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H and H; H and P; H. flu; H. flu immunization; H. heilmannii; Haemophilus influenzae genome; Haemophilus influenzae type B (HIB); Haemophilus influenzae type B immunization; Hair follicle; Hair, exclamation point; Hair, lanugal; Hairball; Hairy cell leukemia; Hallucination, hypnagogic; Hallux; Hallux valgus; Hallux varus; Hamartoma, hypothalamic; Hamstring; Hand-foot-and-mouth disease; Hand-foot-and-mouth syndrome; Hansen disease; Hantavirus; Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS); Haploid; Hapten; Hard palate; Hardy-Weinberg law; HAV; HAVRIX; Hay fever; Hb (hemoglobin); HBIG; HBV; HCFA; hCG; HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy); Hct (hematocrit); HCV; HDL (high-density lipoprotein); HDL cholesterol; Head bones; Head lice; Head lice infestation; Head, optic nerve; Headache; Headache, cluster; Headache, febrile; Headache, migraine; Headache, rebound; Headache, sinus; Headache, stress; Headache, tension; Headache, thunderclap; Headache, vascular; Health; Health and Human Services; Health and Human Services; Health Care Finance Administration; Health care proxy; Health for All; Health outcomes research; Health physics; Health, child; Health, public; Hearing screening test, newborn; Heart; Heart attack; Heart block; Heart conduction system; Heart failure; Heart murmur; Heart muscle; Heart rate; Heart septum; Heart transplant; Heart valves; Heart ventricle; Heart, artificial; Heart, left; Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National; Heart, right; Heart-lung machine; Heartburn; Heat cramps; Heat exhaustion; Heat prostation; Heat stroke; Heat syncope; Heat-related illness; Heberden disease; Heberden node; Hecht syndrome; Hecht's pneumonia; Hedonophobia; Heel bone; Heel spur; Heel stick; Heights, fear of; Heimlich maneuver; HeLa cells; Helical CAT scan; Helicobacter heilmannii; Helicobacter pylori; Helix, double; HELLP syndrome; Helminth; Helminthphobia; Hemangioma; Hemangioma, hepatic; Hemarthrosis; Hematemesis; Hematocrit; Hematologist; Hematoma; Hematoma, epidural; Hematoma, extradural; Hematoma, intracerebral; Hematoma, intracranial; Hematoma, nasal septum; Hematoma, subcutaneous; Hematoma, subdural; Hematophobia; Hematopoiesis; Hematuria; Hematuria, gross; Hemiparesis; Hemiplegia; Hemizygous; Hemochromatosis; Hemodialysis; Hemoglobin; Hemoglobin A; Hemoglobin A1C; Hemoglobin F; Hemoglobin normal values; Hemoglobin S; Hemoglobin, glycosylated; Hemoglobinuria; Hemolysis; Hemolytic; Hemolytic anemia; Hemolytic disease of the newborn; Hemolytic jaundice, congenital; Hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS); Hemophagocytic lympohistiocytosis; Hemophilia; Hemophilia A; Hemophilia B; Hemophobia; Hemoptysis; Hemorrhage; Hemorrhage, subarachnoid; Hemorrhagic; Hemorrhagic diarrhea, E. coli; Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome; Hemorrhagic fever, epidemic; Hemorrhoid; Hemostasis; Hemostasis, genetics of; Henoch-Schonlein purpura; Heparin; Heparin, low-weight; Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia; Hepatic; Hepatic artery; Hepatic ductular hypoplasia, syndromatic; Hepatic hemangioma; Hepatic vein; Hepatitis; Hepatitis A; Hepatitis A immunization; Hepatitis B; Hepatitis B immunization; Hepatitis C; Hepatitis D, E, F, and G; Hepatitis D:; Hepatitis E; Hepatitis F; Hepatitis