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P1; p107; p150 protein kinase; p18 component, aminoacyl tRNA synthetase; p21(ras) farnesyl-protein transferase; p24; p260 palmitoyltransferase; p270 palmitoyltransferase; P2Gri; p34cdc28 kinase; p34 kinase; p34PSK-J3 kinase; p35; p36; P400 protein; p42(mapk) kinase; p49 3F12 kinase; p53; p53-activating kinase; p54 protein kinase; p57lck; p57 serine proteinase; p60 tumour necrosis factor receptor-associated kinase; p65; p67 deglycosylase; p68; p68 RNA helicase; p70; P700; p870; PA; Paas' disease; Paas, H; PABA; pablum; pabular; pabulum; PAC1 phosphatase; Pac1 ribonuclease; paca; pacane; pacchionian; pacchionian bodies; pacchionian corpuscles; pacchionian depressions; pacchionian glands; pacchionian granulations; Pacchioni, Antonio; pace; pacefollower; pacemaker; pacemaker, artificial; pacemaker failure; pacemaker output; pacemaker potential; pacemaker sensitivity; pacemaker syndrome; pachak; Pacheco's disease; Pacheco's parrot disease virus; pachometer; Pachon, Michel; Pachon's method; Pachon's test; pachonta; pachy-; pachyblepharon; pachycarpous; pachycephalia; pachycephalic; pachycephaly; pachycheilia; pachycholia; pachychromatic; pachychymia; pachydactyl; pachydactylia; pachydactylous; pachydactyly; pachyderm; pachyderma; pachydermal; pachyderma laryngis; pachyderma lymphangiectatica; pachydermata; pachydermatocele; pachydermatosis; pachydermatous; pachyderma verrucosa; pachyderma vesicae; pachydermia; pachydermic; pachydermoid; pachydermoperiostosis; pachydermoperiostosis syndrome; pachyglossal; pachyglossia; pachygnathous; pachygyria; pachyhymenia; pachyhymenic; pachyleptomeningitis; pachylosis; pachymenia; pachymenic; pachymeningitis; pachymeningitis externa; pachymeningitis interna; pachymeningopathy; pachymeninx; pachymeter; pachynema; pachynsis; pachyntic; pachyonychia; pachyonychia congenita; pachyote; pachyotia; pachyperiostitis; pachyperitonitis; pachypleuritis; pachypodous; pachysalpingitis; pachysalpingo-ovaritis; pachysomia; pachytene; pachyvaginalitis; pachyvaginitis; pachyvaginitis cystica; pacific islands; pacific states; pacing catheter; Pacini; pacinian; pacinian corpuscles; Pacini, Fillippo; pacinitis; pack; package insert; packaging; packed cell volume; packed human blood cells; packed red blood cell; packer; packfong; packing; packing process; packwax; paclitaxel; P-A conduction time; pacos; PACS; pactamycin; pacu; pad; paddle; paddlecock; paddlefish; paddlewood; paddock; paddy; padelion; pademelon; padge; padow; paducahs; Padykula-Herman stain; paean; paecilomyces; paeciloycosis; paediatric; paediatric arthritis; paediatric assistants; paediatric dentistry; paediatrician; paediatric nursing; paediatric radiology; paediatrics; paediatrist; paediatry; paedobaptism; paedogenesis; paedogenetic; paeon; paeonine; paeony; PaeR7I invertase; PAF; page; pageant; page kidney; Pagenstecher, Alexander; Pagenstecher's circle; paget disease; paget disease of breast; Paget-Eccleston stain; pagetic; pagetoid; pagetoid cells; pagetoid reticulosis; Paget's cells; Paget's disease; paget's disease, extramammary; paget's disease, mammary; Paget's disease of the nipple; Paget, Sir James; Paget-von Schrotter syndrome; pagina; pagoda cell; pagodite; pagophagia; paguma; pagurian; PAH; PahA dioxygenase; pahoehoe; pahutes; Pahvant Valley fever; Pahvant Valley plague; paidology; paigle; pail; pain; pain, ankle; pain, back; pain, chest; pain clinics; pain, elbow; painful; painful anaesthesia; painful-bruising syndrome; painful haematuria; painful paraplegia; painful point; painful toe; pain insensitivity, congenital; pain, intractable; pain, knee; painless haematuria; painless jaundice; pain measurement; pain-pleasure principle; pain, postoperative; pain reaction; pains, growing; paint; painter; painter's colic; P-A interval; pain threshold; pain tolerance; pair; pair bond; paired; paired allosome; paired-associate learning; paired associates; paired beats; paired box domain; paired organelles; pair production; pair rule gene; paisano; pajaroello; Pajot, Charles; Pajot's manoeuvre; PAK2 kinase; Palade, George; Palade granule; Palade pathway; palaeographer; palaeographic; palaetiologist; palaetiology; palama; palamedeae; palanquin; palapteryx; palatal; palatal abscess; palatal bar; palatal expander; palatal index; palatal muscles; palatal myoclonus; palatal nystagmus; palatal obturators; palatal papillomatosis; palatal plate; palatal reflex; palatal seal; palatal shelf; palatal triangle; palate; palate, cleft; palate, hard; palate hook; palate myograph; palate, soft; palatial; palatic; palatiform; palatinase; palatine; palatine aponeurosis; palatine bone; palatine glands; palatine groove; palatine papilla; palatine process; palatine raphe; palatine ridge; palatine spines; palatine surface of horizontal plate of palatine bone; palatine tonsil; palatine torus; palatine uvula; palatine vein; palatinose; palatitis; palato-; palatoethmoidal suture; palatoglossal; palatoglossal arch; palatoglossus; palatoglossus muscle; palatognathous; palatogram; palatograph; palatomaxillary; palatomaxillary index; palatomaxillary suture; palatomyograph; palatonares; palatonasal; palatopharyngeal; palatopharyngeal arch; palatopharyngeal muscle; palatopharyngeal sphincter; palatopharyngeus; palatopharyngoplasty; palatopharyngorrhaphy; palatoplasty; palatoplegia; palatopterygoid; palatorrhaphy; palatosalpingeus; palatoschisis; palatouvularis muscle; palatovaginal canal; palatovaginal groove; palatum; palatum durum; palatum fissum; palatum molle; palatum osseum; palau; palea; paleaceous; paleechinoidea; paleencephalon; pale globe; pale hypertension; paleichthyes; pale infarct; paleness; palenque; paleo-; paleobotanist; paleobotany; paleocarida; paleocerebellum; paleocortex; paleocrinoidea; paleocrystic; paleodontology; paleogaean; paleograph; paleographer; paleographic; paleographical; paleographist; paleography; paleokinetic; paleola; paleolith; paleolithic; paleologist; paleology; paleontographical; paleontography; paleontological; paleontologist; paleontology; paleopathology; paleophytologist; paleophytology; paleornithology; paleosaurus; paleostriatal; paleostriatal syndrome; paleostriatum; paleotechnic; paleothalamus; paleothere; paleotherian; paleotherium; paleotheroid; paleotype; paleous; paleozoic; paleozoology; palet; pale thrombus; palette; palewise; Palfyn; Palfyn's sinus; paliform; palikinesia; palilalia; palinal; palindrome; palindrome in genetics; palindromia; palindromic; palindromic DNA; palindromic encephalopathy; palindromic sequence; palingenesy; palingenetic; palinopsia; paliphrasia; palisade; palisade layer; palisade parenchyma; palissander; palissy; pall; palla; palladic; palladious; palladium; pallah; pallanesthesia; pallas; pallescense; pallesthesia; pallesthetic; pallesthetic sensibility; pallet; pallial; palliate; palliation; palliative; palliative care; palliative care physician; palliative therapy; palliative treatment; pallidal; pallidal syndrome; pallidectomy; pallidoamygdalotomy; pallidoansotomy; pallidotomy; pallidum; palliobranchiata; palliobranchiate; pallister-killian syndrome; pallium; pall-mall; pallometa; pallor; palm; palmaceous; palma christi; palmacite; palma manus; palmar; palmar aponeurosis; palmar branch of median nerve; palmar branch of ulnar nerve; palmar carpal branch of radial artery; palmar carpal branch of ulnar artery; palmar carpal ligament; palmar carpometacarpal ligaments; palmar crease; palmar digital veins; palmar fascia; palmar fibromatosis; palmar flexion; palmar interosseous artery; palmar interosseous muscle; palmaris; palmaris brevis; palmaris longus; palmarium; palmar ligaments; palmar metacarpal artery; palmar metacarpal ligaments; palmar metacarpal veins; palmar radiocarpal ligament; palmar reflex; palmar surface; palmar surface of fingers; palmar ulnocarpal ligament; palmary; palmate; palmated; palmate folds; palmatifid; palmatilobed; palmatisect; palmatisected; palm-chin reflex; palmed; palmellin; palmer; Palmer acid test for peptic ulcer; Palmer's notation; Palmer, Walter; palmerworm; palmetto; palmic; palmidactyles; palmigrade; palmin; palmin test; palmiped; palmipedes; palmistry; palmitaldehyde; palmitate; palmitates; palmite; palmitic; palmitic acid; palmitic acids; palmitin; palmitoleic acid; palmitolic; palmitone; palmitoylation; palmitoylcarnitine; palmitoyl-CoA dependent dehydrogenase; palmitoyl-CoA hydrolase; palmitoyl CoA oxidase; palmitoyl coenzyme a; palmitoyl-L-asparaginase; palmitoyl-protein thioesterase; palmityl alcohol; palmodic; palm oil; palmomental reflex; palmoplantar keratoderma; palmoscopy; palm sunday; palmus; palm wax; palmyra; palola; palp; palpable; palpable rale; palpate; palpation; palpatopercussion; palpator; palpatory percussion; palpebra; palpebrae; palpebra III; palpebra inferior; palpebral; palpebral arteries; palpebral branches of infratrochlear nerve; palpebral conjunctiva; palpebral fissure; palpebral glands; palpebralis; palpebral part of lacrimal gland; palpebral part of orbicularis oculi muscle; palpebral raphe; palpebral veins; palpebra superior; palpebrate; palpebra tertia; palpebration; palpebronasal fold; palped; palpi; palpicorn; palpifer; palpiform; palpiger; palpigerous; palpitate; palpitatio cordis; palpitation; palpitations; palpless; palpocil; palpus; palsical; palsy; palsywort; palter; paludal; paludal fever; paludicolae; paludicole; paludina; paludinous; paludism; palule; palulus; palus; palustrine; palynology; pamabrom; pamaquine; p-aminoazobenzene; p-aminobenzoic acid; p-aminohippurate clearance; p-aminohippuric acid; p-aminohippuric acid synthase; p-aminopropiophenone; p-aminosalicylic acid; pamoate; pampano; pampas; pamperos; pamphlet; pampiniform; pampiniform body; pampiniform plexus; pampinocele; pamprodactylous; pan-; panabase; panacea; panacinar emphysema; panagglutinable; panagglutinins; panama hat; pan american health organization; panangiitis; panarteritis; panarthritis; panatrophy; panblastic; panbronchiolitis; pancake kidney; pancarditis; pance; pancervical smear; Pancoast, Henry; Pancoast, Joseph; Pancoast's suture; pancoast's syndrome; Pancoast syndrome; pancoast tumour; pancolectomy; pancratic; pancratium; pancreas; pancreas accessorium; pancreas, artificial; pancreas divisum; pancreas minus; pancreas transplantation; pancreat-; pancreatalgia; pancreatectomy; pancreatemphraxis; pancreatic; pancreatic abscess; pancreatic acinar cell; pancreatic adenocarcinoma; pancreatic branches; pancreatic calcifications; pancreatic calculus; pancreatic cancer; pancreatic cholera; pancreatic colic; pancreatic cyst; pancreatic cystic neoplasms; pancreatic cystoduodenostomy; pancreatic deoxyribonuclease; pancreatic diabetes; pancreatic diarrhoea; pancreatic digestion; pancreatic diverticula; pancreatic dornase; pancreatic duct; pancreatic encephalopathy; pancreatic enzyme; pancreatic extracts; pancreatic fistula; pancreatic function tests; pancreatic hormones; pancreatic hyperglycaemic hormone; pancreatic infantilism; pancreatic insufficiency; pancreatic islands; pancreatic isleT-cell tumours; pancreatic islets; pancreatic juice; pancreatic juices; pancreatic lymph nodes; pancreatic neoplasms; pancreatic notch; pancreatico-; pancreaticoduodenal; pancreaticoduodenal arterial arcades; pancreaticoduodenal lymph nodes; pancreaticoduodenal transplantation; pancreaticoduodenal veins; pancreaticoduodenectomy; pancreaticoenteric recess; pancreaticojejunostomy; pancreaticosplenic lymph nodes; pancreatic plexus; pancreatic polypeptide; pancreatic pseudocyst; pancreatic pseudocysts; pancreatic RNase; pancreatic sphincter; pancreatic steatorrhoea; pancreatic veins; pancreatin; pancreatitis; pancreatitis, acute necrotizing; pancreatitis, alcoholic; pancreato-; pancreatocholecystostomy; pancreatoduodenectomy; pancreatoduodenostomy; pancreatogastrostomy; pancreatogenic; pancreatogenous diarrhoea; pancreatography; pancreatojejunostomy; pancreatolith; pancreatolithectomy; pancreatolithiasis; pancreatolithotomy; pancreatolysis; pancreatolytic; pancreatomegaly; pancreatomy; pancreatopathy; pancreatopeptidase; pancreatopeptidase E; pancreatotomy; pancreatropic; pancreectomy; pancrelipase; pancreo-; pancreolith; pancreopathy; pancreoprivic; pancreozymin; pancuronium; pancuronium bromide; pancytopenia; pancytopenia, fanconi; panda; pandanus; pandect; pandemic; pandemicity; pander; pandermite; pandiculation; pandora; pandora's pneumonitis; P and P test; pandurate; panduriform; Pandy; Pandy's reaction; pane; panel; panencephalitis; panendoscope; panesthesia; Paneth; Paneth cell; paneth cells; Paneth, Joseph; Paneth's granular cells; pang; pangenesis; pangenetic; panglossia; pangolin; panhidrosis; panhydrometer; panhyperaemia; panhypopituitarism; panhypopituitary dwarfism; panic; panic disorder; panicle; panicled; paniculate; paniculated; panicum; panidiomorphic; panidrosis; panimmunity; panleukopenia; panleukopenia virus of cats; panlobular emphysema; panmixis; panmyelophthisis; panmyelosis; pannage; pannel; Panner; panner disease; Panner's disease; panneuritis; panneuritis endemica; panni; pannicular hernia; panniculectomy; panniculitis; panniculitis, lupus erythematosus; panniculitis, nodular nonsuppurative; panniculitis, peritoneal; panniculus; panniculus carnosus muscle; pannier; pannose; pannus; pannus crassus; panodic; panoistic; panophthalmitis; panoptic; panoptic stain; panoramic radiograph; panoramic rotating machine; panoramic X-ray; panoramic X-ray film; panorpian; panorpid; panosteitis; panotitis; pan paniscus; panpharmacon; panphobia; panplegia; Pansch, Adolf; Pansch's fissure; pansclerosis; pansinuitis; pansinusitis; panspermia; panspermic; panspermist; panspermy; pansporoblast; pansporoblastic; panstereorama; panstrongylus; pansy; pansystolic; pansystolic murmur; pant; pantachromatic; pantagraph; pantalgia; pantaloon embolism; pantaloon hernia; pantamorph; pantamorphia; pantamorphic; pantanencephaly; pantankyloblepharon; pantaphobia; pantascope; pantastomata; pantatrophy; pantelegraph; pantetheinase; pantetheine; pantetheine 4'-phosphate; pantetheine kinase; pantethine; panthenol; pantheologist; pantheology; panther; pantheress; panthodic; P antigen; pantingly; panto-; pantoate; pantoate-activating enzyme; pantograph; pantographic; pantographical; pantography; pantoic acid; pantological; pantologist; pantology; pantomogram; pantomograph; pantomography; pantomorphia; pantomorphic; panton; pantonine; pantopoda; pantoporate; pantoscopic; pantoscopic spectacles; pantothenate; pantothenate permease; pantothenic acid; pantothenyl; pantothenyl alcohol; pantoyl; pantoyl lactone dehydrogenase; pantoyltaurine; pan troglodytes; pantropic virus; pantry; Panum; Panum's area; panuveitis; panzerherz; panzoism; panzootic; pap; PAP1 permease; papabote; papacy; papagay; papain; papal; Papanicolaou examination; Papanicolaou, George; Papanicolaou smear; Papanicolaou smear test; Papanicolaou's stain; Papanicolaou stain; papaphobia; papaver; papaveraceous; papaveretum; papaverine; papaw; papaya; papayotin; papboat; paper; paper chromatography; paper mill worker's disease; paper plate; Papez circuit; Papez, J; papilio; papilionaceous; papiliones; papilionides; papilla; papilla dentis; papilla duodeni major; papilla duodeni minor; papillae conicae; papillae dermis; papillae filiformes; papillae foliatae; papillae fungiformes; papillae of corium; papilla incisiva; papilla lacrimalis; papilla lingualis; papilla mammae; papilla nervi optici; papilla of breast; papilla of Vater; papilla parotidea; papilla pili; papilla renalis; papillary; papillary adenocarcinoma; papillary adenoma of large intestine; papillary carcinoma; papillary cystadenoma lymphomatosum; papillary cystic adenoma; papillary ducts; papillary foramina of kidney; papillary hidradenoma; papillary layer; papillary muscle; papillary muscle dysfunction; papillary muscles; papillary muscle syndrome; papillary necrosis; papillary process; papillary stasis; papillary tumour; papilla vallata; papillectomy; papilledema; papilliferous; papilliform; papillitis; papillo-; papilloadenocystoma; papillocarcinoma; papilloedema; papilloma; papilloma acuminatum; papilloma canaliculum; papilloma diffusum; papilloma durum; papilloma inguinale tropicum; papilloma, intraductal; papilloma, inverted; papilloma molle; papillomatosis; papillomatosis, laryngeal; papillomatous; papilloma venereum; Papillomavirus; papilloma virus, bovine; papilloma virus, cottontail rabbit; papilloma virus, human; Papillon-Leage and Psaume syndrome; Papillon-Leage, E; Papillon-Lefevre syndrome; Papillon, M; papilloretinitis; papillotomy; papillula; papillulate; papio; papion; papist; Papovaviridae; papovaviridae infections; papovavirus; PAPP; pappataci fever; pappataci fever viruses; Pappenheim; Pappenheimer; Pappenheimer bodies; Pappenheim's stain; pappiform; pappoose; pappose; pappous; pappus; PA projection; PAPS; pap smear; PAPS sulfotransferase; PAPS synthetase; PAPS translocase; PAP technique; pap test; papua new guinea; papuars; papula; papular; papular acrodermatitis of childhood; papular dermatitis of pregnancy; papular fever; papular mucinosis; papular scrofuloderma; papular stomatitis virus of cattle; papular syphilid; papular tuberculid; papular urticaria; papulation; papule; papuliferous; papulo-; papuloerythematous; papulonecrotic tuberculid; papulopustular; papulopustule; papulose; papulosis; papulosquamous; papulovesicle; papulovesicular; papyraceous; papyraceous scars; papyrine; papyrograph; papyrography; papyrus; par; para; para-actinomycosis; paraaminobenzoic acid; para-aortic bodies; para-appendicitis; paraballism; parabanic; parabanic acid; parabasal body; parabasal filament; parabens; parabiosis; parabiotic; parabiotic flap; parablast; parablastic; parabola; parabolical; parabolism; paraboloid; paraboloid condenser; paraboloid dark field condenser; parabrachial nuclei; parabronchium; parabulia; paracanthoma; paracanthosis; paracarcinomatous encephalomyelopathy; paracarcinomatous myelopathy; paracarmine; paracarmine stain; paracasein; paracellular transport; paracelsian; paracelsian method; Paracelsus; paracenesthesia; paracentesis; paracentetic; paracentral; paracentral artery; paracentral fissure; paracentral lobule; paracentral nucleus of thalamus; paracentral scotoma; paracentrical; paracentric inversion; paracervical; paracervical block anaesthesia; paracervix; paracetaldehyde; paracetamol; parachlorophenol; paracholera; parachordal; parachordal cartilage; parachordal plate; parachroma; parachromatosis; parachronism; parachrose; parachute; parachute deformity; parachute mitral valve; parachute reflex; parachymosin; paracinesia; paracmasis; paracmastic; paracme; paracoccidioidal granuloma; paracoccidioides; Paracoccidioides brasiliensis; paracoccidioidin; paracoccidioidomycosis; paracoccus; paracoccus denitrificans; paracolic gutters; paracolic recesses; paracolitis; paracolon bacillus; paracolpitis; paracolpium; paracone; paraconic; paraconid; paraconine; paracorolla; paracortex; paracousis; paracrine; paracrine communication; paracusis; paracusis loci; paracyanogen; paracyesis; paracymene; paracystic; paracystic pouch; paracystitis; paracystium; paracytic; paradactylum; parade; paradenitis; paradental; paradentium; paradidymal; paradidymis; paradipsia; paradise; paradox; paradoxical; paradoxical contraction; paradoxical diaphragm phenomenon; paradoxical embolism; paradoxical extensor reflex; paradoxical flexor reflex; paradoxical incontinence; paradoxical movement of eyelids; paradoxical patellar reflex; paradoxical pulse; paradoxical pupil; paradoxical pupillary phenomenon; paradoxical pupillary reflex; paradoxical reflex; paradoxical respiration; paradoxical sleep; paradoxical triceps reflex; paradoxides; paradoxology; paradoxure; paraduodenal fold; paraduodenal fossa; paraduodenal hernia; paraduodenal recess; paradysentery bacillus; paraesophageal hernia; paraesophageal hiatal hernia; paraesthesia; paraffin; paraffin cancer; paraffine; paraffin embedding; paraffinoma; paraffin tumour; paraffin wax; Parafilaria multipapillosa; paraflagella; paraflagellate; paraflagellum; parafollicular; parafollicular cells; paraformaldehyde; parafrenal abscess; parafuchsin; paragammacism; paraganglia; paraganglia, chromaffin; paraganglia, nonchromaffin; paraganglioma; paraganglioma, extra-adrenal; paraganglion; paraganglionic cells; parage; paragene; paragenesis; paragenic; paragenital; paragenital tubules; parageusia; parageusic; paraglenoid groove; paraglenoid sulcus; paraglobulin; paraglossa; paragnath; paragnathous; paragnathus; paragnomen; paragoge; paragonimiasis; paragonimus; Paragonimus ringeri; Paragonimus westermani; paragonite; paragonorrhoeal; paragram; paragrammatism; paragraph; paragrapher; paragraphia; paragraphic; paragraphical; paragraphist; paragraphistical; para grass; paragrele; paraguay tea; parahemophilia; parahepatic; parahiatal hernia; parahidrosis; parahippocampal gyrus; parahormone; parahypnosis; parahypophysis; parainfluenza virus; parainfluenza virus 1, human; parainfluenza virus 2, human; parainfluenza virus 3, human; parainfluenza viruses; parajejunal fossa; parakappacism; parakeet; parakeratosis; parakeratosis ostracea; parakeratosis variegata; parakinesia; paralactic; paralalia; paralalia literalis; paralambdacism; paralbumin; paraldehyde; paralectotype; paraleprosis; paralepsy; paralexia; paralgesia; paralgia; paralipophobia; parallactic; parallax; parallax method; parallax test; parallel; parallel attachment; Parallel Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy; parallelism; parallelogram; parallelometer; parallelopiped; parallel rays; parallel track; parallergic; paralogia; paraluteal cell; paralutein cell; paralysis; paralysis agitans; paralysis, bulbar; paralysis, familial periodic; paralysis, obstetric; paralyssa; paralytic; paralytical; paralytic dementia; paralytic ectropion; paralytic ileus; paralytic mydriasis; paralytic myoglobinuria; paralytic rabies; paralytic scoliosis; paralytic shellfish poisoning toxin carbamoylase; paralytic strabismus; paralyzant; paralyze; paralyzing vertigo; param; paramagnetic; paramagnetism; paramaleic; paramalic; paramammary lymph nodes; paramastigote; paramastoid; paramastoid process; Paramecium; paramecium tetraurelia; paramedian; paramedian incision; paramedic; paramedical; paramenia; paramere; paramesial; paramesonephric; paramesonephric duct; parameter; paramethadione; paramethasone; parametrial; parametric; parametric abscess; parametric instability; parametric test; parametrismus; parametritic; parametritis; parametrium; paramimia; paramiographer; paramitome; paramnesia; paramo; Paramoeba; paramolar; paramorph; paramorphine; paramorphism; paramorphous; paramour; paramphistomatidae; paramphistomiasis; Paramphistomum; paramural body; paramusia; paramyloidosis; paramylon; paramylum; paramyoclonus multiplex; paramyosin; paramyotonia; paramyotonus; Paramyxoviridae; paramyxoviridae infections; paramyxovirinae; paramyxovirus; paramyxoviruses, avian; paramyxovirus infections; paranalgesia; paranaphthalene; paranasal; paranasal sinus diseases; paranasal sinuses; paranasal sinus neoplasms; paranemin; paraneoplasia; paraneoplastic; paraneoplastic acrokeratosis; paraneoplastic encephalomyelopathy; paraneoplastic syndrome; paraneoplastic syndromes; paranephric; paranephric abscess; paranephric body; paranephros; paranesthesia; paraneural; paraneural infiltration; paraneurone; parangi; paranoia; paranoiac; paranoia originaria; paranoid; paranoid behaviour; paranoid disorder; paranoid disorders; paranoid personality; paranoid personality disorder; paranoid schizophrenia; paranomia; paranthracene; paranuclear; paranuclear body; paranucleate; paranucleolus; paranucleus; para nut; paraomphalic; paraoperative; paraoral; paraovarian; paraoxon; parapancreatic; paraparesis; paraparesis, tropical spastic; paraparetic; parapectin; parapedesis; parapeptone; paraperitoneal; paraperitoneal hernia; parapestis; parapetalous; paraph; paraphagma; parapharyngeal space; paraphasia; paraphasic; parapherna; paraphia; paraphilia; paraphilias; paraphimosis; paraphonia; paraphora; paraphosphoric; paraphrasia; paraphysial; paraphysial body; paraphysial cysts; paraphysis; parapineal; paraplasm; paraplastic; paraplectic; paraplegia; paraplegia dolorosa; paraplegia in extension; paraplegia in flexion; paraplegic; paraplegy; parapleura; parapodium; parapophysis; parapoxvirus; parapraxia; paraproctitis; paraproctium; paraprostatitis; paraprotein; paraproteinaemia; paraproteinaemias; paraproteins; parapsia; parapsoriasis; parapsoriasis guttata; parapsoriasis lichenoides; parapsoriasis lichenoides et varioliformis acuta; parapsoriasis varioliformis; parapsychology; parapterum; paraquat; paraquat lung; paraquito; pararama; pararectal; pararectal fossa; pararectal lymph nodes; pararectal pouch; parareflexia; pararenal; pararhotacism; pararosanilin; pararrhythmia; parasaccular hernia; parasacral; parasagittal plane; parasagittal section; parasalpingitis; Parascaris equorum; parascarlatina; parasecretion; parasegment; paraselene; para-sellar mass; paraseptal cartilage; paraseptal emphysema; parasexuality; parasigmatism; parasinoidal; parasinoidal sinuses; parasita; parasital; parasite; parasite-host ecosystem; parasitemia; parasitic; parasitical; parasitic chylocele; parasitic cyst; parasitic disease; parasitic diseases; parasitic diseases, animal; parasitic eosinophilic lung disease; parasitic granuloma; parasitic haemoptysis; parasiticidal; parasiticide; parasitic infection; parasitic leiomyoma; parasitic melanoderma; parasitic otitis; parasitic thyroiditis; parasitise; parasitism; parasitocenose; parasitogenesis; parasitogenic; parasitoid; parasitologist; parasitology; parasitome; parasitophobia; parasitophorous vacuole; parasitosis; parasitotropic; parasitotropism; parasitotropy; parasol insertion; parasomnia; parasphenoid; paraspinal line; parastasis; parasternal; parasternal hernia; parasternal line; parasternal lymph nodes; parastichy; parastriate area; parastriate cortex; Parastrongylus; parastruma; parasympathectomy; parasympathetic; parasympathetic fibres, postganglionic; parasympathetic ganglia; parasympathetic nerve; parasympathetic nervous system; parasympathetic root of ciliary ganglion; parasympatholytic; parasympatholytics; parasympathomimetic; parasympathotonia; parasynapsis; parasynovitis; parasyphilis; parasyphilitic; parasyphilosis; parasystole; parasystolic beat; parataxia; parataxic; parataxis; paratenesis; paratenic host; paratenon; paraterminal; paraterminal body; paraterminal gyrus; parathesis; parathion; parathormone; parathymia; parathyrin; parathyroid; parathyroidectomy; parathyroid gland; parathyroid glands; parathyroid hormone; parathyroid hormonelike protein; parathyroid hormones; parathyroid insufficiency; parathyroid osteosis; parathyroids, hypoplasia of the thymusand; parathyroid tetany; parathyroprival tetany; parathyrotropic; paratope; paratose synthase; paratracheal lymph node; paratrichosis; paratripsis; paratriptic; paratrophic; paratuberculosis; paratuberculous lymphadenitis; paratype; paratyphlitis; paratyphoid; paratyphoid bacillus; paratyphoid fever; paraumbilical; paraumbilical veins; parauque; paraurethral; paraurethral ducts; paraurethral glands; parauterine lymph nodes; paravaccinia; paravaccinia virus; paravaginal; paravaginal hysterectomy; paravaginal lymph nodes; paravaginitis; paravalvular; paravenous; paraventricular hypothalamic nucleus; paraventricular nucleus; paravertebral; paravertebral anaesthesia; paravertebral ganglia; paravertebral gutter; paravertebral line; paravertebral triangle; paravesical; paravesical fossa; paravesical lymph nodes; paravesical pouch; paraxanthin; paraxial; paraxial mesoderm; paraxial rays; paraxon; paraxylene; Parazoa; parazoon; parcel; parcener; parch; parchment; parchment crackling; parchment heart; parchment skin; parclose; pard; pardale; pardine; pardo; pardon; pare; parectasis; parectropia; paregoric; pareira; parelectronomic; parelectronomy; parelle; parencephalia; parencephalitis; parencephalocele; parencephalous; parenchyma; parenchymal; parenchymal atelectasis; parenchymal cell; parenchymatitis; parenchymatous; parenchymatous cartilage; parenchymatous cell of corpus pineale; parenchymatous degeneration; parenchymatous goiter; parenchymatous haemorrhage; parenchymatous mastitis; parenchymatous neuritis; parent; parental; parental generation; parental leave; parental rejection; parent artery; parent cell; parent-child relations; parent cyst; parenteral; parenteral absorption; parenteral nutrition; parenteral nutrition, home; parenteral nutrition, home total; parenteral nutrition, total; parenteral therapy; parenteric fever; parenthesome; parenting; parent material; parents; parepicele; parepididymis; parepithymia; parerethisis; parergasia; paresis; paresis, general; Pare's suture; paresthesia; paresthetic; parethmoid; paretic; paretic impotence; paretic neurosyphilis; pareunia; parfocal objectives; pargasite; pargyline; pargyline hydrochloride; pariah; paridigitata; paridrosis; paries; paries anterior gastris; paries anterior vaginae; paries caroticus cavi tympani; paries externus ductus cochlearis; paries inferior orbitae; paries jugularis cavi tympani; paries labyrinthicus cavi tympani; paries lateralis orbitae; paries mastoideus cavi tympani; paries medialis orbitae; paries membranaceus cavi tympani; paries membranaceus tracheae; paries posterior gastris; paries posterior vaginae; paries superior orbitae; paries tegmentalis cavi tympani; paries tympanicus ductus cochlearis; paries vestibularis ductus cochlearis; parietal; parietal angle; parietal arteries; parietal bone; parietal border; parietal border of frontal bone; parietal border of sphenoid bone; parietal border of temporal bone; parietal branch; parietal branch of medial occipital artery; parietal branch of middle meningeal artery; parietal branch of superficial temporal artery; parietal cell; parietal cells, gastric; parietal eminence; parietal emissary vein; parietal eye; parietal fistula; parietal foramen; parietal hernia; parietal layer; parietal layer of leptomeninges; parietal layer of serous pericardium; parietal layer of tunica vaginalis; parietal lobe; parietal lobe epilepsy; parietal lobe of cerebrum; parietal lymph nodes; parietal margin; parietal nodes; parietal notch; parietal pelvic fascia; parietal plate; parietal pleura; parietal region; parietal thrombus; parietal tuber; parietal veins; parietal wall; parietary; parietes; parietic; parieto-; parietofrontal; parietography; parietomastoid; parietomastoid suture; parieto-occipital; parieto-occipital artery; parieto-occipital fissure; parieto-occipital sulcus; parietopontine tract; parietosphenoid; parietosplanchnic; parietosquamosal; parietotemporal; parietovisceral; parigenin; parillin; Parinaud; Parinaud's conjunctivitis; Parinaud's oculoglandular syndrome; Parinaud's ophthalmoplegia; Parinaud's syndrome; parinaud syndrome; paripinnate; paris; Paris green; parish; parisienne; Paris line; parisology; Paris yellow; parity; parjdigitate; park; Parker, Edward Mason; parkeria; Parker-Kerr suture; Park, Henry; parking facilities; parkinson disease; parkinson disease, postencephalitic; parkinson disease, symptomatic; parkinsonian; parkinsonism; Parkinson, James; Parkinson's disease; Parkinson's facies; Parkinson, Sir John; parkleaves; Park's aneurysm; Park, William; Park-Williams bacillus; Park-Williams fixative; parlance; p arm of a chromosome; Parnas, Jakob Karol; parnassia; parnassian; parnassus; paroccipital; paroccipital process; parodontitis; parodontium; parodynia; paroket; parole; parolfactory; parolfactory area; parolivary; paromology; paromomycin; paromomycin sulfate; paromphalocele; Parona; Parona's space; paroneiria; paronomasia; paronomastic; paronomastical; paronomasy; paronychia; paronychial; paronymous; paroophoritic cyst; paroophoritis; paroophoron; paroquet; paroral membrane; parorchidium; parorchis; parorexia; parosmia; parosphresia; parosteal; parosteal fasciitis; parosteal osteosarcoma; parosteitis; parosteosis; parostitis; parostosis; parotic; parotid; parotid abscess; parotid bed; parotid branches; parotid duct; parotidectomy; parotideomasseteric fascia; parotid fascia; parotid gland; parotid gland mass; parotiditis; parotid notch; parotidoauricularis; parotid papilla; parotid recess; parotids; parotid sheath; parotid space; parotid veins; parotin; parotitis; parotoid; parous; parovarian; parovarian cyst; parovariotomy; parovaritis; parovarium; paroxetine; paroxypropione; paroxysm; paroxysmal; paroxysmal atrial tachycardia; paroxysmal cerebral dysrhythmia; paroxysmal cold haemoglobinuria; paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea; paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnoea; paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria; paroxysmal sleep; paroxysmal tachycardia; parqueted; parr; parraqua; parricide; parrot; parrot-beak nail; parrot disease; parrot fever; parrot jaw; parrot mouth; parrots; parrot's-bill; Parrot's disease; parrot virus; Parry; parry fracture; parry's