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O 2A progenitor; O(2)-methylthymine-DNA glycosidase; O(4)-methylthymine-DNA methyltransferase; o(6)-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase; O-acetylcarnitine; O-acetylhomoserine (thiol)-lyase; oafish; O agglutinin; oak; oak apple; oaken; o-aminoazotoluene; o-aminobenzoic acid; O antigen; O-antigen depolymerase; O-antigen polymerase; O antigens; oar; oared; oari-; oasthouse urine disease; oat cell; oat cell cancer; oat cell carcinoma; oath; oatmeal; oatmeal-tomato paste agar; oats; OAV syndrome; OB; obcompressed; obcordate; obdiplostemonous; obdiplostemony; obdormition; obduracy; obdurate; obduration; obedience; O'Beirne; O'Beirne's sphincter; O'Beirne's valve; obeisance; obeliac; obeliad; obelin; obelion; obelisk; o-benzenedialdehyde; Obermayer; Obermayer's test; Obermeier; Obermeier's spirillum; oberon; Obersteiner; Obersteiner-Redlich line; Obersteiner-Redlich zone; obese; obesity; obesity index; obesity, morbid; obesity-related diseases; obex; obfirmation; obfuscate; obfuscation; OB/GYN; obidoxime chloride; obimbricate; obituary; object; object attachment; object blindness; object choice; object constancy; object field; object glass; objective; objective assessment data; objective circle; objective, fluorite; objective optometer; objective perimetry; objective probability; objective psychology; objective sensation; objective sign; objective symptom; objective synonym; object relationship; object space; oblate; oblati; oblatum; obligate; obligate aerobe; obligate parasite; oblige; oblique; oblique amputation; oblique arytenoid; oblique auricular muscle; oblique bandage; oblique bundle of pons; oblique cord; oblique diameter; oblique facial cleft; oblique fibres of stomach; oblique fissure; oblique fissure of lung; oblique fracture; oblique head; oblique illumination; oblique lie; oblique ligament of elbow joint; oblique line; oblique line of mandible; oblique line of thyroid cartilage; oblique muscle of auricle; oblique part of cricothyroid muscle; oblique pericardial sinus; oblique pontine fasciculus; oblique popliteal ligament; oblique projection; oblique ridge; oblique ridge of trapezium; oblique section; oblique sinus of pericardium; oblique vein of left atrium; obliquity; obliquus; obliquus capitis inferior; obliquus capitis superior; obliterate; obliterating pericarditis; obliteration; obliterative arachnoiditis; oblongata; oblong fovea of arytenoid cartilage; oblong pit of arytenoid cartilage; oblongum; obnubilation; obole; obomegoid; obovate; OBS; obscure; observance; observant; observantine; observation; observer; observer variation; obsession; obsessional neurosis; obsessive behaviour; obsessive-compulsive; obsessive-compulsive disorder; obsessive-compulsive neurosis; obsessive-compulsive personality; obsessive-compulsive personality disorder; obsessive personality; obsidian; obsolescence; obsolete; obsoleteness; obstacle; obstacle sense; obstetric; obstetrical; obstetrical binder; obstetrical forceps; obstetrical hand; obstetrical nursing; obstetrical palsy; obstetrical paralysis; obstetric conjugate; obstetric conjugate diameter; obstetric conjugate of pelvic outlet; obstetrician; obstetric position; obstetrics; obstetrics and gynecology department, hospital; obstetric surgical procedures; obstetric ultrasound; obstinacy; obstinate; obstipation; obstruction; obstructive apnea; obstructive appendicitis; obstructive dysmenorrhoea; obstructive hydrocephalus; obstructive jaundice; obstructive lung disease; obstructive murmur; obstructive pneumonia; obstructive pulmonary overinflation; obstructive sleep apnoea; obstructive thrombus; obstructive uropathy; obstruent; obtected; obtund; obtunded; obtundent; obtunder; obturating embolism; obturation; obturator; obturator appliance; obturator artery; obturator canal; obturator crest; obturator externus; obturator fascia; obturator foramen; obturator groove; obturator hernia; obturator internus; obturator lymph nodes; obturator membrane; obturator nerve; obturator tubercle; obturator vein; obtuse; obtusion; obumbrant; obverse; obvoluted; oca; Occam's razor; occamy; occasional; occasionalism; occidentals; occipital; occipital anchorage; occipital angle of parietal bone; occipital artery; occipital belly of occipitofrontalis muscle; occipital bone; occipital border; occipital border of parietal bone; occipital border of temporal bone; occipital branch; occipital cerebral veins; occipital condyle; occipital emissary vein; occipital fontanel; occipital groove; occipital gyri; occipital horn; occipital horn syndrome; occipitalis; occipitalization; occipital lobe; occipital lobe epilepsy; occipital lobe of cerebrum; occipital lymph nodes; occipital margin; occipital neuralgia; occipital neurectomy; occipital neuritis; occipital operculum; occipital part of corpus callosum; occipital plane; occipital plexus; occipital point; occipital pole; occipital pole of cerebrum; occipital region of head; occipital sinus; occipital triangle; occipital vein; occipito-; occipitoanterior position; occipitoatloid; occipitoaxial; occipitoaxial ligaments; occipitobregmatic; occipitocollicular tract; occipitofacial; occipitofrontal; occipitofrontal diameter; occipitofrontal fasciculus; occipitofrontalis; occipitofrontalis muscle; occipitofrontal muscle; occipitomastoid; occipitomastoid suture; occipitomental; occipitomental diameter; occipitomental projection; occipitoparietal; occipitopontine tract; occipitoposterior position; occipitotectal tract; occipitotemporal; occipitotemporal sulcus; occipitothalamic; occipitothalamic radiation; occipitotransverse position; occiput; occlude; occluded virus; occludens junction; occluder; occluding centric relation record; occluding frame; occluding ligature; occluding relation; occlusal; occlusal adjustment; occlusal analysis; occlusal balance; occlusal caries; occlusal clearance; occlusal correction; occlusal curvature; occlusal disharmony; occlusal embrasure; occlusal force; occlusal form; occlusal imbalance; occlusal path; occlusal pattern; occlusal plane; occlusal position; occlusal pressure; occlusal radiograph; occlusal rest; occlusal rest bar; occlusal rim; occlusal scheme; occlusal splints; occlusal surface; occlusal system; occlusal table; occlusal vertical dimension; occlusal wear; occlusion; occlusion of pupil; occlusion rim; occlusive; occlusive dressing; occlusive dressings; occlusive ileus; occlusive meningitis; occlusometer; occular; occulomotor nerve; occult; occultation; occult bleeding; occult blood; occult border of nail; occult carcinoma; occulted; occult fracture; occult hydrocephalus; occupational deafness; occupational dentistry; occupational disease; occupational diseases; occupational exposure; occupational groups; occupational health; occupational health nursing; occupational health services; occupational lung disease; occupational medicine; occupational neurosis; occupational safety and health administration; occupational spasm; occupational therapist; occupational therapy; occupational therapy department, hospital; occupations; ocean; oceanography; oceanology; Oceanospirillum; ocean-type fish; oceanus; ocellated; ocellus; oceloid; ocelot; ochlesis; ochlophobia; o-chlorobenzalmalononitrile; o-chlorobenzylidenemalonitrile; o-chlorophenol; Ochoa; Ochoa's law; ochratoxin A hydroxylase; ochratoxins; ochre; ochrea; ochreated; ochre codon; ochre mutation; ochre suppressor; ochrodermia; ochrometer; ochronosis; ochronotic; ochronotic arthritis; Ochsner; Ochsner clamp; Ochsner's method; O colony; OCP; ocra; ocrase; ocrylate; oct-; OCTA; octacosanoic acid; octad; octaemeron; octagon; octagynous; octahedral; octahedrite; octahedron; octamer binding protein; octamer motif; octamerous; octamethyl pyrophosphoramide; octamylamine; octan; octandioic acid; octandria; octandrous; octane; octanes; octanoate; octanoic