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R17 bacteriophage; Ra; raash; Rab28 GTPase; Rab29 GTPase; rabate; rabbeting; rabbinism; rabbit; rabbit fever; rabbit fibroma; rabbit fibroma virus; rabbit haemorrhagic disease; rabbit myxoma virus; rabbit plague; rabbitpox; rabbitpox virus; rabblor; rabdoidal; rabdology; rabdomancy; rab gene; Rab geranylgeranyltransferase; rabid; rabies; rabies immune globulin; rabies immunoglobulin; rabies vaccine; rabies virus; rabiform; rabot; rabphilin; rac; racaemic; racaemic calcium pantothenate; racaemic mixture; raccoon; raccoon eye; race; racefemine; racemase; racemate; raceme; racemed; racemic; racemic mixture; racemiferous; racemization; racemose; racemose aneurysm; racemose gland; racemose haemangioma; racemule; racemulose; racephedrine hydrochloride; racer; race relations; rache; rachi-; rachial; rachialgia; rachicentesis; rachidial; rachidian; rachigraph; rachilla; rachilysis; rachiocampsis; rachiocentesis; rachiochysis; rachiodont; rachiometer; rachiopagus; rachiopathy; rachioplegia; rachioscoliosis; rachiotome; rachiotomy; rachipagus; rachis; rachischisis; rachischisis partialis; rachischisis totalis; rachitic; rachitic diet; rachitic pelvis; rachitic rosary; rachitic scoliosis; rachitis; rachitis foetalis; rachitis foetalis annularis; rachitis foetalis micromelica; rachitis intrauterina; rachitism; rachitis tarda; rachitogenic; rachitome; rachitomy; racial stocks; racing; rack; racket; racket amputation; racket nail; racket-tall; racket-talled; racoonda; racquet hypha; racquet sports; racy; rad; Rad3 ATPase-DNA helicase; radar; radarkymography; raddle; raddock; radectomy; Radford; Radford nomogram; radiability; radiable; radiad; radial; radial acceleration; radial aplasia-thrombocytopenia syndrome; radial artery; radial border of forearm; radial bursa; radial clubhand; radial collateral artery; radial collateral ligament; radial collateral ligament of elbow; radial collateral ligament of wrist; radiale; radial eminence of wrist; radial flexor muscle of wrist; radial fossa of humerus; radial growth phase; radial head; radial head subluxation; radial immunodiffusion; radial index artery; radialis; radialis indicis artery; radial keratotomy; radially; radially symmetrical; radial nerve; radial notch; radial phenomenon; radial ponderomotive force stabilisation; radial pulse; radial recurrent artery; radial reflex; radial scar; radial sclerosing lesion; radial spoke; radial styloid tendovaginitis; radial tuberosity; radial veins; radian; radiant; radiant energy; radiant heat; radiant intensity; radiary; radiata; radiate; radiate crown; radiated; radiate layer of tympanic membrane; radiate ligament; radiate ligament of head of rib; radiate ligament of wrist; radiately; radiate sternocostal ligaments; radi-ate-veined; radiatiform; radiatio; radiatio acustica; radiatio corporis callosi; radiation; radiation anaemia; radiation biology; radiation biophysics; radiation burn; radiation caries; radiation cataract; radiation chemistry; radiation chimera; radiation damage, bulk; radiation damage, surface; radiation dermatosis; radiation fibrosis; radiation inactivation; radiation injuries; radiation injuries, experimental; radiation, ionizing; radiation leukaemia virus; radiation monitoring; radiation myelitis; radiation myelopathy; radiation, nonionizing; radiation of corpus callosum; radiation oncologist; radiation oncology; radiation physicist; radiation pneumonitis; radiation poisoning; radiation-protective agents; radiation risks; radiation-sensitizing agents; radiation sickness; radiation therapy; radiation tolerance; radiation weighting factor; radiatio optica; radiatio pyramidalis; radiative; radiator; radical; radical cystectomy; radical, free; radical hysterectomy; radical mastectomy; radical mastectomy, modified; radical mastectomy, total; radical mastoidectomy; radical neck dissection; radical operation for hernia; radical surgery; radicant; radicate; radicated; radication; radicel; radices; radices craniales; radices nervi trigemini; radices spinales nervi accessorii; radiciflorous; radiciform; radicle; radicotomy; radicul-; radicula; radiculalgia; radicular; radicular abscess; radicular arteries; radicular cyst; radicular fila; radicular pulp; radicular syndrome; radiculectomy; radiculitis; radiculo-; radiculoganglionitis; radiculomeningomyelitis; radiculomyelopathy; radiculoneuropathy; radiculopathy; radiculose; radiectomy; radiesthesia; radiferous; radii; radii lentis; radio; radioactive; radioactive atom; radioactive constant; radioactive contamination; radioactive cow; radioactive decay; radioactive equilibrium; radioactive fallout; radioactive iodide uptake test; radioactive iodine; radioactive isotope; radioactive pollutants; radioactive probe; radioactive thyroxine; radioactive tracer; radioactive tracers; radioactive waste; radioactivity; radioallergosorbent test; radioautogram; radioautography; radiobicipital; radiobicipital reflex; radiobiology; radiocalcium; radiocarbon; radiocardiogram; radiocardiography; radiocarpal; radiocarpal articulation; radiocarpal joint; radiocephalpelvimetry; radiochemical purity; radiochemistry; radiochlorine; radiocholangiography; radiocholecystography; radiocineangiocardiography; radiocineangiography; radiocinematography; radiocobalt; radiocurable; radiodense; radiodensity; radiodermatitis; radiodiagnosis; radiodigital; radioelectrophysiologram; radioelectrophysiolograph; radioelectrophysiolography; radioelement; radioepidermitis; radioepithelitis; radio-flagellata; radiofrequency; radio frequency current drive; radio frequency heating; radio frequency or radiofrequency; radiofrequency plugging; radiofrequency pulse; radiofrequency trapping; radiogallium; radiogenesis; radiogenic; radiogenics; radiogold colloid; radiogram; radiograph; radiographer; radiographic image enhancement; radiographic image interpretation, computer-assisted; radiographic magnification; radiographic parallel line shadows; radiography; radiography, abdominal; radiography, bitewing; radiography, dental; radiography, dental, digital; radiography, dual-energy scanned projection; radiography, interventional; radiography, panoramic; radiography, thoracic; radiohumeral; radioimmunity; radioimmunoassay; radioimmunodetection; radioimmunodiffusion; radioimmunoelectrophoresis; radioimmunoprecipitation; radioimmunoprecipitation assay; radioimmunosorbent test; radioimmunotherapy; radioinsensitive; radioiodinated; radioiodinated serum albumin; radioiodine; radioiron; radioisotope; radioisotope dilution technique; radioisotope renography; radioisotopes; radioisotope teletherapy; radioisotopic purity; radio label; radiolabelled; radiolabelled thyroxine; radiolaria; radiolarian; radiolead; radiolesion; radioli; radioligand; radioligand assay; radiolite; radiologic; radiological; radiological anatomy; radiological enteroclysis; radiological sphincter; radiologic health; radiologist; radiology; radiology department, hospital; radiology information systems; radiology, interventional; radiolucency; radiolucent; radiolus; radiometer; radiometry; radiomicrometer; radiomimetic; radiomuscular; radionecrosis; radioneuritis; radionitrogen; radionuclide; radionuclide angiocardiography; radionuclide angiography; radionuclide cisternography; radionuclide generator; radionuclide generators; radionuclide imaging; radionuclide scan; radionuclide ventriculography; radionuclidic purity; radiopacity; radiopalmar; radiopaque; radiopaque contrast; radiopaque contrast dye; radiopaque contrast material; radiopathology; radiopelvimetry; radioperiosteal reflex; radiopharmaceutical; radiopharmaceutical chemistry; radiopharmaceutical purity; radiopharmaceuticals; radiophobia; radiophone; radiophony; radiophosphorus; radiopill; radiopotassium; radioreaction; radioreceptor; radioreceptor assay; radioresistant; radioscopy; radiosensitiser; radiosensitive; radiosensitivity; radiosensitization; radiosodium; radiostereoscopy; radiostrontium; radiosulfur; radiosurgery; radiotelemetering capsule; radiotelemetry; radiotherapeutic; radiotherapeutics; radiotherapist; radiotherapy; radiotherapy, adjuvant; radiotherapy, computer-assisted; radiotherapy dosage; radiotherapy, high-energy; radiotherapy localization; radiotherapy planning, computer-assisted; radiothermy; radiothyroidectomy; radiothyroxin; radiotoxaemia; radiotracer; radiotransparent; radiotropic; radioulnar; radioulnar articular disk; radio wave; radio waves; radisectomy; radish; radium; radium beam therapy; radius; radius fixus; radius vector; radix; radix anterior; radix arcus vertebrae; radix brevis ganglii ciliaris; radix clinica; radix cochlearis; radix dentis; radix dorsalis; radix facialis; radixin; radix inferior ansae cervicalis; radix inferior nervi vestibulocochlearis; radix lateralis nervi mediani; radix lateralis tractus optici; radix linguae; radix longa ganglii ciliaris; radix medialis nervi mediani; radix medialis tractus optici; radix mesenterii; radix motoria; radix nasi; radix nasociliaris; radix nervi facialis; radix oculomotoria ganglii ciliaris; radix parasympathica ganglii ciliaris; radix penis; radix pili; radix posterior; radix pulmonis; radix sensoria; radix sensoria ganglii ciliaris; radix sensoria ganglii pterygopalatini; radix sensoria nervi trigemini; radix superior ansae