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C (cytosine); C-peptide; C-reactive protein (CRP); C-section; C1 (cervical vertebra); C1-C7 (cervical vertebrae); C2 (cervical vertebra); C3 (cervical vertebra); C4 (cervical vertebra); C5 (cervical vertebra); C6 (cervical vertebra); C7 (cervical vertebra); CA 125; CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft); Cachexia; CAD; Cadaver; Cadaver wart; Cadmium; Caduceus; Caecal; Caecum; Caenorhabditis elegans genome; Caesarian section; Caesarian section, lower segment; Caesarian section, vaginal birth after; Caffeine; Cain, mark of; Calamine; Calcaneal spur; Calcaneocuboid joint; Calcaneus; Calcific bursitis; Calcification; Calcification, nonarteriosclerotic cerebral; Calcified granuloma; Calcinosis; Calcitonin; Calcium; Calcium deficiency; Calcium excess; Calculi, renal; Calculus, renal; Calf; Calf bone; Calipers, skin; Callus; Calorie; Campylobacter jejuni; Campylobacteriosis; Canavan disease; Cancer; Cancer antigen 125 (CA 125); Cancer causes; Cancer detection; Cancer Institute, National; Cancer symptoms; Cancer, basal cell; Cancer, bile duct; Cancer, bladder; Cancer, bone; Cancer, brain; Cancer, breast; Cancer, breast, familial; Cancer, breast, susceptibility genes; Cancer, cervix; Cancer, colon; Cancer, colon; Cancer, esophagus; Cancer, gastric; Cancer, Hodgkin disease (adult); Cancer, kidney; Cancer, larynx; Cancer, leukemia; Cancer, lung; Cancer, lymphoma, Hodgkin (adult); Cancer, lymphoma, non-Hodgkin; Cancer, male breast; Cancer, malignant melanoma; Cancer, melanoma; Cancer, multiple myeloma; Cancer, myeloma; Cancer, non-small-cell lung; Cancer, oral; Cancer, ovarian; Cancer, ovary; Cancer, pancreas; Cancer, pancreatic; Cancer, papillary; Cancer, penis; Cancer, prostate; Cancer, prostatic; Cancer, rectal; Cancer, skin; Cancer, stomach; Cancer, testicles; Cancer, testicular; Cancer, thyroid; Cancer, uterine; Cancer, uterus; Candida albicans; Candidate gene; Candidiasis; Candidiasis, oral; Canker sore; Cannabis; Cannula; CAPD; Capillaries; Capillary; Capitation; caps; Capsule; Captioning; Carb; Carbo-loading; Carbohydrate; Carbohydrate intake, infant; Carbohydrates; Carbon monoxide poisoning; Carbuncles; Carcinoembryonic antigen; Carcinogen; Carcinogenic; Carcinoid syndrome; Carcinoid tumor; Carcinoma; Carcinoma in situ; Carcinoma in situ, squamous cell; Carcinoma of the breast, infiltrating ductal; Carcinoma of the breast, infiltrating lobular; Carcinoma, ampullary; Carcinoma, basal cell; Cardiac; Cardiac aneurysm; Cardiac arrest; Cardiac conduction system; Cardiac defibrillator, implantable; Cardiac muscle; Cardiac output; Cardiac septum; Cardiac stress testing, exercise; Cardiac tamponade; Cardiac transplant; Cardiac ventricle; Cardiologist; Cardiology; Cardiomyopathy; Cardiomyopathy, hypertrophic (HCM); Cardiopulmonary; Cardiopulmonary bypass; Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR); Cardiovascular system; Cardioversion; Cardioverter; Carditis; Care proxy, health; Care, ambulatory; Care, managed; Care, nail; Care, postoperative; Care, preoperative; Caries; Carotene, beta; Carotenemia; Carotid; Carotid artery; Carpal bone; Carpal tunnel release; Carpal tunnel syndrome; Carrier test; Cartilage; Cartilage hair hypoplasia syndrome; Casein; Cast; Casting, serial; Castleman disease; Castration; Cat cry syndrome; Cat eye syndrome; CAT scan; CAT scan, helical; CAT scan, spiral; Cat scratch disease; Cat scratch fever; Catabolism; Catalepsy; Catalyst; Catamenia; Cataplexy; Cataract; Cataract