Grief & Suicide Terms

Grief & Suicide Terms: J, K, & L

Grief & suicide terms, words and phrases are often used by crisis counselors and others in the health-care field. You can study these and/or copy them to your dictionary.

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Jail diversion See diversion.
Jail suicide Occurrence of suicide in prisons and lock-ups; leading cause of death in such facilities.
Japanese suicide See Hara-Kiri and Seppuku
Johar Ritualistic suicide by self-immolation of the widow of a man killed in battle in India.
Justice Individuals in similar situations are to be treated alike.
Kindling Increasing susceptibility to suicide with recurrent stress.
Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth Wrote "death & dying" and other works on grief.
Legacy of suicide Ongoing emotional burden borne by suicide grievers.
Length of stay (LOS) Period of hospitalization in days or duration of care episode by a provider.
Lethal means Implements, substances, weapons, or actions capable of causing death.
Lethality Indicates the potential of means of suicide to cause death.
Levels of suicidal behavior Continuum of suicidal actions.
Liability Legally determined responsibility for substandard care or performance.
Life stressor Severely stressful life event (e.g., interpersonal or economic loss). (Moscicki).
Listeners Volunteers who man the Samaritans' hotlines.
Living legacy Adoption of traits of deceased loved one by bereaved individual.
Loss Deprivation caused by death or other personal tragedy.
Loss history Losses incurred by an individual during her/his life.
Loss inventory Self-assessment of personal loss history and loss type over time.
Love pact suicide See double suicide.

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