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F1 ATPase; F1FO ATPase; f-1 generation; f2 fragment; f-2 generation; F390 hydrolase; F390 synthetase; F420H2 dehydrogenase; F(6) ATPase; Fab; fabavirus; FAB classification; fabella; Faber, Knud; Faber's anaemia; Faber's syndrome; Fab fragment; fabian; fabism; Fab piece; fabrication; fabricatress; Fabricius, Girolamo; fabric mulch; fabrile; Fabry disease; Fabry, Johannes; fabry-perot interferometer; fabry's disease; fabulation; fac; FACCP; FACD; face; face-bow; face-bow fork; face-bow record; face form; facelift; face peel; facet; facetectomy; facet joints; facet of atlas for dens; facet rhizotomy; face validity; facial; facial angle; facial artery; facial asymmetry; facial axis; facial bones; facial canal; facial cleft; facial colliculus; facial diplegia; facial eczema; facial eminence; facial expression; facial hemiatrophy; facial hemiatrophy of Romberg; facial hemiplegia; facial hillock; facial index; facial injuries; facialis; facialis phenomenon; facial lymph nodes; facial motor nucleus; facial muscles; facial myokymia; facial nerve; facial neuralgia; facial nucleus; facial pain; facial palsy; facial paralysis; facial plane; facial plexus; facial profile; facial reflex; facial root; facial spasm; facial surface of tooth; facial tic; facial tics; facial triangle; facial trophoneurosis; facial vein; facial vision; facient; facies; facies antebrachialis anterior; facies antebrachialis posterior; facies anterior; facies anterior antebrachii; facies anterior brachii; facies anterior corneae; facies anterior corporis maxillae; facies anterior cruris; facies anterior glandulae suprarenalis; facies anterior iridis; facies anterior lateralis corporis humeri; facies anterior lentis; facies anterior medialis corporis humeri; facies anterior membri inferioris; facies anterior palpebrarum; facies anterior pancreatis; facies anterior partis petrosae ossis temporalis; facies anterior patellae; facies anterior prostatae; facies anterior radii; facies anterior renis; facies anterior ulnae; facies anterolateralis corporis humeri; facies anteromedialis corporis humeri; facies antonina; facies approximalis dentis; facies articularis; facies articularis acromialis claviculae; facies articularis acromii; facies articularis anterior dentis; facies articularis arytenoidea cricoideae; facies articularis calcanea tali; facies articularis capitis costae; facies articularis capitis fibulae; facies articularis carpi radii; facies articularis cartilaginis arytenoideae; facies articularis cuboidea calcanei; facies articularis fibularis tibiae; facies articularis inferior atlantis; facies articularis inferior tibiae; facies articularis malleoli fibulae; facies articularis malleoli tibiae; facies articularis navicularis tali; facies articularis ossis temporalis; facies articularis patellae; facies articularis posterior dentis; facies articularis sternalis claviculae; facies articularis superior atlantis; facies articularis superior tibiae; facies articularis talaris anterior calcanei; facies articularis talaris calcanei; facies articularis talaris media calcanei; facies articularis talaris posterior calcanei; facies articularis thyroidea cricoideae; facies articularis tuberculi costae; facies auricularis ossis ilii; facies auricularis ossis sacri; facies bovina; facies brachialis anterior; facies brachialis posterior; facies buccalis; facies cerebralis; facies colica splenis; facies contactus dentis; facies costalis; facies costalis pulmonis; facies costalis scapulae; facies cruralis anterior; facies cruralis posterior; facies cubitalis anterior; facies cubitalis posterior; facies diaphragmatica; facies digitalis dorsalis; facies digitalis palmaris; facies digitalis plantaris; facies digitalis ventralis; facies distalis dentis; facies dolorosa; facies dorsalis; facies dorsalis ossis sacri; facies dorsalis scapulae; facies externa; facies externa ossis frontalis; facies externa ossis parietalis; facies facialis dentis; facies femoralis anterior; facies femoralis posterior; facies gastrica splenis; facies glutea ossis ilii; facies inferior cerebri; facies inferior hemispherii cerebelli; facies inferior linguae; facies inferior pancreatis; facies inferior partis petrosae ossis temporalis; facies inferolateralis prostatae; facies infratemporalis maxillae; facies interlobares pulmonis; facies interna; facies interna ossis frontalis; facies interna ossis parietalis; facies intestinalis uteri; facies labialis; facies lateralis; facies lateralis brachii; facies lateralis cruris; facies lateralis digiti manus; facies lateralis digiti pedis; facies lateralis fibulae; facies lateralis membri inferioris; facies lateralis ossis zygomatici; facies lateralis ovarii; facies lateralis testis; facies lateralis tibiae; facies lingualis dentis; facies lunata acetabuli; facies malleolaris lateralis tali; facies malleolaris medialis tali; facies masticatoria; facies maxillaris alae majoris; facies maxillaris ossis palatini; facies medialis; facies medialis cartilaginis arytenoideae; facies medialis cerebri; facies medialis digiti pedis; facies medialis fibulae; facies medialis ovarii; facies medialis pulmonis; facies medialis testis; facies medialis tibiae; facies medialis ulnae; facies mediastinalis pulmonis; facies mesialis dentis; facies nasalis maxillae; facies nasalis ossis palatini; facies occlusalis dentis; facies orbitalis; facies palatina laminae horizontalis ossis palatini; facies patellaris femoris; facies pelvina ossis sacri; facies poplitea femoris; facies posterior; facies posterior cartilaginis arytenoideae; facies posterior corneae; facies posterior corporis humeri; facies posterior cruris; facies posterior fibulae; facies posterior glandulae suprarenalis; facies posterior iridis; facies posterior lentis; facies posterior membri inferioris; facies posterior palpebrarum; facies posterior pancreatis; facies posterior partis petrosae ossis temporalis; facies posterior prostatae; facies posterior radii; facies posterior renis; facies posterior tibiae; facies posterior ulnae; facies pulmonalis cordis; facies renalis glandulae suprarenalis; facies renalis lienis; facies renalis splenis; facies sacropelvina ossis ilii; facies scaphoidea; facies sternocostalis cordis; facies superior hemispherii cerebelli; facies superior tali; facies superolateralis cerebri; facies symphysialis; facies temporalis; facies urethralis penis; facies vesicalis uteri; facies vestibularis dentis; facies visceralis hepatis; facies visceralis splenis; facilitated diffusion; facilitated transport; facilitation; facilitator neuron; facility design and construction; facility regulation and control; facing; facio-; faciodigitogenital dysplasia; faciolingual; facioplasty; facioplegia; facioscapulohumeral atrophy; facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy; FACNM; FACNP; FACOG; facound; FACP; FACR; FACS; facsimile; FACSM; F actin; faction; factitial dermatitis; factitious; factitious disorder; factitious disorders; factitious purpura; factitious urticaria; factor; factor 3; factor A; factor analysis, statistical; factor B; factor D; factor E; factoress; factor Gm; factor H; factor I; factorial; factorial experiments; factor II; factor IIa; factor II assay; factor II deficiency; factor III; factoring; factor Inv; factor IV; factor ix; factor ixa; factor ix assay; factor ix deficiency; factor P; factor, rheumatoid; Factors I XII; factor v; factor V1a; factor va; factor v assay; factor v deficiency; factor vii; factor viia; factor vii assay; factor vii deficiency; factor viii; factor viiia; factor viii assay; factor viii deficiency; factor x; factor xa; factor x assay; factor x deficiency; factor X for Haemophilus; factor xi; factor xia; factor xi deficiency; factor xii; factor xiia; factor xii assay; factor xii deficiency; factor xiii; factor xiii deficiency; factory; faculae; facular; facultative; facultative aerobe; facultative anaerobe; facultative heterochromatin; facultative hyperopia; facultative parasite; facultative ponds; facultative species; faculty; faculty, dental; faculty, medical; faculty, nursing; FAD; fade; Faden suture; fading time; FAD pyrophosphatase; fadrozole; faecal; faecal abscess; faecal coliform bacteria; faecal culture; faecal fat determination; faecal fistula; faecal impaction; faecal incontinence; faecalith; faecal occult blood test; faecaloid; faecaloma; faecal smear; faecal tumour; faecaluria; faecal vomiting; faeces; F agent; Faget, Jean; Faget's sign; fagopyrism; fahlband; fahlunite; Fahraeus-Lindqvist effect; Fahraeus, Robert Sanno; Fahrenheit; Fahrenheit, Gabriel; Fahrenheit scale; Fahr's disease; Fahr, Theodore; failure; failure to thrive; faint; fainthearted; fainting; faintness; fair; fairly; fairness; fair-weather; fairy; faith healing; falanaka; falcate; falcated; falcer; falces; falcial; falcidian; falciform; falciform cartilage; falciform crest; falciform ligament; falciform ligament of liver; falciform lobe; falciform margin; falciform process; falciform retinal fold; falcine; falciparum exported serine-threonine protein kinase; falciparum fever; falciparum malaria; falcon; falconet; falcongentil; falconine; falcula; falcular; falculate; FALGPA peptidase; falk; falkland islands; fall; fallen arches; fallfish; falling; falling of the womb; falling palate; falling sickness; fallopian; fallopian aqueduct; fallopian arch; fallopian canal; fallopian hiatus; fallopian ligament; fallopian neuritis; fallopian pregnancy; fallopian tube; fallopian tube patency tests; fallopian tubes; Fallopius, Gabriel; Falloppius, Gabriele; Fallot, Etienne-Louis; Fallot's tetrad; Fallot's triad; fallow; fallow deer; fall-run fish; false; false agglutination; false albuminuria; false anaemia; false aneurysm; false angina; false ankylosis; false Becke line; false blepharoptosis; false branching; false cast; false conjugate; false coxa vara; false cyst; false dextrocardia; false diphtheria; false diverticulum; false dominance; false glottis; false haematuria; false-heart; false-hearted; false hellebore; false hermaphroditism; false hypertrophy; false image; false joint; false knots; false labour; false macula; false masturbation; false membrane; false mole; false negative; false-negative reaction; false neuroma; false nucleolus; false pain; false paracusis; false pelvis; false positive; false-positive reaction; false pregnancy; false projection; false rib; false ringbone; false suture; falsetto; false vertebrae; false vocal cord; falsicrimen; falsification; faluns; falx; falx aponeurotica; falx cerebelli; falx cerebri; falx inguinalis; falx septi; famciclovir; familial; familial adenomatous polyposis; familial aggregation; familial amyloid neuropathy; familial amyloidosis; familial aortic ectasia; familial aortic ectasia syndrome; familial bipolar mood disorder; familial breast cancer; familial cancer; familial chylomicronemia syndrome; familial combined hyperlipemia; familial combined