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R (symbol); Rabies; Racemose; Racemose aneurysm; Rad; Radiate; Radiation; Radiation fibrosis; Radiation menopause; Radiation oncologist; Radiation oncology; Radiation pneumonitis; Radiation therapy; Radiation therapy, 3-D; Radiation therapy, conformal; Radiation therapy, conformational; Radiation therapy, external; Radiation therapy, internal; Radiation therapy, stereotactic; Radiation therapy, targeted; Radiation, ultraviolet; Radical dissection; Radiculopathy; Radioactive; Radioactive iodine; Radioactive tracer; Radioallergosorbent test; Radiograph; Radiography; Radioimmunoassay; Radioinsensitive; Radioiodine; Radioisotope; Radiologic; Radiologist; Radiology; Radiology, interventional; Radiolucent; Radiometic; Radionuclide scan; Radionuclide stress testing; Radiopaque; Radiosensitive; Radiotherapy; Radiotherapy, stereotactic; Radium; Radius; Radon; Raeder's syndrome; Ragweed; Rale; Ramsey Hunt syndrome; Ramus; Ramus of the mandible; Random; Random mating; Random sample; Range; Range of motion; Range, normal; Rape; Rape, date; Rapid eye movement sleep; Rapid plasma reagin test; Rapid strep test; Rash; Rash, butterfly; Rash, chickenpox; Rash, varicella; Rash, vesicular; Rash, yeast diaper; Rasmussen syndrome; Rasmussen's encephalitis; RAST; Rat-flea typhus; Rate, basal metabolic; Rate, birth; Rate, death; Rate, erythrocyte sedimentation; Rate, fetal mortality; Rate, heart; Rate, infant mortality; Rate, maternal mortality; Rate, mortality; Rate, neonatal mortality; Rate, pulse; Rate, respiratory; Rate, sed; Rate, sedimentation; Rattlesnake bite; Raynaud's disease; Raynaud's phenomenon; RBC; RDAs (Recommended Dietary Allowances):; RDIs (Reference Daily Intakes); Reabsorption; Reaction kinetics; Reaction, allergic; Reaction, chemical; Reaction, desmoplastic; Reaction, hibernation; Reaction, polymerase chain (PCR); Reaction, vasovagal; Reactive arthritis; Reading frame; Reading frame, open; Reading retardation; Reagent; Rebound; Rebound effect; Recalcitrant; Recalls, FDA; Recent memory; Receptor; Receptor, chemokine; Receptor, T-cell; Receptor, visual; Recessive; Recessive, autosomal; Recessive, X-linked; Recipient; Reciprocal translocation; Recombinant; Recombinant clones; Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC); Recombinant DNA molecules; Recombinant DNA technology; Recombination; RECOMBIVAX-HB; Recrudescence; Rectal (adjective); Rectal (noun); Rectal cancer; Rectal exam, digital (DRE):; Rectouterine pouch; Rectum; Rectus; Rectus abdominis; Recuperate; Recur; Recurrence; Recurrence risk; Recurrent; Recurrent aural vertigo; Recurrent laryngeal nerve; Recurrent laryngeal nerve; Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis; Red blood cell; Red blood cells; Red cell count; Red cell distribution width; Red cells; Red corpuscles; Red-green colorblindness; Reduction division; Reduviid bug; Reed-Sternberg cell; Referral; Reflex; Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD).; Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSDS); Reflex, Babinski; Reflex, let down; Reflex, photic sneeze; Reflex, pressor; Reflux; Reflux disease, gastroesophageal (GERD); Reflux laryngitis; Reflux surgery (fundoplication); Reflux, esophageal; Refract; Refraction; Refractory; Refractory anemia; Refsum's disease; Regenerate; Regimen; Region, regulatory; Regional enteritis; Regional lymphadenitis; Registry; Registry, tumor; Regress; Regulatory gene; Regulatory region; Regulatory sequence; Regurgitation; Regurgitation, aortic; Rehab; Rehabilitation; Rehydrate; Reiter syndrome; Rejection; Relapse; Relaxant; Relaxin; Release, carpal tunnel; rem; REM sleep; Remedy; Remission; Remission induction chemotherapy; Renal; Renal aneurysm; Renal artery stenosis; Renal calculi; Renal cancer; Renal capsule; Renal cell cancer; Renal cell carcinoma; Renal osteodystrophy; Renal pelvis; Renal stone; Renal syndrome with hemorrhagic fever; Renal