cervicalis; radix superior nervi vestibulocochlearis; radix sympathica ganglii ciliaris; radix unguis; radix ventralis; radix vestibularis; radon; radon daughters; radula; RAEB; Raeder; Raeder's paratrigeminal syndrome; raf; raffia; raffinose; raffish; rafflesia; rafoxanide; raf permease; raft; rafter; rag; RAG-1 esterase; ragamuffin; rage; ragged; ragpicker's disease; ragsorter's disease; ragweed; ragwort; Rahe-Holmes social readjustment rating scale; Rahe, Richard; Rahn, Hermann; Rahn-Otis sample; raia; raiae; rail; railgun accelerator; Raillietina; raillietiniasis; railroad disease; railroad nystagmus; railroads; railroad sickness; railway; rain; rainbow; rainbow symptom; raindeer; Rainey, George; Rainey's corpuscles; raise; raisin; raising; Raji cell; Raji cell binding test; Raji cell radioimmune assay; rake; raker; ral; rale; ralline; ralstonite; ram; Ramachandran plot; ramage; ramal; raman effect; Raman, Sir Chandrasekhara; Raman spectrum; ramble; Rambourg's chromic acid-phosphotungstic acid stain; Rambourg's periodic acid-chromic methenamine-silver stain; Rambourg's stains; rambutan; ramee; ramenta; ramentaceous; rameous; ramet; ramex; rami; rami ad pontem; rami alveolares superiores anteriores nervi infraorbitalis; rami alveolares superiores posteriores nervi maxillaris; rami articulares; rami articulares arteriae descendentis genicularis; rami atriales; rami auriculares anteriores arteriae temporalis superficialis; rami bronchiales; rami bronchiales segmentorum; rami buccales nervi facialis; rami calcanei; rami calcanei laterales nervi suralis; rami calcanei mediales nervi tibialis; rami capsulae internae; rami capsulares arteriae renalis; rami cardiaci cervicales inferiores nervi vagi; rami cardiaci cervicales superiores nervi vagi; rami cardiaci thoracici nervi vagi; rami caroticotympanici; rami caudae nuclei caudati; rami caudati; rami centrales anteromediales; rami choroidei; rami coeliaci nervi vagi; rami communicantes ganglii submandibularis cum nervo linguali; rami communicantes nervi auriculotemporalis cum nervo faciali; rami communicantes nervi lingualis cum nervo hypoglosso; rami communicantes nervorum spinalium; rami corporis amygdaloidei; rami corporis geniculati lateralis; ramicotomy; rami cutanei anteriores nervi femoralis; rami cutanei anteriores pectoralis et abdominalis nervorum intercostalium; rami cutanei cruris mediales nervi sapheni; rami dentales; rami dentales arteriae alveolaris inferioris; rami dentales arteriae alveolaris superioris posterioris; rami dentales inferiores; rami dentales inferiores plexus dentalis inferioris; rami dentales superiores; rami dentales superiores plexus dentalis superioris; rami dorsales arteriae intercostalis supremae; rami dorsales arteriae subcostalis; rami dorsales linguae arteriae lingualis; rami dorsales nervi ulnaris; rami duodenales arteriae pancreaticoduodenalis superioris; ramie; rami epiploicae; rami fauciales nervi lingualis; ramification; ramiflorous; ramiform; ramify; rami ganglii submandibularis; rami ganglionares; rami ganglionici nervi maxillaris; rami gastrici anteriores nervi vagi; rami gastrici posteriores nervi vagi; ramigerous; rami gingivales inferiores plexus dentalis inferioris; rami gingivales superiores plexus dentalis superioris; rami glandulares; rami glandulares arteriae facialis; rami glandulares arteriae thyroideae inferioris; rami glandulares ganglii submandibularis; rami globi pallidi; rami hepatici nervi vagi; rami inferiores nervi transversi cervicalis; rami inguinales arteriae pudendae externae; rami intercostales anteriores; rami intercostalis anteriores arteria thoracica interna; rami interganglionares; rami interventriculares septales; rami isthmi faucium nervi lingualis; rami labiales anteriores arteriae pudendae externae; rami labiales inferiores nervi mentalis; rami labiales posteriores arteriae pudendae internae; rami labiales superiores nervi infraorbitalis; rami laryngopharyngei ganglii cervicalis superioris; rami laterales; rami laterales arteriarum centralium anterolateralium; rami laterales rami sinistri venae portae hepatis; rami laterales ramorum dorsalium nervorum cervicalium/thoracalium/lumbalium/sac; rami lienales arteriae lienalis; rami linguales; rami linguales nervi glossopharyngei; rami linguales nervi hypoglossi; rami linguales nervi lingualis; rami malleolares laterales; rami malleolares mediales; rami mammarii; rami mammarii laterales; rami mammarii laterales arteriae thoracicae lateralis; rami mammarii laterales nervorum intercostalium; rami mammarii laterales rami cutanei lateralis nervorum intercostalium; rami mammarii laterales rami cutanei lateralis nervorum thoracicorum; rami mammarii mediales; rami mammarii mediales rami cutanei anterioris nervorum intercostalium; rami mammarii mediales rami cutanei anterioris ramorum ventralium nervorum thoracicorum; rami mammarii mediales rami perforantis arteriae thoracicae internae; rami mastoidei arteriae auricularis posterioris; rami mediales; rami mediales arteriarum centralium anterolateralium; rami mediales rami sinistri venae portae hepatis; rami mediastinales; rami mediastinales aortae thoracicae; rami mediastinales arteriae thoracicae internae; rami medullares laterales; rami medullares mediales; rami meningei; rami mentales nervi mentalis; rami musculares; rami nasales externi; rami nasales externi nervi ethmoidalis anterioris; rami nasales externi nervi infraorbitalis; rami nasales interni; rami nasales interni nervi ethmoidalis anterioris; rami nasales interni nervi infraorbitalis; rami nasales laterales nervi ethmoidalis anterioris; rami nasales mediales nervi ethmoidalis anterioris; rami nasales posteriores inferiores nervi palatini majoris; rami nasales posteriores superiores laterales ganglii pterygopalatini; rami nasales posteriores superiores mediales ganglii pterygopalatini; rami nucleorum hypothalamicorum; rami occipitales arteriae auricularis posterioris; rami occipitales arteriae occipitis; rami occipitales nervi auricularis posterioris; rami oesophageales; rami oesophageales aortae thoracicae; rami oesophageales arteriae gastricae sinistrae; rami oesophageales arteriae thyroideae inferioris; rami oesophagei; rami oesophagei nervi laryngei recurrentis; rami oesophagei nervi vagi; rami omentales; rami palpebrales nervi infratrochlearis; rami pancreatici; rami pancreatici arteriae pancreaticoduodenalis superioris; rami pancreatici arteriae splenicae; rami parietales; rami parotidei; rami parotidei nervi auriculotemporalis; rami parotidei venae facialis; ramiparous; rami pectorales arteriae thoracoacromialis; rami pedunculares; rami pericardiaci aortae thoracicae; rami perineales nervi cutanei femoris posterioris; rami pharyngeales; rami pharyngeales arteriae pharyngeae ascendentis; rami pharyngeales arteriae thyroideae inferioris; rami pharyngei nervi glossopharyngei; rami pharyngei nervi vagi; rami phrenicoabdominales nervi phrenici; rami posteriores; rami posteriores nervorum spinalium; ramipril; rami profundi arteriae circumflexae femoris medialis; rami profundi arteriae transversae cervicis; rami pterygoidei arteriae maxillaris; rami pulmonales systematis autonomici; rami radiculares; rami renales nervi vagi; rami scrotales anteriores arteriae pudendae externae; rami scrotales posteriores arteriae pudendae internae; ramisection; rami septales; rami spinales; rami splenici arteriae splenicae; rami sternales arteriae thoracicae internae; rami sternocleidomastoidei arteriae occipitalis; rami subscapulares arteriae axillaris; rami substantiae nigrae; rami temporales anteriores; rami temporales intermedii mediales; rami temporales nervi facialis; rami temporales posteriores; rami temporales superficiales nervi auriculotemporalis; rami thalamici; rami thymici; ramitis; rami tonsillares nervi glossopharyngei; rami tracheales; rami tracheales arteriae thyroideae inferioris; rami tracheales nervi laryngei recurrentis; rami tractus optici; rami tuberis cinerei; rami ureterici; rami ureterici arteriae ovaricae; rami ureterici arteriae renalis; rami ureterici arteriae testicularis; rami ureterici partis patentis arteriae umbilicale; rami ventrales nervorum cervicalium; rami ventrales nervorum lumbalium; rami ventrales nervorum sacralium; rami ventralis; rami vestibulares arteriae labyrinthi; rami zygomatici nervi facialis; Ramon y Cajal; ramoon; ramose; ramous; ramp; rampant; rampe; rampion; Ramsay Hunt; Ramsay Hunt's syndrome; Ramsden circle; Ramsden disk; Ramsden eyepiece; Ramsden, Jesse; Ramsden's ocular; ramson; ramsted; Ramstedt, Conrad; Ramstedt operation; ramulus; ramus; ramus acetabularis; ramus acromialis arteriae suprascapularis; ramus acromialis arteriae thoracoacromialis; ramus alveolaris superior medius nervi infraorbitalis; ramus anastomoticus; ramus anastomoticus arteriae meningeae mediae cum lacrimali; ramus anterior; ramus anterior ascendens; ramus anterior descendens; ramus anterior lateralis; ramus apicalis; ramus apicalis lobi inferioris arteriae pulmonalis dextrae; ramus apicoposterior venae pulmonalis sinistrae superioris; ramus ascendens; ramus auricularis arteriae occipitalis; ramus auricularis nervi vagi; ramus basalis anterior; ramus basalis lateralis; ramus basalis medialis; ramus basalis posterior; ramus basalis tentorii arteriae carotidis internae; ramus calcarinus