hyperlipidaemia; familial dysautonomia; familial dysbetalipoproteinaemia; familial emphysema; familial erythroblastic anaemia; familial fat-induced hyperlipaemia; familial glycinuria; familial goiter; familial high density lipoprotein deficiency; familial hyperbetalipoproteinaemia; familial hyperbetalipoproteinaemia and hyperprebetalipoproteinaemia; familial hypercholesteraemic xanthomatosis; familial hypercholesterolaemia; familial hypercholesterolaemia with hyperlipaemia; familial hyperchylomicronaemia; familial hyperchylomicronaemia with hyperprebetalipoproteinaemia; familial hyperlipoproteinaemia; familial hyperprebetalipoproteinaemia; familial hypertriglyceridaemia; familial hypertriglyceridemia; familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; familial hypobetalipoproteinaemia; familial hypogonadotropic hypogonadism; familial hypophosphatemic rickets; familial hypoplastic anaemia; familial intestinal polyposis; familial juvenile nephrophthisis; familial lipodystrophy; familial lipoprotein lipase deficiency; familial lipoprotein lipase inhibitor; familial mediterranean fever; familial mental retardation 1; familial mental retardation protein; familial microcytic anaemia; familial multiple endocrine adenomatosis; familial nephrosis; familial neuroviscerolipidosis; familial nonhaemolytic nonobstructive jaundice; familial nonhemolytic jaundice; familial paroxysmal rhabdomyolysis; familial periodic paralysis; familial polyposis; familial polyposis coli; familial pseudoinflammatory macular degeneration; familial pseudoinflammatory maculopathy; familial pyridoxine-responsive anaemia; familial recurrent polyserositis; familial screening; familial spinal muscular atrophy; familial splenic anaemia; familial tremor; familial white folded dysplasia; familiarization; family; family characteristics; family group; family health; family history; family leave; family medicine; family physician; family planning; family planning policy; family practice; family practice physician; family predisposition; family relations; family therapy; famine; famine dropsy; famine fever; famish; famotidine; famotine hydrochloride; fan; Fananas cell; Fananas, J; fanciful; fanciless; Fanconi, Guido; Fanconi's anaemia; Fanconi's pancytopenia; Fanconi's syndrome; Fanconi syndrome; fancy; fanfaronade; fanfoot; fanft; fang; fango; fanlike; fannerved; Fannia; fanon; fan palm; fan sign; fantail; fan-tailed; fantastic; fantasy; FAPG base; far; Farabeuf, Louis; Farabeuf's amputation; Farabeuf's triangle; farad; faradaic; faraday; Faraday, Michael; faraday rotator; Faraday's laws; faradic; faradism; faradization; faradocontractility; faradomuscular; faradopalpation; faradotherapy; far-and-near suture; Farber's disease; Farber, Sidney; Farber's syndrome; farcical; farcilite; farcin; farctate; farcy; fardel; farding-bag; fare; far east; Far East haemorrhagic fever; Far East Russian encephalitis; farewell; farfara; farina; farina avenae; farinaceous; farina tritici; farinose; farm; farmer; farmeress; Farmer's lung; farmer's skin; farming; farnesal dehydrogenase; farnesal hydratase; farnesene alcohol; farnesol; farnesol dehydrogenase; farnesylation; farnesylgeranyl diphosphate synthase; farnesyl pyrophosphatase; farnesyl pyrophosphate; farnesylpyrophosphate cyclase; farnesyltranstransferase; farnoquinone; Farnsworth, Dean; Farnsworth-Munsell colour test; far point; far point of convergence; far point of eye; Farrant's mounting fluid; Farre, Arthur; Farre's line; farrier; farriery; Farr's law; Farr type assay; Farr, William; farse; far sight; farsighted; farsightedness; farthing; farthingale; far Western analysis; Fas-activated serine-threonine kinase; Fas antigen; fasces; fascia; fascia adherens; fascia antebrachii; fascia axillaris; fascia brachii; fascia buccopharyngea; fascia bulbi; fascia cervicalis; fascia cervicalis profunda; fascia cinerea; fascia clavipectoralis; fascia clitoridis; fascia cremasterica; fascia cribrosa; fascia cruris; fascia dentata hippocampi; fascia diaphragmatis pelvis inferior; fascia diaphragmatis pelvis superior; fascia diaphragmatis urogenitalis inferior; fascia diaphragmatis urogenitalis superior; fascia dorsalis manus; fascia dorsalis pedis; fascia endothoracica; fasciae orbitales; fascia graft; fascia iliaca; fascial; fascia lata; fascial hernia; fascial sheath of eyeball; fascial sheaths of extraocular muscles; fascia masseterica; fascia muscularis musculorum bulbi; fascia nuchae; fascia obturatoria; fascia of clitoris; fascia of extraocular muscles; fascia of forearm; fascia of leg; fascia of penis; fascia of prostate; fascia parotidea; fascia parotideomasseterica; fascia pectoralis; fascia pelvis; fascia pelvis parietalis; fascia pelvis visceralis; fascia penis; fascia penis profunda; fascia penis superficialis; fascia perinei superficialis; fascia pharyngobasilaris; fascia phrenicopleuralis; fascia profunda; fascia prostatae; fascia renalis; fascias; fascia spermatica externa; fascia spermatica interna; fascia subperitonealis; fascia superficialis; fasciated; fascia temporalis; fascia thoracolumbalis; fascia transversalis; fascia triangularis abdominis; fascicle; fascicled; fasciclins; fascicular; fascicular block; fascicular cambium; fascicular degeneration; fascicular graft; fascicular keratitis; fascicular ophthalmoplegia; fascicular sarcoma; fascicular ulcer; fasciculata cell; fasciculate; fasciculation; fasciculi; fasciculi longitudinales ligamenti cruciformis atlantis; fasciculi longitudinales pontis; fasciculi proprii; fasciculi rubroreticulares; fasciculi transversi; fasciculus; fasciculus anterior proprius; fasciculus atrioventricularis; fasciculus circumolivaris pyramidis; fasciculus corticospinalis anterior; fasciculus corticospinalis lateralis; fasciculus cuneatus; fasciculus dorsolateralis; fasciculus gracilis; fasciculus lateralis plexus brachialis; fasciculus lateralis proprius; fasciculus lenticularis; fasciculus longitudinalis dorsalis; fasciculus longitudinalis inferior; fasciculus longitudinalis medialis; fasciculus longitudinalis superior; fasciculus macularis; fasciculus mamillotegmentalis; fasciculus mamillothalamicus; fasciculus marginalis; fasciculus medialis plexus brachialis; fasciculus obliquus pontis; fasciculus occipitofrontalis; fasciculus pedunculomamillaris; fasciculus posterior plexus brachialis; fasciculus pyramidalis anterior; fasciculus pyramidalis lateralis; fasciculus retroflexus; fasciculus rotundus; fasciculus semilunaris; fasciculus septomarginalis; fasciculus solitarius; fasciculus subcallosus; fasciculus thalamicus; fasciculus thalamomamillaris; fasciculus uncinatus; fasciectomy; fasciitis; fasciitis, eosinophilic; fasciitis, necrotizing; fasciitis, plantar; fascin; fascinate; fascine; fascine roll; fascinous; fascio-; fasciodesis; fasciola; fasciola cinerea; Fasciola gigantica; fasciola hepatica; fasciolar; fasciolar gyrus; fasciole; fascioliasis; fasciolid; fasciolidae; Fascioloides magna; fascioloidiasis; fasciolopsiasis; Fasciolopsis; Fasciolopsis buski; Fasciolopsis rathouisi; fascioplasty; fasciorrhaphy; fasciotomy; fascitis; fashion; fashionable; fassaite; fast; fast component; fasten; fast green FCF; fasti; fastidious; fastidious organism; fastidium cibi; fastigatum; fastigial nucleus; fastigiated; fastigiobulbar fibres; fastigiobulbar tract; fastigiospinal fibres; fastigium; fasting; fasting blood glucose; fasting glucose; fasting hypoglycaemia; fastness; fast neutron; fast neutrons; fast pyrolysis; fast ray; fast smear; fat; fatal; fatality; fatality rate; fatal outcome; fatback; fat body; fat body of cheek; fat body of ischiorectal fossa; fat body of orbit; fat cell; fat droplet; fate; fate map; fat embolism; fat emulsions, intravenous; fat graft; fathead; father; father-child relations; father complex; father-in-law; father-lasher; father longlegs; fat hernia; fathers; fathomable; fatigability; fatigable; fatigue; fatigue fever; fatigue fracture; fatigue strength; fatigue syndrome, chronic; fat indigestion; fat metabolism; fat necrosis; fat necrosis tumour; fatness; fat-pad; fats; fat soluble; fat-soluble vitamins; fat solvents; fat-storing cell; fat substitutes; fats, unsaturated; fatten; fat tide; fatty; fatty acid; fatty acid 2-chloroethyl ester synthase; fatty-acid amide hydrolase; fatty acid binding protein; fatty acid binding proteins; fatty acid desaturases; fatty acid methyltransferase; fatty acid oxidation cycle; fatty acid reductase; fatty acids; fatty acids, essential; fatty acids, monounsaturated; fatty acids, nonesterified; fatty acids, omega-3; fatty acids, unsaturated; fatty acids, volatile; fatty acid synthase complex; fatty acid synthetase complex; fatty acid thiokinase; fatty acyl ethyl ester synthase; fatty alcohol; fatty alcohols; fatty ascites; fatty atrophy; fatty cast; fatty change; fatty cirrhosis; fatty degeneration; fatty diarrhoea; fatty heart; fatty hernia; fatty infiltration; fatty kidney; fatty layer of superficial fascia; fatty liver; fatty liver, alcoholic; fatty liver syndrome; fatty metamorphosis; fatty oil; fatty renal capsule; fatty series; fatty stool; fatty streak; fatty tissue; fauces; faucial; faucial branches of lingual nerve; faucial diphtheria; faucial paralysis; faucial reflex; faucial tonsil; faulcon; fault; faulting; faulty union; faun; fauna; faunation; faun tail nevus; faunus; fausen; fauvette; fava bean; favella; faveolate; fa veolus; favic chandeliers; favid; FA virus; Favism; favor; favoress; favose; favosite; favosites; Favre-Durand-Nicholas disease; Favre, Maurice; Favre-Racouchet's disease; Favre-Racouchot syndrome; Favre's dystrophy; favulariate; favus; fawn; fay; fayalite; FBC; Fc; FCAP; FCCP; Fc fragment; Fc piece; Fc receptor; Fc receptors; FCS; Fd; FDA; f distribution; FDNB; FDP; F duction; Fe; feaberry; fealty; fear; fearful; feasibility; feasibility studies; feast; feather; feathered; feather-edge; feather-few; feather-foil; feathering; feather-veined; featural surgery; featureless thecal sac; features; febricant; febricula; febrifacient; febriferous; febrific; febrifugal; febrifuge; febrile; febrile agglutinins; febrile albuminuria; febrile convulsion; febrile crisis; febrile psychosis; febrile seizure; febrile urine; febrile urticaria; febris; febris undulans; february; feces; feces, impacted; Fechner, Gustav; Fechner-Weber law; fecial; fecifork; fecula; feculent; fecund; fecundability; fecundate; fecundation; fecundify; fecundity; Fede, Francesco; federal; fee; feeble; feebly; feed; feedback; feedback activation; feedback control; feedback inhibition; feedback regulation; feedback system; feeder; feeder layer; feed-forward activation; feedforward control; feeding; feeding and eating disorders of childhood; feeding behaviour; feeding, breast; feeding centre; feeding methods; feeding tube; feedstock; fee-for-service plans; feejee; feel; feeler; feeling; feeling tone; Feer, Emil; Feer's disease; fees and charges; fee schedules; fees, dental; fees, medical; fees, pharmaceutical; feet; FEF; fehling; Fehling, Hermann