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H1-related protein-tyrosine phosphatase; H2 antagonist; H-2 antigen; H2 blocker; H-2 complex; H(2) fumarate reductase; H2 histocompatibility; H(2)-proteinase; H2Q; ha; HA1 virus; HA2 virus; haaf; haak; haarscheibe tumour; Haase's rule; habena; habenal; habenula; habenulae perforata; habenula of caecum; habenular; habenular commissure; habenular nucleus; habenular sulcus; habenular trigone; habenula urethralis; habenulointerpeduncular tract; habenulopeduncular tract; haberdasher; Haber, Henry; Habermann, R; Haber's syndrome; Haber-Weiss reaction; habit; habitan; habitat; habitat component; habitat type; habit chorea; habits; habit scoliosis; habit spasm; habit tic; habitual; habitual abortion; habituation; habitude; habitus; habromania; habronaemiasis; Habronema; Habronema majus; Habronema megastoma; Habronema microstoma; Habronema muscae; HACEK group; hacienda; hack; hackberry; hackbolt; hackee; hacker; hackery; hacking; hackle; hackly; hackmatack; haddie; haddock; hade; Hadfield, Geoffrey; hadron; hadrosaurus; Hadrurus; Haeckel, Ernst; Haeckel's gastrea theory; Haeckel's law; haem; haem a; haemachrome; haemachrosis; haemacyanin; haemacyte; haemacytometer; haemacytozoon; haemad; Haemadipsa ceylonica; haemadostenosis; haemadremometer; haemadrometer; haemadrometry; haemadromograph; haemadromometer; haemadromometry; haemadsorption; haemadsorption test; haemadsorption virus; haemadsorption virus test; haemadsorption virus type 1; haemadsorption virus type 2; haemadynameter; haemafacient; haem A-farnesyltransferase; haemagglutinating cold autoantibody; haemagglutination; haemagglutination inhibition; haemagglutination inhibition test; haemagglutination inhibition tests; haemagglutination test; haemagglutination tests; haemagglutination, viral; haemagglutinin; haemagglutinin glycoproteins, influenza virus; haemagglutinin-neuraminidase protein; haemagglutinin-protease; haemagglutinins; haemagogic; haemagogue; haemal; haemal arches; haemal gland; haemal node; haemal spine; haemalum; Haemamoeba; haemamoebiasis; haemanalysis; haemangiectasis; haemangiectatic hypertrophy; haemangio-; haemangioblast; haemangioblastoma; haemangioendothelioblastoma; haemangioendothelioma; haemangioendothelioma, epithelioid; haemangioendothelioma tuberosum multiplex; haemangiofibroma; haemangioma; haemangioma, cavernous; haemangioma of bone; haemangioma of vertebrae; haemangioma planum extensum; haemangioma-thrombocytopenia syndrome; haemangiomatosis; haemangiopericytoma; haemangiosarcoma; haemaphaein; haemapheic; haemaphein; haemapheism; Haemaphysalis; Haemaphysalis chordeilis; Haemaphysalis cinnabarina; Haemaphysalis cinnabarina punctata; Haemaphysalis concinna; Haemaphysalis leachi; Haemaphysalis leporis-palustris; Haemaphysalis spinigera; haemapod; haemapodous; haemapoietic; haemapophysis; haemarthron; haemarthrosis; haemastatics; haemastrontium; haemat-; haematachometer; haematachometry; haematapostema; haematein; haematemesis; haematencephalon; haematexylin; haematherapy; haematherm; haemathermal; haemathermous; haemathidrosis; haemathorax; haematic; haematid; haematidrosis; haematimeter; haematin; haematinaemia; haematin chloride; haematinic; haematinic principle; haematinics; haematinometer; haematinometric; haematite; haematitic; haemato-; Haematobia; Haematobia irritans; haematobilia; haematobium; haematoblast; haematocele; haematocephaly; haematochezia; haematochlorin; haematochrome; haematochyluria; haematocolpometra; haematocolpos; haematocrit; haematocrya; haematocryal; haematocyst; haematocystis; haematocyte; haematocytoblast; haematocytolysis; haematocytometer; haematocytozoon; haematodynamometer; haematodyscrasia; haematodystrophy; haematogenesis; haematogenetic calculus; haematogenic; haematogenous; haematogenous abscess; haematogenous embolism; haematogenous jaundice; haematogenous metastasis; haematogenous osteitis; haematogenous pigment; haematogenous theory of endometriosis; haematoglobulin; haematohistioblast; haematohiston; haematoid; haematoidin; haematoidin crystals; haematoin; haematolin; haematologic agents; haematological; haematologic, gastrointestinal, and renal agents; haematologic neoplasms; haematologic tests; haematologist; haematology; haematolymphangioma; haematolysis; haematolytic; haematoma; haematoma, epidural; haematomanometer; haematoma, subdural; haematometer; haematometra; haematometry; haematomphalocele; haematomyelia; haematomyelopore; haematonic; haematopathology; haematopathy; haematopenia; haematophagia; haematophagous; haematophagus; haematophlina; Haematopinus; haematoplast; haematoplastic; haematopoiesis; haematopoiesis, extramedullary; haematopoietic; haematopoietic cell growth factors; haematopoietic cell phosphatase; haematopoietic gland; haematopoietic stem cell mobilization; haematopoietic stem cells; haematopoietic stem cell transplantation; haematopoietic system; haematopoietin; haematoporphyria; haematoporphyrin; haematoporphyrinaemia; haematoporphyrin derivative; haematoporphyrin photoradiation; haematoporphyrins; haematoporphyrinuria; haematopsia; haematorrhachis; haematorrhachis interna; haematosac; haematosalpinx; haematoscope; haematosepsis; haematosin; haematosis; haematospectroscope; haematospectroscopy; haematospermatocele; haematospermia; haematostatic; haematostaxis; haematosteon; haematotherma; haematothermal; haematothorax; haematotoxin; haematotrachelos; haematotropic; haematotympanum; haematoxin; haematoxylin; haematoxylin and eosin stain; haematoxylin bodies; haematoxylin-malachite green-basic fuchsin stain; haematoxylin-phloxine B stain; haematoxylon; haematozoic; haematozoon; haematuria; haematuric bilious fever; haem c; haemic; Haemichorda; Haemichordata; haemin; haemndothelioma; haemo-; haemoagglutination; haemoagglutinin; haemoantitoxin; Haemobartonella; Haemobartonella felis; Haemobartonella muris; haemobartonellosis; haemobilia; haemoblast; haemoblastosis; haemocatharsis; haemocatheresis; haemocatheretic; haemoccult test; haemocele; haemocholecyst; haemocholecystitis; haemochorial placenta; haemochromatosis; haemochrome; haemochromogen; haemochromometer; haemoclasis; haemoclastic; haemoclastic reaction; Haemococcidium; haemocoel; haemoconcentration; haemoconia; haemoconiosis; haemocryoscopy; haemocuprein; haemocyanin; haemocyte; haemocytes; haemocytoblast; haemocytoblastoma; haemocytocatheresis; haemocytolysis; haemocytoma; haemocytometer; haemocytometry; haemocytotripsis; haemocytotrypsis; haemocytozoon; haemodiafiltration; haemodiagnosis; haemodialysis; haemodialysis, home; haemodialysis solutions; haemodialysis units, hospital; haemodialyzer; haemodiastase; haemodilution; Haemodipsus ventricosus; haemodromograph; haemodromometer; haemodynameter; haemodynamic; haemodynamics; haemodynamometer; haemodyscrasia; haemodystrophy; haemoendothelial placenta; haemofiltration; haemoflagellates; haemofuscin; haemogenesis; haemogenic; haemoglobin; haemoglobin A; haemoglobin A1C; haemoglobin A2; haemoglobinaemia; haemoglobinaemia paralytica; haemoglobin a, glycosylated; haemoglobin AIc; haemoglobin Anti-Lepore; haemoglobin Bart's; haemoglobin C; haemoglobin C disease; haemoglobin Chesapeake; haemoglobin Constant Spring; haemoglobin DPunjab; haemoglobin E; haemoglobin electrophoresis; haemoglobin F; haemoglobin Gower-1; haemoglobin Gower-2; haemoglobin H; haemoglobin I; haemoglobin J; haemoglobin JCapetown; haemoglobin Kansas; haemoglobin Lepore; haemoglobin M; haemoglobinocholia; haemoglobinolysis; haemoglobinometer; haemoglobinometry; haemoglobinopathy; haemoglobinopepsia; haemoglobinophilic; haemoglobin Portland; haemoglobin Rainier; haemoglobin S; haemoglobins, abnormal; haemoglobin SC disease; haemoglobin, sickle; haemoglobinuria; haemoglobinuria, paroxysmal; haemoglobinuric; haemoglobinuric fever; haemoglobinuric nephrosis; haemoglobin Yakima; haemogram; Haemogregarina; haemohistioblast; haemolamella; haemoleukocyte; haemolipase; haemolith; haemology; haemolutein; haemolymph; haemolymph gland; haemolymph node; haemolysate; haemolysin; haemolysin factors; haemolysinogen; haemolysins; haemolysis; haemolytic; haemolytic anaemia; haemolytic anaemia of newborn; haemolytic chain; haemolytic disease of newborn; haemolytic disease of the newborn; haemolytic gas; haemolytic jaundice; haemolytic plaque assay; haemolytic splenomegaly; haemolytic streptococci; haemolytic system; haemolytic unit; haemolytic uraemic syndrome; haemolyzation; haemolyze; haemomanometer; haemomediastinum; haemometer; haemometra; haemometry; haemomonochorial placenta; haemonchiasis; haemonchosis; haemonchus; haemonectin; haemonephrosis; haemony; haemoparasite; haemopathology; haemopathy; haemoperfusion; haemopericardium; haemoperitoneum; haemopexin; haemophagia; haemophagocyte; haemophagocytosis; haemophil; haemophilia; haemophilia A; haemophilia B; haemophiliac; haemophilia C; haemophilic; haemophilic arthritis; haemophilic bacteria; haemophilic joint; haemophilioid; haemophilosis; haemophilus; Haemophilus actinomycetemcomitans; Haemophilus aegypticus; Haemophilus aphrophilus; haemophilus ducreyi; Haemophilus gallinarum; Haemophilus haemoglobinophilus; Haemophilus haemolyticus; haemophilus infections; Haemophilus influenza; Haemophilus influenza b vaccine; Haemophilus influenzae; haemophilus influenzae type b; haemophilus influenzae type b immunization; Haemophilus influenzae type B vaccine; Haemophilus influenza meningitis; Haemophilus paragallinarum; Haemophilus parahaemolyticus; Haemophilus parainfluenzae; Haemophilus parasuis; Haemophilus somnus; Haemophilus suis; haemophilus vaccines; haemophobia; haemophoresis; haemophthalmia; haemophthisis; haemoplastic; haemoplasty; haemopneumopericardium; haemopneumothorax; haemopoiesis; haemopoietic; haemopoietic stem cell; haemopoietic tissue; haemopoietin; haemoporphyrin; haemoprecipitin; haemoprotein; Haemoproteus; haemoptysis; haemopyelectasia; haemorepellant; haemorheology; haemorrhachis; haemorrhage; haemorrhage per rhexis; haemorrhagic; haemorrhagic anaemia; haemorrhagic ascites; haemorrhagic bacteraemia; haemorrhagic brain metastases; haemorrhagic bronchitis; haemorrhagic colitis; haemorrhagic cyst; haemorrhagic cystitis; haemorrhagic diathesis; haemorrhagic disease of deer; haemorrhagic disease of newborn; haemorrhagic disease of the newborn; haemorrhagic disease virus, epizootic; haemorrhagic disease virus, rabbit; haemorrhagic endovasculitis; haemorrhagic enteritis; haemorrhagic exudative erythema; haemorrhagic fever; haemorrhagic fever, american; haemorrhagic fever, crimean; haemorrhagic fever, ebola; haemorrhagic fever, omsk; haemorrhagic fevers, viral; haemorrhagic fever virus; haemorrhagic fever virus, crimean-congo; haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome; haemorrhagic gangrene; haemorrhagic glaucoma; haemorrhagic infarct; haemorrhagic iritis; haemorrhagic measles; haemorrhagic metalloproteinase; haemorrhagic nephritis; haemorrhagic pachymeningitis; haemorrhagic pericarditis; haemorrhagic pian; haemorrhagic plague; haemorrhagic pleurisy; haemorrhagic rickets; haemorrhagic scurvy; haemorrhagic septicaemia; haemorrhagic shock; haemorrhagic smallpox; haemorrhagin; haemorrhagins; haemorrhoid; haemorrhoidal; haemorrhoidal nerves; haemorrhoidal plexus; haemorrhoidal veins; haemorrhoidal zone; haemorrhoidectomy; haemorrhoids; haemorrhoids, external; haemorrhoids, internal; haemosalpinx; haemoscope; haemosialemesis; haemosiderin; haemosiderosis; haemosiderosis / haemochromatosis; haemospermia; haemospermia spuria; haemospermia vera; haemosporidium; haemosporina; haemosporines; haemostasia; haemostasis; haemostasis, endoscopic; haemostasis, surgical; haemostat; haemostatic; haemostatic collodion; haemostatic forceps; haemostatics; haemostatic techniques; Haemostrongylus vasorum; haemostyptic; haemosuccus pancreaticus; haemotachogram; haemotachometer; haemotachometry; haemotaphonomy; haemotherapy; haemothorax; haemothymia; haemotoxic; haemotoxin; haemotroph; haemotropic; haemotympanum; haem oxygenase (decyclizing); haemozoic; haemozoon; haem polymerase; haemproteins; haemralopia; haemranopia; haemrythrin; haemrythrins; Haenel, Hans; Haenel's symptom; Haenszel, William; Haff disease; Haffkine's vaccine; Haffkine, Waldemar; Hafnia; hafnium; hafussi bath; hag; hagberry; hagdon; Hagedorn needle; Hagedorn, Werner; Hageman; Hageman factor; Hageman factor assay; hageman factor deficiency; Hagemann factor; haggard; haggis; haggle; H agglutinin; hagiographa; hagiographal; hagiographer; hagiography; hagiologist; hagiology; hagioscope; hagiotherapy; Haglund, S; Haglund's deformity; Haglund's disease; hag-taper; Hahnemann, C; hahnemannian; hahnium; Hahn's oxine reagent; haidingerite; Haidinger's brushes; Haidinger, Wilhelm von; haikal; hail; Hailey-Hailey disease; Hailey, Hugh; Hailey, W Howard; hair; hair ball; hairbell; hairbird; hair bulb; hair cast; hair cell; hair cells; hair cells, inner; hair cells, outer; hair cells, vestibular; hair colour; hair crosses; hair cycle; hair diseases; hair disk; hair dyes; hair follicle; hair grass; hairline fracture; hair loss; hair papilla; hairpin; hairpin loop; hairpin loops; hair preparations; hair root; hair-salt; hair shaft; hair streams; hairtail; hair transplant; hair whorls; hairworm; hairy; hairy cell leukaemia; hairy cells; hairy heart; hairy leukoplakia; hairy mole; hairy root culture; hairy shaker disease; hairy tongue; haiti; haitic; hake; hakim; halation; halazepam; halazone; Halbeisen, William; Halberstaedter, Ludwig; Halberstaedter-Prowazek bodies; halcinonide; halcyon; halcyonold; Haldane chamber; Haldane effect; Haldane, John B S; Haldane, John S; Haldane-Priestley sample; Haldane relationship; Haldane's apparatus; Haldane's evolutionary unit; Haldane's rule; Haldane transformation; Haldane tube; Hale's colloidal iron stain; halesia; Hales' piesimeter; Hales, Stephen; halethazole; half; half-a-gram stain; half amplitude pulse duration; half and half nail; half-axial projection; half axial view; halfbeak; half blood; half-blooded; half-bred; half-breed; half-chair form; half cystine; half-deck; halfer; half-fish; half-glass spectacles; half-hapten; half-hearted; half-inferior; half-life; half-moon; half-ray; half-reactions; half register; half-tetrad analysis; half-time; half-value layer; halfway house; halibut; halibut liver oil; halichondriae; halide; halieutics; haliographer; haliography; haliotis; haliotoid; haliphagia; halisauria; halisteresis; halisteretic; halite; halitosis; halituous; halitus; hallachrome; Halle, Adrien; hall effect; Haller, Albrecht von; Haller cell; hallermann's syndrome; Hallermann-Streiff-Francois syndrome; Hallermann-Streiff syndrome; Hallermann, Wilhelm; Haller's annulus; Haller's ansa; Haller's