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M proteins; M.P.H.; MAC (Mycobacterium avium complex); Macerate; Macewen operation; Macewen sign; Machine, continuous passive motion machine; Machine, CPM; Machine, heart-lung; Macro- (prefix); Macroangiopathy; Macrobiota; Macrobiotic; Macrobiotic diet; Macrocephaly; Macrocytic; Macrogenitosomia; Macroglobulinemia, Waldenstrom; Macroglossia; Macrognathia; Macrolide; Macrophage; Macrophagic myofasciitis; Macroscopic; Macrosomia; Macula; Macular (skin); Macular degeneration; Macular vision; Macule; Macules; Madelung disease; Magendie, foramen of; Maggot; Magnesia; Magnesium; Magnesium deficiency; Magnesium excess; Magnetic resonance imaging; Maimonides' prayer; Maintenance therapy; Major; Major anomaly; Major histocompatabilty complex (MHC); Malabsorption; Malacia; Malady; Malaise; Malar; Malaria; Malaria, falciparum; Male; Male breast cancer; Male chromosome complement; Male condom; Male gonad; Male pelvis; Malformation, arteriovenous; Malformation, arteriovenous (AVM); Malignancy; Malignant; Malignant giant cell tumor; Malignant melanoma; Malleability, brain; Malleolus; Malleus; Malrotated ear; Malrotation of the intestine; Mammary gland; Mammogram; Managed care; Mandible; Maneuver, Heimlich; Maneuver, Valsalva; Mania; Manic; Manic-depression; Manic-depressive disease; Manicheel tree; MAO inhibitor; MAOI; Map, contig; Map, cytogenetic; Map, linkage; Map, physical; Map-dot-fingerprint type corneal dystrophy; Maple syrup urine disease (MSUD); Mapping; Mapping, gene; Marasmus; Marburg disease; Marburg virus; Marfan syndrome; Marijuana; Mark of Cain; Marker; Marker chromosome; Marker gene; Marker, blood; Marker, tumor; Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome; Marriage, cousin; Marrow; Marsh fever; MASA syndrome; Mask of pregnancy; Mask, oxygen; Masklike face; Masochism; MASS syndrome; Massage; Massage therapist; Masseter; Mast cell; Mastalgia; Mastectomy; Mastectomy, double; Mastectomy, preventative; Mastectomy, prophylactic; Mastectomy, radical; Mastectomy, simple; Mastectomy, subcutaneous; Masticate; Mastitis; Mastoid; Mastoiditis; Maternal mortality rate; Maternal myasthenia gravis; Maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein (MSAFP); Mathematics disorder; Matter, gray; Matter, white; Maxilla; MCAT; McBurney's point; MCH; MCHC; McKusick-Kaufman syndrome; MCL (medial collateral ligament) of the knee; MCTD; MCV; Mean cell hemoglobin; Mean cell hemoglobin concentration; Mean cell volume; Measles; Measles encephalitis; Measles immunization; Measles syndrome, atypical (AMS); Measly; Measly tapeworm; Meatus; Meatus, female urethral; Mechanical ventilation; Meckel's diverticulum; Meconium; Meconium ileus; MECP2 (methyl-CpG-binding protein-2); Med1 DNA repair gene; Medial; Medial (anatomic orientation); Medial collateral ligament (MCL) of the knee; Medial meniscus of the knee; Median; Mediastinoscopy; Mediastinotomy; Mediastinum; Medicaid; Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT); Medical directives, advance; Medical history; Medical journal, first American; Medical journals; Medical physics; Medical Repository; Medical Research Council (MRC); Medical research resource, ATCC as; Medical school, first American; Medical symbol; MedicAlert; Medicare; Medicare Part A; Medicare Part B; Medication, ACE-inhibitor; Medication, anti-infective; Medication, anti-platelet; Medication, antibiotic; Medication, anticoagulant; Medication, antifungal; Medication, antimicrobial; Medication, antiprotozoal; Medication, antiviral; Medication, beta-blocker; Medication, clot-dissolving; Medication, generic; Medication, vasodilator; Medicine, forensic; Medicine, legal; Medicine, transfusion; Medicine, travel; Medicins Sans