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L11 methyltransferase; L-2,3,4,5-tetrahydrodipicolinate succinyl coenzyme A succinyltransferase; L-2-hydroxyacid oxidase; L-3,4-dihydroxy-2-butanone-4-phosphate synthase; L49-sFv-beta-lactamase; La; lab; labadist; Laband, Peter; Laband's syndrome; labarraque's solution; Labbe, Ernest; Labbe, Leon; Labbe's neurocirculatory syndrome; Labbe's triangle; Labbe's vein; labdanum; label; labelled atom; labelled thyroxine; la belle indifference; labellum; labetalol; labetalol hydrochloride; labia; labial; labial arch; labial bar; labial commissure; labial embrasure; labial flange; labial gingiva; labial glands; labial hernia; labialism; labially; labial occlusion; labial part of orbicularis oris muscle; labial splint; labial sulcus; labial surface; labial tubercle; labial veins; labial vestibule; labia majora; labia minora; labia oris; labiate; labiated; labiatifloral; labia uteri; labidometer; labile; labile affect; labile current; labile elements; labile factor; labile hypertension; labile pulse; lability; labimeter; labio-; labiocervical; labiochorea; labioclination; labiodental; labiodental sulcus; labiogingival; labiogingival lamina; labioglossolaryngeal; labioglossopharyngeal; labiograph; labiolingual appliance; labiolingual plane; labiomental; labionasal; labiopalatine; labioplacement; labioplasty; labioscrotal folds; labioscrotal swellings; labiose; labioversion; labipalpus; labitome; labium; labium anterius ostii uteri; labium externum cristae iliacae; labium inferius oris; labium internum cristae iliacae; labium laterale lineae asperae; labium limbi tympanicum laminae spiralis; labium limbi vestibulare laminae spiralis; labium majus; labium majus pudendi; labium mediale lineae asperae; labium minus; labium minus pudendi; labium posterius ostii uteri; labium superius oris; labium vocale; lablab; laborant; laboratorian; laboratories; laboratories, dental; laboratories, hospital; laboratory; laboratory animal science; laboratory chemicals; laboratory diagnosis; laboratory infection; laboratory personnel; laboratory techniques and procedures; labour; labour complications; laboured respiration; labour onset; labour pains; labour, premature; labour presentation; labra; labrador; labradorite; Labrador keratopathy; labrale inferius; labrale superius; labrocyte; labroid; labrum; labrum acetabulare; labrum articulare; labrum glenoidale; labrus; la-burnine; laburnum; labyrinth; labyrinthectomy; labyrinthibranch; labyrinthici; labyrinthine; labyrinthine angiospasm; labyrinthine apoplexy; labyrinthine artery; labyrinthine fluids; labyrinthine nystagmus; labyrinthine placenta; labyrinthine reflexes; labyrinthine righting reflexes; labyrinthine torticollis; labyrinthine veins; labyrinthine vertigo; labyrinthine wall of middle ear; labyrinthitis; labyrinthodon; labyrinthodont; labyrinthodonta; labyrinthotomy; labyrinth supporting cells; labyrinthus; labyrinthus cochlearis; labyrinthus ethmoidalis; labyrinthus membranaceus; labyrinthus osseus; labyrinthus vestibularis; lac; lacca; laccase; laccic; laccin; laccolith; lace; lace-bark; lacerable; lacerate; lacerated; lacerated foramen; laceration; lacert; lacerta; lacertian; lacertilia; lacertiloid; lacertine; lacertus; lacertus cordis; lacertus fibrosus; lacertus medius; lacertus musculi recti lateralis; lacertus of lateral rectus muscle; lacewing; lace-winged; lachman's test; Lachman test; lachrymal; lachrymatory; LACI; lacing; lacinia; laciniae tubae; laciniate; laciniated; laciniate ligament; laciniolate; lacinula; lacis cell; lack; lackey; laconian; laconical; Lac operon; lacquer; lacrimal; lacrimal apparatus; lacrimal apparatus diseases; lacrimal artery; lacrimal bay; lacrimal bone; lacrimal border of maxilla; lacrimal calculus; lacrimal canaliculus; lacrimal caruncle; lacrimal conjunctivitis; lacrimal duct obstruction; lacrimal fascia; lacrimal fistula; lacrimal fold; lacrimal fossa; lacrimal gland; lacrimal gland enlargement; lacrimal groove; lacrimal hamulus; lacrimal lake; lacrimal margin of maxilla; lacrimal nerve; lacrimal notch; lacrimal opening; lacrimal papilla; lacrimal part of orbicularis oculi muscle; lacrimal process; lacrimal punctum; lacrimal reflex; lacrimal sac; lacrimal vein; lacrimation; lacrimator; lacrimatory; lacrimoconchal suture; lacrimo-gustatory reflex; lacrimomaxillary suture; lacrimotomy; la crosse virus; lacrymiform; lac sulfuris; lact-; lactacidemia; lactacidosis; lactacid oxygen debt; lactalbumin; lactam; lactamic; lactamide; lactams; lactary; lactase; lactase deficiency; lactase restriction; lactate; lactate 2-mono-oxygenase; lactate-2-sulfate sulfatase; lactate dehydratase; lactate dehydrogenase; lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes; lactate dehydrogenase virus; lactated Ringer's injection; lactated Ringer's solution; lactate level; lactates; lactating adenoma; lactation; lactational; lactational mastitis; lactation amenorrhoea; lactation disorders; lactation hormone; lactatriaosylceramide beta 1-3 galactosyltransferase; lacteal; lacteal cyst; lacteal fistula; lacteal vessel; lactean; lactenin; lactescence; lactescent; lactic; lactic acid; lactic acid bacillus; lactic acid bacteria; lactic acid dehydrogenase; lactic acidemia; lactic acid fermentation; lactic acid level; lactic acidosis; lactic acid oxidative decarboxylase; lactic dehydrogenase; lactide; lactiferous; lactiferous ampulla; lactiferous ducts; lactiferous gland; lactiferous sinus; lactifugal; lactifuge; lactigenous; lactigerous; lactim; lactimide; lactimorbus; lactin; lactinated; lactoabumin; lactobacillaceae; lactobacillary milk; lactobacilli; lactobacillic acid; lactobacillus; lactobacillus acidophilus; Lactobacillus bifidus; Lactobacillus bifidus pennsylvanicus; Lactobacillus brevis; Lactobacillus buchneri; Lactobacillus bulgaricus; Lactobacillus bulgaricus factor; lactobacillus casei; Lactobacillus casei factor; Lactobacillus catenaformis; Lactobacillus cellobiosus; Lactobacillus confusus; Lactobacillus coprophilus; Lactobacillus coryniformis; Lactobacillus crispatus; Lactobacillus curvatus; Lactobacillus delbrueckii; Lactobacillus fermentum; Lactobacillus fructivorans; Lactobacillus helveticus; Lactobacillus heterohiochi; Lactobacillus hilgardii; Lactobacillus homohiochii; Lactobacillus jensenii; Lactobacillus lactis; Lactobacillus leichmannii; Lactobacillus plantarum; Lactobacillus salivarius; Lactobacillus trichodes; Lactobacillus viridescens; lactobutyrometer; lactocele; lactochrome; lactococcal lysine aminopeptidase; lactococcus; lactococcus lactis; lactocrit; lactodensimeter; lactoferrin; lactoflavin; lactogen; lactogenesis; lactogenic; lactogenic factor; lactogenic hormone; lactoglobulin; lactoglobulins; lactometer; lactonase; lacto-N-biosidase; lactone; lactonic; lacto-ovo-vegetarian; lactoperoxidase; lactoprotein; lactorrhoea; lactory; lactoscope; lactose; lactose carrier protein; lactose factors; lactose intolerance; lactose-litmus agar; lactose operon; lactose permease; lactose repressor; lactose synthase; lactosuria; lactosylceramidase; lactosylceramides; lactotherapy; lactotropin; lactovegetarian; lactoylglutathione lyase; lactuca; lactucic; lactucin; lactucone; lactulose; lacturamic; lactyl; lacuna; lacuna cerebri; lacunae laterales; lacuna magna; lacuna musculorum; lacuna pharyngis; lacunar; lacunar abscess; lacunar amnesia; lacunar ligament; lacunar skull; lacunar state; lacunar tonsillitis; lacunate; lacuna urethralis; lacuna vasorum; lacunous; lacunule; lacus; lacus lacrimalis; lacus seminalis; lacustrine; lac vaccinum; lad; Ladd; ladder; laddering; ladder splint; Ladd-Franklin; Ladd-Franklin theory; laddie; Ladd's band; Ladd's operation; laden; ladies' eardrops; ladies' tresses; ladin; ladle; lady; ladybird; ladybug; ladyclock; ladyfish; lady-killer; lady-killing; ladykin; ladylove; lady's bedstraw; lady's bower; lady's comb; lady's cushion; lady's finger; lady's garters; lady's hair; lady's laces; lady's looking-glass; lady's mantle; lady's seal; lady's slipper; lady's smock; lady's thimble; lady's thumb; laelaps; Laelaps echidninus; laemic; laemmergeyer; laemodipod; laemodipoda; laemodipodous; Laennec, Rene; Laennec's cirrhosis; Laennec's pearls; LAER; laetere sunday; laetrile; laevigate; laevulose; lafayette; Lafora body; Lafora body disease; Lafora, Gonzalo Rodriguez; Lafora's disease; lag; lagemorpha; lagena; lagenian; lageniform; lagging; lagging strand; lagomorph; lagomorpha; lagoon; lagophthalmia; lagophthalmic keratitis; lagophthalmos; lagopous; lag phase; Lagrange disk; Lahey forceps; Lahey, Frank; Lahore sore; laimer triangle; laissez faire; lai-ty; LAK; lake; lakeweed; Laki-Lorand factor; laky; laky blood; laliatry; laliophobia; Lallemand; Lallemand's bodies; lalling; Lallouette, Pierre; Lallouette's pyramid; lalo; lalochezia; lalognosis; laloplegia; L-alpha-glycerol-phosphate oxidase; l-alpha-narcotine; lama; lamantin; lamarckianism; lamarckian theory; lamarckism; Lamarck, Jean-Baptiste; Lamaze, Fernand; Lamaze method; lamb; Lam B; lambative; lambda; lambda bacteriophage; lambda chain; lambdacism; lambda phage; lambda sign; lambdoid; lambdoid border of occipital bone; lambdoid margin of occipital bone; lambdoid suture; lambdoid suture defect; lamb dysentery; lambert; lambert-eaton myasthenic syndrome; Lambert-Eaton syndrome; Lambert, Edward; lambert pine; Lambert's law; Lambert's syndrome; lambing paralysis; lambing sickness; Lamblia intestinalis; lambliasis; Lambl's excrescences; lambo lambo; Lambrinudi; Lambrinudi operation; lambskin; lamb's-quarters; LAMB syndrome; lame; lamella; lamella of bone; lamellar; lamellar bone; lamellar cataract; lamellar granule; lamellar ichthyosis; lamellar keratoplasty; lamellar phase; lamellate; lamellated corpuscles; lamellibranch; lamellibranchiata; lamellibranchiate; lamellicorn; lamellicornia; lamellipodium; lamellirostral; lamellirostres; lameness, animal; lamentation; lamia; lamiaceae; lamina; lamina affixa; lamina alaris; lamina anterior vaginae musculi recti abdominis; lamina arcus vertebrae; lamina basalis; lamina basalis choroideae; lamina basalis corporis ciliaris; lamina basilaris cochleae; laminable; lamina cartilaginis cricoideae; lamina cartilaginis lateralis tubae auditivae; lamina cartilaginis medialis tubae auditivae; lamina cartilaginis thyroideae; lamina choriocapillaris; lamina choroidea; lamina choroidea epithelialis; lamina choroidocapillaris; lamina cinerea; lamina cribrosa ossis ethmoidalis; lamina cribrosa sclerae; lamina densa; lamina dentata; lamina dorsalis; lamina dura; laminae albae cerebelli; lamina elastica anterior; lamina elastica posterior; laminae medullares cerebelli; laminae medullares thalami; lamina episcleralis; lamina epithelialis; lamina externa cranii; lamina fibrocartilaginea interpubica; lamina fibroreticularis; lamina fusca of sclera; lamina fusca sclerae; laminagram; laminagraph; laminagraphy; lamina horizontalis ossis palatini; lamina interna cranii; lamina internal ossium cranii; lamina lateralis cartilaginis tubae auditivae; lamina lateralis processus pterygoidei; lamina limitans anterior corneae; lamina limitans posterior corneae; lamina lucida; lamina medialis cartilaginis tubae auditivae; lamina medialis processus pterygoidei; lamina medullaris lateralis corporis striati; lamina medullaris medialis corporis striati; lamina membranacea cartilaginis tubae auditivae; lamina modioli; lamina muscularis mucosae; lamin antibodies; lamina of cricoid cartilage; lamina of lens; lamina of mesencephalic tectum; lamina of Rexed; lamina of septum pellucidum; lamina of thyroid cartilage; lamina of tragus; lamina of vertebral arch; lamina orbitalis ossis ethmoidalis; lamina papyracea; lamina parietalis; lamina parietalis pericardii; lamina parietalis tunicae vaginalis testis; lamina perpendicularis; lamina perpendicularis ossis ethmoidalis; lamina perpendicularis ossis palatini; lamina posterior vaginae musculi recti abdominis; lamina pretrachealis; lamina prevertebralis; lamina profunda; lamina profunda fasciae temporalis; lamina profunda musculi levatoris palpebrae superioris; lamina propria; lamina propria mucosae; lamina propria of semicircular duct; lamina quadrigemina; laminar; laminar air flow unit; lamina rara; laminar cortical necrosis; laminar cortical sclerosis; laminar flow; laminaria; laminaribiose phosphorylase; laminarin; laminarite; lamina rostralis; lamina septi pellucidi; lamina spiralis ossea; lamina spiralis secundaria; lamina superficialis; lamina superficialis fasciae cervicalis; lamina superficialis fasciae temporalis; lamina superficialis musculi levatoris palpebrae superioris; lamina suprachoroidea; lamina supraneuroporica; lamina tecti mesencephali; laminated; laminated clot; laminated cortex; laminated epithelial plug; laminated epithelium; laminated thrombus; lamina terminalis cerebri; lamina terminalis of cerebrum; lamination; lamina tragi; lamina vasculosa choroideae; lamina ventralis; lamina visceralis; lamina visceralis pericardii; lamina visceralis tunicae vaginalis testis; lamina vitrea; laminectomy; laminin; laminin receptor; laminiplantar; laminitis; L-aminoadipate semialdehyde dehydrogenase; laminography; laminotomy; lamin proteinase; lamins; lamivudine; lammergeier; lamnunguia; lamotrigine; lamp; lampate; lampbrush