acid; octanols; octanoyl-CoA synthetase; octant; octapeptide; octaploidy; octaprenyl pyrophosphate synthetase; octapressin; octavalent; octavo; octavus; octene; octi-; octic; octo-; octoate; october; octocerata; octodecimo; octodont; octofid; octogynia; octogynous; octoic; octolocular; Octomitidae; Octomitus hominis; octonaphthene; octopamine; octopede; octopetalous; octopine oxidase; octopine permease; octopod; octopoda; octopodia; octopus; octoradiated; octose; octospermous; octostichous; octoxynol; octoyl; octreotide; octulose; octulose 1,8-bisphosphate-heptulose 7-phosphotransferase; octulosonic acid; octyl; octylene; octyl gallate; octyl glucoside; octylic; octylphenoxy polyethoxyethanol; ocular; ocular albinism; ocular bobbing; ocular cone; ocular crisis; ocular cup; ocular dysmetria; ocular flutter; ocular humor; ocular hypertelorism; ocular hypertension; ocular hypotension; ocularist; ocular larva migrans; ocular lens; ocular lymphomatosis; ocular micrometer; ocular migraine; ocular motility disorders; ocular motor; ocular motor apraxia; ocular muscles; ocular myiasis; ocular myopathy; ocular nystagmus; ocular onchocerciasis; ocular paralysis; ocular pemphigoid; ocular physiology; ocular prosthesis; ocular rigidity; ocular scoliosis; ocular sparganosis; ocular tension; ocular torticollis; ocular vertigo; ocular vesicle; oculary; oculentum; oculi; oculina; oculinacea; oculist; oculo-; oculoauriculovertebral; oculoauriculovertebral dysplasia; oculobuccogenital syndrome; oculocardiac; oculocardiac reflex; oculocephalic reflex; oculocephalogyric reflex; oculocerebrorenal; oculocerebrorenal syndrome; oculocutaneous; oculocutaneous albinism; oculocutaneous syndrome; oculodentodigital; oculodentodigital dysplasia; oculodermal; oculodermal melanosis; oculodynia; oculoencephalic angiomatosis; oculofacial; oculography; oculogyria; oculogyric; oculogyric crises; oculomandibulodyscephaly; oculomandibulofacial syndrome; oculomotor; oculomotorius; oculomotor muscles; oculomotor nerve; oculomotor nerve paralysis; oculomotor nucleus; oculomotor response; oculomotor root of ciliary ganglion; oculomotor system; oculomucocutaneous; oculonasal; oculopathy; oculopharyngeal dystrophy; oculopharyngeal syndrome; oculoplethysmography; oculopneumoplethysmography; oculopupillary; oculosympathetic; oculovagal reflex; oculovertebral; oculovertebral dysplasia; oculovertebral syndrome; oculovestibulo-auditory syndrome; oculozygomatic; oculus; ocy-; ocypodian; ocytocin; od; odalisque; odaxesmus; odaxetic; odd chromosome; Oddi; Oddi, Ruggero; oddi's sphincter; odditis; oddly; odd-pinnate; odds; odds ratio; odd-year run; O-diethylaminoethyl cellulose; o-dihydricphenol meta-O-methyltransferase; odin; o-diphenolase; Odland body; odmyl; odogenesis; odonata; odontagra; odontalgia; odontalgia dentalis; odontalgic; odontalgy; odontectomy; odonterism; odontiasis; odontinoid; odontitis; odonto-; odontoameloblastoma; odontoblast; odontoblastic layer; odontoblastic process; odontoblastoma; odontocete; odontoclast; odontodynia; odontodysplasia; odontogenesis; odontogenesis imperfecta; odontogenic cyst; odontogenic cyst, calcifying; odontogenic cysts; odontogenic dysplasia; odontogenic epithelial cell; odontogenic fibroma; odontogenic keratocyst; odontogenic myxoma; odontogenic tumours; odontogeny; odontograph; odontographic; odontography; odontoid; odontoid ligament; odontoid process; odontoid process of epistropheus; odontoid vertebra; odontolcae; odontolite; odontology; odontoloxia; odontolysis; odontoma; odontoneuralgia; odontonomy; odontonosology; odontoparallaxis; odontopathy; odontophobia; odontophora; odontophore; odontophorous; odontoplast; odontoplasty; odontoprisis; odontopteryx; odontoptosis; odontornithes; odontorrhagia; odontoschism; odontoscope; odontoscopy; odontosis; odontostomatous; odontotherapy; odontotomy; odontotormae; odorline; odour; odourant; odourant binding protein; odouratism; odouriferous; odouriferous gland; odourimeter; odourimetry; odourivection; odourography; odourous; odours; O'Dwyer; O'Dwyer's tube; odyle; odylic; odyn-; odynacusis; odynometer; odynophagia; odynophonia; Oe; oecoid; oecology; oedema; oedema disease; oedema disease of swine; oedema glottidis; oedema, hereditary angioneurotic; oedema neonatorum; oedematous; oedipal neurosis; oedipal period; oedipal phase; oedipism; oedipus complex; Oehler, Johannes; Oehler's symptom; Oehl, Eusebio; Oehl's muscles; oelet; oenanthal; oenanthate; oenanthic; oenanthol; oenanthone; oenanthyl; oenanthylate; oenanthylic; oenanthylidene; oenanthylous; oenocyan; oenology; oenomania; oenothionic; oersted; oesophagalgia; oesophageal; oesophageal achalasia; oesophageal acidity test; oesophageal and gastric varices; oesophageal arteries; oesophageal atresia; oesophageal branches; oesophageal branches of the inferior thyroid artery; oesophageal branches of the left gastric artery; oesophageal branches of the recurrent laryngeal nerve; oesophageal branches of the thoracic aorta; oesophageal branches of the vagus nerve; oesophageal cancer; oesophageal candidiasis; oesophageal carcinoma; oesophageal carcinoma risk factors; oesophageal carcinoma: types; oesophageal constrictions; oesophageal diverticula; oesophageal diverticulum; oesophageal dysmotility; oesophageal dysrhythmia; oesophageal filling defect; oesophageal fistula; oesophageal glands; oesophageal hiatus; oesophageal impression; oesophageal intramural pseudo-diverticulosis; oesophageal lead; oesophageal motility disorders; oesophageal mucosa; oesophageal mucosal nodules; oesophageal narrowing; oesophageal opening; oesophageal perforation; oesophageal plexus; oesophageal reflux; oesophageal ring; oesophageal rupture; oesophageal smear; oesophageal spasm; oesophageal spasm, diffuse; oesophageal spasms; oesophageal speech; oesophageal stenosis; oesophageal stricture, acute; oesophageal stricture, chronic; oesophageal strictures; oesophageal trauma; oesophageal ulcer; oesophageal ulceration or diverticula; oesophageal ulcers; oesophageal varices; oesophageal veins; oesophageal web; oesophageal webs and rings; oesophagectasis; oesophagectomy; oesophagi; oesophagism; oesophagitis; oesophagitis candida; oesophagitis, peptic; oesophagocardioplasty; oesophagocele; oesophagoduodenostomy; oesophagodynia; oesophagoenterostomy; oesophagogastrectomy; oesophagogastric junction; oesophagogastric orifice; oesophagogastric ring; oesophagogastric vestibule; oesophagogastroanastomosis; oesophagogastroduodenoscopy; oesophagogastromyotomy; oesophagogastroplasty; oesophagogastrostomy; oesophagogram; oesophagography; oesophagology; oesophagomalacia; oesophagomycosis; oesophagomyotomy; oesophagoplasty; oesophagoplication; oesophagoptosis; oesophagosalivary reflex; oesophagoscope; oesophagoscopy; oesophagospasm; oesophagostenosis; oesophagostomiasis; oesophagostomum; Oesophagostomum apiostomum; Oesophagostomum brevicaudum; Oesophagostomum brumpti; Oesophagostomum columbianum; Oesophagostomum dentatum; Oesophagostomum georgianum; Oesophagostomum quadrispinulatum; Oesophagostomum radiatum; Oesophagostomum stephanostomum; Oesophagostomum venulosum; oesophagostomy; oesophagotomy; oesophagram; oesophagus; oesophagus: scleroderma; oesophoria; oesophoric; oestradiol; oestrian; oestrids; oestriol; oestrogen; oestrogen antagonist; oestrogenic; oestrogenic hormone; oestrogenism; oestrogen receptor; oestrogen replacement therapy; oestrogens; oestrogens, catechol; oestrogens, conjugated; oestrogens, synthetic; oestrone; oestrosis; oestrual; oestruation; oestrus; OFD syndrome; off; offend; offendress; offensive; offertory; office; office automation; office management; office nursing; officer; office visits; official; official formula; officiant; officinal; offish; off-label; off-label use; off-road motor vehicles; offset; offshoot; ofloxacin; Ofuji's disease; ogee; ogeechee