead to malabsorption of calories, vitamins, and minerals. Patients with mild sprue often have unexplained iron deficiency anemia. More severe cases suffer from weight loss and diarrhea. If suspected, blood tests can be done to screen for this disease. A biopsy of the duodenum is also often done to confirm the diagnosis and help assess the severity of the injury. As in this brief video, subtle changes can be seen during gastroscopy such as the minor irregularity and notching of duodenal folds. This notching gives the doctor a clue that sprue may be present, but only after an examination under the microscope can he be certain.

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The Duodenum in Celiac Sprue


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