chromosome; lamper eel; lampern; lampic; lamplighter; lamprel; lamprey; lampron; lampyrine; lampyris; Lamy; lana; lanarkite; lanate; lanatoside D; lanatosides; lanatosides A, B, and C; lance; Lancefield; Lancefield classification; lance fish; lancelet; lanceolar; lanceolate; lanceolated; lancet; lancewood; lancinating; Lancisi; Lancisi's sign; land; landau damping; landau-kleffner syndrome; land conservation and development commission; lander; landfill gas; landing; landlady; landlocked; landlubber; landmark; Landolfi's sign; Landolt; Landolt's bodies; Landouzy; Landouzy-Dejerine dystrophy; Landouzy-Grasset law; Landry-Guillain-Barre syndrome; Landry, Jean; Landry's paralysis; Landry syndrome; landscape; Landschutz tumour; Landsteiner; Landsteiner-Donath test; Landsteiner, Karl; Landstrom; Landstrom's muscle; land use board of appeals; Landzert; Landzert's fossa; lane; Lane's band; Lane's disease; Lane's kink; Lane's plates; Lang; langaha; langarey; langate; langdak; Lange, Carl F; Lange, Carl G; Langenbeck, Bernhard von; Langenbeck's triangle; Langendorff, Oscar; Langendorff's method; Lange-Nielsen, F; Langer, Carl; langer-giedion syndrome; Langerhans; langerhans cell; langerhans cell histiocytoses; langerhans cells; Langerhans' cells; Langerhans' granule; Langerhans' islands; Langerhans, Paul; Langer's arch; Langer's lines; Langer's muscle; Lange's solution; Lange's test; Langhans' cells; Langhans giant cell; Langhans' layer; Langhans' stria; Langhans, Theodor; Langhans'-type giant cells; Langley; Langley's granules; Langmuir; Langmuir trough; language; language arts; language development; language development disorders; language disorders; language tests; language therapy; language zone; languid; languish; languor; langya; laniariform; laniary; lanioid; lankamycin; Lannelongue; Lannelongue's foramina; Lannelongue's ligaments; lanneret; lanolin; lanosterol; lanosterol 14 alpha-demethylase; lanseh; lant; lantanum; lantanuric; Lanterman; Lanterman's incisures; Lanterman's segments; lantern; lanthanic; lanthanides; lanthanite; lanthanum; lanthionine; lanthionine synthase; lanthopine; lanuginous; lanugo; lanugo hair; Lanz; Lanz's line; LAO; laocoon; lap; L-AP4 receptor; laparectomy; laparo-; laparocele; laparogastroscopy; laparohysterectomy; laparohystero-oophorectomy; laparohysteropexy; laparohysterosalpingo-oophorectomy; laparohysterotomy; laparomyomectomy; laparomyositis; laparorrhaphy; laparosalpingectomy; laparosalpingo-oophorectomy; laparosalpingotomy; laparoscope; laparoscopic; laparoscopically assisted surgery; laparoscopic cannula; laparoscopic cholangiogram; laparoscopic cholecystectomy; laparoscopic knot; laparoscopic surgery; laparoscopy; laparotomy; laparotomy pad; laparotrachelotomy; laparouterotomy; Lapicque; Lapicque's law; lapidification; lapilli; lapinised; lapinization; lapis; lapis lazuli; lap-jointed; Laplace, Ernest; Laplace, Pierre de; Laplace's forceps; Laplace's law; lappaceous; lappet; lapps; La protein; lapse; lapsus calami; laputan; lapwing; Laquer, Ernst; Laquer's stain; lar; L-arabino-aldose dehydrogenase; L-arabinose dehydrogenase; laramie group; larbish; larboard; larch; lard; lardacein; lardaceous; lardaceous liver; large; large breast lesions; large calorie; large cell carcinoma; large cell lymphoma; large, dense breast lesions; large gallbladder; large-hearted; large interarch distance; large intestine; large muscle of helix; large pelvis; large pleural effusion; large pudendal lip; large saphenous vein; large uterus; large vein; large woody debris; lariciresinol reductase; larine; larixinic; lark; lark's-heel; larkspur; larmier; Larmor frequency; larmor radius; laroid; Laron type dwarfism; Laron, Zvi; Laroyenne, Lucien; Laroyenne's operation; Larrey, Baron Dominique Jean de; Larrey's amputation; Larrey's cleft; Larrey-Weil disease; Larsen, Loren; Larsen's syndrome; Larsson, Tage Konrad Leopold; larungoscope; larva; larvaceous; larva currens; larvae; larval; larval conjunctivitis; larvalia; larval plague; larva migrans; larva migrans, visceral; larvate; larvicidal; larvicide; larviform; larviparous; larviphagic; laryngeal; laryngeal aperture; laryngeal atresia; laryngeal bursa; laryngeal cancer; laryngeal cartilages; laryngeal chorea; laryngeal crisis; laryngeal diphtheria; laryngeal diseases; laryngeal epilepsy; laryngeal glands; laryngeal granuloma; laryngeal lymphatic follicles; laryngeal mask; laryngeal masks; laryngeal mucosa; laryngeal muscles; laryngeal neoplasms; laryngeal nerves; laryngeal oedema; laryngeal papilloma; laryngeal papillomatosis; laryngeal part of pharynx; laryngeal pharynx; laryngeal polyp; laryngeal pouch; laryngeal prominence; laryngeal reflex; laryngeal sinus; laryngeal stenosis; laryngeal stridor; laryngeal syncope; laryngeal tonsils; laryngeal veins; laryngeal ventricle; laryngeal vertigo; laryngectomee; laryngectomy; larynges; laryngismus; laryngismus stridulus; laryngitic; laryngitis; laryngitis stridulosa; laryngo-; laryngocele; laryngofissure; laryngograph; laryngography; laryngological; laryngologist; laryngology; laryngomalacia; laryngoparalysis; laryngopharyngeal; laryngopharyngeal branches of superior cervical ganglion; laryngopharyngectomy; laryngopharyngeus; laryngopharyngitis; laryngopharynx; laryngophony; laryngophthisis; laryngoplasty; laryngoplegia; laryngoptosis; laryngoscope; laryngoscopic; laryngoscopist; laryngoscopy; laryngospasm; laryngospastic reflex; laryngostasis; laryngostenosis; laryngostomy; laryngostroboscope; laryngotome; laryngotomy; laryngotracheal; laryngotracheal diphtheria; laryngotracheal diverticulum; laryngotracheal groove; laryngotracheitis; laryngotracheobronchitis; laryngotracheotomy; larynx; larynx, artificial; larypgismus; lasalocid; L-ascorbate-2-sulfate sulfohydrolase; lase; Lasegue; Lasegue's disease; Lasegue's sign; Lasegue's syndrome; laser; laser angioplasty; laser-assisted balloon angioplasty; laser coagulation; laser-doppler flowmetry; laser fusion; lasering; laser interferometer; laser iridotomy; laser microscope; lasers; laser surgery; laser trabeculoplasty; laserwort; lash; Lash, Abraham Fae; Lash's operation; Lasiohelea; L-aspartate oxidase; lass; lassa fever; lassa haemorrhagic fever; Lassa virus; lassitude; lasso; last; latah; Latarget; Latarget's nerve; Latarget's vein; late apical systolic murmur; late benign syphilis; latebra; late cyanosis; late deceleration; late diastole; late diastolic murmur; late effect; late gene; late latent syphilis; late luteal phase dysphoric disorder; latency; latency period; latency phase; latent; latent adrenocortical insufficiency; latent allergy; latent carcinoma; latent carrier; latent coccidioidomycosis; latent content; latent diabetes; latent energy; latent heat; latent homosexuality; latent hyperopia; latent infection; latent learning; latent microbism; latent nystagmus; latent period; latent rat virus; latent reflex; latent schizophrenia; latent stage; latent syphilis; latent tetany; latent typhoid; latent virus; latent zone; late-phase response; laterad; lateral; lateral aberrant thyroid carcinoma; lateral aberration; lateral alveolar abscess; lateral ampullar nerve; lateral angle of eye; lateral angle of scapula; lateral angle of uterus; lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve; lateral anterior thoracic nerve; lateral aperture of the fourth ventricle; lateral arcuate ligament; lateral atlantoaxial joint; lateral atlantoepistrophic joint; lateral atrial vein; lateral basal branch; lateral basal segment; lateral bicipital groove; lateral border; lateral border of foot; lateral border of forearm; lateral border of humerus; lateral border of kidney; lateral border of nail; lateral border of scapula; lateral branches; lateral calcaneal branches of sural nerve; lateral canal; lateral canthus; lateral cartilage; lateral cartilage of nose; lateral cartilaginous layer; lateral central palmar space; lateral cerebral fissure; lateral cerebral fossa; lateral cerebral sulcus; lateral cervical nuclei; lateral circumflex artery of thigh; lateral circumflex femoral artery; lateral circumflex femoral veins; lateral collateral; lateral collateral ligament of ankle; lateral column; lateral column of spinal cord; lateral condylar inclination; lateral condyle; lateral condyle of femur; lateral condyle of tibia; lateral cord of brachial plexus; lateral corticospinal tract; lateral costal branch of internal thoracic artery; lateral costotransverse ligament; lateral cricoarytenoid; lateral crus; lateral crus of facial canal; lateral crus of horizontal part of the facial canal; lateral crus of the greater alar cartilage of the nose; lateral crus of the superficial inguinal ring; lateral cuneate nucleus; lateral cuneiform bone; lateral curvature; lateral cutaneous branch; lateral cutaneous branches of intercostal nerves; lateral cutaneous branches of ventral primary ramus of thoracic spinal nerves; lateral cutaneous nerve of calf; lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm; lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh; lateral decubitus radiograph; lateral deep cervical lymph nodes; lateral diffusion; lateral direct veins; lateral dorsal cutaneous nerve; lateral epicondylar crest; lateral epicondylar ridge; lateral epicondyle; lateral epicondyle of femur; lateral epicondyle of humerus; lateral epicondylitis; lateral excursion; lateral femoral circumflex artery; lateral femoral cutaneous nerve; lateral femoral tuberosity; lateral fillet; lateral folds; lateral fossa of brain; lateral frontobasal artery; lateral funiculus; lateral funiculus of spinal cord; lateral geniculate body; lateral ginglymus; lateral glossoepiglottic fold; lateral great muscle; lateral ground bundle; lateral group of axillary lymph nodes; lateral head; lateral hermaphroditism; lateral horn; lateral humeral epicondylitis; lateral hypothalamic area; lateral hypothalamic region; lateral illumination; lateral incisor; lateral inferior genicular artery; lateral inguinal fossa; lateral inhibition; lateralis; laterality; lateralization; lateral jugular lymph nodes; lateral lacunae; lateral lacunar lymph node; lateral lacunar node; lateral lakes; lateral lamina of cartilaginous auditory tube; lateral layer of cartilaginous auditory tube; lateral lemniscus; lateral ligament, ankle; lateral ligament of elbow; lateral ligament of knee; lateral ligament of malleus; lateral ligament of temporomandibular joint; lateral ligament of wrist; lateral ligaments of the bladder; lateral limb; lateral line sense organ; lateral line system; lateral lingual swellings; lateral lip of linea aspera; lateral lithotomy; lateral longitudinal arch of foot; lateral longitudinal stria; lateral lumbar intertransversarii muscles; lateral lumbar intertransverse muscles; lateral lumbocostal arch; lateral malleolar arteries; lateral malleolar bursa; lateral malleolar ligament; lateral malleolar network; lateral malleolar surface of talus; lateral malleolus; lateral malleolus bursa; lateral mammary branches; lateral mammary branches of lateral cutaneous branches of intercostal nerves; lateral mammary branches of lateral cutaneous branches of thoracic spinal nerves; lateral mammary branches of lateral thoracic artery; lateral margin; lateral mass of atlas; lateral mass of ethmoid bone; lateral medullary lamina of corpus striatum; lateral medullary syndrome; lateral meniscus; lateral mesoderm; lateral midpalmar space; lateral movement; lateral myocardial infarction; lateral nasal artery; lateral nasal branches of anterior ethmoidal nerve; lateral nasal fold; lateral nasal primordium; lateral nasal process; lateral nasal prominence; lateral nucleus of medulla oblongata; lateral nucleus of thalamus; lateral oblique radiograph; lateral occipital artery; lateral occipital sulcus; lateral occipitotemporal gyrus; lateral occlusion; lateral orbitofrontal branch; lateral palpebral commissure; lateral palpebral ligament; lateral palpebral raphe; lateral part of occipital bone; lateral part of posterior cervical intertransversarii muscles; lateral part of sacrum; lateral part of vaginal fornix; lateral patellar retinaculum; lateral pectoral nerve; lateral pericardiac lymph nodes; lateral periodontal abscess; lateral periodontal cyst; lateral pharyngeal space; lateral plantar artery; lateral plantar nerve; lateral plate; lateral plate mesoderm; lateral plate of pterygoid process; lateral pole; lateral popliteal nerve; lateral preoptic nucleus; lateral process of calcaneal tuberosity; lateral process of malleus; lateral process of talus; lateral projection; lateral proprius bundle; lateral pterygoid; lateral pterygoid plate; lateral puboprostatic ligament; lateral pyramidal fasciculus; lateral pyramidal tract; lateral ramus radiograph; lateral recess of fourth ventricle; lateral rectus; lateral rectus muscle of the head; lateral recumbent position; lateral region; lateral region of neck; lateral reticular nucleus; lateral root of median nerve; lateral root of optic tract; lateral sacral artery; lateral sacral crests; lateral sacral veins; lateral sacrococcygeal ligament; lateral segment; lateral semicircular canals; lateral sinus; lateral skull radiograph; lateral spinal sclerosis; lateral spinothalamic tract; lateral splanchnic arteries; lateral striate