lime; Ogilvie's syndrome; Ogino-Knaus rule; Ogino, Kyusaka; ogress; Ogston-Luc operation; Ogston, Sir Alexander; Ogston's line; Oguchi, Chita; Oguchi's disease; Ogura, Joseph; Ogura operation; O'Hara forceps; O'Hara, Michael Jr; OHI; OHI-S; ohm; ohmammeter; Ohm, Georg; ohmmeter; ohm's law; ohne Hauch; Ohngren's line; oidia; oidiomycin; oidium; oil; oil bath; oilbird; oil cyst; oil embolism; oil glands; oilnut; oil of American wormseed; oil of anise; oil of bay; oil of bergamot; oil of bitter almond; oil of bitter orange; oil of cardamom; oil of chenopodium; oil of cherry laurel; oil of cinnamon; oil of citronella; oil of clove; oil of coriander; oil of crispmint; oil of cubeb; oil of curled mint; oil of dwarf pine needles; oil of eucalyptus; oil of fennel; oil of jojoba; oil of juniper; oil of lavender; oil of lemon; oil of lemon grass; oil of pennyroyal; oil of peppermint; oil of rose; oil of spearmint; oil of turpentine; oil of vitriol; oil of wormwood; oil pneumonia; oil red O; oil retention enema; oils; oilseed; oil sugar; oils, volatile; oil tumour; oil vaccine; oily; oily granuloma; oinomania; ointment; ointment base; ointment bases; ointments; ojibway; okadaic acid; okadaic acid-sensitive phosphatase; Okazaki; Okazaki fragment; Okazaki fragments; okenite; oker; okra; OKT-cells; olamine; old; old age assistance; old growth; old-growth stand; old-womanish; Old World leishmaniasis; old yellow enzyme; olea; oleaceous; oleaginous; oleamen; oleander; oleandomycin; oleandomycin phosphate; oleandrine; oleanolic acid; oleaster; oleate; olecranal; olecranon; olecranon bursitis; olecranon fossa; olecranon process; olecranon reflex; olefiant; olefin; olefine; oleic; oleic acid; oleic acids; oleiferous; olein; oleo-; oleogomenol; oleogranuloma; oleograph; oleoma; oleomargarine; oleometer; oleone; oleopalmitate; oleoptene; oleoresin; oleosaccharum; oleosome; oleostearate; oleosus; oleotherapy; oleovitamin; oleum terebinthinae; oleyl alcohol; oleyl-anilide hydrolase; oleyl-CoA; oleyl-coenzyme A; olf; olfactie; olfaction; olfactology; olfactometer; olfactometry; olfactophobia; olfactory; olfactory angle; olfactory area; olfactory bulb; olfactory bundle; olfactory cells; olfactory cortex; olfactory epithelium; olfactory esthesioneuroblastoma; olfactory fila; olfactory foramen; olfactory glands; olfactory glomerulus; olfactory groove; olfactory hallucination; olfactory hyperesthesia; olfactory hypesthesia; olfactory membrane; olfactory mucosa; olfactory nerve; olfactory nerves; olfactory neuroblastoma; olfactory neurons; olfactory organ; olfactory pathways; olfactory peduncle; olfactory pits; olfactory placodes; olfactory pyramid; olfactory receptor cells; olfactory receptor neurons; olfactory region of tunica mucosa of nose; olfactory roots; olfactory striae; olfactory sulcus; olfactory sulcus of nasal cavity; olfactory tract; olfactory trigone; olfactory tubercle; olfacty; oliban; olibanum; olibene; olig-; oligaemia; oligaemic; oligaemic shock; oligamnios; oligandrous; oliganthous; olighemia; olighidria; oligist; oligistic; oligo-; oligo-1,6-glucosidase; oligo-a1,6-glucosidase; oligoamnios; oligocene; oligochaeta; oligochete; oligocholia; oligochylia; oligochymia; oligoclase; oligoclonal band; oligocystic; oligodactyly; oligodendria; oligodendroblast; oligodendroblastoma; oligodendrocyte; oligodendroglia; oligodendroglia cells; oligodendroglioma; oligodeoxyribonucleotides; oligodipsia; oligodontia; oligodynamic; oligoelement; oligogalactia; oligogalacturonate lyase; oligoglucan-branching glycosyltransferase; oligohydramnios; oligohydruria; oligohymenophorea; oligo-isomaltosaccharide synthase; oligolecithal; oligomeganephronia; oligomenorrhoea; oligomer; oligomeric protein; oligomerisation; oligomerous; oligomorphic; oligomycin; oligomycins; oligomycin sensitivity conferral protein; oligomyold; oligonephronic; oligonucleotidase; oligonucleotide; oligonucleotide probes; oligonucleotides; oligonucleotides, antisense; oligopepsia; oligopeptidase; oligopeptide; oligopeptide 20; oligopeptide permease; oligopeptides; oligopetalous; oligophosphoglyceroyl-ATP 3'-phosphodiesterase; oligophrenia; oligoplastic; oligopnea; oligoptyalism; oligoria; oligoribonuclease; oligoribonucleotides; oligosaccharide; oligosaccharide 2-O-sulfatase; oligosaccharide dehydrogenase; oligosaccharide-diphosphodolichol pyrophosphatase; oligosaccharin; oligosaccharyl sulfatase; oligosepalous; oligosialia; oligosiderite; oligospermia; oligospermous; oligosymptomatic; oligosynaptic; oligothymia; oligotokous; oligotrichia; oligotrichosis; oligotroph; oligotrophia; oligotrophic; oligoxyloglucan hydrolase; oligozoospermatism; oliguresia; oliguria; olitory; oliva; oliva inferior; olivary; olivary body; olivary eminence; oliva superior; olive; olived; olivenite; olive oil; oliver; olive-tipped catheter; olivewood; olivifugal; olivil; olivin; olivine; olivipetal; olivite; olivocerebellar tract; olivocochlear; olivocochlear bundle; olivocochlear fibres; olivocochlear tract; olivomycins; olivopontocerebellar; olivopontocerebellar atrophy; olivopontocerebellar degeneration; olivospinal tract; Ollendorf; Ollier; ollier disease; Ollier graft; Ollier's disease; Ollier's method; Ollier's theory; Ollier-Thiersch graft; ology; ololiuqui; olophonia; Olszewski; olusatrum; olympian forehead; omagra; omahas; oman; omander wood; omasitis; omasum; ombre; Ombredanne; Ombredanne operation; ombrometer; ombrophobia; omega; omega-3 fatty acid desaturase; omega 3 fatty acids; omega-6 desaturase; Omega-amidase; omega-chloroacetophenone; omega-hydroxyleukotriene E4 dehydrogenase; omega-n-methylarginine; omega-oxidation; omega-oxidation theory; Omenn; Omenn's syndrome; omental; omental branches; omental bursa; omental cake; omental enterocleisis; omental graft; omental sac; omental tenia; omental tuber; omentectomy; omentitis; omento-; omentofixation; omentopexy; omentoplasty; omentorrhaphy; omentovolvulus; omentulum; omentum; omentumectomy; omentum majus; omentum minus; omeprazole; ominous; omission; omit; ommateal; ommateum; ommatidium; Ommaya; ommaya reservoir; omnifocal lens; omnigraph; omnipotence of thought; omniscient; omnivora; omnivore; omnivorous; omnivory; omo-; omoclavicular; omoclavicular triangle; omohyoid; omohyoid muscle; omophagia; omoplate; omostegite; omosternal; omosternum; omothyroid; omotracheal triangle; OMP; OMPA; OMP decarboxylase; omphacine; omphal-; omphalectomy; omphalelcosis; omphalic; omphalitis; omphalo-; omphaloangiopagus; omphalocele; omphalode; omphaloenteric; omphalomancy; omphalomesaraic; omphalomesenteric; omphalomesenteric artery; omphalomesenteric cord; omphalomesenteric cyst; omphalomesenteric duct; omphalomesenteric duct cyst; omphalopagus; omphalophlebitis; omphalopsychite; omphalopter; omphaloptic; omphalorrhagia; omphalorrhexis; omphalorrhoea; omphalos; omphalosite; omphalospinous; omphalotomy; omphalotripsy; omphalovesical; omphalus; OMP pyrophosphorylase; OMS; Omsk haemorrhagic fever; Omsk haemorrhagic fever virus; on; onager; onagga; onagrarieous; onappo; once; oncho-; onchocerca; Onchocerca cervicalis; Onchocerca gibsoni; Onchocerca lienalis; onchocerca volvulus; Onchocerca volvulus L3 cysteine protease; onchocerciasis; onchocerciasis, ocular; onchocercid; Onchocercidae; onchocercosis; oncidium; onco; Oncocerca; oncocyte; oncocytic hepatocellular tumour; oncocytoma; oncofetal; oncofetal antigens; oncofetal marker; oncogen; oncogene; oncogene protein gp140(v-fms); oncogene protein p21(ras); oncogene protein p55(v-myc); oncogene protein p65(gag-jun); oncogene protein pp60(v-src); oncogene proteins; oncogene proteins, fusion; oncogene proteins v-abl; oncogene proteins v-erba; oncogene proteins v-erbb; oncogene proteins v-fos; oncogene proteins, viral; oncogene proteins v-mos; oncogenes; oncogenesis; oncogenic; oncogenic virus; oncogenic viruses; oncogenous; oncograph; oncography; oncoides; oncologic