von; Fehling's reagent; Fehling's solution; feign; feigned; feigned eruption; Feil, Andre; Feiss, Henry; Feiss line; feitsui; felbama te; Feldberg, Wilhelm; Feldman, Harry Alfred; feldspath; felicitate; felicity; Felidae; feline; feline acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; feline agranulocytosis; feline distemper; feline immunodeficiency virus; feline infectious anaemia; feline infectious enteritis; feline infectious peritonitis; feline leukaemia; feline leukaemia-sarcoma virus complex; feline leukaemia virus; feline oesophagus; feline panleukopenia; feline panleukopenia virus; feline pneumonitis; feline polioencephalomyelitis; feline rhinotracheitis virus; feline sarcoma; feline sarcoma virus; feline urolithiasis syndrome; feline urological syndrome; feline viral rhinotracheitis; felis; Felix, Arthur; fell; fellatio; feller; feller-buncher; fellinic; fellow; fellowships and scholarships; felltare; felly; felodipine; felon; felonwort; felsite; Felson, Benjamin; felspath; felstone; felt; feltwork; Felty, Augustus; Felty's syndrome; FeLV; felwort; felypressin; female; female catheter; female condom; female fern; female gonad; female hermaphroditism; female homosexuality; female infertility; female pattern alopecia; female pattern baldness; female prostate; female pseudohermaphroditism; female rhymes; female sterility; female urethra; female urethral syndrome; femal-ize; feme; femi-nei-ty; feminine; feminineness; femininity; femininity complex; feminism; feminity; feminization; feminize; feminye; femme; femoral; femoral arch; femoral artery; femoral branch of genitofemoral nerve; femoral canal; femoral fossa; femoral fractures; femoral hernia; femoral muscle; femoral neck fractures; femoral nerve; femoral opening; femoral plexus; femoral reflex; femoral region; femoral ring; femoral septum; femoral sheath; femoral triangle; femoral vein; femoroabdominal reflex; femorocele; femoropatellar joint; femoropopliteal bypass; femoropopliteal occlusive disease; femorotibial; femto-; femur; femur head; femur head necrosis; fen; fenbendazole; fenbufen; fencamine; fence; fence month; fenchol synthetase; fenclofenac; fenclonine; fen cricket; fendiline; Fendt; fenestra; fenestra cochleae; fenestral; fenestra nov-ovalis; fenestra of the cochlea; fenestra of the vestibule; fenestra ovalis; fenestra rotunda; fenestrate; fenestrated; fenestrated capillary; fenestrated membrane; fenestrated sheath; fenestration; fenestration, labyrinth; fenestration operation; fenestra vestibuli; fenestrule; fenethylline hydrochloride; fenfluramine; fenfluramine hydrochloride; fengite; fenitrothion; fenitrothion phosphatase; fennec; Fenn effect; fennel; Fenn, Wallace Osgood; fenoldopam; fenoprofen; fenoprofen calcium; fenoterol; fenpipramide; fenretinide; fenstration; fentanyl; fentanyl citrate; fenthion; fenticlor; Fenton reaction; fenugreek; Fenwick, Edwin Hurry; Fenwick-Hunner ulcer; Fenwick, Samuel; Fenwick's disease; feracity; ferae; feral; fer-de-lance; fergusonite; Fergusson's incision; Fergusson, Sir William; feria; ferment; fermentable; fermentation; fermentation Lactobacillus casei factor; fermentation substrates; fermentative; fermentative dyspepsia; fermenter; fermentor; fermium; fern; fern allies; Fernandez reaction; Fernbach, Auguste; Fernbach flask; ferning; fern test; fernticle; Ferrata's cell; ferrate; ferratin; ferredoxin; ferredoxin-NADP reductase; ferredoxin-nitrite oxidoreductase; ferredoxins; ferredoxin-thioredoxin reductase; Ferrein, Antoine; Ferrein's canal; Ferrein's foramen; Ferrein's ligament; Ferrein's pyramid; Ferrein's tube; Ferrein's vasa aberrantia; ferret; ferret-eye; ferrets; ferretto; ferri-; ferric; ferric alum; ferric ammonium citrate; ferric ammonium sulfate; ferric and ammonium acetate solution; ferric chloride; ferric chloride reaction of epinephrine; ferric chloride test; ferric citrate iron reductase; ferric compounds; ferric fructose; ferric glycerophosphate; ferrichrome; ferrichrome reductase; ferrichrome synthetase; ferric hydroxide; ferric leghemoglobin reductase; ferric oxide; ferric phosphate; ferric sulfate; ferricyanat; ferricyanic; ferricyanide; ferricyanide reductase; ferricyanides; ferricytochrome; ferriheme; ferriheme chloride; ferrihemoglobin; ferriporphyrin; ferriporphyrin chloride; ferriprive; ferriprotoporphyrin; ferriprussiate; ferriprussic; ferripyoverdine reductase; ferripyoveridine reductase; ferritin; ferritin reductase; ferro-; ferrochelatase; ferrocholinate; ferrocyanate; ferrocyanic; ferrocyanide; ferrocyanides; ferrocytochrome; ferroheme; ferrokinetics; ferroporphyrin; ferroproteins; ferroprotoporphyrin; ferroprussiate; ferroprussic; ferroso-; ferrosoferric; ferrotherapy; ferrotype; ferrous; ferrous citrate; ferrous compounds; ferrous fumarate; ferrous gluconate; ferrous lactate; ferrous succinate; ferrous sulfate; ferrozine; ferrugination; ferruginous; ferruginous bodies; ferrugo; ferrule; Ferry; Ferry-Porter law; fertile; fertilely; fertile material; fertile period; fertilised ovum; fertilisers; fertility; fertility agent; fertility agents; fertility agents, female; fertility agents, male; fertility factor; fertility ratio; fertility vitamin; fertilization; fertilization in vitro; fertilization membrane; fertilize; fertilizin; ferula; ferulaceous; ferule; ferulic; ferulic acid; ferulic acid hydroxylase; feruloyl-4-coumaroyl esterase; feruloyl-coenzyme A reductase; feruloyl esterase; fervescence; fes; fescue; fescue foot; fescue poisoning; fester; festinant; festinating gait; festination; festoon; festooning; festschrift; FET; fetal; fetation; fetch; feticide; fetid; fetish; fetishism; fetlock; fetofetal transfusion; fetoglobulins; fetography; fetology; fetomaternal transfusion; fetometry; fetopathy; fetoplacental; fetoproteins; fetor; fetor hepaticus; fetor oris; fetoscope; fetoscopy; fettered; fettle; fettling; fetuin-galactosyltransferase; fetus; feud; feuillemort; feuilleton; Feulgen reaction; Feulgen reagent; Feulgen, Robert; Feulgen stain; FEV; fever; fever blister; fever blisters; feverfew; fever, five-day; feverish; feverish urine; fever, mediterranean; fever, meuse; fever of unknown origin; feverous; fever, q; fever, quintan; fever, shin bone; fever, splenic; fever therapy; fever, trench; fever, wolhynia; Fevold test; FFA; F-factor; FFP; FFR; FGAR; F genote; FGF; fgf 5; FGF-inducible kinase; fgr; FGT cytologic smear; FH4; FIA; fiancee; fibra; fibrae arcuatae cerebri; fibrae arcuatae externae; fibrae arcuatae internae; fibrae circulares; fibrae corticonucleares; fibrae corticopontinae; fibrae corticoreticulares; fibrae corticospinales; fibrae dentatorubrales; fibrae intercrurales; fibrae lentis; fibrae meridionales; fibraemia; fibrae obliquae gastrici; fibrae periventriculares; fibrae pontis transversae; fibrae pyramidales; fibrae zonulares; fibre; fibre cell; fibreoptic; fibreoptic endoscope; fibreoptics; fibrescope; fibres of lens; fibriform; fibril; fibrilla; fibrillar; fibrillar baskets; fibrillar centre; fibrillar region; fibrillary; fibrillary astrocytoma; fibrillary chorea; fibrillary contractions; fibrillary neuroma; fibrillary waves; fibrillate; fibrillated; fibrillation; fibrillation, atrial; fibrillation, auricular; fibrillation threshold; fibrillation, ventricular; fibrillatory waves; fibrillin; fibrilloflutter; fibrillogenesis; fibrin; fibrinase; fibrination; fibrin calculus; fibrin degradation products; fibrin destabilase; fibrine; fibrin fibrinogen degradation products; fibrin foam; fibrino-; fibrinocellular; fibrinogen; fibrinogenaemia; fibrinogenase; fibrinogenesis; fibrinogen-fibrin conversion syndrome; fibrinogenic; fibrinogenolysis; fibrinogenopenia; fibrinogenous; fibrinogens, abnormal; fibrinoid; fibrinoid necrosis; fibrinokinase; fibrinolysin; fibrinolysis; fibrinolysokinase; fibrinolytic; fibrinolytic agent; fibrinolytic purpura; fibrinopeptide; fibrinopeptide a; fibrinopeptide b; fibrinoplastic; fibrinoplastin; fibrinopurulent; fibrinopurulent inflammation; fibrinoscopy; fibrinous; fibrinous adhesion; fibrinous bronchitis; fibrinous cast; fibrinous degeneration; fibrinous inflammation; fibrinous iritis; fibrinous lymph; fibrinous pericarditis; fibrinous pleurisy; fibrinous polyp; fibrin-stabilizing factor; fibrin thrombus; fibrin tissue adhesive; fibrinuria; fibrists; fibro-; fibroadenoma; fibroadipose; fibroareolar; fibroblast; fibroblast growth factor; fibroblast growth factor, acidic; fibroblast growth factor, basic; fibroblast growth factor receptor; fibroblast growth factor receptor-like embryonic kinase; fibroblastic; fibroblast interferon; fibroblasts; fibrocarcinoma; fibrocartilage; fibrocartilaginous; fibrocartilaginous ring; fibrocartilago; fibrocartilago basalis; fibrocartilago interarticularis; fibrocartilago intervertebralis; fibrocaseous peritonitis; fibrocellular; fibrochondritis; fibrochondroma; fibrochondrosteal; fibrocongestive; fibrocyst; fibrocystic; fibrocystic condition of the breast; fibrocystic disease; fibrocystic disease of breast; fibrocystic disease of the pancreas; fibrocystoma; fibrocyte; fibrodysplasia; fibroelastic; fibroelastic membrane of larynx; fibroelastosis; fibroenchondroma; fibroepithelial polyp; fibroepithelioma; fibrofatty; fibrofolliculoma; fibrogenesis; fibrogliosis; fibrohyaline tissue; fibroid; fibroid adenoma; fibroid cataract; fibroidectomy; fibroid inflammation; fibroid lung; fibroid tumour; fibroin; fibrokeratoma; fibrolamellar hepatocarcinoma; fibrolamellar liver cell carcinoma; fibrolase; fibroleiomyoma; fibrolipoma; fibrolite; fibroma; fibroma, desmoplastic; fibroma molle; fibroma molle gravidarum; fibroma myxomatodes; fibroma, ossifying; fibromatoid; fibromatosis; fibromatosis, abdominal; fibromatosis, aggressive; fibromatosis colli; fibromatosis, gingival; fibromatosis virus of rabbits; fibromatous; fibroma virus, rabbit; fibromectomy; fibrometer; fibromodulin; fibromuscular; fibromuscular dysplasia; fibromuscular hyperplasia; fibromyalgia; fibromyectomy; fibromyoma; fibromyositis; fibromyxoma; fibronectin; fibronectinase; fibronectin hexapeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase; fibronectin laminase; fibronectins; fibroneuroma; fibro-osteoma; fibropapilloma; fibroplasia; fibroplastic; fibroplate; fibropolypus; fibroreticulate; fibrosarcoma; fibrose; fibroserous; fibrosing adenomatosis; fibrosing adenosis; fibrosing alveolitis; fibrosing mediastinitis; fibrosis; fibrositic headache; fibrositis; fibrospongiae; fibrothorax; fibrotic; fibrotic ophthalmoplegia; fibrous; fibrous adhesion; fibrous ankylosis; fibrous appendix of liver; fibrous articular capsule; fibrous astrocyte; fibrous bacterial viruses; fibrous capsule; fibrous capsule of kidney; fibrous capsule of liver; fibrous capsule of parotid gland; fibrous capsule of spleen; fibrous capsule of thyroid gland; fibrous cortical defect; fibrous degeneration; fibrous digital sheaths of foot; fibrous digital sheaths of hand; fibrous dysplasia; fibrous