Grief & Suicide Terms

Grief & Suicide Terms: B

Bad feelings Suicide grievers' anger that may be directed at therapists or others to displace guilt (Gutheil).
Befrienders International Nonprofit volunteer organization that works for suicide prevention in 41 countries.
Behavioral health Inclusive of mental health and substance abuse services.
Behavioral health
Provider offering mental health and/or substance abuse services.
Behavioral medicine Application of social and behavioral factors in health promotion/disease prevention.
Behavioral therapy Application of learning principles to modify problem thoughts and/or behaviors.
Beneficence Ethical duty to help others, or to protect them from or minimize harm.
Bereaved State of being in grief; grieving individual(s).
Bereavement Process of grieving unique to each person.
Biobehavioral Emotional, cognitive, and social factors accounting for normal functioning.
Biochemical Substance occurring naturally in the body; see neurochemicals.
Bioethics Branch of ethics concerned with medical research and care.
Biological theory Physiological and neurochemical variables contribute to suicide risk.
Biomarker See marker.
Biomedical therapy Treatment of with medications and electro-convulsive therapy.
Bloodless means Toxic substances, drowning, hanging, suffocation.
Brief depression Severe episode last a week or less with high suicide attempt potential.
Brief reactive disorder Short-term condition with high self-harm risk.

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