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Becoming A Medical Transcriptionist

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Becoming a Medical Transcriptionist

What is a medical transcriptionist? A Medical Transcriptionist is often also called a "Medical Language Specialist." A Medical Transcriptionist, or "MT" is a person who assists physicians and specialty surgeons usually by transcribing, formatting, and proofreading their dictated medically-oriented reports. Most commonly, MTs transcribe physicians' dictation that outlines a patient's health.

One can become a medical transcriptionist by enrolling in a medical transcription course at a local college, business school, taking a correspondence course, or by training through home study courses available from various companies. If medical transcription is your type of home-based business to start, you might also consider taking a basic business, small-business, or home-business course as well. A competent medical transcriptionist can certainly make a profitable, interesting, and personally fulfilling business career. A medical transcriptionist can find work in a doctor's office, a medical center, a hospital, and may even have a home-based business doing medical transcription at home.

In the following pages we talk a little bit about the profession and working from home. Throughout the article we have sprinkled links to the various topics being discussed. Many of these links are to books, as they are still a main source of information. If you do follow a link, please be sure to return soon to complete your reading or come back again another time.

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