dysplasia, monostotic; fibrous dysplasia of bone; fibrous dysplasia of jaws; fibrous dysplasia, polyostotic; fibrous goiter; fibrous hamartoma of infancy; fibrous histiocytoma; fibrous joint; fibrous lamina; fibrous layer; fibrous mediastinitis; fibrous membrane; fibrous pericarditis; fibrous pericardium; fibrous plaque; fibrous pneumonia; fibrous polyp; fibrous protein; fibrous ring; fibrous ring of heart; fibrous ring of intervertebral disc; fibrous sheaths; fibrous skeleton of heart; fibrous tissue; fibrous trigones of heart; fibrous tubercle; fibrous tunic of corpus spongiosum; fibrous tunic of eye; fibrous union; fibrous xanthoma; fibrovascular; fibroxanthoma; fibula; fibular; fibular artery; fibular articular surface of tibia; fibular collateral ligament; fibular collateral ligament of ankle; fibulare; fibularis; fibular lymph node; fibular margin of foot; fibular node; fibular notch; fibular veins; fibulin; fibulocalcaneal; ficin; Fick, Adolf; Fick method; Fick principle; fick's law of diffusion; Fick's laws of diffusion; ficoll; ficoll gradient; Ficoll-Hypaque technique; ficosis; fiction; fictional; fictitious feeding; ficttelite; ficus; ficusin; fid; fiddle; fiddledeedee; fiddler; fiddle-shaped; fiddlewood; fide; fidia; fiducial; fiduciary; Fiedler, Carl; Fiedler's myocarditis; field; field block; field block anaesthesia; field dependence-independence; field depth; field diaphragm; field-emission microscope; field emission tube; fieldfare; field fever; field gradient; field identification; Fielding, George; Fielding's membrane; field ion microscope; field lens; field lines; field of consciousness; field of fixation; field of view; field planes; field-reversed configuration; field shaping coils; fields of Forel; Field's rapid stain; field survey; field-vole; fiend; fierasfer; fiery; Fiessinger-Leroy-Reiter syndrome; Fiessinger, Noel Armand; fievre; fievre boutonneuse; fifteenth; fifth; fifth cranial nerve; fifth disease; fifth finger; fifth ventricle; fiftieth; fig; figeater; fighting; fight or flight reaction; figlu test; figpecker; fig-shell; Figueira, Fernandes; Figueira's syndrome; figural aftereffect; figurante; figurate; figuratus; figure; figure and ground; figure eight; figure-of-8 abnormality; figure-of-8 bandage; figure-of-8 suture; fig wart; figwort; fiji; fila; filaceous; filaggrin; filamen; filament; filamentary keratitis; filamentary keratopathy; filament-nonfilament count; filamentous; filamentous bacterial viruses; filamentous bacteriophage; filamentous colony; filament polymorphonuclear leukocyte; filamentum; filamin; filander; filanders; fila olfactoria; filar; fila radicularia; filar eyepiece; filaria; filarial; filarial arthritis; filarial dermatosis; filarial funiculitis; filarial hydrocele; filarial periodicity; filarial synovitis; filariasis; filaricidal; filaricide; filaricides; filariform; filariform larva; Filariicae; filarioidea; filar mass; filar micrometer; filar micrometre; filar micrometre ocular; Filaroides; filar substance; Filatov Dukes' disease; Filatov flap; Filatov-Gillies flap; Filatov-Gillies tubed pedicle; Filatov, Nil; Filatov's disease; Filatov's operation; Filatov's spots; Filatov, Vladimir; filbert; file; filefish; filensin; filgrastim; filial; filial generation; filicic; filiciform; filicoid; filiform; filiform adnatum; filiform bougie; filiform nucleus; filiform papillae; filiform polyposis; filiform pulse; filiform wart; filing; filioparental; filipendulous; filipin; fill; filler graft; fillet; fillet layer; filling; filling defect; filling defect in renal collecting system; fillister; fill material; filly; film; film, ap; film changer; filmcoated; film dosimetry; Filmer, David; film, lateral; film, pa; film speed; filoplumaceous; filoplume; filopodia; filopodium; filopressure; filovaricosis; filoviridae; filoviridae infections; filovirus; filovirus infections; filter; filterable; filter fabric; filtering cicatrix; filtering operation; filtering surgery; filter sterilisation; filth; filtrable virus; filtrate; filtrate factor; filtrate nitrogen; filtration; filtration angle; filtration coefficient; filtration fraction; filtration slits; filtration space; filtrum; filtrum ventriculi; filum; filum durae matris spinalis; filum of spinal dura mater; filum terminale; fimble hemp; fimbria; fimbriae; fimbriae, bacterial; fimbriae of uterine tube; fimbriae tubae uterinae; fimbria hippocampi; fimbria ovarica; fimbriate; fimbriated fold; fimbricate; fimbriectomy; fimbrin; fimbriocele; fimbriodentate sulcus; fimbrioplasty; fin; final host; final impression; finally; financial audit; financial management; financial management, hospital; financial support; financing, construction; financing, government; financing, organised; financing, personal; finasteride; finback; finch; Finckh, Johann; Finckh test; find; finder; finding; fine; fine needle aspiration; fine needle biopsy; fineness; finery; finespun; fine structure; fine structure mapping; fine tremor; finfish; finfoot; fin-footed; finger; finger agnosia; fingered; finger injuries; fingerling; fingernail; finger-nose test; finger percussion; finger phenomenon; fingerprint; fingerprint dystrophy; fingerprinting; finger protein; fingersucking; finger-thumb reflex; finger-to-finger test; fingrigo; finical; fining; finish; finishing; finishing bur; finite larmor radius; Finkeldey, Wilhelm; Fink-Heimer stain; Fink, R; finless; finner; Finney, John; Finney pyloroplasty; Finney's operation; finnikin; finns; finny; finochio; finpike; fin-toed; fiorin; fiorite; fir; fire; fire ants; fire ant stings; firearms; fireback; fire beetle; firebird; firebrand; firecrest; firedamp; firedog; fire extinguishing systems; firefish; fireflaire; fireflame; firefly; fireplace; firesetting behaviour; fireside; firetail; fireweed; firewood; firework; fireworm; firing; firkin; firlot; firm; firmament; firm power; firry; first; first aid; first arch syndrome; first-class; first cranial nerve; first cuneiform bone; first degree A-V block; first degree burn; first dentition; first duodenal sphincter; first finger; first heart sound; first law of thermodynamics; firstling; first meiotic division; first molar; first-order kinetics; first-order reaction; first parallel pelvic plane; firstpass; first rank symptoms; first-set rejection; first stage of labour; first temporal convolution; first visceral cleft; firth; fir tree; Fischer, Emil; Fischer, Louis; Fischer projection formula; Fischer's sign; Fischer's symptom; fisetic; fisetin; fish; FISH Analysis; fish-bellied; Fishberg, Arthur; Fishberg concentration test; fish berry; fish-block; fishbones; fish bowl granuloma; fish diseases; fish elevation; fisher; fisheries; fisherman; Fisher, Miller; Fisher, Ronald; fisher's exact test; Fisher's syndrome; fishery; fish eye disease; fish flour; fishful; fishgig; fish habitat; fishhawk; fishhook; fishify; fishiness; fishing; fish ladder; fishlike; Fishman-Lerner unit; fishmonger; fish-mouth meatus; fish-mouth mitral stenosis; fish-odour syndrome; fish oils; fish poison; fish products; fishskin; fish-tackle; fish-tail; fish tapeworm anaemia; fish tapeworm infection; fish test; fish velocity; fish venoms; fishwife; fishwoman; fishy; fissigemmation; fissile; fissile material; fissilingual; fissilinguia; fission; fission fungi; fission product; fission reactor; fission yeast; fissipalmate; fissipara; fissiparism; fissiparity; fissiparous; fissipation; fissiped; fissipedal; fissipedia; fissirostral; fissirostres; fissura; fissura antitragohelicina; fissura calcarina; fissura cerebri lateralis; fissura choroidea; fissura collateralis; fissura dentata; fissurae cerebelli; fissura hippocampi; fissura horizontalis cerebelli; fissura horizontalis pulmonis dextri; fissural; fissural cyst; fissura ligamenti teretis; fissura ligamenti venosi; fissura longitudinalis cerebri; fissura mediana anterior medullae oblongatae; fissura mediana anterior medullae spinalis; fissura obliqua pulmonis; fissura orbitalis inferior; fissura orbitalis superior; fissura parietooccipitalis; fissura petro-occipitalis; fissura petrosquamosa; fissura petrotympanica; fissura posterolateralis; fissura prima cerebelli; fissura pterygoidea; fissura pterygomaxillaris; fissura pterygopalatina; fissura pudendi; fissura secunda cerebelli; fissura sphenopetrosa; fissuration; fissura transversa cerebelli; fissura transversa cerebri; fissura tympanomastoidea; fissura tympanosquamosa; fissure; fissure bur; fissure caries; fissured fracture; fissured tongue; fissure for ligamentum teres; fissure in ano; fissurella; fissure of ligamentum venosum; fissure of Rolando; fissure of round ligament of liver; fissure of venous ligament; fissure sealant; fissure sign; fissures of liver; fissures of lung; fistula; fistula auris congenita; fistula bimucosa; fistula colli congenita; fistula knife; fistular; fistularia; fistularioid; fistula test; fistulation; fistulatome; fistulectomy; fistuloenterostomy; fistulotomy; fistulous; fit; FITC; fitch; fitchew; fitness; FIT test; fitweed; fitz; Fitzgerald factor; Fitz-Hugh and Curtis syndrome; Fitz-Hugh, T Jr; FIV; five; five-day fever; five-finger; five-leaf; five-leafed; five-leaved; fiveling; fives; five year survival rate; FIV protease; fièvre boutonneuse; fix; fixation; fixational ocular movement; fixation disparity; fixation nystagmus; fixation, ocular; fixation reaction; fixative; fixatives; fixator; fixator muscle; fixed; fixed alkali; fixed alkaloid; fixed appliance; fixed bridge; fixed contracture; fixed coupling; fixed dressing; fixed drug eruption; fixed idea; fixed macrophage; fixed oil; fixed partial denture; fixed pupil; fixed-rate pacemaker; fixed rate pulse generator; fixed torticollis; fixed virus; fixgig; fixing; fixing eye; fk 33-824; FK506 methyltransferase; FK520 methyltransferase; fla 63; flabellate; flabellinerved; flabellum; flaccid; flaccid ectropion; flaccidity; flaccid membrane; flaccid paralysis; flaccid part of tympanic membrane; Flack, Martin; Flack's node; flag; flagella; flagellant; flagellar; flagellar agglutinin; flagellar antigen; flagellata; flagellate; flagellated; flagellate diarrhoea; flagellation; flagellator; flagelliform; flagellin; flagellin N-methylase; flagellosis; flagellum; flageolet; flag flap; flaggy; flag sign; flagworm; flail; flail chest; flail joint; flake; flam; flamboyer; flame; flame arc; flame emission spectrophotometry; flame figure; flame ionisation detector; flame ionization; flame retardants; flame spots; flaming; flamingo; flammable; flammable anaesthetic; flanel; flange; flange contour; flank; flank bone; flank incision; flanking region; flanking sequence; flank position; flap; flap amputation; flap gate; flapjack; flapless amputation; flap operation; flapper; flapping tremor; flare; flared teeth; flare streaming; flarimeter; flash; flashback; flash blindness; flashboard riser; flash burn; flash dispersal; flasher; flash evaporator; flashing; flashing pain syndrome; flash keratoconjunctivitis; flash