arches; Haller's circle; Haller's cones; Haller's habenula; Haller's insula; Haller's line; Haller's plexus; Haller's rete; Haller's tripod; Haller's tunica vasculosa; Haller's unguis; Haller's vas aberrans; Haller's vascular tissue; Hallervorden, Julius; Hallervorden-Spatz syndrome; Hallervorden syndrome; Halle's point; Hallgren, Bertil; Hallgren's syndrome; Hallopeau, Francois; Hallopeau's disease; hallostemonous; halloysite; hallucal; hallucination; hallucinations; hallucinatory neuralgia; hallucinogen; hallucinogenesis; hallucinogenic; hallucinogens; hallus; hallux; hallux dolorosus; hallux extensus; hallux flexus; hallux malleus; hallux rigidus; hallux valgus; hallux varus; halm; halo; haloalcohol hydrogen-halide lyase; haloalkylamines; haloanisone; haloarcula; haloarcula marismortui; halobacteria; halobacteriaceae; halobacteriales; halobacterium; Halobacterium halobium; halobacterium salinarium; halo blight; halo cast; halococcus; Halococcus morrhuae; halo current; halo effect; halofenate; haloferax; haloferax mediterranei; haloferax volcanii; halogen; halogen acne; halogenation; halogenoderma; halogens; Halogeton; haloid; halomancy; halo melanoma; halometer; halones; halo nevus; haloperidol; haloperidol reductase; halophil; halophile; halophilic; halophyte; haloprogin; halorhodopsin; haloscope; halo sign; halo sign of hydrops; halosteresis; halothane; halothane effect; halothane-ether azeotrope; halothane hepatitis; halotolerant; halo traction; halotrichite; halo vision; haloxyline; Halstead, Ward; Halsted's law; Halsted's operation; Halsted's suture; Halsted, William Stewart; halter; halteres; Halteridium; halvans; halysin; halysites; halzoun; ham; hamadryad; hamadryas; hamamelis; hamartia; hamartoblastoma; hamartochondromatosis; hamartoma; hamartoma syndrome, multiple; hamartomatous; hamartophobia; hamate bone; hamate fracture; hamatum; hamaxophobia; Hamburger, Hartog; Hamburger's law; Hamburger's phenomenon; hame; Hamilton, Frank Hastings; hamilton period; Hamilton's pseudophlegmon; Hamilton-Stewart formula; Hamilton-Stewart method; haminura; hamite; Hamman, Louis; hamman-rich syndrome; Hamman's disease; hamman sign; Hamman's murmur; Hamman's sign; Hamman's syndrome; Hammarsten, Olof; Hammarsten's reagent; hammer; hammer finger; hammerhead; hammerkop; hammermill; hammer nose; Hammerschlag, Albert; Hammerschlag's method; hammer toe; hammock; hammock bandage; hammock ligament; Hammond's disease; Hammond, William; hamous; Hampton, Aubrey Otis; hampton hump; Hampton line; Hampton manoeuvre; Hampton's hump; Hampton technique; hamster; hamster test; Ham's test; hamstring; Ham, Thomas Hale; hamular; hamular notch; hamular process of lacrimal bone; hamular process of sphenoid bone; hamulus; hamulus cochleae; hamulus lacrimalis; hamulus laminae spiralis; hamulus of spiral lamina; hamulus ossis hamati; hamulus pterygoideus; Hancock, Henry; Hancock's amputation; hand; Hand, Alfred; hand-and-foot syndrome; H and D curve; hand deformities; hand eczema; handed; handedness; handfish; hand-foot-and-mouth disease; hand-foot-and-mouth disease virus; handicap; hand injuries; handling (psychology); handmaiden; handpiece; hand pile; hand ratio; hand-schueller-christian disease; hand-schueller-christian syndrome; Hand-Schuller-Christian disease; handsel; handsome; handspike; hand strength; hand surgeon; handwashing; hand-winged; handwriting; HANE; Hanes plot; hangbird; hanger; hanging; hanging-block culture; hanging drop; hanging drop slide; hanging septum; hangman's fracture; hangnail; Hanhart, Ernst; Hanhart's syndrome; hank; hanker; Hanks dilators; Hanks, Horace Tracy; Hanks' solution; Hanlon, C Rollins; Hannes Alfven; Hannover, Adolph; Hannover's canal; Hanot's cirrhosis; Hanot, Victor; Hansemann macrophage; hansen disease; Hansen, Gerhard; Hansen's bacillus; Hansen's disease; hansenula; hantaan virus; hantavirus; hantavirus infections; hantavirus pulmonary syndrome; h antigen; hanuman; hapalonychia; hapantotype; haphalgesia; haphazard; haphazard sampling; haphephobia; haplo-; haplodont; haploid; haploidiploidy; haploidisation; haploid number; haploid set; haploidy; haplology; haplomi; haplomitosis; haplophyte; haploprotein; haplorhini; haploscope; haploscopic; haploscopic vision; Haplosporidia; haplotype; haplotypes; happed; happiness; happy puppet syndrome; Hapsburg jaw; Hapsburg lip; hapten; haptenic inhibition; hapten inhibition of precipitation; haptens; hapteron; haptic hallucination; haptics; haptodysphoria; haptoglobin; haptoglobins; haptometer; haptonema; haptotaxis; haptotropism; hapuku; Har; Harada; Harada's disease; Harada's syndrome; hara-kiri; harbor; hard; hardbeam; hard cataract; hard chancre; hard corn; harden; hardened pelvis; Harden-Young ester; harder; harderian; harderian gland; hardfern; hard grass; hardhack; hardhead; hard-hearted; hardiness; Harding; Harding-Passey melanoma; hardness; hardness scale; hard pad disease; hard pad virus; hard palate; hardpan; hard papilloma; hard paraffin; hard pulse; hard rays; hard science; hard soap; hard sore; hardtail; hard tarter; hard tissue; hard tubercle; hard ulcer; hardware; hardware disease; hard water; hardwoods; hardy; Hardy, George; Hardy, LeGrand; Hardy-Rand-Ritter test; Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium; Hardy-Weinberg law; hare; harebell; harefoot; hare-hearted; hareld; harelip; harem; hare's-ear; hare's eye; hare's-foot fern; hare's-tail; harfang; hariali grass; haricot; harier; harle; harlech group; harlequin chromosome; harlequin eye; harlequin foetus; harlequin ichthyosis; harlequin reaction; harlot; harlotry; harmaline; harmel; harmidine; harmine; harmonia; harmonic; harmonical; har monically; harmonic mean; harmonic suture; harmonious correspondence; harmony; harmost; harmotome; harness; harness cask; harp; harpa; harpaxophobia; harpoon; harpress; harpy; harridan; harrier; Harrington; Harrington-Flocks test; harringtonines; harrington rod insertion; Harris and Ray test; Harris' haematoxylin; Harris, Henry; Harris, Henry A; Harris' lines; Harris' migraine; Harrison, Edward; Harrison's groove; Harris, R; Harris, Seale; Harris syndrome; Harris test; Harris, Wilfred; harrow; hart; hartbeest; Hartel, Fritz; Hartel technique; harten; Hartman, LeRoy; Hartmann, Alexis; Hartmann, Arthur; hartmannella; Hartmann, Henri; Hartmann's curette; Hartmann's operation; Hartmann's solution; Hartman's solution; Hartnup; Hartnup disease; Hartnup disorder; Hartnup syndrome; Hartree-Fock approximation; harts clover; hart's-ear; hartshorn; hart-tongue; hartwort; harvest; harvest bug; harvester; harvester ant; harvesting; harvestman; Harvey; Harvey Cushing; Harvey sarcoma virus; hasamiyami; Haser; Haser's formula; Hashimoto; Hashimoto's disease; Hashimoto's struma; Hashimoto's thyroiditis; hashish; hask; haslet; Hasner; Hasner's fold; Hasner's valve; Hassall; Hassall-Henle bodies; Hassall's bodies; Hassall's concentric corpuscle; Hasselbalch; hastate; hastated; hastile; hastings; hastings sands; hastive; hasty; hatch; hatch-boat; hatchery; hatchet; hatchet excavator; hatchettite; hatching; Hatch Slack Kortshak pathway; hate; hateful; HAT medium; hatred; hatstand; hatteria; Haubenfelder; Hauch; Haudek, Martin; Haudek's niche; hauerite; haughtiness; hausen; Hauser, G; haustellata; haustellate; haustellum; haustorium; haustra; haustra coli; haustral; haustra of colon; haustration; haustrations of colon; haustrum; haustus; hautboy; hauynite; HAV; Haverhill fever; Haverhillia multiformis; Havers, Clopton; Havers' glands; haversian; haversian canals; haversian lamella; haversian spaces; haversian system; HAVRIX; haw; hawaii; hawebake; hawfinch; hawk; hawkbill; hawkbit; hawk moth; hawkweed; Hawley appliance; Hawley, C; Hawley retainer; Haworth conformational formula; Haworth perspective formula; Haworth, Sir Walter Norman; hawthorn; Hawthorne effect; hay; hay bacillus; haybird; haye; Hayem, Georges; Hayem's haematoblast; Hayem's solution; Hayem-Widal syndrome; hay fever; Hayflick, Leonard; Hayflick's limit; Haygarth, John; Haygarth's nodes; Haygarth's nodosities; hazard; hazardous substances; hazardous waste; hazard rate; haze; hazel; hazelwort; Hb; hb101; h band; HBcAb; HBcAg; HbChesapeake; HbCO; HBE; HBeAb; HBeAg; HBIG; HbO2; Hb S; HBsAb; HBsAg; HBV; HCC; HCFA; HCG; H chain; hck; H colony; HCS; hct; HC toxin reductase; HCV; Hcy; hd; HDCV; H disk; HDL; hdl cholesterol; HDV; head; headache; head and neck neoplasms; head-bobbing doll syndrome; head botflies; head cap; head cavity; head-down tilt; headdress; head-dropping test; header; headfish; head fold; headgear; headgut; heading; head injuries; head injuries, closed; head injury; head kidney; head lice; head mirror; headmould shot; head movements; head-nodding; head nurse; head of epididymis; head of femur; head of fibula; head of humerus; head of malleus; head of mandible; head of metacarpal bone; head of metatarsal bone; head of pancreas; head of phalanx; head of radius; head of rib; head of stapes; head of talus; head of the caudate nucleus; head of ulna; head presentation; head process; head protective devices; Head's areas; Head, Sir Henry; Head's lines; Head's zones; head tetanus; head-tilt; head tremors; headwaters; Heaf test; heal; healall; healed tuberculosis; healed ulcer; healer; healing; healing by first intention; healing by second intention; healing by third intention; health; health and human services; health behaviour; health benefit plans, employee; health care; health care coalitions; health care costs; health care economics and organizations; health care evaluation mechanisms; health care facilities, manpower, and services; health care finance administration; Health Care Financing Administration; health care proxy; health care quality, access, and evaluation; health care rationing; health care reform; health care sector; health care surveys; health centre; health education; health education, dental; health expenditures; health facilities; health facilities, proprietary; health facility administrators; health facility closure; health facility environment; health facility merger; health facility moving; health facility planning; health facility size; health fairs; health food; healthful; health indicator; healthiness; health maintenance organization; health maintenance organizations; health manpower; health occupations; health outcomes research; health personnel; health physics; health plan implementation; health planning; health planning councils; health planning guidelines; health planning organizations; health planning support; health planning technical assistance; health policy; health priorities; health promotion; health psychology; health resources; health risk assessment; health services; health services accessibility; health services administration; health services for the aged; health services, indigenous; health services misuse; health services needs and demand; health services research; health status; health status index; health status indicators; health surveys; health systems agencies; health systems plans; health transition; healthy; healthy worker effect; Heaney; Heaney's operation; heap; hear; heariness; hearing; hearing aid; hearing aids; hearing impaired persons; hearing impairment; hearing level; hearing loss, bilateral; hearing loss, central; hearing loss, conductive; hearing loss, functional; hearing loss, high-frequency; hearing loss, noise-induced; hearing loss, partial; hearing loss, sensorineural; hearse; heart; heartache; heart and lung transplant; heart aneurysm; heart antigen; heart arrest; heart arrest, induced; heart, artificial; heart-assist devices; heart atrium; heart attack; heart auscultation; heart beat; heart biopsy; heart block; heartbreak; heartbreaking; heartbroken; heartburn; heartburned; heartburning; heart bypass, left; heart bypass, right; heart catheterization; heart conduction system; heartdear; heartdeep; heart defects, congenital; heart-eating; hearted; heartedness; hearten; heartener; heart failure; heart failure cells; heart failure in kids; heartfelt; heartgrief; hearth; heart hormone; hearthstone; heartily; heart injuries; heartless; heartlet; heartlings; heart-lung machine; heart-lung transplantation; heart massage; heart murmur; heart murmurs; heart muscle; heartpea; heart position; heartquake; heart rate; heart rate, foetal; heartrending; heart-robbing; heart rupture; heart rupture, post-infarction; heart sac; heart's-ease; heartseed; heart septal defects; heart septal defects, atrial; heart septal defects, ventricular; heart septum; heartshaped; heart-shaped pelvis; heart-shaped uterus; heartsick; heartsome; heart sounds; heart-spoon; heartstricken; heartstrike; heartstring; heart stroke; heartstruck; heartswelling; heart tamponade; heart tones; heart transplantation; heart valve; heart valve prolapse; heart valve prosthesis; heart valve prosthesis implantation; heart valves; heart ventricle; heartwater; heartwater disease; heart-whole; heartwood; heartworm; heart-wounded; hearty; heartyhale; heat; heat apoplexy; heat capacity; heat coagulation test; heat cramp; heat cramps; heat-curing resin; heat exhaustion; heath; Heath-Edwards grades; heathen; heather; heat hyperpyrexia; heat illness; heating; heating curve; heating value; heat instability test; heat-labile; heat lamp; heat oedema; heat of combustion; heat of compression; heat of crystallization; heat of dissociation; heat of evaporation; heat of formation; heat of fusion; heat of hydration; heat of solution; heat of vaporization; heat prostration; heat rash; heat rate; heat rigor; heat-rigor point; heat-shock factor; heat-shock gene; heat-shock protein; heat-shock protein 27 kinase; heat-shock proteins 70; heat-shock proteins 90; heat-shock response; heat-shock response element; heat-stable; heat-stable enzyme; heat stress disorder; heatstroke; heat transfer efficiency; heat treatment; heat urticaria; heave; heaven; heaves; heavy; heavy chain; heavy chain disease; heavy hydrogen; Heavy Ion Beams; heavy liquid petrolatum; heavy metal; heavy metal neuropathy; heavy nitrogen; heavy oxygen; heavy spar; heavy water; hebdomad; hebdomadal; hebdomadally; hebdomadary; hebdomatical; hebe; Hebeloma; hebephrenia; hebephrenic; hebephrenic schizophrenia; Heberden's angina; Heberden's nodes; Heberden's nodosities; Heberden, William; hebetate; hebetic; hebetude; hebiatrics; Hebra; Hebra's disease; Hebra's prurigo; hebrewess; hebrides; hecateromeric; hecatomeral; hecdecane; Hecht; Hecht's pneumonia; hecht syndrome; heck; heckimal; Heck's disease; hectare; hectic; hectic flush; hecto-; hectocotylized; hectocotylus; hectogram; hectograph; hectoliter; hectometre; hectostere; hedeoma; hederic; hederiform; hederiform ending; hedge; hedgehog; hedgerow; hedonophobia; hedrocele; Hedstrom; Hedstrom