arteriae occipitalis medialis; ramus cardiacus; ramus carpalis dorsalis arteriae radialis; ramus carpalis dorsalis arteriae ulnaris; ramus carpalis palmaris arteriae radialis; ramus carpalis palmaris arteriae ulnaris; ramus carpeus dorsalis arteriae radialis; ramus carpeus dorsalis arteriae ulnaris; ramus carpeus palmaris arteriae radialis; ramus carpeus palmaris arteriae ulnaris; ramus cervicalis nervi facialis; ramus choroidei posteriores laterales; ramus choroidei posteriores mediales; ramus choroidei ventriculi lateralis; ramus choroidei ventriculi quarti; ramus choroidei ventriculi tertii; ramus cingularis; ramus circumflexus arteriae coronariae sinistrae; ramus circumflexus fibularis arteriae tibialis posterioris; ramus clavicularis arteriae thoracoacromialis; ramus clivi; ramus cochlearis arteriae labyrinthi; ramus collateralis arteriarum intercostalium posteriorum III-XI; ramus colli nervi facialis; ramus communicans; ramus communicans arteriae fibularis; ramus communicans arteriae peroneae; ramus communicans cum chorda tympani; ramus communicans cum nervo glossopharyngeo; ramus communicans fibularis nervi fibularis communis; ramus communicans ganglii otici cum nervo auriculotemporali; ramus communicans ganglii otici cum nervo pterygoideo mediali; ramus communicans ganglii otici cum ramo meningeo nervi mandibularis; ramus communicans nervi facialis cum plexu tympanico; ramus communicans nervi glossopharyngei cum ramo auriculari nervi vagalis; ramus communicans nervi lacrimalis cum nervo zygomatico; ramus communicans nervi laryngei recurrentis cum ramo laryngeo interno; ramus communicans nervi laryngei superioris cum nervo laryngeo recurrenti; ramus communicans nervi mediani cum nervo ulnari; ramus communicans nervi nasociliaris cum ganglio ciliari; ramus communicans peroneus nervi peronei communis; ramus communicans ulnaris nervi radialis; ramus corporis callosi dorsalis; ramus costalis lateralis arteriae thoracicae internae; ramus cricothyroideus; ramuscule; ramus cutaneus anterior nervi iliohypogastrici; ramus cutaneus anterior (pectoralis et abdominalis) nervorum thoracicorum; ramus cutaneus lateralis; ramus cutaneus lateralis nervi iliohypogastrici; ramus cutaneus lateralis ramorum posteriorum arteriae intercostalium; ramus cutaneus medialis; ramus cutaneus medialis rami dorsalis arteriarum intercostalium posteriorum III-XI; ramus cutaneus medialis ramorum dorsalium nervorum thoracicorum; ramus cutaneus rami anterioris nervi obturatorii; ramus deltoideus; ramus descendens; ramus descendens arteriae circumflexae femoris lateralis; ramus descendens arteriae occipitalis; ramus dexter; ramus dexter arteriae hepaticae propriae; ramus dexter venae portae hepatis; ramus digastricus nervi facialis; ramus dorsalis; ramus dorsalis arteriae lumbalium; ramus dorsalis arteriarum intercostalium posteriorum III-XI; ramus dorsalis nervorum spinalium; ramus dorsalis venarum intercostalium posteriorum IV-XI; ramus externus nervi accessorii; ramus externus nervi laryngei superioris; ramus femoralis nervi genitofemoralis; ramus frontalis anteromedialis; ramus frontalis arteriae temporalis superficialis; ramus frontalis interomedialis; ramus frontalis posteromedialis; ramus ganglii trigeminalis; ramus genitalis nervi genitofemoralis; ramus glandulares anterior/lateralis/posterior arteriae thyroideae superioris; ramus hypothalamicus; ramus iliacus arteriae iliolumbalis; ramus inferior; ramus inferior arteriae gluteae superioris; ramus inferior nervi oculomotorii; ramus inferior ossis pubis; ramus infrahyoideus arteriae thyroidea superioris; ramus infrapatellaris nervi sapheni; ramus internus nervi accessorii; ramus internus nervi laryngei superioris; ramus interventricularis anterior arteriae coronariae sinistrae; ramus interventricularis posterior arteriae coronariae dextrae; ramus lateralis ductus hepatici sinistri; ramus lateralis interventricularis anterioris arteriae coronariae sinistrae; ramus lateralis nervi supraorbitalis; ramus lateralis ramorum dorsalium nervorum thoracicorum; ramus lateralis ramorum lobaris medium arteriorum pulmonalium dextrorum; ramus lingualis; ramus lingularis inferior; ramus lingularis nervi facialis; ramus lingularis superior; ramus lobi medii; ramus lobi medii arteriae pulmonalis dextrae; ramus lobi medii venae pulmonalis dextrae superioris; ramus lumbalis arteriae iliolumbalis; ramus mandibulae; ramus marginalis mandibulae nervi facialis; ramus marginalis tentorii arteriae carotidis internae; ramus mastoideus arteriae occipitalis; ramus meatus acustici interni; ramus medialis ductus hepatici sinistri; ramus medialis nervi supraorbitalis; ramus medialis rami lobaris medii arteriorum pulmonalium dextrorum; ramus medialis ramorum dorsalium nervorum cervicalium/thoracicorum/lumbalium/sacralium; ramus membranae tympani nervi auriculotemporalis; ramus meningeus accessorius arteriae meningeae mediae; ramus meningeus anterior arteriae vertebralis; ramus meningeus arteriae carotidis internae; ramus meningeus arteriae occipitalis; ramus meningeus medius nervi maxillaris; ramus meningeus nervi mandibularis; ramus meningeus nervi vagi; ramus meningeus nervorum spinalium; ramus meningeus posterior; ramus musculi stylopharyngei nervi glossopharyngei; ramus mylohyoideus arteriae alveolaris inferioris; ramus nervi oculomotorii arteriae communicantes posterioris; ramus nodi atrioventricularis; ramus nodi sinuatrialis arteriae coronaria dextra; ramus obturatorius arteriae epigastricae inferioris; ramus occipitalis; ramus occipitotemporalis; ramus of mandible; ramus of the mandible; ramus orbitalis arteriae meningeae mediae; ramus orbitalis ganglii pterygopalatini; ramus orbitofrontalis lateralis; ramus orbitofrontalis medialis; ramus ossis ischii; ramus ovaricus arteriae uterinae; ramus palmaris nervi mediani; ramus palmaris nervi ulnaris; ramus palmaris profundus arteriae ulnaris; ramus palmaris superficialis arteriae radialis; ramus parietalis arteriae meningeae mediae; ramus parietalis arteriae occipitalis medialis; ramus parietalis arteriae temporalis superficialis; ramus parieto-occipitalis; ramus parotidei arteriae temporalis superficialis; ramus perforans; ramus perforans arteriae fibularis; ramus perforantes arteriae thoracicae internae; ramus perforantes arteriarum metacarpalium palmarium; ramus perforantes arteriarum metatarsearum plantarium; ramus pericardiacus nervi phrenici; ramus petrosus arteriae meningeae mediae; ramus pharyngeus arteriae canalis pterygoidei; ramus pharyngeus arteriae palatini descendens; ramus pharyngeus ganglii pterygopalatini; ramus plantaris profundus arteriae dorsalis pedis; ramus posterior arteriae obturatoriae; ramus posterior arteriae pancreaticoduodenalis inferioris; ramus posterior arteriae recurrentis ulnaris; ramus posterior arteriae renalis; ramus posterior arteriae thyroideae superioris; ramus posterior ascendens; ramus posterior descendens; ramus posterior ductus hepatici dextri; ramus posterior nervi auricularis magni; ramus posterior nervi obturatorii; ramus posterior rami dextri venae portae hepatis; ramus posterior sulci lateralis cerebri; ramus posterior venae pulmonalis dextrae superioris; ramus profundus; ramus profundus arteriae circumflexae femoris medialis; ramus profundus arteriae transversae colli; ramus profundus arteria scapularis descendens; ramus profundus nervi plantaris lateralis; ramus profundus nervi radialis; ramus profundus nervi ulnaris; ramus pubicus arteriae epigastricae inferioris; ramus pubicus arteriae obturatoriae; ramus renalis nervi splanchnici minoris; ramus saphenus arteriae descendentis genicularis; ramus sinister; ramus sinister arteriae hepaticae propriae; ramus sinister venae portae hepatis; ramus sinus carotici; ramus sinus cavernosi; ramus sinus cavernosi arteriae carotidis arteriae; ramus stapedius arteriae stylomastoideae; ramus sternocleidomastoideus arteriae thyroideae superioris; ramus stylohyoideus nervi facialis; ramus superficialis; ramus superficialis arteriae gluteae superioris; ramus superficialis arteriae plantaris medialis; ramus superficialis nervi plantaris lateralis; ramus superficialis nervi radialis; ramus superficialis nervi ulnaris; ramus superior; ramus superior arteriae gluteae superioris; ramus superior nervi oculomotorii; ramus superior nervi transversalis cervicalis; ramus superior ossis pubis; ramus superior venae pulmonalis dextrae/sinistrae inferioris; ramus suprahyoideus arteriae lingualis; ramus sympatheticus ad ganglion submandibulare; ramus tentorii; ramus thalamicus; ramus thyrohyoideus ansae cervicalis; ramus tonsillae cerebellae; ramus tonsillaris arteriae facialis; ramus transversus; ramus transversus arteriae circumflexae femoris lateralis; ramus transversus arteriae circumflexae femoris medialis; ramus tubarius; ramus tubarius arteriae uterinae; ramus tubarius plexus tympanici; ramus ulnaris nervi cutanei antebrachii medialis; ramus ventralis nervi spinalis; ramus zygomaticofacialis nervi zygomatici; ramus zygomaticotemporalis nervi zygomatici; ramycin; rana; rana catesbeiana; rana esculenta; ranal; Rana pipiens; rana ridibunda; rana temporaria; ranavirus; rancho; rancid; rancidify; rancidity; rancke complex; rancor; Randall, Alexander; randall grass; Randall's plaques; Randall stone forceps; Rand, Gertrude; Rand, M; random; random