Grief & Suicide Terms

Grief & Suicide Terms: E & F

Grief & suicide terms, words and phrases are often used by crisis counselors and others in the health-care field. You can study these and/or copy them to your dictionary.

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E-coding Standardized medical reporting codes for injury and illness. See icd-9.
Egoistic suicide Type caused by lack of social ties (Durkheim).
Egotic suicide Caused by an intrapersonal problem (Shneidman).
Eldercide See elder suicide.
Elder suicide Completion of suicide by an individual age 65 or over.
Electroconvulsive therapy
Electrical current applied to the brain in treatment of extreme depression/suicidality.
EMDR (eye movement desens-
itization & reprocessing)
New psychotherapy for grief/pain/PSTD.
Emotional pain See psychological pain.
Endogenous depression Organically-based disorder.
End-of-life care Services of supportive nature for the terminally ill.
Endorphins Natural morphine-like substances in the body.
Enkephalin Opioid analgesic occurring naturally in the body.
Enshrinement Idealization of a dead child by the parent(s).
Epidemiology Study of nature, cause, and frequency of disease.
Equivocal death Indeterminate cause (suicide vs. other).
Ethics Principles guiding decisions and behavior.
Ethical code See code of ethics.
Ethical dilemma Situation in which an individual faces conflicting obligations.
Ethical duty See duty.
Ethical problem Interpersonal or organizational issue with ethical aspects.
Etiology The cause of a disease, disorder, or other phenomenon.
Eulogy Remarks on behalf of the recently deceased.
Euthanasia ("Good death") death caused by other than the deceased to relieve suffering.
Everyperson intervention Basic caring about a suicidal individual by a concerned lay person (Rickgairn).
Existential suicide Completing suicide because "life isn't worth it."
Expendable child syndrome Adolescent belief that parents want her/him dead.
Experimental action Gradual progression to a lethal act by an ambivalent suicidal individual (Clark).
Experimental study Research design with randomized control groups.
Facilitated suicide Completion occurs because of clinician indifference.
Facilitating suicide Legal term for helping in a suicide completion.
False negative Identifying a suicidal person as non-suicidal.
False positive Identifying a non-suicidal person as suicidal.
Familicide-suicide Homicide of one or more family members by suicide completer.
Family history Presence of disorder or risk factors or occurrence of suicide in parents, sibs, etc.
Family therapy Combination of group and individual problem-solving sessions with family members.
Fantasy rationale Suicide felt to be caused by wish for rebirth, revenge, etc.
Fatalistic suicide Associated with "passions violently checked by aggressive discipline" (Durkheim).
Feminine grief Expressive, emotional grieving common to women and some men.
Fiduciary responsibility General ethical duty to act in the client's best interest.
Filicide-suicide Homicide of one or more offspring by suicide completer.
Firearms suicide Use of handgun, rifle, shot gun as the lethal means.
First-degree relative Parent, sibling, child; risk assessment term.
5-HIAA (5-hydroxy tryptamine) metabolic product of serotonin.
Flashback Recurrent recollection of a traumatic event.
Focal suicides Self-mutilation and deliberate accidents (Menninger).
Forensic Associated with the law enforcement or criminal justice systems.
Forfeited patients Seriously mentally ill individuals who resist efforts to treat them (Whitmer).
Frozen grief Stalling of grieving process because of ambiguous loss (Boss).
Frustration Inability to meet an important personal need or drive.
Frustration tolerance Ability to deal with frustration without psychological harm.
Functional impairment Prolonged inability to manage activities of daily living because of psychological/physical disability.

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