disease; pars; pars abdominalis aortae; pars abdominalis ductus thoracici; pars abdominalis oesophagi; pars abdominalis ureteris; pars alaris musculi nasalis; pars alveolaris mandibulae; pars amorpha; pars annularis vaginae fibrosae; pars anterior; pars anterior commissurae anterioris cerebri; pars anterior commissurae rostralis; pars anterior faciei diaphragmatis hepatis; pars anterior fornicis vaginae; pars ascendens aortae; pars ascendens duodeni; pars atlantica; pars autonomica; pars basalis arteriae pulmonalis; pars basilaris ossis occipitalis; pars basilaris pontis; pars buccopharyngea musculi constrictoris pharyngei superioris; pars cardiaca gastris; pars cardiaca ventriculi; pars cartilaginea septi nasi; pars cartilaginea tubae auditivae; pars cartilaginosa systematis skeletalis; pars cavernosa; pars cavernosa arteriae carotidis internae; pars ceca retinae; pars centralis; pars centralis ventriculi lateralis; pars ceratopharyngea musculi constrictoris pharyngis medii; pars cerebralis arteriae carotidis internae; pars cervicalis arteriae carotidis internae; pars cervicalis ductus thoracici; pars cervicalis medullae spinalis; pars cervicalis oesophagi; pars chondropharyngea musculi constrictoris pharyngea medii; pars ciliaris retinae; pars clavicularis musculi pectoralis majoris; pars coccygea medullae spinalis; pars cochlearis nervi vestibulocochlearis; pars convoluta lobuli corticalis renis; pars corneoscleralis reticuli trabecularis; pars corticalis; pars corticalis arteriae cerebralis mediae; pars costalis diaphragmatis; pars cricopharyngea musculi constrictoris pharyngis inferioris; pars cruciformis vaginae fibrosae; pars cupularis recessus epitympanici; pars cystica; pars descendens aortae; pars descendens duodeni; pars dextra faciei diaphragmaticae hepatis; pars distalis; pars dorsalis pontis; pars endocrina pancreatis; pars exocrina pancreatis; pars flaccida membranae tympani; pars foetalis placentae; pars frontalis corporis callosi; pars glossopharyngea musculi constrictoris pharyngis superioris; pars granulosa; pars hepatica; pars horizontalis duodeni; pars inferior; pars inferior duodeni; pars inferior ganglii vestibularis; pars inferior rami lingularis; pars infraclavicularis plexus brachialis; pars infralobaris rami posterioris venae pulmonalis dextrae; pars infrasegmentalis; pars infundibularis; pars insularis; pars insularis arteriae cerebralis mediae; pars interarticularis; pars intercartilaginea rimae glottidis; pars intermedia; pars intermedia adenohypophyseos; pars intermedia bulborum; pars intermedia commissura bulborum; pars intermembranacea rimae glottidis; pars intersegmentalis; pars intracanaliculus nervi optici; pars intracranialis arteriae vertebralis; pars intracranialis nervi optici; pars intralaminaris nervi optici; pars intralobaris venae pulmonalis dextrae superioris; pars intraocularis nervi optici; pars intrasegmentalis; pars iridica retinae; pars labialis musculi orbicularis oris; pars lacrimalis musculi orbicularis oculi; pars laryngea pharyngis; pars lateralis arcus pedis longitudinalis; pars lateralis fornicis vaginae; pars lateralis musculorum intertransversariorum posteriorum cervicis; pars lateralis ossis occipitalis; pars lateralis ossis sacri; pars lateralis rami lobi medii venae pulmonalis dexter superior; parsley; pars lumbalis diaphragmatis; pars lumbalis medullae spinalis; pars marginalis musculi orbicularis oris; pars mastoidea ossis temporalis; pars medialis arcus pedis longitudinalis; pars medialis musculorum intertransversariorum posteriorum cervicis; pars medialis rami lobii medii venae pulmonis dextrae superioris; pars mediastinalis pulmonis; pars membranacea septi atriorum; pars membranacea septi interventricularis; pars membranacea septi nasi; pars membranacea urethrae masculinae; pars mobilis septi nasi; pars muscularis septi interventricularis cordis; pars mylopharyngeus musculi constrictoris pharyngis superioris; pars nasalis ossis frontalis; pars nasalis pharyngis; pars nervosa hypophyseos; pars nervosa retinae; parsnip; pars obliqua musculi cricothyroidei; pars occipitalis corporis callosi; parson; Parsonage-Turner syndrome; parsonical; pars opercularis; pars optica retinae; pars oralis pharyngis; pars orbitalis glandulae lacrimalis; pars orbitalis musculi orbicularis oculi; pars orbitalis nervi optici; pars orbitalis ossis frontalis; pars ossea septi nasi; pars ossea systematis skeletalis; pars ossea tubae auditivae; pars palpebralis glandulae lacrimalis; pars palpebralis musculi orbicularis oculi; pars parasympathica; pars pelvina; pars pelvina ureteris; pars peripherica; pars perpendicularis; pars petrosa arteriae carotidis internae; pars petrosa ossis temporalis; pars phallica; pars pharyngea hypophyseos; pars pigmentosa; pars plana; pars planitis; pars postcommunicalis arteria cerebri anterior; pars posterior commissurae anterioris; pars posterior faciei diaphragmatis hepatis; pars posterior fornicis vaginae; pars postlaminaris nervi optici; pars postsulcalis; pars precommunicalis arteriae cerebri anterior; pars prelaminaris nervi optici; pars presulcalis; pars profunda glandulae parotideae; pars profunda musculi masseteri; pars profunda musculi sphincteri ani externi; pars prostatica urethrae; pars pterygopharyngea musculi constrictoris pharyngis superioris; pars pylorica gastris; pars pylorica ventriculi; pars quadrata hepatis; pars radiata lobuli corticalis renis; pars recta musculi cricothyroidei; pars retrolentiformis capsulae internae; pars sacralis medullae spinalis; pars sellaris; pars sphenoidalis arteriae cerebralis mediae; pars spinalis nervi accessorii; pars spongiosa urethrae masculinae; pars squamosa ossis temporalis; pars sternalis diaphragmatis; pars sternocostalis musculi pectoralis majoris; pars subcutanea musculi sphincteri ani externi; pars sublentiformis capsulae internae; pars superficialis glandulae parotideae; pars superficialis musculi masseteri; pars superficialis musculi sphincteri ani externi; pars superior duodeni; pars superior faciei diaphragmaticae hepatis; pars superior ganglii vestibularis; pars superior rami lingularis venae pulmonis sinistri; pars supraclavicularis plexus brachialis; pars sympathica; pars tecta; pars tensa membranae tympani; pars terminalis; pars thoracica aortae; pars thoracica ductus thoracici; pars thoracica medullae spinalis; pars thoracica oesophagi; pars thyropharyngea musculi constrictoris pharyngis inferioris; pars tibiocalcanea ligamenti medialis; pars tibionavicularis ligamenti medialis; pars tibiotalaris anterior ligamenti medialis; pars tibiotalaris posterior ligamenti medialis; pars transversa musculi nasalis; pars transversa rami sinistri venae portae hepatis; pars transversaria arteriae vertebralis; pars triangularis; pars tuberalis; pars tympanica ossis temporalis; pars umbilicalis rami sinistri venae portae hepatis; pars uterina placentae; pars uterina tubae uterinae; pars uvealis reticuli trabecularis; pars vagalis nervi accessorii; pars ventralis pontis; pars vertebralis faciei costalis pulmonis; pars vestibularis nervi vestibulocochlearis; part; partage; partaker; partan; parted; partenope; parterre; partes; partes corporis humani; partes genitales femininae externae; parthenocarpy; parthenogenesis; parthenogenetic; parthenogenitive; parthenogeny; parthenophobia; partial; partial adrenocortical insufficiency; partial agglutinin; partial anencephaly; partial aneuploidy; partial anodontia; partial antigen; partial breech extraction; partial cut; partial cystectomy; partial denture; partial denture impression; partial denture retention; partial endocardial cushion defect; partial enterocele; partial epilepsy; partial face-sparing lipodystrophy; partial heart block; partial hysterectomy; partial ileal bypass; partialism; partialist; partial lipoatrophy; partial pressure; partial pressures; partial response; partial sclerectasia; partial seizure; partial-thickness burn; partial-thickness flap; partial-thickness graft; partial thromboplastin time; partial volume; participation; participle; particle; particle accelerators; particle fluence; particular; particularism; particulate; particulate emission; particulates; parting; partite; partition; partition chromatography; partition coefficient; partnership; partnership practice; partnership practice, dental; partridge; parts of human body; parturient; parturient canal; parturient paralysis; parturient paresis; parturifacient; parturiometer; parturition; parulis; parumbilical; paruresis; parvalbumin; parvalbumins; parvilocular cyst; Parvobacteriaceae; parvocellular; parvolin; parvoline; Parvoviridae; parvoviridae infections; parvovirinae; parvovirus; Parvovirus B 19; parvovirus b19, human; parvovirus, canine; parvovirus, feline; parvule; parvus; PAS; PASA; pasan; pascal; Pascal, Blaise; Pascal's law; paschal; Pascheff, Constantin; Pascheff's conjunctivitis; Paschen bodies; Paschen, Enrique; paseng; PAS gene; pash; pasigraphic; pasigraphical; pasigraphy; pasin; Pasini, Augustine; pasiniazide; paspalism; pasque; pasquin; pass; passacaglio; passage; Passalurus ambiguus; Passavant, Philippas; Passavant's bar; Passavant's cushion; Passavant's pad; Passavant's ridge; passenger; passe partout; passeres; passeriform; passerine; Passey, R; passiflora; passion; passional attitudes; passionist; passive; passive agglutination; passive-aggressive behaviour; passive-aggressive personality; passive-aggressive personality disorder; passive anaphylaxis; passive atelectasis; passive clot; passive congestion; passive cutaneous anaphylaxis; passive cutaneous anaphylaxis test; passive diffusion; passive duction; passive eruption; passive haemagglutination; passive hyperaemia; passive immunity; passive immunization; passive immunotherapy; passive incontinence; passive learning; passive length-tension curve; passive medium; passive movement; passive prophylaxis; passive transference; passive transport; passive tremor; passive vasoconstriction; passive vasodilation; passivism; passivity; passover; PAS stain; passus; paste; pastel; paster; pastern; Pasteur; Pasteur effect; pasteurella; Pasteurella anatipestifer; pasteurellaceae; pasteurellaceae infections; pasteurella haemolytica; pasteurella infections; pasteurella multocida; Pasteurella novicida; Pasteurella pestis; Pasteurella pfaffii; Pasteurella pseudotuberculosis; Pasteurella septicaemiae; Pasteurella tularensis; pasteurellosis; pasteurellosis, pneumonic; pasteurisation; pasteurise; pasteuriser; pasteurism; pasteurization; Pasteur, Louis; Pasteur pipette; Pasteur's effect; Pasteur vaccine; Pastia; Pastia's sign; pastil; pastille; pastor; pastoral; pastoral care; pastoral counseling; past-pointing; PAT; pat1 protein kinase; patagium; patas; Patau, Klaus; Patau's syndrome; patavinity; patch clamp; patch clamping; patch-clamp techniques; patching; patchoulol synthase; patchouly; patch test; patch tests; patchy atelectasis; pate; patefaction; Patein, G; Patein's albumin; patella; patellalgia; patellar; patellar dislocation; patellar fossa of vitreous; patellar ligament; patellar network; patellar reflex; patellar retinaculum; patellar surface of femur; patellar tendon; patellar tendon reflex; patellectomy; patelliform; patello-adductor reflex; patellometer; patellula; paten; patena; patency; patent; patent blue V; patent ductus arteriosus; patent medicine; patents; patera; paternal; paternal age; paternal behaviour; paternal deprivation; paternal exposure; paternity; paternoster; Paterson-Brown-Kelly syndrome; Paterson, Donald; Paterson-Kelly syndrome; path; path analysis; pathema; pathematic aphasia; pathergasia; pathergy; pathetic; pathetic nerve; pathfinder; path function; pathic; pathless; pathoamine; pathobiology; pathocidin; pathoclisis; pathocrinia; pathodixia; pathodontia; path of insertion; pathoformic; pathogen; pathogene; pathogenesis; pathogenetic; pathogenic; pathogenicity; pathogenic occlusion; pathogens; pathogeny; pathognomonic; pathognomonic symptom; pathognomy; pathognostic; pathography; patholesia; pathologic; pathologic absorption; pathological; pathological anatomy; pathological model; pathological pathways; pathologic amenorrhoea; pathologic amputation; pathologic calcification; pathologic diagnosis; pathologic fracture; pathologic glycosuria; pathologic histology; pathologic physiology; pathologic processes; pathologic retraction ring; pathologic rigidity; pathologic sphincter; pathologic startle syndromes; pathologist; pathology; pathology, clinical; pathology department, hospital; pathology, oral; pathology, surgical; pathology, veterinary; pathometric; pathometry; pathomimesis; pathomimicry; pathomiosis; pathomorphism; pathonomy; pathophobia; pathophysiology; pathopoiesis; pathosis; pathotropism; pathway; patience; patient; patient acceptance of health care; patient admission; patient advocacy; patient care; patient care management; patient care planning; patient care team; patient-centreed care; patient compliance; patient controlled analgesia; patient credit and collection; patient discharge; patient education; patient escort service; patient identification systems; patient isolation; patient isolators; patient participation; patient readmission; patients; patient satisfaction; patient selection; patient simulation; patients' rooms; patient transfer; Patient Zero; patio; Patois virus; Paton's lines; patrial; patriarch; patriarchal; patriarchate; patrician; patricide; Patrick, Hugh; Patrick's test; patrilineal; patriotic; patristical; patristics; patron; patroness; patronize; patronomayology; patten; patter; pattern; pattern formation; pattern recognition; pattern recognition, visual; pattern sensitive epilepsy; patulin; patulous; paucibacillary; paucispiral; paucisynaptic; paucity; paugy; pauhaugen; Paul-Bunnell test; Paul Ehrlich; Paul, Gustav; Pauling-Corey helix; Pauling, Linus; Pauling's theory; Pauli's exclusion principle; paulist; Pauli, Wolfgang; Paul of Aegina; paulownia; Paul's reaction; Paul's test; paunce; paunch; pauropoda; pause; Pautrier, Lucien; Pautrier's abscess; Pautrier's microabscess; pauxi; Pauzat, Jean; Pauzat's disease; pavement; pavement epithelium; pavementing; pavex; paviiv; pavilion; pavlov conditioning; pavlovian conditioning; Pavlov, Ivan; Pavlov method; pavlov pouch; Pavlov's reflex; pavlov stomach; pavo; pavone; pavonine; pavor nocturnus; Pavy, Frederick; Pavy's disease; paw; pawk; pawn; pawnees; pawpaw; pax; Pax gene; paxil; paxillin; paxillose; paxillus; pa X-ray; Paxton, Francis; Paxton's disease; paxwax; paxywaxy; pay; Payne, J Howard; Payne operation; paynize; Payr, Erwin; Payr's clamp; Payr's membrane; Payr's sign; paytine; p-azobenzenearsonate; Pb; PBG; PBI; PBI test; p blood-group system; PC; pc12 cells; PC4 proprotein convertase; PC5 proprotein convertase; PC6 endoprotease; PC8 prohormone convertase; PCA; PCB; pcb's; P cell; p-chloral; p-chloroamphetamine; p-chloromercuribenzoate; p-chlorophenol; PCIS; PCMB; PCO; pCO2; P-congenitale; PCP; PCR; p-cresol oxidoreductase; PCR test; PCT; PCTAIRE-2 protein kinase; PCWP; Pd; PDA; PDD; PDE4D3 phosphodiesterase; P-dextrocardiale; PDGF; PDI; p-dimethylaminoazobenzene; PDL; PDLL; PDQ; PDR; pea; peabird; peabody bird; peace; peach; peachick; peach kernel oil; peacock; peafowl; peagrit; peahen; peak; peak expiratory flow; peak expiratory flow rate; peak flow; peak flow rate; peak magnitude; peak plasma drug concentration; peal; peanut; peanut agglutinin; peanut oil; peanuts; pear; pearl; pearl-ash; pearl cyst; pearlfish; pearl moss; pearl necklace gallbladder; pearlstone; pearl tumour; pearl-worker's disease; pearlwort; pearmain; pear-shaped area; Pearson, Karl; peas; peastone; peasweep; peat; peat moss; peau d'orange; peba; pebble; pebrine; pecan; pecary; peccant; peccant humors; peccary; peccatiphobia; pecilocin; peck; pecker; pecopteris; pecora; Pecquet, Jean; Pecquet's cistern; Pecquet's duct; Pecquet's reservoir; pectase; pectate; Pecten; pecten analis; pecten band; pectenitis; pectenosis; pecten ossis pubis; pecten pubis; pectic; pectic acid; pectin; pectinacetylesterase; pectinal; pectinase; pectinate; pectinated; pectinate fibres; pectinate ligaments of iridocorneal angle; pectinate ligaments of iris; pectinate line; pectinate muscles; pectinate zone; pectineal; pectineal ligament; pectineal line; pectineal line of pubis; pectineal muscle; pectinesterase; pectineus; pectinibranch; pectinibranchiata; pectinibranchiate; pectinic acids; pectiniform; pectiniform septum; pectin lyase; pectins; pectin sugar; pectization; pectolite; pectoral; pectoral and abdominal anterior cutaneous branch of intercostal nerves; pectoral branch of thoracoacromial artery; pectoral fascia; pectoralgia; pectoral girdle; pectoral glands; pectoral group of axillary lymph nodes; pectoralis major; pectoralis minor; pectoralis muscles; pectoral muscles; pectoral reflex; pectoral region; pectoral ridge; pectoral veins; pectoriloquy; pectorodorsalis muscle; pectorodorsal muscle; pectorophony; pectose; pectosic; pectostraca; pectous; pectus; pectus carinatum; pectus excavatum; pectus recurvatum; peculiar; ped-; pedagogue; pedal; pedal system; pedantical; pedantry; pedata; pedate; pedatifid; pedatrophia; pederast; pederasty; Pedersen's speculum; pedesis; pedestal; pediatrician; pediatrics; pedicel; pedicellaria; pedicellate; pedicellation; pedicellina; pedicle; pedicle flap; pedicle graft; pedicle of arch of vertebra; pedicular; pediculate; pediculati; pediculation; pediculi; pediculicide; pediculina; Pediculoides ventricosus; pediculophobia; pediculosis; pediculosis capitis; pediculosis corporis; pediculosis palpebrarum; pediculosis pubis; pediculosis vestimentorum; pediculous; pediculous blepharitis; pediculus; pediculus arcus vertebrae; pedicure; pedigerous; pedigree; pedigree analysis; pediluvium; pedimana; pedimane; pedimanous; pediococcus; pedioneuralgia; pediophobia; pedipalp; pedipalpi; pedipalpous; pedipalpus; pediphalanx; pedireme; pedo-; pedobaptism; pedobaptist; pedodontia; pedodontics; pedodontist; pedodontist (pedo); pedodynamometer; pedogenesis; pedogenic; pedogram; pedograph; pedography; pedologist; pedology; pedomancy; pedometer; pedomorphism; pedophilia; pedophilic; peduncle; peduncle of corpus callosum; peduncle of flocculus; peduncle of mamillary body; peduncular; peduncular ansa; peduncular loop; peduncular veins; pedunculata; pedunculate; pedunculated; pedunculated hydatid; pedunculated polyp; pedunculomamillary fasciculus; pedunculotomy; pedunculus; pedunculus cerebellaris inferior; pedunculus cerebellaris medius; pedunculus cerebellaris superior; pedunculus cerebri; pedunculus corporis callosi; pedunculus corporis mamillaris; pedunculus flocculi; pedunculus of pineal body; pedunculus thalami inferior; pedunculus thalami lateralis; pedunculus thalami ventralis; pedunculus vitellinus; peechi; peel; peele; peeling; peenash; peep; peepul tree; peer; peeress; peer group; peer review; peer review, health care; peer review, research; peewit; pefloxacin; peg; pegador; peg-and-socket articulation; peg-and-socket joint; pegasoid; pegasus; pegged tooth; pegmatite; pegmatitic; pegomancy; PEGs; pegtatoid; pehlevi; Peiffer; pejorism; pekan; PEL; pela; pelade; pelage; pelagic; pelargonic; pelargonic acid; pelargonium; pelasgic; Pel-Ebstein disease; Pel-Ebstein fever; pelecan; pelecaniformes; pelecoid; pelecypoda; P element; P elements; pelerine; pelfish; pelger-huet anomaly; Pelger-Huet nuclear anomaly; Pelger, Karel; pelican; pelick; pelicosauria; pelidnoma; peliom; pelioma; peliosis; peliosis hepatis; peliosis hepatitis; pelisse; Pelizaeus, Friedrich; Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease; pelizaeus-merzbacher syndrome; pell; pellack; pellage; pellagra; pellagra-preventing factor; pellagra sine pellagra; pellagroid; pellagrous; Pellegrini, Augusto; Pellegrini's disease; pellegrini-steatum ossification; Pellegrini-Stieda disease; pelle-like protein kinase; pellet; pellet implantation; pellibranchiata; pellicle; pellicular; pelliculous; pellile; pellitory; Pellizzari, Pietro; Pellizzi, G; Pellizzi's syndrome; pellote; pellucid; pellucid zone; pelma; pelmatic; pelmatogram; pelopathy; pelopium; peloria; peloric; pelotherapy; Pel, Pieter; pelt; pelta; peltate; peltated; peltation; pelter; peltry; peludo; pelvi-; pelvic; pelvic abscess; pelvic axis; pelvic brim; pelvic canal; pelvic cavity; pelvic cellulitis; pelvic diaphragm; pelvic direction; pelvicephalography; pelvicephalometry; pelvic exenteration; pelvic fascia; pelvic floor; pelvic ganglia; pelvic girdle; pelvic haematocele; pelvic imflammatory disease; pelvic index; pelvic inflammatory disease; pelvic inlet; pelvic kidney; pelvic limb; pelvic outlet; pelvic pain; pelvic part of ureter; pelvic peritonitis; pelvic plane of greatest dimensions; pelvic plane of inlet; pelvic plane of least dimensions; pelvic plane of outlet; pelvic plexus; pelvic presentation; pelvic promontory; pelvic splanchnic nerves; pelvic surface of sacrum; pelvic version; pelvifixation; pelvigraph; pelvilithotomy; pelvimeter; pelvimetry; pelvio-; pelviolithotomy; pelvioperitonitis; pelvioplasty; pelvioscopy; pelviotomy; pelviperitonitis; pelvirectal sphincter; pelvis; pelvisacral; pelviscope; pelvis justo major; pelvis justo minor; pelvis major; pelvis minor; pelvis nana; pelvis obtecta; pelvis of gallbladder; pelvis plana; pelvis renalis; pelvis spuria; pelvis vera; pelvitherm; pelviureterography; pelvivertebral angle; pelvocephalography; pelvofemoral muscular dystrophy; pelvoscopy; pelvospondylitis ossificans; pelyco-; pemmican; pemoline; pemphigoid; pemphigoid, benign mucous membrane; pemphigoid, bullous; pemphigoid syphilid; pemphigus; pemphigus acutus; pemphigus, benign familial; pemphigus contagiosus; pemphigus erythematosus; pemphigus foliaceus; pemphigus gangrenosus; pemphigus leprosus; pemphigus vegetans; pemphigus vulgaris; pempidine; pen; penance; penang nut; penates; penbutolol; pencil; penciled; pencraft; pendant; pendelluft; pendent; Pendred's syndrome; Pendred, Vaughan; pendular movement; pendular nystagmus; penduline; pendulous; pendulous abdomen; pendulous heart; pendulous palate; pendulum; pendulum rhythm; penectomy; penelope; penes; penetrance; penetrant trait; penetrate; penetrating keratoplasty; penetrating ulcer; penetrating wound; penetration; penetrative; penetrometer; penfish; penfluridol; pengolin; penguin; penguinery; penial; peniaphobia; penicillamine; penicillanate; penicillanic acid; penicillary; penicillate; penicillic acid; penicilliform; penicillin; penicillin amidase; penicillinase; penicillinate; penicillin B; penicillin G; penicillin G benzathine; penicillin G hydrabamine; penicillin G potassium; penicillin G procaine; penicillin G sodium; penicillin N; penicillin O; penicillin penicillium; penicillin phenoxymethyl; penicillin resistance; penicillins; penicillin v; penicillin V benzathine; penicillin V hydrabamine; penicilliosis; Penicillium; penicillium chrysogenum; penicilloic acid; penicilloyl polylysine; penicillus; penicin; peniculina; penicullate; penile; penile epispadias; penile erection; penile fibromatosis; penile hypospadias; penile implant; penile implantation; penile induration; penile neoplasms; penile prosthesis; penile raphe; penile urethra; penillic acids; penin; penis; penis bone; penischisis; penis envy; penis, erection of the; penis femineus; penis lunatus; penis muliebris; penis palmatus; penis spines; penis thorns; penitent; penitential; penitentiary; penitis; penman; penmanship; penna; pennaceous; pennate; pennated; pennate muscle; pennatula; pennatulacea; penniform; pennigerous; penninerved; penny; pennyroyal; pennywort; penological; penologist; penology; penopubic epispadias; penoscrotal; penoscrotal hypospadias; penoscrotal transposition; penotomy; Penrose; Penrose drain; pension; pensionary; pension neurosis; pensions; pensive; penstock; penta-; pentabasic; pentacapsular; pentachenium; pentachloride; pentachlorophenol; pentachlorophenol hydroxylase; pentacid; pentacoccous; pentacrinin; pentacrinite; pentacrinoid; pentacrinus; pentacron; pentad; pentadactyl; pentadactyle; pentadactyloid; pentadecane; pentadecatoic; pentadecylic; pentadelphous; pentaerythritol; pentaerythritol tetranitrate; pentaerythritol tetranitrate reductase; pentafid; pentagastrin; pentagastrin test; pentagon; pentagraphic; pentagraphical; pentagynia; pentagynous; pentail; pentalogy; pentalogy of Cantrell; pentalogy of Fallot; pentamer; pentamera; pentameran; pentamerous; pentamerus; pentamethonium bromide; pentamethylene; pentamidine; pentamidine isethionate; pentandria; pentandrous; pentane; pentanes; pentanoic acid; pentanols; pentanones; pentapeptide; pentapetalous; pentaphyllous; pentapiperide fumarate; pentapiperium methylsulfate; pentaquine; pentaspermous; pentastichous; Pentastoma; pentastomiasis; pentastomida; pentathionic; pentatomic; Pentatrichomonas; pentavalent; pentavalent gas gangrene antitoxin; pentazocine; pentecost; pentecoster; pentene; pentetate trisodium calcium; pentetic acid; penthienate bromide; pentifylline; pentine; pentitol; pentobarbital; pentoic; pentolinium tartrate; penton; penton base; pentone; pentosan; pentosan sulfuric polyester; pentose; pentose monophosphate shunt; pentose phosphate cycle; pentose phosphate pathway; pentoses; pentostatin; pentosuria; pentosyltransferases; pentoxide; pentoxifylline; pentoxyl; pentraxins; pentremite; pentulose; pentyl; pentylenetetrazol; pentylenetetrazole; penumbra; penwoman; P enzyme; peony; peorias; peotillomania; pepastic; PepB oligopeptidase; PEP carboxylase; PEPC proteinase; PepC thiol aminopeptidase; PepE endopeptidase; peperino; PepF oligopeptidase; peplis; peplomer; peplomycin; peplos; peplus; pepo; pepper; pepper and salt fundus; pepperbrand; pepper dulse; peppergrass; pepperidge; peppermint; peppermint camphor; peppermint oil; pepper syndrome; pepperwort; pep pills; PEP protein tyrosine phosphatase; pepsic; pepsin; pepsin a; pepsinate; pepsinhydrochloric; pepsiniferous; pepsinogen; pepsinogenous; pepsinuria; pepstatin; pepstatins; peptic; peptic cell; peptic digestion; peptic gland; peptichemio; peptic ulcer; peptic ulcer perforation; peptidase; peptidase D; peptidase P; peptide; peptide antibiotic lactonase; peptide bond; peptide chain elongation; peptide chain initiation; peptide chain termination; peptide deformylase; peptide elongation factors; peptide elongation factor tu; peptide hormone inactivating endopeptidase; peptide hydrolases; peptide initiation factors; peptide library; peptide map; peptide mapping; peptide N-alpha acetyltransferase; peptide neurotransmitter; peptide peptidohydrolases; peptide permease; peptide phi; peptide receptor; peptidergic; peptides; peptide synthases; peptide synthetase; peptide t; peptide termination factors; peptide-tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase; peptide yy; peptidoglycan; peptidoglycan synthetase; peptidoid; peptidolytic; peptidylamidoglycolate lyase; peptidyl-Asp metalloendopeptidase; peptidyl-dipeptidase A; peptidylglycine monooxygenase; peptidyl leukotrienes; peptidyl-Lys metalloendopeptidase; peptidyl prolyl cis trans isomerase; peptidylprolyl isomerase; peptidyltransferase; peptization; peptococcaceae; peptococcus; Peptococcus aerogenes; Peptococcus asaccharolyticus; Peptococcus constellatus; Peptococcus niger; peptocrinine; peptogen; peptogenic; peptogenous; peptohydrochloric; peptoid; peptolide; peptolide SDZ 214-103 synthetase; peptolysis; peptolytic; peptone; peptones; peptonic; peptonised iron; peptonization; peptonize; peptonoid; peptonuria; peptostreptococcus; Peptostreptococcus anaerobius; Peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus; Peptostreptococcus evolutus; Peptostreptococcus foetidus; Peptostreptococcus intermedius; Peptostreptococcus magnus; Peptostreptococcus micros; Peptostreptococcus morbillorum; Peptostreptococcus paleopneumoniae; Peptostreptococcus parvulus; Peptostreptococcus plagarumbelli; Peptostreptococcus productus; Peptostreptococcus putridus; peptotoxine; PEP-UDP-GlcNAc transferase; PepX dipeptidyl aminopeptidase; pequots; per-; peracephalus; peracetic acid; peracid; peracute; peraeopod; perambulating ulcer; perameles; per anum; peraquic moisture regime; perarticulation; peratodynia; peraxillary; perazine; perbromate; perbromic; perbromide; perca; per capita rate; percarbide; percarburet; percarbureted; perceive; percentile; percept; percept analysis; perception; perceptive; perceptive deafness; perceptivity; perceptorium; perceptual closure; perceptual defense; perceptual disorders; perceptual distortion; perceptual expansion; perceptual masking; percesoces; perch; perched wetland; perchlorate; perchloric; perchloric acid; perchloride; perchromic; perciform; perciformes; perclose; percoid; percoidea; percolation; percolator; Percoll; percomorphi; percomorph oil; per contiguum; per continuum; percuss; percussion; percussion sound; percussion wave; percussor; percutaneous; percutaneous absorption; percutaneous cholangiography; percutaneous nephrostomy; percutaneous stimulation; percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography; percutaneous transluminal angioplasty; percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty; percutaneous umbilical blood sampling; perdicine; perdifoil; perdix; peregrine; peremptory; perencephaly; perennate; perennation; perennial; perennibranchiata; perennibranchiate; Perez, Bernard; Perez, George; Perez reflex; Perez' sign; perfect; perfect flower; perfection; perfectionism; perfect stage; perfect state; perflation; perflubron; perfluorooctyl bromide; perfoliate; perforans; perforant pathway; perforata; perforated; perforated layer of sclera; perforated space; perforated ulcer; perforated viscus; perforating abscess; perforating appendicitis; perforating arteries; perforating arteries of foot; perforating arteries of hand; perforating arteries of internal mammary; perforating branches; perforating branches of internal thoracic artery; perforating branches of palmar metacarpal arteries; perforating branches of plantar metatarsal arteries; perforating branch of peroneal artery; perforating fibres; perforating folliculitis; perforating keratoplasty; perforating peroneal artery; perforating ulcer of foot; perforating veins; perforating wound; perforation; perforator; perforatorium; perforin; performance; performance test; performic acid; performic acid reaction; perfrigeration; perfume; perfunctory; perfusate; perfuse; perfusion; perfusion cannula; perfusion, regional; pergolide; pergolide mesylate; pergonal; perhaps; perhexiline; perhexiline maleate; perhydrase milk; peri-; periaccretio pericardii; periacinal; periadenitis; periadenitis mucosa necrotica recurrens; perialveolar wiring; perianal; perianal abscess; perianal odouriferous glands; periangiocholitis; periangitis; perianth; perianthium; periaortic; periaortitis; periapex; periapical; periapical abscess; periapical cemental dysplasia; periapical curettage; periapical cyst; periapical diseases; periapical granuloma; periapical osteofibrosis; periapical periodontitis; periapical radiograph; periapical tissue; periappendiceal abscess; periappendicitis; periappendicular; periapt; periaqueductal gray; periarterial; periarterial pad; periarterial plexus; periarterial plexus of maxillary artery; periarterial plexus of vertebral artery; periarterial sympathectomy; periarteritis; periarteritis nodosa; periarthric; periarthritis; periarticular; periarticular abscess; periastron; periatrial; periauricular; periaxial; periaxillary; periaxonal; peribacteroid membrane; periblast; periblem; peribranchial; peribronchial; peribronchiolar; peribronchiolitis; peribronchitis; peribuccal; peribulbar; peribursal; pericaecal; pericallosal artery; pericambium; pericanalicular; pericanicular dense bodies; pericapillary cell; pericardectomy; pericardia; pericardiac; pericardiacophrenic artery; pericardiacophrenic veins; pericardial; pericardial branch of phrenic nerve; pericardial branch of thoracic aorta; pericardial cavity; pericardial cyst; pericardial decompression; pericardial effusion; pericardial fremitus; pericardial friction sound; pericardial knock; pericardial murmur; pericardial reflex; pericardial rub; pericardial sac; pericardial tamponade; pericardial tap; pericardial veins; pericardial villi; pericardial window techniques; pericardian; pericardic; pericardicentesis; pericardiectomy; pericardii; pericardiocentesis; pericardioperitoneal; pericardioperitoneal canal; pericardiophrenic; pericardiopleural; pericardiopleural membrane; pericardiorrhaphy; pericardiostomy; pericardiotomy; pericarditic; pericarditis; pericarditis calculosa; pericarditis epistenocardica; pericarditis obliterans; pericarditis sicca; pericarditis, tuberculous; pericarditis villosa; pericarditis with effusion; pericarditus; pericardium; pericardium fibrosum; pericardium serosum; pericardotomy; pericarp; pericarpic; pericellular; pericemental; pericemental abscess; pericemental attachment; pericementitis; pericentral; pericentral fibrosis; pericentral scotoma; pericentric inversion; pericentrin; pericentriolar region; perichaeth; perichaetial; perichaetium; perichaetous; perichareia; pericholangitis; perichondral; perichondral