allocation; random amplification of polymorphic DNA; random amplified polymorphic DNA technique; random coil; randomisation; randomised controlled trial; randomised controlled trials; randomised trial; randomization; random mating; random mating equilibrium; random mechanism; random pattern flap; random sample; random sampling; random variable; random walk; random waves; Raney alloy; Raney catalyst; Raney Nickel; range; range, normal; range of accommodation; range of convergence; range of motion; range of motion, articular; ranidae; Ranikhet disease; ranine; ranine artery; ranine tumour; ranitidine; rank; rank-difference correlation; Ranke, Johannes; Ranke, Karl von; Ranke's angle; Ranke's formula; Rankine scale; Rankine, William J McQ; Rankin, Fred Wharton; Rankin's clamp; rankle; ranny; ransack; Ransohoff, Joseph; Ransohoff's sign; ransomable; rantes; R antigen; ranula; ranular; ranunculaceous; ranunculus; Ranvier, Louis; Ranvier, Louise Antoine; Ranvier's crosses; Ranvier's disks; Ranvier's node; ranvier's nodes; Ranvier's plexus; Ranvier's segment; RAO; Raoult, Francois; Raoult's law; rap; rapaces; rapamycin; RAPD; rape; rapeseed oil; raphania; raphany; raphe; raphe anococcygea; raphe corporis callosi; raphe linguae; raphe medullae oblongatae; raphe nuclei; raphe palati; raphe palpebralis lateralis; raphe penis; raphe perinei; raphe pharyngis; raphe pontis; raphe pterygomandibularis; raphe retinae; raphe scroti; raphespinal fibres; raphides; rapid canities; rapid decompression; rapid demineralization; rapid eye movements; rapid eye movement sleep; rapid film changer; rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis; rapid plasma reagin; rapid plasma reagin test; rapier; rapilli; RAP kinase; Rapoport, Abraham; Rapoport-Luebering shunt; Rapoport, Samuel Mitja; Rapoport test; Rappaport classification; Rappaport's acinus; rapport; raptores; raptorial; raptorious; rapture of the deep; rare; rare earth elements; rare earth metal; rare earths; rare-earth screen; rarefaction; rarefy; rareripe; rare species; ras; rascaldom; rascaless; rasceta; rash; rasher; rasion; raskolnik; Rasmussen, Fritz; Rasmussen, Grant; Rasmussen's aneurysm; rasores; rasorial; rasp; raspatory; raspberry; raspberry tongue; ras protein geranylgeranyltransferase; ras proteins; rasse; RAST; Rastelli, Gian; Rastelli's operation; rat; rata; ratafia; ratany; rat-bite disease; rat-bite fever; ratch; ratchet; rate; rate, basal metabolic; rate, birth; rate constants; rate, death; rate equation; rate, erythrocyte sedimentation; rate, foetal mortality; rate, heart; rate, infant mortality; ratel; rate-limiting step; rate, maternal mortality; rate meter; rate, neonatal mortality; rate, pulse; rate, respiratory; rate schedule; rate, sed; rate, sedimentation; rate setting and review; ratfish; rat-flea typhus; Rathke, Martin; Rathke, Martin Heinrich; Rathke's bundles; Rathke's cleft cyst; Rathke's diverticulum; Rathke's pouch; Rathke's pouch tumour; rathripe; ratify; ratio; ratio imaging fluorescence microscopy; ration; rational; rational drug design; rational formula; rationalism; rationalization; rationalize; rational surface; rational therapy; ratio of decayed and filled surfaces; ratio of decayed and filled teeth; ratio scale; ratitae; ratitate; ratite; rat leprosy; rat mite dermatitis; Ratner; rats; ratsbane; rats, brattleboro; rats, gunn; rat sialodacryoadenitis virus; rats, inbred bb; rats, inbred shr; rats, inbred strains; rats, inbred wky; rats, mutant strains; rats, nude; rats, sprague-dawley; rats, wistar; rats, zucker; rat-tail; rat-tailed; rattan; rattle; rattlebox; rattlesnake; rattlesnake bite; rattleweed; rattlewings; rattlewort; rattoon; Rattus; Rauber; Rauber's layer; raucousness; Rau, Johann; Rauscher; Rauscher leukaemia virus; Rauscher's virus; rauscher virus; Rau's process; Raussly disease; rauwolfia; rauwolfia alkaloids; RAV; ravage; raven; ravenala; ravish; ravishment; Ravius; Ravius' process; raw; rawhead; rawly; raw score; ray; Rayer, Pierre; Rayer's disease; ray grass; rayl; Rayleigh criterion; Rayleigh equation; Rayleigh, Lord John; Rayleigh test; ray, light; Raynaud, Maurice; Raynaud's disease; Raynaud's phenomenon; Raynaud's sign; Raynaud's syndrome; ray therapeutics; razor; razorback; razor-backed; razorbill; razoxane; Rb; R-banding; R-banding stain; RBC; RBE; RBF; R body; rci recombinase; RCP; RCPC; RCRA; RCS; RCSC; RCT; RD; RDA; RDF; RDFS; RDFT; rDNA; Re; reabsorption; reach; react; reactance; reactant; reaction; reaction, allergic; reaction centre; reaction formation; reaction intermediate; reaction of degeneration; reaction of identity; reaction of nonidentity; reaction of partial identity; reaction quotient; reaction time; reactivate; reactivation; reactive arthritis; reactive astrocyte; reactive attachment disorder; reactive cell; reactive depression; reactive hyperaemia; reactive inhibition; reactive oxygen species; reactive perforating collagenosis; reactive schizophrenia; reactivity; read; reading frame; reading frame, open; reading frames; reading-frameshift mutation; readthrough; ready; reagent; reagent kits, diagnostic; reagent strips; reaggravation; reagin; reaginic; reaginic antibody; real; real focus; realgar; real image; reality; reality adaptation; reality awareness; reality principle; reality testing; reality therapy; realm; real-time ultrasonography; ream; reamer; reamputation; reanimate; reannealing; reap; rear; rear-horse; rearrangement; reason; reassortant viruses; reattachment; Reaumur, Rene de; Reaumur scale; rebarbarize; rebase; rebate; rebec; rebel; rebellion; rebiting; rebound; rebound effect; rebound phenomenon; rebreathe; rebreathing; rebreathing anaesthesia; rebreathing technique; Rebuck skin window technique; rebus; RecA; recalcification; recalcitrant; recalcitrate; recall; Recamier, Joseph; Recamier's operation; recanalization; recapitulation; recapitulation theory; rec A protein; recarbonise; recarbonize; rec B protein; receive; receiver; receiver cell; receiver operating characteristic; receiver operating characteristic curve; recension; recent; receptacle; receptacular; receptaculum; receptaculum chyli; receptaculum ganglii petrosi; receptaculum pecqueti; reception; receptive; receptive aphasia; receptive field; receptoma; receptor; receptor aggregation; receptor agonist; receptor-CD3 complex, antigen, T-cell; receptor, chemokine; receptor downregulation; receptor mediated endocytosis; receptor potential; receptor protein; receptor protein-tyrosine kinase; receptors, adrenergic; receptors, adrenergic, alpha; receptors, adrenergic, alpha-1; receptors, adrenergic, alpha-2; receptors, adrenergic, beta; receptors, adrenergic, beta-1; receptors, adrenergic, beta-2; receptors, albumin; receptors, aldosterone; receptors, amino acid; receptors, ampa; receptors, androgen; receptors, angiotensin; receptors, antigen; receptors, antigen, B-cell; receptors, antigen, T-cell; receptors, antigen, T-cell, alpha-beta; receptors, antigen, T-cell, gamma-delta; receptors, aryl hydrocarbon; receptors, atrial natriuretic factor; receptors, biogenic amine; receptors, bombesin; receptors, bradykinin; receptors, calcitonin; receptors, calcitonin gene-related peptide; receptors, calcitriol; receptors, catecholamine; receptors, ccr5; receptors, cell surface; receptors, chemokine; receptors, cholecystokinin; receptors, cholinergic; receptors, colony-stimulating factor; receptors, complement; receptors, complement 3b; receptors, complement 3d; receptors, concanavalin a; receptors, corticotropin; receptors, corticotropin-releasing hormone; receptors, cxcr4; receptors, cyclic AMP; receptors, cytoadhesin; receptors, cytokine; receptors, cytoplasmic and nuclear; receptors, dopamine; receptors, dopamine d1; receptors, dopamine d2; receptors, drug; receptors, eicosanoid; receptors, endothelin; receptors, epidermal growth factor-urogastrone; receptors, erythropoietin; receptors, estradiol; receptors, fc; receptors, fibroblast growth factor; receptors, fibronectin; Receptors for activated C Kinase; receptors, fsh; receptors, gaba; receptors, gaba-a; receptors, gaba-b; receptors, gastrointestinal hormone; receptors, glucagon; receptors, glucocorticoid; receptors, glutamate; receptors, glycine; receptors, gonadotropin; receptors, granulocyte-colony-stimulating factor; receptors, granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor; receptors, growth factor; receptors, histamine; receptors, histamine h1; receptors, histamine h2; receptors, histamine h3; receptors, HIV; receptors, IgE; receptors, IgG; receptors, immunologic; receptors, insulin; receptors, insulin-like-growth factor I; receptors, insulin-like-growth-factor II; receptors, interferon; receptors, interleukin; receptors, interleukin-1; receptors, interleukin-2; receptors, interleukin-3; receptors, interleukin-4; receptors, interleukin-6; receptors, invertebrate peptide; receptor site; receptors, kainic acid; receptors, laminin; receptors, ldl; receptors, leukocyte-adhesion; receptors, leukotriene; receptors, leukotriene b4; receptors, lh; receptors, lhrh; receptors, lipoprotein; receptors, lymphocyte homing; receptors, macrophage colony-stimulating factor; receptors, metabotropic glutamate; receptors, mineralocorticoid; receptors, mitogen; receptors, muscarinic; receptors, nerve growth