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If you are creating or updating your own web page, you may be able to use some of the images that you can find on the pages below. Since we are not a "graphic" site, we cannot offer a huge selection, but the selection is quite good, so you might find a few images you like, and others you'll wonder if anyone likes. We will add more images to these pages if visitors find them useful. These are "gif" and "jpg" format images. We include a very short paragraph on each page on how to "capture" the images. We hope you find something you like.

[Animated Images] [Arrows]
[Backgrounds] [Buttons]
[Dividers] [Medical Images]
[Miscellaneous] [Prof. Medical Images]
Over 600 Medical Theme Images
Color Themes
[Electric Blue] [Navy Blue]
[Neon Blue] [Powder Blue]
[Red] [Red-Orange]

Please Note: To the best of our knowledge, all images are in the "Public Domain." Any copyright infringements are unintentional and an e-mail message asking that the image be removed will be honoured if ownership of the image is provent.

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