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Combining Forms M–Z

These combining forms usually appear at the beginning of terms, but they may certainly sometimes appear within or at the end of a term also. Use this handy table for reference.

Form Meaning
Masto – breast
Meningo – meninges (coverings of the brain and spinal cord)
metro –
Morpho – form
Myelo – bone marrow and also spinal cord (Note: The use of this term will determine which tissue is meant.)
Myo – muscle (Note: The Latin word for muscle is mus.)
Myringo – eardrum
Naso – nose
Nephro – kidney
Neuro – nerve
Oculo – eye
Odonto – tooth
Omphalo – navel or umbilicus
Onycho – nails
Oophoro – ovary
Ophthalmo – eye
orchido –
Oro – mouth
Os – bone  -  or mouth
Osteo – bone
Oto – ear
Ovario – ovary
Palato – palate of mouth
Palpebro – eyelid
Pectus – breast, chest, or thorax (Latin)
Pharyngo – pharynx
Phlebo – vein
Pilo – hair
Pleuro – pleura of lung (relates also to side or rib)
Pneumo or
pneumono –
lungs (also used in referring to air or breath)
Procto – rectum
Pyelo – pelvis of kidney
Pyloro – pylorus (part of stomach just be fore duodenum)
Rhino – nose
Sacro – sacrum
Salpingo – fallopian tube or oviduct
Sialo – saliva (used in connection with a salivary duct or gland)
Splanchno – viscera
Spleno – spleen
Sterno – sternum
Stoma – mouth
Tarso – instep of foot; ankle (also edge of eyelid)
tenonto –
Thoraco – thorax or chest
Thyro – thyroid
Trachelo – neck, particularly the neck of the uterus
Tracheo – trachea
Unguis – nail
Uretero – ureter
Urethro – urethra
Uro – urine; urinary
Utero – uterus
Vaso – vessel
Veno – vein
Ventriculo – ventricle, either of heart or brain
Viscero – viscera

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The list below covers just a few areas of interest that are, in fact, the foundations for learning the language of medicine - medical terminology.

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