arteries; lateral superficial cervical lymph nodes; lateral superior genicular artery; lateral supraclavicular nerve; lateral supracondylar crest; lateral supracondylar ridge; lateral sural cutaneous nerve; lateral surface; lateral surface of arm; lateral surface of fibula; lateral surface of finger; lateral surface of leg; lateral surface of lower limb; lateral surface of ovary; lateral surface of testis; lateral surface of tibia; lateral surface of toe; lateral surface of zygomatic bone; lateral talocalcaneal ligament; lateral tarsal artery; lateral temporomandibular ligament; lateral thalamic peduncle; lateral thoracic artery; lateral thoracic vein; lateral thyrohyoid ligament; lateral tuberal nuclei; lateral tubercle of posterior process of talus; lateral umbilical fold; lateral umbilical ligament; lateral vaginal wall smear; lateral vastus muscle; lateral vein of lateral ventricle; lateral venous lacunae; lateral ventral hernia; lateral ventricle; lateral vertigo; lateral vestibular nucleus; lateral wall of middle ear; lateral wall of orbit; lateral wall of tympanic cavity; lateral X-ray; late reaction; late replicating chromosome; late rickets; lateriflexion; laterifolious; laterite; lateritious; latero-; lateroabdominal; laterodeviation; lateroduction; lateroflexion; lateroposition; lateropulsion; laterotorsion; laterotrusion; lateroversion; lates; late seizure; late seral species; late seral treatment; late-successional forest; late-successional reserve; late syphilis; late systole; latex; latex agglutination; latex agglutination test; latex fixation test; latex fixation tests; lath; lathe; lathosterol delta-5-dehydrogenase; lath-shaped; lathyrism; lathyrogen; laticiferous; latifolious; latin; latin america; latinize; Latin square; latirostres; latirostrous; latiseptate; latissimus dorsi; latisternal; latitude; latitude film; latitudinarian; latria; Latrodectus; latrorse; LATS; latterkin; lattice; lattice corneal dystrophy; latticed layer; latticing; latus; Latzko; Latzko's cesarean section; laud; laudable; laudable pus; laudanine; laudanosine; laudanum; laugh; laughing; laughing disease; laughing gas; laughing sickness; laughter; laughter reflex; Laugier; Laugier's hernia; Laugier's sign; Laumonier; Laumonier's ganglion; laumontite; launce; launch; laund; launder; laundress; laundry service, hospital; Launois; Launois-Bensaude syndrome; Launois-Cleret syndrome; laura; lauraceae; lauraceous; laurate; laurates; laureate; laurel; laurel fever; Laurence; laurence-moon-biedl syndrome; laurentian; Laurer; Laurer's canal; laurestine; lauric; lauric acid; lauric acid in-chain-hydroxylase; lauric acid monooxygenase; lauric acids; laurin; laurinol; laurite; laurone; laurus; Lauth, Charles; Lauth, Ernst; Lauth's canal; Lauth's ligament; Lauth's violet; Lauth, Thomas; LAV; lavage; lavaret; lavatory; Lavdovsky, Michail; Lavdovsky's nucleoid; lavender; laver; Laverania; laveur; LAVH; lavolta; lavsium; law; lawful; lawn; law of average localization; law of biogenesis; law of constant numbers in ovulation; law of contiguity; law of contrary innervation; law of definite proportions; law of denervation; law of excitation; law of gravitation; law of independent assortment; law of initial value; law of intestine; law of isochronism; law of mass action; law of multiple proportions; law of partial pressures; law of polar excitation; law of priority; law of recapitulation; law of reciprocal proportions; law of referred pain; law of refraction; law of regression to mean; law of segregation; law of similars; law of specific nerve energies; law of the heart; law of the minimum; Lawrence; Lawrence-Seip syndrome; lawrencium; laws of association; Lawson criterion; lawsonia; lawyer; lax; laxation; laxative; laxator; laxator tympani; lay; layer; layered closure; layering; layer of Bechterew; layer of piriform neurons; layer of rods and cones; layers of cerebellar cortex; layers of cerebral cortex; layers of retina; layers of skin; lazar; lazaretto; lazarine leprosy; lazarite; lazarwort; lazuli; lazulite; lazy eye; lazy leucocyte syndrome; lb; LBF; L-canaline reductase; L-carbamoylase; l-carnitine; LCAT; LCAT deficiency; L cell; L chain; L-chain disease; L-chain myeloma; lck; lcm-lassa complex viruses; LCM virus; l-cone; L-cysteine-cystine C-S lyase; LD; L-D body; l-dehydroascorbic acid; LDH; LDH agent; LDL; ldl cholesterol; LDL receptor disorder; l-dopa; L-dopa peroxidase; L+ dose; L doses; LE; leach; leachate; leachates; leaching; leach tube; lead; lead acetate; lead anaemia; lead carbonate; lead chromate; lead colic; lead encephalitis; lead encephalopathy; leader; leader peptide; leader sequence; leader sequences; leadership; lead gout; leadhillite; lead hydroxide stain; leading edge; leading lamella; leading strand; lead line; lead monoxide; lead neuropathy; lead oxide; lead palsy; lead paralysis; lead-pipe rigidity; lead poisoning; lead radioisotope; lead stomatitis; lead storage battery; lead sulfide; lead tetraethyl; lead tetroxide; leadwort; leaf; leafage; leaf blight; leafcup; leafed; leafet; leaf-footed; leafiness; leafless; leaflet; leaf-nosed; leafstalk; leafy; league; League of Red Cross Societies; leak point pressure; lean; Le antigens; leap; leapfrog position; leaping; Lear complex; learn; learned drive; learned helplessness; learning; learning disability; learning disorders; learning set; learning theory; leasing, property; least; least cost planning; least diffusion circle; least squares; least-squares analysis; leather; leatherback; leatherhead; leatherneck; leatherwood; leathery; leave; leaved; Le Bel, Joseph Achille; Le Bel-van't Hoff rule; Leber's hereditary optic atrophy; Leber's idiopathic stellate neuroretinitis; Leber's idiopathic stellate retinopathy; Leber's plexus; Leber, Theodor; lebetase; LE body; lecama; lecanomancy; lecanoric; lecanorin; LE cell; le cell test; Le Chatelier, Henri; Le Chatelier's law; Le Chatelier's principle; lecheguilla poisoning; lechery; lecithal; lecithin; lecithin acyltransferase; lecithin acyltransferase deficiency; lecithinase; lecithinase A; lecithinase B; lecithinase C; lecithinase D; lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase; lecithin-cholesterol transferase; lecithin-retinol acyltransferase; lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio; lecithoblast; lecithoprotein; lecithovitellase; Leclef phenomenon; LeCompte manoeuvre; LeCompte operation; lectin; lection; lectionary; lector; lectotype; lectual; lecture notes; lectures; lecythis; Lederer; Lederer's anaemia; Ledermann; Ledermann formula; ledge; ledger; leech; leechcraft; leeches; leeching; Leede; Leede-Rumpel phenomenon; leek; LEEP; leer; Lee, Robert; Lee, Roger; Lee's ganglion; leet; Leeuwenhoek; Leeuwenhoek's canals; leeway space; Lee-White method; LE factors; Lefevre; Le Fort; lefort fracture; Le Fort I fracture; Le Fort II fracture; Le Fort III craniofacial dysjunction; Le Fort III fracture; Le Fort osteotomy; Le Fort's amputation; Le Fort sound; left; left atrial pressure; left atrioventricular valve; left atrium; left auricular appendage; left axis deviation; left branch; left colic artery; left colic flexure; left colic lymph nodes; left colic vein; left coronary artery; left coronary artery branches; left coronary vein; left crus of atrioventricular bundle; left crus of diaphragm; left duct of caudate lobe; left fibrous trigone; left-footed; left gastric artery; left gastric lymph nodes; left gastric vein; left gastroepiploic artery; left gastroepiploic lymph nodes; left gastroepiploic vein; left gastro-omental artery; left gastro-omental nodes; left gastroomental vein; left-handed; left heart; left heart bypass; left hepatic artery; left hepatic duct; left hepatic veins; left inferior pulmonary vein; left lobe; left lobe of liver; left lumbar lymph nodes; left lung segments; left main bronchus; left ovarian vein; left pulmonary artery; left sagittal fissure; left-sided appendicitis; left-sided heart failure; left-sidedness; left superior intercostal vein; left superior pulmonary vein; left suprarenal vein; left testicular vein; left-to-right shunt; left-to-right shunts; left triangular ligament; left umbilical vein; left ventricle; left-ventricular assist device; left ventricular ejection time; left ventricular failure; left ventricular hypertrophy; left ventricular myomectomy; left ventricular volume overload; leg; legacy; legal; legal blindness; legal brief; legal dentistry; Legal, Emmo; legal guardians; legalist; legalize; legal medicine; Legal's test; legation; leg bones; leg dermatoses; Legendre, Gaston; Legendre's sign; Legg, Arthur; Legg-Calve-Perthes disease; Legg-Perthes disease; leghaemoglobin; leghemoglobin; leg injuries; legionaire's disease; Legionella; Legionella bozemanii; Legionellaceae; Legionella dumoffii; Legionella feeleii; Legionella gormanii; Legionella longbeachae; Legionella micdadei; legionella pneumophila; Legionella wadsworthii; legionellosis; legionnaire's disease; legionnaires' disease; legislation; legislation, dental; legislation, drug; legislation, food; legislation, hospital; legislation, medical; legislation, nursing; legislation, pharmacy; legislation, veterinary; legislatrix; leg length inequality; leg lift; leg of antihelix; leg phenomenon; leg ulcer; legume; legumes; legumin; leguminivorous; leguminous; Lehmann, J; Leichtenstern, Otto; Leichtenstern's phenomenon; Leichtenstern's sign; Leidig cell; Leigh, Denis; leigh disease; Leigh's disease; Leiner, Karl; Leiner's disease; leio-; leiodermia; leiomyofibroma; leiomyoma; leiomyoma cutis; leiomyoma, epithelioid; leiomyomata; leiomyomatosis; leiomyomectomy; leiomyosarcoma; leiotonin; leiotrichi; leiotrichous; leipoa; Leipzig yellow; leishman-donovan bodies; Leishman-Donovan body; leishmania; Leishmania aethiopica; leishmania braziliensis; Leishmania braziliensis braziliensis; Leishmania braziliensis guyanensis; Leishmania braziliensis panamensis; leishmania donovani; Leishmania donovani archibaldi; Leishmania donovani chagasi; Leishmania donovani donovani; Leishmania donovani infantum; leishmania enriettii; Leishmania furunculosa; leishmania guyanensis; leishmania infantum; leishmania major; leishmania mexicana; Leishmania mexicana amazonensis; Leishmania mexicana garnhami; Leishmania mexicana mexicana; Leishmania mexicana pifanoi; Leishmania mexicana venezuelensis; Leishmania peruviana; Leishmania pifanoi; leishmaniasis; leishmaniasis americana; leishmaniasis, cutaneous; leishmaniasis, diffuse cutaneous; leishmaniasis, mucocutaneous; leishmaniasis recidivans; leishmaniasis tegumentaria diffusa; leishmaniasis, visceral; leishmania tropica; Leishmania tropica major; Leishmania tropica mexicana; leishmaniavirus; leishmanin test; leishmaniosis; leishmanoid; Leishman's chrome cells; Leishman, Sir William; Leishman's stain; Leishman stain; leisure activities; Leiter International Performance Scale; Leiter, Russell; Lejeune, Jerome; Lejeune syndrome; Lelystad virus; leman; Lembert, Antoine; Lembert suture; leme; Lemli, Luc; lemma; lemming; lemmoblast; lemmocyte; lemnian; lemniscal trigone; lemniscate; lemniscus; lemniscus lateralis; lemniscus medialis; lemniscus spinalis; lemniscus trigeminalis; lemon; lemon sign; lemon yellow; lemur; lemurid; lemuridae; lemurine; lemuroid; lemuroidea; lend; Lendrum, A; Lendrum's phloxine-tartrazine stain; lene; Lenegre, Jean; Lenegre's disease; Lenegre's syndrome; length; length-breadth index; lengthening reaction; length-height index; length of stay; Lenhossek, Michael von; Lenhossek's processes; lenient; lenitive; Lennert classification; Lennert, K; Lennert's lesion; Lennert's lymphoma; lenni-lenape; lennox-gastaut syndrome; lennox syndrome; Lennox, William; Lenoir, Camille; Lenoir's facet; lens; lens, Bertrand; lens capsule; lens capsule, crystalline; lens clock; lens, compound; lens cortex, crystalline; lens, crystalline; lensectomy; lenses; lenses, intraocular; lens, eye; lens implantation, intraocular; lens-induced uveitis; lens, magnetic; lens, negative; lens neutral proteinase; lens nucleus, crystalline; lensometer; lensopathy; lens pits; lens placodes; lens, simple; lens stars; lens subluxation; lens sutures; lens vesicle; lente insulin; lenticel; lenticellame; lenticelle; lenticonus; lenticula; lenticular; lenticular ansa; lenticular apophysis; lenticular astigmatism; lenticular bone; lenticular capsule; lenticular colony; lenticular fasciculus; lenticular fossa; lenticular ganglion; lenticular knife; lenticular loop; lenticular nucleus; lenticular papillae; lenticular process of incus; lenticular progressive degeneration; lenticular syphilid; lenticular vesicle; lenticulo-optic; lenticulopapular; lenticulostriate; lenticulostriate arteries; lenticulothalamic; lenticulus; lentiform; lentiform bone; lentigines; lentiginose; lentiginosis; lentiglobus; lentigo; lentigo maligna; lentil; lentinan; lentisk; Lentivirinae; lentivirus; lentiviruses, bovine; lentiviruses, equine; lentiviruses, feline; lentiviruses, ovine-caprine; lentiviruses, primate; lentivirus infections; lent lily; lentogenic; lentoid; lentula; leo; Leonardo Da Vinci; leonid; leonine facies; leontiasis; leontiasis ossea; leontodon; leopard; leopard fundus; leopard retina; leopard's bane; leopard syndrome; leopardwood; Leopold; Leopold's manoeuvres; lepadite 