Grief & Suicide Terms

Grief & Suicide Terms: D

Grief & suicide terms, words and phrases are often used by crisis counselors and others in the health-care field. You can study these and/or copy them to your dictionary.

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Danger signs See warning sign.
Death & dying Catch-all term for grief services, hospice, palliative care.
Death guilt See survivor guilt.
Decathexis Cognitive separation, e.g., detachment from deceased.
Decompensation Breakdown of individual psychic supports.
Decriminalization Eliminating criminal penalty for an act or behavior.
Delayed grief Bereavement occurring years or decades after the loss.
Delayed stress reaction Response to traumatic event after 6 months or more.
Deliverance See self-deliverance.
Denial Refusal to accept that a loss has occurred.
Departing drugs Euthnasia movement term for lethal medications used to bring about death.
Depression Disorder involving abnormal sadness and hopelessness.
Depressive episode Period in which an individual shows multiple signs of depression.
DHHS U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Diagnosis Clinical identification of cause and nature of a condition.
Diagnosable Refers to conditions meeting accepted criteria of a specific disease or disorder.
Dichotomous thinking Increasingly rigid thought processes and loss of ability to see options to death by a suicidal individual.
Direct destructive
Suicidal ideation, attempts, and completions.
Direct euthanasia Intentionally causing death to end individual suffering.
Disclosure Act of releasing information given in confidence by a client or patient.
Discounted grief Lack of nominal or negligible social validation of a loss by others. AKA marginalized grief.
Disease Bodily failure to counteract negative processes.
Disease model See medical model.
Disease of the "d"s Dysfunction, disuse, disability, depression, dramatic complaints, and/or drug misuse.
Disease process Course of a disease from onset to outcome.
Occurs in reaction to a physical illness or disorder.
Disenfranchise Deprive of a right or an entitlement.
Disenfranchised grief Grief that is denied or restricted by social pressure or other interference. See discounted grief.
Disorder Clinically significant psychological condition (DSM-IV).
Vulnerability due to a psychiatric disorder's effect on personal control.
Distorted mourning See complicated mourning.
Distal risk factors Secondary, nonprecipitating elements related to suicide.
Diversion Directing the mentally ill who come in contact with police to mental health service rather than jail.
Double depression Co-occurrence of major depression and chronic minor depression (Ayd).;
Double effect Capability of some analgesics to both relieve pain and cause death if used inappropriately.
Double suicide Completion by spouses, other couple or by two friends.
Dsm-iv "Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders" (4th edition).
Dual diagnosis Determined to have two distinct conditions, e.g., depression and substance abuse.
Durkheim, Emile French sociologist; wrote "suicide" (1897).
Dutiful suicide Suicide as culturally defined obligation (Fairbairn).
Duty Obligatory action or behavior owed to a client by a clinician.
Duty of care Clinician obligation to give reasonable care to a patient or client.
Duty to warn Ethical obligation to disclose the risk of suicide or other harm to a third party.
Dyadic suicide Completion caused by an interpersonal problem (Shneidman).
Dysthymic disorder Depression, loss of interest and enjoyment; minor depression.

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