surgery; Cataract with poikiloderma atrophicans; Catatonic; Cathartic; Catheter; Catheter, central; Catheter, central venous; Catheter, Foley; Catheter, indwelling bladder; Catheter, Swan-Ganz; Catheterization, venous; Cauda equina; Cauda equina syndrome; Caudad (anatomic orientation); Caudate nuclei; Cauliflower ear; Cauliflower-ear deformity; Causes of cancer; Cauterization; Caution codes, drug; Caveola; Cavernous sinus; Cavernous sinus syndrome; Cavernous sinus thrombosis; Cavities; Cavity, abdominal; CBC; CCD (Central core disease of muscle); CCD (cleidocranial dysostosis); CD4 count, absolute; CDC; cDNA; CEA; CEA assay; Cecal; Cecum; Celiac disease, adult; Celiac sprue; Cell; Cell cloning; Cell cycle; Cell sorter, fluorescence-activated; Cell, alpha (pancreatic); Cell, antigen-presenting; Cell, beta (pancreatic); Cell, cone; Cell, delta (pancreatic); Cell, fat; Cell, rod; Cell, stem; Cells, germ; Cells, reproductive; Cellulite; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Centigrade; Centimeter (cm); Centimorgan (cM); Central; Central auditory processing disorder; Central catheter; Central core disease of muscle (CCD); Central fovea; Central line; Central nervous system (CNS); Central nervous system, spongy degeneration of the; Central retinal artery; Central retinal vein; Central venous catheter; Central venous line; Central vision; Centric-fusion translocation; Centromere; CEPH; Cephal-; Cephalgia; Cephalgia, histamine; Cephalic; Cephalic disorder; Cephalothoracic lipodystrophy; Cephaly; Cerclage; Cerebellum; Cerebral; Cerebral aneurysm; Cerebral arterial gas embolism (CAGE); Cerebral calcification, nonarteriosclerotic; Cerebral cortex; Cerebral fornix; Cerebral hemispheres; Cerebral palsy; Cerebral ventricle; Cerebritis; Cerebrohepatorenal syndrome; Cerebrospinal fluid; Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF); Cerebrovascular accident (CVA); Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) prevention; Cerebrovascular ferrocalcinosis; Cerebrum; Ceruloplasmin deficiency; Cervical; Cervical cancer; Cervical cap; Cervical cerclage; Cervical disc; Cervical dysplasia; Cervical dystocia; Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia; Cervical kyphosis, postmenopausal; Cervical rib; Cervical vertebra, first; Cervical vertebra, second; Cervical vertebrae; Cervicectomy; Cervicitis; Cervix; Cervix, incompetant; Cesarian section; Cesarian section, lower segment (LSCS); Cesarian section, vaginal birth after; Chain-termination codon; Chalazion; Chamber, anterior; Chamber, posterior; CHAMPUS; Chancre; Change of life; Charbon; Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease; Chart, Snellen's; Chasing the dragon; CHD; Cheek; Cheilitis; Cheiroarthropathy; Chemical menopause; Chemical reaction; Chemokine; Chemokine receptor; Chemokinesis; Chemoprevention; Chemosis; Chemotherapy; Chemotherapy, adjuvant; Chemotherapy, topical; Cherubism; Chest film; Chest pain; Chest X-ray; Chewing tobacco; Chickenpox (varicella); Chickenpox (varicella) immunization; Chickenpox rash; Chilblains; Child abuse; Child abuse, emotional; Child abuse, physical; Child abuse, psychological; Child abuse, sexual; Child abuse, verbal; Child development test; Child health; Child Health and Human Development, Nat'l Inst of; Child injury, mental; Child neglect; Childbed fever; Childbirth fever; Childhood; Children's immunizations; Chimera; Chimeraplasty; Chin; Chinese restaurant syndrome; Chiropractic; Chiropractor; Chlamydia; Chlamydia