bone; perichondrial; perichondrial cell; perichondritis; perichondrium; perichord; perichordal; perichoroidal; perichoroidal space; perichoroid space; perichrome; periclasite; periclaustral lamina; periclinium; pericolic; pericolic membrane syndrome; pericolitis; pericolitis sinistra; pericolonitis; pericolpitis; periconchal; periconchal sulcus; pericope; pericorneal; pericoronal; pericoronal abscess; pericoronal flap; pericoronitis; pericorpuscular synapse; pericranial; pericranitis; pericranium; pericyazine; pericystic; pericystitis; pericystium; pericyte; pericytial; pericytic venules; peridens; peridental; peridental ligament; peridental membrane; peridentitis; peridentium; periderm; peridermal; peridesmic; peridesmitis; peridesmium; peridiastole; perididymis; perididymitis; peridium; peridiverticulitis; peridot; peridotite; peridrome; periduodenitis; peridural; peridural anaesthesia; periencephalitis; perienteric; perienteritis; perienteron; periependymal; periesophageal; periesophagitis; perifocal; perifollicular; perifolliculitis; perifuse; perifusion; periganglionic; perigastric; perigastritis; perigemmal; perigenesis; perigenetic; perigeum; periglandulitis; periglottic; periglottis; perigone; perigraph; perigynium; perigynous; perihelium; perihepatic; perihepatitis; perihernial; perihypoglossal nuclei; peri-implantoclasia; peri-infarction block; perijejunitis; perikaryon; perikeratic; perikymata; perilabyrinthitis; perilaryngeal; perilenticular; periligamentous; perilimbal suction cup; perilla; perilunar dislocation; perilunate dislocation; perilymph; perilympha; perilymphangial; perilymphangitis; perilymphatic; perilymphatic duct; perilymphatic space; perimeningitis; perimenopause; perimeter; perimetric; perimetritic; perimetritis; perimetrium; perimetry; perimolysis; perimorph; perimortem delivery; perimuscular fibrosis; perimyelis; perimyelitis; perimyocarditis; perimyositis; perimysial; perimysiitis; perimysium; perimysium externum; perimysium internum; perinatal; perinatal care; perinatal death; perinatal medicine; perinatal mortality; perinatal mortality rate; perinatal torsion; perinatal transmission; perinate; perinatologist; perinatology; perineal; perineal artery; perineal body; perineal branches of posterior femoral cutaneous nerve; perineal flexure of rectum; perineal hernia; perineal hypospadias; perineal lithotomy; perineal membrane; perineal muscles; perineal nerves; perineal raphe; perineal region; perineal section; perineal spaces; perineal surgery; perineal urethrotomy; perineo-; perineocele; perineometer; perineoplasty; perineorrhaphy; perineoscrotal; perineostomy; perineosynthesis; perineotomy; perineovaginal; perineovaginal fistula; perinephrial; perinephric; perinephric abscess; perinephritis; perinephrium; perineum; perineural; perineural anaesthesia; perineural infiltration; perineurial; perineuritis; perineurium; perineuronal satellite; perinuclear; perinuclear cataract; perinuclear space; periocular; period; periodate; periodic; periodic acid; periodic acid Schiff reaction; periodic acid Schiff stain; periodical; periodical index; periodicals; periodic arthralgia; periodic biopolymer; periodic catatonia; periodic disease; periodic fever; periodic filariasis; periodicity; periodic law; periodic migrainous neuralgia; periodic neutropenia; periodic oedema; periodic ophthalmia; periodic paralysis; periodic peritonitis; periodic polyserositis; periodic system; periodontal; periodontal abscess; periodontal anaesthesia; periodontal atrophy; periodontal attachment loss; periodontal cyst; periodontal disease; Periodontal Disease Index; periodontal dressings; periodontal file; periodontal index; periodontal ligament; periodontal ligament fibres; periodontal membrane; periodontal pocket; periodontal probe; periodontal prosthesis; periodontia; periodontics; periodontist; periodontist (perio); periodontitis; periodontitis complex; periodontitis, juvenile; periodontitis simplex; periodontium; periodontoclasia; periodontolysis; periodontosis; periodoscope; periomphalic; perionychia; perionychium; perionyx; perionyxis; perioophoritis; perioophorosalpingitis; perioperative; perioperative care; perioperative nursing; periophthalmic; periophthalmitis; periople; perioplic; perioplic band; perioral; periorbit; periorbita; periorbital; periorbital membrane; periorchitis; periost; periostea; periosteal; periosteal bone; periosteal bud; periosteal chondroma; periosteal elevator; periosteal ganglion; periosteal graft; periosteal implantation; periosteal layer of dura mater; periosteal osteosarcoma; periosteal reaction; periosteal reaction patterns; periosteal reflex; periosteal sarcoma; periosteitis; periosteo-; periosteoma; periosteomedullitis; periosteomyelitis; periosteopathy; periosteophyte; periosteoplastic amputation; periosteosis; periosteotome; periosteotomy; periosteous; periosteum; periosteum cranii; periostitis; periostoma; periostosis; periostosteitis; periostotome; periostotomy; periostracum; periotic; periotic bone; periotic cartilage; periovaritis; periovular; peripachymeningitis; peripancreatitis; peripapillary; peripartum cardiomyopathy; peripatetic; peripatus; peripenial; peripetalous; peripharyngeal; peripharyngeal space; peripherad; peripheral; peripheral aneurysm; peripheral anterior synechia; peripheral arteriosclerosis; peripheral blood stem cell transplantation; peripheral cataract; peripheral chemoreceptor; peripheral dysostosis; peripheral facial paralysis; peripheral glare; peripheralis; peripherally inserted central catheter; peripheral lymphoid tissue; peripheral membrane protein; peripheral nerves; peripheral nervous system; peripheral nervous system agents; peripheral nervous system diseases; peripheral neuropathy; peripheral ossifying fibroma; peripheral protein; peripheral proteins; peripheral resistance; peripheral scotoma; peripheral seal; peripheral tabes; peripheral vascular disease; peripheral vascular diseases; peripheral vision; peripherin; peripherocentral; periphery; periphlebitic; periphlebitis; periphyton; periplaneta; periplan eyepiece; periplasm; periplasmic binding proteins; periplasmic protein disulfide oxidoreductase; periplasmic space; periplast; periplocin; peripneumonic; peripneumony; peripolar; peripolar cell; peripolesis; periporitis; periportal; periportal cirrhosis; periportal space of Mall; periproct; periproctic; periproctitis; periprostatic; periprostatitis; peripterous; peripylephlebitis; peripylic; peripyloric; perirectal; perirectal abscess; perirectitis; perirenal; perirenal fascia; perirhinal; perirhizoclasia; perisalpingitis; perisalpingo-ovaritis; perisalpinx; perisarc; periscii; periscope; periscopic; periscopic lens; periscopic meniscus; periseptal annulus; perisigmoiditis; perisinuous; perisinusoidal space; perisoma; perisome; perisperm; perispermatitis; perisplanchnic; perisplanchnitis; perisplenic; perisplenitis; perispondylic; perispondylitis; perispore; perissad; perissodactyl; perissodactyla; perissology; peristalsis; peristaltic; peristasis; peristatic hyperaemia; peristeria; peristerion; peristerite; peristernal perichondritis; peristeromorphous; peristeropodous; peristole; peristolic; peristoma; peristomatous; peristome; peristomial; peristriate area; peristriate cortex; peristrumous; peristyle; perisynovial; perisystole; perisystolic; peritarsal network; peritectomy; peritendineum; peritendinitis; peritendinitis calcarea; peritendinitis serosa; peritenon; peritenontitis; perithecium; perithelial cell; perithelioma; perithelium; perithoracic; perithyroiditis; peritomist; peritomous; peritomy; peritonaeum; peritoneal; peritoneal button; peritoneal cavity; peritoneal dialysis; peritoneal dialysis, continuous ambulatory; peritoneal diseases; peritoneal exudate; peritoneal fossae; peritonealgia; peritoneal lavage; peritoneal transfusion; peritoneal villi; peritoneo-; peritoneocentesis; peritoneoclysis; peritoneopathy; peritoneopericardial; peritoneopexy; peritoneoplasty; peritoneoscope; peritoneoscopy; peritoneotomy; peritoneovenous shunt; peritoneum; peritoneum parietale; peritoneum viscerale; peritonism; peritonitis; peritonitis deformans; peritonitis encapsulans; peritonsillar; peritonsillar abscess; peritonsillitis; peritracheal; peritracheal glands; peritreme; peritricha; peritrichal; Peritrichida; peritrichous; peritrichous flagellation; peritrochanteric; peritrochium; peritropal; peritubular contractile cells; peritubular dentin; peritubular zone; perityphlic; perityphlitis; perityphlitis actinomycotica; periumbilical; periungual; periungual fibroma; periureteral abscess; periureteric; periureteritis; periureteritis plastica; periurethral; periurethral abscess; periurethritis; periuterine; periuvular; perivaginitis; perivascular; perivascular cuffs; perivascular fibrous capsule; perivasculitis; perivenous; periventricular fibres; perivertebral; perivesical; perivisceral; perivisceral cavity; perivisceritis; perivitelline; perivitelline space; periwinkle; perkinism; Perkins; perleche; Perlia; Perlia's nucleus; perlid; perlingual; perlite; perlitic; Perls; Perls' Prussian blue stain; Perls' test; permanent; permanent callus; permanent cartilage; permanent dominant idea; permanently flooded; permanent pedicle flap; permanent restoration; permanent section; permanent stricture; permanent tooth; permanganate; permanganic; permeability; permeability coefficient; permeability constant; permeability theory of narcosis; permeability vitamin; permeable; permeant; permease; permeate; permeation; permethrinase; permian; permissible exposure limit; permissive cell; permissiveness; permissive temperature; permutation; pern; perna disease; perniciosiform; pernicious; pernicious anaemia; pernicious anaemia type rubriblast; pernicious malaria; pernicious vomiting; pernio; perniosis; pernot furnace; pernyi moth; pero-; perobrachius; perocephalus; perochirus; perodactyly; perofskite; perogen; peromelia; peromyscus; peronate; perone; peroneal; peroneal anastomotic ramus; peroneal artery; peroneal bone; peroneal communicating branch; peroneal communicating nerve; peroneal muscular atrophy; peroneal nerve; peroneal node; peroneal phenomenon; peroneal pulley; peroneal retinaculum; peroneal trochlea of calcaneus; peroneal veins; peroneotibial; peroneus brevis; peroneus longus; peroneus tertius; peropus; peroral; peroral endoscopy; per orally; per os; perosis; perosplanchnia; perosseous; peroxi-; peroxidase; peroxidase reaction; peroxidases; peroxidase stain; peroxide; peroxides; peroxidize; peroxisomal disorders; peroxisome; peroxy-; peroxyacetyl nitrate; peroxy acid; peroxyformic acid; peroxygenase; peroxyl; peroxynitrite reductase; peroxy-Y-base; perpendicular; perpendicular fasciculus; perpendicular plate; perpendicular plate of ethmoid bone; perpendicular plate of palatine bone; perpetual arrhythmia; perpetually growing tooth; perphenazine; per primam; perradial; per rectum; perroquet; perry; persalt; per saltum; persecution complex; persecutory type of paranoid disorder; persecutrix; perseid; perseus; perseverance; perseveration; persia; persian; persian gulf syndrome; Persian relapsing fever; persicaria; persic oil; persimmon; persistence; persistency; persistent; persistent anterior hyperplastic primary vitreous; persistent atrioventricular canal; persistent chronic hepatitis; persistent cloaca; persistent ectopic pregnancy; persistent foetal circulation syndrome; persistent generalised lymphadenopathy; persistently growing tooth; persistent mullerian duct syndrome; persistent posterior hyperplastic primary vitreous; persistent tremor; persistent truncus arteriosus; persistent vegetative state; persister; person; persona; personable; personal construct theory; personal equation; personal growth laboratory; personal health services; personality; personality assessment; personality development; personality disorder; personality disorders; personality formation; personality integration; personality inventory; personality profile; personality test; personality tests; personal motivation; personal probability; personal satisfaction; personal space; personate; personnel administration, hospital; personnel, hospital; personnel loyalty; personnel management; personnel selection; personnel staffing and scheduling; personnel staffing and scheduling information systems; personnel turnover; persons; person to person epidemic; person-years; perspective; perspectograph; perspectography; perspicil; perspiration; perspiratory glands; perspire; perstillation; persuade; persuasion; persuasive communication; persulfate; persulfide; persulfuric acid; persulphate; persulphide; persulphocyanate; persulphocyanic; persulphocyanogen; persulphuret; pertain; pertechnetate; Perthes disease; Perthes, Georg; Perthes' test; perthio-; perthiocyanogen; perthite; Pertik, Otto; Pertik's diverticulum; pertrochanteric fracture; per tubam; perturbation; pertusate; pertussis; pertussis immune globulin; pertussis immunoglobulin; pertussis-like syndrome; pertussis syndrome; pertussis toxin; pertussis toxins; pertussis vaccine; perula; peruvian; Peruvian bark; Peruvian tarantula; Peruvian wart; pervaporation; pervasive developmental disorder; pervasive development disorder; pervenous pacemaker; perversion; pervert; perverted; per vias naturales; pervigilium; pervious; pery; perylene; pes; pes abductus; pes adductus; pes anserinus; pes cavus; pescovegetarian; pes equinovalgus; pes equinovarus; pes febricitans; pes gigas; pes hippocampi; pes planum; pes planus; pes pronatus; pessaries; pessary; pessary cell; pessary corpuscle; pessimism; pessimist; pessimistic; pessulus; pest; pest control; pest control, biological; peste des petits ruminants virus; pester; pesthouse; pesticaemia; pesticide; pesticide residues; pesticides; pesticide synergists; pestiferous; pestilence; pestilential; pestis; pestis ambulans; pestis bubonica; pestis fulminans; pestis major; pestis minor; pestis siderans; pestivirus; pestivirus infections; pestle; PEST sequence; pes valgus; pes varus; PET; PET56 methyltransferase; peta-; petal; petaled; petaliform; petaline; petalism; petalite; petalody; petaloid; petaloideous; petalosticha; petasus; petaurist; petechia; petechiae; petechial; petechial angiomas; petechial fever; petechial haemorrhage; petechiasis; peter; peterel; peterman; Peters, Albert; Peters' anomaly; Petersen, C; Petersen's bag; Peters, Hubert; Peters' ovum; peterwort; pethidine; petiolary; petiolate; petiolated; petiole; petioled; petiolulate; petiolule; petiolus; petiolus epiglottidis; Petit, Alexis; Petit, Antoine; petite mutant; Petit, Francois du; Petit, Jean; petit mal; petit mal epilepsy; petit mal seizure; Petit, Paul; Petit's aponeurosis; Petit's canals; Petit's hernia; Petit's ligament; Petit's lumbar triangle; Petit's sinus; petong; petralogy; petrel; Petri dish; petrifaction; petrificate; petrify; Petri, Julius; petrissage; petro-; petroccipital; petrogale; petrographic; petrographical; petrography; petrohyoid; petrolatum; petroleum; petroleum ether; petroleum jelly; petroline; petrological; petrologically; petrologist; petrology; petromastoid; Petromyzon; petromyzont; petro-occipital; petro-occipital fissure; petro-occipital joint; petropharyngeus; petrosa; petrosal; petrosal bone; petrosal branch of middle meningeal artery; petrosal foramen; petrosal fossa; petrosal fossula; petrosal impression of the pallium; petrosalpingostaphylinus; petrosal sinus; petrosal sinus sampling; petrosal vein; petrosilex; petrositis; petrosomastoid; petrosphenoid; petrosphenoidal syndrome; petrosquamosal; petrosquamous fissure; petrostaphylinus; petrostearine; petrotympanic fissure; petrous; petrous bone; petrous ganglion; petrousitis; petrous part of internal carotid artery; petrous part of temporal bone; petrous pyramid; PET scan; Pette-Doring disease; Pette, H; pettichaps; petticoat; Pettit, Auguste; pettychaps; pettywhin; petunia; petzite; peucedanin; peucil; Peutz, J; peutz-jeghers syndrome; Peutz's syndrome; pewee; pewet; pewit; pexin; pexinogen; pexis; Peyer, Johann; Peyer, Johann Conrad; peyer's; peyer's glands; peyer's patch; Peyer's patches; peyote; Peyronie, Francois de la; Peyronie's disease; Peyrot, Jean; peziza; pezizoid; Pezzer catheter; P face; Pfannenstiel, Hermann Johann; Pfannenstiel's incision; Pfaundler-Hurler syndrome; Pfaundler, Meinhard von; Pfeifferella; Pfeiffer, Richard; Pfeiffer's bacillus; Pfeiffer's blood agar; Pfeiffer's phenomenon; Pfeiffer's syndrome; PFFD; PfKIN protein kinase; Pfluger, Eduard; Pfluger's law; p-fluorophenylalanine; PFOB; Pfr; PFTAIRE kinase; Pfu DNA polymerase; Pfuhl, Eduard; Pfuhl's sign; pg; pgl; p-glycoprotein; pg/ml; PGR; pH; Ph1; PHA; phacellus; phaco-; phacoanaphylactic uveitis; phacoanaphylaxis; phacocele; phacochere; phacocyst; phacocystectomy; phacodonesis; phacoemulsification; phacoerysis; phacofragmentation; phacogenic glaucoma; phacogenic uveitis; phacoid; phacolite; phacolysis; phacolytic; phacolytic glaucoma; phacoma; phacomalacia; phacomatosis; phacomorphic glaucoma; phacops; phacoscope; Phaenicia sericata; phaenogam; phaenogamia; phaenogamous; phaeochromocytoma; phaeohyphomycosis; phaeomycotic cyst; Phaeophyta; phaeospore; phaethon; phaeton; phage; phagedena; phagedena tropica; phagedenic; phagedenical; phagedenic ulcer; phagedenous; phage integrase family; phagemid; phage typing; phago-; phagocyte; phagocyte bactericidal dysfunction; phagocyte dysfunction; phagocytic; phagocytic dysfunction disorders immunodeficiency; phagocytic dysfunction immunodeficiency; phagocytic index; phagocytic pneumonocyte; phagocytic vesicle; phagocytin; phagocytise; phagocytoblast; phagocytolysis; phagocytolytic; phagocytose; phagocytosis; phagocytosis view phagocytosis; phagodynamometer; phagolysis; phagolysosome; phagolytic; phagomania; phagophobia; phagosome; phagotype; phainopepla; phakic eye; phako-; phakoma; phakomatoses; phakomatosis; phakoscope; phalaena; phalaenid; phalangeal; phalangeal cell; phalangeal joints; phalangectomy; phalanger; phalanges; phalangian; phalangid; phalangious; phalangist; phalangistine; phalangoidea; phalanx; phalarope; phallalgia; phallectomy; phallic; phallicism; phallic phase; phallic tubercle; phalliform; phallism; phallitis; phallo-; phallocampsis; phallocrypsis; phallodynia; phalloid; phalloidin; phalloidine; phallolysin; phalloncus; phalloplasty; phallotomy; phallotoxins; phallus; phanerite; phanero-; phanerocarpae; phanerocodonic; phanerocrystalline; phanerodactyla; phanerogam; phanerogamia; phanerogamian; phanerogamous; phanerogenic; phaneroglossal; phaneromania; phaneroscope; phanerosis; phanerozoite; phanquone; phantascope; phantasia; phantasm; phantasmagoria; phantasmascope; phantasmatography; phantasmatomoria; phantasmology; phantasmoscopia; phantom; phantom aneurysm; phantomatic; phantom corpuscle; phantomise; phantom limb; phantom limb pain; phantom pregnancy; phantoms, imaging; phantom tumour; pharaoh; pharisaical; pharmacal; pharmaceutic aid; pharmaceutical; pharmaceutical biology; pharmaceutical chemistry; pharmaceutical preparations; pharmaceutical services; pharmaceutical solutions; pharmaceutics; pharmaceutist; pharmacies; pharmacist; pharmacists; pharmacists' aides; pharmaco-; pharmacochemistry; pharmacodiagnosis; pharmacodynamic; pharmacodynamics; pharmacoendocrinology; pharmacoepidemiology; pharmacogenetics; pharmacognosis; pharmacognosist; pharmacognosy; pharmacography; pharmacokinetic; pharmacokinetics; pharmacolite; pharmacologic; pharmacologic mediators of anaphylaxis; pharmacologist; pharmacology; pharmacology, clinical; pharmacomania; pharmacomathy; pharmacon; pharmacopedics; pharmacopeia; pharmacopeial; pharmacopeial gel; pharmacophilia; pharmacophobia; pharmacopoeia; pharmacopoeias; pharmacopolist; pharmacopsychosis; pharmacoresistent epilepsy; pharmacosiderite; pharmacotherapy; pharmacuetical; pharmacuetics; pharmacy; pharmacy administration; pharmacy and therapeutics committee; pharmacy service, hospital; pharmalogical studies; pharming; pharology; pharyng-; pharyngeal; pharyngeal arches; pharyngeal branches; pharyngeal branch of descending palatine artery; pharyngeal branch of glossopharyngeal nerve; pharyngeal branch of inferior thyroid artery; pharyngeal branch of pterygopalatine ganglion; pharyngeal branch of the artery of pterygoid canal; pharyngeal branch of the ascending pharyngeal artery; pharyngeal branch of vagus nerve; pharyngeal bursa; pharyngeal calculus; pharyngeal canal; pharyngeal cartilages; pharyngeal diseases; pharyngeal fistula; pharyngeal flap; pharyngeal fornix; pharyngeal glands; pharyngeal grooves; pharyngeal hypophysis; pharyngeal isthmus; pharyngeal membranes; pharyngeal mucosa; pharyngeal muscles; pharyngeal opening of auditory tube; pharyngeal opening of eustachian tube; pharyngeal pituitary; pharyngeal plexus; pharyngeal pouch syndrome; pharyngeal raphe; pharyngeal recess; pharyngeal reflex; pharyngeal ridge; pharyngeal space; pharyngeal tonsil; pharyngeal tubercle; pharyngeal veins; pharyngectomy; pharyngei; pharynges; pharyngeus; pharyngismus; pharyngitic; pharyngitis; pharyngitis sicca; pharyngo-; pharyngobasilar fascia; pharyngobranchial; pharyngobranchial ducts; pharyngobranchii; pharyngocele; pharyngoconjunctival fever; pharyngoconjunctival fever virus; pharyngoepiglottic; pharyngoepiglottic fold; pharyngoesophageal; pharyngoesophageal cushions; pharyngoesophageal diverticulum; pharyngoesophageal pads; pharyngoesophagoplasty; pharyngoglossal; pharyngoglossus; pharyngognathi; pharyngolaryngeal; pharyngolaryngitis; pharyngolith; pharyngomaxillary; pharyngomaxillary space; pharyngomycosis; pharyngonasal; pharyngonasal cavity; pharyngo-oral; pharyngopalatine; pharyngopalatine arch; pharyngopalatinus; pharyngoplasty; pharyngoplegia; pharyngopneusta; pharyngorhinoscopy; pharyngoscope; pharyngoscopy; pharyngospasm; pharyngostaphylinus; pharyngostenosis; pharyngostomy; pharyngotome; pharyngotomy; pharyngotonsillitis; pharyngotympanic groove; pharyngotympanic tube; pharynx; phascolome; phase; phase-amplitude contrast; phase angle; phase contrast; phase-contrast microscope; phase contrast microscopy; phase, crystal; phase encoding; phase I block; phase I clinical trial; phase II block; phase II clinical trial; phase III clinical trial; phase image; phaseollin; phaseolus; phaseomannite; phase plate; phase, resting; phase rule; phase separation; phase shift; phase variation; phasic; phasic reflex; phasic sinus arrhythmia; phasing of nucleosomes; phasmid; Phasmidia; phasmophobia; phassachate; phatagin; phatnorrhagia; P-H conduction time; PhD; Phe; pheasant; phebe; phelloderm; phellogen; Phemister, Dallas; Phemister graft; phenacaine hydrochloride; phenacemide; phenacetin; phenacetolin; phenaceturic acid; phenacite; phenacridane chloride; phenacyclamine; phenaglycodol; phenakistoscope; phenanthrene; phenanthrene nucleus; phenanthridine; phenanthroline; phenarsenamine; phenarsone sulfoxylate; phenate; phenazacillin; phenazocine; phenazoline hydrochloride; phenazopyridine; phenazopyridine hydrochloride; phencyclidine; phencyclidine abuse; phendimetrazine tartrate; phene; phenelzine; phenelzine sulfate; phenetamine; phenetharbital; phenethicillin potassium; phenethyl alcohol; phenethylamines; phenetic classification; phenetidine; phenetidine N-acetyltransferase; phenetol; phenetsal; pheneturide; phenformin; phenformin hydrochloride; phenglutarimide hydrochloride; phengophobia; phenic; phenicarbazide; phenicine; phenicopter; phenindamine tartrate; phenindione; pheniramine; pheniramine maleate; phenix; phenmethylol; phenmetrazine; phenmetrazine hydrochloride; pheno-; phenobarbital; phenobarbital elixir; phenobarbitol; phenobutiodil; phenocopy; phenodin; phenogamia; phenol; phenolaemia; phenolase; phenolate; phenolated; phenol coefficient; phenol glucuronosyltransferase; phenology; phenol oxidase; phenolphthalein; phenolphthaleins; phenol red; phenolsulfonphthalein; phenolsulfonphthalein test; phenoluria; phenomenalism; phenomenology; phenomenon; phenoperidine; phenose; phenothiazine; phenothiazine sulfoxidase; phenotype; phenotypic; phenotypic threshold; phenotypic value; phenoxazine; phenoxazone; phenoxybenzamine; phenoxybenzamine hydrochloride; phenoxybenzoate dioxygenase; phenoxymethylpenicillin; phenoxymethylpenicillin amidohydrolase; phenozygous; phenpentermine tartrate; phenprobamate; phenprocoumon; phenpropionate; phensuximide; phentermine; phentolamine; phentolamine hydrochloride; phentolamine mesylate; phentolamine test; phenyl; phenylacetaldehyde dehydrogenase; phenylacetate - CoA ligase; phenylacetic acid; phenylaceturic acid; phenylacetylurea; phenylacrylic acid; phenylacrylic acid decarboxylase; phenylalaninase; phenylalanine; phenylalanine 4-hydroxylase; phenylalanine 4-monooxygenase; phenylalanine aminopeptidase; phenylalanine ammonia lyase; phenylalanine hydroxylase; phenylalanine hydroxylase phosphatase; phenylalanine oxidase; phenylalanine-tRNA ligase; phenylalanyl-arginyl-aminopeptidase; phenylalanyl chain; phenyl alcohol; phenylamine; phenyl aminosalicylate; phenylbenzene; phenylbutazone; phenylcarbinol; phenyldichloroarsine; phenylene; phenylephrine; phenylephrine hydrochloride; phenylethanolamine n-methyltransferase; phenylethyl alcohol; phenylethylamine oxidase; phenylethylbarbituric acid; phenylethylmalonamide; phenylethylmalonylurea; phenylglycolic acid; phenylglyoxal; phenylglyoxylate - acceptor oxidoreductase; phenylhydrazine haemolysis; phenylhydrazines; phenylic; phenylindanedione; phenylisopropyladenosine; phenylisothiocyanate; phenylketonuria; phenylketonuria, maternal; phenyllactic acid; phenylmercuric acetate; phenylmercuric nitrate; phenylmercury compounds; phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride; phenylpropanolamine; phenylpyruvate oligophrenia; phenylpyruvate oxidase; phenylpyruvic acid; phenylpyruvic acids; phenylpyruvic amentia; phenylthiazolylthiourea; phenylthiocarbamide; phenylthiocarbamoyl; phenylthiocarbamoyl peptide; phenylthiocarbamoyl protein; phenylthiohydantoin; phenylthiourea; phenyltoloxamine; phenyltrimethylammonium; phenyramidol hydrochloride; phenytoin; pheo-; pheochrome; pheochrome cell; pheochromoblast; pheochromoblastoma; pheochromocyte; pheochromocytoma; pheomelanin; pheomelanogenesis; pheomelanosome; pheophytins; pheresis; pheromone; pheromones; PhG; phi; phial; phialide; phialoconidium; Phialophora; Philadelphia chromosome; Philadelphia cocktail; philander; philanderer; philanthropic hospital; philately; philatory; philauty; philiater; philip; Philippe; Philippe's triangle; Philippine haemorrhagic fever; philippium; Philip's glands; philistine; Phillips; Phillips' catheter; phillipsite; Phillipson's reflex; phillygenin; phillyrea; phillyrin; philo-; philogynist; philogyny; philologic; philologist; philology; philology, classical; philology, oriental; philology, romance; philomath; philomathematic; philomathic; philomathy; philomela; philomimesia; philomot; Philopia casei; philoprogenitive; philoprogenitiveness; philosopher; philosopher's stone; philosophy; philtrum; phimosis; phimotic; phi phenomenon; phi X 174; phleb-; phlebalgia; phlebectasia; phlebectomy; phlebeurysm; phlebitic; phlebitis; phlebo-; phleboclysis; phlebodynamics; phlebogram; phlebograph; phlebography; phleboid; phlebolite; phlebolith; phlebolithiasis; phlebology; phlebomanometer; phlebometritis; phlebomyomatosis; phlebophlebostomy; phleboplasty; phleborrhagia; phleborrhaphy; phleborrhexis; phlebosclerosis; phlebostasis; phlebostenosis; phlebostrepsis; phlebothrombosis; phlebotomine; phlebotomise; phlebotomist; phlebotomus; Phlebotomus argentipes; Phlebotomus chinensis; phlebotomus fever; phlebotomus fever viruses; Phlebotomus flaviscutellatus; Phlebotomus longipalpis; Phlebotomus major; Phlebotomus noguchi; Phlebotomus orientalis; Phlebotomus papatasii; Phlebotomus perniciosus; Phlebotomus sergenti; Phlebotomus verrucarum; phlebotomy; phlebovirus; phlegm; phlegmagogue; phlegmasia; phlegmasia alba dolens; phlegmasia cerulea dolens; phlegmasia dolens; phlegmasia malabarica; phlegmatic; phlegmon; phlegmonous; phlegmonous abscess; phlegmonous cellulitis; phlegmonous enteritis; phlegmonous erysipelas; phlegmonous gastritis; phlegmonous mastitis; phlegmonous ulcer; phleme; phleomycins; phleum; phloem; phlogistic; phlogistical; phlogisticate; phlogistication; phlogiston; phlogiston theory; phlogocyte; phlogocytosis; phlogogenic; phlogogenous; phlogopite; phlogosin; phlogosis; phlogotherapy; phlogotic; phloramine; phloretic; phloretin; phlorhizin; phloridzin; phlorizin; phlorizin diabetes; phlorizin glycosuria; phloroglucin; phloroglucinol; phloroglucinol reductase; phlorol; phlorone; phlox; phloxine; phlyctena; phlyctenar; phlyctenoid; phlyctenosis; phlyctenous; phlyctenula; phlyctenular; phlyctenular conjunctivitis; phlyctenular keratitis; phlyctenular ophthalmia; phlyctenular pannus; phlyctenule; phlyctenulosis; PhNCS; PhNCS protein; phobanthropy; phobia; phobic; phobic disorders; phobophobia; phoca; phocacean; phocal; phocenic; phocenin; phocine; phocodont; phocodontia; phocomelia; phocomelic dwarfism; phodopus; phoebe; phoebus; phoenicopterus; phoenix; pholad; pholadean; pholas; pholcodine; pholedrine; Phoma; phonacoscope; phonacoscopy; phonaemic; phonaemic regression; phonal; phonarteriogram; phonarteriography; phonasthenia; phonation; phonatory; phonautograph; phoneidoscope; phoneme; phonendoscope; phonetic; phonetics; phoniatrics; phonic; phonic spasm; phono; phonoangiography; phonocardiogram; phonocardiograph; phonocardiography; phonocatheter; phonogram; phonograph; phonographer; phonographic; phonographical; phonographically; phonographist; phonography; phonolite; phonological; phonologist; phonology; phonomania; phonometer; phonomotor; phonomyoclonus; phonomyography; phonopathy; phonophobia; phonophore; phonophoresis; phonophotography; phonopsia; phonoreceptor; phonoscope; phonoscopy; phonosurgery; phor-; phorate; phorbin; phorbol; phorbol 12,13-dibutyrate; phorbol ester; phorbol esters; phorbols; phoresis; phoresy; phoria; Phormia regina; phormicin; phormium; phoro-; phorone; phoronis; Phoroptor; phorozoon; phos-; phosducin; phosgene; phosgenite; phosmet; phosph-; phosphagen; phosphagenic; phospham; phosphamic acid; phosphamidase; phosphamidon; phosphastat; phosphatase; phosphatase unit; phosphate; phosphate acetyltransferase; phosphated; phosphate diabetes; phosphate group; phosphatemia; phosphate permease; phosphates; phosphate tetany; phosphatic; phosphatidal; phosphatidase; phosphatidate; phosphatidate phosphatase; phosphatide; phosphatidic acid; phosphatidic acid kinase; phosphatidic acids; phosphatidolipase; phosphatidyl; phosphatidylcholine; phosphatidylcholine-ceramide phosphocholine transferase; phosphatidylcholines; phosphatidylcholine-sterol o-acyltransferase; phosphatidylethanolamine; phosphatidylethanolamine-ceramide phosphoethanolamine transferase; phosphatidylethanolamine cytidylyltransferase; phosphatidylethanolamine-dolichol acyltransferase; phosphatidylethanolamine N-acyltransferase; phosphatidylethanolamines; phosphatidylglycerol; phosphatidylglycerol glyceryl transferase; phosphatidylglycerol - membrane-oligosaccharide glycerophosphotransferase; phosphatidylglycerols; phosphatidylinositol; phosphatidylinositol-3,4,5-trisphosphate 5-phosphatase; phosphatidylinositol-3-phosphatase; phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate; phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate kinase; phosphatidylinositol 4,5-diphosphate; phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate; phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate phosphatase; phosphatidylinositol-ceramide phosphoinositol transferase; phosphatidylinositol phosphates; phosphatidylinositols; phosphatidylinositol synthase; phosphatidylserine; phosphaturia; phosphene; phosphide; phosphine; phosphines; phosphinic; phosphinic acids; phosphinico-; phosphite; phosphites; phospho-; phospho-2-keto-3-deoxy-gluconate aldolase; phospho-3-hexuloisomerase; phosphoacetylglucosamine mutase; phosphoacylase; phosphoadenosine phosphosulfate; phosphoadenylate 3'-nucleotidase; phosphoamidase; phosphoamides; phosphoamino acids; phosphoarginine; phosphocellobiase; phosphocholine; phosphocholine phosphatase; phosphocreatine; phosphodiester; phosphodiesterase; phosphodiesterase inhibitors; phosphodiesterase-phosphomonoesterase; phosphodiesterases; phosphodiester bond; phosphodiester hydrolases; phosphodiester linkage; phosphodimethylethanolamine N-methyltransferase; phosphodismutase; phosphoenolpyruvate; phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase; phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (ATP); phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (GTP); phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase; phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase kinase; phosphoenolpyruvate-cellobiose phosphotransferase; phosphoenolpyruvate-glucose phosphotransferase; phosphoenolpyruvate-maltose phosphotransferase; phosphoenolpyruvate-mannose phosphotransferase; phosphoenolpyruvate mutase; phosphoenolpyruvate-protein phosphotransferase; phosphoenolpyruvate-sorbose phosphotransferase; phosphoenolpyruvate