G; Hepatitis, infectious; Hepatitis, non-A, non-B; Hepatitis, toxic; Hepatitis, viral; Hepatoblastoma; Hepatomegaly; Hepatosplenomegaly; Hepatotoxic; HER2; Herbal remedy; Herbalism; Herbalist; Herbicide chemical 2,4-DCP; Hereditary amyloidosis; Hereditary angioedema; Hereditary angioneurotic edema; Hereditary atransferrinemia; Hereditary hemorrhagic telangectasia (HHT); Hereditary mutation; Hereditary spastic paraplegia, autosomal dominant; Hereditary spherocytosis (HS); Heredity; Heritability; Heritable; Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome (HPS); Hernia; Hernia repair; Hernia, diaphragmatic; Hernia, hiatus; Hernia, Velpeau; Herniated disc; Herniation; Herniorrhaphy; Heroin; Heroin addiction; Herpatiform virus; Herpes; Herpes simplex type 1; Herpes simplex type 2; Herpes zoster; Herpes, febrile; Herpes, genital; Herpes, labial; Herpesvirus; Hetero- (prefix); Heterochromatin; Heterochromatin, constituitive; Heterochromatin, facultative; Heterochromia; Heterochromia iridis; Heteroerotic; Heterokaryon; Heteromorphism; Heteroploid; Heterosexual; Heterosexuality; Heterozygote; Heterozygous; Hex-A deficiency; Hexadactyly; Hexenmilch; Hexosaminidase A deficiency; Hexoseaminidase A; Hg; HHS; HHT; HHV-1; HHV-2; HHV-3; HHV-4; HHV-5; HHV-6; HHV-7; HHV-8; Hiatal; Hiatal hernia; HIB (Haemophilus influenzae type B); HIB immunization; Hibernation reaction; Hiccough; Hiccup; Hidradenitis suppurativa; High altitude; High blood pressure; Hip bursitis; Hip dislocation, congenital; Hip fracture; Hip pointer; Hip, developmental dislocation of the (DDH); Hippocampus; Hippophobia; Hirschsprung disease; Hirsutism; Hirudin; His disease; His-Werner disease; Histamine; Histamine cephalalgia; Histiocyte; Histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenitis; Histiocytosis; Histiocytosis X; Histiocytosis, Hand-Schuller-Christian; Histiocytosis, Langerhans cell; Histiocytosis, Letterer Siwe; Histiocytosis, lipid; Histiocytosis, malignant; Histiocytosis, sinus; Histocompatible; Histology; Histones; Histoplasma; Histoplasmosis; History, developmental; History, family; History, medical; History, social; HIV; HIV infection, acute; HIV infection, primary; Hives; HLA; Hodgkin disease (Hodgkin lymphoma); Holandric inheritance; Holoprosencephaly; Holter monitor; Homeobox; Homeopath; Homeopathy; Homeotherm; Homo- (prefix); Homocysteine; Homocystinuria; Homolog (homologue); Homologies; Homologous; Homologous chromosomes; Homosexual; Homosexuality; Homozygosity; Homozygote; Horizontal (anatomic orientation); Hormone; Hormone replacement therapy (HRT); Hormone therapy; Hormone, aldosterone; Hormone, androgenic; Hormone, antidiuretic (ADH); Hormone, cortisol; Hormone, erythropoeitin; Hormone, estrogenic; Hormone, follicle-stimulating (FSH); Hormone, glucocorticoid; Hormone, growth; Hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG); Hormone, mineralocorticoid; Hormone, parathormone; Hormone, parathyrin; Hormone, parathyroid; Hormone, progesterone; Hormone, secretin; Hormone, T3; Hormone, thyroid; Hormone, thyroid stimulating (TSH); Hormone, thyrotropin; Hormone, thyroxine; Hormone, triiodothyronine; Hormone, TSH; Hormone,T4; Horner syndrome; Hornet stings; Horripilation; Hospital; Hospital-acquired infection; Hospitalist; Hot flashes; Hôtel-Dieu; Housemaid's knee; HPS (Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome); HPS (Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome); HPV; HRT (hormone