Frontieres; Medigap; Meditation; Mediterranean anemia; Mediterranean Fever; MEDLARS; MEDLINE; Medulla; Medulla oblongata; Medulla, adrenal; Medulloblastoma; MEDVAC; Mega- (prefix); Megacolon; Megakaryocyte; Megalencephaly; Megrim; Meibomian cyst; Meibomian glands; Meibomianitis; Meibomitis; Meiosis; Meiotic; Meiotic nondisjunction; Melan- (prefix); Melancholia; Melanin; Melanocytes; Melanoderma; Melanoma; Melanoma, amelanic; Melanoma, benign; Melanoma, benign juvenile; Melanoma, choroidal malignant; Melanoma, nodular; Melanoma, superficial spreading; MELAS syndrome; Melasma; Melatonin; Melena; Melioidosis; Melissophobia; Melorheostosis; Meltdown, genetic; Membrane; Membrane attack complex; Membrane, vaginal; Membranous gingivitis, acute; Memory; Memory B cells; Memory span; Memory, anterograde; Memory, long-term; Memory, recent; Memory, short-term; Memory, working; Menarche; Mendelian; Mendelian inheritance; Mendelism; Menetrier's disease; Meniere disease; Meninges; Meningioma; Meningitis; Meningitis vaccine; Meningitis, aseptic; Meningitis, bacterial; Meningitis, benign recurrent aseptic; Meningitis, cryptococcal; Meningitis, infectious; Meningitis, Kernig sign of; Meningitis, meningococcal; Meningitis, Mollaret; Meningitis, neoplastic; Meningitis, viral; Meningocele (MM); Meningococcal vaccine; Meningococcus; Meningomyelocele; Meniscus; Meniscus injury; Meniscus, lateral knee; Meniscus, medial knee; Menkes syndrome; Menometorrhagia; Menopause; Menopause transition; Menopause, chemical; Menopause, induced; Menopause, natural; Menopause, radiation; Menopause, surgical; Menorrhagia; Menstrual cramps; Menstrual cycle; Menstrual irregularity; Menstrual spotting; Menstrual synchronization; Menstruation; Menstruation, anovular; Menstruation, anovular; Menstruation, cessation of; Menstruation, retrograde; Mental child injury; Mental retardation, blindness, deafness, seizures; Mercury poisoning; Merkle cell carcinoma; Mesenteric artery; Mesenteric vein; Mesentery; Mesothelioma; Messenger RNA (mRNA); Metabolic diseases, inherited; Metabolic rate, basal; Metabolism; Metabolism, inborn errors of; Metabolism, inborn errors of; Metacarpals; Metacentric chromosome; Metaphase (cell cycle); Metaphase chromosome; Metaphyseal chondrodysplasia (McKusick type); Metastasis; Metastasize; Metatarsals; Meter, peak-flow; Methadone; Methemoglobin; Methemoglobinemia; Method, rhythm; Methyl-CpG-binding protein-2 (MECP2); Methylmalonicaciduria; Metorrhagia; Meuse fever; mg; MG (myasthenia gravis); MHC; MI (myocardial infaction); Micro-; Microangiopathy; Microbe; Microbicide; Microcephaly; Microcystic corneal dystrophy; Microdeletion; Microdosimetry; Microhematuria; Microorchidism; Micropenis; Microphallus; Microphthalmia; Micropigmentation; Microscope; Microscope, compound; Microscope, electron (EM); Microscope, fluorescent; Microscope, simple; Microscopic; Microscopic anatomy; Microscopic gallstones; Microscopy; Microscopy, electron (EM); Microsomia; Micturate; Micturition; Micturition syncope; Midbrain aqueduct; Middle ear; Middle ear infection, acute; Midwife; Midwife assistant; Midwife, certified; Midwife, certified nurse; Midwife, certified professional; Midwife, direct-entry; Midwife, empirical; Midwife, lay; Midwife, traditional; Mifepristone; Migraine; Migraine aura; Migraine headache; Migraine, abdominal; Migraine, classic; Migraine, common; Migraine, ocular; Migraine, ophthalmic; Migrainous neuralgia; Miliary aneurysm; Miliary tuberculosis; Milk allergy, cow; Milk, witch's; Milligram; Milwaukee brace; Milzbrand; Mimesis; Mimetic; Mineral requirements, infant; Mineralocorticoids; Minimata disease; Minipill; Minor; Minor anomaly; Minor salivary gland; Miosis; Miscarriage; Miscarriages, multiple; Mismatch repair; Missense mutation; Mite-borne