file; heel; heel bone; heel fly; heel jar; heel pad; heelspur; heel spur syndrome; heel tap; heel tendon; heel-to-shin test; Heerfordt; Heerfordt's disease; Hegar; Hegar's dilators; Hegar's sign; Hegglin; Hegglin's anomaly; Hegglin's syndrome; Hehner; Hehner number; Hehner value; Heidelberger curve; Heidenhain; Heidenhain's azan stain; Heidenhain's crescents; Heidenhain's demilunes; Heidenhain's iron haematoxylin stain; Heidenhain's law; heifer; height; height-length index; height of contour; height vertigo; Heilbronner; Heim; Heim-Kreysig sign; Heimlich; Heimlich manoeuvre; Heimlich manuvre; Heine; Heineke; Heineke-Mikulicz pyloroplasty; Heinrich Hertz; heinz bodies; Heinz body anaemia; Heinz body test; Heinz-Ehrlich body; Heinz, Robert; heiress; Heister, Lorenz; Heister's diverticulum; Heister's valve; hektograph; HeLa; helamys; Helbings' sign; helcomenia; helcoplasty; Held; Held's bundle; Held's decussation; helenin; heliacal; helianthin; helianthine; helianthoid; helianthoidea; helianthus; helical; helical computed tomography; helical CT; helicase; helices; helichrysum; helicin; helicine; helicine arteries of the penis; helicis major muscle; helicis minor muscle; helicobacter; helicobacter infections; helicobacter pylori; helicobactor pylori; helicoid; helicoidal cell wall; helicoid choroidopathy; helicoid ginglymus; heliconia; heliconian; helicopod gait; helicopodia; helicotrema; Helie; heliencephalitis; Helie's bundle; heligmosomatoidea; helio-; helioaerotherapy; heliocentrical; heliochrome; heliochromy; heliograph; heliographic; heliography; heliogravure; heliolite; heliometer; heliopathy; heliophobia; heliopora; helioscope; heliosis; heliotaxis; heliotherapy; heliotrope; heliotropic; heliotropism; heliotypy; Heliozoa; Heliozoea; Helisoma trivolvis; helispherical; helium; helium-3; helium-4; helium speech; helix; helix-coil transition; helix destabilising protein; helix loop helix; helix-loop-helix motifs; helix (snails); helix turn helix; helix-turn-helix motifs; hell; hellbender; hell-diver; hellebore; helleborein; helleborin; helleborism; helleborus; Heller, Arnold; Heller, Ernst; Heller myotomy; Heller operation; Heller's plexus; hellgramite; hellicograph; Hellin, Dyonizy; Hellin's law; hellp syndrome; Helly, Konrad; Helly's fixative; helmet; helmet cell; Helmholtz' axis ligament; Helmholtz energy; Helmholtz-Gibbs theory; Helmholtz, Hermann von; Helmholtz theory of accommodation; Helmholtz theory of colour vision; Helmholtz theory of hearing; helminth; helminthagogue; helminthemesis; helminthes; helminthiasis; helminthiasis, animal; helminthic; helminthic dysentery; helminthism; helminthite; helminthoid; helminthological; helminthologist; helminthology; helminthoma; helminthophobia; helminthosporin; helminthosporium; helminthosporium leaf spot; helminth proteins; helminths; helmintic; Heloderma; heloma; heloma durum; heloma molle; helosis; helotism; helotomy; help; helper cell; helper factor; helper phage; helper t lymphocyte; helper virus; helper viruses; helping behaviour; helplessness, learned; helpmate; helpmeet; helsinki declaration; helter-skelter; Helvella esculenta; helvite; Helweg; Helweg-Larssen; Helweg-Larssen syndrome; Helweg's bundle; hem; hemachate; hemacite; hemadromometer; hemadromometry; hemadynamics; hemadynamometer; hemagglutination; hemagglutinin; hemal; hemangioblast; hemapophysis; hemastatics; hematein; hematemesis; hematherm; hemathermal; hematic; hematin; hematinometer; hematinometric; hematinon; hematite; hematocele; hematocrit; hematocrya; hematocrystallin; hematoid; hematoidin; hematological; hematology; hematoma; hematophilia; hematopoesis; hematopoiesis; hematopoietic stem cell; hematosin; hematosis; hematotherma; hematothermal; hematoxylin; hematuria; hemautography; heme; hemelytrum; hemeralopia; hemerobian; hemerobid; hemerocallis; hemi-; hemiacardius; hemiacetal; hemiacrosomia; hemiageusia; hemiageustia; hemialbumin; hemialbumose; hemialgia; hemianaesthesia; hemianalgesia; hemianencephaly; hemianesthesia; hemianopia; hemianopic; hemianopic scotoma; hemianopic spectacles; hemianopsia; hemianosmia; hemiaplasia; hemiapraxia; hemiarthroplasty; hemiasynergia; hemiataxia; hemiathetosis; hemiatrophy; hemiazygos vein; hemiballism; hemiballismus; hemiblock; hemibody irradiation; hemibranchi; hemic; hemic and immune systems; hemic and lymphatic diseases; hemicardia; hemicardia dextra; hemicardia sinistra; hemicarp; hemic calculus; hemic distomiasis; hemicellulose; hemicentrum; hemicephalalgia; hemicephalia; hemicephaly; hemicerebrum; hemicholinium; hemicholinium 3; hemichorea; hemic murmur; hemicolectomy; hemicollin; hemicorporectomy; hemicrania; hemicraniectomy; hemicraniosis; hemicraniotomy; hemicrany; hemicryptophyte; hemidactyl; hemidesmosome; hemidesmosomes; hemidiaphoresis; hemidrosis; hemidysesthesia; hemidystrophy; hemiectromelia; hemifacial; hemifacial spasm; hemigamous; hemigastrectomy; hemigeusia; hemiglossal; hemiglossectomy; hemiglossitis; hemignathia; hemihedral; hemihedrism; hemihedron; hemihepatectomy; hemihidrosis; hemiholohedral; hemihydranencephaly; hemihypalgesia; hemihyperesthesia; hemihyperhidrosis; hemihyperidrosis; hemihypertonia; hemihypertrophy; hemihypesthesia; hemihypoesthesia; hemihypotonia; hemikaryon; hemiketal; hemilaminectomy; hemilaryngectomy; hemilateral; hemilateral chorea; hemilesion; hemilingual; hemimacroglossia; hemimandibulectomy; hemimellitic; hemimetabola; hemimetabolic; hemimetabolous; hemimethylated DNA; hemimorphic; hemin; hemina; hemionus; hemiopalgia; hemiopsia; hemipagus; hemipancreatectomy; hemiparaplegia; hemiparasite; hemiparesis; hemipelvectomy; hemipeptone; hemiplegia; hemiplegic; hemiplegic amyotrophy; hemiplegic gait; hemiplegic migraine; hemiplegy; hemipode; hemiprotein; hemipter; hemiptera; hemipteran; hemipterous; hemisect; hemisection; hemisensory; hemiseptum; hemispasm; hemisphere; hemispherectomy; hemisphere of bulb of penis; hemispherium; hemispherium bulbi urethrae; hemispherium cerebelli; hemispherium cerebri; Hemispora; hemistichal; hemistrumectomy; hemists; hemisubstance; hemisulfur mustard; hemisyndrome; hemisystole; hemiterpene; hemithermoanesthesia; hemithoracic duct; hemithorax; hemitonia; hemitremor; hemitrope; hemitropous; hemitropy; hemitruncus; hemivertebra; hemizona assay; hemizygosity; hemizygote; hemizygotic; hemizygous; hemizygous gene; hemlock; hemming filter; hemocyanin; hemocyte; hemodialysis; hemoglobin; hemoglobinometer; hemoglobinopathy; hemolysin; hemolysis; hemolytic anaemia; hemonectin; hemopathy; hemoperfusion; hemopexin; hemophilia; hemopoietic; hemoptysis; hemorrhage; hemorrhagic; hemorrhoid; hemorrhoids; hemosiderin; hemostasis; hemostatic; hemotaphonomy; hemothorax; hemp; hempa; HEMPAS; HEMPAS cells; hemuse; hen; henbane; henbit; hen-cluck stertor; hendecagon; hendecane; hendecatoic; Henderson-Hasselbalch equation; Henderson, Lawrence; Hendersonula toruloidea; henfish; hen-hearted; Henke's space; Henke, Wilhelm; Henle, Friedrich; Henle's ampulla; Henle's ansa; Henle's fenestrated elastic membrane; Henle's fibre layer; Henle's fissures; Henle's glands; Henle's layer; Henle's loop; Henle's membrane; Henle's nervous layer; Henle's reaction; Henle's sheath; Henle's spine; Henle's tubules; Henle's warts; henna; Hennebert, Camille; Hennebert's sign; hennotannic; Henoch, Eduard; henoch-schoenlein syndrome; Henoch-Schonlein purpura; Henoch-Schonlein syndrome; Henoch's chorea; Henoch's purpura; henogenesis; henpuye; Henri, Victor; henry; Henry-Gauer response; Henry, James Paget; Henry, Joseph; Henry's law; Henry, William; Henseleit, K; Hensen's canal; Hensen's cell; Hensen's disk; Hensen's duct; Hensen's knot; Hensen's line; Hensen's node; Hensen's stripe; Hensen, Victor; hen's-foot; Hensing, Friedrich; Hensing's ligament; henware; hep; hepadnaviridae; hepadnaviridae infections; hepar; heparanase; heparan N-sulfatase; heparan sulfate; heparan-sulfate 2-sulfotransferase; heparan sulfate D-glucosaminyl 3-O-sulfotransferase; heparan sulfate-N-deacetylase-N-sulfotransferase; heparan sulfate proteoglycan; heparan sulfate sulfatase; heparan sulphate; heparin; heparinaemia; heparin antagonists; heparinase; heparin binding growth factor; heparin cofactor II; heparin complement; heparin eliminase; heparin-glucosamine 3-O-sulfotransferase; heparinic acid; heparinise; heparin, low-molecular-weight; heparin lyase; heparinoids; heparin unit; heparitin sulfate; heparosan N-sulfate D-glucuronosyl 5-epimerase; hepat-; hepatatrophia; hepatectomy; hepatic; hepatica; hepatic adenoma; hepatic amoebiasis; hepatic arteries; hepatic artery; hepatic branches of vagus nerve; hepatic capsulitis; hepatic colic; hepatic coma; hepatic cords; hepatic cysts; hepatic duct; hepatic duct, common; hepatic encephalopathy; hepatic failure; hepatic fistula; hepatic flexure; hepatic function impairment; hepatic infantilism; hepatic insufficiency; hepatic intermittent fever; hepatic laminae; hepatic lobule; hepatic lymph nodes; hepatic necrosis; hepatico-; hepatic obstruction; hepaticodochotomy; hepaticoduodenostomy; hepaticoenterostomy; hepaticogastrostomy; hepaticolithotomy; hepaticolithotripsy; hepaticopulmonary; hepaticostomy; hepaticotomy; hepatic plexus; hepatic porphyria; hepatic portal system; hepatic portal vein; hepatic prominence; hepatic segments; hepatic steatosis; hepatic transplant; hepatic triad; hepatic veins; hepatic vein thrombosis; hepatic veno-occlusive disease; hepatic venous segments; hepatin; hepatisation; hepatise; hepatite; hepatitic; hepatitis; hepatitis A; hepatitis agents, gb; hepatitis a immunization; hepatitis, alcoholic; hepatitis antibodies; hepatitis antigens; hepatitis-associated antigen; hepatitis, autoimmune; hepatitis A virus; hepatitis B; hepatitis B antibodies; hepatitis B antigen; hepatitis b, chronic; hepatitis B core antigen; hepatitis B e antigen; hepatitis b e antigens; hepatitis b immunization; hepatitis B surface antigen; hepatitis b surface antigens; hepatitis B vaccine; hepatitis b vaccines; hepatitis b virus; hepatitis b virus, duck; hepatitis b virus, woodchuck; hepatitis C; hepatitis c antibodies; hepatitis c antigens; hepatitis c, chronic; hepatitis, chronic; hepatitis, chronic, drug-induced; hepatitis c-like viruses; hepatitis contagiosa canis; hepatitis C virus; hepatitis D; hepatitis d, chronic; hepatitis d, e, f, and g; hepatitis delta; hepatitis delta virus; hepatitis D virus; hepatitis E; hepatitis e virus; hepatitis externa; hepatitis, infectious; hepatitis, infectious canine; hepatitis non-A, non-B; hepatitis, toxic; hepatitis, viral; hepatitis, viral, animal; hepatitis, viral, human; hepatitis virus, duck; hepatitis viruses; hepato; hepatobiliary; hepatobiliary imaging; hepatoblastoma; hepatocarcinoma; hepatocele; hepatocellular; hepatocellular adenoma; hepatocellular carcinoma; hepatocellular jaundice; hepatocholangioenterostomy; hepatocholangiojejunostomy; hepatocholangiostomy; hepatocholangitis; hepatocolic ligament; hepatocuprein; hepatocystic; hepatocystic duct; Hepatocystis; hepatocyte; hepatocyte growth factor; hepatoduodenal ligament; hepatoduodenostomy; hepatodysentery; hepatoenteric; hepatoenteric recess; hepatoerythropoietic porphyria; hepatoesophageal ligament; hepatofugal; hepatogastric; hepatogastric ligament; hepatogenic; hepatogenous; hepatogenous jaundice; hepatogenous pigment; hepatography; hepatohemia; hepatoid; hepatojugularometer; hepatojugular reflex; hepatojugular reflux; hepatolenticular degeneration; hepatolenticular disease; hepatolienography; hepatolienomegaly; hepatolith; hepatolithectomy; hepatolithiasis; hepatologist; hepatology; hepatolysin; hepatoma; hepatomalacia; hepatoma transmembrane kinase; hepatomegaly; hepatomelanosis; hepatomphalocele; hepatomphalos; hepatonecrosis; hepatonephric; hepatonephromegaly; hepato-pancreas; hepatopancreatic ampulla; hepatopancreatic sphincter; hepatopathic; hepatopathy; hepatoperitonitis; hepatopetal; hepatopexy; hepatophosphorylase deficiency glycogenosis; hepatophyma; hepatopleural fistula; hepatopneumonic; hepatoportal; hepatoptosis; hepatopulmonary; hepatorenal; hepatorenal ligament; hepatorenal pouch; hepatorenal recess; hepatorenal syndrome; hepatorrhagia; hepatorrhaphy; hepatorrhexis; hepatoscopy; hepatosplenitis; hepatosplenography; hepatosplenomegaly; hepatosplenopathy; hepatostomy; hepatotherapy; hepatotomy; hepatotoxaemia; hepatotoxic; hepatotoxicity; hepatotoxin; hepatovirus; Hepatozoon; hepes; hepoxilin epoxide hydrolase; hepper; hepta-; heptachlor; heptachlor epoxide; heptad; heptad repeat; heptagon; heptagonal; heptagynia; heptagynous; heptahedron; heptamerous; heptaminol; heptanal; heptandria; heptandrous; heptane; heptanes; heptanoates; heptanoic acids; heptanol; heptapeptide; heptaphyllous; heptarchist; heptaspermous; heptavalent; heptene; heptine; heptoic; heptone; heptose; hep tree; heptulose; heptyl; heptylene; heptylic; herald patch; herapathite; herb; herbaceous; herbage; herbal; herbalist; herbals; herbarium; Herbert; herbicide; herbicides; herbicides, carbamate; herbicides, triazine; herbicides, urea; herbivora; herbivore; herbivorous; herbivory; herborisation; herborise; herbs; Herbst; Herbst's corpuscles; herb-woman; hercogamous; hercules; herculin; herd; herderite; herdess; herd immunity; herd instinct; herdswoman; hereditary; hereditary amyloidosis; hereditary angioedema; hereditary angioneurotic oedema; hereditary angio oedema; hereditary areflexic dystasia; hereditary ataxia; hereditary benign intraepithelial dyskeratosis; hereditary cerebellar ataxia; hereditary chorea; hereditary coproporphyria; hereditary deafness and nephropathy; hereditary deforming chondrodystrophy; hereditary exostosis; hereditary fructose intolerance; hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia; hereditary haemorrhagic thrombasthenia; hereditary hyperthyroidism; hereditary hypertrophic neuropathy; hereditary lymphedema; hereditary methemoglobinaemia; hereditary methemoglobinaemic cyanosis; hereditary multiple exostoses; hereditary multiple trichoepithelioma; hereditary mutation; hereditary myokymia; hereditary nephritis; hereditary opalescent dentin; hereditary pancreatitis; hereditary peroneal nerve dysfunction; hereditary persistence of foetal haemoglobin; hereditary progressive arthro-ophthalmopathy; hereditary pyropoikilocytosis; hereditary sensory radicular neuropathy; hereditary spherocytosis; hereditary spinal ataxia; hereditary syphilis; heredity; heredo-; heredofamilial tremor; heredopathia atactica polyneuritiformis; heredotaxia; herein; Herelle; Herellea; heresiographer; heresiography; heresy; heretic; Hering-Breuer reflex; Hering, Heinrich Ewald; Hering, Karl; Hering's sinus nerve; Hering's test; Hering's theory of colour vision; heriot; heritability; heritable; heritage; herl; Herlitz; Herlitz