2; lepadoid; lepal; lepas; Lepehne; Lepehne-Pickworth stain; leper; leper colonies; LE phenomenon; lepidic; lepidine; lepidodendrid; lepidodendroid; lepidodendron; lepidoganoid; lepidolite; lepidomelane; lepidopter; lepidoptera; lepidopterits; lepidopterous; lepidosauria; lepidosiren; lepidosis; lepidote; lepidoted; lepisma; lepismoid; Lepore haemoglobin; Lepore thalassaemia; leporine; leporipoxvirus; lepothrix; lepra; lepra cells; leprechaunism; leprid; leprologist; leprology; leproma; lepromatous; lepromatous leprosy; lepromin; lepromin reaction; lepromin skin test; lepromin test; leprosarium; leprose; leprosery; leprostatic; leprostatic agents; leprosy; leprosy bacillus; leprosy, borderline; leprosy, lepromatous; leprosy test; leprosy, tuberculoid; leprotic; leprous; leprous neuropathy; leptandra; leptiform; leptin; lepto-; leptocardia; leptocardian; leptocephalous; leptocephaly; leptochroa; leptochromatic; leptocyte; leptocytosis; leptodactyl; leptodactylous; leptodermic; leptology; leptomeningeal; leptomeningeal carcinoma; leptomeningeal carcinomatosis; leptomeningeal cyst; leptomeningeal fibrosis; leptomeninges; leptomeningitis; leptomere; leptomonad; Leptomonas; leptonema; leptophonia; leptophonic; leptophos; leptopodia; leptoprosopia; leptoprosopic; leptorhine; leptorrhine; leptoscope; leptosomatic; Leptospira; leptospira canicola; leptospiraceae; leptospira interrogans; leptospiral jaundice; leptospire; leptospirosis; leptospirosis icterohemorrhagica; leptospiruria; leptosporangiate; leptostraca; leptotene; leptothricosis; leptothrix; Leptotrichia; Leptotrombidium; leptus; leptynite; lere; lergotrile; Leri; Leriche; Leriche's operation; leriche's syndrome; Leri's pleonosteosis; Leri's sign; Leri-Weill disease; Leri-Weill syndrome; Lermoyez; Lermoyez' syndrome; lernaea; lernaeacea; lernean; Lerner; Lerner homeostasis; lerot; Leroy; L-erythro-3,5-diaminohexanoate dehydrogenase; LES; lesbian; lesbianism; Lesch, Michael; Lesch-Nyhan disease; Lesch-Nyhan syndrome; Leser, Edmund; Leser-Trelat sign; lesion; lesotho; lesser alar cartilages; lesser arterial circle of iris; lesser circulation; lesser cul-de-sac; lesser curvature of stomach; lesser horn of hyoid bone; lesser internal cutaneous nerve; lesser multangular bone; lesser occipital nerve; lesser palatine artery; lesser palatine foramina; lesser palatine nerves; lesser pancreas; lesser pelvis; lesser peritoneal cavity; lesser peritoneal sac; lesser petrosal nerve; lesser rhomboid muscle; lesser ring of iris; lesser sciatic notch; lesser splanchnic nerve; Lesser's triangle; lesser superficial petrosal nerve; lesser supraclavicular fossa; lesser trochanter; lesser tubercle of humerus; lesser tuberosity of humerus; lesser tympanic spine; lesser vestibular glands; lesser wing of sphenoid bone; lesser zygomatic muscle; Lesshaft, Pjotr; Lesshaft's triangle; let-down reflex; lethal; lethal coefficient; lethal dose; lethal dose 50; lethal dwarfism; lethal equivalent; lethal factor; lethal gene; lethality; lethality rate; lethal midline granuloma; lethal mutation; lethargic hypnosis; lethargy; lethe; letheon; LETS; letter; letter blindness; lettered; Letterer, Erich; letterer-siwe disease; letterwood; letts; lettuce; Leu; leuc-; leucadendron; leucaemia; leucaniline; leuchaemia; leucin; leucine; leucine 2,3-aminomutase; leucine acetyltransferase; leucine aminopeptidase; leucine dehydrogenase; leucine hypoglycaemia; leucine-induced hypoglycaemia; leucine-tRNA ligase; leucine zipper; leucine zippers; leucinic; leucinopine; leucinosis; leucinuria; leucite; leucitic; leucitoid; leucoanthocyanidin dioxygenase; leucocidin; leucocyte; leucocythemia; leucocytic; leucocytogenesis; leucocytosis; Leucocytozoon; Leucocytozoon marchouxi; leucocytozoonosis; Leucocytozoon sabrazesi; Leucocytozoon simondi; Leucocytozoon smithi; leucogenenol; leucoharmine; leucokininase; leucoline; leucoma; leucomaine; leucomethylene blue; leucomycins; leuconic; leuconostoc; Leuconostoc mesenteroides; leuco patent blue; leucopenia; leucophane; leucopheresis; leucophlegmacy; leucophlegmatic; leucophyll; leucophyllous; leucoplakia; leucoplast; leucoplastid; leucopyrite; leucorrhoea; leucoryx; leucoscope; leucosis; leucosoid; leucosphere; leucotriene; leucoturic; leucous; leucovorin; leucovorin calcium; leucoxene; leucyl-beta-naphthylamidase; leucyltransferase; Leudet's tinnitus; Leudet, Theodor; Leu enkephalin; leukaemia; leukaemia, accelerated phase of; leukaemia, calla-positive; leukaemia cutis; leukaemia, erythroblastic, acute; leukaemia, experimental; leukaemia, feline; leukaemia, hairy cell; Leukaemia inhibitory factor; leukaemia l5178; leukaemia, lymphocytic; leukaemia, masT-cell; leukaemia, megakaryocytic, acute; leukaemia, myelocytic, acute; leukaemia, myeloid; leukaemia, nonlymphocytic, acute; leukaemia of fowls; leukaemia p388; leukaemia, smoldering; leukaemia virus, bovine; leukaemia viruses, murine; leukaemia virus, feline; leukaemia virus, gibbon ape; leukaemic; leukaemic hyperplastic gingivitis; leukaemic infiltration; leukaemic leukaemia; leukaemic myelosis; leukaemic reticuloendotheliosis; leukaemic reticulosis; leukaemic retinitis; leukaemic retinopathy; leukaemogenesis; leukanaemia; leukapheresis; leukasmus; leukemia; leukemid; leukemogen; leukemogenesis; leukemogenic; leukemoid; leukemoid reaction; leukin; leuko-; leukoagglutinin; leukobilin; leukoblast; leukoblastosis; leukochloroma; leukocidin; leukocidins; leukocoria; leukocytactic; leukocytal; leukocytaxia; leukocyte; leukocyte adherence assay test; leukocyte adherence inhibition test; leukocyte adhesion deficiency; leukocyte-adhesion deficiency syndrome; leukocyte bactericidal assay test; leukocyte common antigen; leukocyte count; leukocyte cream; leukocyte disorders; leukocyte elastase; leukocyte esterase; leukocyte inclusions; leukocyte interferon; leukocyte migration-inhibitory factors; leukocytes; leukocytes, mononuclear; leukocyte transfusion; leukocyte tyrosine kinase receptor tyrosine kinase; leukocythemia; leukocytic; leukocytic pyrogens; leukocytic sarcoma; leukocytoblast; leukocytoclasis; leukocytoclastic vasculitis; leukocytogenesis; leukocytoid; leukocytolysin; leukocytolysis; leukocytolytic; leukocytoma; leukocytometer; leukocytopenia; leukocytoplania; leukocytopoiesis; leukocytosis; leukocytosis of the newborn; leukocytosis-promoting factor; leukocytotactic; leukocytotaxia; leukocytotoxin; Leukocytozoon; leukocytozoonosis; leukocyturia; leukoderma; leukoderma acquisitum centrifugum; leukoderma colli; leukodermatous; leukodontia; leukodystrophia; leukodystrophia cerebri progressiva; leukodystrophy; leukodystrophy, globoid cell; leukodystrophy, metachromatic; leukodystrophy with diffuse Rosenthal fibre formation; leukoedema; leukoedema, oral; leukoencephalitis; leukoencephalitis, acute haemorrhagic; leukoencephalopathy; leukoencephalopathy, progressive multifocal; leukoerythroblastic anaemia; leukoerythroblastosis; leukokeratosis; leukokinetic; leukokinetics; leukokininase; leukokoria; leukokraurosis; leukolymphosarcoma; leukolysin; leukolysis; leukolytic; leukoma; leukomalacia, periventricular; leukomatous; leukomyelitis; leukomyelopathy; leukon; leukonecrosis; leukonychia; leukopathia; leukopathia unguis; leukopedesis; leukopenia; leukopenic; leukopenic factor; leukopenic index; leukopenic leukaemia; leukophlegmasia; leukophlegmasia dolens; leukoplakia; leukoplakia, hairy; leukoplakia, oral; leukoplakia vulvae; leukoplakic vulvitis; leukopoiesis; leukopoietic; leukoprotease; leukoriboflavin; leukorrhagia; leukorrhoea; leukorrhoeal; leukosarcoma; leukosarcomatosis; leukosialin; leukosis virus, avian; leukostasis; leukosulphakinin; leukotactic; leukotaxia; leukotaxine; leukotaxis; leukotic; leukotome; leukotomy; leukotoxin; leukotrichia; leukotrichia annularis; leukotrichous; leukotriene; leukotriene a4; leukotriene A4 hydrolase; leukotriene b4; leukotriene B4 12-hydroxydehydrogenase; leukotriene B4 6-isomerase; leukotriene B4 reductase; leukotriene c4; leukotriene-C4 synthase; leukotriene d4; leukotriene D4 dipeptidase; leukotriene e4; leukotrienes; Leukovirus; leupeptin; leupeptin acid reductase; leupeptin acid synthetase; leupeptinase; leupeptins; leuprolide; leuprolide acetate; leurocristine; Levaditi, Constantin; Levaditi stain; levallorphan; levallorphan tartrate; levamisole; levan; levana; levan fructotransferase; levansucrase; levarterenol; levarterenol bitartrate; levation; levator; levator anguli oris; levator ani muscle; levator cushion; levatores costarum muscles; levator hernia; levator labii superioris; levator labii superioris alaeque nasi; levator muscle of thyroid gland; levator palati muscle; levator palpebrae superioris; levator prostatae muscle; levator scapulae; levator swelling; levator veli palatini; levee; LeVeen, Harry; LeVeen shunt; levelised life-cycle cost; level of aspiration; Leventhal, Michael; lever; leverage; leveret; leverwood; levesel; Levi, E Leopold; Levin, Abraham; Levinea; Levinea amalonatica; Levinea diversus; Levinea malonatica; leviner; Levine, Samuel; Levin, Max; Levin tube; leviratical; levirostres; levitate; levitation; levite; leviviridae; levivirus; Lev, Maurice; levo-; levoatrio-cardinal vein; levobunolol; levobunolol hydrochloride; levocardia; levocardiogram; levocarnitine; levoclination; levocycleduction; levocycloduction; levodopa; levoduction; levoform; levoglucosan dehydrogenase; levoglucose; levogram; levogyrate; levonordefrin; levonorgestrel; levophacetoperane; levophobia; levopropoxyphene napsylate; levorotation; levorotatory; levorotatory isomer; levorphanol; levorphanol tartrate; levothyroxine; levotorsion; levoversion; Levret; Levret's forceps; Lev's disease; Lev's syndrome; levulan; levulic acid; levulin; levulinate; levulinic; levulinic acid; levulinic acids; levulosaemia; levulosan; levulose; levulosuria; Levy; levynite; Lewandowski; Lewis; Lewis acid; Lewis base; Lewis blood group; lewis blood-group system; lewisite; lewy bodies; Lewy, Frederic; lexical; lexicographer; lexicographic; lexicographical; lexicographist; lexicography; lexicologist; lexicology; lexigraphic; lexigraphy; Leyden; Leyden-Mobius muscular dystrophy; leyden phial; Leyden's ataxia; Leyden's crystals; Leyden's neuritis; Leydig; leydigarche; Leydig cell; Leydig cell adenoma; leydig cells; leydig cell tumour; Leydig, Franz von; Leydig's cells; LFA; Lf dose; L form; l forms; LFP; LFT; L-fucose permease; L-fuculokinase; L-galactitol-1-phosphate dehydrogenase; L-galactonolactone oxidase; L-glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate-NADPH-dependent oxidoreductase; l-glyceric aciduria; L-glycol dehydrogenase; l-gulonic acid; l-gulono-gamma-lactone; l-gulonolactone; L-gulonolactone oxidase; lh; LH2O; LH and RH agonist; LH assay; Lhermitte, Jean; Lhermitte's sign; lherzolite; LH/FSH-RF; lh response to gnrh; LH-RF; LH-RH; lhrh agonists; LH-RH degrading endopeptidase; lh surge; Li; liability, legal; liable; lialson; liana; liane; lias; liassic; libel; libellulid; libelluloid; liber; liberal; Liberase; liberation; liberator; liberia; liberins; liberomotor; liberty; libethenite; libidinization; libidinous; libido; libido theory; Libman; Libman-Sacks endocarditis; Libman-Sacks syndrome; Liborius; Liborius' method; libra; libral; librarians; libraries; libraries, hospital; library; library administration; library, arrayed; library automation; library collection development; library, genomic; library materials; library schools; library science; library services; library surveys; library technical services; libration; libriform; libya; lice; license; licensed practical nurse; licensed vocational nurse; licensure; licensure, dental; licensure, hospital; licensure, medical; licensure, nursing; licensure, pharmacy; licentiate; lich; lichen; lichen acuminatus; lichen agrius; lichen albus; lichen amyloidosis; lichen annularis; lichen haemorrhagicus; lichenic; lichenification; lichenin; lichen infantum; lichen iris; lichenization; lichen lichens on bark; lichen myxoedematosus; lichen nitidus; lichen nuchae; lichen obtusus; lichenographic; lichenographical; lichenographist; lichenography; lichenoid; lichenoid amyloidosis; lichenoid dermatosis; lichenoid eczema; lichenoid eruptions; lichenoid keratosis; lichenologist; lichen planopilaris; lichen planus; lichen planus annularis; lichen planus et acuminatus atrophicans; lichen planus follicularis; lichen planus hypertrophicus; lichen planus-like keratosis; lichen planus, oral; lichen planus verrucosus; lichen ruber; lichen ruber moniliformis; lichen ruber planus; lichen ruber verrucosus; lichens; lichen sclerosus et atrophicus; lichen scrofulosorum; lichen simplex chronicus; lichen spinulosus; lichen striatus; lichen strophulosus; lichen syphiliticus; lichen tropicus; lichen urticatus; lichi; Lichtenstein, Louis; Lichtheim, Ludwig; Lichtheim's sign; lichwale; lichwort; licodione 2'-O-methyltransferase; licorice; lid; lidase; lid-closure reaction; lid crutch spectacles; Liddell; Liddell-Sherrington reflex; lidocaine; lidocaine N-deethylase; lidoflazine; lid reflex; lie; lieberkuhn; Lieberkuhn, Johann; Lieberkuhn, Johann Nathaniel; Lieberkuhn's crypts; Lieberkuhn's follicles; lieberkuhn's glands; Liebermann-Burchard test; Liebermann, Leo von; Liebermeister, Carl von; Liebermeister's