factor; receptors, neurokinin-1; receptors, neurokinin-2; receptors, neurokinin-3; receptors, neuropeptide; receptors, neuropeptide y; receptors, neurotensin; receptors, neurotransmitter; receptors, nicotinic; receptors, n-methyl-d-aspartate; receptors, odourant; receptors, opioid; receptors, opioid, delta; receptors, opioid, kappa; receptors, opioid, mu; receptors, oxytocin; receptors, pancreatic hormone; receptors, parathyroid hormone; receptors, peptide; receptors, phencyclidine; receptors, pituitary hormone; receptors, pituitary hormone-regulating hormone; receptors, platelet-derived growth factor; receptors, polymeric immunoglobulin; receptors, presynaptic; receptors, progesterone; receptors, prolactin; receptors, prostaglandin; receptors, prostaglandin e; receptors, purinergic; receptors, purinergic p1; receptors, purinergic p2; receptors, retinoic acid; receptors, sensory; receptors, serotonin; receptors, sigma; receptors, somatomedin; receptors, somatostatin; receptors, somatotropin; receptors, steroid; receptors, tachykinin; receptors, thrombin; receptors, thromboxane; receptors, thyroid hormone; receptors, thyrotropin; receptors, thyrotropin-releasing hormone; receptors, transferrin; receptors, transforming growth factor beta; receptors, tumour necrosis factor; receptors, vasoactive intestinal peptide; receptors, vasopressin; receptors, very late antigen; receptors, virus; receptors, vitronectin; receptor tyrosine kinase; receptor, visual; receptosomes; recess; recession; recessitivity; recessive; recessive, autosomal; recessive character; recessive gene; recessive inheritance; recessive oncogene; recessive trait; recessive, x-linked; recessus; recessus anterior; recessus cochlearis; recessus costodiaphragmaticus; recessus costomediastinalis; recessus duodenalis inferior; recessus duodenalis superior; recessus ellipticus; recessus epitympanicus; recessus hepatorenalis; recessus ileocaecalis inferior; recessus ileocaecalis superior; recessus inferior omentalis; recessus infundibuli; recessus infundibuliformis; recessus intersigmoideus; recessus lateralis ventriculi quarti; recessus lienalis; recessus membranae tympani anterior; recessus membranae tympani posterior; recessus membranae tympani superior; recessus opticus; recessus paraduodenalis; recessus parotideus; recessus pharyngeus; recessus phrenicomediastinalis; recessus pinealis; recessus piriformis; recessus pleurales; recessus posterior; recessus retrocaecalis; recessus retroduodenalis; recessus sacciformis; recessus sphenoethmoidalis; recessus sphericus; recessus splenicus; recessus subhepaticus; recessus subphrenici; recessus subpopliteus; recessus superior omentalis; recessus suprapinealis; recessus triangularis; rechabite; recidivation; recidivism; recidivist; recipe; recipient; recipiomotor; reciprocal; reciprocal anchorage; reciprocal arm; reciprocal beat; reciprocal bigeminy; reciprocal forces; reciprocal inhibition; reciprocal innervation; reciprocally; reciprocal rhythm; reciprocal transfusion; reciprocal translocation; reciprocal treanslocation; reciprocate; reciprocating rhythm; reciprocation; reciprocity law; reciprocornous; recirculation; Recklinghausen; Recklinghausen's disease of bone; Recklinghausen's disease type I; Recklinghausen's tumour; reckoning; reclaim; reclamation; reclinate; reclination; reclined; reclining; reclotting phenomenon; recognition factors; recognition sequence; recognition time; recoil; recoil atom; recoil wave; recollect; recollection; recollet; recombinant; recombinant clone; recombinant clones; recombinant DNA; recombinant DNA molecules; recombinant DNA technologies; recombinant DNA technology; recombinant fusion proteins; recombinant proteins; recombinant strain; recombinant vector; recombinase; recombination; recombination coefficient; recombination fraction; recombination frequency; recombination, genetic; recombination nodule; recombination radiation; recombinatorial repair; RECOMBIVAX-HB; recommend; recompense; recon; reconnaissance; reconstitution; reconstruction; reconstructive mammaplasty; reconstructive psychotherapy; reconstructive surgery; reconstructive surgical procedures; reconvalescence; reconvertible; record; record base; recording; record of decision; record rim; records; recoupe; recourse; recover; recoverin; recovery; recovery boiler; recovery room; recovery score; recreate; recreation; recreational drug; recrement; recrementitial; recrudescence; recrudescency; recrudescent; recrudescent typhus; recrudescent typhus fever; recruit; recruiting response; recruitment; recruitment detection; recruitment zone; recrystallization; recrystallize; rectal; rectal ampulla; rectal anaesthesia; rectal cancer; rectal columns; rectal fistula; rectal folds; rectalgia; rectal plexuses; rectal prolapse; rectal reflex; rectal shelf; rectal sinuses; rectal valves; rectal valvotomy; rectal venous plexus; rectangle; rectangular amputation; rectectomy; rectifiable; rectification; rectificator; rectified optics; rectified spirit; rectified tar oil; rectifier; rectifier tube; rectify; rectifying synapse; rectinerved; rectirostral; rectiserial; rectitis; recto-; rectoabdominal; rectocardiac reflex; rectocele; rectoclysis; rectococcygeal; rectococcygeal muscle; rectococcygeus muscle; rectococcypexy; rectocolitis; rectolabial fistula; rectolaryngeal reflex; rectoperineal; rectoperineorrhaphy; rectopexy; rectophobia; rectoplasty; rector; rectorrhaphy; rectoscope; rectoscopy; rectosigmoid; rectosigmoid junction; rectosigmoid sphincter; rectostenosis; rectostomy; rectotome; rectotomy; rectourethral; rectourethral fistula; rectourethralis muscle; rectourethral muscle; rectouterine; rectouterine fold; rectouterine muscle; rectouterine pouch; rectovaginal; rectovaginal fistula; rectovaginal septum; rectovaginouterine pouch; rectovesical; rectovesical fascia; rectovesical fistula; rectovesical fold; rectovesicalis muscle; rectovesical muscle; rectovesical pouch; rectovesical septum; rectovestibular; rectovestibular fistula; rectovulvar fistula; rectrix; rectum; rectus; rectus abdominis; rectus abdominis muscle; rectus capitis anterior; rectus capitis lateralis; rectus capitis posterior major; rectus capitis posterior minor; rectus femoris; rectus muscle of abdomen; rectus muscle of thigh; rectus sheath; recultivation; recumbent; recuperate; recuperation; recur; recure; recurrence; recurrence rate; recurrence risk; recurrent; recurrent albuminuria; recurrent aphthous stomatitis; recurrent aphthous ulcers; recurrent appendicitis; recurrent artery; recurrent artery of Heubner; recurrent caries; recurrent central retinitis; recurrent corneal erosion; recurrent encephalopathy; recurrent fever; recurrent herpetic stomatitis; recurrent hypopyon; recurrent interosseous artery; recurrent laryngeal nerve; recurrent meningeal branch of spinal nerves; recurrent meningeal nerve; recurrent nerve; recurrent pneumonia in childhood; recurrent polyserositis; recurrent pyogenic cholangitis; recurrent radial artery; recurrent scarring aphthae; recurrent stricture; recurrent tetany; recurrent ulcerative stomatitis; recurrent ulnar artery; recurring digital fibromas of childhood; recursion; recurvate; recurvation; recurved; recurviroster; recurvirostral; recusant; recycling; red; red atrophy; redback; redbelly; redbird; red blood cell; red blood cell cast; red blood cell count; red blood cell indices; red bone marrow; redbreast; redbud; redcap; red cell adherence phenomenon; red cell adherence test; red-cell aplasia, pure; red cell cast; red corpuscle; red corpuscles; red cross; redd; red degeneration; reddle; red drop effect; redeem; re-demption; redemptionist; redemptorist; redeye; red fever; red fibres; redfin; redfinch; redfish; red-gum; red half-moon; red-handed; redhead; red hepatisation; redhoop; redhorn; redia; redifferentiation; red induration; red infarct; redintegration; red lead; redlegs; Redlich; red mange; redmouth; red muscle; red neuralgia; red nucleus; redox; redox electrode; red oxide of lead; redox indicator; redox potential; redox reaction; redox system; redpole; redpoll; red precipitate; red pulp; red pulp cords; red reflex; redressement force; redressment; red-riband; redroot; redshank; red-short; redskin; redstart; red strawberry tongue; redstreak; red sweat; redtail; red-tailed; red test; redthroat; red thrombus; redtop; reduce; reduced enamel epithelium; reduced eye; reduced glutathione; reduced haematin; reduced haemoglobin; reduced interarch distance; reducible; reducible hernia; reducing; reducing agent; reducing agents; reducing diet; reducing enzyme; reducing sugar; reducing valve; reductant; reductase; reductic acid; reduction; reduction deformity; reduction division; reduction en masse; reduction mammaplasty; reduction nucleus; reduction of chromosomes; reduction phase; reduction potential; reductive dechlorination; redundancy; redundant; reduplicate; reduplicated cataract; reduplication; reduvid; Reduviidae; red vision; redwater fever; redweed; red wine; redwing; redwithe; redwood; reebok; reed; reedbird; reedbuck; Reed cells; Reed, Dorothy; Reed-Frost theory of epidemics; reeding; reed instrument theory; reedling; reed-mace; reed sods; Reed-Sternberg cell; reed-sternberg cells; Reed, Walter; reedy nail; reef; reefing; reel; reeler; reel foot; reem; reenactment; Reenstierna, John; re-entrant mechanism; reentry; reentry