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F (symbol); Fabry disease; Face, masklike; Facelift operation; Facelift surgery risks; Facial canal introitus; Facial nerve; Facial nerve paralysis; Facies; Faciodigitogenital dysplasia; Factor VIII; Factor, colony-stimulating; Factor, rheumatoid; FAE (fetal alcohol effects); Fahr syndrome; Fahrenheit; Failure to thrive (FTT); Failure, adrenal; Failure, heart; Failure, respiratory; Fainting (syncope); Falciparum malaria; FALDH deficiency; Fallopian tube; False labor; False negative; False positive; False rib; Familial; Familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP); Familial advanced sleep-phase syndrome (FASPS); Familial breast cancer; Familial cancer; Familial hypercholesterolemia; Familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF); Familial mental retardation 1; Familial mental retardation protein; Familial polyposis; Family; Family planning, natural; Fanconi anemia; Fanconi pancytopenia; FAO deficiency; Farsightedness; Fart; FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome); FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) diagnosis; Fascia; Fasciculation; Fasciitis; Fasciitis, eosinophilic (Shulman syndrome); Fasciitis, plantar; Fasting blood glucose; Fat; Fat cell; Fat requirements, infant; Fat, trans; Father; Fatigue; Fats; Fatty acid; Fatty acid, trans; Fatty acids; Fatty acids,omega-3; Fatty alcohol:NAD+ oxidoreductase deficiency; Fatty aldehyde dehydrogenase deficiency; Fatty liver of pregnancy, acute; Fauces; Fava bean; Favism; FDA; FDA recalls; Fear of age; Fear of animals; Fear of bacteria; Fear of bees; Fear of being buried alive; Fear of birds; Fear of blood; Fear of blushing; Fear of bridges; Fear of cats; Fear of children; Fear of closed spaces; Fear of cold; Fear of crossing bridges; Fear of crossing streets; Fear of demons; Fear of depths; Fear of dogs; Fear of drinking alcohol; Fear of dust; Fear of feces; Fear of flowers; Fear of flying; Fear of fur; Fear of ghosts; Fear of going to bed; Fear of having a malformed child; Fear of heat; Fear of heights; Fear of heights; Fear of horses; Fear of insects; Fear of intercourse; Fear of joy; Fear of loneliness; Fear of marriage; Fear of men; Fear of mirrors; Fear of money; Fear of new things; Fear of nudity; Fear of oneself; Fear of pain; Fear of pleasure; Fear of public places; Fear of self; Fear of sexual intercourse; Fear of sharks; Fear of socializing; Fear of solitude; Fear of spiders; Fear of the dark; Fear of thunder; Fear of thunderstorms; Fear of vomiting; Fear of water; Fear of women; Fear of work; Fear of worms (parasitic); Febrile; Febrile herpes; Febrile seizure; Fecal occult blood test; Feces; Fecund; Fecundity; Fee for service; Feedback; Feeding, breast; Feet; Female; Female condom; Female gonad; Female internal genitalia; Female organs of reproduction; Female orgasmic dysfunction; Female pelvis; Female urethral meatus; Female urethral opening; Femoral; Femoral vein; Femur; Fenstration; Ferritin; Ferrocalcinosis, cerebrovascular; Fertile; Fertility; Fertility awareness; Fertilization; Fetal alcohol effects (FAE); Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS); Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) diagnosis; Fetal circulation; Fetal distress; Fetal dystocia; Fetal mortality rate; Fetal rubella effects; Fetoprotein, alpha- (AFP); Fetoscope; Fetoscopy; Fetus; Fever; Fever therapy; Fever blister; Fever with renal syndrome, hemorrhagic; Fever, breakbone; Fever, cat scratch; Fever, dandy; Fever, dengue; Fever, dengue hemorrhagic (DHF); Fever, desert; Fever, dumdum; Fever, Ebola virus; Fever, epidemic hemorrhagic; Fever, five-day; Fever, hemorrhagic; Fever, Lassa; Fever, Mediterranean; Fever, Meuse; Fever, Phillipine hemorrhagic; Fever, Q; Fever, quintan; Fever, remittent; Fever, Rocky Mountain spotted (RMSF); Fever, shin bone; Fever, Southeast Asian hemorrhagic; Fever, splenic; Fever, spotted; Fever, Thai hemorrhagic; Fever, tick; Fever, trench; Fever, undulant; Fever, valley; Fever, West