method; flash point; flask; flask closure; flasking; flat; flat affect; Flatau, Edward; Flatau-Schilder disease; Flatau's law; flatbill; flat bone; flat chest; flat condyloma; flat feet; flatfish; flatfishes; flat flap; flatfoot; flat hand; flathead; flat papular syphilid; flat pelvis; flat plate; flat revertant; flatter; flat top waves; flatulence; flatulent; flatulent dyspepsia; flatus; flatus enema; flatus vaginalis; flat wart; flatworm; Flaujeac factor; flaunt; flavaniline; flavanone 7-O-beta-glucosyltransferase; flavanone synthetase; flavedo; flavianic acid; flavicomous; flavin; flavin adenine dinucleotide; flavin-containing monooxygenase-3; flavine; flavin-linked dehydrogenase; flavin mononucleotide; flavin mononucleotide reductase; flavin nucleotide; flaviviridae; flaviviridae infections; flavivirus; flavivirus infections; flavobacterium; Flavobacterium aquatile; Flavobacterium breve; Flavobacterium piscicida; flavodoxin; flavoenzyme; flavokinase; flavol; flavone; flavone 7-O-beta-glucosyltransferase; flavonoid 3',5'-hydroxylase; flavonoid 3'-monooxygenase; flavonoids; flavonol; flavonol 2'-O-glucosyltransferase; flavonol 3-O-glucosyltransferase; flavonol 3-sulfotransferase; flavonol 4'-sulfotransferase; flavonol synthase; flavoprotein; flavor; flavoring agents; flavouridin; flavoxate; flavoxate hydrochloride; flavus; flaw; flawter; flax; flax-dresser's disease; flax-plant; flaxseed; flaxseed oil; flaxweed; flay; flayer; flea; fleabane; flea-beetle; flea-bitten kidney; flea-borne typhus; flea-louse; fleam; fleas; fleawort; flecainide; flecainide acetate; Flechsig, Paul; Flechsig's areas; Flechsig's fasciculi; Flechsig's ground bundles; Flechsig's tract; fleck dystrophy of cornea; flecked retina; flecked retina syndrome; fleck retina of Kandori; flection; fleece; fleece worm; fleet; Flegel, H; Flegel's disease; flegmon; Fleisch, Alfred; Fleischer, Bruno; Fleischer's ring; Fleischer-Strumpell ring; Fleischer's vortex; Fleischmann, Friedrich Ludwig; Fleischmann's bursa; Fleischner, Felix; fleischner lines; fleischner sign; Fleitmann's test; Fleitmann, Theodore; Fleming, Alexander; flemish; Flemming's fixative; Flemming's triple stain; Flemming, Walther; flense; fleroxacin; Flesch formula; Flesch, Rudolf; flesh; flesh-eating bacteria; flesher; fleshflies; fleshly; fleshy; fleshy mole; fleshy polyp; Fletcher factor; fleur-de-lis; flex; Flexibase; flexibilitas cerea; flexible; flexible collodion; flexicostate; fleximeter; flexion; flexion crease; Flexner's bacillus; Flexner, Simon; flexor; flexor carpi radialis; flexor carpi ulnaris; flexor digiti minimi brevis muscle of foot; flexor digiti minimi brevis muscle of hand; flexor digitorum brevis; flexor digitorum longus; flexor digitorum profundus; flexor digitorum superficialis; flexor hallucis brevis; flexor hallucis longus; flexor pollicis brevis; flexor pollicis longus; flexor reflex; flexor retinaculum; flexor retinaculum of forearm; flexor retinaculum of lower limb; flexuous; flexura; flexura coli dextra; flexura coli sinistra; flexura duodeni inferior; flexura duodeni superior; flexura duodenojejunalis; flexural; flexural eczema; flexura perinealis recti; flexura sacralis recti; flexura sigmoidea; flexure; flicker; flicker fusion; flicker fusion frequency technique; flickermouse; flicker perimetry; flick movements; flicks; Flieringa, Henri; Flieringa's ring; flight; flight blindness; flight into disease; flight into health; flight nurse; flight of ideas; flight or fight response; flindermouse; flint; Flint, Austin; Flint, Austin Jr; flint disease; flint glass; flint-hearted; Flint's arcade; Flint's murmur; Flint's syndrome; flintwood; flinty; flip; flip angle; flip flop; flip-over disease; flippase; flipper; flirt; flirt-gill; flittering scotoma; flittermouse; flittern; flix; float; floater; floating; floating cartilage; floating kidney; floating organ; floating patella; floating ribs; floating spleen; floating villus; floc; floccillation; floccose; flocculable; floccular; floccular fossa; flocculate; flocculation; flocculation reaction; flocculation test; flocculation tests; floccule; flocculence; flocculent; flocculonodular; flocculonodular lobe; flocculus; floccus; flock; Flocks; floe; flog; flood; flooded; flood fever; flooding; floodplain; Flood's ligament; Flood, Valentine; floor; floor cell; floor of orbit; floor of tympanic cavity; floor plate; floors and floorcoverings; flop; floppy baby syndrome; floppy valve syndrome; flopwing; flora; floral; floramour; floran; florantyrone; Florence, Albert; Florence flask; Florence's crystals; florescence; floret; Florey, Sir Howard; Florey unit; floricmous; floricultural; floriculture; florid; florida bean; florideae; florid oral papillomatosis; florid osseous dysplasia; floriform cataract; florigen; floriken; florimer; florist; Florschutz; Florschutz' formula; floscular; floscularian; floscule; flosculous; flos-ferri; flosh; floss; flossification; flossing; floss silk; flotation; flotation constant; flotation method; flounce; flounder; Flourens; Flourens' theory; flourish; flourishingly; Flourite objectives; floury cornea; flow; flow cytoenzymology; flow cytometry; flow cytophotometry; flower; flower basket of Bochdalek; flower-de-luce; flower/er; flower-fence; flower-gentle; flowering; flowerless; flowerpot; flowers; Flower's bone; Flower's dental index; flowers of antimony; flowers of benzoin; flowers of sulfur; flowers of zinc; flower-spray ending; flower-spray organ of Ruffini; flowing; flowing hyperostosis; flow injection analysis; flowk; flow karyotyping; flowmeter; flow-over vaporiser; flow rate; flow void; flow-volume curve; floxacillin; floxuridine; flp frp recombinase; FLP recombinase; FLRFamide; flu; fluanisone; fluate; fluavil; flucan; fluconazole; flucrylate; fluctuant; fluctuate; fluctuation; fluctuation analysis; fluctuation test; flucytosine; fludeoxyglucose f 18; fludrocortisone; fludrocortisone acetate; flue; fluence; fluent; fluent aphasia; flufenamic acid; fluid; fluidal; fluid bilayer model; fluidextract; fluidglycerates; fluidised-bed boiler; fluidism; fluidity; fluid mosaic model; fluidounce; fluidrachm; fluid retention; fluid retinopexy; fluids and secretions; fluid shifts; fluid therapy; fluid wave; flukan; fluke; flukeworm; flumazenil; flumen; flumethasone; flumethiazide; flumina; flumina pilorum; flunarizine; flunisolide; flunitrazepam; fluo-; fluoborate; fluoboric; fluoboride; fluocerite; fluocinolone acetonide; fluocinonide; fluocortolone; fluocortolone caproate; fluocortolone hexanoate; fluocortolone pivalate; fluohydric; fluophosphate; fluor; fluor albus; fluoranthene; fluorapatite; fluorated; fluorene; fluorenes; fluorescamine; fluoresce; fluorescein; fluorescein-5-isothiocyanate; fluorescein angiography; fluorescein-conjugated antibody; fluorescein eye examination; fluorescein instillation test; fluorescein isothiocyanate; fluoresceins; fluorescein sodium; fluorescein string test; fluorescence; fluorescence-activated cell sorter; fluorescence-activated cell sorting; fluorescence energy transfer; fluorescence immunoassay; fluorescence in situ hybridization; fluorescence microscope; fluorescence microscopy; fluorescence plus Giemsa stain; fluorescence polarisation immunoassay; fluorescence polarization; fluorescence polarization immunoassay; fluorescence recovery after photobleaching; fluorescence spectrum; fluorescent; fluorescent antibody; fluorescent antibody technique; fluorescent antibody technique, direct; fluorescent antibody technique, indirect; fluorescent antibody techniques; fluorescent antibody titre; fluorescent antinuclear antibody test; fluorescent dyes; fluorescent in situ hybridization; fluorescent label; fluorescent microscope; fluorescent screen; fluorescent stain; fluorescent treponemal antibody-absorption test; fluorescin; fluoric; fluoridated teeth; fluoridation; fluoride; fluoride number; fluoride poisoning; fluorides; fluorides, topical; fluoridization; fluorimetry; fluorinated hydrocarbon; fluorine; fluorine compounds; fluorine radioisotopes; fluorite; fluorite objective; fluoro-; fluoro-2,4-dinitrobenzene; fluoroacetate-specific dehalogenase; fluorocarbons; fluorochrome; fluorochroming; fluorocyte; fluorodeoxyuridylate; fluorodifen; fluorography; fluoroid; fluoroimmunoassay; fluorometer; fluorometholone; fluorometry; fluorophotometry; fluoroquinolone; fluororoentgenography; fluoroscope; fluoroscopic; fluoroscopy; fluorosis; fluorouracil; fluor spar; fluosilicate; fluosilicic; fluosol; fluosol-DA; fluoxetine; fluoxetine hydrochloride; fluoxymesterone; flupenthixol; flupentixol; fluperolone acetate; fluphenazine; fluphenazine decanoate; fluprednisolone; flurandrenolide; flurandrenolone; flurazepam; flurazepam hydrochloride; flurbiprofen; flurogestone acetate; flurothyl; fluroxene; Flury strain rabies virus; Flury strain vaccine; flush; flush end; flusher; flushing; flu shot; flu shots; flush technique; fluspirilene; flu, stomach; flutamide; flutamide miki wu; flute instability; flutemouth; flutter; flutter-fibrillation; flutter-fibrillation waves; flu vaccine; fluvents; fluvial; fluviatile; fluvio-marine; fluvoxamine; flux; flux density; fluxion; fluxional; fluxionary; fluxionary hyperaemia; fluxions; flux, light; flux ratio; fly; fly agaric; fly ash; flybane; fly blister; flyblow; fly-case; flycatcher; fly-catching; flyer; flyfish; flying; flying blister; flying fish; flying spot microscope; flying squirrel; Flynn-Aird syndrome; Flynn, P; Flynn phenomenon; flysch; flytrap; Fm; FMD; FMD virus; fMet; fMet-tRNA; FMF; fMLP; fmn; FMO3; FMR1; FMRFamide; FMRP; fms; FNA; fnese; FN-gelatinase; f-number; foal; foam; foam cell; foam cells; foam stability test; foamy agents; foamy viruses; focal; focal adhesion; focal amyloidosis; focal and segmental hyalinosis; focal appendicitis; focal condensing osteitis; focal depth; focal dermal hypoplasia; focal distance; focal embolic glomerulonephritis; focal epilepsy; focal epithelial hyperplasia; focal gallbladder wall thickening; focal gigantism; focal glomerulonephritis; focal illumination; focal infection; focal infection, dental; focal interval; focal length; focal lymphocytic thyroiditis; focal metastatic disease; focal motor seizure; focal necrosis; focal nephritis; focal nodular hyperplasia; focal point; focal reaction; focal sclerosing glomerulopathy; focal sclerosis; focal sclerosis with hyalinosis; focal segmental glomerulosclerosis; focal seizure; focal spot; focal spot size; foci; focimeter; focus; focused grid; focus-forming assay; focus-forming unit; focus groups; focusing device; focusing glass; focusing magnifier; focus, principal; fodient; fodientia; fodrin; foetal; foetal adrenal cortex; foetal age; foetal alcohol effects; foetal alcohol syndrome; foetal anoxia; foetal aspiration syndrome; foetal attitude; foetal blood; foetal bradycardia; foetal calf serum; foetal circulation; foetal cotyledon; foetal death; foetal death rate; foetal development; foetal distress; foetal doppler