typhus; Mitochondria; Mitochondrial; Mitochondrial disease; Mitochondrial DNA; Mitochondrial encephalopathy, MELAS; Mitochondrial genome; Mitochondrial inheritance; Mitochondrial myopathy; Mitochondrion; Mitosis; Mitotic; Mitotic nondisjunction; Mitral insufficiency; Mitral prolapse; Mitral regurgitation; Mitral valve; Mitral valve prolapse; Mittelschmerz; Mixed connective tissue disease; Mixed mania; MM; mm; MMR; MMWR; Modifiers, biological response (BRMs); Mohs surgery; Moisturize; Molar; Molars; Mold; Mole; Molecule; Molecules, recombinant DNA; Mollaret meningitis; Molluscum contagiosum; Mongolism; Monilia; Moniliasis, oral; Monitor, Holter; Monkeypox; Mono; Monoamine oxidase inhibitor; Monoarticular; Monochromat; Monochromatism; Monoclonal; Monoclonal antibodies; Monocyte; Mononeuritis; Mononeuritis multiplex; Mononucleosis; Monosodium glutamate; Monosomy; Monozygous twins; Moral behavior center; Morbidity; Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report; Morbilli; Mordant; Morgue; Morning sickness; Morphine; Morphology; Morquio syndrome; Mortality rate; Mortality rate, fetal; Mortality rate, infant; Mortality rate, maternal; Mortality rate, neonatal; Mortality, infant; Mosaic; Mother; Motility study, antro-duodenal; Motion sickness; Motion, range of; Motor; Motulsky dye test; Mountain sickness; Mountain sickness, acute (AMS); Mouse genome; Mouth, trench; Movement, fetal; Moyamoya; MPS (mucopolysaccharidosis); MRA; MRC; MRI; MRI, endorectal; mRNA; MS; MSAFP (maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein); MSG; mtDNA; Mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome; Mucolipidoses; Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS); Mucosa; Mucous; Mucoviscidosis; Mucus; Mucus colitis; Multi-infarct dementia; Multifactorial; Multifactorial inheritance; Multipara; Multipara, grand; Multiparous; Multiple myeloma; Multiple sclerosis (MS); Multiple symmetric lipomatosis; Mumps; Mumps immunization; Mumps in pregnancy; Munchausen syndrome; Munchhausen by proxy; Munchhausen syndrome; Münchhausen syndrome; Murine typhus; Murmur; Mus musculus genome; Muscle; Muscle, abductor; Muscle, adductor; Muscle, cardiac; Muscle, central core disease of (CCD); Muscle, ciliary; Muscle, heart; Muscle, infraspinatus; Muscle, papillary; Muscle, piriformis; Muscle, psoas; Muscle, subscapularis; Muscle, supraspinatus; Muscle, teres minor; Muscles, abdominal; Muscular; Muscular atrophy, post-polio (PPMA); Muscular dystrophy; Muscular dystrophy, Becker; Muscular dystrophy, congenital; Muscular dystrophy, distal; Muscular dystrophy, Duchenne; Muscular dystrophy, Emory-Dreifuss; Muscular dystrophy, facioscapulohumeral; Muscular dystrophy, limb-girdle; Muscular dystrophy, myotonic; Muscular dystrophy, oculopharyngeal; Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases, Nat'l Institute; Mustard (Arabidopsis thaliana) genome; Mutagen; Mutant; Mutation; Mutation, acquired; Mutation, germline; Mutation, hereditary; Mutation, missense; Mutation, nonsense; Mutation, null; Mutation, point; Mutation, private; Mutation, somatic; Mute; Mutism; Mutism, akinetic; Mutism, elective; Myalgia; Myalgia, epidemic; Myasthenia gravis (MG); Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC); Mycoplasma; Mycosis fungoides; Mydriasis; Myelin; Myelitis; Myelodysplastic syndrome; Myeloencephalitis; Myelofibrosis; Myelogenous; Myelogram; Myeloid; Myeloma; Myeloproliferative disorders; Myocardial bridge; Myocardial infarction, acute; Myocarditis; Myocardium; Myoclonic twitch; Myoclonus; Myofascial pain syndrome; Myoglobin; Myokymia; Myoma; Myometrium; Myopathy; Myopathy, mitochondrial (MELAS); Myopia; Myositis; Myotonic dystrophy; Myriad; Myringotomy; Myxedema, infantile


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