sugar phosphotransferase system; phosphoenolpyruvate-trehalose phosphotransferase; phosphoenolpyruvic acid; phosphoethanolamine; phosphoethanolamine methyltransferase; phosphofructokinase; phosphofructokinase phosphatase; phosphogalactoisomerase; phosphoglucokinase; phosphoglucomutase; phosphogluconate dehydrogenase; phosphogluconate pathway; phosphoglucosamine mutase; phosphoglucose isomerase; phosphoglyceracetals; phosphoglycerate; phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase; phosphoglycerate kinase; phosphoglycerate mutase; phosphoglycerate permease; phosphoglyceric acid; phosphoglycerides; phosphoglyceromutase; phosphoheptose isomerase; phosphohexokinase; phosphohexomutase; phosphohexose isomerase; phosphohexose isomerase deficiency; phosphohydrolases; phosphoinositide; phosphokinase; phospholamban kinase; phospholamban phosphatase; phospholipase; phospholipase A1; phospholipase A2; phospholipase B; phospholipase c; phospholipase d; phospholipases; phospholipases a; phospholipid; phospholipid bilayer; phospholipid ethers; phospholipid-hydroperoxide glutathione peroxidase; phospholipids; phospholipid syndrome; phospholipid transfer protein; phosphomannomutase; phosphomannose; phosphomannose isomerase-guanosine diphospho-D-mannose pyrophosphorylase; phosphomevalonate kinase; phosphomutase; phospho-N-acetylmuramoyl pentapeptide transferase; phosphonate esterase; phosphonate monoester hydrolase; phosphonecrosis; phosphonic; phosphonic acids; phosphonium; phosphonoacetate hydrolase; phosphonoacetic acid; phosphonylated acetylcholinesterase; phosphopenia; phosphopentose epimerase; phosphopentose isomerase; phosphophorin; phosphoprotein; phosphoprotein phosphatase; phosphopyruvate hydratase; phosphor; phosphoramide mustards; phosphoranes; phosphorate; phosphorated; phosphor-bronze; phosphorescence; phosphorescent; phosphorhidrosis; phosphoriboisomerase; phosphoribomutase; phosphoribosylaminoimidazolecarboxamide formyltransferase; phosphoribosylaminopyrimidine deaminase; phosphoribosylaminopyrimidine reductase; phosphoribosylanthranilate isomerase; phosphoribosylanthranilate isomerase-indoleglycerol-phosphate synthase; phosphoribosylformylglycinamidine synthetase; phosphoribosylglycineamide synthetase; phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate; phosphoribosyltransferase; phosphoribulokinase; phosphoribulose epimerase; phosphoric; phosphoric acid; phosphoric acid esters; phosphoric acids; phosphorical; phosphoric diester hydrolases; phosphoric monoester hydrolases; phosphoridrosis; phosphorised; phosphorism; phosphoritic; phosphoroclastic cleavage; phosphoroclastic reaction; phosphorolysis; phosphoroscope; phosphorous; phosphorous acid; phosphorous acids; phosphorpenia; phosphor plate; phosphoruria; phosphorus; phosphorus-32; phosphorus-33; phosphorus acids; phosphorus compounds; phosphorus, dietary; phosphorus isotopes; phosphorus metabolism disorders; phosphorus-oxygen lyases; phosphorus pentoxide; phosphorus radioisotopes; phosphoryl; phosphorylase; phosphorylase a; phosphorylase b; phosphorylase kinase; phosphorylase kinase phosphatase; phosphorylase phosphatase; phosphorylase-rupturing enzyme; phosphorylases; phosphorylation; phosphorylation of proteins; phosphorylcholine; phosphorylethanolamine glyceridetransferase; phosphorylphosphatase; phosphoserine; phosphoserine aminotransferase; phosphosphingosides; phosphosugar; phosphothreonine; phosphotransacetylase; phosphotransferase; phosphotransferases; phosphotriose isomerase; phosphotungstic acid; phosphotungstic acid haematoxylin; phosphotungstic acid stain; phosphotyrosine; phosphovitin; phosphuresis; phosphuret; phosphureted; phosphureted hydrogen; phosphuria; phosvitin; phot; photalgia; photaugiaphobia; photechic effect; photesthesia; photic; photic driving; photics; photic stimulation; photism; photo-; photoablation; photoactinic; photoaffinity labelling; photoaffinity labels; photoallergic sensitivity; photoallergy; photoautotroph; photoautotrophic; photobacteria; photobacterium; Photobacterium harveyi; Photobacterium phosphoreum; photobiology; photobiotic; photobleach; photobleaching; photocatalyst; photo cell; photoceptor; photochemical; photochemistry; photochemotherapy; photochromatic; photochromic; photochromic lens; photochromic spectacles; photochromogens; photochromy; photocoagulation; photocoagulator; photodermatitis; photodistribution; photodrome; photodromy; photodynamic; photodynamic radiation therapy; photodynamic sensitization; photodynamic therapy; photodynesis; photodynia; photodysphoria; photoelectric; photoelectric absorption; photoelectric effect; photoelectrometer; photoelectron; photo-electrotype; photo-engraving; photo-epinasty; photoerythema; photoesthetic; photofluorography; photogalvanography; photogastroscope; photogen; photogene; photogenesis; photogenic; photogenic epilepsy; photogeny; photoglyphic; photogram; photogrammetry; photograph; photographer; photographic; photographical; photographist; photographometer; photography; photoheliograph; photohemotachometer; photoheterotroph; photoheterotrophic; photohetrotroph; photoinactivation; photokeratoscope; photokinesis; photokinetic; photokinetics; photokymograph; photolithograph; photolithographer; photolithographic; photolithography; photolithotroph; photological; photology; photoluminescent; photolyase; photolysis; photolyte; photolytic; photomacrograph; photomacrography; photomagnetic; photomagnetism; photomania; photomechanical; photometer; photometry; photomicrograph; photomicrography; photomultiplier tube; photomyoclonus; photon; photoncia; photon density; photonosus; photons; photooxidase; photo-patch test; photopathy; photopeak; photoperceptive; photoperiod; photoperiodism; photopheresis; photophobia; photophobic; photophone; photophore; photophoresis; photophosphorylation; photophthalmia; photopia; photopic; photopic adaptation; photopic eye; photopic vision; photopigment; photoplethysmography; photopsia; photopsin; photopsy; photoptarmosis; photoradiation; photoradiation therapy; photoreaction; photoreactivating enzyme; photoreactivation; photoreceptive; photoreceptor; photoreceptor cells; photoreceptors; photoreceptors, invertebrate; photoreduction; photorelief; photorespiration; photoretinitis; photoretinopathy; photoscan; photoscope; photoscopic; photosculpture; photosensitisation; photosensitive; photosensitive rash; photosensitivity; photosensitivity disorders; photosensitization; photosensitizing agents; photosensor; photosensor oculography; photostable; photostethoscope; photostimulable phosphor; photostress; photostress test; photosynthesis; photosynthetic bacteria; photosynthetic reaction centre, bacterial; photosynthetic reaction centre, plant; photosynthetic unit; photosystem; photosystem I; photosystem II; photosystem II D1 polypeptide carboxy-terminal processing protease; phototaxis; phototherapy; photothermal; phototimer; phototonus; phototoxic; phototoxic sensitivity; phototoxis; phototransduction; phototroph; phototrophic bacteria; phototropic; phototropism; phototype; phototypography; photoxylography; photozincograph; photozincography; photuria; phragmocone; phragmoplast; phragmosiphon; phragmosome; phrase; phraseological; phraseology; phratry; phreatic; phren; phrenalgia; phrenectomy; phrenemphraxis; phrenetic; phreni-; phrenic; phrenic ampulla; phrenicectomy; phrenic ganglia; phreniclasia; phrenic nerve; phrenic nucleus; phrenicoabdominal branch of phrenic nerve; phrenicocolic; phrenicocolic ligament; phrenicocostal sinus; phrenicoexeresis; phrenicogastric; phrenicoglottic; phrenicohepatic; phrenicolienal ligament; phrenicomediastinal recess; phreniconeurectomy; phrenicopleural fascia; phrenicosplenic; phrenicosplenic ligament; phrenicotomy; phrenicotripsy; phrenic pleura; phrenic plexus; phrenic pressure test; phrenic veins; phrenism; phrenitis; phreno-; phrenocardia; phrenocolic; phrenocolopexy; phrenogastric; phrenogastric ligament; phrenograph; phrenohepatic; phrenological; phrenologist; phrenology; phrenomagnetism; phrenopericardial angle; phrenoplegia; phrenoptosia; phrenosin; phrenosinic acid; phrenospasm; phrenosplenic ligament; phrenotropic; phrictopathic; phryganeid; phryganeides; phrygian cap; phrynoderma; phrynolysin; PHS; pH scale; pH-stat; phthalate; phthalate dioxygenase; phthalate ester hydrolase; phthalate oxygenase reductase; phthalein; phthalein dyes; phthalein test; phthalic; phthalic acid; phthalic acids; phthalic anhydrides; phthalide; phthalidyltheophylline hydrolase; phthalimide; phthalimides; phthalin; phthaloyl; phthalyl; phthalylsulfacetamide; phthalylsulfathiazole; phthinoid; phthinoid chest; phthiriasis; phthiriophobia; Phthirus; phthisic; phthisicky; phthisio-; phthisiologist; phthisiology; phthisipneumony; phthisis; phthisis bulbi; phthor; phycite; phyco-; phycobilin; phycobilisome; phycobiont; phycochrome; phycocyanin; phycocyanin alpha-subunit phycocyanobilin lyase; phycodnaviridae; phycoerythrin; phycoerythrocyanin alpha-subunit phycobiliviolin lyase; phycography; phycology; phycomater; phycomyces; Phycomycetes; phycomycetosis; phycomycosis; p-hydroxyamphetamine; p-hydroxymercuribenzoate; p-hydroxynorephedrine; p-hydroxyphenylacetate; p-hydroxyphenyllactate; p-hydroxyphenylpyruvate; phygogalactic; phylacagogic; phylactery; phylactocarp; phylactolaemata; phylactolaematous; phylactolemata; phylaxis; phyle; phyletic; phyletic shift; phyllichnium; phyllite; phyllo-; phyllobranchia; phylloclade; phyllocladium; phyllocyanin; phyllocyst; phyllode; phyllodes tumour; phyllodineous; phyllodium; phyllody; phylloid; phyllomania; phyllome; phyllomorphosis; phyllophagan; phyllophagous; phyllophorous; phyllopod; phyllopoda; phyllopodous; phylloquinone; phylloquinone reductase; phyllorhine; phyllosoma; phyllostome; phyllotactic; phyllotaxis; phyllotaxy; phyllous; phylloxanthin; phylloxera; phylo-; phyloanalysis; phylogenesis; phylogenetic; phylogeny; phylon; phylum; phyma; phymatoid; phymatorrhysin; phymatosis; physa; physalaemin; physalia; physaliae; physaliferous; physaliform; physaliphore; physaliphorous; physaliphorous cell; physalis; Physaloptera; physalopteriasis; physarida; Physarum; physarum polycephalum; physeal; physemaria; physeter; physi-; physianthropy; physiatrician; physiatrics; physiatrist; physiatry; physic; physical; physical age; physical allergy; physical anthropology; physical conditioning, animal; physical containment; physical dependence; physical diagnosis; physical education and training; physical elasticity of muscle; physical endurance; physical examination; physical fitness; physical half-life; physically; physical map; physical medicine; physical modalities; physical sciences; physical sign; physical therapist; physical therapy; physical therapy department, hospital; physician; physician assistant; physician assistants; physicianed; physician executives; physician impairment; 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physiologic antidote; physiologic congestion; physiologic cup; physiologic dead space; physiologic dwarfism; physiologic elasticity of muscle; physiologic equilibrium; physiologic excavation; physiologic hypertrophy; physiologic icterus; physiologic incompatibility; physiologic jaundice; physiologic leukocytosis; physiologicoanatomical; physiologic occlusion; physiologic rest position; physiologic retraction ring; physiologic sclerosis; physiologic scotoma; physiologic tremor; physiologic unit; physiologic vertigo; physiologist; physiologize; physiology; physiomedical; physiopathologic; physiopathology; physiophyly; physiopsychic; physiopyrexia; physiotherapeutic; physiotherapist; physiotherapy; physique; physis; physo-; physocele; Physocephalus sexalatus; physocephaly; physoclist; physoclisti; physograde; physometra; physophorae; physopod; physopoda; Physopsis; physopyosalpinx; physostigma; physostigmine; physostigmine salicylate; physostomi; physostomous; phytanate; phytanic acid; phytanic acid alpha-oxidase; phytanic acid storage disease; phytanoyl-CoA ligase; phytanoyl-coenzyme A hydroxylase; phytanyl; phytate; phytelephas; phytic acid; phytin; phytivorous; phyto-; phytoagglutinin; phytoalexin; phytobezoar; phytochemical; phytochemistry; phytochimy; phytochrome; phytochromobilin synthase; phytodermatitis; phytoene dehydrogenase; phytoene synthase; Phytoflagellata; phytogeny; phytogeographical; phytogeography; phytographical; phytography; phytohaemagglutinin; phytohemagglutinin; phytohemagglutinins; phytohormone; phytoid; phytol; phytolacca; phytolectin; phytolite; phytolithologist; phytolithology; phytological; phytologist; phytology; Phytomastigina; Phytomastigophorasida; phytomastigophorea; phytomenadione; phytomeron; phytomitogen; phyton; phytonadione; phytonomy; phytopathologist; phytopathology; phytophaga; phytophagic; phytophagous; phytophagy; phytophlyctodermatitis; phytophotodermatitis; phytophthora; phytophysiology; phytoplankton; phytopneumoconiosis; phytoporphyrin; phytoremediation; phytosis; phytosphingosine; phytosterol; phytosterolaemia; phytotomist; phytotomy; phytotoxic; phytotoxicity; phytotoxin; phytotrichobezoar; phytozoaria; phytozoon; phytyl; phytyl alcohol; pi; PI3 kinase; pia; pia-arachnitis; pia-arachnoid; pial; pial funnel; pial-glial membrane; pia mater; pian; pian bois; pianet; pianissimo; pianist's cramp; pianograph; piano percussion; piapec; piarachnoid; piarist; piassava; piblokto; pi bond; pica; picamar; picapare; picariae; picarian; piccadilly; Picchini; Picchini's syndrome; PICC line; picea; picene; pichey; pichia; pichiciago; pichinde virus; pichurim bean; pici; picibanil; piciform; piciformes; picine; pick; pickaback; Pick, Arnold; pick bodies; Pick cell; picked; pickerel; pickering; picker's nodules; picket; picketee; Pick, Friedel; picking; pickle; pickling; Pick, Ludwig; pickmire; Pick's atrophy; Pick's bodies; Pick's bundle; pick's disease; Pick's syndrome; Pick's tubular adenoma; pickwickian syndrome; Pickworth, F; picloram; pico-; picobirnavirus; picogram; picoid; picokatal; picolinate methyltransferase; picoline; picolines; picolinic acid; picolinuric acid; picometer; picomole; pi cone monochromatism; picornaviridae; picornaviridae infections; picornavirus; picotine; picra; picramic acid; Picrasma; picrate; picric; picric acid; picrite; picrocarmine; picrocarmine stain; picroformol; picroformol fixative; picrolite; picro-Mallory trichrome stain; picromel; picronigrosin; picronigrosin stain; picrotoxin; picrotoxinin; picryl; picryl chloride; pictograph; picts; pictura; picture; picture element; picture frame vertebra; picturesque; piculet; picus; PID; piddock; pie; piebald eyelash; piebaldism; piebaldness; piebald skin; piece; pied; piedmont; piedmont fracture; piedmontite; piedra; Piedraia; piedra nostras; pieds terminaux; pieplant; pierce; piercer; pierid; pierides; Pierini, Luigi; pierre robin syndrome; piesesthesia; piesimeter; piesis; piet; piewipe; piezochemistry; piezoelectric; piezoelectric effect; piezoelectricity; piezogenic; piezogenic pedal papule; piezometer; PIF; piffara; pig; pigbel; pigeon; pigeon breast; pigeon chest; pigeonfoot; pigeon-hearted; pigeon-livered; pigeon's milk; pigfish; pigfoot; piggin; pig-jawed; pig lung carbonyl reductase; pigment; pigmentary; pigmentary cirrhosis; pigmentary glaucoma; pigmentary retinopathy; pigmentary syphilid; pigmentation; pigment cell; pigment cell of skin; pigment cells of iris; pigment cells of retina; pigment cirrhosis; pigmented; pigmented ameloblastoma; pigmented dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans; pigmented epulis; pigmented hair epidermal nevus; pigmented keratic precipitates; pigmented layer of ciliary body; pigmented layer of iris; pigmented layer of retina; pigmented liver; pigmented part of retina; pigmented purpuric lichenoid dermatosis; pigmented retinal epithelium; pigmented villonodular synovitis; pigment epitheliopathy; pigment epithelium; pigment epithelium of eye; pigment epithelium of optic retina; pigment induration of the lung; pigmentolysin; pigments; pigmentum nigrum; pigmy; Pignet, Maurice-C; Pignet's formula; pignut; pigskin; pigsney; pigtail; pigtail catheter; pigweed; PIH; pi helix; pika; pike; piketail; pikrolite; pilar; pilar cyst; pilar tumour of scalp; pilch; pilchard; pilcher; pilcrow; pile; pileated; pilentum; pileorhiza; pileous; pileous gland; piles; pileus; pileworm; pilewort; pilgarlic; pili; pili annulati; pilidium; pilifera; piliferous cyst; piliform; pilimiction; pilin; piling unmerchantable material; pili, sex; pill; pillar; pillar cells; pillar cells of Corti; pillar of iris; pillars of fauces; pillars of fornix; pillet; pillion; pill mass; pillow; pill-rolling; pill-rolling tremor; pill, the; pill-willet; pillworm; pillwort; pilo-; pilobezoar; pilocarpine; pilocarpine esterase; pilocarpus; pilocystic; piloerection; piloid; piloid astrocytoma; piloid gliosis; pilojection; pilomatrixoma; pilomotor; pilomotor fibres; pilomotor reflex; pilon fracture; pilonidal; pilonidal cyst; pilonidal fistula; pilonidal sinus; pilose; pilosebaceous; pilosis; pilot; pilot projects; pilot scale; Piltz; Piltz sign; pilula; pilular; pilular mass; pilule; pilus; pily; pim 1; pimaric; pimaricin; pimelic; pimelic acid; pimelic acids; pimelite; pimelo-; pimelorrhoea; pimelorthopnea; pimenta; pimento; pimlico; pimozide; pimpernel; pimpillo; pimpinel; pimple; pimples; pin; pina cloth; pinacocyte; pinacoid; pinacolin; pinacone; pinacyanol; pin amalgam; pin and ligature cutter; Pinard; Pinard's manoeuvre; pinaster; p in biochemistry; pincement; pincer nail; pinchem; pinch graft; pinch reflex diode; pincpinc; pincushion distortion; pindar; Pindborg; Pindborg tumour; pindolol; pine; pineal; pineal body; pineal cells; pineal cyst; pinealectomy; pineal eye; pineal gland; pineal gland calcification; pineal habenula; pinealocyte; pinealoma; pinealopathy; pineal recess; pineal region tumours; pineal tumours; pineapple; pine-crowned; pinedrops; pinefinch; Pinel, Philippe; Pinel's system; pinenchyma; pine-needle oil; pineoblastoma; pineocytoma; pine oil; pinesap; pine tar; pinetum; pineweed; piney; pin-eyed; pinfeather; pinfish; ping-pong; ping-pong bone; ping-pong mechanism; pinguecula; pinguicula; pinic; piniform; pin implant; pinion; pinionist; pinite; pink; pink bread mold; pink disease; pinkeye; pinkroot; pinkster; Pinkus tumour; pinledge; pinna; pinnace; pinnal; pinna nasi; pinnate; pinnated; pinnatifid; pinnatilobate; pinnatiped; pinnatisect; pinnigrada; pinnigrade; pinniped; pinnipedes; pinnipedia; pinnock; pinnothere; pinnulate; pinnulated; pinnule; pinocyte; pinocytosis; pinocytotic vesicle; pinole; pinon; pinoresinol reductase; pinosome; pinpatch; p in population genetics; Pins; Pins' sign; Pins' syndrome; pint; pinta; pintado; pinta fever; pintail; pin-tailed; pintids; pintle; pintoid; pintos; pinule; pinus; pinweed; pinworm; pinworm vaginitis; piny; pioneer plant; piony; pioped study; Piophila casei; piorthopnea; piot; pious; pip; PIP2; pipa; pipal tree; pipamazine; pipamperone; pipazethate; pipe; pipe bone; pipecolic acid; pipecolinic acid; pipecuronium; pipecuronium bromide; pipefish; pipemidic acid; pipemouth; pipenzolate methylbromide; piper; piperaceous; piperacetazine; piperacillin; piperacillin sodium; piperazine; piperazine adipate; piperazine calcium edetate; piperazine citrate; piperazine diethanesulfonic acid; piperazine estrone sulfate; piperazine tartrate; Piper, E; piperic; piperidge; piperidine; piperidines; piperidolate hydrochloride; piperine; piperocaine hydrochloride; piperonal; piperonyl butoxide; piperoxan; piperoxan hydrochloride; Piper's forceps; piperylene; PIPES; pipe-smoker's cancer; pipestem arteries; pipe stem cirrhosis; pipestem fibrosis; pipette; pipevine; pipewort; pipidae; piping; pipistrelle; pipit; PIP joints; pipobroman; piposulfan; pipotiazine palmitate; pippin; pippul tree; pipra; pipradrol hydrochloride; piprine; piprinhydrinate; pi protein; pipsissewa; pipsyl; pique; piqure diabetes; piracetam; pirai; pirarucu; pirate; piraya; pirbuterol; Pirenella; pirenzepine; piretanide; piribedil; pirie; Pirie, George; Pirie's bone; piriform; piriform area; piriform cortex; piriform fossa; piriformis; piriform muscle; piriform neuron layer; piriform opening; piriform recess; piriform sinus; pirinitramide; piririgua; pirl; pirn; Pirogoff, Nikolai; Pirogoff's amputation; Pirogoff's angle; Pirogoff's triangle; piromen; piromidic acid; piroplasm; Piroplasma; piroplasmia; piroplasmida; piroplasmosis; piroxicam; piroxicam olamine; pirprofen; Pirquet's index; Pirquet's reaction; Pirquet's test; Pirquet von Cesenatico, Clemens; Pisaster; pisatin; pisatin demethylase; piscary; piscation; piscator; piscatory; pisces; piscicapture; pisciculture; pisciculturist; pisciform; pisciform cataract; piscina; piscinal; piscine; piscivorous; pishu; pisiform; pisiform bone; pismire; pisohamate ligament; pisolite; pisolitic; pisometacarpal ligament; pisophalt; pisotriquetral joint; pisounciform ligament; pisouncinate ligament; pissabed; pissasphalt; PISSLRE kinase; pistachio; pistacia; pistacite; pistazite; piste; pistil; pistillaceous; pistillate; pistillidium; pistilliferous; pistillode; pistillody; pistol; pistole; pistol-shot femoral sound; pistol-shot sound; piston; piston pulse; pit; pita; pitahaya; pit and fissure caries; pit and fissure sealants; pitapat; PITC; pitcairn island; pit caries; pitch; pitch angle; pitch angle scattering; pitchblende; pitch discrimination; pitcher; pitching; pitch-ore; pitch perception; pitch poisoning; pitchstone; pitch wart; pitch-worker's cancer; pit, ear; pith; pitheci; pithecoid; pithecoid theory; pithode; pithy; pitiful; pitiless; pit of atlas for dens; pit of head of femur; pit of stomach; Pitot, Henri; pitot's tube; Pitot tube; Pitres' area; Pitres, Jean; Pitres' sign; Pitressin; pitta; pittacal; pitted; pitted keratolysis; pitter; pitting; pitting oedema; Pittsburgh pneumonia; Pittsburgh pneumonia agent; pituicyte; pituicytoma; pituita; pituitarism; pituitarium; pituitary; pituitary adamantinoma; pituitary adenoma; pituitary-adrenal system; pituitary ameloblastoma; pituitary apoplexy; pituitary cachexia; pituitary diverticulum; pituitary dwarf; pituitary dwarfism; pituitary fossa; pituitary gigantism; pituitary gland; pituitary gland, anterior; pituitary gland, posterior; pituitary gonadotropic hormone; pituitary gonadotropins; pituitary growth hormone; pituitary hormone release inhibiting hormones; pituitary hormone-releasing hormones; pituitary hormones; pituitary hormones, anterior; pituitary hormones, posterior; pituitary infantilism; pituitary membrane; pituitary myxoedema; pituitary stalk section; pituite; pituitous; pityriasic; pityriasis; pityriasis amiantacea; pityriasis capitis; pityriasis circinata; pityriasis lichenoides; pityriasis lichenoides chronica; pityriasis linguae; pityriasis maculata; pityriasis nigra; pityriasis rosea; pityriasis rubra; pityriasis rubra pilaris; pityriasis sicca; pityriasis versicolor; pityroid; Pityrosporum; Pityrosporum orbiculare; Pityrosporum ovale; pivalate; pivampicillin; pivot; pivot joint; pivot shift test; pix; pixel; pixie; pizotyline; pizzle rot; P-J interval; PK; pK2; PK40(erk) protein kinase; P-K antibodies; pkat; PKN protein kinase; P-K test; PKU; pkV; PL; PL7a receptor-tyrosine kinase; pla; placard; place; placebo; placebo effect; placebos; placenta; placenta, accessory; placenta accreta; placenta accreta vera; placenta biloba; placenta bipartita; placenta circumvallata; placenta diffusa; placenta dimidiata; placenta duplex; placenta extrachorales; placenta fenestrata; placenta gonadotropin; placenta increta; placental; placental abruption; placental barrier; placental calcium-binding protein; placental chorioangioma; placental circulation; placental dysfunction; placental dysfunction syndrome; placental dysmature; placental dystocia; placental extracts; placental function tests; placental growth hormone; placental hormones; placentalia; placental insufficiency; placental lactogen; placental lobes; placental membrane; placenta, low; placental parasitic twin; placental plasmodium; placental polyp; placental presentation; placental septa; placental sign; placental site trophoblastic tumour; placental souffle; placental stage of labour; placental sulfatase deficiency; placental thrombosis; placental transfusion; placenta marginata; placenta membranacea; placenta multiloba; placenta multipartita; placenta panduraformis; placenta percreta; placenta praevia; placenta previa; placenta previa centralis; placenta previa marginalis; placenta previa partialis; placenta protein; placenta reflexa; placenta reniformis; placenta, retained; placentascan; placenta spuria; placenta, succenturiate; placenta, supernumerary; placentation; placenta triloba; placenta tripartita; placenta triplex; placenta uterina; placenta velamentosa; placentiferous; placentiform; placentitis; placentography; placentoma; placentotherapy; place theory; placid; placidity; placidly; placidness; Placido da Costa, Antonio; Placido da Costa's disk; placket; placode; placoderm; placodermal; placodermata; placodermi; placoganoid; placoganoidei; placoid; placoides; placoidian; placophora; pladaroma; plafond; plaga; plagate; plagiarism; plagihedral; plagio-; plagiocephalic; plagiocephalism; plagiocephalous; plagiocephaly; plagioclase; plagionite; plagiostomatous; plagiostome; plagiostomi; plagiostomous; plagiotremata; plagiotropic; plague; plague bacillus; plague, black; plague, bubonic; plague, great; plague pneumonia; plague septicaemia; plague, sylvatic; plague vaccine; plaice; plaid; plain; plain film; plain-hearted; plaintiff; plaise; plait; plakalbumin; plakins; plakoglobin; plan; plana; plan apochromatic objective lens; planaria; planarian; planarians; planarida; planarioid; plancher; planchet; planchette; Planck, Max; Planck's constant; Planck's theory; plane; plane, focal; plane joint; plane of incidence; plane of inlet; plane of least pelvic dimensions; plane of midpelvis; plane of outlet; plane of pelvic canal; plane of regard; plane-parallel; plane-polarized light; planer; planer tree; planes of reference; plane suture; planet; planetary; planetoid; plane tree; planets; plane wart; plane wave; planifolious; planiform; planigraphy; planimeter; planimetry; planing; planipennia; planipetalous; planithorax; plank; planking; plankter; plankton; planktonic; planning; planning techniques; plano; planoblast; planocellular; planoconcave; planoconvex; planography; planomania; planometry; planorbis; planoscopic eyepiece; planotopokinesia; planovalgus; plant; planta; plantable; plantage; plantago; plantago ovata coating; plantago seed; plantain; plantain seed; plantal; plantalgia; plant antitoxin; planta pedis; plantar; plantar aponeurosis; plantar arch; plantar arterial arch; plantar calcaneocuboid ligament; plantar calcaneonavicular ligament; plantar cuboideonavicular ligament; plantar cuneocuboid ligament; plantar cuneonavicular ligaments; plantar cushion; plantar digital veins; plantar fascia; plantar fasciitis; plantar fibromatosis; plantar flexion; plantar interosseous muscle; plantaris; plantar ligaments; plantar metatarsal artery; plantar metatarsal ligaments; plantar metatarsal veins; plantar muscle; plantar muscle reflex; plantar quadrate muscle; plantar reflex; plantar space; plantar surface of toe; plantar syphilid; plantar tendon sheath of peroneus longus muscle; plantar venous arch; plantar venous network; plantar wart; plant association; plantation; plant-cane; plant casein; plant community; plant components; plant dermatitis; plant-eating; planted; plant epidermis; planter; plantership; plant extracts; plant families and groups; plant growth regulators; plant growth substances; planticle; plantigrada; plantigrade; plant indican; planting; plant leaves; plantless; plantlet; plantocracy; plant oils; plant physiology; plant poisoning; plant proteins; plant RNase; plant root cap; plant roots; plants; plants, edible; plant shoots; plants, medicinal; plant stems; plants, toxic; plants, transgenic; plant succession; plant toxin; plant transpiration; plant tumours; plantule; plant viruses; planula; planum; planum interspinale; planum intertuberculare; planum occipitale; planum orbitale; planum popliteum; planum semilunatum; planum sphenoidale; planum sternale; planum subcostale; planum supracristale; planum temporale; planum transpyloricum; planuria; Pla protease; plaque; plaque and tartar cause; plaque assay; plaque-forming unit; Plaque Index; plash; plashing; plashoot; plasm; plasma; plasma accelerator globulin; plasma albumin; plasmablast; plasma cell; plasma cell balanitis; plasma cell dyscrasia; plasma cell gingivitis; plasma cell hepatitis; plasma cell leukaemia; plasma cell mastitis; plasma cell myeloma; plasma cells; plasma containment; plasmacrit; plasmacrit test; plasmacyte; plasmacytoblast; plasmacytoma; plasmacytoma of bone; plasmacytosis; plasma exchange; plasma expander; plasma factor X; plasma fibronectin; plasma focus; plasma frequency; plasmagene; plasma hydrolysate; plasma kallikrein; plasmakinase; plasmakinins; plasma labile factor; plasma layer; plasmalemma; plasmalogen; plasmalogenase; plasmalogens; plasmal reaction; plasmals; plasma marinum; plasma membrane; plasmanylethanolamine desaturase; plasma oscillations; plasmapheresis; plasmapheretic; plasma protein; plasma proteins; plasma renin activity; plasma scalpel; plasma stain; plasma substitute; plasma substitutes; plasmat-; plasma therapy; plasma thromboplastin antecedent; plasma thromboplastin component; plasma thromboplastin factor; plasma thromboplastin factor B; plasmatic; plasmatical; plasmatic compartment; plasmatogamy; plasma volume; plasma wave; plasmenic acid; plasmic; plasmid; plasmids; plasmin; plasminogen; plasminogen activator; plasminogen activator inhibitor 1; plasminogen activator inhibitor 2; plasminogen inactivators; plasminokinase; plasminoplastin; plasmin prothrombins conversion factor; plasmo-; plasmocoagulase; plasmocytic leukemoid reaction; plasmodesma; plasmodia; plasmodial; plasmodial trophoblast; plasmodiotrophoblast; plasmodium; Plasmodium aethiopicum; plasmodium berghei; Plasmodium brazilianum; Plasmodium cathemerium; plasmodium chabaudi; plasmodium cynomolgi; Plasmodium durae; plasmodium falciparum; plasmodium gallinaceum; Plasmodium juxtanucleare; plasmodium knowlesi; Plasmodium kochi; plasmodium malariae; Plasmodium ovale; Plasmodium relictum; plasmodium vivax; plasmodium yoelii; Plasmodromata; plasmogamy; plasmogen; plasmoid; plasmokinin; plasmolemma; plasmolysis; plasmolytic; plasmolyze; plasmon; plasmorrhexis; plasmoschisis; plasmosin; plasmotomy; plasmotropic; plasmotropism; plasmotype; plasmozyme; plasson; plastein; plaster; plaster bandage; plaster of Paris disease; plaster splint; plastibase; plastic; plastic anatomy; plastic bronchitis; plastic corpuscle; plastic cyclitis; plastic embedding; plastic induration; plastic iritis; plasticisers; plasticity; plastic lymph; plastic motor; plastic operation; plastic pleurisy; plastic restoration material; plastics; plastic section stain; plastic surgeon; plastic surgery; plastic teeth; plastid; plastide; plastidozoa; plastids; plastidule; plastin; plastochromanol-3; plastochromenol-8; plastocyanin; plastogamy; plastoglobuli; plastography; plastoquinol-plastocyanin oxidoreductase; plastoquinone; plastoquinone-9; plastron; plasty; plat; platan; platanist; platanus; plate; plateau; plateau iris; Plateau, Joseph Antoine Ferdinand; plateau phase; plateau pulse; Plateau-Talbot law; plate-gilled; platelet; platelet-activating factor; platelet activation; platelet actomyosin; platelet adhesiveness; platelet-aggregating factor; platelet aggregation; platelet aggregation inhibitors; platelet aggregation test; platelet basic protein; platelet cofactor I; platelet cofactor II; platelet count; platelet-derived growth factor; platelet endothelial cell activated protease; platelet factor 3; platelet factor 4; platelet function disorders; platelet glycoprotein gpib-ix complex; platelet glycoprotein gpiib-iiia complex; platelet membrane glycoproteins; plateletpheresis; platelets; platelet storage pool deficiency; platelet thrombosis; platelet tissue factor; platelet transfusion; platelike atelectasis; plate of modiolus; platetrope; plathelminth; plathelminthes; platina; plating; platinic; platinichloric; platiniridium; platinochloric; platinochloride; platinocyanic; platinocyanide; platinode; platinoid; platinotype; platinous; platinum; platinum compounds; platinum foil; platinum group; platonical; platonism; platt; platy-; platybasia; platycephalic; platycephalous; platycephaly; platycnaemia; platycnaemic; platycnemic; platycnemism; platycoelian; platycrania; platycyte; platyelminthes; platyglossal; platyhelmia; platyhelminth; Platyhelminthes; platyhelminths; platyhieric; platymeric; platymeter; platymorphia; platyopia; platyopic; platypellic; platypellic pelvis; platypelloid; platypelloid pelvis; platypnea; platypod; platypoda; platyptera; platypus; platyrhine; platyrhini; platyrrhine; platyrrhiny; platysma; platyspondylia; platystencephaly; plausibly; Plaut; Plaut's bacillus; play; playa; play and