Grief & Suicide Terms

Grief & Suicide Terms: M

Grief & suicide terms, words and phrases are often used by crisis counselors and others in the health-care field. You can study these and/or copy them to your dictionary.

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Maintenance therapy Ongoing care to manage a condition or disorder.
Major affective disorder Alcoholism, bi-polar disorder, depression, schizophrenia.
Major depression Severe disorder that impairs normal functioning.
Making final plans Overt actions indicating imminent jeopardy.
Manipulated suicide Completion induced by persuasion (Battin).
Manipulative suicide Attempt with no intent to end life (Schneidman).
MAOI Monoamine oxidase inhibitors; class of antidepressant medications.
Marginalized grief See discounted grief.
Marker Physiological indicator or predictor of suicide risk.
Masculine grief Cognitive style of grieving common among men and some women.
Mass suicide Completion of suicide by an organized or related group.
Meaning making Attempting to understand the reason for a suicide or other loss.
Means Firearms, rope, poison, etc., used to complete suicide; see lethal means.
Means restriction Preventing access to weapons, drugs, etc.; detoxifying auto exhaust or cooking gas (CDC).
Media contagion Suicides felt caused by press/TV/radio coverage of a death.
Medical futility Point where further care or intervention would be of no benefit.
Medical model View of suicide as a disease or caused by a disease.
Medicalization Redefining a behavior as an illness or disease.
Medicide See assisted suicide (Kevorkian).
Mercy booking Police practice of jailing mentally ill individuals if no option exists.
Meta-analysis Research reporting combining results from multiple studies.
Minor depression Chronic mild disorder; see dysthymic disorder.
Modeling Suicidal behavior in imitation of a celebrity death or other prior suicide.
Moderate depression Many symptoms present; partly affects functioning.
Moral agent Individual morally obligated to act when others are subject to harm.
Morbid grief reaction See delayed grief,
Morbidity Extent of a disease in a given population; ill health.
Mortality Number of deaths in a given population in a given time frame.
Mortality study Research on causes of death in a specific population.
Mourning Outward individual demonstration of being bereaved.
Mourning ritual Formalized expression of bereavement.
Multiple suicides See mass suicide.
Murder-suicide Victim commits homicide immediately before completing suicide.

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