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Iatr- (prefix); Iatrapistic; Iatrogenic; Iatromelia; Iatromisia; IBD (inflammatory bowel disease); IBS (irritable bowel syndrome); Ibuprofen; Ichthyosis; Ichthyosis simplex; Ichthyosis vulgaris; Ichthyosis, spasticity, oligophrenia syndrome; Ichthyosis-keratitis-deafness syndrome; ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection); Icterus; ICU; ICU psychosis; ID (intradermal); IDET; Idiocy, amaurotic familial; Idiopathic; Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis; Idiopathic sclerosing cholangitis; Ig; IgE; IGT (impaired glucose tolerance); IHS (Indian Health Service); IL-1; IL-2; IL-4; Ileal pouch; Ileitis, Crohn; Ileitis, terminal; Ileocolitis, Crohn; Ileoscopy; Ileum; Ileus; Ileus, meconium; Ileus, paralytic; Iliac; Iliac horns; Ilium; Illness, acute; Illness, altitude; Illness, chronic; Illness, heat-related; IM (intramuscular); Imagery; Immune; Immune response; Immune system; Immune tolerance; Immunity; Immunity, active; Immunity, passive; Immunization; Immunization, anthrax; Immunization, chickenpox (varicella); Immunization, children's; Immunization, DPT; Immunization, DT; Immunization, DTaP; Immunization, flu; Immunization, German measles; Immunization, H. flu; Immunization, Haemophilus influenzae type B; Immunization, hepatitis A; Immunization, hepatitis B; Immunization, HIB; Immunization, infectious hepatitis; Immunization, influenza; Immunization, measles; Immunization, meningococcal; Immunization, MMR; Immunization, mumps; Immunization, pneumococcal; Immunization, polio; Immunization, rubella; Immunization, serum hepatitis; Immunization, Td; Immunization, varicella zoster; Immunization, yellow fever; Immunocompetant; Immunodeficiency; Immunodeficient; Immunodepression; Immunogenetics; Immunoglobulin; Immunoglobulin E (IgE); Immunologist; Immunology; Immunosuppression; Immunosuppressive agent; Immunotherapy; Immunotherapy, allergy; Impact; Impaction, dental; Impaired glucose tolerance (IGT); Imperforate anus; Impetigo; Implant, brainstem; Implant, cochlear; Implantable cardiac defibrillator; Implantable pacemaker; Implantation, seed; Impotence; Imprinting; in; In situ; In situ hybridization; In situ hybridization, fluorescent; In situ, carcinoma; In vitro; In vitro fertilization (IVF); In vivo; Inactivated polio vaccine (IPV); Inappropriate ADH secretion; Inborn errors of metabolism; Inbreeding; Inbreeding, coefficient of; Incest; Inch; Incidence; Incision; Incompatibility, Rh; Incompetant cervix; Incontinence; Incontinence of urine; Incontinence, fecal; Incontinence, rectal; Incontinence, urinary; Incontinent; Incontinentia pigmenti (IP); Index case; Index, body mass (BMI); Indian Health Service (IHS); Indifferent gonad; Induced menopause; Induration; Indwelling bladder catheter; Infant; Infant carbohydrate intake; Infant fat requirements; Infant formula; Infant iron supplementation; Infant mineral requirements; Infant mortality rate; Infant protein requirements; Infant vitamin requirements; Infant water requirements; Infant, post-term; Infant, postmature; Infant, small for gestational age; Infantile autism; Infantile genetic agranulocytosis; Infantile hypothyroidism; Infantile myxedema; Infantile paralysis (polio); Infantilism, Brissaud's; Infarct; Infarction; Infarction, acute myocardial; Infection; Infection, acute HIV; Infection, ear (acute middle); Infection, group B strep; Infection, hospital-acquired; Infection, Leishmania; Infection, middle ear; Infection, nosocomial; Infection, opportunistic; Infection, pinworm; Infection, primary HIV; Infection, rotavirus; Infection, roundworm; Infection, urinary tract (UTI); Infection, Vincent; Infection, yeast; Infectious Diseases, Nat'l Institute of Allergy &; Infectious hepatitis; Infectious hepatitis immunization; Infectious mono; Infectious mononucleosis; Inferior; Inferior (anatomic orientation); Inferior vena