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Grief & suicide terms, words and phrases are often used by crisis counselors and others in the health-care field. You can study these and/or copy them to your dictionary.

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SAD Seasonal affective disorder; depression associated with shorter days/earlier darkness of winter.
Samaritans, The International volunteer suicide crisis intervention group.
SAM E S-adenoslymethionine; natural bodily substance under study as a treatment for depression.
SAMSHA Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration - government agency.
S.A. / V.E. Suicide awareness/voices of education; MN (U.S.) based nonprofit organization.
Screening Clinical procedure for identifying and assessing suicide risk.
Seasonality Refers to seasonal variations in suicide rates.
Seclusion Separation of an inpatient/inmate in crisis from general institutional population.
Secondary depression See disease-related depression and reactive depression.
Secondary loss Consequence of loss of loved one, e.g., a friendship.
Secondary prevention Attempt to lessen the severity of a problem.
Secondary victimization Negative experience of bereaved with relatives, media, police, etc.
Secret grief See hidden grief.
SED Seriously emotionally disturbed; usually used in reference to children and adolescents.
Selective intervention Preventative measures directed at group showing risk factors.
Selective serotonin reuptake
inhibitor (SSRI)
Class of antidepressants (e.g., Paxil).
Self-deliverance "Rational" suicide for a "good" reason.
Self-destructive behavior Activities with high physical risk.
Self-determination View of absolute individual control of personal choice or destiny.
Self-injurious behavior (SIB) Causing obvious tissue damage without lethal intent.
Self-medicate Use alcohol, drugs, other substances to cope with depression, grief, or pain.
Self-mutilation Slashing, stabbing, cutting, burning, etc. on the body by an individual.
Seppuku Ritualistic suicide to preserve personal honor in japan.
Sequelae Condition resulting from a disease or disorder.
Serotonin Neurotransmitter that inhibits self-destructive behavior.
Serotonin-specific agent New class of antidepressant drugs.
Shadow grief Unresolved "background" grief associated with perinatal loss.
Shneidman, edwin Author/editor of several seminal texts on suicide.
Silent suicide Self-starvation and medical noncompliance by the aged.
Situational clues Loss, other major life event linked with suicide risk.
Slippery slope Potential adverse outcome of a moral or legal change.
Slow suicide Prolonged pattern of self-abusive, harmful behavior.
Social death Avoidance of a terminally ill or dying individual by friends/relatives.
Socio-economic determinants Factors such as income or unemployment that may correlate with suicide rates in some groups.
Sociological theory Suicide is influenced by culture and social structure.
S.O.L.O.S. (Survivors of
Loved Ones' Suicides)
AKA suicide survivors.
S.O.L.O.S., Inc. VA based nonprofit organization dedicated to meeting needs of suiide grievers.
Somatic Refers to the body; non-mental; e.g., somatic health.
SOS Survivors of suicide, inc.; sponsor support groups for suicide grievers.
S.P.A.N. Suicide prevention advocacy network; ga based nonprofit organization.
Spirituality Personal search for meaning after a loss.
Spiritual abuse Allegation by a clergyperson that suicide victim is damned.
Stages of grief Concept of distinct phases of grieving (Kubler-Ross).
Stimulus event In a suicide cluster the act or event felt to have motivated the subsequent deaths.
Stressor A factor precipitating or driving a behavior or outcome.
Subintentional Individual indirectly/unconsciously causes her/his own death.
Substance abuse Misuse of alcohol, legal/illegal drugs, prescribed/otc medications, cigarettes, etc.
Substance P Neurochemical linked as a neurotransmitter to depression and psychological pain.
Suffering State of extreme anguish and discomfort caused by pain or loss.
Suicidal In acute crisis with ideation, a plan, definite tendencies, or an attempt.
Suicidal behavior Suicide gestures, attempts, and completions.
Suicidal equivalent Dangerous, risk-taking behavior that may be life-threatening (Ayd).
Suicidal fantasy Recurring suicidal ideation involving the same or similar situation.
Suicidal ideation Thoughts about completing suicide.
Suicidal individual One manifesting suicidal behavior or suicidal intent.
Suicidal intent Level of individual degree of risk of acting at a particular time.
Suicidal migrations Relocation of at-risk individuals seeking gratification (Farber).
Suicidal potential Recurrent suicidal ideation without a specific plan (Ayd).
Suicide act Any fatal/non-fatal intentional self-inflicted injury (O'Carroll et al.).
Suicide liability Risk was seen, assessed, documented, and negligently treated.
Suicidal threat Verbal statement(s) indicating that suicide is being considered.
Suicidality Individual's level of danger to her/himself (Shneidman).
Suicide A transient disease caused by psychological stress and pain.
Suicided Verb: to complete suicide (e.g., "my son suicided").
Suicide attempt Failed attempt to complete suicide.
Suicide-by-cop Provoking a police officer to shoot in self-defense.
Suicide career Individual pattern of multiple suicide attempts.
Suicide clause Life insurance payout limited to premiums if insured dies by suicide within 2 years of buying policy.
Suicide cluster See suicide contagion.
Suicide completer Individual who has died of suicide.
Suicide completion Individual death as outcome of the suicide process.
Suicide contagion Series of consecutive suicides in the same geographic area.
Suicide cult Sect in which possibility of suicide is explicit/implicit condition of membership.
Suicide gesture An action of self-harm indicating suicidal intent.
Suicide griever Individual experiencing traumatic effects of suicide loss.
Suicide incidence Number of cases in a given time in a given area.
Suicide intervention Prevention of an imminent attempt or an in process attempt.
Suicide landmarks Sites (e.g., bridges) that have become historically associated with suicide completion.
Suicide means See means.
Suicide pact Agreement to complete suicide by two or more individuals.
Suicide plan Individual strategy inclusive of time frame and means to complete suicide.
Suicide prevalence Cases at a given time relative to population size.
Suicide process Course of physiological and psychosocial developments leading to suicide.
Suicide proofing Effort by a hospital, prison, or other institution to prevent suicide by those in care.
Suicide rate Occurrence of suicide in a given population or community.
Suicide survivor See suicide griever.
Suicide syndrome Long-term self-destructive life process (Gernsbacher).
Suicide talk Verbal references to suicidal behavior by an at-risk individual.
Suicide typology Classification of different suicide types.
Suicide watch Inpatient or in-home monitoring of a suicidal individual.
Suicide zone Transient individual period of risk (Litman).
Suicidogenic Causing, giving rise to suicide or suicidal behavior.
Suicidology The formal scientific study of suicide; multidisciplinary.
Suicidologist Specialist in the study of suicide.
Suidecide (Sui-decide) rational suicide by a terminally ill individual (Schmerl).
Suisad (Sui-sad) "killing the sadness"; replacement for term suicide (Cantor).
Support group Peer resource for dealing with illness or trauma.
Surcease suicide Completion to end or avoid a severe stressor (Prado).
Surviving Living beyond the experience of a suicide or traumatic loss.
Survivor Individual affected by a traumatic loss (e.g., suicide griever).
Survivor guilt Self-blame for enduring after loss of loved one.
Survivors of Suicide (SOS) Support group for suicide survivors.
Survivorship See surviving.
Sutee Ritualistic suicide by self-immolation by a widow in India.
Symbolic loss Loss of something intangible (e.g., relationship).
Symptom Clinical sign of a disease or disorder.
Syndromatic clues behavioral, verbal, situational indicators of suicide risk.
Syndrome Group of symptoms indicating a particular condition.

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