theory; reermouse; Reese, Algernon; Rees-Ecker fluid; Rees, H Maynard; reeve; refect; refection; refer; reference; reference books; reference books, medical; reference electrode; reference method; reference standards; reference values; referendary; referendum; referral; referral and consultation; referred pain; Refetoff, S; Refetoff syndrome; refine; reflect; reflected colours; reflected inguinal ligament; reflected light; reflected ray; reflecting; reflecting retinoscope; reflection; reflection coefficient; reflection factor; reflection X-ray microscopy; reflective; reflectivity; reflector; reflex; reflex, abdominal; reflex, abnormal; reflex, acoustic; reflex angina; reflex arc; reflex asthma; reflex, babinski; reflex control; reflex cough; reflex detrusor contraction; reflex dyspepsia; reflexed; reflex epilepsy; reflex headache; reflex incontinence; reflex inhibition; reflex iridoplegia; reflex, let down; reflex ligament; reflex movement; reflex neurogenic bladder; reflex, oculocardiac; reflexogenic; reflexogenic pressosensitivity; reflexogenic zone; reflexogenous; reflexograph; reflexology; reflexometer; reflexophil; reflex otalgia; reflexotherapy; reflex, pupillary; reflex sensation; reflex, stretch; reflex sympathetic dystrophy; reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome; reflex symptom; reflex tachycardia; reflex therapy; reflex, vestibulo-ocular; reflorescence; reflux; reflux conjunctivitis; reflux disease, gastroesophageal; reflux laryngitis; reflux nephropathy; reflux, oesophageal; reflux oesophagitis; reflux otitis media; reforestize; reformat; reformation; refossion; refract; refractable; refracted; refracted light; refractile; refracting; refracting angle of a prism; refraction; refraction, angle of; refractionist; refraction, ocular; refractionometer; refractive; refractive accommodative esotropia; refractive amblyopia; refractive errors; refractive index; refractive keratoplasty; refractive keratotomy; refractivity; refractometer; refractometry; refractor; refractory; refractory anaemia; refractory anaemia with excess blasts; refractory cast; refractory flask; refractory lining; refractory period; refractory period of electronic pacemaker; refractory period, psychological; refractory rickets; refractory state; refracture; refrain; refrangible; refresh; refrigerant; refrigeration; refrigeration anaesthesia; refrigerator; refringence; refringency; refringent; refsum disease; refsum's disease; Refsum, Sigvald; Refsum's syndrome; refugees; refusal to treat; refuse-derived fuel; refuse disposal; refusion; refute; regainer; regard; regardful; Regaud; Regaud's fixative; regel; regelate; regelation; regenerate; regeneration; regeneration harvest; regeneration with reserves; regenerative; regenerative polyp; regenerator; regent; regerminate; regime; regimen; regio; regio analis; regio antebrachialis anterior; regio antebrachialis posterior; regio axillaris; regio brachialis anterior; regio brachialis posterior; regio buccalis; regio calcanea; regio carpalis anterior; regio carpalis posterior; regio cervicalis anterior; regio cervicalis lateralis; regio cervicalis posterior; regio cruralis anterior; regio cruralis posterior; regio cubitalis anterior; regio cubitalis posterior; regio deltoidea; regio epigastrica; regio femoralis; regio femoralis anterior; regio femoralis posterior; regio frontalis capitis; regio genus anterior; regio genus posterior; regio glutealis; regio hypochondriaca; regio infraclavicularis; regio inframammaria; regio infraorbitalis; regio infrascapularis; regio inguinalis; regio lateralis; regio lumbalis; regio mammaria; regio mentalis; region; regional; regional anaesthesia; regional anatomy; regional eneteritis; regional enteritis; regional enterocolitis; regional granulomatous lymphadenitis; regional health planning; regional hypothermia; regional involvement; regional lymphadenitis; regional medical programs; regio nasalis; regiones; regiones abdominis; regiones capitis; regiones cervicales; regiones corporis; regiones dorsales; regiones faciales; regiones membri inferioris; regiones membri superioris; regiones pectorales; region of interest; region of olfactory mucosa; region of respiratory mucosa; region, regulatory; regions of back; regions of body; regions of chest; regions of face; regions of head; regions of inferior limb; regions of lower limb; regions of neck; regions of superior limb; regions of upper limb; regio nuchalis; regio occipitalis capitis; regio olfactoria tunicae mucosae nasi; regio oralis; regio orbitalis; regio parietalis capitis; regio pectoralis; regio perinealis; regio plantaris; regio presternalis; regio pubica; regio respiratoria tunicae mucosae nasi; regio sacralis; regio scapularis; regio sternocleidomastoidea; regio suralis; regio talocruralis; regio temporalis capitis; regio umbilicalis; regio urogenitalis; regio vertebralis; regio zygomatica; register; registered nurse; registration; registries; registry; reglet; regma; regmacarp; regnancy; regorge; regrade; regrate; regress; regressing atypical histiocytosis; regression; regression analysis; regression of the mean; regressive; regressive-reconstructive approach; regressive staining; regular; regular astigmatism; regularia; regular insulin; regular insulin injection; regulation; regulative; regulato; regulator; regulator gene; regulatory albuminuria; regulatory cell proliferation kinase; regulatory enzyme; regulatory gene; regulatory region; regulatory regions or sequences; regulatory sequence; regulatory sequences, nucleic acid; regulatory T-cell; reguline; regulize; regulon; regulus; regurgitant; regurgitant fraction; regurgitant murmur; regurgitate; regurgitation; regurgitation jaundice; rehab; rehabilitation; rehabilitation centres; rehabilitation nursing; rehabilitation of hearing impaired; rehabilitation of speech and language disorders; rehabilitation, vocational; rehearsal; Rehfuss, Martin; Rehfuss method; Rehfuss stomach tube; rehydrate; rehydration; rehydration solutions; Reichel, Friedrich; Reichel-Polya stomach resection; Reichert, Karl; Reichert-Meissl number; Reichert's cartilage; Reichert's cochlear recess; Reichstein's compound; Reichstein's substance; Reid, Robert; Reid's base line; Reifenstein, Edward Jr; Reifenstein's syndrome; reign; Reil, Johann; Reil's ansa; Reil's band; Reil's ribbon; Reil's triangle; reimburse; reimbursement, incentive; reimbursement mechanisms; reimplant; reimplantation; reindeer; Reinecke salt; reinette; reinfection; reinfection tuberculosis; reinforced anchorage; reinforcement; reinforcement schedule; reinforcement, verbal; reinforcer; reinjection; Reinke crystalloids; Reinke, Friedrich; Reinke's space; reinnervation; reinoculation; reins; Reinsch, Adolf; Reinsch's test; reintegration; reinversion; Reisseisen, Franz; Reisseisen's muscles; Reissner, Ernst; Reissner's fibre; reissner's membrane; Reitan, Ralph; Reiter, Hans; reiter's disease; Reiter's syndrome; reiter syndrome; Reiter test; rejectamenta; rejection; rejoicing; rejuvenescence; Rel; relapse; relapsing; relapsing appendicitis; relapsing fever; relapsing malaria; relapsing perichondritis; relapsing polychondritis; relate; related; relation; relational threshold; relationship; relative; relative accommodation; relative afferent pupillary defect; relative aperture; relative basal area; relative biological effectiveness; relative dehydration; relative immunity; relative incompetence; relative leukocytosis; relative molecular mass; relative polycythemia; relative refractory period; relative risk; relative scotoma; relative sensitivity; relative specificity; relative value scales; relative viscosity; relatrix; relax; relaxant; relaxant reversal; relaxation; relaxation factor; relaxation response; relaxation suture; relaxation techniques; relaxation time; relaxed control; relaxed DNA; relaxed mutant; relaxed plasmid; relaxin; relaxing enzyme; relaxosome; relay; relbun; relearning; Release; released substance; release factor; release phenomenon; releasin; releasing factors; releasing hormone; relevant; reliability; reliability coefficient; relict; relief; relief area; relief chamber; relief work; relieve; relieving; religion; religion and medicine; religion and psychology; religious philosophies; reline; reliquiae; relish; REM; remainder; Remak, Ernst; Remak, Robert; Remak's fibres; Remak's ganglia; Remak's nuclear division; Remak's plexus; Remak's reflex; Remak's sign; remanent; REM behaviour disorder; remediable; remedial; remedial teaching; remedy; remembrance; remiges; reminder system; remineralization; reminiscence; reminiscent aura; remiped; remission; remission induction; remission induction chemotherapy; remission, spontaneous; remit; remittal; remittence; remittent; remittent fever; remittent malaria; remnant; remodeling; remonstrance; remontant; remora; remote; remote consultation; remote memory; removable bridge; removable partial denture; remove; remoxipride; REM stage sleep; REM syndrome; remunerate; remuneration; remurmur; ren; renal; renal adenocarcinoma; renal adenocarcinoma: staging; renal adenocarcinoma: vascularity; renal agenesis; renal agents; renal amyloidosis; renal artery; renal artery obstruction; renal artery stenosis; renal ballottement; renal blood flow, effective; renal branch of lesser splanchnic nerve; renal