replacement therapy); HS (hereditary spherocytosis); Ht; HUGO; Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG); Human Development, Nat'l Inst of Child Health &; Human embryonic stem cell; Human gene map; Human gene therapy; Human genome; Human Genome Organisation; Human Genome Project; Human Genome Research Institute, National; Human herpesvirus 1 (HHV-1); Human herpesvirus 2 (HHV-2); Human herpesvirus 3; Human herpesvirus 4; Human herpesvirus 5; Human herpesvirus 6; Human herpesvirus 7; Human herpesvirus 8 (HHV-8); Human immunodeficiency virus; Human lymphotropic virus III; Human papillomavirus (HPV); Human pluripotent stem cell; Humerus; Humidifier; Humidifier fever; Humor; Humor, aqueous; Humoral; Humoralism; Humorism; Hump, dowager; huntingtin; Huntington disease; Hurler syndrome; Hurricane supplies kit; HUS; Hyaline membrane disease; Hybrid; Hybridization, fluorescent in situ; Hybridization, in situ; Hybridization, nucleic acid; Hybridoma; Hydatid (hydatidiform) mole; Hydranencephaly; Hydrazine; Hydrocele; Hydrocephalus; Hydrocephalus ex-vacuo; Hydrocephalus, acquired; Hydrocephalus, communicating; Hydrocephalus, congenital; Hydrocephalus, Macewen sign of; Hydrocephalus, normal pressure (NPH); Hydrocephaly; Hydronephrosis; Hydrops fetalis; Hydroxyapatite; Hydroxyapatite crystal disease; Hygiene; Hymen; Hyoglossus; Hyper- (prefix); Hyperactivity; Hyperadrenocorticism; Hyperaldosteronism; Hyperbaric; Hyperbilirubinemia; Hyperbilirubinemia I; Hyperbilirubinemia, neonatal; Hypercalcemia; Hyperchloremia; Hypercholesterolemia; Hypercoagulability, estrogen-associated; Hypercoagulable state; Hyperekplexia; Hyperemesis gravidarum; Hyperexplexia; Hyperglycemia; Hyperglycemic response; Hyperhydrosis; Hyperhydrotic; Hyperkalemia; Hyperlipidemia; Hypermagnesemia; Hypermobility syndrome; Hypernatremia; Hyperopia; Hyperostosis; Hyperoxaluria; Hyperphosphatemia; Hyperpigmention; Hyperplasia; Hyperplasia of the prostate, nodular; Hyperplasia, benign prostatic (BPH); Hyperplasia, endometrial; Hypertension; Hypertension, pulmonary; Hyperthermia; Hyperthermia, malignant; Hyperthyroid; Hypertonia; Hypertonic solution; Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM); Hypertrophy, benign prostatic (BPH); Hyperuricemia; Hyperventilation; Hypnagogic; Hypnagogic hallucination; Hypnolepsy; Hypnosis; Hypo- (prefix); Hypocalcemia; Hypochloremia; Hypochondroplasia; Hypogeusia; Hypoglossal nerve; Hypoglossal neuropathy; Hypoglycemia; Hypohydrosis; Hypohydrotic; Hypokalemia; Hypomagnesemia; Hyponatremia; Hypophosphatemia; Hypopigmented; Hypoplasia; Hypoplasia of the thymus and parathyroids; Hypoplasia, syndromatic hepatic ductular; Hypoplastic anemia-triphalangeal thumbs; Hypoplastic left heart syndrome; Hypopnea; Hypoproteinemic hypertrophic gastropathy; Hyposmia; Hypospadias; Hypotension; Hypotension, orthostatic; Hypotension, postural; Hypothalamic hamartoma; Hypothalamus; Hypothermia; Hypothyroidism; Hypothyroidism, congenital; Hypothyroidism, infantile; Hypotonia; Hypotonic solution; Hypovolemia; Hypovolemic shock; Hypoxia; Hypoxia-ischemia; Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy; Hysterectomy; Hysterectomy, abdominal; Hysterectomy, complete; Hysterectomy, laparoscopically assisted vaginal; Hysterectomy, partial; Hysterectomy, subtotal; Hysterectomy, total; Hysterectomy, vaginal; Hysteroscopy


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