study; foetal dystocia; foetal electrocardiography; foetal erythroblastosis; foetal face syndrome; foetal fracture; foetal gigantism; foetal growth retardation; foetal habitus; foetal haemoglobin; foetal heart; foetal heart rate; foetal hydantoin syndrome; foetal hydrops; foetal inclusion; foetalism; foetal macrosomia; foetal medicine; foetal membrane; foetal membranes; foetal membranes, premature rupture; foetal monitoring; foetal mortality rate; foetal movement; foetal organ maturity; foetal ovoid; foetal placenta; foetal resorption; foetal reticularis; foetal souffle; foetal tachycardia; foetal tissue transplantation; foetal trimethadione syndrome; foetal viability; foetal warfarin syndrome; foetal zone; foetoplacental; foetotoxic; foetus; foetus in fetu; foetus papyraceus; foetus sanguinolentis; fog; Fogarty catheter; Fogarty clamp; Fogarty, Thomas; fog'gage; fogging; fogging retinoscopy; foggy; fogo selvagem; foil; foin; foison; Foix-Alajouanine myelitis; Foix-Alajouanine syndrome; Foix-Cavany-Marie syndrome; Foix, Charles; Fokker-Planck equation; folacin; folate; folate antagonist; fold; foldback DNA; fold-back elements; folded-lung syndrome; folding; folding fracture; fold of chorda tympani; fold of laryngeal nerve; fold of left vena cava; fold of superior laryngeal nerve; folds of iris; Foley catheter; Foley, Frederic; Foley operation; Foley Y-plasty pyeloplasty; folia; foliaceous; folia cerebelli; foliage; foliage volume; folia linguae; foliar; foliate; foliated; foliate papillae; foliation; foliature; folic acid; folic acid antagonist; folic acid antagonists; folic acid conjugate; folic acid deaminase; folic acid deficiency; folic acid deficiency anaemia; folic acid oxidase; folie; folie a deux; folie du doute; folie du pourquoi; folie gemellaire; foliferous; folinate; folinic acid; Folin-Looney test; Folin, Otto; Folin's reaction; Folin's reagent; Folin's test; folio; fo'liolate; foliole; foliose; folious; folium; folium vermis; folklore; folk medicine; follian process; folliberin; Folli, Cecilio; follicle; follicle cell; follicles of thyroid gland; follicle-stimulating hormone; follicle-stimulating hormone-releasing factor; follicle-stimulating hormone-releasing hormone; follicular; follicular abscess; follicular adenoma; follicular antrum; follicular atresia; follicular cancer of the thyroid; follicular carcinomas; follicular conjunctivitis; follicular cyst; follicular cystitis; follicular dendritic cell; follicular epithelial cell; follicular fluid; follicular gland; follicular goiter; follicular hormone; follicular impetigo; follicular iritis; follicular lymphoma; follicular mange; follicular mucinosis; follicular ovarian cells; follicular papule; follicular phase; follicular predominantly large cell lymphoma; follicular predominantly small cleaved cell lymphoma; follicular stigma; follicular syphilid; follicular trachoma; follicular urethritis; follicular vulvitis; folliculi; folliculi glandulae thyroideae; folliculi linguales; folliculi lymphatici aggregati; folliculi lymphatici aggregati appendicis vermiformis; folliculi lymphatici gastrici; folliculi lymphatici laryngei; folliculi lymphatici lienales; folliculi lymphatici recti; folliculi lymphatici solitarii; folliculin; folliculin hydrate; folliculitis; folliculitis abscedens et suffodiens; folliculitis barbae; folliculitis decalvans; folliculitis keloidalis; folliculitis nares perforans; folliculitis ulerythematosa reticulata; folliculoma; folliculosis; folliculus; folliculus lymphaticus; folliculus ovaricus primarius; folliculus ovaricus vesiculosus; folliculus pili; Folling, Ivar; Folling's disease; Folli's process; follitropin; follow; follower; following; following bougie; follow-up studies; follow-up study; folly; Foltz, Jean; Foltz' valvule; folylpoly-alpha-glutamate synthetase; folylpolyglutamate synthetase; fomalhaut; foment; fomentation; fomes; fomite; fomites; fonazine mesylate; fondation jean dausset-ceph; fondling; fondly; fondness; fondon; fong disease; Fonio, Anton; Fonio's solution; fonofos; Fonsecaea; Fontana, Arturo; Fontana, Felice; Fontana-Masson silver stain; Fontana's canal; Fontana's spaces; Fontana's stain; fontanel; fontanelle; Fontan, Francois; Fontan operation; fontan procedure; fonticuli cranii; fonticulus; fonticulus anterior; fonticulus anterolateralis; fonticulus mastoideus; fonticulus posterior; fonticulus posterolateralis; fonticulus sphenoidalis; food; food additives; food and beverages; food and drug administration; food asthma; food ball; food-borne botulism; food colouring agents; food contamination; food deprivation; food dispensers, automatic; food-drug interactions; food fever; food, formulated; food, fortified; foodful; food habits; food handling; food hypersensitivity; food impaction; food industry; food infection; food inspection; food labeling; food microbiology; food packaging; food parasitology; food poisoning; food preferences; food preservatives; food-processing industry; food service, hospital; food services; foods, specialised; food technology; foody; fool; foolahs; foolfish; foot; foot-and-mouth disease; foot-and-mouth disease virus; foot-and-mouth disease virus vaccines; foot, athlete's; football; football calf; football sign; foot bones; footcandle; foot deformities; foot deformities, acquired; foot deformities, congenital; foot dermatoses; foot-drop; foot fungus; foothalt; foothill abortion; foothold; foot injuries; footling presentation; footman; Foot, N; foot of hippocampus; footplate; foot plugger; foot-pound; foot-poundal; foot-pound-second; foot-pound-second system; footprinting; foot process; foot rot; Foot's reticulin impregnation stain; footstalk; footstall; foot ulcer; foot yaws; foppish; forage; forage fish; foraging habitat; foralite; foramen; foramen apicis dentis; foramen bursae omentalis majoris; foramen caecum linguae; foramen caecum medullae oblongatae; foramen caecum of frontal bone; foramen caecum of tongue; foramen caecum ossis frontalis; foramen caecum posterius; foramen costotransversarium; foramen diaphragmatis sellae; foramen epiploicum; foramen ethmoidale; foramen frontale; foramen incisivum; foramen infraorbitale; foramen interventriculare; foramen intervertebrale; foramen ischiadicum; foramen jugulare; foramen lacerum; foramen lacerum anterius; foramen lacerum medium; foramen lacerum posterius; foramen lateralis ventriculi quarti; foramen magnum; foramen mandibulae; foramen mastoideum; foramen mentale; foramen nutricium; foramen obturatum; foramen of Arnold; foramen of Key-Retzius; foramen of Luschka; foramen of transverse process; foramen of vena cava; foramen omentale; foramen opticum; foramen ovale; foramen palatinum majus; foramen parietale; foramen petrosum; foramen processus transversi; foramen quadratum; foramen rotundum; foramen sacrale; foramen singulare; foramen sphenopalatinum; foramen spinosum; foramen stylomastoideum; foramen subseptale; foramen supraorbitale; foramen thyroideum; foramen transversarium; foramen venae cavae; foramen venosum; foramen vertebrale; foramen vertebroarterialis; foramen zygomaticofaciale; foramen zygomatico-orbitale; foramen zygomaticotemporale; foramina; foramina alveolaria; foraminal herniation; foraminal lymph node; foraminal node; foramina nervosa; foramina of the smallest veins of heart; foramina of the venae minimae; foramina palatina minora; foramina papillaria renis; foramina venarum minimarum cordis; foraminifer; foraminifera; foraminiferan; foraminiferous; foraminotomy; foraminulum; forb; Forbes, A; Forbes-Albright syndrome; Forbes' disease; Forbes, Gilbert; forbidden; force; forced; forced alimentation; forced beat; forced cycle; forced duction; forced expiratory flow; forced expiratory flow rates; forced expiratory time; forced expiratory volume; forced feeding; forced grasping reflex; forced respiration; forced vital capacity; forceless; force of infection; force of mastication; force platform; forceps; forceps anterior; forceps delivery; forceps major; forceps minor; forceps, obstetrical; forceps posterior; force pump; forcer; force-velocity curve; Forchheimer, Frederick; Forchheimer's sign; forcing; forcipate; forcipressure; fordry; Fordyce, John; Fordyce's angiokeratoma; Fordyce's disease; Fordyce's granules; Fordyce's spots; fore; forearm; forearm fractures; forearm injuries; forebrain; forebrain eminence; forebrain prominence; forebrain vesicle; forecast; forecasting; foreconscious; forefinger; forefoot; forefoot, human; foregut; foregut cysts; forehead; forehearth; foreign; foreign body; foreign-body appendicitis; foreign body aspiration; foreign body giant cell; foreign body granuloma; foreign-body migration; foreign-body reaction; foreign body salpingitis; foreign body tumourigenesis; foreign medical graduates; foreign professional personnel; foreign protein; foreign protein therapy; foreign serum; forekidney; foreland; Forel, Auguste; forelimb; forelock; Forel's decussation; foremilk; foremother; forensic; forensic anthropology; forensic dentistry; forensic medicine; forensic odontology; forensic psychiatry; forensic psychology; foreplay; forepleasure; forequarter amputation; foreshow; foreskin; foreslow; forest; forestall; forested areas or land; forester; forest health; forestick; Forestier, Jacques; forestier's disease; forestomach; forest plan; forest residue; forestry; forest yaws; foretaste; foretoken; fore tooth; forewaters; forewomen; forficate; forficula; forgather; forge; forget; forget-me-not; forgetting; fork; forkbeard; forked; forktail; fork-tailed; forlorn; form; Formad, Henry; Formad's kidney; formaldehyde; formaldehyde dismutase; formaldehyde ferredoxin oxidoreductase; formaldehyde fixative; formaldehyde reductase; formaldehyde transketolase; formalin; formalinise; formalin pigment; formal operations; formamidase; formamide; formamidopyridine-DNA glycosylase; formate; formate dehydrogenases; formate hydrogen lyase; formate-NADP oxidoreductase; formate-tetrahydrofolate ligase; formatio; formation; formationes; formatio reticularis; formative; formative cell; formazan; formboard; formed; formed visual hallucination; forme fruste; formell; formic; formica; formic acid; formic aldehyde; formicaroid; formicary; formicate; formication; formicid; formiminoglutamic acid; formiminotetrahydrofolate cyclodeaminase; forming face; formins; formocresol; formol; formol-calcium fixative; formol-Muller fixative; formol-saline fixative; formol titration; formol-Zenker fixative; formosulfathiazole; form perception; forms and records control; forms of DNA i, II and III; formula; formula feeding; formularies; formularies, hospital; formulary; formulation; formycin B; formycins; formyl; formylase; formyl-coenzyme A transferase; formylglutamate amidohydrolase; formylmethanofuran dehydrogenase; formylmethanofuran-tetrahydromethanopterin formyltransferase; formyl-methenyl-methylenetetrahydrofolate synthetase; formylmethionine; formylmethionyl-tRNA; formyl peptide; formyl sterol