nursing; oncologist; oncology; oncology service, hospital; oncolysis; oncolytic; Oncomelania; oncometer; oncometric; oncometry; oncomodulin; oncomouse; oncoplastic carcinoma; oncorhynchus; oncorhynchus keta; oncorhynchus kisutch; oncorhynchus mykiss; oncornaviruses; oncosis; oncosphere; oncosphere embryo; oncostatin M; oncotherapy; oncotic; oncotic pressure; oncotomay; oncotomy; oncotropic; Oncovirinae; oncovirus; ondansetron; onde; Ondine; Ondine's curse; Ondiri disease; oneberry; one-carbon fragment; one-carbon group transferases; one-hand; one-horned uterus; oneidas; oneiric; oneirism; oneirocritical; oneirodynia; oneirodynia activa; oneirodynia gravis; oneirogmus; oneirology; oneiromancy; oneirophrenia; oneiroscopy; one-sided; one-step procedure; oniomania; onion; onion bodies; onion bulb neuropathy; onions; oniric; onko-; onlay; onlay graft; online systems; only child; onocerin; Onodi; Onodi cell; on-off phenomenon; onomantic; onomantical; onomasticon; onomatechny; onomatologist; onomatology; onomatomania; onomatope; onomatophobia; onomatopoeia; onomatopoeic; onomatopoetic; onomatopoiesis; onomatopy; onomomancy; onondagas; onslaught; ontario; ontogenesis; ontogenetic; ontogenic; ontogenic homeostasis; ontogeny; ontological; ontologist; ontology; Onufrowicz; Onuf's nucleus; onward; onyalai; onych-; onychalgia; onychatrophia; onychauxis; onychectomy; onychia; onychia lateralis; onychia maligna; onychia periungualis; onychia sicca; onychitis; onycho-; onychoclasis; onychocryptosis; onychodystrophy; onychograph; onychogryphosis; onychogryposis; onychoheterotopia; onychoid; onychology; onycholysis; onychoma; onychomadesis; onychomalacia; onychomancy; onychomycosis; onychonosus; onychoosteodysplasia; onychopathic; onychopathology; onychopathy; onychophagia; onychophora; onychophosis; onychophyma; onychoplasty; onychoptosis; onychorrhexis; onychoschizia; onychosis; onychostroma; onychotillomania; onychotomy; onychotrophy; o'nyong-nyong fever; o'nyong-nyong virus; onyx; onyxis; onyxitis; oo; oocyesis; oocyst; oocyte; oocyte donation; oocyte expression; ooecium; oogamy; oogenesis; oogenetic; oogenic; oogonia; oogonium; ooidal; ookinesis; ookinete; oolemma; oolite; oological; oologist; oology; oomycetes; oomycosis; oophagia; oophor-; oophoralgia; oophore; oophorectomy; oophoric; oophoridium; oophoritic cyst; oophoritis; oophoro-; oophorocystectomy; oophorocystosis; oophorohysterectomy; oophoroma; oophoron; oophoropathy; oophoropeliopexy; oophoropexy; oophoroplasty; oophororrhaphy; oophorosalpingectomy; oophorosalpingitis; oophorostomy; oophorotomy; oophorrhagia; oophyte; oophytic; ooplasm; oorial; oosome; oospere; oosperm; oosporangium; oospore; oosporic; oostegite; ootheca; ootid; ootocoid; ootype; ooze; oozoa; opacification; opacity; opah; opal; opal codon; opalescence; opalescent; opalescent dentin; Opalina; opaline patch; opal mutation; Opalski, Adam; Opalski cell; opal suppressor; opaque; opaque microscope; ope; opeidoscope; opelet; open; open-angle glaucoma; openbill; open biopsy; open bite; open chain compound; open chest massage; open circuit method; open comedo; open cordotomy; open dislocation; open drainage; open drop anaesthesia; open flap; open fracture; open head injury; open-hearted; open heart surgery; open hospital; opening; opening axis; opening contraction; opening movement; opening of external acoustic meatus; opening of inferior vena cava; opening of internal acoustic meatus; opening of pulmonary trunk; opening of superior vena cava; opening of the sphenoidal sinus; opening of uterus; openings of pulmonary veins; opening to cerebral aqueduct; open-label trial; open lung biopsy; openm; open pneumothorax; open pollination; open reading frame; open reading frames; open reduction of fractures; open skull fracture; open system; open tuberculosis; openwork; open wound; opera; operable; opera citato; opera-glass hand; operand; operant; operant behaviour; operant conditioning; operate; operating microscope; operating room information systems; operating room nursing; operating rooms; operating room technicians; operating table; operation; operations research; operative; operative dentistry; operative myxoedema; operator; operator gene; operator region; opercle; opercular; opercular fold; opercular part; operculated; operculiferous; operculigenous; operculitis; operculum; operculum ilei; operon; ophelic; ophiasis; ophidia; ophidian; ophidiasis; ophidioid; ophidion; ophidiophobia; ophidism; ophiological; ophiologist; ophiology; ophiomancy; ophiomorpha; ophiomorphite; ophiomorphous; ophiophagous; ophiophagus; ophite; ophiuchus; ophiura; ophiuran; ophiurid; ophiurida; ophiurioid; ophiuroidea; O-phosphocholine; O-phosphono-; O-phosphoserine; ophritis; ophryitis; ophryogenes; ophryon; Ophryoscolecidae; ophryosis; ophryospinal angle; o-phthalaldehyde; ophthalm-; ophthalmalgia; ophthalmia; ophthalmia eczematosa; ophthalmia neonatorum; ophthalmia nivalis; ophthalmia nodosa; ophthalmia, sympathetic; ophthalmic; ophthalmic acid; ophthalmic artery; ophthalmic assistants; ophthalmic hyperthyroidism; ophthalmic nerve; ophthalmic ointment; ophthalmic plexus; ophthalmic solutions; ophthalmic veins; ophthalmic vesicle; ophthalmite; ophthalmo-; ophthalmodynamometer; ophthalmodynamometry; ophthalmolith; ophthalmologic; ophthalmological; ophthalmologic surgical procedures; ophthalmologist; ophthalmology; ophthalmomalacia; ophthalmomandibulomelic dysplasia; ophthalmomelanosis; ophthalmometer; ophthalmomycosis; ophthalmomyiasis; ophthalmopathy; ophthalmoplegia; ophthalmoplegia, chronic progressive external; ophthalmoplegia externa; ophthalmoplegia interna; ophthalmoplegia internuclearis; ophthalmoplegia partialis; ophthalmoplegia progressiva; ophthalmoplegia totalis; ophthalmoplegic; ophthalmoplegic migraine; ophthalmoscope; ophthalmoscopes; ophthalmoscopic; ophthalmoscopy; ophthalmoscopy with reflected light; ophthalmotrope; ophthalmovascular; ophthalmy; opianic; opianine; opianyl; opiate; opiate receptor; opiate receptors; opine; opioid; opioid agonist; opioid antagonists; opioid partial agonist; opioid peptides; opioid receptor; opioid-related disorders; opiomelanocortin; opipramol; opipramol hydrochloride; opisthenar; opisthiobasial; opisthion; opisthionasial; opistho-; opisthobranchiata; opisthobranchiate; opisthocheilia; opisthocoelous; opisthoglypha; opisthography; opisthomastigote; opisthomi; opisthoporeia; opisthopulmonate; opisthorchiasis; opisthorchid; opisthorchidae; Opisthorchiidae; opisthorchis; Opisthorchis sinensis; Opisthorchis viverrini; opisthotic; opisthotonic; opisthotonoid; opisthotonos; opisthotonus; Opitz; opium; ople tree; opo-; opobalsamum; opodidymus; o-point; opopanax; opossum; opossum encephalitis; opossums; Oppenheim, Hermann; Oppenheim's disease; Oppenheim's reflex; Oppenheim's syndrome; oppilation; oppilative; opponens; opponens digiti minimi; opponens pollicis; opponent colour; opportunistic; opportunistic infections; opportunistic pathogen; oppose; opposer muscle of little finger; opposer muscle of thumb; opposite; oppositifolious; opposition; oppositional disorder; oppositipetalous; oppositisepalous; opposure; oppress; oppressure; opsin; opsinogen; opsiometer; opsiuria; opsoclonus; opsogen; opsomania; opsonation; opsonic; opsonic index; opsonin; opsonisation; opsonization; opsonocytophagic; opsonometry; opsonophilia; opsonophilic; optic; optic agnosia; optical; optical aberration; optical activity; optical antipode; optical axis; optical density; optical diffraction; optical flat; optical illusions; optical image; optical index; optical iridectomy; optical isomerism; optical isomers; optical keratoplasty; optically; optically active; optical microscope; optical noise; optical pachymeter; optical righting reflexes; optical rotatory dispersion; optical scrambler; optical sectioning; optical