Grief & Suicide Terms

Grief & Suicide Terms: N & O

Grief & suicide terms, words and phrases are often used by crisis counselors and others in the health-care field. You can study these and/or copy them to your dictionary.

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NARSAD National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression.
National Save A Life League Suicide prevention group founded in new york city in 1906.
Natural death laws State laws allowing dying to refuse life-extending care.
NBCC National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc., accreditation body for mental health counselors.
NCHS National Center for Health Statistics; U.S. central suicide data repository.
Negated death See discounted grief.
Neurobiology Refers to the physiology of the brain and its study.
Neurochemicals Substances conveying messages in the brain.
Neuron Brain cell that processes information.
Neurotransmitter Neurochemical that attaches to a receptor in the brain.
New normal The "new" sense of self achieved after a traumatic loss (Wrobleski).
NIMH National Institute of Mental Health, U.S. federal agency charged with mental illness
research and prevention.
No harm contract See no suicide contract.
Noncompliance Client or patient partial/total noncooperation with care plan.
Nonlethal method Means that may not be immediately fatal.
Non-suicidal Displaying no signs or symptoms of suicidality at the present time.
Nonviolent means See bloodless means.
Noradrenergic function Brain system associated with suicidal behavior when altered.
Norepinephrine Neurotransmitter associated with depression.
Normal grief Lasts less than 6 months; resolves without treatment.
Normalcy Individual's condition prior to onset of a disorder.
Normative ethics Ethical system intended to influence individual action.
No suicide contract Client agreement to not complete suicide.
Obligatory suicide Ethical concept of suicide as a personal duty (Cosculluela).
Open-ended group Ongoing support group that can be entered at anytime.
Opioid An analgesic that is morphine-based.
Organic suicide Completion in response to serious physical illness and/or pain (Menninger).
Organicity Characteristic of a condition/disorder as organically-based.
Other-driven suicide Completion impelled by other person(s) wishes or actions(Fairbairn).
Other-regarding suicide See obligatory suicide.
Outpatient care Delivery of care or therapy at a clinic or center in the community.
Overlap model Suicide as result of an overlay of biology, heredity, and life events (Blumenthal/Kupfer).

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