Physician Dictation Guide:
Page 2

Physician Dictation Guide:
Page 2

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Over-used & Redundant Words

Part of good dictation style is avoding the use of unnecessary words, redundancies or grammatically-unacceptable phrases when dictating. It is more professional to be as succinct as possible. Avoid "flowery" language, too many superlatives, and over-used words and phrases. Here is just a short list of what you should avoid:

  Wrong or Over-Used  Try Using
VeryAvoid or use sparingly
Very normalNormal
At this point in timeNow
At that point in timeThen
At the present timeNow
In the near futureSoon; specific date/time
As perper; according to; as
In close proximity toNear; close to; proximal
I am in receipt ofI have; I have received
In the matter ofRegarding
Very nearNear; close
Is on no medicationIs not on medication

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