staining; optical storage devices; optical transfer function; optical tubelength; optic ataxia; optic atrophy; optic atrophy, hereditary; optic axis; optic canal; optic capsule; optic chiasm; optic cup; optic decussation; optic disk; optic disk drusen; optic fissure; optic foramen; optic glioma; optic groove; optician; opticianry; optic layer; optic lobe; optic nerve; optic nerve diseases; optic nerve drusen; optic nerve glioma; optic nerve head; optic nerve hypoplasia; optic nerve meningioma; optic nerve sheath decompression; optic nerve sheath fenestration; optic neuritis; optic neuroma; optic neuropathy, ischemic; optico-; opticociliary; opticokinetic nystagmus; opticopupillary; optic papilla; optic part of retina; optic pit; optic placodes; optic radiation; optic recess; optics; optic sign; optic stalk; optic tectum; optic tract; optic vesicle; optigraph; optimal; optimism; optimist; optimistic; optimum; optimum dose; optimum pH; optimum temperature; opto-; optocoelia; optogram; optography; optokinetic; optokinetic nystagmus; optomeninx; optometer; optometrist; optometry; optomyometer; optotypes; opuntia; opv; oquassa; or; ora; Orabase; orabassu; orache; orad; oral; oral biology; oral cancer; oral candidiasis; oral cavity; oral cavity proper; oral cholecystogram; oral contraceptive; orale; oral epithelial nevus; oral (erosive) lichen planus; oral fissure; oral fistula; oral focal mucinosis; oral haemorrhage; oral hairy leukoplakia; oral health; oral hygiene; oral hygiene index; orality; oral lactose tolerance test; oral manifestations; oral medicine; oral membrane; oral mucosa; oral part of pharynx; oral pathology; oral pharynx; oral phase; oral physiotherapy; oral plate; oral polio vaccine; oral poliovirus vaccine; oral region; oral shields; oral smear; oral stage; oral stereotypy; oral submucous fibrosis; oral surgeon; oral surgery; oral surgical procedures; oral surgical procedures, preprosthetic; oral teeth; oral ulcer; oral vestibule; Oram; orang; orange; orange G; orangeroot; orangery; orange wood; orangite; orang-outang; ora serrata; oratorian; oratory; oratress; oratrix; Orbeli effect; Orbeli, Leon; orbicula; orbicular; orbicular bone; orbiculare; orbicularis; orbicularis muscle; orbicularis oculi muscle; orbicularis oculi reflex; orbicularis oris; orbicularis phenomenon; orbicularis pupillary reflex; orbicular ligament; orbicular ligament of radius; orbicular muscle; orbicular muscle of eye; orbicular muscle of mouth; orbicular process; orbicular zone; orbiculated; orbiculus ciliaris; orbit; orbita; orbital; orbital abscess; orbital artery; orbital axis; orbital branch of middle meningeal artery; orbital branch of pterygopalatine ganglion; orbital cavity; orbital decompression; orbital diseases; orbitale; orbital eminence of zygomatic bone; orbital exenteration; orbital fasciae; orbital fat-pad; orbital fractures; orbital gyri; orbital hernia; orbital implant; orbital index; orbitalis muscle; orbital lamina of ethmoid bone; orbital layer of ethmoid bone; orbital margin of eyelids; orbital muscle; orbital neoplasms; orbital nerve; orbital opening; orbital ophthalmoplegia; orbital part of frontal bone; orbital part of lacrimal gland; orbital part of optic nerve; orbital part of orbicularis oculi muscle; orbital plane; orbital plate; orbital plate of ethmoid bone; orbital process; orbital pseudotumour; orbital region; orbital ridge; orbital rim; orbital septum; orbital sulci; orbital surface; orbital syndrome; orbital tubercle of zygomatic bone; orbital width; orbitelae; orbit evisceration; orbitofrontal artery; orbitofrontal cortex; orbitography; orbitolites; orbitomeatal line; orbitomeatal plane; orbitonasal; orbitonasal index; orbitonometer; orbitonometry; orbitopagus; orbitopathy; orbitosphenoid; orbitosphenoidal; orbitotomy; orbivirus; orbulina; orc; orcein; orchanet; orchard; orchectomy; orchella; orcheo-; orchesography; orchestian; orchestra; orchi-; orchialgia; orchichorea; orchid; orchidaceous; orchidean; orchidectomy; orchideous; orchidic; orchiditis; orchido-; orchidologist; orchidology; orchidometer; orchidoptosis; orchidorraphy; orchiectomy; orchiepididymitis; orchil; orchilla weed; orchio-; orchiocele; orchiococcus; orchiodynia; orchioncus; orchioneuralgia; orchiopathy; orchiopexy; orchioplasty; orchiorrhaphy; orchiotherapy; orchiotomy; orchis; orchitic; orchitis; orchitis parotidea; orchitis variolosa; orchotomy; orcin; orcinol; orcinol test; orciprenaline; orciprenaline sulfate; Ord; ordain; ordeal; ordeal bean; order; ordered; ordered mechanism; ordered on-random off mechanism; orderly; ordinal; ordinal scale; ordinance; ordinary; ordinary high water mark; ordinate; ordination; ordovian; ordovician; ore; oread; oreades; orectic; oregon grape; oreodon; oreodont; oreographic; oreography; oreoselin; oreosoma; orewood; orexia; orexigenic; orf; orfe; orfray; orf virus; orgal; organ; organa; organa genitalia; organa genitalia feminina externa; organa genitalia feminina interna; organa genitalia masculina externa; organa genitalia masculina interna; organa oculi accessoria; organa sensuum; organa urinaria; organ culture; organelle; organelles; organic; organic acid; organic brain syndrome; organic catalyst; organic chemicals; organic chemistry; organic compound; organic contracture; organic deafness; organic debris; organic delusions; organic dental cement; organic disease; organic evolution; organic headache; organicism; organicist; organic level; organic mental disorder; organic mental syndrome; organic molecule; organic mood syndrome; organic murmur; organic pain; organic principle; organic stricture; organic vertigo; organidin; organific; organisation mondiale de la sant'; organise; organised pneumonia; organiser; organising centre; organism; organismal density; organist; organista; organizable; organization; organizational affiliation; organizational case studies; organizational culture; organizational innovation; organizational objectives; organizational policy; organization and administration; organizations; organizations, nonprofit; organize; organling; organo-; organoaxial; organ of corti; organoferric; organ of hearing; organ of Rosenmuller; organ of smell; organ of taste; organ of touch; organ of vision; organ of zuckerkandl; organogel; organogen; organogenesis; organogenetic; organogenic; organogeny; organographic; organographical; organographist; organography; organoid; organoid nevus; organoids; organoid tumour; organoleptic; organological; organology; organoma; organomegaly; organomercurial; organomercurial hydrolase; organomercury compounds; organometallic; organometallic compounds; organon; organonomy; organonymy; organopathy; organopexy; organophilic; organophilicity; organophosphates; organophosphorus compounds; organophyly; organoplastic; organoplatinum compounds; organoscopy; organoselenium compounds; organosilicon compounds; organosol; organotaxis; organotechnetium compounds; organotherapy; organothiophosphorus compounds; organotin compounds; organotroph; organotrophic; organotropic; organotropism; organotropy; organ preservation solutions; organ procurement; organs of Zuckerkandl; organ-specific; organ-specific antigen; organ specificity; organ transplantation; organule; organum; organum auditus; organum gustus; organum olfactus; organum spirale; organum tactus; organum vestibulocochleare; organum visus; organum vomeronasale; organy; orgasm; orgasmic; orgeis; orgies; orgyia; Oriboca virus; oriental; Oriental boil; Oriental button; oriental cholangio-hepatitis; Oriental ringworm; Oriental schistosomiasis; Oriental sore; Oriental ulcer; orientation; orientation chamber; orienting reflex; orienting response; orientomycin; orifice; orifice of external acoustic meatus; orifice of inferior vena cava; orifice of internal acoustic meatus; orifice of superior vena cava; orificial; orificium; orificium externum