syndrome; Hermann, Friedrich; Hermann's fixative; Hermansky, F Hermansky; Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome; Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome type VI; hermaphrodism; hermaphrodite; hermaphroditic; hermaphroditical; hermaphroditism; hermeneutical; hermeneutics; hermes; hermetic; hermetical; hermetically; hermit; hermitary; hermitess; hermodactyl; hern; hernia; hernia, diaphragmatic; hernia, diaphragmatic, traumatic; hernia en bissac; hernia, hiatal; hernia, hiatus; hernia knife; hernial; hernial aneurysm; hernial sac; hernia, obturator; hernia of the broad ligament of the uterus; hernia repair; herniate; herniated; herniated disk; herniated nucleus pulposus; herniation; herniation of nucleus pulposus; hernia, umbilical; hernia uteri inguinale; hernio-; hernioenterotomy; herniography; hernioid; herniolaparotomy; hernioplasty; herniopuncture; herniorrhaphy; herniotome; herniotomy; hero; herodiones; heroic; heroin; heroin dependence; heroine; heroin esterase; heroism; heron; heronshaw; Herophilus; herpangina; herpes; herpes B encephalomyelitis; herpes catarrhalis; herpes circinatus bullosus; herpes corneae; herpes desquamans; herpes digitalis; herpes encephalitis; herpes facialis; herpes febrilis; herpes generalisatus; herpes, genital; herpes genitalis; herpes gestationis; herpes gladiatorum; herpes iris; herpes labialis; herpes oesophagitis; herpes progenitalis; herpes simplex; herpes simplex encephalitis; herpes simplex keratitis; herpes simplex type 1; herpes simplex type 2; herpes simplex virus; herpes simplex virus 1 helicase-primase; herpes simplex virus DNA polymerase; herpes simplex virus protein vmw65; herpes simplex virus type 1 UL13 protein kinase; herpesviridae; herpesvirus; herpes virus 1, bovine; herpes virus 1, canid; herpes virus 1, cercopithecine; herpes virus 1, equid; herpes virus 1, gallid; herpes virus 1, human; herpes virus 1, ranid; herpes virus 1, suid; herpes virus 2, bovine; herpes virus 2, gallid; herpes virus 2, human; herpes virus 2, saimirine; herpes virus 3, equid; herpes virus 3, human; herpes virus 4, human; herpes virus 6, human; herpes virus 7, human; herpes virus, kaposi sarcoma-associated; herpes whitlow; herpes zoster; herpes zoster ophthalmicus; herpes zoster oticus; herpes zoster varicellosus; herpes zoster virus; Herpeteviridae; herpetic; herpetic fever; herpetic keratitis; herpetic keratoconjunctivitis; herpetic meningoencephalitis; herpetic ulcer; herpetic whitlow; herpetiform; herpetiform aphthae; herpetism; herpetological; herpetologist; herpetology; Herpetomonas; herpetotomist; herpetotomy; Herpetoviridae; herpetovirus; herr; herring; Herring bodies; Herring, Percy; herring-worm disease; Herrmann, C Jr; Herrmann's syndrome; hersage; herschel; herschelian; Hers disease; Hers' disease; herself; Hershberg test; hershey-chase experiment; herte; hertely; Hertwig, Richard; Hertwig's sheath; Hertwig, Wilhelm; hertz; Hertz, Heinrich; hertzian; hertzian experiments; Herxheimer, Karl; Herxheimer's reaction; herz hormone; herzstoss; Heschl, Richard; Heschl's gyri; hesitancy; hesperetin; hesperian; hesperid; hesperidene; hesperides; hesperidin; hesperidium; hesperomyinae; hesperornis; Hess, Alfred; Hess, Carl von; Hesselbach, Franz; Hesselbach's fascia; Hesselbach's hernia; Hesselbach's ligament; Hesselbach's triangle; hessian; hessite; Hess' law; Hess screen; hess's law; Hess' test; Hess, Walter; hetacillin; hetastarch; heter-; heteracanth; heteradelphus; heterakid; Heterakis; heteralius; heterauxesis; heteraxial; hetercephalous; heterecious; heterecism; heteresthesia; hetero-; heteroagglutinin; heteroalleles; heteroantibody; heteroantiserum; heteroatom; heteroblastic; heterocarpism; heterocarpous; heterocellular; heterocentric; heterocephalus; heterocera; heterocercal; heterocercy; heterocheiral; heterochromatic; heterochromatin; heterochromatin, constituitive; heterochromatin, facultative; heterochromia; heterochromia iridis; heterochromic cyclitis; heterochromic uveitis; heterochromosome; heterochromous; heterochron; heterochronia; heterochronic; heterochronous; heterochrony; heterocladic; heteroclite; heteroclitical; heterocrine; heterocrisis; heterocyclic compound; heterocyclic compounds; heterocyclic compounds, 1-ring; heterocyclic compounds, 2-ring; heterocyclic compounds, 3-ring; heterocyclic compounds, bridged-ring; heterocyclic compounds with 4 or more rings; heterocyclic oxides; heterocyst; heterocytotropic; heterocytotropic antibody; heterodactyl; heterodactylae; heterodactylous; heterodermic; heterodetic peptide; heterodimer; heterodisperse; heterodisulfide reductase; heterodont; Heterodoxus spiniger; heterodromous; heteroduplex; heteroduplex DNA; heteroduplex mapping; heterodymus; heteroecious; heteroerotic; heteroeroticism; heteroerotism; heterofermentation; heterogametic; heterogametic embryo; heterogametic sex; heterogamous; heterogamy; heterogangliate; heterogeneic antigen; heterogeneity; heterogeneous; heterogeneous catalysis; heterogeneous nuclear RNA; heterogeneous radiation; heterogeneous system; heterogenesis; heterogenetic; heterogenetic antibody; heterogenetic antigen; heterogenetic parasite; heterogenic; heterogenic enterobacterial antigen; heterogenist; heterogenote; heterogenous; heterogenous keratoplasty; heterogenous nuclear RNA; heterogenous vaccine; heterogeny; heteroglycan; heterogonous; heterogony; heterograft; heterographic; heterography; heterogynous; heterohypnosis; heterokaryon; heterokaryotic; heterokeratoplasty; heterokinesia; heterokinesis; heterolactic fermentation; heterolalia; heterolateral; heterolipids; heteroliteral; heterologous; heterologous antiserum; heterologous desensitization; heterologous graft; heterologous insemination; heterologous protein; heterologous serotype; heterologous stimulus; heterologous tumour; heterologous twins; heterology; heterolysin; heterolysis; heterolysosome; heterolytic; heteromastigote; heteromera; heteromeral; heteromeric; heteromeric cell; heteromeric peptide; heteromerous; heterometabolous; heterometabolous metamorphosis; heterometaplasia; heterometric; heterometropia; heteromorphic; heteromorphism; heteromorphosis; heteromorphous; heteromorphy; heteromyaria; heteronereis; heteronomous; heteronomous psychotherapy; heteronomy; heteronuclear; heteronymous; heteronymous diplopia; heteronymous hemianopia; heteronymous image; heteronymous parallax; hetero-osteoplasty; heteropagus; heteropathy; heteropelmous; heterophagi; heterophagy; heterophasia; heterophemia; heterophil; heterophil antibody; heterophil antigen; heterophile antibody; heterophile antigen; heterophil haemolysin; heterophonia; heterophony; heterophoria; heterophthalmus; heterophthongia; Heterophyes; heterophyiasis; heterophyid; heterophyidae; heterophyidiasis; heterophyllous; heteroplasia; heteroplasmy; heteroplastic; heteroplastic graft; heteroplastid; heteroplasty; heteroploid; heteroploidy; heteropod; heteropoda; heteropodous; heteropolar bond; heteropolysaccharide; heteroproteose; heteropsychologic; heteroptera; heteroptics; heteropyknosis; heteropyknotic; heteropyknotic chromatin; heterosaccharide; heteroscedasticity; heterosexual; heterosexuality; heteroside; heterosis; heterosmia; heterosomati; heterosome; heterospecific; heterospecific antibody; heterospecific graft; heterosporous; heterospory; heterostyled; heterostylism; heterostylous; heterosuggestion; heterotactous; heterotaxia; heterotaxic; heterotaxis; heterotaxy; heterothallic; heterotherm; heterothermic; heterotic; heterotonia; heterotopia; heterotopia maculae; heterotopic; heterotopic bones; heterotopic graft; heterotopic gray matter; heterotopic pregnancy; heterotopic stimulus; heterotopous; heterotopy; heterotransplantation; heterotricha; heterotrichosis; heterotroph; heterotrophic; heterotrophic enzyme; heterotrophic oral gastrointestinal cyst; heterotrophy; heterotropia; heterotropous; heterotype mitosis; heterotypic; heterotypical chromosome; heterotypic cortex; heterovaccine therapy; heteroxanthine; heteroxenous; heteroxenous parasite; heterozoic; heterozygosity; heterozygosity index; heterozygote; heterozygote detection; heterozygous; HETEs; Heubner, Johann; Heubner's arteritis; heulandite; heuristic; Heuser, Chester; Heuser's membrane; HEV; hewhole; hexa-; hexabasic; hexacanth; hexacanth embryo; hexacapsular; hexachlorobenzene; hexachlorocyclohexane; hexachlorophane; hexachlorophene; hexacid; hexacosanoic acid; hexacosanol; hexacosyl; hexactinellid; hexactinelline; hexactinia; hexad; hexadactylous; hexadactyly; hexadecane; hexadecanoic acid; hexadimethrine; hexadiphane; Hexadnovirus; hexafluorenium bromide; hexagon; hexagonal; hexagynia; hexagynous; hexahedron; hexahydroxycyclohexane; hexamer; hexameric; hexamerous; hexametazime; hexameter; hexamethone bromide; hexamethonium; hexamethonium chloride; hexamethonium compounds; hexamethylmelamine; hexamethylphosphoramide N-demethylase; hexamethylpropyleneamine oxime; hexamidine isethionate; hexamine; Hexamita; hexamitiasis; hexandria; hex-androus; hexane; hexanes; hexanoate; hexanols; hexanones; hexanoyl; hexapeptide; hexapetalous; hexaphyllous; hexaploidy; hexapod; hexapoda; hexapodous; hexapterous; hexatomic; hexavalent; hexaxial reference system; hexazonium salts; hexdecyl; hexdecylic; hexeikosane; hexene; hexestrol; hexetidine; hexicology; hexine; hexitol; hexobarbital; hexobarbital hydroxylase; hexobarbital oxidase; hexobarbital sodium; hexobendine; hexoctahedron; hexocyclium methylsulfate; hexoic; hexokinase; hexokinase method; hexon; hexone; hexonic acid; hexoprenaline; hexopyranoside:cytochrome c oxidoreductase; hexosamine; hexosaminidase; hexosaminidases; hexosans; hexose; hexose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase; hexoseaminidase a; hexosebisphosphatase; hexose monophosphate pathway; hexose monophosphate shunt; hexose monphosphate pathway; hexose phosphatase; hexosephosphate isomerase; hexose phosphate synthetase; hexosyltransferases; hexulose; hexuronic acid; hexuronic acids; hexyl; hexylene; hexylic; hexylresorcinol; Hey; heyday; Heyd's syndrome; Heyer; Heyer-Pudenz valve; Heyns; Heyns' abdominal decompression apparatus; Hey's amputation; Hey's hernia; Hey's ligament; Hf; H fields; Hfla protease; HFR strain; Hg; H gene; HGF; HG factor; HGH; HGPRT; H graft; hhp1+ kinase; hhp2+ kinase; HHS; HHV; hiatal; hiatal hernia; hiatus; hiatus adductorius; hiatus aorticus; hiatus canalis facialis; hiatus canalis nervi petrosi majoris; hiatus canalis nervi petrosi minoris; hiatus ethmoidalis; hiatus hernia; hiatus maxillaris; hiatus oesophageus; hiatus of canal for greater petrosal nerve; hiatus of canal of lesser petrosal nerve; hiatus of facial canal; hiatus sacralis; hiatus saphenus; hiatus semilunaris; hiatus subarcuatus; hiatus tendineus; hiatus totalis sacralis; HIB; hibernacle; hibernacula; hibernaculum; hibernating gland; hibernation; hibernoma; hib immunization; hibiscus; hib vaccine; hiccough; hiccup; hiccups; hickory; Hicks, John Braxton; hickway; HIDA; hidden; hiddenite; hidden nail skin; hidden part; hide; hidebound; hidebound disease; hidradenitis; hidradenitis axillaris of Verneuil; hidradenitis suppurativa; hidradenoma; hidradenoma papilliferum; hidro-; hidroa; hidrocystoma; hidromeiosis; hidropoiesis; hidrosadenitis; hidroschesis; hidrosis; hidrotic; hidrotic ectodermal dysplasia; hierapicra; hierarchy; hierarchy of terms; hierarchy, social; hieroglyphic; hierographic; hierographical; hierography; hierological; hierologist; hierology; hieromancy; hieromania; hieronymite; hierophobia; hierotherapy; Higashi, Ototaka; higgle; high; high altitude cerebral oedema; high altitude chamber; high altitude pulmonary oedema; high altitude sickness; high blood cholesterol; high blood pressure; high blood triglyceride; high-bred; high-calorie diet; high convex; high density lipoprotein; high dose tolerance; high-egg-passage vaccine; high endothelial postcapillary venules; high enema; high energy bond; high energy compounds; high energy particle generating unit; high energy phosphate bond; high energy phosphates; high-energy shock waves; higher heating value; higher order conditioning; highest concha; highest intercostal artery; highest intercostal vein; highest nuchal line; highest thoracic artery; highest turbinated bone; high extinction microscopy; high-fat diet; high-fibre diet; high forceps delivery; high frequency current; high frequency deafness; high-frequency jet ventilation; high frequency recombination strain; high frequency transduction; high-frequency ventilation; high-hearted; high-hoe; high-holder; high-kV technique; high lip line; high lithotomy; highly repetitive DNA; high mannose oligosaccharide; high-mobility group protein; high mobility group proteins; Highmore, Nathaniel; Highmore's body; high osmolar contrast agent; high osmolar contrast medium; high output failure; high-palmed; high-pass filter; high-performance liquid chromatography; high-pressure; high-pressure liquid chromatography; high pressure nervous syndrome; high priest; high quality filter paper; high-resolution banding; high resolution computed tomography; high-resolution imaging; high-sounding; high spinal anaesthesia; high steppage gait; high-stomached; high tide line; high wine; Higoumenakia sign; hig-taper; hila; hilar; hilar cell tumour of ovary; hilar dance; hilar lymph nodes; hilar shadow; hile; hilitis; hill; Hill, Archibald; Hill coefficient; Hill constant; Hill, Harold; hilling; Hillis, David; Hillis-Muller manoeuvre; Hill, Lucius; hillock; Hill operation; hill plot; Hill reaction; Hill, Robert; hill-sachs deformity; Hill-Sachs lesion; Hill's equation; Hill, Sir Leonard Erskine; Hill's phenomenon; Hill's sign; Hilton, John; Hilton's law; Hilton's method; Hilton's sac; Hilton's white line; hilum; hilum lienis; hilum nodi lymphatici; hilum nuclei dentati; hilum nuclei olivaris; hilum of dentate nucleus; hilum of kidney; hilum of lung; hilum of lymph node; hilum of olivary nucleus; hilum of ovary; hilum of spleen; hilum ovarii; hilum pulmonis; hilum renalis; hilum splenicum; hilus; hilus cells; him; himantosis; hind; hindbrain; hindbrain vesicle; hinder; hindgut; Hind II; Hind III; hind kidney; hindleys screw; hindlimb; hindlimb suspension; hindquarter amputation; hinduism; hindwater; Hines-Brown test; hinge; hinge axis; hinge-bow; hinged flap; hinge joint; hinge movement; hinge position; hinge region; Hinman; Hinman syndrome; Hin recombinase; hint; Hinton; Hinton test; hip; hip arthroplasty; hipberries; hip bone; hip bursitis; hip contracture; hip disease; hip dislocation; hip dislocation, congenital; hip dysplasia; hip dysplasia, canine; hip-flexion phenomenon; hip fracture; hip fractures; hip joint; hipparion; hippe; Hippel; Hippelates; hippel-lindau