rule; Liebig, Baron Justus von; Liebig's theory; Liebow, Averill; liedertafel; lie detection; lie detector; lief; liege; lien; lienal; lienal artery; lienculus; lienectomy; lieno-intestinal; lienomedullary; lienomyelogenous; lienopancreatic; lienophrenic ligament; lienorenal; lienorenal ligament; lienteric; lienteric diarrhoea; lientery; lienunculus; Liesegang, Ralph; Liesegang rings; Lieutaud, Joseph; Lieutaud's body; Lieutaud's triangle; Lieutaud's trigone; Lieutaud's uvula; life; life-belt cataract; lifeblood; life change events; life cycle; life-cycle costing; life cycle stages; life events; life expectancy; life instinct; lifespan; life stress; lifestyle; life support care; life support systems; life table; life tables; Li-Fraumeni cancer syndrome; Li-Fraumeni syndrome; Li, Frederick; lift; lifting; ligament; ligamenta; ligamenta alaria; ligamenta annularia trachealia; ligamenta auricularia; ligamenta capitulorum transversa; ligamenta carpometacarpalia; ligamenta cruciata digitorum; ligamenta cruciata genus; ligamenta cuneometatarsalia interossea; ligamenta cuneonavicularia dorsalia; ligamenta cuneonavicularia plantaria; ligamenta extracapsularia; ligamenta glenohumeralia; ligamenta intercarpalia; ligamenta intercostalia; ligamenta intercuneiformia; ligamenta intracapsularia; ligamenta meniscofemorale; ligamenta metacarpalia dorsalia; ligamenta metacarpalia interossea; ligamenta metacarpalia palmaria; ligamenta metatarsalia dorsalia; ligamenta metatarsalia interossea; ligamenta metatarsalia plantaria; ligamenta navicularicuneiformia; ligamenta ossiculorum auditus; ligamenta palmaria; ligamenta plantaria; ligamenta sacroiliaca anteriora; ligamenta sacroiliaca interossea; ligamenta sacroiliaca posteriora; ligamenta sternocostalia radiata; ligamenta sternopericardiaca; ligamenta suspensoria mammae; ligamenta tarsi; ligamenta tarsometatarsalia; ligamenta trachealia; ligament of epididymis; ligament of head of femur; ligament of left superior vena cava; ligament of left vena cava; ligamentopexis; ligamentous; ligaments; ligaments of auditory ossicles; ligaments of malleus; ligamentum; ligamentum acromioclaviculare; ligamentum annulare; ligamentum annulare bulbi; ligamentum annulare digitorum; ligamentum annulare radii; ligamentum annulare stapedis; ligamentum anococcygeum; ligamentum apicis dentis; ligamentum arcuatum laterale; ligamentum arcuatum mediale; ligamentum arcuatum medianum; ligamentum arcuatum pubis; ligamentum arteriosum; ligamentum bifurcatum; ligamentum calcaneocuboideum; ligamentum calcaneocuboideum plantare; ligamentum calcaneofibulare; ligamentum calcaneonaviculare; ligamentum calcaneonaviculare plantare; ligamentum calcaneotibiale; ligamentum capitis costae intra-articulare; ligamentum capitis costae radiatum; ligamentum capitis femoris; ligamentum capitis fibulae anterius; ligamentum capitis fibulae posterius; ligamentum capsulare; ligamentum carpi dorsale; ligamentum carpi radiatum; ligamentum carpi transversum; ligamentum carpi volare; ligamentum carpometacarpalia dorsalia; ligamentum carpometacarpalia palmaria; ligamentum caudale; ligamentum ceratocricoideum; ligamentum collaterale; ligamentum collaterale carpi radiale; ligamentum collaterale carpi ulnare; ligamentum collaterale fibulare; ligamentum collaterale radiale; ligamentum collaterale tibiale; ligamentum collaterale ulnare; ligamentum colli costae; ligamentum conjugale; ligamentum conoideum; ligamentum coracoacromiale; ligamentum coracoclaviculare; ligamentum coracohumerale; ligamentum corniculopharyngeum; ligamentum coronarium hepatis; ligamentum costoclaviculare; ligamentum costotransversarium; ligamentum costotransversarium anterius; ligamentum costotransversarium laterale; ligamentum costotransversarium posterius; ligamentum costotransversarium superius; ligamentum costoxiphoideum; ligamentum cotyloideum; ligamentum cricoarytenoideum posterius; ligamentum cricopharyngeum; ligamentum cricothyroideum; ligamentum cricotracheale; ligamentum cruciatum anterius; ligamentum cruciatum atlantis; ligamentum cruciatum cruris; ligamentum cruciatum posterius; ligamentum cruciatum tertium genus; ligamentum cruciforme atlantis; ligamentum cuboideonavicular; ligamentum cuboideonaviculare dorsale; ligamentum cuboideonaviculare plantare; ligamentum cuneocuboidenum; ligamentum cuneocuboideum dorsale; ligamentum cuneocuboideum interosseum; ligamentum cuneocuboideum plantare; ligamentum deltoideum; ligamentum denticulatum; ligamentum ductus venosi; ligamentum duodenorenale; ligamentum epididymidis; ligamentum epididymidis inferius; ligamentum epididymidis superius; ligamentum falciforme; ligamentum falciforme hepatis; ligamentum flavum; ligamentum fundiforme penis; ligamentum gastrocolicum; ligamentum gastrolienale; ligamentum gastrophrenicum; ligamentum gastrosplenicum; ligamentum genitoinguinale; ligamentum glenoidale; ligamentum hepatocolicum; ligamentum hepatoduodenale; ligamentum hepatoesophageum; ligamentum hepatogastricum; ligamentum hepatorenale; ligamentum hyaloideo-capsulario; ligamentum hyoepiglotticum; ligamentum hyothyroideum laterale; ligamentum hyothyroideum medium; ligamentum iliofemorale; ligamentum iliolumbale; ligamentum iliopectineale; ligamentum incudis posterius; ligamentum incudis superius; ligamentum inguinale; ligamentum intercapitale; ligamentum intercarpalia dorsalia; ligamentum intercarpalia interossea; ligamentum intercarpalia palmaria; ligamentum interclaviculare; ligamentum intercuneiformia dorsalia; ligamentum intercuneiformia interossea; ligamentum intercuneiformia plantaria; ligamentum interfoveolare; ligamentum interspinale; ligamentum intertransversarium; ligamentum ischiocapsulare; ligamentum ischiofemorale; ligamentum jugale; ligamentum laciniatum; ligamentum lacunare; ligamentum laterale articulationis temporomandibularis; ligamentum latum pulmonis; ligamentum latum uteri; ligamentum lienorenale; ligamentum longitudinale; ligamentum longitudinale anterius; ligamentum longitudinale posterius; ligamentum lumbocostale; ligamentum mallei anterius; ligamentum mallei laterale; ligamentum mallei superius; ligamentum malleoli lateralis; ligamentum mediale articulationis talocruralis; ligamentum mediale articulationis temporomandibularis; ligamentum medialis; ligamentum menisci lateralis; ligamentum meniscofemorale anterius; ligamentum meniscofemorale posterius; ligamentum metacarpale transversum profundum; ligamentum metacarpale transversum superficiale; ligamentum metatarsale transversum profundum; ligamentum metatarsale transversum superficiale; ligamentum natatorium; ligamentum nuchae; ligamentum orbiculare radii; ligamentum ovarii proprium; ligamentum palpebrale externum; ligamentum palpebrale laterale; ligamentum palpebrale mediale; ligamentum patellae; ligamentum pectinatum; ligamentum pectinatum anguli iridocornealis; ligamentum pectinatum iridis; ligamentum pectineale; ligamentum phrenicocolicum; ligamentum phrenicolienale; ligamentum phrenicosplenicum; ligamentum pisohamatum; ligamentum pisometacarpeum; ligamentum plantare longum; ligamentum popliteum arcuatum; ligamentum popliteum obliquum; ligamentum pterygospinale; ligamentum pubicum superius; ligamentum pubocapsulare; ligamentum pubofemorale; ligamentum puboprostaticum; ligamentum puboprostaticum laterale; ligamentum puboprostaticum mediale; ligamentum pubovesicale; ligamentum pulmonale; ligamentum quadratum; ligamentum radiatum; ligamentum radiocarpale dorsale; ligamentum radiocarpale palmare; ligamentum reflexum; ligamentum sacrococcygeum anterius; ligamentum sacrococcygeum laterale; ligamentum sacrococcygeum posterius profundum; ligamentum sacrococcygeum posterius superficiale; ligamentum sacrodurale; ligamentum sacroiliacum posterius; ligamentum sacrospinale; ligamentum sacrospinosum; ligamentum sacrotuberale; ligamentum sacrotuberosum; ligamentum serosum; ligamentum sphenomandibulare; ligamentum spirale cochleae; ligamentum splenorenale; ligamentum sternoclaviculare; ligamentum sternoclaviculare anterius; ligamentum sternoclaviculare posterius; ligamentum sternocostale intra-articulare; ligamentum stylohyoideum; ligamentum stylomandibulare; ligamentum supraspinale; ligamentum suspensorium clitoridis; ligamentum suspensorium ovarii; ligamentum suspensorium penis; ligamentum talocalcaneare; ligamentum talocalcaneare interosseum; ligamentum talocalcaneare laterale; ligamentum talocalcaneare mediale; ligamentum talofibulare anterius; ligamentum talofibulare posterius; ligamentum talonaviculare; ligamentum talotibiale anterius; ligamentum talotibiale posterius; ligamentum tarsale externum; ligamentum tarsale internum; ligamentum temporomandibulare; ligamentum teres femoris; ligamentum teres hepatis; ligamentum teres uteri; ligamentum testis; ligamentum thyroepiglotticum; ligamentum thyrohyoideum laterale; ligamentum thyrohyoideum medianum; ligamentum tibiofibulare anterius; ligamentum tibiofibulare medium; ligamentum tibiofibulare posterius; ligamentum tibionaviculare; ligamentum transversale colli; ligamentum transversum acetabuli; ligamentum transversum atlantis; ligamentum transversum cruris; ligamentum transversum genus; ligamentum transversum pelvis; ligamentum transversum perinei; ligamentum transversum scapulae inferius; ligamentum transversum scapulae superius; ligamentum trapezoideum; ligamentum triangulare; ligamentum triangulare dextrum; ligamentum triangulare sinistrum; ligamentum tuberculi costae; ligamentum ulnocarpale palmare; ligamentum umbilicale laterale; ligamentum umbilicale mediale; ligamentum umbilicale medianum; ligamentum venae cavae sinistrae; ligamentum venosum; ligamentum ventriculare; ligamentum vestibulare; ligamentum vocale; ligand; ligand binding site; ligand-gated channel; ligand gated ion channel; ligandin; ligand induced endocytosis; ligands; ligase; ligase amplification reaction; ligases; ligate; ligatin; ligating; ligating module; ligation; ligator; ligature; ligature wire; ligger; light; light-activated resin; light adaptation; light-adapted eye; light bath; light cells of thyroid; light chain; light chain-related amyloidosis; light coagulation; light-cured resin; light dependent reaction; light difference; light differential threshold; lightening; light green SF yellowish; light harvesting system; light-hearted; light-horseman; lighthouse lens; lighting; light-ion fusion; light metal; light microscope; light microscopy; light-near dissociation; lightning; lightning injuries; lightning strip; light-o'-love; light reactions; light reflex; light-repressible receptor protein kinase; light scattering; light sense; light sleep; light treatment; light water; light-water reactor; light wire appliance; lightwood; Lignac-Fanconi syndrome; Lignac, G; lign-aloes; lignans; ligneous; ligneous conjunctivitis; ligneous struma; ligneous thyroiditis; ligniferous; lignification; lignified; ligniform; lignify; lignin; ligninase; lignin-forming peroxidase; lignin peroxidase; ligniperdous; lignireose; lignite; lignoceric; lignoceric acid; lignoceroyl-CoA ligase; lignoceroyl-CoA oxidase; lignone; lignophagia; lignose; lignostilbene-alpha,beta-dioxygenase; lignotuber; lignous; lignum rhodium; lignum-vitae; ligula; ligulate; ligulated; ligule; liguliflorous; ligure; ligustrin; like; likelihood; likelihood functions; Likert, Rensis; Likert scale; like this; lilac; lilacin; liliaceae; liliaceous; lilial; Lillie, Ralph; Lillie's allochrome connective tissue stain; Lillie's azure-eosin stain; Lillie's ferrous iron stain; Lillie's sulfuric acid Nile blue stain; lilliputian hallucination; Lilly, John; lilly-pilly; lily; lilywort; lima; limaceous; limacina; limaon; limax; limb; limbate; limb bud; limb deformities, congenital; limber; limb-girdle muscular dystrophy; limbic; limbic lobe; limbic system; limbi palpebrales; limb-kinetic apraxia; limb lead; limb myokymia; limb of helix; limbous; limbs of bony semicircular canals; limbus; limbus acetabuli; limbus alveolaris; limbus corneae; limbus fossae ovalis; limbus laminae spiralis osseae; limbus membranae tympani; limbus of bony spiral lamina; limbus of cornea; limbus of tympanic membrane; limbus palpebrales anteriores; limbus penicillatus; limbus striatus; LIM domain; lime; limen; limen insulae; limen nasi; limerence; limes; lime water; limicolae; limicoline; liminal; liminal stimulus; liminal trait; liminometer; limit; limitation; limit dextrin; limit dextrinase; limit dextrinosis; limited habitat; limited range audiometer; limiting angle; limiting factor; limiting layers of cornea; limiting membrane of retina; limiting sulcus; limiting sulcus of Reil; limiting sulcus of rhomboid fossa; limit of resolution; LIM kinase; limmer; lim naea; limnaemia; limnaemic; Limnatis nilotica; limniad; limnology; limon; limonene hydratase; limoniad; limonin; limonite; limophoitas; limophthisis; limosis; limp; limpet; limpkin; limu; limule; limuloidea; limulus; limulus lysate test; Limulus polyphemus; limulus test; LINAC; linaceae; linalool 8-monooxygenase; linament; linarite; linchi; lincomycin; lincosaminide O-nucleotidyltransferase; lincture; lindane; Lindau; Lindau's disease; Lindau's tumour; lindau-von hippel syndrome; Lindbergh, Charles; linden; lindia; lindiform; Lind, James; Lindner, Karl; Lindner's bodies; Lindqvist, Johan; line; linea; linea alba; linea