uteri; orificium internum uteri; orificium ureteris; orificium urethrae externum; orificium vaginae; origanum; origanum oil; origin; original; origin of replication; oriole; orion; oriskany; orismological; orismology; orizaba jalap root; ork; ormer; ormolu; Ormond, John; Ormond's disease; Orn; ornate; ornidazole; ornipressin; Ornish, Dean; Ornish prevention diets; Ornish reversal diet; ornithic; ornithichnite; ornithichnology; ornithinaemia; ornithine; ornithine 5,4-aminomutase; ornithine acetyltransferase; ornithine carbamoyltransferase; ornithine cycle; ornithine d-aminotransferase; ornithine decarboxylase; ornithine-oxo-acid transaminase; ornithine transaminase; ornithine transcarbamoylase; ornithinuria; ornitho-; ornithodelphia; Ornithodoros; Ornithodoros coriaceus; Ornithodoros erraticus; Ornithodoros hermsi; Ornithodoros lahorensis; Ornithodoros moubata complex; Ornithodoros pappilipes; Ornithodoros parkeri; Ornithodoros rudis; Ornithodoros savigni; Ornithodoros talaje; Ornithodoros tholozani; Ornithodoros turicata; Ornithodoros venezuelensis; Ornithodoros verrucosus; ornithoidichnite; ornitholite; ornithologic; ornithological; ornithologist; ornithology; ornithomancy; ornithon; Ornithonyssus; ornithopappi; ornithopoda; ornithorhynchus; ornithosauria; ornithoscelida; ornithoscopy; ornithosis; ornithosis virus; ornithotomical; ornithotomist; ornithotomy; Oro; oroantral fistula; orodigitofacial; orodigitofacial dysostosis; orofacial; orofacial fistula; orofaciodigital syndrome; orographic; orographical; orography; orohippus; orolingual; orological; orologist; orology; oromandibular dystonia; oronasal; oronasal fistula; oronasal membrane; oropharyngeal; oropharyngeal membrane; oropharyngeal passage; oropharynx; orophilic; orosomucoid; orotate; orotate phosphoribosyltransferase; orotic acid; orotic aciduria; orotidine; orotidine 5'-monophosphate; orotidine-5'-phosphate decarboxylase; orotidinuria; orotidylate; orotidylic acid; orotidylic acid decarboxylase; orotidylic acid phosphorylase; orotidylic acid pyrophosphorylase; orotracheal intubation; orotracheal tube; Oroya fever; orphan; orphanages; orphan disease; orphan drug; orphan drug act; orphan drug production; orphan drugs; orphan products; orphan virus; orphan viruses; orphenadrine; orphenadrine citrate; orphenadrine hydrochloride; orpheus; orpiment; orpin; orpine; orris; orseillin BB; orsellic; orsellinic; Orsi, Francesco; Orsi-Grocco method; O-R system; ort-a-cath; ortalidian; orthergasia; orthesis; orthetics; orthid; orthis; orthite; Orth, Johannes; ortho-; orthoacid; orthoarteriotony; orthobiosis; orthocaine; orthocarbonic; orthocenter; orthocephalic; orthocephalous; orthoceras; orthoceratite; orthochorea; orthochromatic; orthochromophil; orthoclase; orthoclastic; orthocrasia; orthocytosis; orthodentin; orthodeoxia; orthodiagonal; orthodigita; orthodome; orthodontia; orthodontic appliance; orthodontic appliance design; orthodontic appliances; orthodontic appliances, functional; orthodontic band; orthodontic brackets; orthodontic retainers; orthodontics; orthodontics, corrective; orthodontics, interceptive; orthodontic space closure; orthodontic treatment; orthodontic wires; orthodontist; orthodox; orthodromic; orthogamy; orthogenesis; orthogenic; orthogenics; orthoglycaemic glycosuria; orthognathia; orthognathic; orthognathic surgery; orthognathism; orthognathous; orthogon; orthogonal; orthogonal arrays; orthograde; orthograde conduction; orthograde degeneration; orthograde transport; orthographer; orthographia mutata; orthographic; orthographical; orthographically; orthographist; orthographize; orthography; ortho-halobenzoate 1,2-dioxygenase; orthohepadnavirus; orthokeratology; orthokeratosis; orthokinesis; orthokinetics; orthology; orthomechanical; orthomechanotherapy; orthomelic; orthometer; orthometric; orthomolecular; orthomolecular psychiatry; orthomolecular therapy; orthomorphic; Orthomyxoviridae; orthomyxoviridae infections; orthopaedic; orthopaedic arthroplast; orthopaedics; orthopaedic surgeon; orthopaedic surgery; orthopaedist; orthopedical; orthopedic equipment; orthopedic fixation devices; orthopedic nursing; orthopedic procedures; orthopedics; orthopedist; orthopedy; orthopercussion; orthophoria; orthophoric; orthophosphate; orthophosphoric acid; orthophrenia; orthopinacoid; orthopnea; orthopnea position; orthopneic; orthopneic position; orthopnoea; orthopny; orthopod; orthopoda; Orthopoxviridae; orthopoxvirus; orthopraxy; orthoprosthesis; orthopsychiatry; orthoptera; orthopteran; orthopterous; orthoptic; orthoptics; orthoptist; orthoreovirus; orthorhombic; orthoscope; orthoscopic; orthoscopic lens; orthoscopic observation; orthoscopic spectacles; orthosilicic; orthosis; orthospermous; orthostatic; orthostatic albuminuria; orthostatic hypopiesis; orthostatic hypotension; orthostatic proteinuria; orthostatic tachycardia; orthostereoscope; orthostichy; orthosympathetic; orthotic devices; orthotics; orthotist; orthotolidine; orthotomic; orthotomous; orthotomy; orthotonos; orthotopic; orthotopic graft; orthotropic; orthotropous; orthovoltage; orthoxylene; Orth's fixative; Orth's stain; ortolan; Orton; ortygan; orval; orvet; orycenin; oryctere; orycterope; oryctography; oryctological; oryctologist; oryctology; oryx; oryza; oryzias; os; os acromiale; osage orange; osages; osar; osazone; os basilare; os breve; os calcis; os capitatum; os centrale; os centrale tarsi; osche-; oscheal; oscheitis; oschelephantiasis; oscheohydrocele; oscheoplasty; oscillancy; oscillaria; oscillate; oscillating; oscillating vision; oscillation; oscillative; oscillator; oscillatoria; Oscillatoria princeps; oscillatory; oscillatory potential; oscillograph; oscillography; oscillometer; oscillometric; oscillometry; oscillopsia; oscilloscope; oscine; oscinian; oscinine; oscitate; oscitation; os clitoridis; os coccygis; os costale; os coxae; os cuboideum; osculant; osculate; osculation; osculatory; osculatrix; oscule; osculum; os cuneiforme intermedium; os cuneiforme laterale; os cuneiforme mediale; os ethmoidale; os femoris; os frontale; Osgood; osgood-schlatter disease; OSHA; os hamatum; os hyoideum; O-sialoglycoprotein endopeptidase; osier; os iliacum; os ilium; os incae; os incisivum; os innominatum; os intermaxillare; os intermedium; os intermetatarseum; os interparietale; osiris; os irregulare; os ischii; os japonicum; oskar; os lacrimale; Osler; Osler node; Osler's disease; Osler's sign; Osler-Vaquez disease; osler-weber-rendu disease; os longum; os lunatum; os magnum; os malare; osmanli; osmate; osmaterium; osmatic; osmazome; osmesis; os metacarpale; os metatarsale; osmiamate; osmiamic; osmic; osmic acid; osmic acid fixative; osmicate; osmication; osmics; osmidrosis; osmiophilic; osmiophobic; osmious; osmite; osmium; osmium compounds; osmium tetroxide; osmo-; osmoceptor; osmodysphoria; osmogram; osmolal clearance; osmolality; osmolar; osmolar concentration; osmolarity; osmole; osmology; osmometer; osmometry; osmophil; osmophobia; osmophore; osmoreceptor; osmoregulation; osmoregulatory; osmose; osmosis; osmosity; osmotherapy; osmotic; osmotic diuresis; osmotic diuretics; osmotic fragility; osmotic nephrosis; osmotic pressure; osmotic shock; osmotolerance; os multangulum majus; os multangulum minus; osmund; os nasale; os naviculare; os naviculare manus; oso-berry; os occipitale; os odontoideum; os orbiculare; os palatinum; os parietale; os penis; osphradium; osphresio-; osphresiolagnia; osphresiologic; osphresiology; osphresiophilia; osphresiophobia; osphresis; osphretic; os pisiforme; os planum; os pneumaticum; ospray; os premaxillare; os pterygoideum; os pubis; os pyramidale; ossa; ossa carpi; ossa cranii; os sacrum; ossa digitorum; ossa faciei; ossa membri inferioris; ossa membri superioris; ossa suturarum; ossa tarsi; os scaphoideum; ossean; ossein; osselet; osseo-; osseocartilaginous; osseointegration; osseomucin; osseomucoid; osseous; osseous