trachomatis; Chloride; Chloroform; Chloroprene; Chlorpyrifos; Choking (object in airway); Cholangiography, percutaneous transhepatic (PTC); Cholangitis, primary sclerosing; Cholangitis, sclerosing; Cholecystitis; Cholera; Cholera genome; Cholescintigraphy; Cholestasis with peripheral pulmonary stenosis; Cholesterol; Cholesterol lowering with fibrate; Cholesterol lowering with niacin; Cholesterol, "bad"; Cholesterol, "good"; Cholesterol, HDL; Cholesterol, LDL; Chondrodysplasia, metaphyseal (McKusick type); Chondromalacia patellae; Chondroplasia; Chondrosarcoma; Chorda tympani; Chordae tendineae; Chordoma; Chorea; Chorea, Sydenham's; Chorioangioma, placental; Chorion; Chorionic gonadotropin, human (hCG); Chorionic villus sampling (CVS); Choroid of the eye; Choroiditis; Chromatids; Chromatography, gas (GC); Chrometophobia; Chromosome; Chromosome banding; Chromosome complement; Chromosome disorder; Chromosome duplication; Chromosome inversion; Chromosome inversion, paracentric; Chromosome inversion, pericentric; Chromosome map; Chromosome, acentric; Chromosome, acrocentric; Chromosome, dicentric; Chromosome, marker; Chromosome, metaphase; Chromosome, X; Chromosome, Y; Chromosomes; Chromosomes in multiple miscarriages; Chronic; Chronic arthritis, systemic-onset juvenile (Still&; Chronic bacterial prostatitis; Chronic bronchitis; Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS); Chronic illness; Chronic leukemia; Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL); Chronic myelogenous leukemia; Chronic obstructive lung disease (COLD); Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); Chronic phase; Chronic tamponade; Chronicity; Churg-Strauss syndrome; Chyle; Chylomicron; Chyme; Ci (Curie); Cigar; Ciliary body; Ciliary muscle; Ciliary neuralgia; Circadian; Circinate balanitis; Circle of Willis; Circular breathing; Circulation; Circulation, fetal; Circulatory; Circulatory System; Circumcision; Cirrhosis; Cirrhosis & gray matter degeneration; Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniform; Cl (chloride); Clamydia; Clap; Clasped thumbs and mental retardation; Claudication; Claudication, intermittent; Claudication, venous; Claustrophobia; Clavicle; Clavus; Clay-shoveler's fracture; Cleft lip; Cleft palate; Cleft uvula; Cleidocranial dysostosis; Cleidocranial dysplasia; Click-murmur syndrome; Clinical cytogenetics; Clinical depression; Clinical disease; Clinical psychology; Clinical research trials; Clinical social worker, licensed; Clinical trials; Clinodactyly; Clinophobia; Clitoris; Cloaca; Cloacal exstrophy; Clone; Clone bank; Clones, recombinant; Cloning; Cloning vector; Cloning, cell; Cloning, DNA; Clostridium; Clostridium difficile (C.difficile); Clostridium perfrigens; Clostridium welchii; Clot-dissolving medications; Clubfoot; Cluster headache; cM; cm (centimeter); CM (coccidioidomycosis); CME; CMV (cytomegolovirus); CNS (central nervous system); CNS prophylaxis; Co-morbid; Co-payment; Co-stimulation; Coagulation, laser; Coal miner's pneumoconiosis; Coarctation; Coarctation of the aorta; Cobalamin; Cocaine; Cocci; Coccidioidomycosis (CM); Coccus; Coccydynia; Coccygeal vertebrae; Coccyx; Coccyx bone; Cochlea; Cochlear implant; Cockayne syndrome; Cockroach allergy; Code; Codes, drug caution; Coding DNA; Codon; Coefficient of inbreeding; Coenzyme; Coeval; Cogan corneal dystrophy; Cogan syndrome; Cognition; Cognitive; Cognitive science; Cohort; Coinsurance; Coitophobia; Coitus; Coitus interruptus; Coke; Colchicine; COLD (chronic obstructive lung