anocutanea; linea arcuata; linea arcuata ossis ilii; linea arcuata vaginae musculi recti abdominis; linea aspera; linea axillaris anterior; linea axillaris media; linea axillaris posterior; linea corneae senilis; lineae albicantes; lineae atrophicae; linea epiphysialis; lineae transversa ossi sacri; lineage; linea glutea; linea glutea anterior; linea glutea inferior; linea glutea posterior; linea intercondylaris femoris; linea intermedia cristae iliacae; linea interspinalis; linea intertrochanterica; linea intertubercularis; linea mamillaris; linea mediana anterior; linea mediana posterior; linea medio-axillaris; linea medioclavicularis; linea musculi solei; linea mylohyoidea; line angle; linea nigra; linea nuchae inferior; linea nuchae mediana; linea nuchae superior; linea nuchae suprema; linea obliqua; linea obliqua cartilaginis thyroidea; linea obliqua mandibulae; linea parasternalis; linea paravertebralis; linea pectinea; linea poplitea; linea postaxillaris; linea preaxillaris; linear; linear absorption coefficient; linear acceleration; linear accelerator; linear amputation; linear atrophy; linear dichroism; linear energy transfer; linearensate; linear epidermal nevus; linear fracture; linear IgA bullous disease in children; linear models; linear skull fracture; linea scapularis; linea semicircularis; linea semilunaris; linea spiralis; linea splendens; linea sternalis; linea subcostalis; linea supracristalis; lineated; linea temporalis inferior; linea temporalis superior; linea terminalis; linea trapezoidea; linebreeding; lined flap; line for soleus muscle; line of Bechterew; line of demarcation; line of fixation; line of Gennari; line of Kaes; line of occlusion; line of vision; lineolate; line pairs; line precedence; liner; LINES; lines of Retzius; lines of Zahn; line spread function; line test; line-tying; Lineweaver Burke plot; Lineweaver-Burk equation; Lineweaver-Burk plot; Lineweaver, Hans; ling; ling-bird; Lingelsheimia; Lingelsheimia anitrata; lingering; lingism; lingoa wood; Ling, Per Henrik; Ling's method; lingua; lingua cerebelli; lingua dissecta; lingua fissurata; lingua frenata; lingua geographica; lingual; lingual aponeurosis; lingual appliances; lingual arch; lingual artery; lingual bar; lingual bone; lingual branches; lingual branch of facial nerve; lingual crypt; lingual embrasure; lingual-facial-buccal dyskinesia; lingual flange; lingual flap; lingual follicles; lingual frenulum; lingual gingiva; lingual goiter; lingual gyrus; lingual hemiatrophy; lingual lobe; lingual lymph nodes; lingual mucosa; lingual nerve; lingual occlusion; lingual papilla; lingual plate; lingual plexus; lingual rest; lingual retainers; lingual salivary gland depression; lingual septum; lingual splint; lingual surface of tooth; lingual tonsil; lingual trophoneurosis; lingual vein; lingua nigra; lingua plicata; Linguatula; Linguatula rhinaria; Linguatula serrata; linguatuliasis; linguatulida; Linguatulidae; linguatulina; linguiform; linguistics; lingula; lingula cerebelli; lingula mandibulae; lingula of cerebellum; lingula of left lung; lingula of mandible; lingula pulmonis sinistri; lingular; lingular branch; lingula sphenoidalis; lingulectomy; linguo-; linguocervical ridge; linguoclination; linguoclusion; linguodistal; linguofacial trunk; linguogingival; linguogingival fissure; linguogingival groove; linguogingival ridge; linguo-occlusal; linguopapillitis; linguoplate; linguoversion; liniment; liniments; linin; lining; lining cell; lining epithelium; linitis; linitis plastica; link; linkage; linkage analysis; linkage disequilibrium; linkage equilibrium; linkage group; linkage map; linkage marker; linked; linked gene; linker; linker DNA; linker scanning; linking number; linnaea borealis; linnaean system of nomenclature; linnaeite; Linne; linnean; linnet; Linognathus; linoleate; linoleic; linoleic acid; linoleic acids; linolenic acid; linolenic acids; linoleum; linolic acid; linoxin; linsang; linseed; linseed oil; lint; lintwhite; linum; linuron; linustatinase; lio-; lion; lionel; lioness; lionet; lion-heart; lion-hearted; lion-jaw bone-holding forceps; lions; lion's ear; lion's foot; lion's leaf; lion's tail; lion's tooth; liotrix; lip; lipaemia; lipaemia retinalis; lipaemic; lipaemic retinopathy; lipancreatin; lip and leg ulceration; lipans; liparian; liparite; liparocele; lipase; lipase test; lip bumper; lipectomy; lipedema; lipedematous alopecia; lipemia; lipic; lipid; lipid A; lipid A 4'-phosphatase; lipid A disaccharide synthase; lipid bilayer; lipid bilayers; lipidemia; lipid granulomatosis; lipid histiocytosis; lipid keratopathy; lipid mobilization; lipid-mobilizing hormone; lipidolytic; lipidoses; lipidosis; lipid peroxidation; lipid peroxides; lipid pneumonia; lipid profile; lipids; lipids and antilipaemic agents; lipid storage diseases; lipinic; Lipmann, Fritz; lipo-; lipoamide; lipoamide dehydrogenase; lipoamide disulfide; lipoamide reductase; lipoarthritis; lipoate; lipoate acetyltransferase; lipoate-protein ligase; lipoatrophia; lipoatrophia annularis; lipoatrophia circumscripta; lipoatrophic diabetes; lipoatrophy; lipoblast; lipoblastic lipoma; lipoblastoma; lipoblastomatosis; lipocalin; lipocardiac; lipocatabolic; lipocephala; lipoceratous; lipocere; lipochondria; lipochondrodystrophy; lipochrin; lipochrome; lipoclasis; lipoclastic; lipocortin; lipocrit; lipocyte; lipodermoid; lipodieresis; lipodystrophia intestinalis; lipodystrophia progessiva superior; lipodystrophy; lipoedema; lipofectin; lipofection; lipoferous; lipofibroma; lipofuscin; lipofuscinosis; lipogenesis; lipogenic; lipogenous; lipogenous diabetes; lipogranuloma; lipogranulomatosis; lipohemia; lipoic acid; lipoid; lipoidemia; lipoid granuloma; lipoid nephrosis; lipoidosis; lipoidosis corneae; lipoidosis cutis et mucosae; lipoid proteinosis; lipoid theory of narcosis; lipolipoidosis; lipolysis; lipolytic; lipoma; lipoma annulare colli; lipoma arborescens; lipoma capsulare; lipoma cavernosum; lipoma fibrosum; lipoma myxomatodes; lipoma ossificans; lipoma petrificans; lipoma sarcomatodes; lipomatoid; lipomatosis; lipomatosis, multiple symmetrical; lipomatosis neurotica; lipomatous; lipomatous hypertrophy; lipomatous infiltration; lipomatous polyp; lipomelanic reticulosis; lipomeningocele; lipomodulin; lipomucopolysaccharidosis; liponucleoproteins; Liponyssus; lipooligosaccharide alpha-1,2-acetylglucosaminyltransferase; lipopenia; lipopenic; lipopeptide; lipophage; lipophagia; lipophagia granulomatosis; lipophagic; lipophagic granuloma; lipophagic intestinal granulomatosis; lipophagy; lipophanerosis; lipophil; lipophilic; lipophorin; lipophosphodiesterase I; lipophosphodiesterase II; lipophosphoglycan Gal6-mannosylphosphoryltransferase; lipopolysaccharide; lipopolysaccharides; lipoprotein; lipoprotein(a); lipoprotein(a) hyperlipoproteinaemia; lipoprotein-associated coagulation inhibitor; lipoprotein electrophoresis; lipoprotein lipase; lipoprotein lipase deficiency, familial; lipoprotein Lp(a); lipoprotein polymorphism; lipoproteins; lipoproteins, hdl; lipoproteins, hdl cholesterol; lipoproteins, ldl; lipoproteins, ldl cholesterol; lipoproteins, vldl; lipoproteins, vldl cholesterol; lipoprotein-x; liposarcoma; liposarcoma, myxoid; liposis; lipositol; liposoluble; liposome; liposomes; liposuction; liposuctioning; lipoteichoic acid; lipothiamide pyrophosphate; lipotrophic; lipotrophy; lipotropic; lipotropic agents; lipotropic factor; lipotropic hormone; lipotropin; lipotropy; lipovaccine; lipovitellin; lipoxenous; lipoxeny; lipoxidase; lipoxin 6,7-dihydroreductase; lipoxin A4 synthase; lipoxin B4 synthase; lipoxygenase; lipoxygenase inhibitors; lipoyl; lipoyl dehydrogenase; lipped; lipping; lip pits; lippitude; lipreading; lip reflex; lips; Lipschutz; Lipschutz cell; Lipschutz' ulcer; lips of mouth; lip sulcus; lipuria; lipuric; lipyl; liquate; liquation; liquefacient; liquefaction; liquefaction degeneration; liquefactive; liquefactive necrosis; liquescent; liqueur; liquid; liquid air; liquidambar; liquid extract; liquid glucose; liquid human serum; liquid hydrocarbon; liquid-liquid chromatography; liquid metal; liquid-metal fast-breeder reactor; liquid paraffin; liquid petroleum; liquid pitch; liquifilm; liquor; liquor amnii; liquor cerebrospinalis; liquor cotunnii; liquor entericus; liquor folliculi; liquorice; liquorrhoea; lira; lirella; lirelliform; liriodendron; liroconite; Lisch, Karl; Lisch nodule; lisfranc fracture-dislocation; Lisfranc, Jacques; Lisfranc's amputation; Lisfranc's joints; Lisfranc's ligaments; Lisfranc's operation; Lisfranc's tubercle; lisinopril; Lison-Dunn stain; Lison, Lucien; lisping; lissamine green dyes; lissamine rhodamine B 200; Lissauer, Heinrich; Lissauer's bundle; Lissauer's column; Lissauer's fasciculus; Lissauer's marginal zone; Lissauer's tract; lissencephala; lissencephalia; lissencephalic; lissencephaly; lissive; lissosphincter; lissotrichic; list; lister; Listerella; listeria; Listeria denitrificans; Listeria grayi; listeria infections; listeria meningitis; Listeria monocytogenes; listerian; listeriosis; listerism; Lister, Joseph; Lister, Joseph Lord; Lister's dressing; Lister's method; Lister's tubercle; listing; Listing, Johann; Listing's law; Listing's reduced eye; Liston, Robert; Liston's knives; Liston's shears; Liston's splint; lisuride; litate; litchi; liter; literal agraphia; literator; literature; lith; lithaemia; lithagogue; litharge; lithargyrum; lithate; lithectomy; lithia; lithiasis; lithic; lithic acid; lithiophilite; lithium; lithium bromide; lithium carbonate; lithium chloride; lithium citrate; lithium compounds; lithium tungstate; litho-; lithobilic; Lithobius; lithocarp; lithocholic acid; lithocholic acid 6 beta-hydroxylase; lithochromatics; lithocyst; lithodome; lithodomous; lithodomus; lithofellic; lithogenesis; lithogenic; lithogenous; lithograph; lithographer; lithographic; lithographical; lithography; lithoid; lithokelyphopedion; lithokelyphos; litholabe; litholapaxy; lithological; lithologist; lithology; litholysis; litholyte; litholytic; lithomancy; lithomarge; lithomyl; lithonephritis; lithontriptic; lithontriptor; lithopedion; lithophagous; lithophotography; lithophyll; lithophyse; lithophyte; lithophytic; lithosian; lithotint; lithotome; lithotomical; lithotomist; lithotomy; lithotomy position; lithotresis; lithotripsy; lithotripsy, laser; lithotriptic; lithotriptor; lithotriptoscopy; lithotrite; lithotritor; lithotrity; lithotroph; lithoxyl; lithuresis; lithuria; lithy; litigious paranoia; litmus; litorin; litter; litterateur; litter size; little; little finger; little fossa of the cochlear window; little fossa of the vestibular window; little head of humerus; Little, James; little leaguer's elbow; Little's area; Little's disease; Little, William; littoral; littoral cell; littoral water; littorina; Littre, Alexis; Littre's glands; Littre's hernia; littritis; lituite; liturate; liturgiologist; lituus; Litzmann, Karl; Litzmann obliquity; live; livebirth; liveborn infant; live bottom; livedo; livedoid; livedoid dermatitis; livedo racemosa; livedo reticularis; livedo reticularis idiopathica; livedo reticularis symptomatica; livedo telangiectatica; livedo vasculitis; live-forever; liveliness; lively; live oral poliovirus vaccine; liver; liver abscess; liver abscess, amebic; liver acinus; liver anatomy; liver, artificial; liver breath; liver bud; liver calcifications; liver cancer; liver cell; liver cell carcinoma; liver circulation; liver cirrhosis; liver cirrhosis, alcoholic; liver cirrhosis, biliary; liver cyst; liver diet; liver diseases, alcoholic; liver diseases, parasitic; liver enzyme; liver extracts; liver failure; liver failure, acute; liver filtrate factor; liver flap; liver function test; liver glycogen; liver haemangioendothelioma; liver kidney syndrome; liver Lactobacillus casei factor; liverleaf; liver metastases; liver metastases: ultrasound imaging; liver neoplasms, experimental; liver of sulfur; liver profile; liver regeneration; liver scan; liver-shod clamp; liver-spleen scan; liver spot; liver spots; liver starch; liver transplant; liver transplantation; liverwort; livetin; live vaccine; live vaccines; livid; lividity; living anatomy; living donors; living will; living wills; livor; lixivial; lixiviation; lixivited; lixivium; liza; lizard; lizard's tail; llama; llandeilo group; LLAT; llc-pk1 cells; LLETZ; L-L factor; LLL; Lloyd, John Uri; Lloyd's reagent; LLQ; L-lysine oxidase; L-mandelate dehydrogenase; L-methionine gamma-lyase; LMP; LMT; L myc; LNPF; Lo; loa; loach; load; load factor; loading; loading dose; load management; Loa loa; loathly; lob; lobar; lobar bronchi; lobar nephronia; lobar pneumonia; lobar sclerosis; lobate; lobated; lobby; lobbying; lobe; lobectomy; lobefoot; lobe-footed; lobelet; lobelia; lobeliaceous; lobelin; lobeline; lobe of prostate; lobes of cerebrum; lobes of mammary gland; lobes of thyroid gland; lobi; lobi glandulae mammariae; lobi glandulae thyroideae; lobiped; lobitis; loblolly; Lobo; Loboa loboi; lobomycosis; lobopodia; lobopodium; lobosa; Lobo's disease; lobose; lobosea; lobotomy; Lobry de Bruyn, Cornelius; Lobry de Bruyn-van Ekenstein transformation; Lobstein, Johann; Lobstein's ganglion; lobster; lobster-claw deformity; lobsters; lobular; lobular carcinoma; lobular carcinoma in