ampulla; osseous cell; osseous hydatid cyst; osseous labyrinth; osseous lacuna; osseous part of skeletal system; osseous polyp; osseous spiral lamina; osseous tissue; os sesamoideum; osseter; ossi-; ossianic; ossicle; ossicula; ossicula auditus; ossicula mentalia; ossicular; ossicular chain; ossicular prosthesis; ossicular replacement; ossiculated; ossiculectomy; ossiculotomy; ossiculum; ossiferous; ossific; ossification; ossification, heterotopic; ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament; ossific centre; ossified; ossiform; ossifrage; ossifragous; ossify; ossifying; ossifying cartilage; ossis; ossivorous; os sphenoidale; ossuary; os subtibiale; os suprasternale; os sylvii; ost-; osteal; ostealgia; ostealgic; osteanagenesis; osteanaphysis; ostectomy; ostein; osteitic; osteitis; osteitis condensans ilii; osteitis deformans; osteitis fibrosa; osteitis fibrosa circumscripta; osteitis fibrosa cystica; osteitis fibrosa disseminata; osteitis pubis; osteler; ostembryon; ostemia; os temporale; ostempyesis; ostend; ostensibility; ostensible; ostensibly; ostension; ostensive; ostensively; ostensorium; ostensory; ostent; ostentate; ostentation; ostentatious; ostentator; ostentive; ostentous; osteo-; osteoanagenesis; osteoarthritis; osteoarthritis, hip; osteoarthropathy; osteoarthropathy, primary hypertrophic; osteoarthropathy, secondary hypertrophic; osteoarthrosis; osteoblast; osteoblastic; osteoblastoma; osteoblasts; osteocalcin; osteocarcinoma; osteocartilaginous; osteochondritis; osteochondritis deformans juvenilis; osteochondritis deformans juvenilis dorsi; osteochondritis dissecans; osteochondrodysplasia; osteochondrodysplasias; osteochondrodystrophia deformans; osteochondrodystrophy; osteochondrogenic cell; osteochondroma; osteochondromatosis; osteochondrosarcoma; osteochondrosis; osteochondrosis dissecans; osteochondrous; osteoclasis; osteoclast; osteoclast activating factor; osteoclastic; osteoclastoma; osteoclasts; osteocolla; osteocollagenous fibres; osteocomma; osteocope; osteocranium; osteocystoma; osteocyte; osteocytes; osteodentin; osteodentine; osteodermatopoikilosis; osteodermatous; osteodermia; osteodesmosis; osteodiastasis; osteodynia; osteodysplasty; osteodystrophia; osteodystrophy; osteoectasia; osteoectomy; osteoepiphysis; osteofibroma; osteofibrosis; osteogen; osteogenesis; osteogenesis, distraction; osteogenesis imperfecta; osteogenetic; osteogenetic fibres; osteogenetic layer; osteogenic; osteogenic cell; osteogenic sarcoma; osteogenic tissue; osteogenin; osteogenous; osteogeny; osteographer; osteography; osteohalisteresis; osteohypertrophy; osteoid; osteoid osteoma; osteoid tissue; osteolathyrism; osteolipochondroma; osteolite; osteologer; osteologia; osteologic; osteological; osteologist; osteology; osteolysis; osteolysis, essential; osteolytic; osteoma; osteomalacia; osteomalacic; osteomalacic pelvis; osteoma medullare; osteomanty; osteoma, osteoid; osteomatoid; osteomere; osteometry; osteomyelitis; osteomyelodysplasia; osteomyelofibrotic syndrome; osteon; osteoncus; osteonecrosis; osteonectin; osteopath; osteopathia; osteopathia condensans; osteopathia haemorrhagica infantum; osteopathia striata; osteopathic; osteopathic medicine; osteopathic scoliosis; osteopathology; osteopathy; osteopedion; osteopenia; osteoperiosteal graft; osteoperiostitis; osteopetrosis; osteopetrosis acro-osteolytica; osteopetrosis gallinarum; osteopetrosis with renal tubular acidosis; osteopetrotic; osteophage; osteophagia; osteophlebitis; osteophone; osteophony; osteophyma; osteophyte; osteoplaque; osteoplast; osteoplastic; osteoplastic amputation; osteoplastic craniotomy; osteoplastic necrotomy; osteoplasty; osteopoikilosis; osteoponin; osteopontin; osteoporosis; osteoporosis, postmenopausal; osteoporotic; osteoporotic marrow defect; osteoprogenitor cell; osteopterygious; osteoradiologist; osteoradiology; osteoradionecrosis; osteorrhaphy; osteosarcoma; osteosarcoma, juxtacortical; osteosclerosis; osteosclerotic; osteosclerotic anaemia; osteosis; osteosis cutis; osteosis eburnisans monomelica; osteospongioma; osteosteatoma; osteosuture; osteosynthesis; osteothrombosis; osteotome; osteotomist; osteotomy; osteotomy, le fort; osteotribe; osteotrite; osteotrophy; osteotympanic; osteozoa; ostertagia; ostertagiasis; ostia; ostial; ostial sphincter; ostia venarum pulmonalium; os tibiale posterius; ostiole; ostiomeatal complex; ostiomeatal unit; ostitic; ostitis; ostium; ostium abdominale tubae uterinae; ostium aortae; ostium appendicis vermiformis; ostium arteriosum; ostium atrioventriculare dextrum; ostium atrioventriculare sinistrum; ostium cardiacum; ostium ileocaecale; ostium internum; ostium of vermiform appendix; ostium pharyngeum tubae auditivae; ostium primum; ostium pyloricum; ostium secundum; ostium trunci pulmonalis; ostium tympanicum tubae auditivae; ostium ureteris; ostium urethrae externum; ostium urethrae internum; ostium uteri; ostium uteri externum; ostium uteri internum; ostium uterinum tubae; ostium vaginae; ostium venae cavae inferioris; ostium venae cavae superioris; ostium venosum cordis; ostleress; ostlery; ostomate; ostomy; ostosis; ostracea; ostracean; ostraceous; ostracion; ostraciont; ostracite; ostracoda; ostracodermi; ostracoid; ostracoidea; os trapezium; os trapezoideum; ostrea; ostreaceous; ostreotoxism; os triangulare; os tribasilare; ostrich; os trigonum; os triquetrum; Ostrum-Furst syndrome; Ostwald, Friedrich Wilhelm; Ostwald's solubility coefficient; o-succinylbenzoic acid synthase; O-succinylhomoserine (thiol)-lyase; os unguis; os uteri externum; os uteri internum; os vesalianum; oswego tea; os zygomaticum; OT; otaheite apple; otalgia; otalgic; Ota, Masao; otary; Ota's nevus; OTC; OTF; Othello syndrome; otheoscope; other-directed; othman; otic; otic abscess; otic barotrauma; otic capsule; otic ganglion; otic pits; otic placodes; otic vesicle; otis; Otis, Arthur Brooks; otitic; otitic hydrocephalus; otitic meningitis; otitis; otitis desquamativa; otitis externa; otitis interna; otitis media; otitis media, suppurative; otitis media with effusion; oto-; otoacariasis; otoacoustic; otoacoustic emissions, spontaneous; otoba fat; otobiosis; Otobius; otocephaly; otocerebritis; otoconia; otoconite; otocrane; otocranial; otocranium; otocyst; Otodectes; otodectic; otodectic mange; otodynia; otoencephalitis; otoganglion; otogenic; otogenous abscess; otography; otolaryngologist; otolaryngology; otolite; otolithic membrane; otoliths; otolitic; otologic; otological; otologic surgical procedures; otologist; otology; otomandibular dysostosis; otomandibular syndrome; otomucormycosis; otomycosis; otoneuralgia; otopalatodigital; otopalatodigital syndrome; otopathy; otopharyngeal; otopharyngeal tube; otoplasty; otorhinolaryngologic diseases; otorhinolaryngologic neoplasms; otorhinolaryngologic surgical procedures; otorhinolaryngology; otorrha; otorrhoea; otosalpinx; otosclerosis; otoscope; otoscopeic; otoscopes; otoscopy; otosteal; ototoxic; ototoxicity; otozoum; O-(triethylaminoethyl) cellulose; ottawas; otter; otters; Otto; ottoman; ottomite; otto of rose; Otto pelvis; Otto's disease; Ottoson; Ottoson potential; ottrelite; ouabagenin; ouabain; ouakari; ouanderoo; ouarine; Ouchterlony; Ouchterlony assay; Ouchterlony method; Ouchterlony technique; Ouchterlony test; ouistiti; oul-; oulachan; ounce; ouphen; ourang; ourang-outang; ouranographist; ouranography; ourebi; ouretic; ourology; ousel; oust; ouster; outbowed; outbreak; outbreak epidemic; outbreathe; outcome and process assessment; outcome assessment; outcrop; outer cone fibre; outer malleolus; outer membrane; outer table of skull; outfit; outlet; outlet forceps delivery; outlier; outliers, drg; outline form; outlook; outness; out of phase; outpatient; outpatient anaesthesia; outpatient