playthings; play therapy; plea; pleach; please; Pleasure; Pleasure curve; pleasure-pain principle; pleasure principle; plebeian; plebiscite; pleckstrin; plectin; plectognath; plectognathi; plec-tognathous; plectospondyli; plectospondylous; plectridium; plectrovirus; plectrum; pledge; pledget; pledgetted suture; plegepoda; pleiades; pleio-; pleiocene; pleiophyllous; pleiosaurus; pleiotropic; pleiotropic gene; pleiotropy; pleistocene; Pleistophora; plenary; plenicorn; plenteous; plentiful; pleo-; pleochroic; pleochroism; pleochromatic; pleochromatism; pleocytosis; pleomastia; pleomorphic; pleomorphic adenoma; pleomorphic lipoma; pleomorphic oligodendroglioma; pleomorphism; pleomorphous; pleonasm; pleonaste; pleonectic; pleonexia; pleonosteosis; pleopod; pleoptics; pleoptophor; plerocercoid; plerome; plesimorphism; plesio-; plesiomonas; plesiomorphic; plesiomorphism; plesiomorphous; plesiosaur; plesiosauria; plesiosaurian; plesiosaurus; plesiotype; pless-; plessesthesia; plessimeter; plessimetric; plessor; plethora; plethoric; plethysmograph; plethysmography; plethysmography, impedance; plethysmography, whole body; plethysmometry; pleumato-; pleura; pleuracentesis; pleura costalis; pleura diaphragmatica; pleural; pleural calculus; pleural canal; pleural cavity; pleural crackles; pleural cupula; pleural effusion; pleural effusion in newborn; pleural effusion, malignant; pleural fluid; pleural fremitus; pleural friction rub; pleuralgia; pleural lines; pleural needle biopsy; pleural neoplasms; pleural plaque; pleural pressure; pleural rale; pleural reaction; pleural recesses; pleural rub; pleural sinuses; pleural space; pleural stripe; pleural villi; pleura mediastinalis; pleura parietalis; pleura pericardiaca; pleura phrenica; pleurapophysis; pleura pulmonalis; pleura visceralis; pleurectomy; pleurenchyma; pleuric; pleurisy; pleurisy with effusion; pleurite; pleuritic; pleuritical; pleuritic pneumonia; pleuritic rub; pleuritis; pleuritogenous; pleuro-; Pleurobrachia; pleurobranch; pleurobranchia; pleurocarp; pleurocarpous; pleurocele; pleurocentesis; pleurocentrum; pleuroclysis; pleurodeles; pleurodesis; pleurodont; pleurodynia; pleurodynia, epidemic; pleuroesophageal line; pleuroesophageal muscle; pleurogenic; pleurogenous; pleurography; pleurohepatitis; pleurolith; pleurolysis; pleuron; pleuronectoid; pleuropericardial; pleuropericardial canals; pleuropericardial fold; pleuropericardial hiatus; pleuropericardial membrane; pleuropericardial murmur; pleuropericarditis; pleuroperipneumony; pleuroperitoneal; pleuroperitoneal canal; pleuroperitoneal cavity; pleuroperitoneal fold; pleuroperitoneal foramen; pleuroperitoneal hiatus; pleuroperitoneal membrane; pleuroperitoneum; pleuropneumonia; pleuropneumonia, contagious; pleuropneumonia like organism; pleuropneumonia-like organisms; pleuroptera; pleuropulmonary; pleuroscopy; pleurosigma; pleurosteon; pleurothotonos; pleurothotonus; pleurotoma; pleurotomy; pleurotyphoid; pleurovisceral; PLEVA; plexal; plexectomy; plexiform; plexiform layer; plexiform layer of cerebral cortex; plexiform layers of retina; plexiform neuroma; pleximeter; plexitis; plexogenic; plexogenic pulmonary arteriopathy; plexometer; plexopathy; plexor; plexus; plexus annularis; plexus aorticus; plexus aorticus abdominalis; plexus aorticus thoracicus; plexus arteriae cerebri anterioris; plexus arteriae cerebri mediae; plexus arteriae choroideae; plexus auricularis posterior; plexus autonomici; plexus axillaris; plexus basilaris; plexus brachialis; plexus cardiacus; plexus cardiacus profundus; plexus cardiacus superficialis; plexus caroticus communis; plexus caroticus externus; plexus caroticus internus; plexus cavernosi concharum; plexus cavernosus; plexus cervicalis; plexus choroideus; plexus choroideus ventriculi lateralis; plexus choroideus ventriculi quarti; plexus choroideus ventriculi tertii; plexus coccygeus; plexus coeliacus; plexus coronarius cordis; plexus deferentialis; plexus dentalis inferior; plexus dentalis superior; plexus entericus; plexus femoralis; plexus gangliosus ciliaris; plexus gastrici systematis autonomici; plexus gulae; plexus hepaticus; plexus hypogastricus inferior; plexus hypogastricus superior; plexus iliaci; plexus iliacus externus; plexus inguinalis; plexus intermesentericus; plexus intraparotideus; plexus jugularis; plexus lienalis; plexus lingualis; plexus lumbalis; plexus lumbosacralis; plexus lymphaticus; plexus mammarius; plexus mammarius internus; plexus maxillaris externus; plexus maxillaris internus; plexus meningeus; plexus mesentericus inferior; plexus mesentericus superior; plexus myentericus; plexus nervorum spinalium; plexus nervosus; plexus occipitalis; plexus oesophageus; plexus of anterior cerebral artery; plexus of choroid artery; plexus of middle cerebral artery; plexus of spinal nerves; plexus ophthalmicus; plexus ovaricus; plexus pampiniformis; plexus pancreaticus; plexus pelvinus; plexus periarterialis; plexus pharyngeus; plexus pharyngeus ascendens; plexus prostaticovesicalis; plexus prostaticus; plexus pterygoideus; plexus pudendalis; plexus pudendus nervosus; plexus pulmonalis; plexus rectales inferiores; plexus rectales medii; plexus rectalis superior; plexus renalis; plexus sacralis; plexus sacralis medius; plexus splenicus; plexus subclavius; plexus submucosus; plexus subserosus; plexus suprarenalis; plexus temporalis superficialis; plexus testicularis; plexus thyroideus impar; plexus thyroideus inferior; plexus thyroideus superior; plexus tympanicus; plexus uretericus; plexus uterovaginalis; plexus vasculosus; plexus venosus; plexus venosus areolaris; plexus venosus canalis hypoglossi; plexus venosus caroticus internus; plexus venosus foraminis ovalis; plexus venosus prostaticus; plexus venosus rectalis; plexus venosus sacralis; plexus venosus suboccipitalis; plexus venosus uterinus; plexus venosus vaginalis; plexus venosus vertebralis; plexus venosus vesicalis; plexus vertebralis; plexus vesicalis; plexus vesicalis inferior; pliability; pliable; pliant; plica; plica aryepiglottica; plica axillaris; plica caecalis vascularis; plica chordae tympani; plica choroidea; plica duodenalis inferior; plica duodenalis superior; plica duodenojejunalis; plica duodenomesocolica; plicae adiposae; plicae alares; plicae ampullares tubae uterinae; plicae caecales; plicae ciliares; plicae circulares; plicae epiglottica; plicae gastricae; plicae gastropancreaticae; plicae iridis; plicae palmatae; plica epigastrica; plicae recti; plicae transversales recti; plicae tubariae tubae uterinae; plicae tunicae mucosae vesicae felleae; plica fimbriata; plica glossoepiglottica lateralis; plica glossoepiglottica mediana; plica gubernatrix; plica hypogastrica; plica ileocaecalis; plica incudis; plica inguinalis; plica interdigitalis; plica interureterica; plica lacrimalis; plica longitudinalis duodeni; plica lunata; plica mallearis; plica membranae tympani; plicamycin; plica nervi laryngei; plica palatina transversa; plica palpebronasalis; plica paraduodenalis; plica rectouterina; plica rectovaginalis; plica salpingopalatina; plica salpingopharyngea; plica semilunaris; plica semilunaris conjunctivae; plica semilunaris of colon; plica semilunaris of eye; plica sigmoidea; plica spiralis ductus cystici; plica stapedis; plica sublingualis; plica synovialis; plica synovialis infrapatellaris; plica synovialis patellaris; plicate; plicated; plication; plica triangularis; plica tubopalatina; plica umbilicalis lateralis; plica umbilicalis media; plica umbilicalis medialis; plica umbilicalis mediana; plica urachi; plica ureterica; plica uterovesicalis; plica venae cavae sinistrae; plica ventricularis; plica vesicalis transversa; plica vesicouterina; plica vestibularis; plica vestibuli; plica villosa; plica vocalis; plicidentine; plicotomy; P light chain; plim; Plimmer, Henry; Plimmer's bodies; pliocene; pliohippus; pliosaurus; plocytic astrocytoma; ploidies; ploidy; plombage; P loop; plosive; plot; Plotz bacillus; Plotz, Harry; plough; ploughgate; ploughman; ploughshare; plover; ploy; ployment; PLP; pluck; pluckless; plug; plugger; plugging instrument; plum; pluma; plumage; plumbagin; plumbagineous; plumbago; plumbic; plumbism; plumbous; plumbum; plume; plumicorn; plumiped; Plummer, Henry; Plummer's dilator; plummer's disease; plummer-vinson syndrome; plumming; plumose; plumosite; plumous; plum pox virus; plumula; plumulaceous; plumular; plumularia; plumularian; plumule; plumy; plunge; pluralism; pluralist; plurality; pluralize; pluralizer; plural pregnancy; pluri-; pluricausal; plurifoliolate; pluriglandular; plurilocular; plurinuclear; pluripartite; pluripotent; pluripotent cells; pluripotent stem cell; pluriresistant; pluroderes; plus; plus lens; plus strand; pluteal; pluteus; pluto; plutology; plutomania; plutonian; plutonic; plutonism; plutonium; plutus; pluvial; pluvian; ply; plymouth brethren; p-lysinase; pm; PM10; PMA index; PM-asparaginase; p-mercuribenzoate; P-methyltransferase; P-mitrale; pml; pmol; PMR; PMS; PMSG; pneo-; pneocardiac reflex; pneodynamics; pneometer; pneometry; pneopneic reflex; pneoscope; PNET; pneum-; pneuma; pneumarthrogram; pneumarthrography; pneumarthrosis; pneumatic; pneumatical; pneumatic antishock garment; pneumatic bone; pneumaticity; pneumatic larynx; pneumatic retinopexy; pneumatics; pneumatic space; pneumatic tire injury; pneumatic tonometer; pneumatinuria; pneumatised; pneumatism; pneumatists; pneumatization; pneumato-; pneumatocardia; pneumatocele; pneumatocyst; pneumatoenteric; pneumatoenteric recess; pneumatogarm; pneumatograph; pneumatohemia; pneumatological; pneumatologist; pneumatology; pneumatometer; pneumatophore; pneumatorrhachis; pneumatoscope; pneumatosis; pneumatosis coli; pneumatosis cystoides; pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis; pneumatosis intestinalis; pneumatothorax; pneumaturia; pneumatype; pneumo-; pneumoangiography; pneumoarthrography; pneumobacillus; pneumobulbar; pneumocardial; pneumocele; pneumocentesis; pneumocephalus; pneumocholecystitis; pneumococcaemia; pneumococcal; pneumococcal empyema; pneumococcal infections; pneumococcal pneumonia; pneumococcal pneumonia immunization; pneumococcal polysaccharide; pneumococcal/suppurative keratitis; pneumococcal vaccine; pneumococci; pneumococcidal; pneumococcolysis; pneumococcosis; pneumococcosuria; pneumococcus; pneumocolon; pneumoconiosis; pneumoconiosis of coal workers; pneumoconiosis siderotica; pneumocranium; Pneumocystis carinii; pneumocystis carinii infections; pneumocystis carinii pneumonia; pneumocystis pneumonia; pneumocystography; pneumocystosis; pneumocyte; pneumoderma; pneumodynamics; pneumoempyema; pneumoencephalogram; pneumoencephalography; pneumogastric; pneumogastric nerve; pneumogastrography; pneumogenic osteoarthropathy; pneumogram; pneumograph; pneumography; pneumohemia; pneumohemopericardium; pneumohemothorax; pneumohydrometra; pneumohydropericardium; pneumohydroperitoneum; pneumohydrothorax; pneumohypoderma; pneumokoniosis; pneumolith; pneumolithiasis; pneumology; pneumolysis; pneumomalacia; pneumomassage; pneumomediastinum; pneumomediastinum, diagnostic; pneumomelanosis; pneumometer; pneumometry; pneumomycosis; pneumomyelography; pneumonectomy; pneumonia; pneumonia, aspiration; pneumonia, atypical interstitial, of cattle; pneumonia, bacterial; pneumonia dissecans; pneumonia interlobularis purulenta; pneumonia, lipid; pneumonia malleosa; pneumonia, mycoplasma; pneumonia, pneumococcal; pneumonia, pneumocystis carinii; pneumonia, progressive interstitial, of sheep; pneumonia, rickettsial; pneumonia, staphylococcal; pneumonia, viral; pneumonia virus of mice; pneumonia with chest-wall involvement; pneumonic; pneumonic plague; pneumonitic; pneumonitis; pneumonocele; pneumonocentesis; pneumonococcal; pneumonococcus; pneumonoconiosis; pneumonocyte; pneumonokoniosis; pneumonolysis; pneumonomelanosis; pneumonometer; pneumonomoniliasis; pneumonomycosis; pneumonopathy; pneumonopexy; pneumonophora; pneumonopleuritis; pneumonorrhaphy; pneumonotomy; Pneumonyssus simicola; pneumo-orbitography; pneumootoka; pneumopericardium; pneumoperitoneum; pneumoperitoneum, artificial; pneumoperitoneum in kids; pneumoperitonitis; pneumopexy; pneumophagia; pneumophora; pneumopleuritis; pneumopyelography; pneumopyothorax; pneumoradiography; pneumoresection; pneumoretroperitoneum; pneumoroentgenography; pneumorrhachis; pneumoscope; pneumoserothorax; pneumosilicosis; pneumoskeleton; pneumotachogram; pneumotachograph; pneumotachometer; pneumotherapy; pneumothermomassage; pneumothorax; pneumothorax, artificial; pneumothorax simplex; pneumotomy; pneumoventricle; pneumovirinae; pneumovirus; pneumovirus infections; pneusis; pnigalion; pnigophobia; p-nitrophenyl-alpha-L-rhamnopyranohydrolase; PNMT; pnology; PNP; PNPB; Po; pO2; poa; poach; poachard; poacher; poake; pocan; pochard; pock; pocket; pocketed calculus; pockmark; pockwood; pocky; pocosin; pocoson; pod; podagra; podagral; podalgia; podalic; podalic extraction; podalic version; podarthritis; podarthrum; podedema; podetium; podiatric; podiatric medicine; podiatrist; podiatry; podical; podiceps; podismus; poditis; podium; podley; podo-; podobranch; podobranchia; podobromidrosis; podocalyxin; podocarp; podocephalous; podocyte; pododerm; pododermatitis; pododynamometer; pododynia; podogram; podograph; podogynium; podolite; podologist; podology; podomechanotherapy; podometer; podophthalmia; podophthalmic; podophthalmite; podophthalmous; podophyllin; podophyllotoxin; podophyllous; podophyllum; podophyllum resin; podospasm; podosperm; podostomata; podotheca; podoviridae; pod rot; podura; podurid; podzolisation; poebird; poecilia; poecilitic; poecilopod; poecilopoda; POEMS; poems syndrome; poenamu; poephaga; poetess; poggy; pogoniasis; pogonion; Pogonomyrmex; pogy; pOH; pohagen; poietin; poikilitic; poikilo-; poikiloblast; poikilocyte; poikilocythemia; poikilocytosis; poikilodentosis; poikiloderma; poikiloderma atrophicans and cataract; poikiloderma atrophicans vasculare; poikiloderma congenitale; poikilotherm; poikilothermic; poikilothermous; poikilothermy; poikilothrombocyte; poikilothymia; poinciana; poinsettia; point; point A; pointal; point angle; point B; point deletion; pointed; pointed condyloma; point epidemic; pointer; pointillage; pointing; pointleted; point mutation; point-of-care systems; point of elbow; point of fixation; point of maximal impulse; point of ossification; point of proximal contact; point of regard; point projection; points, conjugate; points of convergence; point source; point-spread function; point system test types; point tenderness; Poirier, Paul; Poirier's gland; Poirier's line; poise; poiser; Poiseuille, Jean Leonard Marie; Poiseuille's law; Poiseuille's space; Poiseuille's viscosity coefficient; poison; poison control centres; poisoning; poison ivy; poison oak; poisonous; poisons; poisson distribution; Poisson-Pearson formula; Poisson, Simeon Denis; Poitou colic; poke; pokebag; poker; poker back; poker spine; pokeweed; pokeweed mitogen; pokeweed mitogens; Poland's syndrome; poland syndrome; polar; polar amino acid; polar anaemia; polar body; polar cataract; polar cell; polarchy; polar compound; polar fibres; polar flagellation; polar globule; polar granule; polar group; polaric; polarily; polarimeter; polarimetry; polaris; polariscope; polariscopic; polariscopy; polarise; polarised light; polariser; polarising microscope; polaristic; polarity; polarity of translation; polarizability; polarizable; polarization; polarization colours; polarization microscopy; polarize; polarized light; polarized light microscope; polarizer; polarizing element; polarizing power; polar lobe; polar mutation; polarography; polar plasm; polar plates; polar presentation; polar ring; polars; polar solvents; polar star; polary; polar zone; polatouche; poldine methylsulfate; pole; polecat; pole cell; poledavy; pole fibre; polehole; pole ligation; polemic; polemoniaceous; polemonium; polemoscope; Polenske number; poley; pol gene; polianite; policate; police; policeman; policy; policy making; poli lienalis inferior et superior; poling; polio; polioclastic; poliodystrophia; poliodystrophia cerebri progressiva infantilis; poliodystrophy; polioencephalitis; polioencephalitis infectiva; polioencephalomalacia; polioencephalomeningomyelitis; polioencephalomyelitis; polioencephalopathy; polio immunization; poliomyelencephalitis; poliomyelitis; poliomyelitis, bulbar; poliomyelitis immune globulin; poliomyelitis immunoglobulin; poliomyelitis vaccines; poliomyelitis virus; poliomyeloencephalitis; poliomyelopathy; poliosis; polio vaccination; poliovirus; polioviruses; polioviruses, human 1-3; poliovirus hominis; poliovirus vaccine; poliovirus vaccine, oral; poliovirus vaccines; poli renalis inferior et superior; polish; polishing; polishing brush; polishing treatment; Politzer; Politzer bag; politzerization; Politzer method; Politzer's luminous cone; polka fever; polkissen of Zimmermann; poll; pollack; pollakidipsia; pollakiuria; pollan; pollard; polled; pollen; pollen antigen; pollen extract; polleniferous; pollenin; pollen mother cell; pollenosis; poller; poll evil; pollex; pollex pedis; pollicate; pollicization; pollinate; pollination; polling; polliniferous; pollinium; pollinose; pollinosis; polliwog; pollock; pollodic; pollucite; pollutant; pollute; pollution; pollux; polocyte; poloidal divertor; poloidal field; poloidal field coil; polonium; poloxalene; poloxalkol; polster; poluria; polus; polus anterior bulbi oculi; polus anterior lentis; polus frontalis cerebri; polus occipitalis cerebri; polus posterior bulbi oculi; polus posterior lentis; polus temporalis cerebri; polwig; poly; poly(3-hydroxyalkanoic acid) synthase; poly(3-hydroxyalkenoate)polymerase; poly(3-hydroxyoctanoic acid) depolymerase; poly A; poly(A); polyacid; polyacrilamide gel; polyacron; polyacrylamide; polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis; polyactina; polyadelphia; polyadelphous; polyadenitis; polyadenitis maligna; polyadenopathy; poly adenosine diphosphate ribose; polyadenosis; polyadenous; polyadenylation; polyadenylic acid; poly ADP-ribose glycohydrolase; Polya gastrectomy; poly A hydrolase; Polya, Jeno; polyalcohol; polyallelism; polyalveolar lobe; polyamine; polyamine-methylene resin; polyamine oxidase; polyamino acids; polyandria; polyandrian; polyandric; polyandrous; polyandry; polyanetholesulfonate; polyangiitis; polyanion; polyanthus; poly(A) polymerase; poly-a polymerase; polyarteritis; polyarteritis nodosa; polyarthric; polyarthritis; polyarthritis chronica; polyarthritis chronica villosa; polyarthritis rheumatica acuta; polyarticular; Polya's operation; poly A specific exoribonuclease; poly(A)-specific ribonuclease; poly A tail; polyatomic; poly a-u; polyautography; polyauxotroph; polyavitaminosis; polyaxial joint; polybasic; polybasic acid; polybasite; poly(beta-D-mannuronate) lyase; poly-beta-glucosaminidase; poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate; poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate polymerase; polyblast; polyblennia; polybranchia; polybromide; polybrominated biphenyls; poly c; polycarbophil; polycarboxylate cement; polycardia; polycarpellary; polycarpous; polycation; polycentric; polychaeta; polycheiria; polychloride; polychlorinated biphenyl; polychlorinated biphenyls; polychloroterphenyl compounds; polychondritis; polychondritis, relapsing; polychrest; polychroite; polychromaemia; polychromasia; polychromate; polychromatic; polychromatic cell; polychromatocyte; polychromatophil cell; polychromatophile; polychromatophilia; polychromatophilic; polychromatosis; polychrome; polychrome methylene blue; polychromia; polychromic; polychromophil; polychromophilia; polychromous; polychylia; polycinematosomnography; polycistronic; polycistronic mRNA; polyclinic; polyclonal; polyclonal activator; polyclonal antibodies; polyclonal antibody; polyclonal antiserum; polyclonal compartment; polyclonia; polycloning site; Polycomb; polyconic; polycoria; polycotyledon; polycotyledonary; polycrotic; polycrotism; polycyclic hydrocarbons; polycyclic hydrocarbons, aromatic; polycyesis; polycystic; polycystic disease of kidneys; polycystic kidney; polycystic kidney disease; polycystic liver; polycystic liver disease; polycystic ovarian disease; polycystic ovary; polycystic ovary syndrome; polycystid; polycystidea; polycystina; polycystine; polycythaemia; polycythaemia rubra vera; polycythaemia vera; polycythemia; polycythemia hypertonica; polycythemia rubra; polycythemia rubra vera; polycythemia vera; polycyttaria; polydactylism; polydactylous; polydactyly; poly da-dt; polydentia; polydeoxyribonucleotides; polydioxanone; polydipsia; polydispersoid; polydnaviridae; polydysplasia; polydystrophic; polydystrophic dwarfism; polydystrophy; polyeidic; polyeidism; polyelectrolyte; polyembryonate; polyembryonic; polyembryony; polyendocrine deficiency syndrome; polyendocrine syndrome; polyendocrinopathies, autoimmune; polyendocrinopathy; polyene; polyenic acids; polyenoic acids; polyenoic fatty acid isomerase; polyergic; polyester resin; polyesters; polyesthesia; polyestradiol phosphate; polyestrous; polyethylene glycol; polyethyleneglycol-asparaginase; polyethylene glycol dehydrogenase; polyethylene glycol-glutaminase-asparaginase; polyethylene glycols; polyethylene glycol-superoxide dismutase; polyethylene glycol-uricase; polyethyleneimine; polyethylenes; polyethylene terephthalates; polyfructose; poly g; polygalaceous; polygalactia; polygalacturonan; polygalacturonase; polygalic; polygamia; polygamian; poly(gamma-glutamic acid); polygamodioecious; polygamomonoecious; polygamous; polygamy; polyganglionic; polygastrian; polygastric; polygastrica; polygeline; polygene; polygenes; polygenettic; polygenic; polygenic diseases; polygenic disorder; polygenic disorders; polygenic inheritance; polygenism; polygenist; polygeny; polyglactin 910; polyglandular; polyglutamic acid; polyglutamyl synthetase; polyglycerol phosphate polymerase; polyglycolic acid; poly(glycolic acid); polygnathus; polygon; polygonaceae; polygonaceous; polygoneutic; polygonum; polygony; polygordius; polygraph; polygraphic; polygraphical; polygraphy; polygyn; polygynae; polygynia; polygynous; polygyny; polygyria; polyhalite; polyhedral; polyhedral body; polyhedrical; polyhedron; polyhemoglobin-superoxide dismutase-catalase; polyhexoses; polyhidrosis; polyhybrid; polyhydramnios; polyhydric; polyhydroxyethyl methacrylate; polyhymnia; polyhypermenorrhoea; polyhypomenorrhoea; poly I; poly I-c; polyidrosis; polyiodide; polyisoprenes; polyisoprenoids; polyisoprenylation; polyisoprenyl phosphate monosaccharides; polyisoprenyl phosphate oligosaccharides; polyisoprenyl phosphates; polyisoprenyl phosphate sugars; polykaryocyte; polyketide beta-ketoacylsynthase; polyketide synthase; polyketide synthase ketoreductase; polylactosamines; polyleptic; polyleptic fever; polylinker; polylogia; polylysine; polymannuronic acid depolymerase; polymastia; polymastigote; polymastism; polymazia; polymegethism; polymelia; polymeniscous; polymenophorea; polymenorrhoea; polymer; polymerase; polymerase a; polymerase alpha; polymerase b; polymerase beta; polymerase chain reaction; polymerase, DNA; polymerase, DNA or RNA; polymerase g; polymerase gamma; polymerase, RNA; polymer fume fever; polymeria; polymeric; polymerid; polymerisation; polymerise; polymerism; polymerization; polymerize; polymerous; polymers; polymetacarpalia; polymetatarsalia; polymethacrylic acids; polymethyl methacrylate; polymicrolipomatosis; polymitus; polymnite; polymorph; polymorphic; polymorphic epithelial mucin; polymorphic genetic markers; polymorphic leaves; polymorphic neuron; polymorphic reticulosis; polymorphic superficial keratitis; polymorphism; polymorphism, single-stranded conformational; polymorphocellular; polymorphocytic leukaemia; polymorphonuclear; polymorphonuclear leucocyte; polymorphonuclear leukocyte; polymorphosis; polymorphous; polymorphous layer; polymorphous perversion; polymorphy; poly-mountain; polymyalgia; polymyalgia arteritica; polymyalgia rheumatica; polymyoclonus; polymyodae; polymyodous; polymyoid; polymyositis; polymyxin; polymyxin acylase; polymyxin b; polymyxin B sulfate; polymyxins; poly(N-acetylgalactosamine) deacetylase; polyneme; polynemoid; polynesia; polynesians; polynesic; polyneural; polyneuralgia; polyneuritic psychosis; polyneuritis; polyneuronitis; polyneuropathy; polynomial; polynoxylin; polynuclear; polynucleolar; polynucleosis; polynucleotidases; polynucleotide; polynucleotide 5'-hydroxyl-kinase; polynucleotide 5'-phosphatase; polynucleotide adenylyltransferase; polynucleotide ligases; polynucleotide methylases; polynucleotide methyltransferases; polynucleotide phosphorylase; polynucleotide thioltransferases; polyodontia; polyol; polyol pathway; polyomavirus; polyomavirus hominis 1; polyomavirus hominis 2; polyomavirus macacae; polyonchosis; polyonychia; polyopsia; polyoptrum; polyorchidism; polyostotic; polyostotic fibrous dysplasia; polyotia; polyovular; polyovular ovarian follicle; polyovulatory; polyoxyethylene alcohols; polyoxyethylene-superoxide dismutase; polyoxyl 40 stearate; polyp; polypapilloma; polypary; polypathia; polype; polypean; polypectomy; polypectomy snare; polypeptide; polypeptide fucosyltransferase; polypeptide N-acetylgalactosominyltransferase; polyperythrin; polypetalous; polyphagia; polyphalangism; polyphallic; polypharmacy; polyphemus; polyphenic; polyphenic gene; polyphenism; polyphenol oxidase; polyphloretin phosphate; polyphobia; polyphore; polyphosphate AMP phosphotransferase; polyphosphates; polyphosphoinositide phosphatase; polyphosphorylase; polyphrasia; polyphyletic; polyphyletic theory; polyphyletism; polyphyllous; polyphyodont; polypi; polypide; polypidom; polypifera; polypiferous; polypiform; polypiparous; polypite; polyplacophora; polyplasmia; polyplastic; Polyplax; polyploid; polyploidy; polypnea; polypode; polypodia; polypodial; polypodium; polypody; polypoid; polypoid adenoma; polypoid gallbladder lesions; poly polymerase; polypomedusae; polyporaceae; polyporous; polyporus; polyposia; polyposis; polyposis coli; polyposis syndromes; polypotome; polypotrite; polypous; polypous endocarditis; polypous gastritis; polypragmasy; polyprenol kinase; polyprenol reductase; polyprenols; polyprenyl-4-hydroxybenzoate carboxylase; polypropylenes; polyprotein; polyprotodonta; polyps; polypsis of the colon; polypteroidei; polypterus; polyptoton; polyptychial; polypus; polyradiculitis; polyradiculomyopathy; polyradiculoneuritis; polyradiculoneuropathy; polyradiculopathy; polyrhizous; polyribonucleotide nucleotidyltransferase; polyribonucleotides; polyribosome; polyribosomes; polyrrhoea; polysaccharide; polysaccharide deacetylase; polysaccharide-lyases; polysaccharide pyruvyltransferase; polysaccharides, bacterial; polysaccharide sulfate esters; polyscelia; polyscope; polysepalous; polyserositis; polysialic acid; polysialic acid depolymerase; polysialic acid O-acetyltransferase; polysilicic; polysinusitis; polysome; polysomes; polysomia; polysomic; polysomnogram; polysomnography; polysomy; polysorbate 80; polysorbates; polyspast; polyspermia; polyspermous; polyspermy; Polysphondylium; polysplenia; polysplenia syndrome; polysporous; polysteraxic; polystichia; polystomata; polystome; polystyrenes; polysulfide reductase; polysulfide rubber; polysulphide; polysulphuret; polysuspensoid; polysymbrachydactyly; polysynaptic; polysyndactyly; polysynthetic; poly t; polytendinitis; polytene; polytene chromosome; polytenisation; polytenization; polyteny; polyterpenes; polytetrafluoroethylene; polythalamia; polythalamous; polythelia; polythelism; polytherapy; polythiazide; polytocous; polytomography; polytomous; polytomy; polytrichia; polytrichosis; polytrophic; polytungstate; polytungstic; polytype; polytypic; poly u; poly(u); polyunguia; polyunsaturated fat; polyurethanes; polyuria; polyuria test; polyuridylic acid; poly(uridylic acid); polyuronides; polyvalent; polyvalent allergy; polyvalent antiserum; polyvalent serum; polyvalent vaccine; polyvidone; polyvinyl; polyvinyl alcohol; polyvinyl alcohol oxidase; polyvinyl chloride; polyvinylpyridine n-oxide; polyvinylpyrrolidone; polyvinylpyrrolidone-iodine complex; polyzoa; polyzoan; polyzoarium; polyzoary; polyzoic; polyzonal; polyzoon; polyzygotic; polyzygotic twins; pomace; pomacentroid; pomaceous; pomade; pomade acne; pomander; pomarine; pomatum; POMC; pome; pomegranate; pomelo; pomeranian; Pomeroy; Pomeroy's operation; pomfret; pomiferous; pommage; pommel; pomological; pomologist; pomology; pomona; pomp; pompano; Pompe disease; Pompe, J; pompelmous; Pompe's disease; pompholyx; pomphus; pompillion; pompire; pompoleon; pompon; ponceau D xylidine; pond; ponded; ponderal index; ponderous; pondfish; pond fracture; pondweed; Ponfick; Ponfick's shadow; pongidae; pongo; pongo pygmaeus; pono-; ponograph; ponopalmosis; ponophobia; ponos; pons; pons cerebelli; pons hepatis; pons varolii; pontes; pontic; ponticulin; ponticulus; ponticulus hepatis; ponticulus nasi; ponticulus promontorii; pontiff; pontificate; pontile; pontine angle; pontine angle tumour; pontine arteries; pontine cistern; pontine flexure; pontine gray matter; pontine haemorrhage; pontine nuclei; pontine veins; pontis nervi trigeminalis nucleus; pontobulbar body; pontocerebellar recess; pontomedullary groove; pontoon; pony; poodle; pookoo; pool; pooled serum; Pool, Eugene; Pool-Schlesinger sign; Pool's phenomenon; poon; poonga oil; poor; poor-john; poorly; poorly compliant bladder; poorly crystalline hydroxyapatite; poorly differentiated lymphocytic lymphoma; poorly drained soil; poor-will; poor-willie; pop; pope; popery; popinjay; popish; poplar; poples; popliteal; popliteal arch; popliteal artery; popliteal communicating nerve; popliteal cyst; popliteal entrapment syndrome; popliteal fascia; popliteal fossa; popliteal fossa: the; popliteal groove; popliteal line; popliteal lymph nodes; popliteal muscle; popliteal notch; popliteal plane of femur; popliteal plexus; popliteal pterygium syndrome; popliteal region; popliteal space; popliteal surface of femur; popliteal vein; popliteus; POPOP; poppy; poppy oil; population; population characteristics; population control; population density; population diffusion coefficient; population dynamics; population genetics; population growth; population pyramid; population surveillance; populin; P/O quotient; porate; P/O ratio; porbeagle; porcate; porcelain; porcelain gallbladder; porcelain inlay; porcelainised; porcelanite; porcellaneous; porch; porcine; porcine adenoviruses; porcine epidemic diarrhoea; porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus; porcine graft; porcine haemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus; porcine herpesvirus 1; porcine herpesvirus 2; porcine parakeratosis; porcine parvovirus; porcine polioencephalomyelitis; porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome; porcine sarcoma virus; porcine somatotropin; porcine stress syndrome; porcine transmissible gastroenteritis; porcine valve; porcupine; porcupine skin; pore; porencephalia; porencephalic; porencephalitis; porencephalous; porencephaly; porfiromycin; Porges-Meier test; Porges method; Porges, Otto; porgy; pori; poria; porifera; poriferan; porime; porin; porins; poriomania; porion; porism; porite; pork tapeworm; porkwood; pornographic; pornography; pornolagnia; poro-; porocele; porocephaliasis; Porocephalidae; porocephalosis; Porocephalus; Porocephalus armillatus; poroconidium; porokeratosis; poroma; porosis; porosity; porospore; porotic; porous; porous disk; porphin; porphine; porphobilin; porphobilinogen; porphobilinogenase; porphobilinogen oxygenase; porphobilinogen synthase; porphobilinogen synthase porphyria; porphyria; porphyria, acute intermittent; porphyria cutanea tarda; porphyria cutanea tarda hereditaria; porphyria cutanea tarda symptomatica; porphyria, erythrohepatic; porphyria, erythropoietic; porphyria, hepatic; porphyria hepatica; porphyrin; porphyrin cytochrome c peroxidase; porphyrinogen carboxy-lyase; porphyrinogens; porphyrinopathy; porphyrins; porphyrinuria; porphyrism; porphyrite; porphyritic; porphyrization; porphyrogenitism; porphyromonas; porphyromonas gingivalis; porphyruria; porphyry; porpita; porpoise; porpoises; porporino; porrigo; porrigo decalvans; porrigo favosa; porrigo furfurans; porrigo larvalis; porrigo lupinosa; porrigo scutulata; Porro, Edoardo; Porro hysterectomy; Porro operation; port; porta; portable; portable radiography; portacaval; portacaval anastomoses; portacaval shunt; portacaval shunt, surgical; portage group; porta hepatis; portal; portal canals; portal circulation; portal cirrhosis; portal fissure; portal hypertension; portal hypertension: classification; portal hypophysial circulation; porta lienis; portal lobule of liver; portal pressure; portal pyaemia; portal system; portal-systemic anastomoses; portal-systemic encephalopathy; portal triad; portal vein; porta pulmonis; porta renis; portasystemic shunt; portasystemic shunt, surgical; portasystemic shunt, transjugular intrahepatic; portative; porte; porter; Porter, Curt; Porter's fascia; Porter-Silber