situ; lobular glomerulonephritis; lobular neoplasia; lobulate; lobulated; lobule; lobule of auricle; lobules of epididymis; lobules of mammary gland; lobules of testis; lobules of thymus; lobules of thyroid gland; lobulet; lobulette; lobuli epididymidis; lobuli glandulae mammariae; lobuli glandulae thyroideae; lobuli testis; lobuli thymi; lobulus; lobulus auriculae; lobulus biventer; lobulus biventralis; lobulus centralis cerebelli; lobulus clivi; lobulus corticalis renalis; lobulus culminis; lobulus cuneiformis; lobulus folii; lobulus fusiformis; lobulus gracilis; lobulus hepatis; lobulus paracentralis; lobulus parietalis inferior; lobulus parietalis superior; lobulus quadrangularis; lobulus quadratus; lobulus semilunaris inferior; lobulus semilunaris superior; lobulus simplex; lobus; lobus anterior hypophyseos; lobus appendicularis; lobus azygos; lobus caudatus; lobus dexter; lobus falciformis; lobus frontalis cerebri; lobus glandularis hypophyseos; lobus hepatis dexter; lobus hepatis sinister; lobus inferior pulmonis; lobus linguiformis; lobus medius prostatae; lobus medius pulmonis dextri; lobus nervosus; lobus occipitalis cerebri; lobus parietalis cerebri; lobus posterior hypophyseos; lobus prostatae; lobus pyramidalis glandulae thyroideae; lobus quadratus; lobus renalis; lobus sinister; lobus superior pulmonis; lobus temporalis; lobworm; LOCA; local; local anaemia; local anaesthesia; local anaesthetic; local anaesthetic reaction; local anaesthetics; local anaphylaxis; local area networks; local asphyxia; local bloodletting; local circuit theory; local death; local epilepsy; local excitatory state; local flap; local glomerulonephritis; local hormone; local immunity; localisation; localise; localised; localised cancer; localised nodular tenosynovitis; localised osteitis fibrosa; localised pemphigoid of Brunsting-Perry; localised peritonitis; localised scleroderma; localised small bowel disease; locality; localization; localization agnosia; localization related epilepsy; localizing electrode; localizing symptom; local nerve block; local reaction; local sign; local stimulant; local symptom; local syncope; local tetanus; local therapy; local tic; local treatment; locant; location directories and signs; locator; locellate; loch; loche; lochia; lochia alba; lochia cruenta; lochial; lochia purulenta; lochia rubra; lochia sanguinolenta; lochia serosa; lochiometra; lochiometritis; lochioperitonitis; lochiorrhagia; lochiorrhoea; loci; lock; lock-and-key model; lock and key models; Locke; locked bite; locked facets; locked-in syndrome; locked knee; locken; Locke-Ringer solution; Locke's solutions; lock finger; lock hospital; lockjaw; lock step; Lockwood, Charles; Lockwood's ligament; LOCM; loco; locobase; loco citato; locomotion; locomotive; locomotor; locomotor ataxia; locomotorial; locomotorium; locomotory; locoregional; locoweed disease; loculament; locular; loculate; loculation; loculation syndrome; locule; loculicidal; loculous; loculus; locum tenant; locum tenens; locus; locus ceruleus; locus cinereus; locus coeruleus; locus control region; locus ferrugineus; locus minoris resistentiae; locus niger; locus of control; locus perforatus anticus; locus perforatus posticus; locust; locusta; locustella; locust gum; locustic; locust tree; lodde; lode; lodestone; lodge; lodicule; lod method; Lo dose; lod score; Loeb, Leo; Loeffler, Friedrich; loeffler pneumonia; Loeffler's bacillus; Loeffler's blood culture medium; Loeffler's caustic stain; Loeffler's methylene blue; Loeffler's stain; Loeffler's syndrome; loellingite; loess; loeven's larva; Loevit, Moritz; Loevit's cell; Loewenthal's bundle; Loewenthal's reaction; Loewenthal's tract; Loewenthal, Wilhelm; lofentanil; lofepramine; Loffler; Loffler's disease; Loffler's endocarditis; Loffler's parietal fibroplastic endocarditis; Loffler's syndrome; log; logagnosia; logagraphia; logamnesia; Logan, William; logaphasia; logarithm; logarithmical; logarithmic phase; logasthenia; log choker; logcock; logetronography; loggat; loggerhead; loggerheaded; loggerheads; logging; logging residues; logic; logistical; logistic curve; logistic model; logistic models; logistics; logit; logit transformation; lognormal distribution; logo-; logographer; logographic; logographical; logography; logogriph; logomachist; logomachy; logometric; logopathy; logopedia; logopedics; logoplegia; logorrhoea; logospasm; logotherapy; logwood; Lohlein-Baehr lesion; Lohmann reaction; lohock; loiasis; loin; loir; Lok; loki; loligo; loliism; lolium; loma; lomasome; lomatinous; Lombard, Etienne; lombardic; Lombard voice-reflex test; loment; lomentaceous; lomentum; lomustine; london; london dispersion forces; London forces; London, Fritz; lone; loneliness; lonely; long; long abductor muscle of thumb; long-acting thyroid stimulator; long adductor muscle; longan; long axis; long axis of body; long axis view; longbeak; long bone; long-breathed; long buccal nerve; long central artery; long chain; long-chain 3-hydroxyacyl CoA dehydrogenase; long-chain-acyl-CoA dehydrogenase; long-chain-alcohol dehydrogenase; long-chain-alcohol O-fatty-acyltransferase; long-chain-fatty-acid-(acyl-carrier-protein) ligase; long-chain-fatty-acid-CoA ligase; long-chain-fatty-acyl-glutamate deacylase; long ciliary nerve; long cone technique; long crus of incus; long-day plant; longe; longevity; long extensor muscle of great toe; long extensor muscle of thumb; long extensor muscle of toes; long fibular muscle; long flexor muscle of great toe; long flexor muscle of thumb; long flexor muscle of toes; long gyrus of insula; long head; long head of triceps; longhorn; long-horned; longicorn; longicornia; long incubation hepatitis; long interspersed elements; longipalp; longipennate; longipennes; longipennine; longiroster; longirostral; longirostres; longissimus capitis; longissimus cervicis; longissimus muscle; longissimus thoracis; longitude; longitudinal; longitudinal aberration; longitudinal arch of foot; longitudinal arc of skull; longitudinal bands of cruciform ligament; longitudinal canals of modiolus; longitudinal dissociation; longitudinal duct of epoophoron; longitudinal fissure of cerebrum; longitudinal fold of duodenum; longitudinal fracture; longitudinalis; longitudinal layer of muscular coat; longitudinal layers of muscular tunics; longitudinal lie; longitudinal ligament; longitudinal ligaments; longitudinal magnification; longitudinal method; longitudinal oval pelvis; longitudinal pontine bundles; longitudinal pontine fasciculi; longitudinal relaxation; longitudinal section; longitudinal sinus; longitudinal studies; longitudinal study; longitudinal sulcus of heart; longitudinal wave; longitype; Long, John; long-leg arthropathy; longlegs; long levatores costarum muscles; long-lived; Longmire's operation; Longmire, William Jr; long muscle of head; long muscle of neck; longmynd rocks; longnose; long palmar muscle; long peroneal muscle; long plantar ligament; long process of malleus; long pulse; long QT syndrome; long radial extensor muscle of wrist; long root of ciliary ganglion; long saphenous nerve; long saphenous vein; Long's coefficient; Long's formula; longshanks; long sight; long-sightedness; longspur; long subscapular nerve; long-term care; long-terminal repeat; long terminal repeat sequences; long-term memory; long-term nonprogressor; long-term potentiation; long-term productivity; long-term survival; long thoracic artery; long thoracic nerve; long thoracic vein; long ton; long-tongue; longulite; longus capitis; longus colli muscle; long vinculum; long-winded; Lon protease; loob; loof; look; lookdown; lool; loom; looming; loon; Looney, Joseph; loop; loop bioreactors; loop diuretic; loop electrocautery excision procedure; looper; loop excision; looping; loop of henle; loop of hypoglossal nerve; loop resection; loops of spinal nerves; loose; loose associations; loose body; loose cartilage; loosen; loosening of association; loosening of associations; Looser, Emil; Looser's lines; Looser's zones; loose skin; loosestrife; lop; lope; lop-ear; loperamide; loperamide hydrochloride; lophine; lophiomys; lophobranch; lophobranchiate; lophobranchii; lophodont; Lophophora williamsii; lophophore; lophopoda; lophosteon; lophotrichate; lophotrichous; loppard; lopremone; lopseed; loquat; Lorain; Lorain-Levi dwarfism; Lorain-Levi infantilism; Lorain-Levi syndrome; Lorain's disease; loral; loratadine; lorate; lorazepam; lorcainide; lord; lording; lordoscoliosis; lordosis; lordosis reflex; lordotic; lordotic albuminuria; lordotic pelvis; lords and ladies; lordship; lore; lorentz force; lorentz gas; lorentz ionisation; Lorenz; Lorenz' sign; lorette; lorettine; lori; lorica; loricata; loricate; lorikeet; loriot; loris; lorisidae; lorn; lory; los alamos meson physics facility; los alamos national laboratory; losartan; Loschmidt; Loschmidt's number; lose; loss cone; loss of consciousness; loss of heterozygosity; lost; lot; lote; lotion; lotong; lotophagi; lotos; lotos-eater; lotus; louchettes; loudness perception; loudness recruitment; lou gehrig's disease; Louis; Louis' angle; Louis-Bar; Louis-Bar syndrome; Louis' law; loup-cervier; loupe; louping ill; louping-ill virus; loup-loup; loups; lour; louri; louse; louse-borne typhus; louse flies; lousewort; lousiness; lousy; loutou; lovage; lovastatin; love; Loven, Otto; Loven reflex; lover; Lovibond, J; Lovibond's angle; Lovibond's profile sign; loviride; low; low-activation materials; low affinity platelet factor IV; low aspect ratio; low back pain; low-calorie diet; low convex; low delirium; low density lipoprotein; low density lipoprotein receptor; low-density lipoprotein receptors; Lowe, Charles; low-egg-passage vaccine; Lowenberg, Benjamin; Lowenberg's canal; Lowenberg's forceps; Lowenberg's scala; Lowenstein-Jensen culture medium; Lowenstein-Jensen medium; Lowenstein, L; lower abdominal periosteal reflex; lower airway; lower alveolar point; lower body negative pressure; lower extremity; lower eyelid; lower GI series; lower heating value; lower hybrid waves; lower jaw; lower lateral cutaneous nerve of arm; lower lid; lower limb; lower lip; lower lobe of lung; lower motor neuron; lower motor neuron dysarthria; lower motor neuron lesion; lower nephron nephrosis; lower nodal extrasystole; lower oesophageal sphincter; lower respiratory tract; lower respiratory tract smear; Lower, Richard; lower segment cesarian section; Lower's ring; Lower's tubercle; lower uterine segment; lower uterine segment cesarean section; Lowe's syndrome; lowest achievable emissions rate; lowest lumbar arteries; lowest splanchnic nerve; lowest thyroid artery; Lowe-Terrey-MacLachlan syndrome; low-fat diet; low flow principle; low forceps delivery; low frequency transduction; Low, George; low grade astrocytoma; low lip line; lowly; low malignant potential tumour; Lown, Bernard; low-necked; lown-ganong-levine syndrome; low output failure; low-pass filter; low placenta; low platelet count; low-pressure; low purine diet; low residue diet; Lowry-Folin assay; Lowry, Oliver; Lowry protein assay; Lowry, R Brian; low salt diet; low-set ear; Lowsley, Oswald; Lowsley tractor; low sodium syndrome; low spinal anaesthesia; low tension glaucoma; low tone deafness; low wine; loxapine; loxia; loxodromic; Loxosceles; loxoscelism; Loxotrema ovatum; lozenge; LPC proprotein convertase; LPH; L-phase variants; L-phenylglycine-AMP ligase; LPO; LPS; Lr; L-radiation; LRCP; LRCS; Lr dose; LRF; LRFPS; LRH; l-rhamnose; L-rhamnose isomerase; L-ribose reductase; L-ribulosephosphate 4-epimerase; L ring; LSA; LSCS; LSD; l-selectin; l-serine dehydratase; LSF; l-sorbose; L-sorbose-1-phosphate reductase; L-sorbose-(acceptor) 5-oxidoreductase; L-sorbosone dehydrogenase; LSP; L/S ratio; LST; l-stercobilinogen; LT; L-tartrate decarboxylase; L-tartrate dehydratase; LTDH short chain dehydrogenase; LTH; LTM; LTR; L-tryptophan 2',3'-oxidase; L-tyrosine ammonia-lyase; Lu; Lu antigens; Lubarsch, Otto; Lubarsch's crystals; lubber; lubricant; lubricating cream; lubrication; Lubrol; lucanthone; lucanthone hydrochloride; Lucas' groove; Lucas, Richard; luce; lucensomycin; lucent; lucern; lucernal; lucernaria; lucernarian; lucernarida; lucerne; Luc, Henri; Lucibacterium; lucid; lucidification; lucid interval; lucidity; lucifer; luciferase; luciferases; luciferin; luciferins; luciferyl adenylate; lucifugal; lucigenin; Lucilia; Lucilia caesar; Lucilia cuprina; Lucilia illustris; Lucilia sericata; lucimycin; Lucio, R; Lucio's leprosy; Lucio's leprosy phenomenon; lucipetal; Lucke, Balduin; Lucke carcinoma; Lucke, George; luckenschadel; Lucke's adenocarcinoma; Lucke's test; Lucke's virus; lucky proach; lucotherapy; Luc's operation; lucule; lucullite; lucuma; ludic; ludlamite; Ludloff, Karl; Ludloff's sign; ludlow group; Ludwig, Daniel; ludwigite; Ludwig, Karl; Ludwig, Kurt; ludwig's angina; Ludwig's angle; Ludwig's ganglion; Ludwig's labyrinth; Ludwig's nerve; Ludwig, Wilhelm Friedrich von; Luebering, J; Luer; Luer-Lok syringe; Luer syringe; lues; lues venerea; luetic; luetic mask; Luft, John; Luft, Rolf; Luft's disease; Luft's potassium permanganate fixative; lug; lugger; Lugol, Jean; Lugol's iodine solution; lugworm; Lukes-Collins classification; lukewarm; LUL; luliberin; lum; lumachella; lumbago; lumbal; lumbar; lumbar appendicitis; lumbar