tubules; Renal vein thrombosis; Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome; rep; Repair, DNA; Repair, hernia; Repair, mismatch; Reperfusion; Repetitive DNA; Repetitive stress injury; Replacement therapy, estrogen (ERT); Replacement therapy, hormone (HRT); Replacement therapy, testosterone; Replication; Replication, DNA; Reporting, anonymous; Reporting, named; Reporting, unique identifier; Reproduction; Reproductive cells; Reproductive organs, female; Reproductive system; Research, clinical; Research, controlled; Resection; Reservoir of infection; Reservoir, Ommaya; Resident; Residual; Resin, bile acid; Resistance; Resistance, antibiotic; Resistance, pulmonary; Resistance, vascular; Resolution; Resorb; Resorption; Respiration; Respiratory; Respiratory disease, acute; Respiratory distress syndrome, acute (ARDS); Respiratory failure; Respiratory papillomatosis, recurrent; Respiratory rate; Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV); Respiratory system; Respiratory therapy; Response, Babinski; Response, hyperglycemic; Response, plantar; Resting phase; Restitution; Restless leg syndrome; Restriction endonuclease; Restriction enzyme; Restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP); Restriction map; Restriction site; Retardation, reading; Retina; Retina, detached; Retinal artery, central; Retinal detachment; Retinal fundus; Retinal pigment epithelium; Retinal vasculitis; Retinal vein, central; Retinitis pigmentosa and congenital deafness; Retinoblastoma; Retinol; Retinopathy, diabetic; Retrograde amnesia; Retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS); Retropubic prostatectomy; Retrosternal; Retrovirus; Rett syndrome; Reversal of organs, total; Reverse genetics; Reverse transcriptase; Reye syndrome; RF; RFLP (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism ); Rh factor; Rh incompatibility; Rhabdomyolysis; Rheumatic fever; Rheumatic heart disease; Rheumatism; Rheumatism, generalized; Rheumatism, localized; Rheumatism, psychogenic; Rheumatoid arthritis; Rheumatoid arthritis, systemic-onset juvenile (Sti; Rheumatoid factor; Rheumatoid nodules; Rheumatologist; Rheumatologist, pediatric; Rheumatology; Rhinitis; Rhinitis Acute; Rhinitis Chronic; Rhinitis, allergic; Rhinitis, allergic, perennial; Rhinitis, allergic, seasonal; Rhinitis, vasomotor; Rhinophyma; Rhinoplasty; Rhinorrhea; RhoGAM; Rhythm method; Rhythm, sinus; Rib; Rib, cervical; Rib, false; Rib, floating; Rib, fluctuating; Rib, sternal; Rib, true; Rib, vertebral; Ribonucleic acid (RNA); Ribonucleoprotein (RNP); Ribosomal RNA; Ribosome; Ribozyme; Rice genome; Rickets; Rickets, celiac; Rickets, hypophosphatemic; Rickets, renal; Rickets, vitamin D resistant; Rickettiosis, North Asian tick-borne; Rickettsia; Rickettsial diseases; Rickettsialpox; Rickettsioses; Rickettsioses of the eastern hemisphere, tick-born; Rickettsiosis, vesicular; Rift Valley fever; Right heart; Right ventricle; Ring chromosome; Ring, intrastromal corneal; Ringworm of the nails; RIRS (retrograde intrarenal surgery); Risk factor; Risk of recurrence; Risks, obesity-related; Ritter disease; River blindness; RLL; RLQ; RML; RMSF; RNA; RNA editing; RNA polymerase; RNA virus; RNA, messenger; RNA, ribosomal; RNA, transfer; Robertsonian translocation; Rochalimaea quintana; Rock (drug); Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF); Rod; Roentgen; Roentgenology; Rooting reflex; Rorschach test; Rosacea; Rosacea keratitis; Roseola; Roseola infantilis; Roseola infantum; Rossi counter; Rotator cuff; Rotator cuff disease; Rotavirus; Rothmund-Thomson syndrome (RTS); Roundworm; Roundworm C. elegans genome; Royal Society, the; RPR test; rRNA; RSV; RTS (Rothmund-Thomson syndrome); RTT (Rett syndrome); RU-486; Rubella (historical note); Rubella immunization; Rubella syndrome; Rubeola (measles); RUL; Rumination; Runny nose; Ruptured spleen; RUQ; RV (rotavirus)


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