disease); Cold injury; Cold sore; Cold, common; Cold, June; Cold, summer; Colectomy; Colic; Colitis; Colitis, amebic; Colitis, Crohn; Colitis, granulomatous; Colitis, mucus; Colitis, pseudomembranous; Colitis, spastic; Colitis, ulcerative; Colitis, universal; Collagen; Collagen disease; Collagen injection; Collapsed lung; Collarbone; Collateral; Collateral knee ligament, lateral; Collateral knee ligament, medial; Coloboma; Colon; Colon cancer; Colon cancer and polyps; Colon cancer, family history of; Colon syndrome, nervous; Colonoscope; Colonoscopy; Colony-stimulating factor; Colorblindness, red-green; Colorectal; Colorectal cancer; Colostomy; Colostomy bag; Colostomy, a patient's perspective; Colostomy, iliac; Colostomy, transverse; Colostrum; Colpo- (prefix); Colpocephaly; Colpopexy; Colpoptosis; Colporrhaphy; Colposcope; Colposcopy; Colpotomy; Coma; Coma, diabetic; Combined oral contraceptive; Comedo; Comedones; Comminuted fracture; Common bile duct; Common cold; Comorbidity; Compartment syndrome; Complementary DNA (cDNA); Complementary sequence; Complete androgen insensitivity syndrome; Complete blood count; Complete hysterectomy; Complete syndactyly; Complications, postoperative; Compound fracture; Compound microscope; Compress; Compression fracture; Computed tomography; Computer addiction; Computerized axial tomography (CAT); Computerized axial tomography scan; Computerized tomography; Concatenate; Concussion; Concussion of the brain; Condition; Condition, Sever; Conditioning; Conditioning, Pavlovian; Condom; Condom, female; Condom, male; Conduction system, cardiac; Condyloma; Condyloma acuminatum; Condyloma latum; Condyloma subcutaneum; Cone; Conformal radiation therapy; Conformational radiation therapy; Congenital; Congenital achromatopsia,; Congenital anemia and triphalangeal thumbs; Congenital anomaly; Congenital arthrogryposis; Congenital central hypoventilation syndrome; Congenital clasped thumb with mental retardation; Congenital deafness; Congenital deafness and retinitis pigmentosa; Congenital defect; Congenital heart disease; Congenital hemolytic jaundice; Congenital hip dislocation; Congenital hypothyroidism; Congenital malformation; Congenital neutropenia, severe (SCN); Congenital ptosis of the eyelids; Congenital rubella syndrome; Congenital torticollis; Congestive heart failure; Conization; Conjoined twin; Conjunctiva; Conjunctival fornix; Conjunctivitis; Conjunctivitis, alllergic; Conn syndrome; Connectionism; Connective tissue; Connective tissue disease; Connexin; Conor and Bruch disease; Consanguinity; Conserved sequence; Constipation; Constraint-induced movement therapy; Consultant; Contact dermatitis, allergic; Contact eczema; Contact eczema, allergic; Contig; Contig map; Contiguous gene syndrome; Continuous passive motion machine; Contraceptive device, intrauterine (IUD); Contraceptive sponge, vaginal; Contraceptive, combined oral; Contraceptive, diaphragm; Contraceptive, implantable progestin; Contraceptive, injectable progestin; Contraceptive, minipill; Contraceptive, pill; Contraction; Contraction, uterine; Contractions, Braxton Hicks; Contralateral; Contrast sensitivity, visual; Control (genetic); Control (research); Contusion; COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease); Coprolalia; Coprophobia; Cor; Cor biloculare; Cor pulmonale; Cord, vocal; Corn; Cornea; Corneal; Corneal dystrophy, Cogan; Corneal dystrophy, epithelial basement; Corneal dystrophy, map-dot-fingerprint type; Corneal dystrophy, microcystic; Corneal