chromogens test; Porter-Silber reaction; Porter, Thomas; Porter, William; portfire; portfolio; portio; portio intermedia; portio major nervi trigemini; portio minor nervi trigemini; portion; portioner; portionist; portio supravaginalis; portio vaginalis; portiplexus; porto-; portobilioarterial; portoenterostomy; portoenterostomy, hepatic; portogram; portography; portosystemic; portovenography; portrait; portraits; portress; portuary; portuguese; Portuguese-Azorean disease; portulaca; portulacaceous; port-wine mark; port-wine stain; porus; porus acusticus externus; porus acusticus internus; porus crotaphytico-buccinatorius; porus gustatorius; porus opticus; porus sudoriferus; Posadas, Alejandro; Posadas disease; position; position agnosia; positional; positional cloning; positional information; positional nystagmus; positional probability; positional vertigo of Barany; position effect; positioner; position sense; positive; positive accommodation; positive afterimage; positive afterpotential; positive anergy; positive control; positive convergence; positive cooperativity; positive electrode; positive electron; positive electrotaxis; positive end-expiratory pressure; positive, false; positive feedback; positive focal length; positive G; positive image; positive lens; positively; positively bathmotropic; positively dromotropic; positive meniscus; positive-negative pressure breathing; positive ocular; positive phase; positive-pressure respiration; positive-pressure respiration, intrinsic; positive rays; positive scotoma; positive stain; positive strand RNA viruses; positive supporting reactions; positive taxis; positive thermotaxis; positive transference; positron; positron emission tomography; posologic; posological; posology; possess; posset; possibility; possible; possibly; possum; post; post-abdomen; postacetabular; postadolescence; postadrenalectomy syndrome; post-aeration; postage stamp grafts; postal service; postanal; postanal gut; post and core technique; postanesthesia nursing; postanesthetic; postapoplectic; postarsphenamine jaundice; postaxial; postaxillary line; postbasic stare; postbrachial; postbulbar duodenal ulcers; postcapillary pulmonary hypertension; postcapillary venule; postcapillary venules; post-captain; postcardinal; postcardiotomy syndrome; postcava; postcaval; postcaval ureter; postcentral; postcentral area; postcentral artery; postcentral fissure; postcentral gyrus; postcentral sulcal artery; postcentral sulcus; postcholecystectomy syndrome; postchroming; postcibal; postclavicle; postclavicular; postcloacal gut; postcoital; postcoitus; postcomminion; postcommissure; postcommissurotomy syndrome; postcommunical part of anterior cerebral artery; postconcussion neurosis; postconcussion syndrome; postcordial; postcornu; postcostal; postcostal anastomosis; postcrown; postcubital; postdam; postdam area; postdiastolic; postdicrotic; postdiphtheritic; postdiphtheritic paralysis; postdormital; postdormitum; postdrive depression; postductal; postencephalitic; postencephalon; postentry; postepileptic; posterior; posterior alveolar artery; posterior ampullar nerve; posterior antebrachial cutaneous nerve; posterior antebrachial nerve; posterior antebrachial region; posterior anterior jugular vein; posterior aphasia; posterior arch of atlas; posterior articular surface of dens; posterior asynclitism; posterior atlanto-occipital membrane; posterior auricular artery; posterior auricular groove; posterior auricular muscle; posterior auricular nerve; posterior auricular plexus; posterior auricular vein; posterior axillary fold; posterior axillary line; posterior basal branch; posterior basal segment; posterior belly of digastric muscle; posterior border of eyelids; posterior border of fibula; posterior border of petrous part of temporal bone; posterior border of radius; posterior border of testis; posterior border of ulna; posterior brachial cutaneous nerve; posterior brachial region; posterior branches; posterior branch of great auricular nerve; posterior branch of inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery; posterior branch of lateral cerebral sulcus; posterior branch of obturator artery; posterior branch of obturator nerve; posterior branch of recurrent ulnar artery; posterior branch of renal artery; posterior branch of right branch of portal vein; posterior branch of right hepatic duct; posterior branch of right superior pulmonary vein; posterior branch of spinal nerves; posterior branch of superior thyroid artery; posterior caecal artery; posterior canaliculus of chorda tympani; posterior cardinal veins; posterior carpal region; posterior cells; posterior central convolution; posterior central gyrus; posterior centriole; posterior cerebellar notch; posterior cerebral artery; posterior cerebral commissure; posterior cervical intertransversarii muscles; posterior cervical intertransverse muscles; posterior chamber of eye; posterior choroidal artery; posterior choroiditis; posterior circumflex humeral artery; posterior column; posterior column cordotomy; posterior column of spinal cord; posterior communicating artery; posterior condyloid foramen; posterior conjunctival artery; posterior cord of brachial plexus; posterior coronary plexus; posterior costotransverse ligament; posterior cranial fossa; posterior cricoarytenoid ligament; posterior cricoarytenoid muscle; posterior cruciate; posterior cruciate ligament; posterior crural region; posterior crus of stapes; posterior cubital region; posterior cusp of atrioventricular valve; posterior cutaneous nerve of arm; posterior cutaneous nerve of forearm; posterior cutaneous nerve of thigh; posterior dental artery; posterior descending artery; posterior elastic layer; posterior embryotoxon; posterior ethmoidal air cells; posterior ethmoidal artery; posterior ethmoidal nerve; posterior extremity; posterior facial vein; posterior femoral cutaneous nerve; posterior focal point; posterior fontanel; posterior fossa tumours; posterior funiculus; posterior group of axillary lymph nodes; posterior horn; posterior humeral circumflex artery; posterior hypothalamic area; posterior hypothalamic nucleus; posterior hypothalamic region; posterior inferior cerebellar artery; posterior inferior cerebellar artery syndrome; posterior inferior iliac spine; posterior inferior nasal branches of greater palatine nerve; posterior intercondylar area of tibia; posterior intercostal arteries; posterior intercostal veins; posterior intermediate groove; posterior intermediate sulcus; posterior interosseous artery; posterior interosseous nerve; posterior interventricular artery; posterior interventricular groove; posterior intestinal portal; posterior intraoccipital joint; posterior intraoccipital synchondrosis; posteriority; posterior junction line; posterior knee region; posterior labial arteries; posterior labial commissure; posterior labial nerves; posterior labial veins; posterior lacrimal crest; posterior lateral nasal arteries; posterior layer of rectus abdominis sheath; posterior ligament of head of fibula; posterior ligament of incus; posterior ligament of knee; posterior limb of internal capsule; posterior limb of stapes; posterior limiting layer of cornea; posterior lip of uterine os; posterior lobe of hypophysis; posterior longitudinal bundle; posterior longitudinal ligament; posterior lunate lobule; posteriorly; posterior marginal vein; posterior medial nucleus of thalamus; posterior median fissure of spinal cord; posterior median fissure of the medulla oblongata; posterior median line; posterior median sulcus of medulla oblongata; posterior median sulcus of spinal cord; posterior mediastinal arteries; posterior mediastinal lymph nodes; posterior mediastinal mass; posterior mediastinum; posterior medullary velum; posterior meningeal artery; posterior meniscofemoral ligament; posterior myocardial infarction; posterior naris; posterior nasal spine; posterior neck region; posterior nephrectomy; posterior neuropore; posterior notch of cerebellum; posterior occipitoaxial ligament; posterior occlusion; posterior palatal seal; posterior palatal seal area; posterior palatine arch; posterior palatine foramina; posterior palatine spine; posterior pancreaticoduodenal artery; posterior parietal artery; posterior parolfactory sulcus; posterior parotid veins; posterior part; posterior part of the diaphragmatic surface of the liver; posterior pelvic exenteration; posterior perforated substance; posterior pericallosal vein; posterior periventricular nucleus; posterior peroneal arteries; posterior pillar of fauces; posterior pillar of fornix; posterior pituitary; posterior pole of eyeball; posterior pole of lens; posterior primary division; posterior probability; posterior process of septal cartilage; posterior process of talus; posterior pyramid of the medulla; posterior quadrigeminal body; posterior recess; posterior recess of tympanic membrane; posterior region of arm; posterior region of elbow; posterior region of forearm; posterior region of leg; posterior region of neck; posterior region of thigh; posterior rhinoscopy; posterior rhizotomy; posterior root; posteriors; posterior sacroiliac ligaments; posterior sacrosciatic ligament; posterior sagittal diameter; posterior scalene muscle; posterior scapular nerve; posterior scleritis; posterior sclerosis; posterior sclerotomy; posterior scrotal branch of internal pudendal artery; posterior scrotal nerves; posterior scrotal veins; posterior segment; posterior segmental artery of kidney; posterior segment of eyeball; posterior semicircular canals; posterior septal artery of nose; posterior spinal artery; posterior spinal sclerosis; posterior spinocerebellar tract; posterior staphyloma; posterior sternoclavicular ligament; posterior subcapsular cataract; posterior superior alveolar artery; posterior superior alveolar branches of maxillary nerve; posterior superior iliac spine; posterior superior lateral nasal branches of pterygopalatine ganglion; posterior superior medial nasal branches of pterygopalatine ganglion; posterior supraclavicular nerve; posterior surface; posterior surface of arm; posterior surface of cornea; posterior surface of elbow; posterior surface of eyelids; posterior surface of fibula; posterior surface of forearm; posterior surface of iris; posterior surface of kidney; posterior surface of leg; posterior surface of lens; posterior surface of lower limb; posterior surface of pancreas; posterior surface of petrous part of temporal bone; posterior surface of prostate; posterior surface of radius; posterior surface of shaft of humerus; posterior surface of suprarenal gland; posterior surface of thigh; posterior surface of tibia; posterior surface of ulna; posterior symblepharon; posterior synechia; posterior talar articular surface of calcaneus; posterior talofibular ligament; posterior talotibial ligament; posterior teeth; posterior temporal artery; posterior thalamic radiations; posterior thoracic nerve; posterior tibial artery; posterior tibial lymph node; posterior tibial muscle; posterior tibial node; posterior tibial recurrent artery; posterior tibial veins; posterior tibiofibular ligament; posterior tibiotalar ligament; posterior tibiotalar part of deltoid ligament; posterior tooth form; posterior triangle of neck; posterior tubercle of atlas; posterior tubercle of cervical vertebrae; posterior tympanic artery; posterior urethra; posterior urethral valves; posterior urethritis; posterior uveitis; posterior vaginal hernia; posterior vaginismus; posterior vein of left ventricle; posterior vein of septum pellucidum; posterior vertebral scalloping; posterior vitrectomy; posterior wall of middle ear; posterior wall of stomach; posterior wall of tympanic cavity; posterior wall of vagina; posterior white column of the spinal cord; posterity; posterius; postern; postero; posteroanterior; posteroanterior projection; posteroclusion; posteroexternal; posterointernal; posterolateral; posterolateral central arteries; posterolateral fissure; posterolateral fontanel; posterolateral groove; posterolateral sulcus; posteromedial; posteromedial central arteries; posteromedian; posteroparietal; posterosuperior; posterotemporal; posters; posteruption cuticle; postesophageal; postestrus; postexist; postexistence; postexistent; postextrasystolic pause; postextrasystolic T wave; postfebrile; postfrontal; postfurca; postganglionic; postganglionic fibres; postganglionic motor neuron; postgastrectomy syndrome; postgastrectomy syndromes; postglenoid; postglenoid foramen; posthemiplegic; posthemiplegic athetosis; posthemiplegic chorea; posthemorrhagic; posthemorrhagic anaemia; posthepatic; posthepatitic cirrhosis; posthetomy; posthioplasty; posthippocampal fissure; posthitis; postholith; posthumous; posthyoid; posthypnotic; posthypnotic amnesia; posthypnotic psychosis; posthypnotic suggestion; posthypoglycaemic hyperglycaemia; postictal; post-ictal state; posticus; posticus palsy; posticus paralysis; postil; post implant; postimplantation phase; postinfarction ventricular septal defect; postinfectious bradycardia; postinfectious myelitis; postinfectious polyneuritis; postinfectious psychosis; postinfluenzal; postischial; post-kala azar dermal leishmanoid; postlaminar part of optic nerve; postlingual deafness; postlingual fissure; postlude; postlunate fissure; postmalarial; post-marketing surveillance; postmastoid; postmature; postmature infant; postmaturity syndrome; postmedian; postmediastinal; postmediastinum; postmeiotic phase; postmeningitic hydrocephalus; postmenopausal; postmenopausal atrophy; postmenopause; postminimus; postmitotic phase; postmortem; postmortem changes; postmortem clot; postmortem delivery; postmortem examination; postmortem hypostasis; postmortem livedo; postmortem lividity; postmortem pustule; postmortem rigidity; postmortem suggillation; postmortem thrombus; postmortem tubercle; postmyocardial infarction pericarditis; postmyocardial infarction syndrome; postnares; postnarial; postnaris; postnasal; postnasal drip; postnatal; postnatal care; postnatal life; postnatal pit of the newborn; postnecrotic; postnecrotic cirrhosis; postneuritic; postnormal occlusion; postoblongata; postocular; postoperative; postoperative bronchopneumonia; postoperative care; postoperative complications; postoperative haemorrhage; postoperative parotiditis; postoperative period; postoperative pneumonia; postoperative pressure alopecia; postoperative tetany; postoral; postoral arches; postorbital; postpalatal seal; postpalatal seal area; postpalatine; postparalytic; postpartum; postpartum alopecia; postpartum amenorrhoea; postpartum cardiomyopathy; postpartum estrus; postpartum haemorrhage; postpartum hypertension; postpartum pituitary necrosis syndrome; postpartum psychosis; postpartum tetanus; postparturient haemoglobinuria; postperfusion lung; postpericardiotomy pericarditis; postpericardiotomy syndrome; postpharyngeal; postpharyngeal space; postphlebitic syndrome; postpliocene; postpneumonic; postpoliomyelitis syndrome; postprandial; postprandial lipaemia; postprandial pain; postprandial period; postprimary tuberculosis; postpubertal; postpuberty; postpubescent; postpyknotic; postpyloric sphincter; postpyramidal fissure; postreduction phase; postremission therapy; postrenal albuminuria; postrhinal fissure; postrolandic; postrubella syndrome; postsacral; postscapula; postscapular; postscarlatinal; postscript; postscutellum; postsphenoid; postsphenoid bone; postsphygmic; postsplenic; poststationary phase; post-steady state; post-stenotic dilation; poststeroid panniculitis; postsulcal part of tongue; postsynaptic; postsynaptic cell; postsynaptic membrane; postsynaptic potential; posttarsal; posttecta; post-temporal; postterior; post-term infant; posttertiary; postthetomy; postthrombotic syndrome; posttibial; postticous; post-tragus; posttranscriptional; post-transcriptional processing; posttranslational; post-translational modification; posttransverse; posttraumatic; posttraumatic arterial thrombosis; posttraumatic automatism; posttraumatic delirium; posttraumatic epilepsy; posttraumatic hydrocephalus; posttraumatic leptomeningeal cyst; posttraumatic neck syndrome; posttraumatic neurosis; posttraumatic osteoporosis; posttraumatic pericarditis; posttraumatic psychosis; posttraumatic stress; posttraumatic stress disorder; posttraumatic stress syndrome; posttraumatic syndrome; posttrematic; posttussis; posttussis suction sound; posttussive suction; post-tympanic; posttyphoid; postulate; postural; postural albuminuria; postural contraction; postural drainage; postural hypotension; postural ischemia; postural myoneuralgia; postural position; postural reflex; postural set; postural syncope; postural tremor; postural version; postural vertigo; posture; posture sense; posturography; postuterine; postvaccinal; postvaccinal encephalitis; postvaccinal encephalomyelitis; postvaccinal myelitis; postvalvar; postzygapophysis; posy; pot; potable; potable water; Potain; Potain's sign; potamian; potamography; potamology; potamophobia; potamospongiae; potash; potashes; potassa; potassamide; potassic; potassium; potassium-40; potassium-42; potassium-43; potassium acetate; potassium acid tartrate; potassium alum; potassium aminosalicylate; potassium antimonyltartrate; potassium atractylate; potassium bicarbonate; potassium bitartrate; potassium bromide; potassium channel; potassium channels; potassium chlorate; potassium chloride; potassium citrate; potassium compounds; potassium cyanide; potassium deficiency; potassium dichromate; potassium, dietary; potassium ferrocyanide; potassium gluconate; potassium guaiacolsulfonate; potassium hydroxide; potassium hypophosphite; potassium inhibition; potassium iodate; potassium iodide; potassium isotopes; potassium magnesium aspartate; potassium metaphosphate; potassium nitrate; potassium nitrate paper; potassium perchlorate; potassium permanganate; potassium phosphate; potassium radioisotopes; potassium rhodanate; potassium sodium tartrate; potassium sorbate; potassium sparing diuretics; potassium succinate; potassium sulfate; potassium sulfocyanate; potassium tartrate; potassium thiocyanate; potassoxyl; potato; potato dextrose agar; potatoes; potato lectin; potato nose; potato tumour of neck; pot curare; potelot; potency; potent; potential; potential energy; potentiality; potentially; potentiation; potentiator; potentiometer; potentiometric titration; potentiometry; potexvirus; pothole; potichomania; potichomanie; potion; potluck; Potomac horse fever; potoo; potoroo; potsdam group; potstone; pottassic; potter; Potter-Bucky diaphragm; Potter, Edith; Potter, Irving White; Potter's disease; Potter's facies; Potter's syndrome; Potter's version; potter syndrome; potting; pottle; potto; Pott's abscess; Potts' anastomosis; Pott's aneurysm; Potts' clamp; Pott's curvature; pott's disease; Pott's fracture; Pott's gangrene; Pott, Sir Percivall; Potts' operation; Pott's paralysis; Pott's paraplegia; Pott's puffy tumour; Potts, Willis; potyviridae; potyvirus; pouch; pouched; pouchitis; pouch of Douglas; pouch, pavlov; pouch-shell; POU domain; poudrage; poulpe; poultice; poultry diseases; poultry handler's disease; poultryman's itch; poultry products; pounce; pound; poundal; pound force; pound of steam; Poupart, Francois; poupart's ligament; Poupart's line; pourparty; pout; pouter; poverty; poverty areas; povidone; povidone-iodine; Powassan encephalitis; Powassan virus; powder; powdered gold; powdered ipecac; powdered opium; powdered stomach; powder-posted; powders; powen; power; powerable; power failure; powerful; power injector; power plants; power point; power source; powpow; powter; powwow; pox; Poxviridae; poxviridae infections; poxvirus; poxvirus officinalis; poyou; Pozzi; Pozzi's muscle; PP; pp46; PP5 protein-serine-threonine phosphatase; pp60; pp65 protein; ppb; PPCA; PPCF; PPD; p,p'-dichlorodiphenyl methyl carbinol; ppd test; PPi; PPIase; P-P interval; PPLO; ppm; PPM-1 beta-lactamase; PPO; PPPPPP; PPRibp; P protein; Ppu21IM methyltransferase; P-pulmonale; PQ; PQ-9; P-Q interval; Pr; Pr1 serine protease; PRA; practicable; practical; practical anatomy; practically; practical nurse; practical units; practice; practice guideline; practicer; practitioner; practolol; Prader, Andrea; prader-willi syndrome; praecava; praecoces; praecocial; praecommissure; praecoracoid; praecordia; praecordial; praecornu; praemorse; praenares; praenasal; praeoperculum; praeterist; praetexta; praetores; praezygapophysis; pragmatagnosia; pragmatamnesia; pragmatics; pragmatism; Prague manoeuvre; Prague pelvis; prairie; prairie conjunctivitis; prairie itch; praise; prajmaline; pralidoxime chloride; pralidoxime compounds; pramoxine hydrochloride; prance; prandial; prangos; prank; prase; praseodymium; praseolite; prasoid; prasterone; pratincole; Pratt; Pratt dilators; Pratt's symptom; Prausnitz; Prausnitz-Kustner antibody; Prausnitz-Kustner reaction; pravastatin; pravastatin sodium; prawn; praxinoscope; praxiology; praxis; praying; prazepam; praziquantel; prazosin; prazosin hydrochloride; pre-; preacher; preagonal; prealbumin; preanal; preanesthetic; preanesthetic medication; preantiseptic; preaortic; preaseptic; preataxic; preauricular; preauricular deep parotid lymph nodes; preauricular groove; preauricular point; preauricular sulcus; preauricular tag; preautomatic pause; preaxial; preaxillary line; pre-B lymphocyte; prebronchial; precaecal lymph nodes; precalciferol; precancer; precancerous; precancerous conditions; precancerous lesion; precancerous melanosis of Dubreuilh; precapillary; precapillary anastomosis; precapillary pulmonary hypertension; precardiac; precardinal; precarious; precartilage; precava; precedential; preceding; precentral; precentral area; precentral artery; precentral cerebellar vein; precentral gyrus; precentral sulcal artery; precentral sulcus; preceptial; preceptorship; preceptress; precervical sinus; precession; prechiasmatic sulcus; prechordal; prechordal plate; prechroming; precinct; precipice; precipitable; precipitant; precipitate; precipitated calcium carbonate; precipitated sulfur; precipitate labour; precipitating antibody; precipitating cause; precipitating factors; precipitation; precipitation curve; precipitation test; precipitin; precipitinogen; precipitinogenoid; precipitin reaction; precipitins; precipitin test; precipitin tests; precipitogen; precipitoid; precipitophore; precise; precision; precision attachment; precision rest; preclinical; preclinical studies; preclinical study; preclude; precoces; precocious; precocious puberty; precocity; precognition; precollagenous fibres; precommercial thinning; precommissural bundle; precommissural septal area; precommissural septum; precommunical part of anterior cerebral artery; preconception care; preconceptual counselling; preconceptual stage; preconization; preconize; preconscious; preconvulsive; precoracoid; precordia; precordial; precordial catch syndrome; precordial electrocardiography; precordialgia; precordial leads; precordium; precorneal film; precorrin-2 methyltransferase; precorrin-2 O-methyltransferase; precorrin-3 11-methyltransferase; precorrin-3 synthase; precorrin-4 methyltransferase; precorrin-5 methyltransferase; precorrin-6 methyltransferase; precorrin-6 reductase; precorrin 6x oxidoreductase; precostal; precostal anastomosis; precritical; precrural; precuneal; precuneal artery; precuneate; precuneus; precursor; precursory cartilage; predacean; predation; predator; predatory; predatory behaviour; predecidual; predentin; predestination; prediabetes; prediastole; prediastolic; predicant; predicrotic; predictive validity; predictive value; predictive value of tests; predigest; predigestion; predisponent; predispose; predisposing cause; predisposing factors; predisposition; predisposition analysis; prediverticular disease of colon; prednimustine; prednisolone; prednisolone butylacetate; prednisolone sodium phosphate; prednisolone, topical; prednisone; prednylidene; predominance; predominate; predormital; predormitum; predorsal; predorsal bundle; preductal; preeclampsia; preejection period; pre-embryo; preemption; preen; preen gland; preepiglottic; preeruptive; preexcitation; pre-excitation, mahaim-type; preexcitation syndrome; pre-excitation syndromes; preextraction record; preface; prefect; prefecundation; preferred direction; preferred provider organization; preferred provider organizations; prefloration; prefoliation; preformation; preformation theory; prefrontal; prefrontal area; prefrontal cortex; prefrontal leukotomy; prefrontal lobotomy; prefrontal veins; preganglionic; preganglionic fibres; preganglionic motor neuron; pregenital organization; pregenital phase; preglacial; pregnadienediols; pregnadienes; pregnadienetriols; pregnancy; pregnancy, abdominal; pregnancy, alcohol in; pregnancy-associated alpha-plasma protein; pregnancy-associated beta-plasma protein; pregnancy-associated esterase; pregnancy cells; pregnancy complications; pregnancy complications, cardiovascular; pregnancy complications, haematologic; pregnancy complications, infectious; pregnancy complications, neoplastic; pregnancy complications, parasitic; pregnancy danger from fifth disease; pregnancy danger from urinary tract infection; pregnancy diabetes; pregnancy disease of sheep; pregnancy, ectopic; pregnancy, ectopic, symptoms of; pregnancy, high-risk; pregnancy hormone; pregnancy in adolescence; pregnancy maintenance; pregnancy, multiple; pregnancy outcome; pregnancy planning; pregnancy, prolonged; pregnancy proteins; pregnancy rate; pregnancy reduction, multifetal; pregnancy-specific beta 1-glycoprotein; pregnancy tests; pregnancy toxaemia of sheep; pregnancy toxaemias; pregnancy trimester, first; pregnancy trimesters; pregnancy trimester, second; pregnancy trimester, third; pregnancy, tubal; pregnancy tumour; pregnancy, unwanted; pregnancy zone proteins; pregnane; pregnanediol; pregnanedione; pregnanediones; pregnanes; pregnanetriol; pregnanolone; pregnant; pregnantly; pregnant mare's serum gonadotropin; pregnatrienes; pregnene; pregnenediones; pregnenes; pregneninolone; pregnenolone; pregnenolone carbonitrile; pregranulosa cells; prehallux; prehelicine; prehemataminic acid; prehemiplegic; prehensile; prehension; prehnite; prehnitic; prehormone; prehyoid; prehyoid gland; preictal; preimplantation diagnosis; preimplantation phase; preinduction; preinfarction angina; preinfarction syndrome; preinterparietal bone; Preisz; Preisz-Nocard bacillus; prejudice; prekallikrein; prelacrimal; prelal; prelamin A endoprotease; prelaminar part of optic nerve; prelaryngeal; prelaryngeal lymph nodes; prelatess; preleptonema; preleptotene; preleukaemia; prelimbic; preliminary; preliminary impression; prelingual deafness; preload; prelogical mind; prelumbar; prelycopersene pyrophosphate synthetase; premalignant; premammary abscess; premaniacal; premature; premature beat; premature contact; premature contraction; premature contraction of the heart; premature delivery; premature labour; premature senility syndrome; premature systole; premature ventricular contraction; premature ventricular contractions; prematurity; premaxilla; premaxillary; premaxillary bone; premaxillary suture; premedication; premeiotic phase; premelanosome; premenopause; premenstrual; premenstrual oedema; premenstrual salivary syndrome; premenstrual syndrome; premenstrual tension; premenstrual tension syndrome; premenstruum; premices; premise; premitochondria; premitotic phase; premolar; premolar tooth; premonitory; premonocyte; premonstratensian; premorbid; premorse; premotor area; premotor cortex; premotor syndrome; premunition; premunitive; premyeloblast; premyelocyte; prenalterol; prenaris; prenasal; prenatal; prenatal care; prenatal diagnosis; prenatal exposure delayed effects; prenatal life; prenatal screening; prenazone; preneoplastic; prenodular fissure; Prentice; Prentice's rule; prenyl; prenylamine; prenylated peptide-specific endoprotease; prenylation; prenylcysteine lyase; preoblongata; preoccipital notch; preocular; pre-oedipal phase; preoperative; preoperative care; preoperative record; preopercular; preoperculum; preoptic; preoptic area; preoptic region; preoral; preoral gut; preorbital; preosteoblast; preoxygenation; prepaid health plans; prepalatal; prepapillary sphincter; preparalytic; preparation; preparative regimen; prepare; prepared chalk; prepared ipecacuanha; prepared mutton tallow; preparturient; prepatellar; prepatellar bursa; prepatellar bursitis; prepatent period; prepenial; prepenicillinase; prepericardiac lymph nodes; preperitoneal; prephenate aminotransferase; prephenate dehydratase; prephenate dehydrogenase; prephenic acid; prephytoene pyrophosphate dehydrogenase; prepiriform gyrus; preplacental; prepollent; preponderate; prepossess; preposterous; prepotency; prepotent; prepotential; preprocolipase; preprocollagen; preprocollagenase; preproinsulin; preprophase; preproprotein; preprostate urethral sphincter; preprotein; preprothrombin carboxylase; preprourokinase; prepsychotic; prepubertal; prepubescent; prepubic; prepubis; prepuce; prepuce of clitoris; preputial; preputial calculus; preputial glands; preputial sac; preputiotomy; preputium; preputium clitoridis; prepyloric; prepyloric sphincter; prepyloric vein; prepyramidal tract; prerectal; prerectal lithotomy; prereduced; prereduction phase; prerenal; prerenal albuminuria; preretinal; pre-ribosomal RNA endoribonuclease; pre-Rolandic artery; prerubral field; prerubral nucleus; presacral; presacral anaesthesia; presacral nerve; presacral neurectomy; presacral sympathectomy; presby-; presbyacousia; presbyacusis; presbyatrics; presbycusis; presbyope; presbyopia; presbyopic; presbytia; prescind; prescribe; prescribed burn; prescription; prescription drug; prescription fees; prescriptions, drug; prescriptions, non-drug; prescutum; presecretory granule; presenile; presenile dementia; presenile spontaneous gangrene; presenility; presenium; present; presentation; presentation, breech; presentation, footling; presentation, vertex; presentative; presentee; presenting symptom; presently; present value; preservation; preservative; preservatives, pharmaceutical; preservatory; preserve; preserver; presidency; presomite; presomite embryo; presphenoid; presphenoidal; presphenoid bone; presphygmic; prespinal; presplenic fold; prespondylolisthesis; prespore cell; press; presscapula; pression; pressiroster; pressirostral; pressor; pressor amine; pressor base; pressoreceptive; pressoreceptive mechanism; pressoreceptor; pressoreceptor nerve; pressoreceptor reflex; pressoreceptors; pressoreceptor system; pressor fibres; pressor nerve; pressor substance; pressosensitive; pressosensitivity; pressure; pressure alopecia; pressure amaurosis; pressure anaesthesia; pressure atrophy; pressure collapse; pressure-controlled respirator; pressure dressing; pressure epiphysis; pressure gangrene; pressure, intraocular; pressure palsy; pressure paralysis; pressure plethysmograph; pressure pneumothorax; pressure point; pressure reversal; pressure sense; pressure sore; pressure stasis; pressure urticaria; pressure-volume index; prestalk cell; pre-steady state; presternal notch; presternal region; presternum; prestriate area; presulcal part of tongue; presumptive region; presuppurative; presynaptic; presynaptic cell; presynaptic membrane; presynaptic receptor; presynaptic terminals; presystole; presystolic; presystolic gallop; presystolic murmur; presystolic thrill; pretarsal; pretecta; pretectal area; pretectal nucleus; pretectal region; pretectum; pretemporal; preterist; preterm infant; pretertiary; pretext; prethyroid; pretibial; pretibial fever; pretibial myxoedema; pretor; pretorium; pretracheal; pretracheal fascia; pretracheal layer; pretracheal lymph nodes; pretrematic; pretympanic; pretyrosine dehydratase; prevailing; prevalence; prevalence index; prevalence models; prevalent; prevaricate; prevenance; preventable; preventer; prevention; prevention of significant deterioration; preventive; preventive dentistry; preventive dose; preventive health services; preventive medicine; preventive psychiatry; preventive treatment; prevertebral; prevertebral fascia; prevertebral ganglia; prevertebral layer; prevertebral lymph nodes; prevertebral part of vertebral artery; prevesical; previllous chorion; previllous embryo; prevision; previus; prevotella; Prevotella disiens; prevotella intermedia; prevotella melaninogenica; Prevotella oralis; Prevotella oris; prezone; prezygapophysis; prezygonema; PRF; PRH; prian; priapism; priapulacea; priapus; Pribnow; Pribnow box; Price; priceite; Price-Jones; Price-Jones curve; price lists; prick; prick-eared; pricker; pricket; pricking; prickle; prickleback; prickle cell; prickle cell layer; pricklefish; prickly; prickly heat; prickmadam; prickwood; pride; prie; priest; priestess; Priestley; prill; prilocaine; prilocaine hydrochloride; prim; primacy; prima donna; primal; primal repression; primal scene; primaquine; primaquine phosphate; primaquine sensitivity; primary; primary adhesion; primary adrenocortical insufficiency; primary aerodontalgia; primary