branch of vagus nerve; renal calcification; renal calculi; renal calculus; renal cancer; renal capsule; renal carcinosarcoma; renal cast; renal cell cancer; renal cell carcinoma; renal circulation; renal colic; renal collar; renal columns; renal corpuscle; renal cortex; renal cortical adenoma; renal cortical lobule; renal diabetes; renal epistaxis; renal failure; renal fascia; renal fibrocystic osteosis; renal ganglia; renal glycosuria; renal haematuria; renal haemorrhage; renal hypertension; renal hypoplasia; renal impression; renal infantilism; renal insufficiency; renal labyrinth; renal lobe; renal masses in children; renal medulla; renal nanism; renal osteitis fibrosa; renal osteodystrophy; renal papilla; renal papillary necrosis; renal pelvis; renal plasma flow; renal plexus; renal-portal; renal portal system; renal pyramid; renal reflex; renal replacement therapy; renal retinopathy; renal segments; renal sinus; renal-splanchnic steal; renal-splenic venous shunt; renal surface of spleen; renal surface of suprarenal gland; renal surface of the suprarenal gland; renal tb; renal threshold; renal transplantation; renal tubular acidosis; renal tubular transport, inborn errors; renal tubule; renal vein; renal veins; renaturation; renature; Renaut body; renculus; Rendu, Henri; Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome; renewable energy resource; reni-; renicapsule; renicardiac; reniculus; renidification; renifleur; reniform; reniform pelvis; renin; renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system; renin-angiotensin system; reniportal; renitency; renitent; rennase; rennet; rennin; renninogen; reno-; renocutaneous; renogastric; renogenic; renogram; renography; renointestinal; renomegaly; renopathy; renoprival; renopulmonary; renotrophic; renotrophin; renotropic; renotropin; renovascular; renovascular hypertension; renovetur semel; Renpenning; Renpenning's syndrome; Renshaw, B; Renshaw cells; rensselaerite; renunculus; R enzyme; reoperation; reostat; reotrope; Reoviridae; Reovirus; REO virus; reovirus 3; reovirus-like agent; REP; repair; repair enzyme; repair nuclease; repand; reparative dentin; reparative giant cell granuloma; repast; RepB helicase; RepD helicase; repeal; repeater; repeating; repellant guiding molecule; repellent; repent; repercussion; repercussive; reperfusion; reperfusion injury; repetend; repetition; repetition-compulsion; repetition-compulsion principle; repetition rate; repetition/replication; repetition time; repetitive; repetitive DNA; repetitive sequences, nucleic acid; repkie; replace; replaceable; replacement; replacement bone; replacement fibrosis; replacement therapy; replacement vector; replant; replantable; replantation; replenish; repletion; replica; replica methods; replica plate; replica plating; replicase; replicate; replica techniques; replicated; replication; replication, DNA; replication fork; replication origin; replication site; replicative form; replicative intermediate; replicator; replicon; replisome; replitase; replum; repolarization; reportable disease; reporter gene; reporting, anonymous; reporting, named; reporting, unique identifier; repose; repositioning; repositor; rep protein; reprehend; represent; representative; repressed; repressible enzyme; repression; repression-sensitization; repressor; repressor gene; repressor protein; repressor proteins; reproachful; reprobation; reprobationer; reproducibility; reproducibility of results; reproduction; reproduction, asexual; reproduction techniques; reproductive; reproductive adaptation; reproductive and urinary physiology; reproductive assimilation; reproductive cells; reproductive control agents; reproductive cycle; reproductive endocrinologist; reproductive history; reproductive medicine; reproductive nucleus; reproductive ratio; reproductive surgeon; reproductive system; rep-silver; reptant; reptantia; reptation; reptatory; reptilase; reptile; reptilia; reptilian; republic; republican; repudiate; repullulation; repulsion; requiem; requin; require; required arch length; requirement; requisition; requite; reredos; reremouse; RES; resact; resazurin; rescinnamine; rescript; rescue; rescue work; resealed ghost; research; research, controlled; research design; research personnel; research support; resect; resectable; resection; resectoscope; resectoscope sheath; reseda; reseminate; resentment; reserpine; reservation; reserve; reserve air; reserve force; reserve margin; reservoir; reservoir bag; reservoir host; reservoir of infection; reservoir of spermatozoa; reservoir, ommaya; reset nodus sinuatrialis; residence characteristics; resident; resident fish; residential facilities; residential mobility; residential treatment; resident physician; residua; residual; residual abscess; residual affinity; residual air; residual body; residual body of Regaud; residual capacity; residual cleft; residual cyst; residual error; residual inhibition; residual inhibitor; residual lumen; residual ovary syndrome; residual ridge; residual schizophrenia; residual urine; residual volume; residue; residuum; resilience; resiliency; resilin; resin; resin acids; resinate; resinates; resin cement; resin cements; resines; resinic; resinic acids; resiniferous; resino-electric; resinoid; resinols; resinous; resins; resins, synthetic; resist; resistance; resistance, antibiotic; resistance factor; resistance factors; resistance form; resistance-inducing factor; resistance plasmids; resistance, pulmonary; resistance pyrometer; resistance thermometer; resistance-transfer factor; resistance-transferring episomes; resistance, vascular; resistant; resistant ovary syndrome; resistive movement; resistivity; resistor; resoiling; resolution; resolution acuity; resolutioner; resolvase; resolve; resolvent; resolving power; resonance; resonance energy transfer; resonance theory of hearing; resonant; resonant frequency; resonator; resorb; resorcin; resorcinol; resorcinolphthalein; resorcinolphthalein sodium; resorcinol phthalic anhydride; resorcinol test; resorcylic; resorption; resorption atelectasis; resorption lacunae; resorufin; resound; resource; resource conservation and recovery act; resource values; respect; respirable; respirable aerosols; respiration; respiration disorders; respiration rate; respirator; respirator brain; respiratory; respiratory acidosis; respiratory airway; respiratory alkalosis; respiratory apparatus; respiratory arrhythmia; respiratory ataxia; respiratory bronchioles; respiratory burst; respiratory capacity; respiratory care unit; respiratory centre; respiratory chain; respiratory circulation; respiratory coefficient; respiratory dead space; respiratory distress syndrome; respiratory distress syndrome, adult; respiratory distress syndrome of the newborn; respiratory enteric orphan virus; respiratory enzyme; respiratory enzyme complexes; respiratory epithelium; respiratory exchange ratio; respiratory failure; respiratory frequency; respiratory function tests; respiratory hypersensitivity; respiratory inhibitor; respiratory insufficiency; respiratory lobule; respiratory mechanics; respiratory metabolism; respiratory metal; respiratory minute volume; respiratory mucosa; respiratory murmur; respiratory muscles; respiratory pause; respiratory physiology; respiratory pigments; respiratory poison; respiratory protective devices; respiratory pulse; respiratory quotient; respiratory rate; respiratory region of tunica mucosa of nose; respiratory scleroma; respiratory sound; respiratory sounds; respiratory syncytial virus; respiratory syncytial virus, bovine; respiratory syncytial viruses; respiratory syncytial virus, human; respiratory syncytial virus infections; respiratory system; respiratory system abnormalities; respiratory system agents; respiratory therapy; respiratory therapy department, hospital; respiratory tract; respiratory tract fistula; respiratory transport; respire; respirometer; respite care; respond; respondent behaviour; respondent conditioning; response; response generalisation; response hierarchy; response rate; responsivity; responsory; rest; restant; rest area; rest bite; rest body; restenosis; rest-harrow; restiform; restiform body; restiform eminence; resting; resting cell; resting length; resting phase; resting potential; resting saliva; resting stage; resting tidal volume; resting tremor; resting wandering cell; restitope; restitution; rest jaw relation; restless; restless legs; restless legs syndrome; rest nitrogen; restoration; restoration measure; restorative; restorative dental materials; restorative dentistry; restore; restored cycle; rest pain; rest position; restrain; restrained beam; restraint; restraint, physical; rest relation; restriction; restriction endonuclease; restriction enzyme; restriction enzyme cutting site; restriction enzyme, endonuclease; restriction fragment; restriction fragment length polymorphism; restriction length polymorphism; restriction map; restriction mapping; restriction methylation; restriction nuclease; restriction site; restriction-site polymorphism; restrictive cardiomyopathy; restrictive temperature; restringent; restructured cell; rest seat; rest's of Serres; rest vertical dimension; result; resultant; resupinate; resurrection; resuscitable; resuscitate; resuscitation; resuscitation orders; resuscitator; resveratrol