clinics, hospital; outpatients; output; outrage; outromance; outron; outside; outside out patch; ouvarovite; ouzel; ova; oval; oval amputation; oval area of Flechsig; ovalbumen; ovalbumin; oval corpuscle; oval fasciculus; ovalocyte; ovalocytic anaemia; ovalocytosis; oval window; ovarialgia; ovarian; ovarian amenorrhoea; ovarian artery; ovarian branch of uterine artery; ovarian bursa; ovarian cancer; ovarian colic; ovarian cycle; ovarian cyst; ovarian cystic disease; ovarian cysts; ovarian dysmenorrhoea; ovarian failure, premature; ovarian fibroma; ovarian fimbria; ovarian follicle; ovarian fossa; ovarian function tests; ovarian granulosa cell; ovarian granulosa-theca cell tumour; ovarian hormone; ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome; ovarian ligament; ovarian plexus; ovarian pregnancy; ovarian stromal tumours; ovarian teratoma; ovarian tubular adenoma; ovarian tumour; ovarian tumours; ovarian varicocele; ovarian veins; ovarian vein syndrome; ovarian wedge resection; ovariectomy; ovario-; ovarioabdominal pregnancy; ovariocele; ovariocentesis; ovariocyesis; ovariodysneuria; ovariogenic; ovariohysterectomy; ovariole; ovariolytic; ovarioncus; ovariopathy; ovariorrhexis; ovariosalpingectomy; ovariosalpingitis; ovariosteresis; ovariostomy; ovariotomist; ovariotomy; ovaritis; ovarium; ovarium bipartitum; ovarium disjunctum; ovarium gyratum; ovarium lobatum; ovarium masculinum; ovary; ovary, dermoid cyst of the; ovate; ovation; ovenbird; oven dry ton; overall; overall response rate; overanxious disorder; overbalance; overbank flooding; overbear; overbite; overclosure; overcome; overcompensation; overcorrection; overdenture; overdetermination; overdispersion; overdominance; overdominant; overdosage; overdose; overdrive; overeruption; overextension; overfish; overflow incontinence; overflow wave; overfruitful; overgrafting; overground; overgrowth; overgrowth syndromes; overhang; overhanging restoration; overhead cover; overhead projector; overhydration; overjet; overlap; overlap hybridization; overlap index; overlapping; overlapping gene; overlapping reading frame; overlay; overlay denture; overlearning; overlie; overnight capital cost; overpressure; overproduction theory; overresponse; overriding; overriding aorta; overripe cataract; oversensing; overshoot; oversight; overstory; overt homosexuality; overthwart; Overton, Charles; overtone; overturning moment; overvalued idea; overventilation; overweight; overwintering; ovi-; ovicapsule; ovicell; ovicidal; ovicyst; oviducal; oviduct; oviductal; oviferous; oviform; ovigenesis; ovigenetic; ovigenous; ovigerons; ovigerous; ovigerus; ovine; ovine acetonaemia; ovine mastitis; ovine progressive pneumonia; ovinia; ovioular; ovipara; oviparity; oviparous; oviposit; oviposition; ovipositor; ovisac; ovist; ovo-; ovochymase; ovococcus; ovocyte; ovoflavin; ovogenesis; ovoglobulin; ovogonium; ovoid; ovolarviparous; ovolo; ovology; ovomucin; ovomucoid; ovoplasm; ovoprotogen; ovosiston; ovotestis; ovotesttis; ovotransferrin; ovo-vegetarian; ovovitellin; ovoviviparous; ovular; ovular membrane; ovular transmigration; ovulary; ovulate; ovulation; ovulational sclerosis; ovulation detection; ovulation induction; ovulation inhibitor; ovulatory; ovule; ovuliferous; ovulist; ovulite; ovulocyclic; ovulocyclic porphyria; ovulode; ovulum; ovum; ovum implantation; ovum implantation, delayed; ovum transport; owe; Owen, Sir Richard; Owen's lines; owl; owlet; owl eye cell; own; own controls; ownership; owre; Owren, Paul; Owren's disease; ox; oxa-; oxacid; oxacillin; oxacillin sodium; oxalaemia; oxalaldehyde; oxalan; oxalantin; oxalate; oxalate calculus; oxalates; oxaldehyde; oxalethyline; oxalic; oxalic acid; oxaline; oxalis; oxalite; oxalo; oxaloacetate; oxaloacetate tautomerase; oxaloacetate transacetase; oxaloacetic acid; oxalosis; oxalosuccinic acid; oxalosuccinic carboxylase; oxalourea; oxaluramide; oxalurate; oxaluria; oxaluric; oxaluric acid; oxalyl; oxalyl CoA decarboxylase; oxalylurea; oxamate; oxamate carbamoyltransferase; oxamethane; oxamethylane; oxamic; oxamic acid; oxamide; oxamidine; oxamniquine; oxanamide; oxandrolone; oxanilate; oxanilic; oxanilide; oxanillamide; oxaphenamide; oxazepam; oxazin; oxazin dyes; oxazocines; oxazole; oxazoles; oxazolidinediones; oxazolone; oxbane; oxbird; oxbiter; ox bots; oxbow; oxeladin; oxeye; oxfly; Oxford unit; oxheal; ox heart; oxhide; oxic; oxiconazole; oxid; oxidant; oxidants; oxidants, photochemical; oxidase; oxidase reaction; oxidase test; oxidasis; oxidate; oxidation; oxidation-fermentation test; oxidation number; oxidation pond; oxidation-reduction; oxidation-reduction electrode; oxidation-reduction indicator; oxidation-reduction potential; oxidation-reduction reaction; oxidation-reduction system; oxidative; oxidative metabolism; oxidative phosphorylation; oxidative stress; oxide; oxides; oxidise; oxidised cellulose; oxidised glutathione; oxidize; oxidized rhizosphere; oxidizer; oxidizing agent; oxidopamine; oxidoreductase; oxidoreductases; oxidoreductases, n-demethylating; oxidoreductases, o-demethylating; oxidulated; oxime; oximes; oximeter; oximetry; oxindol; oxiodic; oxirane; oxlip; oxo-; oxoacetic acid; oxo acid; oxo-acid-lyases; oxolamine; oxolinic acid; oxonate; oxonic; oxonic acid; oxonium ion; oxophenarsine hydrochloride; oxosuccinic acid; oxotremorine; oxpecker; oxprenolol; oxprenolol hydrochloride; OXT; oxtongue; oxtriphylline; oxy-; oxyacetic; oxyacid; oxyacoia; oxyammonia; oxyaphia; oxybarbiturates; oxybenzene; oxybenzoic; oxybenzone; oxybiotin; oxybromic; oxybutynin chloride; oxybutyric; oxycalorimeter; oxycaproic; oxycellulose; oxycephalia; oxycephalic; oxycephaly; oxychloric; oxychloride; oxychromatic; oxychromatin; oxyclozanide; oxycodone; oxycrate; oxycymene; oxyesthesia; oxyfedrine; oxygen; oxygen-15; oxygen-16; oxygen-17; oxygen-18; oxygen affinity anoxia; oxygen affinity hypoxia; oxygenase; oxygenases; oxygenate; oxygenated haemoglobin; oxygenation; oxygenators; oxygenators, membrane; oxygen capacity; oxygen compounds; oxygen consumption; oxygen debt; oxygen deficit; oxygen dependent killing; oxygen deprivation theory of narcosis; oxygen derived free radicals; oxygen effect; oxygen electrode; oxygenic; oxygenic photosynthesis; oxygen inhalation therapy; oxygenise; oxygen isotopes; oxygenium; oxygenizable; oxygenize; oxygen poisoning; oxygen radical; oxygen radioisotopes; oxygen tent; oxygen therapy; oxygen toxicity; oxygen utilization coefficient; oxygeusia; oxygon; oxyhaemocyanin; oxyheme; oxyhemochromogen; oxyhemoglobin; oxyhemoglobin oxidase; oxyhemoglobins; oxyhydrogen; oxyiodide; oxykrinin; oxyluciferin; oxymel; oxymesterone; oxymetazoline; oxymetazoline hydrochloride; oxymetholone; oxymethylene; oxymorphone; oxymorphone hydrochloride; oxymuriate; oxymuriatic; oxymyoglobin; oxynervone; oxyneurine; oxyntic; oxyntic cell; oxyntic gland; oxyntomodulin; oxyopy; oxyosmia; oxyosphresia; oxypertine; oxyphenbutazone; oxyphencyclimine hydrochloride; oxyphenic; oxyphenisatin acetate; oxyphenol; oxyphenonium; oxyphenonium bromide; oxyphil; oxyphil adenoma; oxyphil cell; oxyphil cells; oxyphil chromatin; oxyphil granule; oxyphilic; oxyphilic leukocyte; oxyphonia; oxypolygelatin; oxypurine; oxypurinol; oxyquinoline; Oxyrase; oxyrhine; oxyrhyncha; oxyrrhodine; oxyrygmia; oxysalt; oxysome; Oxyspirura mansoni; oxysulphide; oxysulphuret; oxytalan; oxytetracycline; oxythiamin; oxythiamine; oxytocia; oxytocic; oxytocics; oxytocin; oxytocinase; oxytricha; oxyuriasis; oxyuricide; oxyurid; oxyurida; Oxyuridae; oxyurida infections; oxyuris; oxyuroidea; oyster; oystergreen; oysterling; oysters; oz; ozena; ozenous; ozocerite; ozochrotia; ozokerite; ozona; ozonation; ozonator; ozone; ozonic; ozonide; ozonification; ozonization; ozonize; ozonizer; ozonolysis; ozonometer; ozonometric; ozonometry; ozonoscope; ozonoscopic; ozostomia;


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