alcohol; primary aldosteronism; primary amenorrhoea; primary amoebic meningoencephalitis; primary amputation; primary amyloidosis; primary anaesthetic; primary antibody response; primary atelectasis; primary atypical pneumonia; primary biliary cirrhosis; primary brain tumour; primary brain vesicle; primary bronchus; primary butyl alcohol; primary carcinoma; primary cardiomyopathy; primary care; primary caries; primary cell; primary cell culture; primary cell wall; primary cementum; primary centre of ossification; primary choana; primary coccidioidomycosis; primary colour; primary complex; primary constriction; primary dental lamina; primary dentin; primary dentition; primary deviation; primary digestion; primary disease; primary dried yeast; primary drives; primary dysmenorrhoea; primary egg membrane; primary embryonic cell; primary energy; primary erythroblastic anaemia; primary extrapulmonary coccidioidomycosis; primary fissure of cerebellum; primary gain; primary generalised epilepsy; primary gout; primary haemorrhage; primary health care; primary herpetic stomatitis; primary HIV infection; primary homonym; primary hydrocephalus; primary hyperoxaluria and oxalosis; primary hyperparathyroidism; primary hypertension; primary hyperthyroidism; primary hypogammaglobulinaemia; primary hypogonadism; primary idiopathic macular atrophy; primary immune response; primary interatrial foramen; primary labial groove; primary lateral sclerosis; primary lymphedema; primary lymphoid tissue; primary lysosome; primary lysosomes; primary macular atrophy of skin; primary medical care; primary megaureter; primary meristem; primary mesoderm; primary metabolism; primary metabolite; primary methemoglobinaemia; primary myeloid metaplasia; primary narcissism; primary neurasthenia; primary neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin; primary neuronal degeneration; primary nodule; primary nondisjunction; primary nursing care; primary oocyte; primary organiser; primary ovarian follicle; primary palate; primary pentosuria; primary pigmentary degeneration of retina; primary point of ossification; primary prevention; primary process; primary producer; primary production; primary progressive cerebellar degeneration; primary pulmonary hypertension; primary pulmonary lobule; primary pyoderma; primary radiation; primary rays; primary reaction; primary refractory anaemia; primary reinforcement; primary rejection; primary renal calculus; primary renal tubular acidosis; primary reninism; primary sclerosing cholangitis; primary screw-worm; primary senile dementia; primary sequestrum; primary sex characters; primary shock; primary skin graft; primary sodium phosphate; primary spermatocyte; primary structure; primary syphilis; primary teeth; primary telangiectasia; primary tooth; primary transcript; primary tuberculosis; primary tumour; primary union; primary uterine inertia; primary vaccination; primary villus; primary visual area; primary visual cortex; primary vitreous; primase; primate; primate diseases; Primates; prime; primer; primer extension; primerite; primerole; primidone; primigravida; primine; priming; primipara; primiparity; primiparous; primipilar; primite; primitia; primitive; primitive aorta; primitive chorion; primitive costal arches; primitive erythroblast; primitive furrow; primitive groove; primitive gut; primitive knot; primitive meninx; primitive neuroectodermal tumour; primitive neuroectodermal tumours; primitive node; primitive palate; primitive perivisceral cavity; primitive pit; primitive reticular cell; primitive ridge; primitive streak; primogeniture; primordia; primordial; primordial cartilage; primordial cell; primordial cyst; primordial dwarfism; primordial germ cell; primordial gigantism; primordial kidney; primordial ovarian follicle; primordian; primordium; primosome; primrose; primula; primulaceous; primulin; primum mobile; primus; prince; prince edward island; princeps; princeps cervicis; princeps cervicis artery; princeps pollicis; princeps pollicis artery; princess; Princeteau; Princeteau's tubercle; princewood; principal; principal artery of thumb; principal focus; principal investigator; principal islets; principal optic axis; principal plane; principal point; principal sensory nucleus of the trigeminus; principal sensory nucleus of trigeminal nerve; principiation; principle; principle of inertia; P ring; Pringle, John; Pringle's disease; prinpriddle; print; P-R interval; printing; printzmetal's angina; Prinzmetal, Myron; Prinzmetal's angina; prion; prion diseases; prion protein; prions; prior; prior probability; priory; prism; prisma; prismata adamantina; prismatic; prismatical; prism bar; prism cover test; prism diopter; prism illuminator; prismr; prism vergence test; prison fever typhus; prisons; pristanoyl-CoA oxidase; pristinamycin IIA synthase; pristinamycin I synthetase; privacy; private; private blood group; private duty nurse; private hospital; private mutation; private nurse; private practice; private sector; privatization; privet; privet cough; privilege; privileged; privileged site; PRL; prn; Pro; pro-; proaccelerin; proacrosin; proacrosomal; proacrosomal granule; proactinium; proactivator; proactive inhibition; proadifen; proaemial; proal; proalbumin endoproteinase; proamnion; proatlas; probabilist; probability; probability curve; probability learning; probability sample; probability theory; probably; probacteriophage; proband; probe; probeagle; probenecid; probe patency; probe-pointed; probe syringe; probilifuscins; probiosis; probiotic; probiotics; probity; problem; problem area wetland; problem-based learning; problem-oriented record; problem solving; proboscidate; proboscidea; proboscidean; proboscidial; proboscidian; proboscidifera; proboscis; probract; Probstymayria vivipara; probucol; PROC; procainamide; procainamide hydrochloride; procaine; procaine esterase; procaine hydrochloride; procambium; procapsid; procarbazine; procarbazine hydrochloride; procarboxypeptidase; procarcinogens; procardia; Procaryotae; procaryote; procaryotic; procatarctic; procatarxis; procaterol; procedure; procelia; procellarian; procelous; procentriole; procentriole organiser; procephalic; procercoid; procerebrum; proceres; procerite; procerus; procerus muscle; process; process assessment; process heat; processing; procession; processional; processionary; process schizophrenia; processus; processus accessorius; processus alveolaris; processus anterior mallei; processus articularis; processus articularis superior ossis sacri; processus ascendens; processus brevis; processus calcaneus ossis cuboidei; processus caudatus; processus ciliaris; processus clinoideus; processus cochleariformis; processus condylaris; processus coracoideus; processus coronoideus; processus costalis; processus ethmoidalis; processus falciformis; processus ferreini; processus frontalis maxillae; processus frontalis ossis zygomatici; processus gracilis; processus intrajugularis; processus jugularis; processus lacrimalis; processus lateralis mallei; processus lateralis tali; processus lateralis tuberis calcanei; processus lenticularis incudis; processus mamillaris; processus mastoideus; processus maxillaris; processus medialis tuberis calcanei; processus muscularis cartilaginis arytenoidei; processus orbitalis; processus palatinus; processus papillaris; processus paramastoideus; processus posterior cartilaginis septi nasi; processus posterior tali; processus pterygoideus; processus pterygospinosus; processus pyramidalis; processus ravii; processus retromandibularis; processus retromandibularis glandulae parotidis; processus sphenoidalis; processus sphenoidalis cartilaginis septi nasi; processus spinosus; processus styloideus ossis metacarpalis III; processus styloideus ossis temporalis; processus styloideus radii; processus styloideus ulnae; processus supraepicondylaris humeri; processus temporalis; processus transversus; processus trochleariformis; processus trochlearis; processus uncinatus ossis ethmoidalis; processus uncinatus pancreatis; processus vaginalis of peritoneum; processus vaginalis ossis sphenoidalis; processus vaginalis peritonei; processus vermiformis; processus vocalis cartilaginis arytenoidei; processus xiphoideus; processus zygomaticus maxillae; processus zygomaticus ossis frontalis; processus zygomaticus ossis temporalis; procetofen; prochilia; prochilon; prochiral; prochirality; prochlorales; prochloron; prochlorophyte; prochlorothrix; prochlorperazine; prochondral; prochordal; prochordal plate; prochymosin; procidentia; procidentia uteri; proclavaminate amidino hydrolase; proclivous; procoele; procoelia; procoelian; procolipase; procollagen; procollagen aminoproteinase; procollagenase; procollagen carboxyproteinase; procollagen C-endopeptidase; procollagen-lysine, 2-oxoglutarate 5-dioxygenase; procollagen n-endopeptidase; procollagen peptidase; procollagen-proline dioxygenase; proconvertin; procreant; procreate; procreation; procreative; procris; procrit; proct-; proctagra; proctalgia; proctalgia fugax; proctatresia; proctectasia; proctectomy; proctencleisis; procteurynter; proctitis; procto-; proctocele; proctoclysis; proctococcypexy; proctocolectomy; proctocolectomy, restorative; proctocolitis; proctocolonoscopy; proctocolpoplasty; proctocystocele; proctocystoplasty; proctocystotomy; proctodaeum; proctodeal; proctodeum; proctodynia; proctoelytroplasty; proctologic; proctologist; proctology; proctoparalysis; proctoperineoplasty; proctoperineorrhaphy; proctopexy; proctophobia; proctoplasty; proctoplegia; proctopolypus; proctoptosia; proctorrhagia; proctorrhaphy; proctorrhoea; proctoscope; proctoscopy; proctosigmoid; proctosigmoidectomy; proctosigmoiditis; proctosigmoidoscope; proctosigmoidoscopy; proctospasm; proctostasis; proctostat; proctostenosis; proctostomy; proctotome; proctotomy; proctotresia; proctovalvotomy; proctucha; procumbent; procure; procuress; procursive chorea; procursive epilepsy; procurvation; procyclidine; procyclidine hydrochloride; procyclidine methochloride; procyon; prodigal; prodigiosin; prodigiozan; prodromal; prodromal period; prodromal stage; prodrome; prodromic; prodromic sign; prodromus; prodrug; prodrugs; produce; producer gas; product; product, gene; product inhibition; production; productive; productive inflammation; productive machine hours; productive peritonitis; productive pleurisy; productivity; product labeling; product line management; product-moment correlation; product packaging; product recovery; productress; product surveillance, postmarketing; productus; proeguminal; proelastase; proembryo; proencephalon; proenkephalin; proenzyme; proerythroblast; proerythrocyte; proestrogen; proestrum; proestrus; profenamine hydrochloride; profess; profession; professional autonomy; professional competence; professional corporations; professional-family relations; professional impairment; professional-patient relations; professional practice; professional practice location; professional review organizations; professional staff committees; professor; Profeta, Giuseppe; Profeta's law; profibrinolysin; proficient; profilactin; profile; profile record; profilin; profiling; profilometer; proflavine; proflavine (hemi)sulfate; proformiphen; profound hypothermia; profunda; profunda brachii artery; profunda femoris artery; profundus; profuse; profusion; progabide; progastrin; progelatinase; progenia; progenitalis; progenitor; progenitor cell; progenitor cell transplant; progenitress; progeny; progeria; progeria with cataract; progestational; progestational hormone; progestational hormones; progestational hormones, synthetic; progesterone; progesterone-11HS-horseradish peroxidase; progesterone 20-keto-reductase; progesterone-3-(O-carboxymethyl oxime)-horseradish peroxidase; progesterone 5 alpha-reductase; progesterone 5 beta-reductase; progesterone-6-hydroxylase; progesterone-binding globulin; progesterone receptor assay; progesterone reductase; progesterone unit; progestin; progestogen; proglossis; proglottid; proglottis; proglumide; prognathi; prognathic; prognathism; prognathous; progne; prognose; prognosis; prognostic; prognosticate; prognostician; progonoma; progonoma of jaw; prograde; program; program development; program evaluation; programmed cell death; programmed instruction; programmed timber harvest; programming languages; programming, linear; programs; progranulocyte; progress; progress curve; progression; progressive; progressive bacterial synergistic gangrene; progressive bulbar palsy; progressive bulbar paralysis; progressive cataract; progressive cerebellar tremor; progressive cerebral poliodystrophy; progressive choroidal atrophy; progressive circumscribed cerebral atrophy; progressive cleavage; progressive emphysematous necrosis; progressive familial scleroderma; progressive hypertrophic polyneuropathy; progressive infantile spinal muscular atrophy; progressive lipodystrophy; progressive massive fibrosis; progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy; progressive muscle relaxation; progressive muscular atrophy; progressive muscular dystrophy; progressive patient care; progressive pigmentary dermatosis; progressive pneumonia; progressive pneumonia virus; progressive processes; progressive spinal amyotrophy; progressive spinal muscular atrophy; progressive staining; progressive subcortical encephalopathy; progressive supranuclear palsy; progressive tapetochoroidal dystrophy; progressive torsion spasm; progressive vaccinia; progress zone; proguanil hydrochloride; prohibit; prohibitory; prohormone; prohormone thiol protease; proin; proinsulin; proiosystolia; project; projectile; projectile vomiting; projection; projection fibres; projection lens; projection perimeter; projection system; projective techniques; projective test; projector; Prokaryotae; prokaryote; prokaryotic; prokaryotic cell; prokaryotic cells; prolabial; prolabium; pro-lactase-phlorizin hydrolase; prolactin; prolactin cell; prolactin-inhibiting factor; prolactin-inhibiting hormone; prolactinoma; prolactin-producing adenoma; prolactin protease; prolactin release-inhibiting hormone; prolactin-releasing factor; prolactin-releasing hormone; prolactin unit; prolactoliberin; prolactostatin; prolamellar body; prolamin; prolamines; prolapse; prolapsed; prolapsed disk; prolapse of the corpus luteum; prolapse of the uterus; prolapse of umbilical cord; prolapsion; prolapsus; prolate; prolatum; prolective; proleg; prolepsis; proleptic; proleptical; proleptics; proleukocyte; prolidase; proliferate; proliferating cell nuclear antigen; proliferating pleurisy; proliferating systematised angioendotheliomatosis; proliferating tricholemmal cyst; proliferation; proliferation cyst; proliferation therapy; proliferative; proliferative arthritis; proliferative bronchiolitis; proliferative choroiditis; proliferative dermatitis; proliferative fasciitis; proliferative gingivitis; proliferative glomerulonephritis; proliferative inflammation; proliferative myositis; proliferative retinopathy; proliferin; proliferous; prolific; prolifical; prolification; prolificness; proligerous; proligerous disk; proligerous membrane; prolinase; proline; proline, 2-oxoglutarate 3-dioxygenase; proline aminopeptidase; proline-beta-naphthylamidase; proline dehydrogenase; proline dipeptidase; proline iminopeptidase; proline oxidase; proline permease; proline racemase; proline-specific dipeptidylcarboxypeptidase; Prolipase; prolixase; prolonged action tablet; prolyl; prolyl aminopeptidase; prolylglycine dipeptidase; prolyl hydroxylase; prolyl oligopeptidase; prolyl T RNA synthetase; prolymphocytic leukaemia; promanation; promastigote; promazine; promazine hydrochloride; promedol; promegaloblast; promegestone; promerops; promerphological; prometaphase; prometaphase banding; promethazine; promethazine hydrochloride; promethazine theoclate; promethea; promethean; promethestrol dipropionate; prometheus; promethium; prometryne; prominence; prominence of facial canal; prominence of lateral semicircular canal; prominence of venous valvular sinus; prominency; prominens; prominent; prominentia; prominentia canalis facialis; prominentia canalis semicircularis lateralis; prominentia laryngea; prominentia mallearis; prominentia spiralis; prominentia styloidea; prominent portal vein radicles; promitochondria; promonocyte; promontorium; promontorium cavi tympani; promontorium ossis sacri; promontory; promontory common iliac lymph nodes; promontory of the sacrum; promontory of tympanic cavity; promorphologist; promorphology; promoter; promoter insertion; promoter regions; promotion; prompt insulin zinc suspension; promuscis; promyelocyte; pronase; pronasion; pronate; pronation; pronation of foot; pronation of forearm; pronator; pronator quadratus; pronator reflex; pronator ridge; pronator teres; pronatus; prone; proneness; pronephric; pronephric duct; pronephric tubule; pronephron; pronephros; prone position; pronethalol hydrochloride; prong; prongbuck; pronghorn; pronograde; pronometer; pronormoblast; pronotum; pronounced; pronucleus; pro-ocytocin-neurophysin convertase; proof; proofreading; pro opimelanocortin; pro-opiomelanocortin; proostracum; prootic; pro-oxidants; prop; propafenone; propaganda; propagate; propagated thrombus; propagation; propagative; propagule; propagulum; propalinal; propamidine; propane; propanedioic acid; propanediol dehydratase; propanidid; propanil; propanoic acid; propanol; propanolamines; propanols; propanoyl; propantheline; propantheline bromide; proparacaine hydrochloride; proparathyroid hormone; propargyl; propatyl nitrate; proped; propene; propentdyopents; propenyl; propepsin; propeptone; proper; properdin; properdin factor A; properdin factor b; properdin factor d; properdin factor E; properdin system; proper fasciculi; proper hepatic artery; properitoneal; properitoneal inguinal hernia; proper ligament of ovary; proper occlusion; proper palmar digital artery; proper palmar digital nerves; proper plantar digital artery; proper plantar digital nerves; proper substance; property; prophage; prophase; prophase i; prophase II; prophasis; prophecy; prophenpyridamine maleate; prophet; prophetess; prophlogistic; prophragma; prophylactic; prophylactical; prophylactic cranial irradiation; prophylactic mastectomy; prophylactic membrane; prophylactic treatment; prophylaxis; prophyll; propicillin; propidene; propidium; propine; propinquity; propinyl; propiocortin; propiolactone; propiolate; propiolic; propionate; propionate-3-nitronate oxidase; propione; propionibacteriaceae; propionibacterium; propionibacterium acnes; Propionibacterium propionicus; propionic; propionic acid; propionic acidemia; propionic acids; propionyl; propionylcholinesterase; propionyl-CoA; propionyl-CoA carboxylase; propionyl CoA hydrolase; propionylglycine; propithecus; propitiation; propitocaine hydrochloride; proplasia; proplasmacyte; proplast; proplastid; propleg; proplexus; propodial; propodiale; propodite; propodium; propofol; propolis; proportion; proportional; proportional counter; proportional hazards models; proportional limit; proportionate infantilism; proposed; proposition; propositus; propound; propoxycaine; propoxyphene; propoxyphene hydrochloride; propoxyphene napsylate; propranolol; propranolol N-desisopropylase; proprietary; proprietary hospital; proprietary medicine; proprietary name; propriety; proprioception; proprioceptive; proprioceptive mechanism; proprioceptive-oculocephalic reflex; proprioceptive reflexes; proprioceptive sensibility; proprioceptor; propriospinal; proprotein; propterygium; proptometer; proptosis; proptotic; propulsion; propulsive; propyl; propylbenzilylcholine mustard; propylcarbinol; propylene; propylene glycol; propyl gallate; propylhexedrine; propyl hydroxybenzoate; propylic; propylidene; propyliodone; propylparaben; propylthiouracil; propyromazine; prorenal; pro re nata; prorenin; prorennin; prorhinal; prorsad; prorubricyte; pros; proscillaridin; proscolex; proscribe; proscription; prose; prosecretin; prosecretion granules; prosect; prosector; prosectorium; prosector's tubercle; prosector's wart; prosecutrix; prosemination; prosencephalic; prosencephalon; prosenchyma; proserum prothrombin conversion accelerator; prosimiae; prosiphon; Proskauer, Bernhard; prosnostic; prosobranch; prosobranchiata; prosocoele; prosocoelia; prosodemic; p-rosolic acid; prosoma; prosome; prosopagnosia; prosopagus; prosopalgia; prosopalgic; prosopectasia; prosoplasia; prosopo-; prosopoanoschisis; prosopocephala; prosopodiplegia; prosoponeuralgia; prosopopagus; prosopoplegia; prosopoplegic; prosoposchisis; prosopospasm; prosopothoracopagus; prosopulmonata; prospect; prospective payment assessment commission; prospective payment system; prospective, randomised, double-blind clinical trial; prospective studies; prospective study; prospectuses; prosper; prospermia; prospherosome; prosphysis; prospidium; prostacyclin; prostacyclin isomerase; prostacyclin synthetase; prostaglandin; prostaglandin antagonists; prostaglandin d2; prostaglandin E1; prostaglandin E1 monooxygenase; prostaglandin E2; prostaglandin-E2 9-reductase; prostaglandin endoperoxides; prostaglandin endoperoxides, synthetic; prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase; prostaglandin endoperoxide thromboxane isomerase; prostaglandin-E synthase; prostaglandin F2a; prostaglandin F2a tromethamine; prostaglandin-F synthase; prostaglandin R2 D-isomerase; prostaglandins; prostaglandins a; prostaglandins a, synthetic; prostaglandins b; prostaglandins d; prostaglandins e; prostaglandins e, synthetic; prostaglandins f; prostaglandins f, synthetic; prostaglandins g; prostaglandins h; prostaglandins, synthetic; prostanoic acid; prostanoic acids; prostanoids; prostat-; prostata; prostatalgia; prostate; prostate acid phosphatase; prostate anatomy; prostate cancer; prostate carcinoma; prostatectomy; prostate gland; prostate-specific antigen; prostatic; prostatic adenoma; prostatic calculus; prostatic catheter; prostatic ducts; prostatic ductules; prostatic fluid; prostatic hyperplasia; prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia; prostatic massage; prostaticovesical; prostaticovesical plexus; prostatic plexus; prostatic sheath; prostatic sinus; prostatic urethra; prostatic utricle; prostatic venous plexus; prostatism; prostatitis; prostato-; prostatocystitis; prostatodynia; prostatolith; prostatolithotomy; prostatomegaly; prostatomy; prostatorrhoea; prostatoseminalvesiculectomy; prostatotomy; prostatovesiculectomy; prostatovesiculitis; prosternation; prosternum; prosthecae; prostheon; prostheses and implants; prosthesis; prosthesis colouring; prosthesis design; prosthesis failure; prosthesis fitting; prosthesis implantation; prosthesis-related infections; prosthetic; prosthetic dentistry; prosthetic group; prosthetics; prosthetic valves; prosthetist; prosthetophacos; prosthion; prosthodontia; prosthodontics; prosthodontist; Prosthogonimus macrorchis; prosthokeratoplasty; prostitute; prostitution; prostomial mesoderm; prostomium; prostrate; prostration; protactinium; protagon; protalbumose; protamin; protaminase; protamine; protamine kinase; protamines; protamine sulfate; protamine zinc insulin; protandric; protandrous; protanomaly; protanopia; proteaceous; protean; protease; protease inhibitor; protease inhibitors; protease nexin; proteases; proteasome; protection; protection test; protective; protective agents; protective block; protective clothing; protective colloid; protective devices; protective laryngeal reflex; protective protein; protective spectacles; protective zone; protector; protectrix; Proteeae; proteid; proteidae; proteidea; proteiform; protein; protein 4.1; protein A; protein A24 lyase; proteinaceous; proteinaceous infectious particle; protein activator, aminolevulinic acid synthetase; protein acyl kinase; protein acyltransferase; protein-arginine n-methyltransferase; proteinase; proteinase inhibitor inducing factor; protein binding; protein-bound iodine; protein-bound iodine test; protein c; protein-calorie malnutrition; protein c deficiency; protein c inhibitor; protein conformation; protein crystallization; protein-D-aspartate methyltransferase; protein deficiency; protein disulfide-isomerase; protein disulfide reductase (glutathione); protein-energy malnutrition; protein engineering; protein factor; protein fever; protein folding; protein G; protein geranylgeranyltransferase; protein-glutamine gamma-glutamyltransferase; protein-histidine kinase; protein hybridization; protein hydrolysate; protein isoprenylation; protein kinase; protein kinase B kinase; protein kinase c; protein kinases; protein-losing enteropathies; protein-losing enteropathy; protein-lysine 6-oxidase; protein malnutrition; protein metabolism; protein methylesterase; protein methyltransferases; protein NH2-terminal asparagine deamidase; protein-N-pi-phosphohistidine - sugar phosphotransferase; protein N-terminal acetyltransferase; proteinogenic; proteinoid droplet; proteinoids; protein o-methyltransferase; proteinoplast; proteinosis; protein p16; protein p34cdc2; protein p53; protein phosphatases; protein processing, post-translational; protein-proline kinase; protein quotient; proteins; protein S; protein s deficiency; protein sequencing; protein-serine-threonine kinases; protein-serine-threonine phosphatase; protein shock; protein shock therapy; protein-S-isoprenylcysteine O-methyltransferase; protein splicing; protein status; protein structure; protein structure, secondary; protein structure, tertiary; protein synthesis; protein synthesis inhibitor; protein targeting; protein-tyrosine kinase; protein-tyrosine-phosphatase; proteinuria; protein Zero; proteles; protensity; proteo-; proteochondroitin sulfates; proteoclastic; proteogenic; proteoglycan; proteoglycanase; proteoglycan I; proteoglycans; Proteoheparan sulphate; proteohormone; proteolipid protein; proteolipids; proteolysis; proteolytic; proteolytic enzyme; proteometabolic; proteometabolism; Proteomyxidia; proteopectic; proteopepsis; proteopexis; proteose; proterandrous; proterandry; proteranthous; proteroglypha; proterogynous; proterosaurus; protestant; protestantism; Proteus; Proteus inconstans; proteus infections; proteus mirabilis; Proteus morganii; Proteus rettgeri; proteus syndrome; proteus vulgaris; prothallium; prothallus; prothesis; prothionamide; prothipendyl; prothoracic; prothoracic glands; prothorax; prothrobin; prothrombase; prothrombin; prothrombin accelerator; prothrombin and proconvertin test; prothrombinase; prothrombin deficiency; prothrombinogen; prothrombinopenia; prothrombin test; prothrombin time; prothrombokinase; prothyalosoma; prothyalosome; prothymia; protide; protirelin; protist; Protista; protistologist; protistology; protiston; protium; proto-; protoactinium; protoalbumose; protoalkaloid; protobe; protobiology; protocatechuate 2,3-dioxygenase; protocatechuate-3,4-dioxygenase; protocatechuic; protocatechuic acid; protocercal; protochlorophyllide; protochordal knot; protococcus; protocol; protoconch; protocone; protoconid; protocoproporphyria; protocoproporphyria hereditaria; Protoctista; protoderm; protodiastolic; protoduodenum; protoerythrocyte; protofilament; protogen; protogine; protogonoplasm; protogynous; protogyny; protohippus; protokylol hydrochloride; protoleukocyte; protolignin; protolysate; protolysosome; protomartyr; protomer; protomerite; protometrocyte; protomorphic; proton; proton acceptor; proton ATPase; proton donor; protonema; protoneuron; proton-motive force; protonophore; protonotary; proton pump; proton pump inhibitor; protons; proto-oncogene; proto-oncogene protein p21(ras); proto-oncogene protein pp60(c-src); proto-oncogene proteins; proto-oncogene proteins c-abl; proto-oncogene proteins c-bcl-2; proto-oncogene proteins c-erbb-2; proto-oncogene proteins c-fos; proto-oncogene proteins c-jun; proto-oncogene proteins c-kit; proto-oncogene proteins c-met; proto-oncogene proteins c-mos; proto-oncogene proteins c-myc; proto-oncogene proteins c-raf; proto-oncogenes; protoorganism; protopapas; protopathic; protopathic sensibility; protopectin; protopectinase; protophyte; protophytology; protopianoma; protopine; protoplasm; protoplasmic; protoplasmic astrocyte; protoplasmic astrocytoma; protoplasmic movement; protoplasmolysis; protoplast; protoplasta; protopodite; protopope; protoporphyria; protoporphyrin; protoporphyrinogen type III; protoporphyrinogen type III oxidase; protoporphyrins; protoporphyrin type III; protoproteose; protopterus; protosalt; protosilicate; protosomite; protospore; protostoma; protostome; Protostrongylus rufescens; protosulfate; protosulphide; protosulphuret; prototaxic; prototheca; protothecosis; prototheria; prototracheata; prototroph; prototrophic; prototrophic strains; prototrophism; prototype; protoveratrine A and B; protoveratrines; protovertebra; protovertebral; protoxide; protoxidize; Protozoa; protozoal; protozoan; protozoan cyst; protozoan infections; protozoan infections, animal; protozoan proteins; protozoan vaccines; protozoiasis; protozoic; protozoicide; protozoologist; protozoology; protozoon; protozoonite; protozoophage; protracheata; protract; protraction; protractor; pro-transforming growth factor-alpha processing protease; protriptyline; protriptyline hydrochloride; protrude; protruded disk; protruding teeth; protrusio acetabuli; protrusion; protrusive excursion; protrusive interocclusal record; protrusive jaw relation; protrusive occlusion; protrusive position; protrusive record; protrusive relation; protrypsin; protuberance; protuberant abdomen; protuberantia; protuberantia laryngea; protuberantia mentalis; protuberantia occipitalis externa; protuberantia occipitalis interna; protureter; protyle; protyrosinase; proud; proud flesh; prourokinase; proustite; Proust, Louis; Proust's law; Proust's space; Proust, T; provacuole; provant; prove; provenance; provender; proventricle; proventriculus; proventriulus; provertebra; provessel; provide; provided; providence; providencia; Providencia alcalifaciens; Providencia rettgeri; Providencia stuartii; provident; providore; province; provincial; provine; provirus; proviruses; provision; provisional; provisional callus; provisional cortex; provisional denture; provisional ligature; provisionally; provisional prosthesis; provisionary; provisor; provisory; provitamin; provitamin A; provitamin D2; provitamin D3; provocation; provocation typhoid; provocative test; provocative Wassermann test; provost; Prowazek bodies; Prowazek-Greeff bodies; Prowazekia; Prowazek, Stanislas von; Prower; proxaemics; proximad; proximal; proximal border of nail; proximal caries; proximal centriole; proximal contact; proximal femoral focal deficiency; proximal interphalangeal joints; proximalis; proximally; proximal radioulnar articulation; proximal radioulnar joint; proximal small bowel disease; proximal spiral septum; proximal tibiofibular joint; proximal urethral sphincter; proximate; proximate analysis; proximate cause; proximate principle; proximity; proximo-; proximoataxia; proximobuccal; proximolabial; proximolingual; proxy; proxy, health care; proxymetacaine hydrochloride; prozac; prozapine; prozone; prozygosis; prozymogen granule; PrP; prp 27-30 protein; prpc proteins; PRPP; PRPP synthetase; prpsc proteins; P-R segment; pr status; Prt1 protease; PrtA metalloprotease; PrtB metalloprotease; PrtG metalloprotease; prude; prudence; prudent; prudential; prudish; pruinose; prunasin hydrolase; prune; prune belly; prune belly syndrome; prune-juice expectoration; prune-juice sputum; prunella; prunelle; pruner; pruning; prunus; Prunus virginiana; pruriginous; prurigo; prurigo aestivalis; prurigo agria; prurigo ferox; prurigo gestationis; prurigo infantilis; prurigo mitis; prurigo nodularis; prurigo simplex; pruritic; pruritis; pruritus; pruritus aestivalis; pruritus ani; pruritus balnea; pruritus hiemalis; pruritus senilis; pruritus vulvae; Prussak, Alexander; Prussak's fibres; Prussak's pouch; Prussak's space; prussian; Prussian blue; prussian blue reaction; Prussian blue stain; prussiate; prussic; prussic acid; prutenic; pryan; PSA; psalmist; psalmograph; psalmographer; psalmographist; psalmography; psalter; psalterial; psalterial cord; psalterium; psammite; psammo-; psammocarcinoma; psammoma; psammoma bodies; psammomatous; psammomatous meningioma; psammous; psarolite; Psaume; PSD; pselaphesis; p-selectin; psellism; pseudacromegaly; pseudaesthesia; pseudagraphia; pseudalbuminuria; pseudallescheria; Pseudallescheria boydii; pseudallescheriasis; Pseudamphistomum; pseudangina; pseudankylosis; pseudaphia; pseudarthrosis; pseudelminth; pseudembryo; pseudepigraphic; pseudepigraphous; pseudepigraphy; pseudesthesia; pseudhaemal; pseudinoma; pseudo-; pseudoacanthosis nigricans; pseudoacephalus; pseudo-achalasia; pseudoachondroplasia; pseudoachondroplastic spondyloepiphysial dysplasia; pseudoactinomycosis; pseudoaddiction; pseudoagglutination; pseudoagrammatism; pseudoagraphia; pseudo-ainhum; pseudoalbuminuria; pseudoalkaloids; pseudoallelic; pseudoallelism; pseudo-alopecia areata; pseudoanaemia; pseudoanaphylactic; pseudoanaphylactic