oxidase; formyltetrahydrofolate deformylase; formyltetrahydrofolates; fornicate; fornicated; fornicate gyrus; fornication; fornicator; fornicatress; fornices; fornix; fornix conjunctivae; fornix of the lacrimal sac; fornix pharyngis; fornix sacci lacrimalis; fornix uteri; fornix vaginae; forold; forskolin; forsooth; Forssman antibody; Forssman antigen; Forssman antigen-antibody reaction; Forssman, Hans; Forssman hapten; Forssman, John; Forssman reaction; Forster, Richard; Forster's uveitis; forsythia; Fort Bragg fever; forth; fortification figures; fortification spectrum; fortified milk; fortified vitamin D milk; fortimicin KL1 methyltransferase; fortuitous; forty-spot; forward; forward conduction; forwarder; forward heart failure; forward mutation; fos; foscarnet; Fosdick-Hansen-Epple test; Fosdick, Leonard; fosfomycin; Foshay, Lee; Foshay test; fosinopril; Fos kinase; fos-related antigen; fossa; fossa acetabuli; fossa anthelicis; fossa axillaris; fossa canina; fossa carotica; fossa condylaris; fossa coronoidea humeri; fossa cranii anterior; fossa cranii media; fossa cranii posterior; fossa cubitalis; fossa digastrica; fossa ductus venosi; fossae; fossa epigastrica; fossa for gallbladder; fossa for incus; fossa glandulae lacrimalis; fossa hyaloidea; fossa hypophysialis; fossa iliaca; fossa iliacosubfascialis; fossa incisiva; fossa incudis; fossa infraclavicularis; fossa infraspinata; fossa infratemporalis; fossa inguinalis lateralis; fossa inguinalis medialis; fossa innominata; fossa intercondylaris; fossa intermesocolica transversa; fossa interpeduncularis; fossa ischiorectalis; fossa jugularis; fossa lateralis cerebri; fossa malleoli fibulae; fossa malleoli lateralis; fossa mandibularis; fossa navicularis auriculae; fossa navicularis auris; fossa navicularis Cruveilhier; fossa navicularis urethrae; fossa navicularis vestibulae vaginae; fossane; fossa of anthelix; fossa of ductus venosus; fossa of helix; fossa of lacrimal gland; fossa of lacrimal sac; fossa of lateral malleolus; fossa of Sylvius; fossa of vestibule of vagina; fossa olecrani; fossa ovalis; fossa ovarica; fossa parajejunalis; fossa paravesicalis; fossa poplitea; fossa provesicalis; fossa pterygoidea; fossa pterygopalatina; fossa radialis humeri; fossa retromandibularis; fossa rhomboidea; fossa sacci lacrimalis; fossa scaphoidea ossis sphenoidalis; fossa scarpae major; fossa subarcuata; fossa submandibularis; fossa subscapularis; fossa supraclavicularis major; fossa supraclavicularis minor; fossa supraspinata; fossa supratonsillaris; fossa supravesicalis; fossa temporalis; fossa terminalis urethrae; fossa tonsillaris; fossa triangularis; fossa trochanterica; fossa trochlearis; fossa venae cavae; fossa venae umbilicalis; fossa venosa; fossa vesicae biliaris; fossa vestibuli vaginae; fosse; fossette; fosseway; fossil; fossil fuel; fossil fuels; fossiliferous; fossilification; fossilism; fossilist; fossilization; fossilize; fossilized; fossils; fossores; fossoria; fossorious; fossula; fossulae tonsillares; fossula fenestrae cochleae; fossula fenestrae vestibuli; fossula petrosa; fossula rotunda; fossulate; foster; fosterage; Foster frame; foster home care; Foster Kennedy's syndrome; fosterling; fosterment; fostress; fother; Fothergill, John; Fothergill's disease; Fothergill's neuralgia; Fothergill's operation; Fothergill's sign; Fothergill, William; Fouchet, A; Fouchet's reagent; Fouchet's stain; foul; foulage; foumart; foundation; foundations; founder; founder cell; founder effect; founder principle; foundershaft; foundress; foundryman's fever; fountain decussation; fountain syringe; founttain; fourchette; fourfold; fourier analysis; Fourier, J; Fourier transfer; Fourier transform; fourling; Fournier, Jean; Fournier's disease; fournier's gangrene; four-o'clock; four-poster; four-strand crossing over; four-tailed bandage; fourth cranial nerve; fourth disease; fourth finger; fourth heart sound; fourth lumbar nerve; fourth parallel pelvic plane; fourth stage of labour; fourth turbinated bone; fourth ventricle; fourth ventricle mass; foussa; fovea; fovea anterior; fovea articularis capitis radii; fovea articularis inferior atlantis; fovea articularis superior atlantis; fovea capitis ossis femoris; fovea cardiaca; fovea centralis; fovea centralis retinae; fovea coccygis; fovea costalis inferior; fovea costalis processus transversi; fovea costalis superior; fovea dentis atlantis; fovea elliptica; fovea ethmoidalis; fovea femoralis; fovea hemielliptica; fovea hemispherica; fovea inferior; fovea inguinalis interna; fovea oblonga cartilaginis arytenoideae; fovea of the femoral head; fovea of the radial head; fovea pterygoidea; fovea spherica; fovea sublingualis; fovea submandibularis; fovea submaxillaris; fovea superior; fovea supravesicalis; foveate; foveation; fovea triangularis cartilaginis arytenoideae; fovea trochlearis; foveola; foveola coccygea; foveolae granulares; foveola gastrica; foveola ocularis; foveola papillaris; foveolar; foveolar cells of stomach; foveola retinae; foveola suprameatica; foveolate; fovilla; Foville, Achille; Foville's fasciculus; Foville's syndrome; fowl; fowl cholera; fowl diphtheria; Fowler, George; fowlerite; Fowler's position; fowler's solution; fowl erythroblastosis; fowl erythroblastosis virus; fowl leukosis; fowl lymphomatosis; fowl lymphomatosis virus; fowl myeloblastosis virus; fowl neurolymphomatosis virus; fowl paralysis; fowl pest; fowl plague; fowl plague virus; fowlpox; fowlpox virus; fowl typhoid; fox; fox encephalitis; fox encephalitis virus; foxes; foxfish; fox-fordyce disease; Fox, George; foxglove; foxhound; Fox, Lewis; foxtail; foziness; F pili; f pilus; F plasmid; FPLC; f protein; fps; Fr; fra 1; Fraccaro, M; fracid; FRACP; fractals; fraction; fractional; fractional condensation; fractional distillation; fractional dose; fractional epidural anaesthesia; fractional spinal anaesthesia; fractional sterilization; fractionation; fraction collector; fraction I protein; fracture; fracture bed; fracture by contrecoup; fractured; fracture dislocation; fracture fixation; fracture fixation, internal; fracture healing; fractures; fractures, closed; fractures, comminuted; fractures, malunited; fractures, open; fractures, spontaneous; fractures, stress; fractures, ununited; Fraenkel, Albert; Fraenkel's pneumococcus; Fraenkel-Weichselbaum pneumococcus; fraenulum; fragile site; fragile x chromosome; fragile X syndrome; fragilitas; fragilitas crinium; fragilitas sanguinis; fragility; fragility of the blood; fragility test; fragilocyte; fragilocytosis; fragment; fragmentak; fragmental; fragmentary; fragmentation; fragmentation myocarditis; fragmentation of habitat; fragmentation of the myocardium; fragment reaction; fragmin; fragrancy; fragrant; frail elderly; frailty; fraise; Fraley, Elwin; Fraley syndrome; frambaesia; frambesia tropica; frambesiform; frambesiform syphilid; frambesioma; frame; frameshift; frameshifting, ribosomal; frameshift mutagen; frameshift mutation; framework; Framingham Heart study; framycetin; franc; Franceschetti; Franceschetti-Jadassohn syndrome; Franceschetti's syndrome; franchise; Francis Aston; franciscan; Francis Crick; francisella; Francisella novicida; francisella tularensis; francis turbine; francium; Francke, Karl; Francke's needle; francolin; francolite; frangipanni; frangula; frangulic acid; frangulin; frangulinic; franion; frank; Frankenhauser, Ferdinand; Frankenhauser's ganglion; Frankfort; Frankfort horizontal plane; Frankfort-mandibular incisor angle; Frankfort plane; Frankia; frankincense; franking; Franklin, Benjamin; Franklin, Edward; franklinic; franklinic taste; franklinite; Franklin's disease; Franklin spectacles; frank-marriage; Frank, Otto; Frank-Starling curve; Frantzel's murmur; Fraser, Alexander; Fraser, G; Fraser-Lendrum stain; Fraser's syndrome; frass; frater; fraternal twins; fraternity; fraternization; fraud; Fraumeni, Joseph F Jr; Fraunhofer, Joseph von; fraunhofer lines; Fraunhofer's lines; fraxin; fraxinus; fray; fraying; Frazier, Charles; Frazier's needle; Frazier-Spiller operation; FRC; FRCP; FRCS; freakish; freckle; Frederick Banting; Frederick Griffith; Fredet, Pierre; Fredet-Ramstedt operation; free; free association; free bone flap; free border; free border of nail; free border of ovary; free calcium level; free-central; freedle index; freedom; free electron; free electrophoresis; free energy; free field; free flap; free-floating anxiety; free gingiva; free graft; free-hand knife; free-hearted; free induction decay; freely; free macrophage; freeman; free mandibular movements; Freeman, E; Freeman-Sheldon syndrome; free margin; free margin of eyelids; freemartin; freemartinism; free-milling; free nerve endings; free radical; free radical reductase; free radicals; free radical scavengers; free-swimming; free tenia; free thyroxine index; free villus; free water; free water clearance; free wave; freeway space; free will; freeze; freeze cleavage; freeze-drying; freeze etch; freeze etching; freeze fracture; freeze fracturing; freeze substitution; freezing; freezing point; Freiberg, Albert Henry; Freiberg infraction; Freiberg's disease; freieslebenite; Frei-Hoffmann reaction; Frei test; Frei, Wilhelm; Frejka, B; Frejka pillow splint; fremissement cattaire; fremitus; frena; frenal; french; French-American-British classification; French chalk; French flag problem; French flap; French polio; french pressure cell; French proof agar; French scale; frenectomy; Frenkel, Heinrich; Frenkel, Henri; Frenkel's anterior ocular traumatic syndrome; Frenkel's symptom; frenoplasty; frenotomy; frenulum; frenulum cerebelli; frenulum clitoridis; frenulum epiglottidis; frenulum labii inferioris; frenulum labiorum minorum; frenulum labiorum pudendi; frenulum linguae; frenulum of clitoris; frenulum of Giacomini; frenulum of ileocaecal valve; frenulum of M'Dowel; frenulum of Morgagni; frenulum of prepuce; frenulum of pudendal lips; frenulum of superior medullary velum; frenulum of the labia minora; frenulum of the lip; frenulum of tongue; frenulum preputii; frenulum preputii clitoridis; frenulum pudendi; frenulum valvae ileocaecalis; frenulum veli medullaris superioris; frenum; frenzy; freons; frequency; frequency analysis; frequency curve; frequency distribution; frequency domain; frequency encoding; frequency of micturition; frequency of occurrence; frequency spectrum; frequency, urinary; frequenin; frequent; frequenter; frequent flooding; Frerichs, Friedrich von; Frerichs' theory; fresh; freshen; freshening; fresh frozen plasma; freshness; fresh water; freshwater marsh; Fresnel, Augustin Jean; Fresnel fringes; Fresnel lantern; Fresnel lens; Fresnel prism; Fresnel reflection; fressreflex; fret; frett; fretting; fretum; Freud; freudian; freudian psychoanalysis; freudian theory; Freud's theory; Freund, Jules; freund's adjuvant; Freund's anomaly; Freund's complete adjuvant; Freund's incomplete adjuvant; Freund's operation; Freund, Wilhelm; freya; Frey, Lucie; Frey, Max von; Frey's