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Ergonomic Guidelines

Your Ergonomics Checklist
Use this checklist to help you make adjustments to your work area to enhance your comfort when using the computer.

Your Work Space

checkbox Place monitor screen perpendicular to the window.
checkbox Adjust or close window coverings.
checkbox Arrange materials and equipment by frequency of use and importance.
checkbox Ensure that reference materials storage does not require excessive reaching or twisting.
checkbox Clear area under and around desk.
checkbox Remove sources of distraction around the monitor.
checkbox Keep noise to a minimum.

Your Body
checkbox Consult a qualified health professional if you feel any aching, numbing, or tingling in your arms, wrists, or hands.
checkbox Take frequent recovery pauses from typing.
checkbox Maintain a straight wrist position while typing.
checkbox Use the Wrist Leveler on the Microsoft® Natural® Keyboard, when necessary, to promote a straight wrist position while typing.
checkbox Avoid resting on your wrists while typing.
checkbox Use a light touch on keys while typing.
checkbox Maintain good health habits.
checkbox Adjust keyboard and chair height to keep wrists straight.
checkbox Don't rest wrist and forearm on a hard or sharp edge.
checkbox Place mouse/trackball next to the keyboard.
checkbox Use a light touch on the mouse.
checkbox Keep feet on the floor or supported by a footrest.
checkbox Support lower back.
checkbox Use armrests, if possible, to comfortably support the arms.
checkbox Adjust chair positions and postures throughout the day.
checkbox Vary tasks throughout the day.

Your Eyes
checkbox Place screen 18 to 30 inches from eyes.
checkbox Position desk light away from the eyes and screen.
checkbox Remove sources of reflective glare (paper, shiny posters).
checkbox Adjust brightness and contrast controls.
checkbox Ensure that screen is clean.
checkbox Place top of screen at eye level (lower for bifocal wearers).
checkbox Place reference materials at same height as and next to the monitor.
checkbox Schedule eye examinations frequently.

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