cava; Infertility; Infiltrate; Infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the breast; Infiltrating lobular carcinoma of the breast; Inflammation; Inflammation, bladder; Inflammatory bowel disease; Influenza; Influenza vaccine; Informatics; Infraspinatus muscle; Infuse; Ingelfinger rule; Inguinal; Inguinal canal; Inguinal orchiectomy; Inheritance, holandric; Inheritance, mitochondrial; Inheritance, multifactorial; Inheritance, Y-linked; Inherited metabolic diseases; Inhibitor, ACE; Inhibitor, protease; Iniencephaly; Injection snoreplasty; Injury, cold; Injury, knee meniscus; Injury, mental child; Inkblot test; Inner ear; INR (international normalized ratio); Insect stings; Insemination; Insemination, artificial; Insemination, heterologous; Insemination, homologous; Insemination, intrauterine; Insertion; Insinuate; Institute on Deafness & Communication Disorders; Institute, National Eye (NEI); Insufficiency, aortic; Insufficiency, pancreatic; Insulin; Insulinoma; Intelligence quotient; Intelligence test; Intelligence, non-verbal; Intelligence, verbal; Intensive care unit psychosis; Interatrial septum; Intercostal muscle; Interferon; Interleukin-1; Interleukin-2; Interleukin-3; Interleukin-3; Interleukin-4; Interleukins; Intermittent claudication; Intern; Internal cardiac defibrillator; Internal ear; Internal fixation; Internal genitalia, female; Internal jugular vein; Internal medicine; Internal pacemaker; Internal radiation therapy; International normalized ratio (INR); International unit (IU); Internist; Interphase; Interstice; Interstitial; Interstitial cystitis (IC); Interstitial radiation; Interstitial radiation therapy; Intertrigo; Intervening sequence; Interventional radiology (IR); Interventricular foramen; Interventricular septum; Intestinal gas; Intestinal obstruction; Intestinal pseudo-obstruction; Intestine; Intestine, large; Intestine, small; Intolerance, food; Intolerance, lactose; Intra-arterial pressure; Intracorporeal; Intracranial; Intractable; Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI); Intradermal; Intradermal (ID); Intradiskal electrothermal therapy; Intraductal papilloma; Intraepithelial; Intrafallopian; Intrahepatic; Intramuscular (IM); Intraocular; Intraocular lens; Intraocular pressure; Intraocular tension; Intraoperative; Intraoperative blood salvage; Intraoperative radiation therapy; Intraoral; Intraperitoneal; Intraperitoneal chemotherapy; Intrastromal corneal ring; Intrathecal chemotherapy; Intrauterine; Intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD); Intrauterine growth restriction; Intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR); Intrauterine ultrasound; Intravenous (IV); Intravenous immunoglobulin; Intravenous pyelogram; Intravenous tension; Intraventricular; Introitus; Introitus, facial canal; Introitus, vaginal; Intron; Intubate; Intubation; Intussusception; Invasive cervical cancer; Inversion, chromosome; Inversion, paracentric chromosome; Inversion, pericentric chromosome; Invest; Involuntary smoking; Involution; Iodide; Iodide goiter; Iodine; Iodine deficiency; Iodine excess; Iodine, radioactive; IOP (intraocular pressure); Ipecac; Ipsilateral; IPV (inactivated polio vaccine); IQ; Iridectomy; Iridology; Iris; Iris, speckled; Iritis; Iron; Iron deficiency anemia; Iron excess; Iron overload; Iron poisoning; Iron supplementation, infant; Irrigate; Irrigation of the colon; Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); Ischemia; Ischial bursitis; Ischium; Islets of Langerhans; Iso- (prefix); Isochromosome; Isodisomy; Isolate; Isometric exercise; Isoprene; Isotonic exercise; Isotonic solution; Isotope; Isotopic; Itch, jellyfish; Itch, ocean; Itch, seabather's; Itching; Itching, anal; itis; ITP; IU (international unit); IUD (intrauterine contraceptive device); IUGR; IUI; IV (intravenous); IVF (in vitro fertilization)


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