disease; hip phenomenon; hippobosca; Hippoboscidae; hippocalcin; hippocampal; hippocampal commissure; hippocampal convolution; hippocampal fissure; hippocampal gyrus; hippocampal sclerosis; hippocampal sulcus; hippocampus; hippocampus major; hippocampus minor; hippocentaur; hippocrates; Hippocrates of Cos; hippocratic; hippocratic face; hippocratic facies; hippocratic fingers; hippocratic nails; hippocratic oath; hippocratic school; hippocratic succussion sound; hippocratism; hippocrepian; hippocrepiform; hippodrome; hippogriff; hip pointer; hippopathology; hippophagous; hippopotamus; hippotomy; hip prosthesis; hippurate; hippuria; hippuric; hippuric acid; hippuricase; hippurite; hippuryl-L-lysine hydrolase; hippus; hip replacement; hip tree; Hirano bodies; hirci; hircic; hircin; hircismus; hircus; hire; hirling; Hirschberg; Hirschberg's method; Hirschfeld; Hirschfeld's canals; Hirschowitz syndrome; Hirsch-Peiffer stain; Hirschsprung, Harald; Hirschsprung's disease; hirsute; hirsuties; hirsutism; hirtellous; hirt extraction; hirudicide; hirudin; hirudine; hirudinea; hirudiniasis; hirudinization; hirudo; Hirudo medicinalis; hirundine; hirundo; his; hisactophilin; His' band; His bundle electrogram; his bundle electrography; his bundle studies; His' copula; hisingerite; His' line; his operon; hispanic americans; His' perivascular space; hispid; hispid flagella; hispidulous; His' rule; hiss; Hiss, Philip; His' spindle; Hiss' stain; histadine; Histalog test; histaminaemia; histaminase; histamine; histamine agents; histamine agonist; histamine antagonists; histamine-fast; histamine flush; histamine h1 antagonists; histamine h2 antagonists; histamine headache; histamine liberators; histamine n-methyltransferase; histamine release; histamine shock; histamine test; histaminic cephalalgia; histaminic headache; histaminuria; histangic; His-Tawara system; histic epipedon; histidase; histidinaemia; histidinal; histidinase; histidine; histidine ammonia-lyase; histidine deaminase; histidine decarboxylase; histidine N-acetyltransferase; histidine permease; histidine-tRNA ligase; histidino; histidinol; histidinol-phosphatase; histidinuria; histidyl; histio-; histioblast; histiocyte; histiocytic; histiocytic disorders, malignant; histiocytic lymphoma; histiocytoma; histiocytoma, fibrous; histiocytosis; histiocytosis, langerhans-cell; histiocytosis, malignant; histiocytosis, non-langerhans-cell; histiocytosis, sinus; histiocytosis x; histiocytosis Y; histiogenic; histioid; histiology; histioma; histionic; histo-; histoangic; histoblast; histo-blood group B transferase; histochemistry; histocompatibility; histocompatibility antigen; histocompatibility antigens; histocompatibility antigens class I; histocompatibility antigens class II; histocompatibility complex; histocompatibility gene; histocompatibility testing; histocompatible; histocyte; histocytochemistry; histocytological preparation techniques; histocytosis; histodifferentiation; histofluorescence; histogenesis; histogenetic; histogenous; histogeny; histogram; histographer; histographical; histography; histohaematin; histoid; histoid leprosy; histoid neoplasm; histoid tumour; histoincompatibility; histologic; histologic accommodation; histological; histologist; histology; histolysis; histolytic; histoma; histometaplastic; Histomonas meleagridis; histomoniasis; histomorphometry; histomycosis; histone; histone bases; histonectomy; histone deacetylase; histone gene; histone h2b kinase; histone-lysine n-methyltransferase; histones; histoneurology; histonomy; histonuria; histopathogenesis; histopathology; histophyly; histophysiology; histoplasma; Histoplasma capsulatum; histoplasmin; histoplasmin-latex test; histoplasmoma; histoplasmosis; historadiography; historical article; historical geographic locations; historic ecosystem; historic wetland; historiographer; historiographership; historiography; historiology; historrhexis; history; history of medicine, ancient; history of medicine, early modern; history of medicine, medieval; history of medicine, modern; histotome; histotomy; histotope; histotoxic; histotoxic anoxia; histotroph; histotrophic; histotropic; histozoic; histozyme; histrionic personality; histrionic personality disorder; histrionic spasm; His, Wilhelm Jr; His, Wilhelm Sr; hitch; hitchhiker; hitchhiker thumbs; hi test; hither; Hitzig; Hitzig's girdle; HIV; HIV-1; HIV-1 reverse transcriptase; HIV-2; HIV-2 protease; HIV-2 reverse transcriptase; HIV antibodies; HIV antigens; HIV core protein p24; hive; HIV encephalopathy; HIV enhancer; HIV enteropathy; HIV envelope protein gp120; HIV envelope protein gp160; HIV envelope protein gp41; hives; HIV infections; HIV integrase; HIV integrase inhibitors; HIV long-terminal repeat; HIV protease; HIV protease inhibitors; HIV seronegativity; HIV seropositivity; HIV seroprevalence; HIV test; HIV wasting syndrome; Hjarre, A; Hjarre's disease; hl-60 cell; HLA; HLA-a1 antigen; HLA-a2 antigen; HLA-a3 antigen; HLA-a antigens; HLA antigens; HLA-b27 antigen; HLA-b35 antigen; HLA-b7 antigen; HLA-b8 antigen; HLA-b antigens; HLA-c antigens; HLA complex; HLA-d antigens; HLA-dp antigens; HLA-dq antigens; HLA-dr1 antigen; HLA-dr2 antigen; HLA-dr3 antigen; HLA-dr4 antigen; HLA-dr5 antigen; HLA-dr6 antigen; HLA-dr7 antigen; HLA-dr antigens; HLA typing; HMG; HMG-CoA; HMG CoA reductase inhibitor; HMG-CoA reductase phosphatase; HMO; HMPAO; HMS; HN2; HNK-1 sulfotransferase; hn protein; hnRNA; Ho; Hoagland's sign; hoar; hoard; hoarding; hoarse; hoarseness; hoary; hoatzin; hoazin; hob; hobbies; hobbism; hobbist; hobblebush; hobby; hobnail; hobnail cells; hobnail liver; hobnail tongue; Hoboken; Hoboken's gemmules; Hoboken's nodules; Hoboken's valves; HOCA; hocco; Hoche, Alfred; Hoche's bundle; Hoche's tract; hock; hockherb; HOCM; hod; hoddy; Hodge, Hugh; Hodgen, John; Hodgen splint; Hodge's pessary; Hodgkin, Alan; Hodgkin-Key murmur; Hodgkin's disease; Hodgkin's lymphoma; Hodgkin, Thomas; Hodgson, Joseph; hodograph; hodoneuromere; hodophobia; hoe; hoe-33258; Hoechst 33258; Hoechst 33342; hoe excavator; hoemother; Hoeppli, Reinhard; hoe scaler; hof; Hofbauer cell; Hofbauer, J Isfred; Hoffa, Albert; Hoffa's operation; Hoffman, August Wilhelm; Hoffmann, Freidrich; Hoffmann, Johann; Hoffmann, Moritz; Hoffmann's duct; Hoffmann's muscular atrophy; Hoffmann's phenomenon; Hoffmann's reflex; Hoffmann's sign; Hofmann, Georg von; Hofmann's bacillus; Hofmeister, Franz; Hofmeister, Franz von; Hofmeister gastrectomy; Hofmeister-Polya anastomosis; Hofmeister series; Hofmeister's operation; hog; hogback; Hogben, Lawrence; Hogben number; hogchoker; hog cholera; hog cholera vaccines; hog cholera virus; hogfish; hog fuel; hoggerpipe; hogger-pump; hoggery; hoggish; Hogness box; Hogness, D; hognosesnake; hognut; hog's-back; hogskin; hogweed; hoiaspidean; holandric; holandric gene; holandric inheritance; holandry; holarthritic; holarthritis; hold; Holden, Luther; Holden's line; holdfast; hole; hole in retina; holibut; holiday heart syndrome; holidays; holiday syndrome; holing; holism; holistic; holistic health; holistic medicine; holistic nursing; holistic psychology; Hollander, Franklin; Hollander test; Hollenhorst plaques; Hollenhorst, Robert; Holliday junction; Holliday, R; Holliday structure; Holl, Moritz; hollow; hollow back; hollow bone; hollow fibre reactor; hollow-hearted; hollow-horned; hollow wall; Holl's ligament; holly; hollyhock; holm; Holmes-Adie pupil; Holmes-Adie syndrome; Holmes heart; Holmes, Oliver Wendell; Holmes, Sir Gordon; Holmes' stain; Holmes, Thomas; Holmgren, Alarik; Holmgren, Emil; Holmgren-Golgi canals; Holmgren's wool test; holmia; holmium; holo-; holoacardius; holoacardius acephalus; holoacardius amorphus; holo-ACP synthase; holoacrania; holoanencephaly; holoblast; holoblastic; holoblastic cleavage; holocarboxylase synthetase; holocaust; holocephali; holocephalic; holocord; holocrine; holocrine gland; holocrystalline; holodiastolic; holoendemic; holoendemic disease; holoenzyme; hologastroschisis; hologram; holograph; holographic; holographic microscopy; holography; hologynic; hologynic inheritance; holohedral; holohemihedral; holomastigote; holometabola; holometabolic; holometabolous; holometabolous metamorphosis; holomiantic; holomorphosis; holophanerous; holophotal; holophytic; holoprosencephaly; holoprotein; holorachischisis; holorhinal; holoscopic eyepiece; holoside; holosiderite; holostean; holostei; holosteric; holostomata; holostomate; holostomatous; holostome; holostraca; holosystolic; holosystolic murmur; holotelencephaly; holothure; holothurin; holothurins; holothurioidea; holotricha; holotrichous; holotype; holozoic; holster; holt; Holter; Holter monitoring; Holthouse; Holthouse's hernia; Holt-Oram syndrome; holtzman inkblot test; holy; holy cross; Holzknecht; Holzknecht unit; homacanth; homage; homageable; homager; homalocephalous; homalographic; homaloid; homaloidal; Homalomyia; homaluria; Homans; Homans' sign; homarus; homatropine; homaxial; homaxonial; home; homebound persons; home care agencies; home care services; home care services, hospital-based; home childbirth; home health aides; home health nurse; home infusion therapy; homeless persons; homeless youth; homelyn; homemaker services; home nursing; homeo-; homeobox; homeodomain; homeodomain proteins; homeogenetic induction; homeometric; homeomorphous; homeopath; homeopathic; homeopathist; homeopathy; homeoplasia; homeoplastic; homeorrhesis; homeosis; homeostasis; homeostatic; homeostatic equilibrium; homeostatic lag; homeotherapeutic; homeotherapy; homeotherm; homeothermal; homeothermic; homeotic; homeotic gene; homeotic genes; homeotic mutant; homeotic mutation; homeotic selector gene; homeotypical; home oxygen therapy; homer; homergy; Homer-Wright rosettes; homes for the aged; Home's lobe; homesteader; homicidal; homicide; homidium bromide; homigrade scale; homiletics; homilite; hominal physiology; homing behaviour; homing value; hominidae; Hominoidea; Homo; homoaconitate hydratase; homoarginine; homobiotin; homoblastic; homocarnosine; homocarnosinosis; homocategoric; homocentric; homocercal; homocercy; homocerebrin; homochlorcyclizine; homochromous; homochronous; homocitrate synthase; homocitrullinuria; homocladic; homocyclic compound; homocysteine; homocysteine cystathionine gamma-synthase; homocysteine desulfhydrase; homocystinaemia; homocystine; homocystinuria; homocytotropic; homocytotropic antibody; homodemic; homodermic; homodermy; homodetic peptide; homodont; homodromal; homodromous; homodynamous; homodynamy; homoeo-; homoeomerous; homoeomorphism; homoeomorphous; homoeozoic; homoerotism; homofermentation; homogametic; homogametic embryo; homogametic sex; homogamous; homogamy; homogangliate; homogenate; homogeneous; homogeneous catalysis; homogeneous immersion; homogeneous immersion objective; homogeneously staining region; homogeneous radiation; homogeneous system; homogenesis; homogenetic; homogenise; homogenization; homogenous; homogenous keratoplasty; homogentisate 1,2-dioxygenase; homogentisic acid; homogentisic acid oxidase; homogentisuria; homogeny; homoglycan; homogonous; homogony; homograft; homograft reaction; homograph; homographic; homography; homoioplasia; homoiothermal; homokaryon; homokaryotic; homokeratoplasty; homolateral; homolecithal egg; homolipids; homolog; homological; homologies; homologinic; homologize; homologous; homologous antigen; homologous antiserum; homologous chromosome; homologous chromosomes; homologous desensitization; homologous graft; homologous proteins; homologous recombination; homologous series; homologous serotype; homologous serum jaundice; homologous stimulus; homologous tumour; homolographic; homologue; homology; homology of strands; homolysin; homolysis; homomallous; homomeric peptide; homomorphic; homomorphism; homomorphous; homomorphy; homonomous; homonomy; homonuclear; homonym; homonymous; homonymous diplopia; homonymous hemianopia; homonymous images; homonymous parallax; homonymy; homophenes; homophil; homophylic; homophyly; homoplasmy; homoplast; homoplastic; homoplastic graft; homoplasty; homoplasy; homopolar generator; homopolic; homopolymer; homopolymer tailing; homopolysaccharide; homoproline; homoprotocatechuic acid; homopter; homoptera; homopteran; homopterous; homorganic; homosalate; homoscedasticity; homoserine; homoserine deaminase; homoserine dehydratase; homoserine dehydrogenase; homoserine lactone; homosexual; homosexuality; homosexuality, female; homosexuality, male; homospermidine synthetase; homosporous; homosteroid; homosteroids; homostyled; homostylous; homosystemic; homotaxic; homotaxis; homothallic; homothermal; homothermous; homotonic; homotopic; homotransplantation; homotropic; homotropic effect; homotropic enzyme; homotropism; homotropous; homotypal; homotype; homotypic; homotypical; homotypic cortex; homotypy; homovanillic acid; homovanillic acid test; homozoic; homozygosity; homozygote; homozygous; homozygous achondroplasia; homozygous by descent; homunculus; Honduras bark; hone; honest; honesty; honewort; honey; honey-bag; honeybee; honeybird; honeycomb; honeycombing; honeycomb lung; honeycomb macula; honeycomb pattern; honeycomb ringworm; honeydew; honeysucker; honeysuckle; honey urine; honeyware; honeywort; hong kong; Hong Kong foot; Hong Kong influenza; Hong Kong toe; honk; honor; hood; hooded; hooded prepuce; hoody; hoof; hoof-and-mouth disease; hoofbound; hook; hook-billed; hookean behaviour; hooked bone; hooked bundle of Russell; hooked fasciculus; hooker; Hooker, Charles; Hooker-Forbes test; Hooke, Robert; Hooke's law; hooklets; hook of hamate bone; hook of spiral lamina; hook-shaped cataract; hookworm; hookworm anaemia; hookworm disease; hookworm infections; hoolock; hoonoomaun; hoop; hooper; hoopoo; hoose; hoot; hoove; Hoover; Hoover's sign; hop; hopanoid; hope; hopeite; hopeless; Hopkins, Frederick; Hoplopsyllus anomalus; Hopmann, Carl; Hopmann's papilloma; Hopmann's polyp; hopper; hopping; hops; hoquet diabolique; horary; horde; hordeic; hordein; hordeivirus group; hordenine; hordeolum; hordeolum externum; hordeolum internum; hordeolum meibomianum; hordock; Horecker, Bernard; horehound; horizon; horizontal; horizontal atrophy; horizontal beam film; horizontal cell; horizontal cell of Cajal; horizontal cells of retina; horizontal classification; horizontal fissure of cerebellum; horizontal fissure of right lung; horizontal fracture; horizontal growth phase; horizontalis; horizontal osteotomy; horizontal overlap; horizontal part of duodenum; horizontal part of facial canal; horizontal plane; horizontal plate of palatine bone; horizontal resorption; horizontal survey; horizontal transmission; horizontal vertigo; hormesis; hormion; hormogonal; hormogonium; hormonal; hormonal