shock; pseudoanaphylaxis; pseudoaneurysm; pseudoangina; pseudoangiosarcoma; pseudoanodontia; pseudoapoplexy; pseudoappendicitis; pseudoapraxia; pseudoarthrosis; pseudoataxia; pseudoauthenticity; pseudobacillus; pseudobacteria; pseudobacterium; pseudoblepsis; pseudobranch; pseudobranchia; pseudo-bulb; pseudobulbar; pseudobulbar paralysis; pseudocarp; pseudocartilage; pseudocartilaginous; pseudocast; pseudocatalase; pseudocele; pseudocelom; pseudocephalocele; pseudochancre; pseudo-china; pseudocholinesterase; pseudocholinesterase deficiency; pseudochorea; pseudochromesthesia; pseudochromidrosis; pseudochylous; pseudochylous ascites; pseudocirrhosis; pseudoclonus; pseudocoarctation; pseudocoarctation of the aorta; pseudocoel; pseudocoelia; pseudocoelomate; pseudocolloid; pseudocolloid of lips; pseudocollusion; pseudocoma; pseudo-cone; pseudocowpox; pseudocowpox virus; pseudocoxalgia; pseudocrisis; pseudocroup; pseudocryptorchism; pseudocumene; pseudocumol; pseudocyesis; pseudocylindroid; pseudocyst; pseudodeciduosis; pseudodementia; pseudodextrocardia; pseudodiabetes; pseudodiastolic; pseudodigitoxin; pseudodiphtheria; pseudodipsia; pseudodiverticulum; pseudodysentery; pseudoedema; pseudoephedrine hydrochloride; pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia; pseudoerysipelas; pseudoesthesia; pseudoexfoliation; pseudoexfoliative capsular glaucoma; pseudofilaria; pseudofluctuation; pseudofolliculitis; pseudofracture; pseudofructose; pseudofusion beat; pseudogalena; pseudoganglion; pseudo-Gaucher cell; pseudogene; pseudogenes; pseudogeusesthesia; pseudogeusia; pseudoglanders; pseudoglioma; pseudoglobulin; pseudoglomerulus; pseudoglucosazone; pseudogout; pseudo-Graefe sign; pseudo-Graefe's phenomenon; pseudograph; pseudography; pseudogynaecomastia; pseudohalter; pseudo-heart; pseudohematuria; pseudo-hemianopia; pseudohemoptysis; pseudohermaphrodite; pseudohermaphroditism; pseudohernia; pseudoheterotopia; pseudo-Hurler disease; pseudo-Hurler polydystrophy; pseudohydrocephaly; pseudohydronephrosis; pseudohyperkalaemia; pseudohyperparathyroidism; pseudohypertelorism; pseudo-hyperthophic; pseudohypertrophic; pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy; pseudohypertrophy; pseudohypha; pseudohypoaldosteronism; pseudohyponatraemia; pseudohypoparathyroidism; pseudoicterus; pseudoileus; pseudoinfarction; pseudoinfluenza; pseudointraligamentous; pseudoisochromatic; pseudoisoenzymes; pseudojaundice; pseudokeratin; pseudolamina; pseudolepromatous leishmaniasis; pseudolipoma; pseudolithiasis; pseudologia; pseudology; pseudolymphocyte; pseudolymphocytic choriomeningitis virus; pseudolymphoma; pseudolysogenic; pseudolysogenic strain; pseudolysogeny; pseudomalignancy; pseudomamma; pseudomania; pseudomasturbation; pseudomegacolon; pseudomelanosis; pseudomembrane; pseudomembranous; pseudomembranous bronchitis; pseudomembranous colitis; pseudomembranous conjunctivitis; pseudomembranous enteritis; pseudomembranous enterocolitis; pseudomembranous gastritis; pseudomembranous inflammation; pseudomeningitis; pseudomenstruation; pseudometaplasia; pseudomnesia; pseudomonad; pseudomonadaceae; Pseudomonas; Pseudomonas acidovorans; pseudomonas aeruginosa; Pseudomonas aeruginosa staphylolytic protease; Pseudomonas cepacia; Pseudomonas cytochrome oxidase; Pseudomonas diminuta; pseudomonas fluorescens; pseudomonas infections; Pseudomonas mallei; Pseudomonas maltophilia; pseudomonas phages; Pseudomonas piscicida; Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes; Pseudomonas pseudomallei; pseudomonas putida; Pseudomonas putrefaciens; Pseudomonas serine proteinase; Pseudomonas stutzeri; Pseudomonas vesicularis; pseudo-monocotyledonous; pseudomonomolecular; pseudomorph; pseudomorphism; pseudomorphous; pseudomucinous cyst; pseudomycelium; pseudomyopia; pseudomyxoma; pseudomyxoma peritonei; pseudonarcotic; pseudonavicella; pseudonavicula; pseudoneoplasm; pseudoneurogenic bladder; pseudoneuroma; pseudoneuroptera; pseudoneuropterous; pseudoneurotic schizophrenia; pseudonit; pseudo-osteomalacia; pseudo-osteomalacic; pseudo-osteomalacic pelvis; pseudopapilledema; pseudoparalysis; pseudoparaplegia; pseudoparasite; pseudoparenchyma; pseudoparesis; pseudopelade; pseudopelade of Brocq; pseudopericarditis; pseudoperitonitis; pseudoperoxidase; pseudophacos; pseudophakia; pseudophakodonesis; pseudophlegmon; pseudophotesthesia; pseudophyllid; Pseudophyllidea; pseudoplastic fluid; pseudoplatelet; pseudoplegia; pseudopocket; pseudopod; pseudopodia; pseudopodium; pseudopolydystrophy; pseudopolyp; pseudoporphyria; pseudopregnancy; pseudoprognathism; pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism; pseudo psychosis; pseudopterosins; pseudopterygium; pseudoptosis; pseudopuberty; pseudopupa; pseudorabies; pseudorabies virus; pseudoreaction; pseudoreplica; pseudoretinitis pigmentosa; pseudorhabdite; pseudorheumatism; pseudorickets; pseudorosette; pseudorubella; pseudosarcoma; pseudosarcomatous fasciitis; pseudoscarlatina; pseudosclerosis; pseudoscope; pseudoscopic; pseudoscorpiones; pseudoseizure; pseudosmallpox; pseudosmia; pseudospatial gradient sensing; pseudosphere; pseudospore; pseudostella; Pseudostertagia bullosa; pseudostoma; pseudostrabismus; pseudostratified epithelium; pseudo-symmetric; pseudo-symmetry; pseudotabes; pseudotetramera; pseudotinea; pseudotrichinosis; pseudotruncus arteriosus; pseudotubercle; pseudotubercular yersiniosis; pseudotuberculosis; pseudotubular degeneration; pseudotumour; pseudotumour cerebri; pseudoturbinal; pseudounimolecular; pseudounipolar cell; pseudounipolar neuron; pseudouridine; pseudouridine 746-32 synthase; pseudovacuole; pseudovariola; pseudovary; pseudoventricle; pseudovitamin; pseudovitamin B12; pseudovivipary; pseudovomiting; pseudovum; pseudoxanthoma cell; pseudoxanthoma elasticum; pseuodoparalysis, spastic; psi; psia; psicose; psi factor; psig; psilocin; Psilocybe; psilocybin; psilocybine; psilology; psilomelane; psilopaedes; psilopaedic; psilosis; psilothin; psilotic; P-sinistrocardiale; psi phenomenon; P site; psittaceous; psittaci; psittacid; psittacine; psittacosis; psittacosis inclusion bodies; psittacosis virus; psoas; psoas abscess; psoas major; psoas margin; psoas minor muscle; psoas muscles; psomophagia; psora; psoralen; psoralens; psoralen synthase; psorelcosis; psorenteritis; Psorergates; psoriasic; psoriasiform; psoriasis; psoriasis annularis; psoriasis arthropica; psoriasis circinata; psoriasis diffusa; psoriasis discoidea; psoriasis geographica; psoriasis guttata; psoriasis gyrata; psoriasis inveterata; psoriasis nummularis; psoriasis orbicularis; psoriasis ostreacea; psoriasis punctata; psoriasis rupioides; psoriasis spondylitica; psoriasis universalis; psoriatic; psoriatic arthritis; psoric; psoroid; Psoroptes; psoroptic acariasis; psoroptic mange; psorosperm; psorous; PSP; PspPI DNA methyltransferase; p-sulfamylacetanilide; psych-; psychagogic; psychagogue; psychagogy; psychal; psychalgalia; psychalgia; psychalia; psychanopsia; psychataxia; psyche; psychedelic; psychedelic drug; psychedelic therapy; psychentonia; psychian; psychiatria; psychiatric; psychiatric aides; psychiatric department, hospital; psychiatric nursing; psychiatrics; psychiatric somatic therapies; psychiatric status rating scales; psychiatric trend; psychiatrist; psychiatry; psychic; psychical; psychic blindness; psychic contagion; psychic determinism; psychic energy; psychic force; psychic impotence; psychic inertia; psychic overtone; psychic seizure; psychic tic; psychism; psycho-; psychoacoustics; psychoactive; psychoallergy; psychoanalysis; psychoanalyst; psychoanalytic; psychoanalytic interpretation; psychoanalytic psychiatry; psychoanalytic psychotherapy; psychoanalytic situation; psychoanalytic theory; psychoanalytic therapy; psychoauditory; psychobiology; psychocardiac reflex; psychocatharsis; psychochrome; psychochromesthesia; psychodelic; psychodiagnosis; psychodidae; psychodometry; psychodrama; psychodynamics; psychodysleptic drug; psychoendocrinology; psychoexploration; psychogalvanic; psychogalvanic reaction; psychogalvanic reflex; psychogalvanic response; psychogalvanometer; psychogender; psychogenesis; psychogenic; psychogenic deafness; psychogenic nocturnal polydipsia; psychogenic nocturnal polydipsia syndrome; psychogenic pain; psychogenic pain disorder; psychogenic polydipsia; psychogenic purpura; psychogenic seizure; psychogenic torticollis; psychogenic tremor; psychogenic vomiting; psychogeny; psychogeusic; psychogogic; psychographic; psychography; psychohistory; psychoimmunology; psychokinesis; psychokym; psycholagny; psycholepsy; psycholeptic; psycholinguistics; psychologic; psychological; psychological dependence; psychological phenomena and processes; psychological techniques; psychological tests; psychological theory; psychological warfare; psychologist; psychologue; psychology; psychology, applied; psychology, clinical; psychology, comparative; psychology, educational; psychology, experimental; psychology, industrial; psychology, medical; psychology, military; psychology, social; psycholytic drug; psychomachy; psychomancy; psychometrics; psychometry; psychomotor; psychomotor agitation; psychomotor disorders; psychomotor epilepsy; psychomotor performance; psychomotor retardation; psychomotor seizure; psychomotor tests; psychoneuroimmunology; psychoneurosis; psychoneurosis maidica; psychoneurotic; psychonomic; psychonomy; psychonosology; psychonoxious; psycho-oncology; psychopannychism; psychopath; psychopathic; psychopathic personality; psychopathist; psychopathologist; psychopathology; psychopathy; psychopharmaceuticals; psychopharmacology; psychophysical; psychophysics; psychophysiologic; psychophysiologic disorders; psychophysiologic manifestation; psychophysiology; psychopomp; psychoprophylaxis; psychorelaxation; psychormic; psychorrhoea; psychorrhythmia; psychosensory; psychosensory aphasia; psychoses, alcoholic; psychoses, substance-induced; psychosexual; psychosexual development; psychosexual disorders; psychosexual dysfunction; psychosine; psychosis; psychosis, schizophrenia; psychosocial; psychosocial deprivation; psychosocial intervention; psychosomatic; psychosomatic disorder; psychosomatic illness; psychosomatic medicine; psychosomimetic; psychostimulant; psychosurgery; psychosynthesis; psychotechnics; psychotherapeutic; psychotherapeutic processes; psychotherapeutics; psychotherapist; psychotherapy; psychotherapy, brief; psychotherapy, group; psychotherapy, multiple; psychotherapy, rational-emotive; psychotic; psychotic disorders; psychotic manifestation; psychotogen; psychotogenic; psychotomimetic; psychotomimetic drug; psychotropic; psychotropic agent; psychotropic drug; psychotropic drugs; psychozoic; psychro-; psychroalgia; psychroesthesia; psychrometer; psychrometrical; psychrometry; psychrophile; psychrophilic; psychrophobia; psychrophore; psychrotolerant; psylla; psyllium; psyllium husk; psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid; psyllium seed; PT; PTA; PTAH; ptarmic; ptarmigan; ptarmus; PTA stain; PTC; PTCA; PTC protein; Ptd; PtdCho; PtdEth; PtdIns; PtdIns(4,5)P2; PtdSer; PTE; PTEA; ptenoglossa; ptenoglossate; P-TEN phosphatase; pter-; pteranodon; pteranodontia; pterichthys; pteridine; pteridologist; pteridology; pteridomania; Pteridophyta; pteridophyte; pterin; pterin-4a-carbinolamine dehydratase; pterin deaminase; pterion; pterobranchia; pteroceras; pterocletes; pterodactyl; pterodactyli; pteroglossal; pteroic acid; pteron; pteropappi; pterophore; pteropod; pteropoda; pteropodous; pteropterin; pterosaur; pterosauria; pterosaurian; pterostigma; pterotic; pteroylmonoglutamic acid; pteroyl polyglutamate hydrolase; pteroylpolyglutamate synthase; pteroylpolyglutamic acids; pteroyltriglutamic acid; p-terphenyl; pterygium; pterygium colli; pterygium syndrome; pterygium unguis; pterygo-; pterygoid; pterygoid branch of maxillary artery; pterygoid canal; pterygoid chest; pterygoid depression; pterygoid fissure; pterygoid fossa; pterygoid fovea; pterygoid hamulus; pterygoid laminae; pterygoid muscles; pterygoid nerve; pterygoid notch; pterygoid pit; pterygoid plates; pterygoid plexus; pterygoid process; pterygoid ridge of sphenoid bone; pterygoid tubercle; pterygoid tuberosity; pterygomandibular; pterygomandibular ligament; pterygomandibular raphe; pterygomandibular space; pterygomaxillare; pterygomaxillary; pterygomaxillary fissure; pterygomaxillary fossa; pterygomaxillary notch; pterygopalatine; pterygopalatine canal; pterygopalatine fossa; pterygopalatine ganglion; pterygopalatine groove; pterygopalatine nerves; pterygopharyngeal part of superior constrictor muscle of pharynx; pterygopodium; pterygoquadrate; pterygospinal ligament; pterygospinous ligament; pterygospinous process; pteryla; pterylography; pterylosis; PTF; PTH; PTHC; pthiriasis; pthiriasis capitis; pthiriasis corporis; pthiriasis pubis; Pthirus; Pti1 kinase; ptilocerque; ptilopaedes; ptilopaedic; ptilopteri; ptilosis; ptisan; PtK2 cell; PTMA; ptolemaic; ptomainaemia; ptomaine; ptomatine; ptomatropine; ptosed; ptosis; ptosis adiposa; ptosis sympathetica; ptotic; ptotic organ; PTT; PTU; ptyal-; ptyalagogue; ptyalectasis; ptyalin; ptyalism; ptyalocele; ptyalogogue; ptyalography; ptyalolith; ptyalolithiasis; ptyalolithotomy; ptychotis oil; ptyocrinous; P-type ATPase; ptysmagogue; ptyxis; Pu; pubarche; puberal; pubertas praecox; puberty; puberty, delayed; puberty, precocious; puberulent; puberulous; pubes; pubescence; pubescent; pubic; pubic angle; pubic arch; pubic arteries; pubic baldness; pubic body; pubic bone; pubic branch of inferior epigastric artery; pubic branch of obturator artery; pubic crest; pubic rami; pubic region; pubic spine; pubic symphysis; pubic tubercle; pubiotomy; pubis; public assistance; publication bias; publications; public facilities; public health; public health administration; public health dentistry; public health nurse; public health nursing; public health practice; public-hearted; public hospital; public housing; publicly owned treatment works permit; public opinion; public policy; public relations; public sector; public utility commissions; public utility district; public utility regulatory policies act; published erratum; publishing; pubo-; pubocapsular; pubocapsular ligament; pubococcygeal; pubococcygeal muscle; pubococcygeus muscle; pubofemoral; pubofemoral ligament; pubomadesis; puboprostatic; puboprostatic ligament; puboprostatic muscle; puborectal; puborectalis muscle; puborectal muscle; pubourethral triangle; pubovaginalis muscle; pubovaginal muscle; pubovaginal operation; pubovesical; pubovesicalis muscle; pubovesical ligament; pubovesical muscle; Pu box; PUBS; puccoon; puceron; pucherite; Puchtler-Sweat stain; Puchtler-Sweat stains; puck; pucker; pucras; pudding; pudding opium; puddle sign; puddling; pudenda; pudendal; pudendal anaesthesia; pudendal canal; pudendal cleavage; pudendal cleft; pudendal haematocele; pudendal hernia; pudendal nerve; pudendal sac; pudendal slit; pudendal ulcer; pudendal veins; pudendum; pudendum femininum; pudendum muliebre; Pudenz; pudic; pudical; pudic nerve; Pudlak; pudu; pueblo; puerile; puerile respiration; puerpera; puerperal; puerperal convulsions; puerperal disorders; puerperal eclampsia; puerperal fever; puerperal haemoglobinaemia; puerperal haemoglobinuria; puerperal infection; puerperal mastitis; puerperal morbidity; puerperal period; puerperal phlebitis; puerperal psychosis; puerperal sepsis; puerperal septicaemia; puerperal tetanus; puerperant; puerperium; puerto rico; Puestow, Charles; Puestow procedure; puet; puff; puffball; puffer; puffin; puffing; puffingly; puff-leg; puff-legged; puffs; pug; pug nose; puke; pulas; pulaski; pulchritude; pulex; Pulex cheopis; Pulex fasciatus; Pulex irritans; Pulex penetrans; Pulex serraticeps; pulicide; pull; pullet; pulley of humerus; pulley of talus; pullorum disease; pullulanase; pullulate; pullulation; pullus; pulmo-; pulmoaortic; pulmobranchiate; pulmocutaneous; pulmogasteropoda; pulmograde; pulmolith; pulmometer; pulmometry; pulmonarian; pulmonary; pulmonary acariasis; pulmonary acinus; pulmonary adenomatosis; pulmonary adenomatosis of sheep; pulmonary adenomatosis, ovine; pulmonary alveolar proteinosis; pulmonary alveoli; pulmonary alveolus; pulmonary amoebiasis; pulmonary angiogram; pulmonary anthrax; pulmonary arc; pulmonary area; pulmonary arteries; pulmonary artery; pulmonary artery aneurysm; pulmonary artery banding; pulmonary artery sarcoma; pulmonary aspergillosis; pulmonary atresia; pulmonary blastoma; pulmonary branch of autonomic nervous system; pulmonary bulla; pulmonary capillary wedge pressure; pulmonary cavity; pulmonary circulation; pulmonary cirrhosis; pulmonary collapse; pulmonary cone; pulmonary conus; pulmonary diffusing capacity; pulmonary disease (specialty); pulmonary distomiasis; pulmonary dysmaturity syndrome; pulmonary embolism; pulmonary embolism: findings; pulmonary emphysema; pulmonary encephalopathy; pulmonary eosinophilia; pulmonary fibrosis; pulmonary fistula; pulmonary gas exchange; pulmonary glomangiosis; pulmonary glomus; pulmonary haemosiderosis; pulmonary hamartoma; pulmonary heart; pulmonary hypertension; pulmonary hypostasis; pulmonary incompetence; pulmonary insufficiency; pulmonary ligament; pulmonary lymph nodes; pulmonary murmur; pulmonary oedema; pulmonary orifice; pulmonary osteoarthropathy; pulmonary pleura; pulmonary pleurisy; pulmonary plexus; pulmonary pressure; pulmonary ridges; pulmonary sarcoidosis; pulmonary schistosomiasis; pulmonary siderosis; pulmonary sinuses; pulmonary sling; pulmonary stenosis; pulmonary stretch receptors; pulmonary subvalvular stenosis; pulmonary sulcus; pulmonary surface of heart; pulmonary surfactants; pulmonary surgical procedures; pulmonary transpiration; pulmonary trunk; pulmonary tuberculosis; pulmonary tularaemia; pulmonary valve; pulmonary valve insufficiency; pulmonary vein; pulmonary veins; pulmonary venolobar syndrome; pulmonary veno-occlusive disease; pulmonary ventilation; pulmonary wedge pressure; pulmonata; pulmonate; pulmonectomy; pulmonibranchiata; pulmonibranchiate; pulmonic; pulmonic plague; pulmonic regurgitation; pulmonic tularaemia; pulmonic valve; pulmonifera; pulmoniferous; pulmonitis; pulmonocoronary reflex; pulmotor; pulp; pulpa; pulp abscess; pulpa coronalis; pulpa dentis; pulpal; pulpalgia; pulpa lienis; pulpal wall; pulp amputation; pulpa radicularis; pulpar cell; pulpa splenica; pulpation; pulpatoon; pulp atrophy; pulp calcification; pulp calculus; pulp canal; pulp cavity; pulp chamber; pulp chips; pulpectomy; pulp horn; pulpifaction; pulpiform; pulpify; pulpitis; pulpit spectacles; pulpless; pulpless tooth; pulp nodule; pulpodontia; pulp of finger; pulposus; pulpotomy; pulpous; pulp polyp; pulp pressure; pulp stone; pulp test; pulpy; pulpy kidney disease; pulsate; pulsatile; pulsatile flow; pulsatile haematoma; pulsatility index; pulsatilla; pulsating metastases; pulsating neurasthenia; pulsation; pulsator; pulse; pulse chase; pulse-chase experiment; pulse curve; pulse deficit; pulsed-field gel electrophoresis; pulsed power; pulse duration; pulse field electrophoresis; pulse-field gel electrophoresis; pulse generator; pulse granuloma; pulse height analyzer; pulseless disease; pulsellum; pulse period; pulse pressure; pulse radiolysis; pulse rate; pulse therapy; pulse wave; pulsimeter; pulsion; pulsion diverticulum; pulsometer; pulsus; pulsus abdominalis; pulsus alternans; pulsus anadicrotus; pulsus bigeminus; pulsus bisferiens; pulsus caprisans; pulsus catacrotus; pulsus catadicrotus; pulsus celer; pulsus celerrimus; pulsus cordis; pulsus debilis; pulsus differens; pulsus duplex; pulsus durus; pulsus filiformis; pulsus fluens; pulsus formicans; pulsus fortis; pulsus frequens; pulsus heterochronicus; pulsus inaequalis; pulsus incongruens; pulsus infrequens; pulsus intercidens; pulsus intercurrens; pulsus irregularis perpetuus; pulsus magnus; pulsus mollis; pulsus monocrotus; pulsus myurus; pulsus paradoxus; pulsus parvus; pulsus parvus et tardus; pulsus quadrigeminus; pulsus rarus; pulsus respiratione intermittens; pulsus tardus; pulsus tremulus; pulsus trigeminus; pulsus vacuus; pulsus venosus; pultaceous; pulveraceous; pulverise; pulverization; pulverulent; pulvillus; pulvinar; pulvinar nucleus; pulvinate; pulvinated; pulvinic; pulvinulus; pulvinus; PUM; puma; pume; pumice; pumiced; pumiced foot; pummace; pump; pumpernickel; pump failure; pumpion; pumpkin; pump lung; pump-oxygenator; pun; puna; punch; punch biopsy; punch card; punchdrunk; punchdrunk syndrome; punch grafts; puncta; punctate; punctate basophilia; punctate cataract; punctate haemorrhage; punctate hyalosis; punctate keratitis; punctate keratoderma; punctate parotiditis; punctate retinitis; puncticulate; punctiform; punctuation codon; punctuative; punctum; punctum caecum; punctum coxale; punctum dolorosum; punctum lacrimale; punctum luteum; punctum ossificationis; punctum ossificationis primarium; punctum ossificationis secundarium; punctum proximum; punctum remotum; punctum vasculosum; puncture; punctured; puncture diabetes; punctures; puncture wound; pundle; punese; pungent; punice; punishment; punk; punnet; punnology; PUO; pup; pupa; pupal; pupate; pupation; pupe; pupigerous; pupil; pupilla; pupillarity; pupillary; pupillary axis; pupillary block glaucoma; pupillary border of iris; pupillary dilation; pupillary distance; pupillary functions, abnormal; pupillary light-near dissociation; pupillary margin of iris; pupillary membrane; pupillary reflex; pupillary ruff; pupillary-skin reflex; pupillary zone; pupillo-; pupillography; pupillometer; pupillometry; pupillomotor; pupillostatometer; pupillotonic pseudotabes; pupipara; pupiparous; pupivora; pupivorous; puppet; PUPPP; puppy; Pur; purbeck beds; purbeck stone; purcelane; purchase; purchasing, hospital; pure; pure absence; pure aphasias; purebred; pure colour; pure culture; puree; pure flutter; pure random drift; pure red cell anaemia; pure red cell aplasia; pure tone audiogram; pure-tone audiometer; pure-tone audiometry; purgament; purgation; purgative; purgatory; purge; purger; purging; purging cassia; puri; purification; purified cotton; purified ozokerite; purified placental protein; purified protein derivative of tuberculin; purified water; puriform; purify; purinaemia; purine; purine 5'-nucleotidase; purine base; purine-free diet; purine imidazole-ring cyclase; purine-nucleoside phosphorylase; purine permease; purine phosphoribosyltransferase; purine-restricted diet; purinergic receptor; purine ribonucleoside; purines; purity; Purkinje cell; Purkinje conduction; Purkinje effect; Purkinje fibre; Purkinje images; Purkinje, Johannes von; Purkinje-Sanson images; Purkinje's cells; Purkinje's corpuscle; Purkinje's fibres; Purkinje's figures; Purkinje shift; Purkinje's layer; Purkinje's network; Purkinje's phenomenon; Purkinje system; purl; purlieu; Purmann, Matthaeus; Purmann's method; purocoll; puromucous; puromycin; puromycin aminonucleoside; PURPA; purple; purple acid phosphatase; purpleheart; purple membrane; purple sulphur bacteria; purplewood; purposive; purpura; purpura, anaphylactoid; purpura angioneurotica; purpura annularis telangiectodes; purpura fulminans; purpura haemorrhagica; purpura, henoch-schonlein; purpura, hyperglobulinaemic; purpura iodica; purpura nervosa; purpura pulicans; purpura rheumatica; purpura, schoenlein-henoch; purpura senilis; purpura simplex; purpura symptomatica; purpurate; purpura, thrombocytopenic; purpura, thrombocytopenic, idiopathic; purpura, thrombotic thrombocytopenic; purpura urticans; purpurea glycosides; purpureo-; purpuric; purpurin; purpurinuria; purpurogenous; purr; purre; purree; purse; pursed lips breathing; purser; purse-string instrument; purse-string suture; purslane; pursue; pursuit; pursuit, smooth; pursy; Purtscher; Purtscher's disease; Purtscher's retinopathy; purulence; purulency; purulent; purulent conjunctivitis; purulent cyclitis; purulent encephalitis; purulent inflammation; purulent ophthalmia; purulent pericarditis; purulent pleurisy; purulent pneumonia; purulent retinitis; purulent synovitis; puruloid; purvey; purveyance; purveyor; purview; pus; pus basin; pus cell; pus corpuscle; push; push-back procedure; pusillanimous; pusley; puss; pussy; pus tube; pustulant; pustular; pustular blepharitis; pustular miliaria; pustular psoriasis; pustular syphilid; pustulate; pustulated; pustulate hair; pustulation; pustule; pustuliform; pustulocrustaceous; pustulosis; pustulosis vacciniformis acuta; put; putage; putamen; putanism; putative; putchuck; Putnam; Putnam-Dana syndrome; putrefaction; putrefactive; putrefy; putrescence; putrescent; putrescent pulp; putrescin; putrescine; putrescine synthase; putrid; putrid bronchitis; Putti; Putti-Platt operation; Putti-Platt procedure; puttock; putty kidney; puttyroot; PUVA; puva therapy; puzzledom; PVC; PVM virus; PVP; PVY protease; P wave; P with a subscript for the ion; PWM; PXE; pyaemia; pyaemic; pyaemic abscess; pyaemic embolism; pyarthrosis; pycnaspidean; pycnidium; pycnite; pycno-; pycnodont; pycnodontini; pycnodysostosis; pycnogonid; pycnogonida; pycnometer; pyel-; pyelectasis; pyelitic; pyelitis; pyelo-; pyelocaliceal; pyelocaliectasis; pyelocalyceal; pyelocystitis; pyelofluoroscopy; pyelogram; pyelography; pyelolithotomy; pyelolymphatic; pyelonephritic kidney; pyelonephritis; pyelonephritis, xanthogranulomatous; pyelonephrosis; pyeloplasty; pyeloplication; pyeloscopy; pyelostomy; pyelotomy; pyelotubular reflux; pyeloureterectasis; pyeloureterography; pyelovenous; pyelovenous backflow; pyemesis; pyemia; Pyemotes tritici; pyencephalus; pyesis; pyg-; pygal; pygalgia; pygargus; pygidium; pygmalionism; pygmean; pygmy; pygo-; pygoamorphus; pygobranchia; pygodidymus; pygomelus; pygopagus; pygopod; pygopodous; pygostyle; pygotartaric; pygropodes; pyin; pykar; pyknic; pykno-; pyknodysostosis; pyknoepilepsy; pyknolepsy; pyknomorphous; pyknophrasia; pyknosis; pyknotic; pyla; pylangium; pylar; pylemphraxis; pylephlebectasia; pylephlebitis; pylethrombophlebitis; pylethrombosis; pylic; pylon; pyloralgia; pylorectomy; pylori; pyloric; pyloric antrum; pyloric artery; pyloric canal; pyloric cap; pyloric constriction; pyloric glands; pyloric incompetence; pyloric insufficiency; pyloric lymph nodes; pyloric orifice; pyloric sphincter; pyloric stenosis; pyloric valve; pyloric vein; pyloristenosis; pyloritis; pyloro-; pylorodiosis; pyloroduodenitis; pylorogastrectomy; pyloromyotomy; pyloroplasty; pyloroptosia; pylorospasm; pylorostenosis; pylorostomy; pylorotomy; pylorus; Pym's fever; Pym, Sir William; pyo-; pyocele; pyocelia; pyocephalus; pyochezia; pyocin; pyocins; pyococcus; pyocolpocele; pyocolpos; pyocyanic; pyocyanin; pyocyanine; pyocyanogenic; pyocyanolysin; pyocynase; pyocyst; pyocystis; pyocyte; pyoderma; pyoderma gangrenosum; pyodermatitis; pyodermatosis; pyoderma vegetans; pyogen; pyogenesis; pyogenic; pyogenic arthritis; pyogenic bacterium; pyogenic fever; pyogenic granuloma; pyogenic infection; pyogenic membrane; pyogenic pachymeningitis; pyogenic salpingitis; pyogenous; pyohemia; pyohemothorax; pyoid; pyometra; pyometritis; pyomyositis; pyonephritis; pyonephrolithiasis; pyonephrosis; pyo-ovarium; pyopericarditis; pyopericardium; pyoperitoneum; pyoperitonitis; pyophysometra; pyopneumocholecystitis; pyopneumohepatitis; pyopneumopericardium; pyopneumoperitoneum; pyopneumoperitonitis; pyopneumothorax; pyopoiesis; pyopoietic; pyoptysis; pyopyelectasis; pyorrhoea; pyosaemia; pyosalpingitis; pyosalpingo-oophoritis; pyosalpingo-oothecitis; pyosalpinx; pyosepticaemia; pyosis; pyosis palmaris; pyospermia; pyostatic; pyostomatitis; pyot; pyothorax; pyourachus; pyoureter; pyoverdine synthetase; pyoxanthin; pyoxanthose; Pyp1 phosphatase; pyp2 protein tyrosine phosphatase; pyp3 protein tyrosine phosphatase; pyr; pyracanth; pyracin; pyralid; pyramid; pyramidal; pyramidal auricular muscle; pyramidal bone; pyramidal cataract; pyramidal cell; pyramidal cell layer; pyramidal cells; pyramidal decussation; pyramidal disease; pyramidale; pyramidal eminence; pyramidal fibres; pyramidal fracture; pyramidalis; pyramidal lobe of thyroid gland; pyramidally; pyramidal muscle; pyramidal muscle of auricle; pyramidal process; pyramidal radiation; pyramidal tract; pyramidal tractotomy; pyramidic; pyramidical; pyramidion; pyramid of light; pyramid of medulla oblongata; pyramid of thyroid; pyramid of tympanum; pyramid of vermis; pyramidoid; pyramidotomy; pyramid sign; pyramin; pyramis; pyramis medullae oblongatae; pyramis renalis; pyramis tympani; pyramis vermis; pyramis vestibuli; pyran; pyran copolymer; pyranone; pyranose; pyranose ring; pyranosone dehydratase; pyrantel; pyrantel pamoate; pyrantel tartrate; pyrargyrite; pyrathiazine hydrochloride; pyrazinamide; pyrazinamide deamidase; pyrazolone; pyrectic; pyrena; pyrenaemia; pyrene; pyrenes; Pyrenochaeta romeroi; pyrenoid; pyrethrin; pyrethrine; pyrethrins; pyrethroids; pyrethrolone; pyrethrum; pyretic; pyreto-; pyretogen; pyretogenesis; pyretogenetic; pyretogenous; pyretology; pyretotherapy; pyrexia; pyrexial; pyrexical; pyrexiophobia; pyrgom; pyrheliometer; pyribenzyl methyl sulfate; pyridic; pyridine; pyridinolcarbamate; pyridofylline; pyridones; pyridostigmine bromide; pyridoxal; pyridoxal kinase; pyridoxal phosphate; pyridoxamine; pyridoxaminephosphate oxidase; pyridoxic acid; pyridoxine; pyridoxine 4-dehydrogenase; pyridoxine deficiency; pyridoxine dependency with seizure; pyridoxine phosphate phosphatase; pyridyl; pyriform; pyriform aperture wiring; pyriform apparatus; pyrilamine; pyrilamine maleate; pyrimethamine; pyrimidine; pyrimidine-5'-nucleotide nucleosidase; pyrimidine(6-4)pyrimidone photolyase; pyrimidine base; pyrimidine deoxyribonucleoside kinase; pyrimidine dimer; pyrimidine-guanine sequence-specific ribonuclease; pyrimidine-nucleoside phosphorylase; pyrimidine phosphoribosyltransferase; pyrimidine transferase; pyrimidodiazepine synthase; pyritaceous; pyrite; pyrithiamin; pyrithiamine; pyrithioxin; pyritical; pyritiferous; pyritohedral; pyritohedron; pyritoid; pyritology; pyro-; pyroacetic; pyroacid; pyroantimonate; pyroantimonic; pyroarsenate; pyroarsenic; pyroborate; pyroboric; pyroboric acid; pyrocalciferol; pyrocatechase; pyrocatechin; pyrocatechol; pyrochlore; pyrocitric; pyrococcus; Pyrococcus sp GB-D DNA polymerase; pyroelectric; pyroelectricity; pyrogallate; pyrogallic; pyrogallic acid; pyrogallol; pyrogallol-phloroglucinol isomerase; pyrogallolphthalein; pyrogen; pyrogenic; pyrogens; pyroglobulins; pyroglutamate hydrolase; pyroglutamic acid; pyroglutamyl-peptidase I; pyrognostic; pyrography; pyrolagnia; pyroligneous; pyroligneous alcohol; pyroligneous vinegar; pyrolignic; pyrolithic; pyrologist; pyrology; pyrolusite; pyrolysis; pyromagnetic; pyromalate; pyromalic; pyromancy; pyromania; pyromaniac; pyromantic; pyromen; pyrometer; pyrometrical; pyromorphite; pyromorphous; pyromucate; pyromucic; pyrone; pyronin; pyronine; pyroninophilia; pyrope; pyrophane; pyrophobia; pyrophorous; pyrophorus; pyrophosphatase; pyrophosphatases; pyrophosphate; pyrophosphate-nucleoside kinase; pyrophosphate-protein phosphotransferase; pyrophosphate-serine phosphotransferase; pyrophosphate translocase; pyrophosphokinases; pyrophosphomevalonate decarboxylase; pyrophosphoric; pyrophosphoric acid; pyrophosphorylases; pyrophosphotransferases; pyrophyllite; pyropoikilocytosis; pyroptothymia; pyroscope; pyrosis; pyrosmalite; pyrosome; Pyrostase polymerase; pyrosulphate; pyrosulphuric; pyrotartrate; pyrotherapy; pyrothonide; pyrotic; pyrotoxin; pyrotritartaric; pyrotungstic; pyrouric; pyrovalerone hydrochloride; pyrovanadic; pyroxanthin; pyroxene; pyroxenite; pyroxylic; pyroxylic spirit; pyroxylin; pyrpurin; pyrpuriparous; pyrrhotite; pyrrobutamine phosphate; pyrrol; pyrrolase; pyrrol blue; pyrrol cell; pyrrole; pyrrole-2-carboxylate monooxygenase; pyrrole nucleus; pyrrole ring; pyrrolidine; pyrrolidine-2-carboxylate; pyrrolidinones; pyrrolidone; pyrrolidone-5-carboxylate; pyrrolidonecarboxylic acid; pyrroline; pyrroline-2-carboxylate reductase; pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase; pyrroline carboxylate reductases; pyrrolizidine alkaloids; pyrrolnitrin; pyrula; pyrus; pyruvaldehyde; pyruvaldoxine; pyruvate; pyruvate carboxylase; pyruvate carboxylase deficiency; pyruvate decarboxylase; pyruvate dehydrogenase; pyruvate dehydrogenase complex; pyruvate dehydrogenase complex deficiency; pyruvate dehydrogenase complex inactivase; pyruvate dehydrogenase (cytochrome); pyruvate dehydrogenase (lipoamide); pyruvate dehydrogenase (lipoamide)-phosphatase; pyruvate-formate-lyase-deactivase; pyruvate kinase; pyruvate kinase deficiency; pyruvate kinase phosphatase; pyruvate metabolism, inborn errors; pyruvate, orthophosphate dikinase; pyruvate oxidase; pyruvate oxidation factor; pyruvic; pyruvic acid; pyruvic aldehyde; pyruvic-malic carboxylase; pyruvil; pyrvinium compounds; pyrvinium pamoate; pythagorean; pythagorism; pythium; Pythium insidiosum; pythocenic; pythogenesis; pythogenic; python; pythoness; pythonism; pythonomorpha; pyuria; pyx; pyxidium; pyxis; pyxle; PZ-PLGPA peptidase;


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