ring, intrastromal; Cornelia de Lange syndrome; Coronal; Coronary angiography; Coronary arteries; Coronary artery brachytherapy; Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG); Coronary artery disease; Coronary artery spasm; Corpora cavernosa; Corpus; Corpus callosum, agenesis of the; Corrigan pulse; Cortex; Cortex, adrenal; Cortical; Corticosteroid; Cortisol; Cortisone; Coryza; Cosmid; Costal margin; Costochondritis; Cotinine; Cough; Cough suppressant; Coughing syncope; Coumadin, teratogenicity of; Counseling, genetic; Counselor, genetic; Count, platelet; Cousin marriage; Cow milk allergy; Cox-1 (cyclooxygenase-1); Cox-2 (cyclooxygenase-2); Cox-2 Inhibitor; Coxa valga; Coxa vara; CPM machine; CPR; Crack (drug); Cracked tooth syndrome; Cradle cap; Cramp, writer's; Cramps, heat; Cranial (anatomic orientation); Cranial arteritis; Cranial bone; Cranial dystonia; Cranial nerve I; Cranial nerve II; Cranial nerve III; Cranial nerve IV; Cranial nerve IX; Cranial nerve V; Cranial nerve VI; Cranial nerve VII; Cranial nerve VIII; Cranial nerve X; Cranial nerve XI; Cranial nerve XII; Cranial nerve, eighth; Cranial nerve, eleventh; Cranial nerve, fifth; Cranial nerve, first; Cranial nerve, fourth; Cranial nerve, ninth; Cranial nerve, second; Cranial nerve, seventh; Cranial nerve, sixth; Cranial nerve, tenth; Cranial nerve, third; Cranial nerve, twelfth; Cranial nerves; Cranio- (prefix); Craniocleidodysostosis; Craniology; Craniopharyngioma; Craniotomy; Cranium; Creatine; Creatinine; Creatinine clearance test; Crepitus; CREST syndrome; Cretinism; Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD); Crib death; Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever; Crippled; Crohn colitis; Crohn enteris; Crohn enterocolitis; Crohn ileitis; Crohn ileocolitis; Crohn's disease; Cross training; Cross-section; Cross-sectional study; Cross-species transplantation; Crossed embolism; Crossing over; Crossover study; Crotch; Croup; Crown; CRP (C-reactive protein); Cruciate; Cruciate ligament, anterior; Cruciate ligament, posterior; Crutch; Cryoglobulin; Cryoglobulinemia; Cryophobia; Cryopreservation; Cryoprotectant; Cryostat; Cryosurgery; Crypt; Cryptography; Cryptorchidism; Cryptorchidism; CSF (cerebrospinal fluid); CSF (colony-stimulating factor); CT scan; CT, electron beam; CT, Ultrafast; CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome); Cuboid bone; Cul-de-sac; Culdocentesis; Culdoscope; Culdoscopy; Culture; Cup, optic; Curare; Curettage; Curettage; Curette; Curettement; Curie (Ci); Currarino syndrome; Curse, Ondine's; Cushing syndrome; Cushing, Harvey; Cushingoid; Cusp; Cut; Cutaneous; Cutaneous papilloma; Cutaneous syndactyly; Cutis anserina; Cuts; CVA (cerebrovascular accident); CVS; Cyanosis; Cycle, cell; Cycle, menstrual; Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) Inhibitor; Cyclopia; Cyclops; Cyclothymia; Cynophobia; Cyst; Cyst of the ovary, follicular; Cyst thyroglossal; Cyst, Baker; Cyst, Meibomian; Cyst, meibomian; Cyst, ovarian; Cyst, pilonidal; Cyst, sebaceous; Cyst, synovial, of the popliteal space; Cyst, tarsal; Cyst, thyrolingual; Cystectomy; Cystic acne; Cystic fibrosis (CF); Cystic periventricular leukomalacia; Cystine; Cystine kidney stones; Cystine transport disease; Cystinuria; Cystitis; Cystitis, interstitial (IC); Cystoscope; Cystoscopy; Cytogenetic map; Cytogenetics; Cytogenetics, clinical; Cytokine; Cytomegolovirus (CMV); Cytometry, flow; Cytoplasm; Cytosine (C)


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