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Normal Stomach Lining
This is a short video that illustrates the view your doctor has during a gastroscopy examination of a normal healthy stomach. The preparation for this test requires fasting at least 6 hours so that the stomach is empty as you see here. Note the normal pink color and the folds (rugae) in the lining. These normal folds allow the stomach to expand and contract as you eat. Empty, the volume of your stomach "pouch" is less than one-half cup. As you eat, it can expand to hold about three pints of sustenance. Then about every twenty seconds, contractions called peristaltic waves ripple through your stomach squeezing gently in the upper part, more powerfully lower down. This churning motion mixes the food particles with powerful hydrochloric acid and the enzyme, pepsin. These strong chemicals liquify the food and prepare it for digestion in the small intestine.

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Normal Stomach Lining

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