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Stomach Polyps

This is a short video that illustrates the view your doctor has during a gastroscopy examination when gastric (stomach) polyps are found. You can see the white arrow pointing to a small stomach polyp and a biopsy being taken for lab analysis. Unlike the colon, most stomach polyps do not turn into cancer. There are several types of stomach polyps. Most are benign "fundic" or "hyperplastic" polyps which are felt to have little or no cancer potential. Most stomach polyps cause no symptoms. Infrequent followup exams are usually suggested.

The situation is more serious if many polyps or large polyps are found in the stomach. This is especially true if the biopsy shows precancerous changes ("adenomatous", "villous", or "dysplastic" tissue). Some stomach polyps can be removed with the gastroscope. Others may require aggessive follow-up exams, and rarely, surgery. All in all, most stomach polyps have no health consequences....

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Stomach Polyps


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