gingivitis; hormonal therapy; hormone; hormone, aldosterone; hormone, androgenic; hormone antagonists; hormone, cortisol; hormone, glucocorticoid; hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin; hormone, mineralocorticoid; hormone, parathormone; hormone, parathyrin; hormone, parathyroid; hormone, progesterone; hormone receptor assay; hormone replacement therapy; hormones; hormone, secretin; hormones, ectopic; hormones, hormone substitutes, and hormone antagonists; hormones, synthetic; hormone, t3; hormone,t4; hormone therapy; hormone, thyroid; hormone, thyroid stimulating; hormone, thyrotropin; hormone, thyroxine; hormone, triiodothyronine; hormone, tsh; hormonogenesis; hormonogenic; hormonopoiesis; hormonopoietic; hormonoprivia; hormonotherapy; horn; hornbeak; hornbeam; hornbill; hornblende; hornbug; horned; hornel; horner; Horner, Johann; Horner's muscle; Horner's pupil; Horner's syndrome; Horner's teeth; horner syndrome; Horner-Trantas dots; Horner, William; hornet; hornet stings; hornfish; horn fly; hornification; hornito; hornotine; hornowl; hornpike; hornpipe; hornpout; hornsnake; horns of hyoid bone; horns of saphenous opening; horns of thyroid cartilage; hornstone; horntail; hornwort; hornwrack; horny; horny cell; hornyhead; horny layer of epidermis; horny layer of nail; horography; horologer; horological; horologiographer; horologiographic; horologiography; horologist; horology; horometry; horopter; horopteric; horoscope; horripilation; horror; horror autotoxicus; horror fusionis; horse; horse-chestnut; horse diseases; horse-drench; horsefish; horseflesh; horsefly; horsefoot; horsehair; horsehead; horseknop; horse-leech; horse-leechery; horseman; horsemint; horsepower; horsepox; horsepox virus; horse-radish; horseradish peroxidase; horses; horseshoe; horseshoe crabs; horseshoe fistula; horseshoe kidney; horseshoe placenta; horsetail; horseweed; horsewoman; horsewood; Horsfall, Frank L Jr; Horsley's bone wax; Horsley, Sir Victor; Hortega cells; Hortega, Pio del Rio; Hortega's neuroglia stain; Horton, Bayard; Horton's arteritis; Horton's cephalalgia; Horton's headache; Horton's syndrome; hortus siccus; hospice; hospice care; hospices; hospital; hospital acquired pneumonia; hospital administration; hospital administrators; hospital auxiliaries; hospital bed capacity; hospital charges; hospital communication systems; hospital costs; hospital departments; hospital design and construction; hospital distribution systems; hospital fever; hospital formulary; hospital gangrene; hospital information systems; hospitalisation; hospitalism; hospitalization; hospitalize; hospital mortality; hospital nurse; hospital-patient relations; hospital-physician joint ventures; hospital-physician relations; hospital planning; hospital record; hospital records; hospital restructuring; hospitals; hospitals, chronic disease; hospitals, community; hospitals, convalescent; hospitals, county; hospitals, district; hospitals, federal; hospitals, general; hospitals, group practice; hospital shared services; hospital shops; hospitals, maternity; hospitals, military; hospitals, municipal; hospitals, osteopathic; hospitals, packaged; hospitals, paediatric; hospitals, private; hospitals, proprietary; hospitals, psychiatric; hospitals, public; hospitals, religious; hospitals, rural; hospitals, satellite; hospitals, special; hospitals, state; hospitals, teaching; hospitals, university; hospitals, urban; hospitals, veterans; hospitals, voluntary; hospital units; hospital volunteers; host; host cell; hostel; hosteler; hostelry; hostess; hostess-ship; hostile; hostility; hostler; host-parasite relations; host range; host range mutant; host restriction-modification; hostry; host-vector system; host versus graft reaction; host vs graft reaction; hot; hot abscess; hotbed; hot-blooded; hot bone lesions; hot cell; hotchpotch; hotel; hot flash; hot flashes; hot flush; hotfoot; hot gangrene; hothouse; hotlines; hot liver lesion; hot nodule; hot pack; hotpress; hot salt steriliser; hot-short; hot spleen; hot spot; hottentot; hottentotism; Hottentot tea; hot thyroid nodule; houlet; hoult; hound; hound-dog facies; houndfish; hound's-tongue; Hounsfield, Godfrey; Hounsfield number; Hounsfield unit; houp; hour; hourglass contraction; hourglass head; hourglass murmur; hourglass pattern; hourglass stomach; hourglass vertebrae; house; house calls; houseflies; housefly; household articles; household products; housekeeping; housekeeping gene; housekeeping genes; housekeeping, hospital; housekeeping protein; houseleek; housemaid; housemaid's knee; house officer; house staff; house surgeon; housewife; housewifely; housewifery; housewive; housing; housing for the elderly; Houssay animal; Houssay, Bernardo; Houssay syndrome; Houston, John; Houston's folds; Houston's muscle; Houston's valves; houtou; hoven; hover-hawk; Hovius, Jacob; Howard, John Eager; Howard test; Howell-Jolly bodies; Howell unit; Howell, William; however; howl; howler; howlet; Howship, John; Howship's lacunae; hox gene; Hoyer, Heinrich; Hoyer's anastomoses; Hoyer's canals; hp; HP1 integrase; HPL; HPLC; H-protein lipoyltransferase; HPV; HRA; h-ras; H rays; H-R conduction time; HRCT; H reflex; hs; H-shape vertebrae; H shunt; HSK pathway; HslVU protease; hsp; hsp70; hsp90; hst; h strand; h substance; HSV; HSV-1 ICP35 protease; ht; ht29 cell; H-tetanase; HTLV; HTLV-1 protease; HTLV-blv antibodies; HTLV-blv antigens; HTLV-blv infections; HTLV-blv viruses; HTLV-I; HTLV-I antibodies; HTLV-I antigens; HTLV-II; HTLV-II antibodies; HTLV-II antigens; HTLV-III; H-type fistula; H-type tracheoesophageal fistula; hU; huanaco; Hu antigens; Hubbard tank; hubner; Hubrecht, Ambrosius; Hubrecht's protochordal knot; huchen; Huckel's rule; Hucker-Conn stain; huckleberry; hudge; Hudson, Arthur Cyril; Hudson-Stahli line; Hueck, Alexander; Hueck's ligament; Hueter, Karl; Hueter's manoeuvre; Hueter's sign; Huet, G; huffiness; huffish; Hufner, Carl Gustav von; Hufner's equation; Huggins, Charles; Huggins' operation; Hughes-Stovin syndrome; HUGO; Huguier, Pierre; Huguier's canal; Huguier's circle; Huguier's sinus; Huhner, Max; Huhner test; huia bird; hull; Hull's triad; hulver; hum; human; human a1-proteinase inhibitor; human activities; human antihemophilic factor; human antihemophilic fraction; human babesiosis; human body; human botfly; human botfly myiasis; human chorionic gonadotrophin; human chorionic gonadotropin; human chorionic somatomammotropic hormone; human chorionic somatomammotropin; human clinical trial; human cytomegalovirus; human development; human diploid cell rabies vaccine; human diploid cell vaccine; humane; human ecology; human ehrlichiosis; human embryo lung cell; human engineering; human fibrin foam; human gamma globulin; human gene therapy; human genetics; human genome; human genome initiative; human genome project; human granulocytic ehrlichiosis; human growth hormone; human herpesvirus 1; human herpesvirus 2; human herpesvirus 3; human herpesvirus 4; human herpesvirus 5; human herpesvirus 6; human herpesvirus 7; human immunodeficiency virus; humanism; humanistic psychology; humanity; humanize; human leukaemia-associated antigens; human leukocyte antigen; human leukocyte-associated antigens; human lymphocyte antigen; human measles immune serum; human menopausal gonadotropin; human normal immunoglobulin; human papilloma virus; human pertussis immune serum; human plasma protein fraction; human rights; human scarlet fever immune serum; human serum; human serum jaundice; human T-cell leukaemia virus; human T-cell lymphoma/leukaemia virus; human T-cell lymphotropic virus; human thioesterase; human thrombin; human T lymphotrophic virus; human t-lymphotropic virus; humate; humation; humble; humblebee; Humby knife; humectant; humectation; humeral; humeral artery; humeral articulation; humeral head; humeroradial; humeroradial articulation; humeroradial joint; humeroscapular; humeroulnar; humeroulnar head of flexor digitorum superficialis muscle; humeroulnar joint; humerus; humic; humic acids; humid; humidifier; humidity; humid tetter; humifuse; humin; humiri; humite; Hummelsheim; Hummelsheim's operation; hummer; humming; humor; humoral; humoral antibodies; humoral doctrine; humoral immune response; humoral immunity; humoralism; humoralist; humoral pathology; humoral theory; humor aquosus; humorism; humorist; humor vitreus; humour; hump; humpback; Humphry, Sir George; Humphry's ligament; humulene cyclase; humulin; humulus; humus; hun; hunchback; hundred; Hungary; hunger; hunger contractions; hunger pain; Hung's method; hunks; Hunner, Guy; Hunner's stricture; Hunner's ulcer; hunt; hunter; Hunter and Driffield curve; Hunter, Charles; Hunter, John; Hunter's canal; Hunter-Schreger bands; Hunter-Schreger lines; Hunter's glossitis; Hunter's gubernaculum; Hunter's ligament; Hunter's line; Hunter's membrane; Hunter's operation; Hunter's syndrome; Hunter syndrome; Hunter, William; Hunter, William A; hunting; hunting phenomenon; hunting reaction; huntingtin; Huntington; Huntington chorea; Huntington disease; Huntington's chorea; huntington's disease; Hunt, James Ramsay; huntress; Hunt's atrophy; huntsman; Hunt's neuralgia; Hunt's paradoxical phenomenon; Hunt's syndrome; Hunt, William E; HuP gene; hurlbone; Hurler; Hurler-Scheie syndrome; Hurler's disease; Hurler's syndrome; Hurler syndrome; huronian; huron-iroquous; hurons; hurricane; hurry; hurst; Hurst bougies; hurt; hurter; Hurthle cell; Hurthle cell adenoma; Hurthle cell carcinoma; Hurthle cell tumour; Hurthle, Karl; husband; husbandry; Huschke, Emil; Huschke's auditory teeth; Huschke's cartilages; Huschke's foramen; Huschke's valve; hushing; husk; huso; hussy; huswife; huswifery; hutch; hutch bladder diverticulum; Hutchinson-Gilford disease; Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome; Hutchinson's crescentic notch; Hutchinson's facies; Hutchinson's freckle; Hutchinson, Sir Jonathan; Hutchinson's mask; hutchinson's melanotic freckle; Hutchinson's patch; Hutchinson's pupil; Hutchinson's teeth; Hutchinson's triad; hutchinson syndrome; Hutchison, Sir Robert; Hutchison syndrome; hutchunsonian; Huxley's layer; Huxley's membrane; Huxley's sheath; Huxley, Thomas; Huygenian eyepiece; Huygens, Christian; Huygens' ocular; Huygens' principle; huyghenian; huzz; HVA; HVA test; H-V conduction time; H-V interval; hyacinth; hyads; hyaena; hyalea; hyalescent; hyalin; hyalinasis cutis et mucosae; hyaline; hyaline bodies; hyaline bodies of pituitary; hyaline cartilage; hyaline cast; hyaline degeneration; hyaline degeneration of the elastic tissue of the arterial wall; hyaline leukocyte; hyaline membrane; hyaline membrane disease; hyaline membrane disease of the newborn; hyaline membrane syndrome; hyaline thrombus; hyaline tubercle; hyalinization; hyalinosis; hyalinuria; hyalite; hyalitis; hyalo-; hyalobiuronic acid; hyalocapsular ligament; hyalocyte; hyalogens; hyalograph; hyalography; hyalohyphomycosis; hyaloid; hyaloid artery; hyaloid body; hyaloid canal; hyaloideoretinal degeneration; hyaloid fossa; hyaloid membrane; hyalomere; Hyalomma; Hyalomma anatolicum; Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum; Hyalomma marginatum; Hyalomma truncatum; Hyalomma variegatum; hyalonema; hyalophagia; hyalophane; hyalophobia; hyaloplasma; hyaloserositis; hyalosis; hyalosome; hyalospongia; hyalotype; hyalurate; hyaluronate; hyaluronate lyase; hyaluronic acid; hyaluronic acid synthetase; hyaluronic lyase; hyaluronidase; hyaluronoglucosaminidase; hyaluronoglucuronidase; h-y antigen; hybaroxia; hybenzate; hybodont; hybodus; hybrid; hybrid antibody; hybrid-arrested translation; hybrid cell; hybrid diode; hybrid DNA; hybrid dysgenesis; hybrid enzyme; hybrid inviability; hybridisation; hybridisation stringency; hybridism; hybridization; hybrid molecule; hybrid name; hybridoma; hybridomas; hybrid plasmid; hybrid prosthesis; hybrid resonance; hybrid sterility; hybrid swarm; hybrid vigor; hycanthone; HycI protease; hyclate; hydantoic; hydantoin; hydantoinate; hydantoin racemase; hydathode; hydatid; hydatid cyst; hydatid cyst of morgagni; hydatid disease; hydatid fremitus; hydatidiform; hydatidiform mole; hydatidiform mole, invasive; hydatidocele; hydatidoma; hydatidosis; hydatidostomy; hydatid polyp; hydatid pregnancy; hydatid rash; hydatid resonance; hydatid sand; hydatid thrill; hydatiform mole; hydatiform mole: types; Hydatigera taeniaeformis; hydatoid; Hyde; Hyde's disease; hydnocarpus oil; hydr-; Hydra; hydracetin; hydrachnid; hydracid; hydracrylic; hydractinian; hydradenitis; hydradenoma; hydraemia; hydraemic oedema; hydragogue; hydralazine; hydralazine hydrochloride; hydralazine syndrome; hydrallostane; hydramide; hydramine; hydramitrazine tartrate; hydramnion; hydramnios; hydranencephaly; hydrangea; hydranth; hydrargochloride; hydrargyria; hydrargyrism; hydrargyrum; hydrarthrodial; hydrarthron; hydrarthrosis; hydrarthrus; hydrase; hydrastine; hydrastinine; hydrastis; hydratase; hydrate; hydrate crystal; hydrated; hydrated alumina; hydrate microcrystal theory of anaesthesia; hydration; hydraulic; hydraulic conductivity; hydraulic load; hydraulic motor; hydraulics; hydrazide; hydrazine; hydrazine yellow; hydrazinolysis; hydrazone; hydrazones; hydrencephalocele; hydrencephalomeningocele; hydrencephalus; hydrencephsloid; hydriad; hydriatric; hydric; hydric soil; hydride; hydride ion; hydriform; hydrina; hydrindantin; hydriodate; hydriodic; hydriodide; hydro-; hydroa; hydroa aestivale; hydroadipsia; hydroa febrile; hydroa gestationis; hydroa herpetiforme; hydroalcoholic; hydroalcoholic extract; hydroalcoholic tincture; hydroappendix; hydroa puerorum; hydroa vacciniforme; hydrobarometer; hydrobilirubin; hydrobranchiata; hydrobromate; hydrobromic; hydrobromic acid; hydrobromide; hydrocalycosis; hydrocarbon; hydrocarbonate; hydrocarbons, acyclic; hydrocarbons, alicyclic; hydrocarbons, aromatic; hydrocarbons, cyclic; hydrocarbostyril; hydrocarburet; hydrocaulus; hydrocele; hydrocele colli; hydrocelectomy; hydrocele feminae; hydrocele muliebris; hydrocele spinalis; hydrocephalic; hydrocephalocele; hydrocephaloid; hydrocephalous; hydrocephalus; hydrocephalus ex vacuo; hydrocephaly; hydrochlorate; hydrochloric; hydrochloric acid; hydrochloride; hydrochlorothiazide; hydrocholecystis; hydrocholeresis; hydrocholeretic; hydrocodone; hydrocolloid; hydrocolpocele; hydrocorallia; hydrocortamate hydrochloride; hydrocortisone; hydrocortisone acetate; hydrocortisone cyclopentylpropionate; hydrocortisone cypionate; hydrocortisone hydrogen succinate; hydrocortisone sodium phosphate; hydrocortisone sodium succinate; hydrocortisone, topical; hydrocotarnine; hydrocupreine; hydrocyanate; hydrocyanic; hydrocyanic