Nile; Fever, Wolhynia; Fever, yellow; FGFR2; Fiber; Fiber and bowel disorders; Fiber and cholesterol; Fiber and constipation; Fiber and diabetes; Fiber, soluble and insoluble; Fibrates for lowering cholesterol; Fibril; Fibrillation; Fibrillation, atrial; Fibrillation, auricular; Fibrillation, ventricular; Fibrin; Fibrinogen; Fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 (FGFR2); Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP); Fibroid; Fibroma; Fibroma, cemento-ossifying; Fibroma, desmoplastic; Fibroma, nonossifying; Fibromyalgia; Fibrosarcoma; Fibrosis, pulmonary; Fibrosis, radiation; Fibrositis; Fibrous dysplasia, monostotic; Fibrous dysplasia, polyostotic; Fibula; Field, visual; Fièvre boutonneuse; Fifth cranial nerve; Fifth disease (Erythema infectiosum); Filariasis, lymphatic; Film; Film, AP; Film, lateral; Film, PA; Filoviridae; Filovirus; Fine needle aspiration; Fingernail; Fingers, six; Finished DNA sequence; Fire ant stings; Fire ants; Fire supplies kit; Fire, St. Anthony's; First American medical journal; First American medical school; First cranial nerve; First do no harm; First stage of labor; FISH; Fish bowl granuloma; Fish oil, omega-3; Fish-odor syndrome; Fisher's exact test; Fissure; Fissure, palpebral; Fistula; Five-day fever; Fixation, external; Fixation, internal; Fixative; Flail chest; Flat condyloma; Flat feet; Flatulence; Flatus; Flavin-containing monooxygenase-3 (FMO3); Flaviviridae; Flavivirus; Flavoproteins; Flesh-eating bacteria; Flexion; Flexner Report; Floater; Floating rib; Flood supplies kit; Floppy baby syndrome; Flora; Flow cytometry; Flow karyotyping; Flu; Flu shot; Flu vaccine; Flu, stomach; Fluctuating rib; Fluid, cerebrospinal (CSF); Fluorescein angiography; Fluorescent in situ hybridization; Fluorescent microscope; Fluorescent treponemal antibody absorbed test; Fluoroscopy; Fluorouracil; Flush; Flutter; Flutter, atrial; Flying, fear of; FMF (familial Mediterranean fever); FMO3; FMR1; FMRP; Focused H and P; Folate; Foley catheter; Folic acid; Follicle, hair; Follicular cyst of the ovary; Fondation Jean Dausset-CEPH; Fong disease; Fontanel (fontanelle); Food; Food and Drug Administration; Food poisoning; Food poisoning, Campylobacter; Food, "super"; Food, functional; Foot; Foot drop brace; Foot fungus; Foot, athlete; Foot-and-mouth disease; Footling presentation; Foramen; Foramen magnum; Foramen of Magendie; Foramen ovale; Foramen, interventricular; Foramina of Luschka; Forceps; Forceps, obstetrical; Forearm; Foreign body airway obstruction; Forensic; Forensic genetics; Forensic medicine; Foreskin; Foreskin and glans, inflammation of the; Foreskin, inflammation of the; Foreskin, tight; Forestier disease; Formaldehyde; Formalin; Formula feeding; Formula, infant; Formulary; Fornication; Fornices; Fornix; Fornix cerebri; Fornix conjunctivae; Fornix uteri; Fornix vaginae; Founder effect; Fourth cranial nerve; Fourth disease; Fourth stage of labor; Fourth ventricle; Fovea centralis; Fraction, ejection; Fracture; Fracture, basilar; Fracture, clay-shoveler's; Fracture, comminuted; Fracture, compound; Fracture, compression; Fracture, greenstick; Fracture, open; Fracture, Salter-Harris; Fracture, spiral; Fracture, stress; Fracture, toddler's; Fracture, torsion; Fracture, torus; Fracture, transverse; Fractured hip; Fragile site; Fragile X chromosome; Fragile X syndrome; Frambesia; Framingham Study; Fraternal twin; Freckle; Frenulum; Frequency, urinary; Freudian; Frey syndrome; Frigidity; Frontal bone; Frostbite; Frozen shoulder; Fruitfly genome; ft.; FTA-ABS test; FTT; Functional food; Functional gene test; Functional scoliosis; Fundoplication; Fundus; Fundus, retinal; Fungal; Fungal nail infection; Fungiform; Fungiform papilla; Fungus; Fungus, foot; Funnel chest (pectus excavatum); Funny bone; Furuncle; Fusiform; Fusiform aneurysm; Fusospirillary gingivitis; Fusospirillosis; Fusospirochetal gingivitis


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