artery; lumbar branch of iliolumbar artery; lumbar cistern; lumbar cord; lumbar disk removal; lumbar enlargement; lumbar enlargement of spinal cord; lumbar flexure; lumbar ganglia; lumbar hernia; lumbar iliocostal muscle; lumbar interspinales muscles; lumbar interspinal muscle; lumbarization; lumbar laminectomy; lumbar lymph nodes; lumbar nephrectomy; lumbar nerves; lumbar part of diaphragm; lumbar part of spinal cord; lumbar plexus; lumbar puncture; lumbar puncture needle; lumbar quadrate muscle; lumbar radiculopathy; lumbar region; lumbar rheumatism; lumbar rib; lumbar rotator muscles; lumbar segments of spinal cord; lumbar splanchnic nerves; lumbar triangle; lumbar trunks; lumbar veins; lumbar vertebrae; lumberer; lumberman's itch; lumbi; lumboabdominal; lumbocolostomy; lumbocolotomy; lumbocostal; lumbocostal ligament; lumbocostoabdominal triangle; lumbodorsal fascia; lumboiliac; lumboinguinal; lumboinguinal nerve; lumbo-ovarian; lumbosacral; lumbosacral angle; lumbosacral joint; lumbosacral plexus; lumbosacral trunk; lumbric; lumbrical; lumbricalis; lumbrical muscle of foot; lumbrical muscle of hand; lumbricidal; lumbricide; lumbriciform; lumbricoid; lumbricosis; lumbricus; lumbrokinase; lumbus; lumen; lumican; lumichrome; lumicolchicine; lumicolchicines; lumiflavin; lumina; luminal; luminance; luminescence; luminescence, bacterial; luminescent proteins; luminiferous; luminol; luminophore; luminous; luminous flux; luminous intensity; luminous retinoscope; lumirhodopsin; lumisome; lumisterol; lump; lumpectomy; lumper; lumpfish; lumpsucker; lumpy jaw; lumpy skin disease; lumpy skin disease virus; luna; lunacy; Luna-Ishak stain; lunar; lunar caustic; lunare; lunar periodicity; lunary; lunate; lunate bone; lunate cerebral sulcus; lunated; lunate dislocation; lunate fissure; lunate sulcus; lunate surface of acetabulum; lunatic; lunatomalacia; lune; lunette; lung; lung abscess; lung bud; lung cancer; lung compliance; lung diseases, interstitial; lung diseases, obstructive; lung diseases, parasitic; lunge; lunged; lungfish; lung fluke disease; lung foreign body; lung: gallium imaging; lung-grown; lung, hyperlucent; lungie; lungoor; lung perfusion agents; lungs; lung segmental anatomy; lung transplantation; lung unit; lung ventilation agents; lung volume measurements; lung window; lungworm; lungworms; lungwort; lunisolar; lunistice; lunula; lunula of semilunar valve; lunular; lunulated; lunula valvulae semilunaris; lunule; lunulet; lunulite; Lunyo virus; lupanine hydroxylase; lupercalia; lupiform; lupine; lupinidine; lupinin; lupinine; lupinosis; lupoid; lupoid hepatitis; lupoid leishmaniasis; lupoid sycosis; lupoid ulcer; lupous; lupulin; lupuline; lupulinic; lupus; lupus anticoagulant; lupus anticoagulants; lupus band test; lupus coagulation inhibitor; lupus erythematodes; lupus erythematosus; lupus erythematosus cell; lupus erythematosus cell test; lupus erythematosus, cutaneous; lupus erythematosus, discoid; lupus erythematosus profundus; lupus erythematosus, systemic; lupus erythematosus test; lupus glomerulonephritis-pathology; lupus-like syndrome; lupus livido; lupus lymphaticus; lupus miliaris disseminatus faciei; lupus mutilans; lupus nephritis; lupus papillomatosus; lupus pernio; lupus profundus; lupus sebaceus; lupus serpiginosus; lupus superficialis; lupus tuberculosus; lupus verrucosus; lupus vulgaris; LUQ; lura; lural; lurch; lurcher; lurg; luria-nebraska neuropsychological battery; lurid; lurker; lurry; Luschka, Hubert; Luschka's bursa; Luschka's cartilage; Luschka's cystic glands; Luschka's ducts; Luschka's gland; Luschka's joints; Luschka's ligaments; Luschka's tonsil; Luse bodies; lusern; Luse, Sarah; lust; lustre; lustrum; lustwort; lute; luteal; luteal cell; luteal phase; luteal phase defect; luteal phase deficiency; lutecium; luteic; lutein; lutein cells; luteinise; luteinised unruptured follicle syndrome; luteinising hormone; luteinising hormone releasing factor; luteinization; luteinizing hormone; luteinizing hormone/follicle-stimulating hormone-releasing factor; luteinizing hormone-releasing factor; luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone; luteinizing principle; luteinoma; Lutembacher, Rene; lutembacher's syndrome; lutembacher syndrome; luteo-; luteocobaltic; luteogenic; luteohormone; luteol; luteolin; luteolysin; luteolysis; luteolytic; luteolytic agents; luteoma; luteoplacental shift; luteotropic; luteotropic hormone; luteotropin; luteovirus; lutetium; luteus; luth; lutheran blood-group system; lutidine; luting; luting agent; lutropin; lututrin; Lutz, Alfredo; Lutzomyia; Lutzomyia flaviscutellata; Lutzomyia intermedius; Lutzomyia longipalpis; Lutzomyia peruensis; Lutz-Splendore-Almeida disease; luwack; lux; luxatio; luxatio erecta; luxation; luxatio perinealis; Luxol fast blue; luxullianite; luxuriant; luxury; luxury protein; luxus; Luys' body; Luys, Jules; LVET; Lw; lx; L-xylulose reductase; l-xylulosuria; lyase; lyases; Lyb antigen; lycanthropist; lycanthropy; lychee; lychnis; lychnobite; lychnoscope; lycine; lycoctonine; lycopenaemia; lycopene; lycopene cyclase-isomerase; lycoperdon; lycoperdonosis; lycophora; lycopod; lycopodiaceous; lycopodite; lycopodium; lycotropous; lye; Lyell; Lyell's disease; Lyell's syndrome; lyencephala; lyencephalous; lyerman; lygodium; lygophilia; lying; lyme arthritis; Lyme borreliosis; lymecycline; lyme disease; lyme disease antibody; lyme disease serology; lyme grass; lymhound; lymnaea; lymph; lymphaden; lymphadenectomy; lymphadenitis; lymphadeno-; lymphadenography; lymphadenoid; lymphadenoid goiter; lymphadenoma; lymphadenomatosis; lymphadenopathy; lymphadenopathy-associated virus; lymphadenosis; lymphadenovarix; lymphagogue; lymphangeitis; lymphangial; lymphangiectasia; lymphangiectasis; lymphangiectasis, intestinal; lymphangiectatic; lymphangiectodes; lymphangiectomy; lymphangiitis; lymphangio-; lymphangioendothelioma; lymphangiogram; lymphangiography; lymphangioleiomyomatosis; lymphangiology; lymphangioma; lymphangioma capillare varicosum; lymphangioma cavernosum; lymphangioma circumscriptum; lymphangioma, cystic; lymphangioma cysticum; lymphangioma simplex; lymphangioma superficium simplex; lymphangiomatous; lymphangioma tuberosum multiplex; lymphangioma xanthelasmoideum; lymphangiomyoma; lymphangiomyomatosis; lymphangion; lymphangiophlebitis; lymphangioplasty; lymphangiosarcoma; lymphangiotomy; lymphangitic lung metastases; lymphangitis; lymphangitis carcinomatosa; lymphangitis epizootica; lymphapheresis; lymphatic; lymphatic angina; lymphatic diseases; lymphatic dissemination theory of endometriosis; lymphatic duct; lymphatic fistula; lymphatic follicles of larynx; lymphatic follicles of rectum; lymphatic irradiation; lymphatic leukaemia; lymphatic metastasis; lymphatic nodule; lymphatic oedema; lymphaticostomy; lymphatic plexus; lymphatic ring of cardiac part of stomach; lymphatics; lymphatic sarcoma; lymphatic sinus; lymphatic stroma; lymphatic system; lymphatic tissue; lymphatic valvule; lymphatic vessel; lymphatic vessels; lymphatic vessel tumours; lymphatitis; lymphatology; lymphatolysis; lymphatolytic; lymph capillary; lymph cell; lymph circulation; lymph cords; lymph corpuscle; lymphectasia; lymphedema; lymphedema praecox; lymphedematous keratoderma; lymph embolism; lymphemia; lymph follicle; lymph gland; lymphitis; lymphization; lymph node; lymph node excision; lymph node of azygos arch; lymph node of ligamentum arteriosum; lymph node permeability factor; lymph nodes; lymph nodes of abdominal organs; lymph nodes of elbow; lymph nodule; lympho-; lymphoadenoma; lymphoblast; lymphoblastic; lymphoblastic leukaemia; lymphoblastic lymphoma; lymphoblastoma; lymphoblastosis; lymphocele; lymphocerastism; lymphocinesis; lymphocryptovirus; lymphocyst; lymphocytapheresis; lymphocyte; lymphocyte activation; lymphocyte cooperation; lymphocyte count; lymphocyte depletion; lymphocyte function associated antigen; lymphocyte function-associated antigen-1; lymphocyte lymphocyte; lymphocyte-oriented kinase; lymphocytes; lymphocytes, null; lymphocyte specific protein tyrosine kinase p56(lck); lymphocytes, tumour-infiltrating; lymphocyte subsets; lymphocyte transformation; lymphocyte transfusion; lymphocythemia; lymphocytic; lymphocytic adenohypophysitis; lymphocytic choriomeningitis; lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus; lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia; lymphocytic interstitial pneumonitis; lymphocytic leukaemia; lymphocytic leukemoid reaction; lymphocytic leukocytosis; lymphocytic leukopenia; lymphocytic lymphoma; lymphocytic thyroiditis; lymphocytoblast; lymphocytoma; lymphocytopenia; lymphocytopoiesis; lymphocytosis; lymphocytotoxic antibodies; lymphoderma; lymphoduct; lymphoedema; lymphoepithelial cyst; lymphoepithelioma; lymphogenesis; lymphogenic; lymphogenous; lymphogenous metastasis; lymphoglandula; lymphogranuloma; lymphogranuloma benignum; lymphogranuloma inguinale; lymphogranuloma malignum; lymphogranulomatosis; lymphogranuloma venereum; lymphogranuloma venereum antigen; lymphogranuloma venereum virus; lymphography; lymphohistiocytic; lymphohistiocytosis; lymphoid; lymphoid cell; lymphoidectomy; lymphoid haemoblast of Pappenheim; lymphoid hypophysitis; lymphoid interstitial pneumonia; lymphoid interstitial pneumonitis; lymphoid leukaemia; lymphoidocyte; lymphoid polyp; lymphoid ring; lymphoid series; lymphoid tissue; lymphokine; lymphokines; lymphokinesis; lympholeukocyte; lymphology; lymphoma; lymphoma, aids-related; lymphoma, B-cell; lymphoma, diffuse; lymphoma, follicular; lymphoma, high-grade; lymphoma, intermediate-grade; lymphoma, large-cell; lymphoma, large-cell, diffuse; lymphoma, large-cell, follicular; lymphoma, large-cell, immunoblastic; lymphoma, large-cell, ki-1; lymphoma, low-grade; lymphoma, lymphoblastic; lymphoma, mixed-cell; lymphoma, mixed-cell, diffuse; lymphoma, mixed-cell, follicular; lymphoma, mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue; lymphoma, non-hodgkin; lymphoma, small-cell; lymphoma, small cleaved-cell, diffuse; lymphoma, small cleaved-cell, follicular; lymphoma, small lymphocytic; lymphoma, small noncleaved-cell; lymphoma, T-cell; lymphoma, T-cell, cutaneous; lymphoma, T-cell, peripheral; lymphomatoid; lymphomatoid granulomatosis; lymphomatoid papulosis; lymphomatosis; lymphomatous; lymphoma, undifferentiated; lymphomyeloma; lymphomyxoma; lymphopathia; lymphopathia venereum; lymphopathy; lymphopenia; lymphopenic thymic dysplasia; lymphoplasmapheresis; lymphoplasty; lymphopoiesis; lymphopoietic; lymphoproliferation; lymphoproliferative disorders; lymphoproliferative response; lymphoreticulosis; lymphorrhagia; lymphorrhoea; lymphorrhoid; lymphosarcoma; lymphosarcomatosis; lymphoscintigraphy; lymphosis; lymphostasis; lymphostatic verrucosis; lymphotaxis; lymphotoxicity; lymphotoxin; lymphotrophy; lymph sacs; lymph scrotum; lymph sinus; lymph space; lymphuria; lymph varix; lymph vessels; lyn; lyncean; lynestrenol; lyngbya toxins; lynx; lyo-; lyoenzyme; lyolysis; Lyon, B; Lyon hypothesis; Lyonisation; lyonization; Lyon, Mary; lyophil; lyophilic; lyophilic colloid; lyophilisate; lyophilization; lyophobe; lyophobic; lyophobic colloid; lyopomata; lyosorption; lyotropic; lyotropic series; lypressin; lyra; lyraid; lyrate; lyrated; lyra uterina; lyre; lyre bird; lyrid; lyrie; lyriferous; Lys; lysaemia; lysate; lyse; lysergamide; lysergic acid; lysergic acid amide; lysergic acid diethylamide; lysergic acid monoethylamide; lysergide; lysergol; lysergyl peptide synthetase; lysin; lysinaemia; lysine; lysine carboxypeptidase; lysine-C peptidase; lysine decarboxylase; lysine epsilon-dehydrogenase; lysine monooxygenase; lysine N-epsilon hydroxylase; lysine-p-nitroanilide hydrolase; lysine racemase; lysine-tRNA ligase; lysinium; lysinoalanine; lysinogen; lysinogenic; lysinuria; lysinuric protein intolerance; lysis; lyso-; lysoamidase; lysocephalin; lysogen; lysogenesis; lysogenic; lysogenic bacteria; lysogenic bacterium; lysogenic conversion; lysogenic induction; lysogenic infection; lysogenicity; lysogenic pathway; lysogenic strain; lysogenic virus; lysogenization; lysogeny; lysokinase; lysolecithin; lysolecithinase; lysolecithin-lecithin acyltransferase; lysomonogalactosyldiacylglycerol acyltransferase; lysophosphatide; lysophosphatidic acid; lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase; lysophosphatidic acid-hydrolysing lysophospholipase; lysophosphatidic acid phosphatase; lysophosphatidylcholine; lysophosphatidylcholines; lysophosphatidylserine; lysophospholipase; lysophospholipase-transacylase; lysophospholipids; lysosogenic bacteriophage; lysosomal disease; lysosomal diseases; lysosomal enzyme; lysosomal storage diseases; lysosome; lysosome associated membrane glycoprotein; lysosome phagosome fusion; lysosomes; lysostaphin; lysostaphin endopeptidase; lysotype; lysozyme; lyssa; lyssavirus; lysyl; lysyl 2-oxoglutarate dioxygenase; lysyl-bradykinin; lysyl endopeptidase; lysyl hydroxylase; lysyl oxidase; Lyt antigen; Lyt antigens; lyterian; lytes; lythe; lythontriptic; lytic; lyticase; lytic complex; lytic cycle; lytic infection; lytic pathway; lytic phage; lytic phase; lytic virus; lytta; lyxitol; lyxoflavin; lyxose; lyxulose; lyze;


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