acid; hydrocyanide; hydrocyanism; hydrocyst; hydrocystoma; hydrodipsia; hydrodipsomania; hydrodiuresis; hydrodynamics; hydro-electric; hydroelectric bath; hydroelectric power; hydroencephalocele; hydroferricyanic; hydroferrocyanic; hydrofluate; hydroflumethiazide; hydrofluoric; hydrofluoric acid; hydrofluosilicate; hydrofluosilicic; hydrogalvanic; hydrogel; hydrogen; hydrogen-1; hydrogen-2; hydrogen-3; hydrogen acceptor; hydrogenase; hydrogenate; hydrogenation; hydrogen bomb; hydrogen bond; hydrogen bonding; hydrogen bromide; hydrogen carrier; hydrogen cyanide; hydrogen dehydrogenase; hydrogen dioxide; hydrogen donor; hydrogen electrode; hydrogen embrittlement; hydrogen exponent; hydrogenide; hydrogen ion; hydrogenium; hydrogenize; hydrogenlyase; hydrogen number; hydrogenobyrinic acid synthase; hydrogenosome; hydrogen peroxide; hydrogen phosphide; hydrogen-potassium-exchanging atpase; hydrogen pump; hydrogen sulfide; hydrogensulfite reductase; hydrogen transport; hydrogen-transporting ATP synthase; hydrogode; hydrographer; hydrographic; hydrographical; hydrography; hydroguret; hydroid; hydroidea; hydrokinetic; hydrokinetics; hydrolabile; hydrolability; hydrolase; hydrolases; hydrological; hydrologist; hydrology; hydro-lyases; hydrolymph; hydrolysate; hydrolysis; hydrolytic; hydrolytic cleavage; hydrolytic enzyme; hydrolyze; hydrolyzing enzymes; hydroma; hydromagnesite; hydromancy; hydromantic; hydromassage; hydromechanics; hydromedusa; hydromeningocele; hydrometeor; hydrometeorological; hydrometeorology; hydrometer; hydrometra; hydrometric; hydrometrocolpos; hydrometrograph; hydrometry; hydromica; hydromicrocephaly; hydromorphone; hydromorphone hydrochloride; hydromphalus; hydro-mulching; hydromyelia; hydromyelocele; hydromyoma; hydronephrosis; hydronephrotic; hydronium; hydronium ion; hydroparasalpinx; hydropathic; hydropathy; hydropathy plot; hydropenia; hydropenic; hydropericarditis; hydropericardium; hydroperitoneum; hydroperoxidases; hydroperoxide; hydroperoxide dehydratase; hydroperoxide lyase; hydrophane; hydrophanous; hydrophid; hydrophidae; hydrophid venoms; hydrophil; hydrophilia; hydrophilic; hydrophilic colloid; hydrophilic group; hydrophilic ointment; hydrophilic petrolatum; hydrophilic signaling molecule; hydrophilous; hydrophily; hydrophlorone; hydrophobia; hydrophobic; hydrophobic bond; hydrophobic bonding; hydrophobic colloid; hydrophobic effect; hydrophobic interaction; hydrophobicity; hydrophobic tetanus; hydrophoby; hydrophora; hydrophorograph; hydrophthalmia; hydrophthalmos; Hydrophyidae; hydrophyllium; hydrophyte; hydrophytic vegetation; hydrophytology; hydropic; hydropic degeneration; hydropiper; hydroplasma; hydropneumatosis; hydropneumogony; hydrop neumopericardium; hydropneumoperitoneum; hydropneumothorax; hydroponics; hydroposia; hydropote; hydrops; hydrops articuli; hydrops foetalis; hydrops ovarii; hydrops pericardii; hydrops tubae; hydrops tubae profluens; hydropyonephrosis; hydroquinol; hydroquinone; hydrorchis; hydrorheostat; hydrorhiza; hydrorrhoea; hydrosalpinx; hydrosalt; hydrosarca; hydrosarcocele; hydroscope; hydroseed; hydrosere; hydroskeleton; hydrosol; hydrosoma; hydrosome; hydrosorbic; hydrosphere; hydrosphygmograph; hydrostat; hydrostatic; hydrostatical; hydrostatic dilator; hydrostatic pressure; hydrostatics; hydrosudopathy; hydrosudotherapy; hydrosulphate; hydrosulphide; hydrosulphite; hydrosulphuret; hydrosulphureted; hydrosulphuric; hydrosulphurous; hydrosyringomyelia; hydrotaxis; hydrotellurate; hydrotelluric; hydrotheca; hydrotherapeutic; hydrotherapeutics; hydrotherapy; hydrothermal; hydrothermal vent; hydrothionaemia; hydrothionuria; hydrothorax; hydrotic; hydrotomy; hydrotrope; hydrotropic; hydrotropism; hydrotubation; hydroureter; hydrous; hydrous wool fat; hydrovarium; hydroxamic acids; hydroxanthane; hydroxanthic; hydroxide; hydroxides; hydroxocobalamin; hydroxocobemine; hydroxy-; hydroxyacetic acid; hydroxyacetylaminofluorene; hydroxy acid; hydroxyacid-oxoacid transhydrogenase; hydroxy acids; hydroxyacylglutathione hydrolase; hydroxyamphetamine hydrobromide; hydroxyapatite; hydroxyapatites; hydroxybenzoic acids; hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase; hydroxycarbamide; hydroxycarboxylate-viologen-oxidoreductase; hydroxychloroquine; hydroxychloroquine sulfate; hydroxycholanoyl dehydroxylase; hydroxycholecalciferols; hydroxycholesterol 25-hydroxylase; hydroxycholesterols; hydroxychroman; hydroxychromene; hydroxycinnamoyl-CoA-tyramine N-(hydroxycinnamoyl)transferase; hydroxycorticosteroids; hydroxydopamines; hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acids; hydroxyephedrine; hydroxyestrones; hydroxyethylrutoside; hydroxyfatty acid; hydroxyhemin; hydroxyindoleacetic acid; hydroxyindole oxidase; hydroxyisovalerate dehydrogenase; hydroxykynureninuria; hydroxyl; hydroxylamine; hydroxylamine dismutase; hydroxylamine oxidase; hydroxylamines; hydroxylamino; hydroxylapatite; hydroxylase; hydroxylases; hydroxylation; hydroxyl group; hydroxyl radical; hydroxylysine; hydroxymandelonitrile lyase; hydroxymercuribenzoates; hydroxymethyl and formyl transferases; hydroxymethylbilane synthase; hydroxymethyldeoxyuridinemonophosphate kinase; hydroxymethyldihydropterin pyrophosphokinase; hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA reductase inhibitors; hydroxymethylglutaryl CoA reductases; hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA synthase; hydroxymethylgutaryl-CoA hydrolase; hydroxymethylpyrimidine kinase; hydroxymethyluracil DNA glycosylase; hydroxynervone; hydroxynervonic acid; hydroxyneurosporene desaturase; hydroxyphenamate; hydroxyphenylazouracil; hydroxyphenyluria; hydroxypregnenolone; hydroxyprolinaemia; hydroxyproline; hydroxyproline oxidase; hydroxyproline rich glycoprotein; hydroxypropiophenone; hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenases; hydroxypyruvate decarboxylase; hydroxypyruvate isomerase; hydroxyquinol 1,2-dioxygenase; hydroxyquinolines; hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases; hydroxysteroids; hydroxystilbamidine isethionate; hydroxytestosterones; hydroxytoluic acid; hydroxytryptophan decarboxylase; hydroxytryptophol; hydroxyurea; hydroxy-Y base; hydroxyzine; hydrozoa; hydrozoal; hydrozoon; hydruret; hydrus; hyena; hyetograph; hyetographic; hyetography; hygeia; hygieiolatry; hygieiology; hygieist; hygiene; hygienic; hygienic laboratory coefficient; hygienist; hygiology; hygric; hygric acid; hygrine; hygro-; hygrodeik; hygrograph; hygrology; hygroma; hygroma colli cysticum; hygrometer; hygrometry; hygromycin; hygromycin b; hygromycin-B kinase; hygrophobia; hygrophthalmic; hygroplasm; hygroscope; hygroscopic; hygroscopic expansion; hygroscopicity; hygrostomia; Hyl; hyla; hylaeosaurus; hylarchical; hylase; hylephobia; hylic; hylicist; hylic tumour; hylism; HYL kinase; hylobate; hylobates; hylobatidae; hylodes; hyloist; hyloma; hylophagous; hylotheism; hylozoism; hymar; hymecromone; hymen; hymenal; hymenal caruncula; hymen bifenestratus; hymenectomy; hymenitis; hymenium; hymenoid; hymenolepiasis; hymenolepidid; Hymenolepididae; hymenolepis; Hymenolepis diminuta; Hymenolepis lanceolata; Hymenolepis nana; Hymenolepis nana fraterna; hymenology; hymenomycetes; hymenophore; hymenopter; hymenoptera; hymenopteran; hymenopterous; hymenorrhaphy; hymenostomatida; hymenotomy; hymen sculptatus; hymen subseptus; hymnody; hymnographer; hymnography; hymnologist; hymnology; Hynes; Hynes pharyngoplasty; hyo-; hyobranchial cleft; hyoepiglottic; hyoepiglottic ligament; hyoepiglottidean; hyoganoidei; hyoglossal; hyoglossal membrane; hyoglossal muscle; hyoglossus muscle; hyoid; hyoid apparatus; hyoid arch; hyoid bone; hyomandibular; hyomandibular cleft; hyomental; hyopastron; hyopharyngeus; hyoscine; hyoscine hydrobromide; hyoscyamine; hyoscyamine (6S)-dioxygenase; hyoscyamine sulfate; hyoscyamus; hyosternal; hyosternum; Hyostrongylus rubidus; hyostylic; hyothyroid; Hyp; hyp-; hypacusia; hypacusis; hypalbuminaemia; hypalgesia; hypalgesic; hypalgia; hypamnios; hypanakinesia; hypanthium; hypapophysis; Hypaque enema; hypaque swallow; hyparterial; hyparterial bronchi; hypaxial; hypazoturia; hypencephalon; hypengyophobia; hyper; hyperabduction syndrome; hyperacanthosis; hyperacid; hyperacidity; hyperactive child syndrome; hyperactivity; hyperacusis; hyperacute purulent conjunctivitis; hyperacute rejection; hyperadenosis; hyperadiposis; hyperadrenalcorticalism; hyperadrenocorticalism; hyperadrenocorticism; hyperaemia; hyperaemic; hyperaesthesia; hyperalaninaemia; hyperaldosteronism; hyperalgesia; hyperalgesic; hyperalgia; hyperalimentation; hyperallantoinuria; hyperalphalipoproteinaemia; hyperaminoaciduria; hyperammonaemia; hyperamylasaemia; hyperanacinesia; hyperanakinesia; hyperandrogenism; hyperaphia; hyperaphic; hyperapophysis; hyperargininaemia; hyperbaric; hyperbaric anaesthesia; hyperbaric chamber; hyperbaric medicine; hyperbaric oxygen; hyperbaric oxygenation; hyperbaric oxygen therapy; hyperbaric spinal anaesthesia; hyperbarism; hyperbasic aminoaciduria; hyper-beta-alaninaemia; hyper-beta-aminoisobutyric aciduria; hyperbetalipoproteinaemia; hyperbilirubinaemia; hyperbilirubinaemia, hereditary; hyperbola; hyperbolical; hyperbolically; hyperboloid; hyperborean; hyperbrachycephaly; hypercalcaemia; hypercalcemia; hypercalcinuria; hypercalciuria; hypercalcuria; hypercapnia; hypercarbia; hypercarbureted; hypercardia; hypercatabolic; hypercatabolism; hypercatharsis; hypercathartic; hypercathexis; hypercementosis; hyperchloraemia; hyperchloraemic acidosis; hyperchlorhydria; hyperchloric; hyperchloruria; hypercholesteraemia; hypercholesterinaemia; hypercholesterolaemia; hypercholesterolaemia, familial; hypercholesterolia; hypercholia; hyperchromaffinism; hyperchromasia; hyperchromatic; hyperchromatism; hyperchromia; hyperchromic; hyperchromic anaemia; hyperchromic effect; hyperchromicity; hyperchylia; hyperchylomicronaemia; hypercinesia; hypercinesis; hypercoagulability; hypercoagulable; hypercorticoidism; hypercortisolism; hypercryalgesia; hypercryesthesia; hypercupraemia; hypercyanotic; hypercyanotic angina; hypercyesis; hypercythemia; hypercytochromia; hypercytosis; hyperdicrotic; hyperdicrotism; hyperdicrotous; hyperdiploid; hyperdipsia; hyperdistention; hyperdulia; hyperdynamia; hyperdynamic; hyperechoic; hyperemesis; hyperemesis gravidarum; hyperemetic; hyperencephaly; hyperendemic disease; hypereosinophilia; hypereosinophilic syndrome; hyperephidrosis; hyperepithymia; hyperergasia; hyperergia; hyperergic; hyperergic encephalitis; hypererythrocythemia; hyperesophoria; hyperesthesia; hyperesthesia optica; hyperesthetic; hypereuryprosopic; hyperexophoria; hyperextension; hyperextension-hyperflexion injury; hyperferraemia; hyperfibrinogenaemia; hyperfibrinolysis; hyperflexion; hyperfocal distance; hyperfolliculoidism; hyperfractionation; hyperfructosaemia; hyperfunctional occlusion; hypergalactosis; hypergammaglobulinaemia; hyperganglionosis; hypergasia; hypergenesis; hypergenetic; hypergenic teratosis; hypergenitalism; hypergeusia; hypergia; hypergic; hyperglandular; hyperglobulia; hyperglobulinaemia; hyperglobulinaemic purpura; hyperglobulinemic purpura; hyperglycaemia; hyperglycaemic-glycogenolytic factor; hyperglycaemic hyperosmolar nonketotic coma; hyperglycemia; hyperglyceridemia; hyperglycinaemia; hyperglycinuria; hyperglycogenolysis; hyperglycorrhachia; hyperglycosaemia; hyperglycosuria; hyperglyoxylaemia; hypergnosis; hypergonadism; hypergonadotrophic; hypergonadotropic; hypergonadotropic hypogonadism; hypergranulosis; hypergravity; hyperguanidinaemia; hypergynecosmia; hyperhedonia; hyperhemoglobinaemia; hyperheparinaemia; hyperhidrosis; hyperhidrosis oleosa; hyperhydration; hyperhydrochloria; hyperhydrochloridia; hyperhydropexy; hyperhydroxyprolinaemia; hypericin; hypericum; hyperidrosis; hyperimidodipeptiduria; hyperimmune; hyperimmune antibody; hyperimmune serum; hyperimmunity; hyperimmunization; hyperimmunoglobulin E syndrome; hyperindicanaemia; hyperinfection; hyperinosaemia; hyperinosis; hyperinsulinaemia; hyperinsulinism; hyperinvolution; hyperion; hyperisotonic; hyperkalaemia; hyperkalaemic periodic paralysis; hyperkaliaemia; hyperkaluresis; hyperkeratinization; hyperkeratomycosis; hyperkeratosis; hyperkeratosis congenita; hyperkeratosis eccentrica; hyperkeratosis, epidermolytic; hyperkeratosis figurata centrifuga atrophica; hyperkeratosis follicularis et parafollicularis; hyperkeratosis lenticularis perstans; hyperkeratosis penetrans; hyperkeratosis subungualis; hyperketonaemia; hyperketonuria; hyperkinaemia; hyperkinesia; hyperkinesis; hyperkinetic; hyperkinetic dysarthria; hyperkinetic heart syndrome; hyperkinetic syndrome; hyperlactation; hyperleukocytosis; hyperlexia; hyperlipaemia; hyperlipidaemia; hyperlipidemia; hyperlipidemia, familial combined; hyperlipoidemia; hyperlipoproteinaemia; hyperlipoproteinaemia type III; hyperlipoproteinaemia type IV; hyperlipoproteinaemia type v; hyperliposis; hyperlithuria; hyperlogia; hyperlordosis; hyperlucent; hyperlucent lung; hyperlysinaemia; hyperlysinuria; hypermagnesaemia; hypermastia; hypermastigote; hypermature cataract; hypermedia; hypermenorrhoea; hypermetabolism; hypermetamorphosis; hypermethioninaemia; hypermetria; hypermetrope; hypermetropia; hypermetropy; hypermnesia; hypermobility; hypermobility syndrome; hypermorph; hypermutable phenotype; hypermyotonia; hypermyotrophy; hypernatraemia; hypernatraemic encephalopathy; hyperneocytosis; hypernephroid; hypernephroma; hypernephronia; hypernoea; hypernoia; hypernomic; hypernutrition; hyperoartia; hyperoncotic; hyperonychia; hyperope; hyperopia; hyperopic; hyperopic astigmatism; hyperorality; hyperorchidism; hyperorexia; hyperornithinaemia; hyperornithinaemia-hyperammonaemia-hypercitrullinuria syndrome; hyperorthocytosis; hyperosmia; hyperosmolality; hyperosmolarity; hyperosmolar nonketotic coma; hyperosmotic; hyperosphresia; hyperosteoidosis; hyperostosis; hyperostosis, cortical, congenital; hyperostosis corticalis deformans; hyperostosis, diffuse idiopathic skeletal; hyperostosis frontalis interna; hyperostosis, sternocostoclavicular; hyperostotic spondylosis; hyperotreta; hyperovarianism; hyperoxaluria; hyperoxaluria, primary; hyperoxia; hyperoxidation; hyperoxide; hyperoxygenised; hyperoxymuriate; hyperoxymuriatic; hyperpancreatism; hyperparasite; hyperparasitism; hyperparathyroidism; hyperparotidism; hyperpathia; hyperpepsia; hyperpepsinia; hyperperistalsis; hyperphagia; hyperphalangism; hyperphenylalaninaemia; hyperphonesis; hyperphonia; hyperphoria; hyperphosphataemia; hyperphosphatasaemia; hyperphosphatasia; hyperphosphatemia; hyperphosphaturia; hyperphrenia; hyperphysical; hyperpiesia; hyperpietic; hyperpigmentation; hyperpigmented; hyperpipecolatemia; hyperpipecolic acidemia; hyperpituitarism; hyperplane eyepiece; hyperplasia; hyperplastic; hyperplastic