hairs; Frey's syndrome; FRF; FRH; friable; friar; fricative; fricatrice; friction; frictional; frictional attachment; friction murmur; friction rub; friction sound; Fridenberg, Percy; Fridenberg's stigometric card test; Friderichsen, Carl; Friderichsen-Waterhouse syndrome; Friedlander, Carl; Friedlander's bacillus; Friedlander's bacillus pneumonia; Friedlander's pneumonia; Friedlander's stain; Friedman curve; Friedman, Emanuel; Friedreich, Nikolaus; Friedreich's ataxia; Friedreich's phenomenon; Friedreich's sign; friedrich disease; Friend, Charlotte; Friend disease; Friend helper virus; Friend leukaemia virus; Friend murine erythroleukaemia cell; Friend murine leukaemia virus; Friend spleen focus forming virus; friend virus; frigate; frigga; frightful; fright reaction; frigid; frigidarium; frigidity; frigorific; frigorism; frill; frilled; fringe; fringed; fringilla; fringillaceous; fringilline; frit; frith; fritillaria; fritillary; Fritsch; friz; froe; Froehde; Froehde's reagent; frog; frogbit; frog face; frogfish; frog-leg lateral projection; frogmouth; frogs-bit; frogshell; Frohlich; Frohlich's dwarfism; Frohlich's syndrome; Frohn; Frohn's reagent; Froin; Froin's syndrome; frolement; frolic; Froment; Froment's sign; Frommel; frond; frondation; frondent; frondesce; frondescence; frondiferous; frondlet; frondose; frondous; frons; front; frontad; frontal; frontal angle of parietal bone; frontal area; frontal artery; frontal belly of occipitofrontalis muscle; frontal bone; frontal border; frontal border of parietal bone; frontal border of sphenoid bone; frontal branch of superficial temporal artery; frontal cortex; frontal crest; frontal eminence; frontal fontanel; frontal foramen; frontal grooves; frontal horn; frontalis; frontalis muscle; frontal lobe; frontal lobe epilepsy; frontal lobe of cerebrum; frontal margin; frontal nerve; frontal notch; frontal part of corpus callosum; frontal plane; frontal plate; frontal pole; frontal pole of cerebrum; frontal process of maxilla; frontal process of zygomatic bone; frontal region of head; frontal section; frontal sinus; frontal sinus aperture; frontal sinusitis; frontal squama; frontal suture; frontal triangle; frontal tuber; frontal veins; frontal zone contraction theory; fron'tated; frontignan; front lens; frontlet; fronto-; frontoanterior position; frontoethmoidal suture; frontolacrimal suture; frontomalar; frontomaxillary; frontomaxillary suture; frontonasal; frontonasal duct; frontonasal primordium; frontonasal process; frontonasal prominence; frontonasal suture; fronto-occipital; fronto-occipital fasciculus; fronto-orbital area; frontoparietal; frontopontine tract; frontoposterior position; frontosphenoidal process; frontotemporal; frontotemporale; frontotemporal tract; frontotransverse position; frontozygomatic; frontozygomatic suture; front-tap contraction; front-tap reflex; Froriep; Froriep's ganglion; Froriep's induration; frost; Frost, Albert; frostberg inverted-three sign; frostbird; frostbite; frost-blite; frosted; frosted heart; frosted liver; frostfish; frost itch; frostnip; Frost suture; frostweed; frostwort; froth; frottage; frotteur; frow; frozen; frozen-in flow law; frozen pelvis; frozen section; frozen sections; frozen shoulder; frozen stock; FRS; FRSC; Fru; frubiase; fructan - fructan 6G-fructosyltransferase; fructans; fructed; fructescence; fructiculose; fructidor; fructiferuos; fructification; fructify; fructo-; fructofuranose; fructokinase; fructokinases; fructolysis; fructosaemia; fructosamine; fructosan; fructose; fructose 1,6-bisphosphate; fructose-1,6-diphosphatase deficiency; fructose-1,6-diphosphate reductase; fructose 1-phosphate; fructose 2,6-bisphosphate; fructose-2,6-bisphosphate 2-phosphatase; fructose-2,6-bisphosphate 6-phosphatase; fructose 6-phosphate; fructose-6-phosphate,2-kinase-fructose-2,6-bisphosphatase; fructose-6-phosphate phosphoketolase; fructose-bisphosphatase; fructose-bisphosphate aldolase; fructose-diphosphate aldolase; fructosediphosphates; fructose intolerance; fructose metabolism, inborn errors; fructose permease; fructoside; fructosuria; fructosyl-; fructosyl aminocaproate-oxygen oxidoreductase; fructosyl lysine oxidase; fructuation; fructure; fructuronate reductase; frue vanner; frugal; frugiferous; frugivora; frugivorous; fruit; fruitage; fruiter; fruiterer; fruiteress; fruitery; fruitestere; fruiting; fruiting body; fruition; fruitive; fruitless; fruit sugar; fruit'y; frumentaceous; frump; frumpish; frusemide; frush; frustration; frustration-aggression hypothesis; frustration tolerance; frustule; frustum; frutage; frutescent; frutex; fruticose; fruticous; fruticulose; fry; FSH; FSH-RF; FSH-RH; ft; FTA-ABS; FTA-ABS test; F thalassaemia; FTI; ftiction; ftsZ; ftuitful; F-type ATPase; Fuc; Fuchs' adenoma; Fuchs' black spot; Fuchs' coloboma; fuchs' endothelial dystrophy; Fuchs' epithelial dystrophy; Fuchs, Ernst; Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis; fuchsia; fuchsin; fuchsin agar; fuchsin bodies; fuchsine; fuchsinophil; fuchsinophil cell; fuchsinophil granule; fuchsinophilia; fuchsinophilic; fuchsinophil reaction; Fuchs' syndrome; Fuchs' uveitis; fucivorous; fucoid; fucoidal; fucose; fucosidase; fucosidosis; fucosterol epoxide lyase; fucosyl galactose alpha-n-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase; fucosyl transferase; fucosyltransferases; fucoxanthin; fucus; fucusol; FUDR; fuel; fuel cell; fuel-cell furnace; fuel cycle; fuel handling system; fuel oils; fugacious; fugacity; fugitive; fugitive swelling; fugitive wart; fugue; fugu poison; fugutoxin; fulbe; fulcrate; fulcrum; fulcrum line; fulgurant; fulgurata; fulgurating; fulgurating migraine; fulguration; full; Full Blood Count; full-blooded; full breech presentation; full denture; fullerene; fuller's earth; full-hearted; fulling; full liquid diet; full orthodontic treatment; full-thickness burn; full-thickness flap; full-thickness graft; fulmar; fulmiaic; fulminant; fulminant hepatitis; fulminant hyperpyrexia; fulminate; fulminating; fulminating dysentery; fulminating smallpox; fulminuric; fumado; fumagillin; fumarase; fumarate; fumarate hydratase; fumarate reductase; fumaric; fumaric acid; fumaric acidemia; fumaric aminase; fumaric hydrogenase; fumarine; fumarylacetoacetate; fumble; fume; fumigant; fumigate; fumigation; fuming; fuming sulfuric acid; fumitez; fumitory; fummel; functio laesa; function; functional; functional albuminuria; functional anatomy; functional aphasia; functional apoplexy; functional blindness; functional cardiovascular disease; functional castration; functional chew-in record; functional congestion; functional contracture; functional deafness; functional disease; functional disorder; functional dysmenorrhoea; functional dyspepsia; functional dyspnea; functional gene test; functional group; functional hypertrophy; functional illness; functionalism; functional jaw orthopedics; functional mandibular movements; functional murmur; functional neurosurgery; functional occlusion; functional orthodontic therapy; functional pathology; functional prepubertal castration syndrome; functional psychosis; functional refractory period; functional residual air; functional residual capacity; functional spasm; functional sphincter; functional splint; functional stricture; functional terminal innervation ratio; functional visual loss; functional vocal fatigue; function corrector; fund; fundament; fundamental; fundamental frequency; fundectomy; fundic; fundiform; fundiform ligament of foot; fundiform ligament of penis; funding; fundoplication; fundoscopy; fund raising; Fundulus; fundus; funduscope; funduscopy; fundus diabeticus; fundusectomy; fundus flavimaculatus; fundus gastricus; fundus glands; fundus meatus acustici interni; fundus oculi; fundus of gallbladder; fundus of internal acoustic meatus; fundus of internal auditory meatus; fundus of stomach; fundus of urinary bladder; fundus of uterus; fundus polycythemicus; fundus reflex; fundus tigre; fundus tympani; fundus uteri; fundus ventriculi; fundus vesicae biliaris; fundus vesicae urinariae; funeral rites; funeral sermons; fungaemia; fungal; fungal arthritis; fungal infection; fungal nail infection; fungal proteins; fungal vaccines; fungal vaginitis; fungate; fungating sore; funge; fungi; fungia; fungian; fungibles; fungic; fungicidal; fungicide; fungicides, industrial; fungicidin; fungiform; Fungi Imperfecti; fungilliform; fungin; fungistat; fungistatic; fungite; fungitoxic; fungitoxicity; fungivorous; fungoid; fungology; fungosity; fungous; fungous foot; fungus; fungus ball; fungus, foot; funic; funicle; funicular; funicular graft; funicular hydrocele; funicular myelitis; funicular myelosis; funicular process; funicular souffle; funiculi; funiculi medullae spinalis; funiculitis; funiculopexy; funiculus; funiculus amnii; funiculus anterior; funiculus dorsalis; funiculus gracilis; funiculus lateralis; funiculus posterior; funiculus separans; funiculus solitarius; funiculus spermaticus; funiculus teres; funiculus umbilicalis; funiform; funiliform; funipuncture; funis; funk; funnel; funnel breast; funnel chest; funnelform; funnel-shaped pelvis; funny bone; FUO; fur; fura-2; furagin; furaldehyde; furaltadone; furan; furanose; furanose ring; furazolidone; furbelow; furcal; furcal nerve; f urcation; furcation defects; furcula; furculum; furfur; furfuraceous; furfural; furfuran; furfurine; furfurol; furfurol reaction; furfuryl; furile; furilic; furin; furious rabies; furnace; furnacemen's cataract; furnish; furniture; furoin; furor epilepticus; furosemide; furostanol glycoside 26-O-beta-glucosidase; furred tongue; furrow; fursultiamin; furuncle; furuncular; furunculoid; furunculosis; furunculous; furunculus; fury; furylfuramide; furze; furzechat; furzeling; fusain; fusaric acid; fusarium; fusarium oxysporum; fusarium solani; fuscin; fuscine; fuseau; fused kidney; fused silver nitrate; fused teeth; fuselloviridae; fusel oil; fushi tarazu; fushi tarazu gene; fusible metal; fusidate sodium; fusidic acid; fusiform; fusiform aneurysm; fusiform cataract; fusiform cells of cerebral cortex; fusiform gyrus; Fusiformis; fusiform layer; fusiform muscle; fusil; fusimotor; fusing point; fusion; fusional movement; fusion area; fusion beat; fusion energy; fusion-fission hybrid; fusion gene; fusion-inferred threshold test; fusion protein; fusion proteins, bcr-abl; fusion proteins, gag-onc; fusion proteins, gag-pol; fusion reactor; fusion temperature; fusobacterium; fusobacterium infections; Fusobacterium mortiferum; fusobacterium necrophorum; fusobacterium nucleatum; Fusobacterium plauti; fusocellular; fusogenic vesicle; fusospirochetal; fusospirochetal disease; fusospirochetal gingivitis; fusospirochetal stomatitis; fustet; fustic; fustigation; Futcher, Palmer Howard; Futcher's line; futile cycle; futurable; future; futurist; fuze; fuzz; fuzzy; fuzzy logic; FVC; F waves; Fx; fyke; fyk kinase; fyn; FYN-related kinase;


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