arteriosclerosis; hyperplastic cholecystosis; hyperplastic gastric polyp; hyperplastic gingivitis; hyperplastic graft; hyperplastic inflammation; hyperplastic osteoarthritis; hyperplastic polyp; hyperploidy; hyperpnea; hyperpolarization; hyperponesis; hyperpotassaemia; hyperpragia; hyperpraxia; hyperprebetalipoproteinaemia; hyperprochoresis; hyperproinsulinaemia; hyperprolactinaemia; hyperprolactinaemic amenorrhoea; hyperprolactinemia; hyperproliferation; hyperprolinaemia; hyperprosexia; hyperproteinaemia; hyperproteosis; hyperpyretic; hyperpyrexia; hyperpyrexial; hyperquantivalent idea; hyperreactive malarious splenomegaly; hyperreflexia; hyperreflexic bladder; hyperresonance; hypersalaemia; hypersaline; hypersalivation; hypersarcosinaemia; hypersecretion; hypersecretion glaucoma; hypersegmented neutrophil; hypersensitive dentin; hypersensitiveness; hypersensitive response; hypersensitive site; hypersensitive xiphoid syndrome; hypersensitivity; hypersensitivity, delayed; hypersensitivity, immediate; hypersensitivity pneumonitis; hypersensitivity reaction; hypersensitivity vasculitis; hypersensitization; hyperserotonaemia; hyperskeocytosis; hypersomatotropism; hypersomnia; hypersonic; hyperspace; hypersphyxia; hypersplenism; hypersteatosis; hypersthene; hypersthenia; hypersthenic; hypersthenuria; hyperstimulation; hypersusceptibility; hypersystole; hypersystolic; hypertelorism; hypertely; hypertensin; hypertensinogen; hypertension; hypertension, malignant; hypertension, portal; hypertension, pulmonary; hypertension, renal; hypertension, renovascular; hypertensive; hypertensive angiopathy; hypertensive arteriopathy; hypertensive arteriosclerosis; hypertensive encephalopathy; hypertensive retinopathy; hypertensor; hypertestoidism; hyperthecosis; hyperthelia; hyperthermalgesia; hyperthermia; hyperthermia, induced; hyperthermoesthesia; hyperthermophile; hyperthermophilic; hyperthrombinaemia; hyperthymia; hyperthymic; hyperthymism; hyperthymization; hyperthyrea; hyperthyroid; hyperthyroid heart; hyperthyroidism; hyperthyroxinaemia; hypertonia; hypertonia polycythemica; hypertonic; hypertonic bladder; hypertonicity; hypertonic solution; hypertonic solutions; hypertrichiasis; hypertrichophrydia; hypertrichosis; hypertrichosis lanuginosa; hypertrichosis partialis; hypertrichosis universalis; hypertriglyceridaemia; hypertriglyceridemia; hypertroph; hypertrophia; hypertrophic; hypertrophical; hypertrophic arthritis; hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; hypertrophic cervical pachymeningitis; hypertrophic dystrophy; hypertrophic gastritis; hypertrophic interstitial neuropathy; hypertrophic osteoarthropathy; hypertrophic pyloric stenosis; hypertrophic rhinitis; hypertrophic rosacea; hypertrophic scar; hypertrophied; hypertrophied lenticels; hypertrophy; hypertrophy, left ventricular; hypertrophy, right ventricular; hypertropia; hypertyrosinaemia; hyperuracil thyminuria; hyperuresis; hyperuricaemia; hyperuricaemic; hyperuricuria; hypervaccination; hypervalinaemia; hypervariable region; hypervariable regions; hypervascular; hypervascular liver metastases; hyperventilate; hyperventilation; hyperventilation test; hyperventilation tetany; hyperviscosity syndrome; hypervitaminosis; hypervitaminosis A; hypervitaminosis D; hypervolaemia; hypervolaemic; hypervolia; hypesthesia; hypha; hyphae; hyphaema; hyphedonia; hyphema; hyphemia; Hyphomyces destruens; hyphomycetes; hyphomycosis; hypidiomorphic; hypinosis; hypn-; hypnagogic; hypnagogic hallucination; hypnagogic image; hypnagogue; hypnalgia; hypnapagogic; hypnesthesia; hypnic; hypno-; hypnoanalysis; hypnoanalytic; hypnocatharsis; hypnocinematograph; hypnocyst; hypnodontics; hypnogenesis; hypnogenic; hypnogenic spot; hypnoidal; hypnoid state; hypnologist; hypnology; hypnophobia; hypnopompic; hypnopompic hallucination; hypnopompic image; hypnosis; hypnotherapy; hypnotic; hypnotic psychotherapy; hypnotic relationship; hypnotic sleep; hypnotic state; hypnotic suggestion; hypnotise; hypnotism; hypnotist; hypnotoid; hypnozoite; hypnum; hypo-; hypoacidity; hypoacusis; hypoadenia; hypoadrenalism; hypoaesthesia; hypoalbuminaemia; hypoaldosteronism; hypoaldosteronuria; hypoalgesia; hypoalimentation; hypoallergenic; hypoarian; hypoarion; hypoazoturia; hypobaria; hypobaric; hypobaric spinal anaesthesia; hypobarism; hypobaropathy; hypobetalipoproteinaemia; hypobetalipoproteinaemia with apo B-37; hypoblast; hypoblastic; hypobranchial; hypobranchial eminence; hypobromite; hypobromous acid; hypocalcaemia; hypocalcaemic cataract; hypocalcemia; hypocalcification; hypocapnia; hypocarbia; hypocarpium; hypocarpogean; hypocelom; hypochloraemia; hypochloraemic; hypochlorhydria; hypochlorite; hypochlorous; hypochlorous acid; hypochloruria; hypocholesteraemia; hypocholesterinaemia; hypocholesterolaemia; hypocholia; hypochondria; hypochondriac; hypochondriacal; hypochondriacal melancholia; hypochondriacal neurosis; hypochondriacism; hypochondriac region; hypochondrial reflex; hypochondriasis; hypochondriasm; hypochondrium; hypochondroplasia; hypochordal; hypochromasia; hypochromatic; hypochromatism; hypochromia; hypochromic; hypochromic anaemia; hypochromic effect; hypochromicity; hypochromic microcytic anaemia; hypochrosis; hypochylia; hypocinesis; hypocist; hypocitraturia; hypocleidium; hypocomplementemia; hypocomplementemic glomerulonephritis; hypocomplementemic vasculitis; hypocone; hypoconid; hypoconule; hypoconulid; hypocorticoidism; hypocotyl; hypocrateriform; hypocraterimorphous; hypocreales; hypocrisy; hypocrite; hypocrystalline; hypocupraemia; hypocycloid; hypocycloidal; hypocystotomy; hypocythemia; hypocytosis; hypodactylum; hypodactyly; hypoderm; hypoderma; hypodermatic; hypodermatoclysis; hypodermatomy; hypodermatosis; hypodermic; hypodermic injection; hypodermic needle; hypodermic syringe; hypodermic tablet; hypodermis; hypodermoclysis; hypodermolithiasis; hypodermyiasis; hypodicrotous; hypodiploid; hypodipsia; hypodontia; hypodynamia; hypodynamic; hypoeccrisis; hypoeccritic; hypoechoic; hypoendemic; hypoeosinophilia; hypoesophoria; hypoesthesia; hypoexophoria; hypoferraemia; hypoferric anaemia; hypofibrinogenaemia; hypofunction; hypogaeic; hypogalactia; hypogalactous; hypogammaglobinaemia; hypogammaglobulinaemia; hypoganglionosis; hypogastric; hypogastric artery; hypogastric ganglia; hypogastric nerve; hypogastric plexus; hypogastric reflex; hypogastric vein; hypogastrium; hypogastrocele; hypogastropagus; hypogastroschisis; hypogeal; hypogean; hypogene; hypogenesis; hypogenetic; hypogenitalism; hypogeous; hypogeusia; hypoglobulia; hypoglossal; hypoglossal canal; hypoglossal eminence; hypoglossal nerve; hypoglossal nucleus; hypoglossal trigone; hypoglossis; hypoglossus; hypoglottis; hypoglycaemia; hypoglycaemic; hypoglycaemic agents; hypoglycaemic coma; hypoglycins; hypoglycogenolysis; hypoglycorrhachia; hypognathous; hypognathus; hypognatous; hypogonadism; hypogonadism with anosmia; hypogonadotropic; hypogonadotropic eunuchoidism; hypogonadotropic hypogonadism; hypogranulocytosis; hypogravity; hypogyn; hypogynous; hypohepatia; hypohidrosis; hypohidrotic; hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia; hypohyal; hypohydraemia; hypohydrochloria; hypohyloma; hypohypnotic; hypoisotonic; hypokalaemia; hypokalaemic nephropathy; hypokalaemic periodic paralysis; hypokinaemia; hypokinesia; hypokinesis; hypokinetic; hypokinetic dysarthria; hypolepidoma; hypoleukaemia; hypoleydigism; hypolimnion; hypolipoproteinaemia; hypoliposis; hypologia; hypolymphemia; hypomagnesaemia; hypomania; hypomastia; hypomazia; hypomelancholia; hypomelanosis; hypomelanosis of Ito; hypomelia; hypomenorrhoea; hypomere; hypometabolic state; hypometabolic syndrome; hypometabolism; hypometria; hypomnesia; hypomorph; hypomotility; hypomyelination; hypomyotonia; hypomyxia; hyponastic; hyponasty; hyponatraemia; hyponeocytosis; hyponitrite; hyponitrous; hyponoia; hyponychial; hyponychium; hyponychon; hypooncotic; hypoorthocytosis; hypoosmotic; hypoovarianism; hypopancreatism; hypopancreorrhoea; hypoparathyroidism; hypoparathyroidism syndrome; hypoparathyroid tetany; hypopepsia; hypoperistalsis; hypophalangism; hypopharyngeal diverticulum; hypopharynx; hypophonesis; hypophonia; hypophoria; hypophosphataemia; hypophosphatasaemia; hypophosphatasia; hypophosphate; hypophosphatemia; hypophosphatemia, familial; hypophosphaturia; hypophosphite; hypophosphoric; hypophosphorous; hypophosphorous acid; hypophrasia; hypophyllous; hypophyseal; hypophyseal cachexia; hypophyseal pouch; hypophysectomise; hypophysectomy; hypophysectomy, chemical; hypophyseoportal system; hypophyseoprivic; hypophyseotropic; hypophysial; hypophysial amenorrhoea; hypophysial cachexia; hypophysial duct; hypophysial dwarf; hypophysial fossa; hypophysial infantilism; hypophysial portal circulation; hypophysial portal system; hypophysial syndrome; hypophysin; hypophysioportal system; hypophysioprivic; hypophysio-sphenoidal syndrome; hypophysiotropic; hypophysiotropic hormone; hypophysis; hypophysis cerebri; hypophysis sicca; hypophysitis; hypopiesis; hypopigmentation; hypopigmented; hypopituitarism; hypoplasia; hypoplasia of right ventricle; hypoplasia of the thymus and parathyroids; hypoplastic; hypoplastic anaemia; hypoplastic foetal chondrodystrophy; hypoplastic heart; hypoplastic left heart syndrome; hypoplastron; hypoploidy; hypopnea; hypoposia; hypopotassaemia; hypopraxia; hypoproaccelerinaemia; hypoproconvertinaemia; hypoproliferative anaemia; hypoproteinaemia; hypoproteinosis; hypoprothrombinaemia; hypoptilum; hypoptyalism; hypopyon; hypopyon ulcer; hyporadius; hyporeflexia; hyporeninaemia; hyporeninaemic; hyporeninaemic hypoaldosteronism; hyporhachis; hyporiboflavinosis; hyposalaemia; hyposalivation; hyposarca; hyposcheotomy; hyposcleral; hyposensitivity; hyposensitization; hyposkeletal; hyposkeocytosis; hyposmia; hyposmosis; hyposmotic; hyposomatotropism; hyposomia; hyposomniac; hypospadiac; hypospadias; hyposphresia; hyposphyxia; hyposplenism; hypostasis; hypostatic; hypostatic abscess; hypostatical; hypostatic congestion; hypostatic ectasia; hypostatic pneumonia; hyposternum; hyposthenia; hypostheniant; hyposthenic; hyposthenuria; hypostoma; hypostome; hypostomia; hypostosis; hypostrophe; hypostypsis; hypostyptic; hyposulphate; hyposulphite; hyposulphuric; hyposulphurous; hyposupradrenalism; hyposystole; hypotarsus; hypotaurine aminotransferase; hypotaxia; hypotelorism; hypotension; hypotension, orthostatic; hypotensive; hypotensive anaesthesia; hypotensor; hypothalamic; hypothalamic amenorrhoea; hypothalamic area, anterior; hypothalamic area, lateral; hypothalamic histiocytoma; hypothalamic hormones; hypothalamic infundibulum; hypothalamic neoplasms; hypothalamic obesity with hypogonadism; hypothalamic sulcus; hypothalamocerebellar fibres; hypothalamo-hypophyseal system; hypothalamohypophysial; hypothalamohypophysial portal circulation; hypothalamohypophysial portal system; hypothalamohypophysial tract; hypothalamus; hypothalamus, anterior; hypothalamus, middle; hypothalamus, posterior; hypothecation; hypothenar; hypothenar eminence; hypothenar prominence; hypothenuse; hypothermal; hypothermia; hypothermia, induced; hypothermic anaesthesia; hypothesis; hypothetical mean organism; hypothetical mean strain; hypothrombinaemia; hypothromboplastinaemia; hypothymia; hypothymic; hypothymism; hypothyroid; hypothyroid dwarf; hypothyroid dwarfism; hypothyroid infantilism; hypothyroidism; hypothyroxinaemia; hypotonia; hypotonic; hypotonicity; hypotonic solution; hypotonic solutions; hypotonus; hypotoxicity; hypotricha; hypotrichiasis; hypotrichida; hypotrichosis; hypotriglyceridaemia; hypotrochoid; hypotrophy; hypotropia; hypotympanotomy; hypotympanum; hypouresis; hypouricaemia; hypouricuria; hypovarianism; hypoventilation; hypoventilation coma; hypovirulence; hypovitaminosis; hypovolaemia; hypovolaemic; hypovolaemic shock; hypovolemic shock; hypovolia; hypoxaemia; hypoxaemia test; hypoxanthin; hypoxanthine; hypoxanthine-aminopterin-thymine medium; hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyl tranferase marker; hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyltransferase; hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyl transferase; hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyltransferase deficiency; hypoxanthine-guanine-xanthine phosphoribosyltransferase; hypoxanthine oxidase; hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase; hypoxanthines; hypoxanthinosine; hypoxemia; hypoxia; hypoxia-ischemia; hypoxia warning system; hypoxic; hypoxic-hypercarbic encephalopathy; hypoxic hypoxia; hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy; hypoxic nephrosis; hypozoic; hypsarhythmia; hypsi-; hypsibrachycephalic; hypsicephaly; hypsiconchous; hypsiloid; hypsiloid angle; hypsiloid cartilage; hypsiloid ligament; hypsistaphylia; hypsistenocephalic; hypsocephaly; hypsochromic; hypsodont; hypsometer; hypural; hypurgia; hyracoid; hyracoidea; hyrax; hyraxes; hyrse; hyrst; Hyrtl, Joseph; Hyrtl's anastomosis; Hyrtl's epitympanic recess; Hyrtl's foramen; Hyrtl's loop; Hyrtl's sphincter; hyson; hyssop; hysteralgia; hysteranthous; hysteratresia; hysterectomy; hysterectomy, abdominal; hysterectomy, complete; hysterectomy, partial; hysterectomy, subtotal; hysterectomy, total; hysterectomy, vaginal; hysteresis; hystereurysis; hysteria; hysterical; hysterical amblyopia; hysterical anaesthesia; hysterical ataxia; hysterical blindness; hysterical chorea; hysterical convulsion; hysterical deafness; hysterical gait; hysterical joint; hysterical neurosis; hysterical paralysis; hysterical polydipsia; hysterical pregnancy; hysterical psychosis; hysterical spinal neuralgia; hysterical syncope; hysterical torticollis; hysterical tremor; hysterical vertigo; hystericoneuralgic; hysterics; hystero-; hysterocatalepsy; hysterocele; hysterocleisis; hysterocolposcope; hysterocystopexy; hysterodynia; hysteroepilepsy; hysterogenic; hysterogram; hysterograph; hysterography; hysteroid; hysterolith; hysterology; hysterolysis; hysterometer; hysteromyoma; hysteromyomectomy; hysteromyotomy; hysteronarcolepsy; hysteron proteron; hystero-oophorectomy; hysteropathy; hysteropexy; hysterophore; hysterophyte; hysteroplasty; hysterorrhaphy; hysterorrhexis; hysterosalpingectomy; hysterosalpingogram; hysterosalpingogram: kidde technique; hysterosalpingography; hysterosalpingo-oophorectomy; hysterosalpingostomy; hysteroscope; hysteroscopy; hysterospasm; hysterosystole; hysterothermometry; hysterotomy; hysterotonin; hysterotrachelectomy; hysterotracheloplasty; hysterotrachelorrhaphy; hysterotrachelotomy; hysterotrismus; hysterotubography; hystricine; hystricomorphous; hystrix; Hz;


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