synthase; ret; retained menstruation; retained placenta; retainer; retard; retardate; retardation; retardation plate; retarded dentition; retarder; retch; retching; rete; rete acromiale; rete arteriosum; rete articulare cubiti; rete articulare genus; rete calcaneum; rete canalis hypoglossi; rete carpi dorsale; rete carpi posterius; rete cords; rete cutaneum corii; rete cyst of ovary; rete foraminis ovalis; rete malleolare laterale; rete malleolare mediale; rete mirabile; retene; retention; retention area; retention arm; retention cyst; retention form; retention groove; retention jaundice; retention point; retention polyp; retention suture; retention vomiting; retentive circumferential clasp arm; retentive fulcrum line; retentivity; retentor; rete ovarii; rete patellae; rete pegs; reteplase; retepore; rete ridges; rete subpapillare; rete testis; rete vasculosum articulare; rete venosum dorsale manus; rete venosum dorsale pedis; rete venosum plantare; retia; retial; retiary; reticle; reticle eyepiece; reticul-; reticula; reticular; reticular activating system; reticular cartilage; reticular cell; reticular degeneration; reticular dystrophy of cornea; reticular erythematous mucinosis; reticular fibre; reticular formation; reticularia; reticularian; reticularis cell; reticular lamina; reticular layer of corium; reticular membrane; reticular nuclei of the brainstem; reticular nucleus of thalamus; reticular substance; reticular tissue; reticulate; reticulated; reticulated bone; reticulated corpuscle; reticulation; reticule; reticulin; reticuline oxidase; reticulitis; reticulo-; reticulocyte; reticulocyte count; reticulocyte lysate; reticulocytopenia; reticulocytosis; reticuloendothelial; reticuloendothelial cell; reticuloendothelial system; reticuloendothelioma; reticuloendotheliosis; reticuloendotheliosis virus, avian; reticuloendotheliosis viruses; reticuloendothelium; reticulohistiocytic granuloma; reticulohistiocytoma; reticulohistiocytosis; reticuloid; reticulonodular pattern; reticulopenia; reticuloperitonitis; reticulosa; reticulose; reticulosis; reticulospinal; reticulospinal tract; reticulotomy; reticulum; reticulum cell; reticulum cell sarcoma; reticulum trabeculare sclerae; retiform; retina; retinacula musculorum fibularium; retinacula musculorum peroneorum; retinacula of extensor muscles; retinacula of nail; retinacula of peroneal muscles; retinacula unguis; retinaculum; retinaculum capsulae articularis coxae; retinaculum caudale; retinaculum cutis; retinaculum extensorum; retinaculum flexorum; retinaculum musculorum extensorum inferius; retinaculum musculorum extensorum superius; retinaculum musculorum flexorum; retinaculum of articular capsule of hip; retinaculum of flexor muscles; retinaculum of skin; retinaculum patellae laterale; retinaculum patellae mediale; retinaculum tendinum; retinal; retinal adaptation; retinal anlage tumour; retinal artery; retinal artery occlusion; retinal blood vessels; retinal camera; retinal cone; retinal degeneration; retinaldehyde; retinaldehyde dehydrogenase; retinaldehyde isomerase; retinaldehyde reductase; retinal dehydrogenase; retinal detachment; retinal disease; retinal disparity; retinal drusen; retinal dysplasia; retinal embolism; retinal fold; retinal ganglion cell; retinal ganglion cells; retinal image; retinal isomerase; retinalite; retinal monooxygenase; retinal necrosis syndrome, acute; retinal neovascularization; retinal perforation; retinal pigmented epithelial cell; retinal pigments; retinal reductase; retinal rod; retinal vein; retinal vein occlusion; retinal vessels; retina-specific amine oxidase; retinasphaltum; retinectomy; retinene; retinene-1; retinene-2; retinerved; retineum; retinic; retinite; retinitis; retinitis pigmentosa; retinitis proliferans; retinitis sclopetaria; retinitis syphilitica; retino-; retinoblastoma; retinoblastoma protein; retinochoroid; retinochoroiditis; retinochoroiditis juxtapapillaris; retinodialysis; retinoic acid; retinoic acid 4-hydroxylase; retinoid; retinoids; retinol; retinol 4-hydroxylase; retinol-binding protein; retinol dehydratase; retinol dehydrogenase; retinol isomerase; retinopapillitis; retinopapillitis of premature infants; retinopathy; retinopathy of prematurity; retinopathy punctata albescens; retinopexy; retinophora; retinophoral; retinopiesis; retinoschisis; retinoscope; retinoscopy; retino tectal connection; retinotomy; retinula; retinulate; retinyl phosphate; retiped; retired; retirement; retistene; retitelae; retnol; retoperithelium; retort; Retortamonas; retothelioma; retouch; retract; retractation; retracted publication; retractile; retractile testis; retraction; retraction fibre; retraction of publication; retraction syndrome; retractor; retrad; retrahens aurem; retreat; retreat from reality; retreatment; retrenchment; retrieval; retriever; retro-; retroactive inhibition; retroadductor space; retroauricular; retroauricular lymph nodes; retrobuccal; retrobulbar; retrobulbar abscess; retrobulbar anaesthesia; retrobulbar haemorrhage; retrobulbar neuritis; retrocaecal; retrocaecal abscess; retrocaecal lymph nodes; retrocaecal recess; retrocalcaneobursitis; retrocaval ureter; retrocedent; retrocedent gout; retrocervical; retrocession; retrochoir; retroclusion; retrocochlear deafness; retrocochlear diseases; retrocolic; retrocollic; retrocollic spasm; retrocollis; retroconduction; retrocursive; retrocuspid papilla; retrodeviation; retrodisplacement; retroduodenal artery; retroduodenal fossa; retroduodenal recess; retroesophageal; retrofilling; retrofit; retrofitting; retroflected; retroflection; retroflexed; retroflex fasciculus; retroflexion; retrofracted; retrogasserian neurectomy; retrogasserian neurotomy; retrognathic; retrognathism; retrograde; retrograde amnesia; retrograde aortography; retrograde axonal transport; retrograde beat; retrograde block; retrograde cardioplegia; retrograde chromatolysis; retrograde conduction; retrograde degeneration; retrograde ejaculation; retrograde embolism; retrograde hernia; retrograde intussusception; retrograde memory; retrograde menstruation; retrograde metamorphosis; retrograde P wave; retrograde pyelography; retrography; retrogression; retrogressive; retrohyoid bursa; retroiliac ureter; retroinguinal space; retroinhibition; retroiridian; retrojection; retrojector; retrolental; retrolental fibroplasia; retrolenticular; retrolenticular limb of internal capsule; retrolenticular part of internal capsule; retrolingual; retromammary; retromammary mastitis; retromandibular; retromandibular fossa; retromandibular process of parotid gland; retromandibular vein; retromastoid; retromingent; retromolar; retromolar fossa; retromolar pad; retromorphosis; retromylohyoid space; retronasal; retro-ocular; retroperitoneal; retroperitoneal adenopathy; retroperitoneal fibrosis; retroperitoneal hernia; retroperitoneal liposarcoma; retroperitoneal space; retroperitoneum; retroperitonitis; retropharyngeal; retropharyngeal abscess; retropharyngeal lymph nodes; retropharyngeal space; retropharynx; retroplacental; retroplasia; retropneumoperitoneum; retroposed; retroposition; retroposon; retropubic; retropubic hernia; retropubic prostatectomy; retropubic space; retropulsion; retropyloric lymph nodes; retropyloric nodes; retrorse; retrospection; retrospective; retrospective falsification; retrospective studies; retrospective study; retrospondylolisthesis; retrosternal; retrosternal hernia; retrosternal space; retrosteroid; retrotarsal; retrotarsal fold; retrotransposon; retrotransposons; retrouterine; retrovaccination; retroversioflexion; retroversion; retroverted; retroviral vector; Retroviridae; retroviridae infections; retroviridae proteins; retroviridae proteins, oncogenic; retrovirus; retroviruses, simian; retroviruses type b, mammalian; retroviruses type c, avian; retroviruses type c, mammalian; retroviruses, type d; retroviruses type d, simian; retruded; retrusion; retrusive excursion; retrusive occlusion; Rett; Rett's syndrome; Rett syndrome; return; return extrasystole; returning cycle; return on investment; retuse; Retzius, Anders; Retzius' cavity; Retzius' fibres; Retzius' foramen; Retzius' gyrus; Retzius' ligament; Retzius, Magnus; Retzius' space; Retzius' striae; Retzius' veins; reunient; reunion; Reuss, August von; Reuss' colour tables; Reuss' formula; Reuss' test; rev; revaccination; revalescence; revascularization; revelation; revellent; revengeful; reverberating circuit; reverberation; Reverdin graft; Reverdin, Jacques; Reverdin's method; reversal; reversal learning; reversal of organs, total; reverse; reverse banding; reverse bevel; reverse curve; reversed; reversed anaphylaxis; reversed-field pinch; reversed paradoxical pulse; reversed passive anaphylaxis; reversed peristalsis; reversed phase chromatography; reversed Prausnitz-Kustner reaction; reversed reciprocal rhythm; reversed shunt; reversed-three sign; reverse Eck fistula; reverse electron transport; reverse genetics; reverse Kingsley splint; reverse mutation; reverse passive haemagglutination; reverse pulmonary oedema pattern; reverse transcriptase; reverse transcriptase inhibitors; reverse transcriptase md; reverse transcriptase PCR; reverse transcription; reverse transcriptons; reverse Trendelenburg position; reversible; reversible calcinosis; reversible colloid; reversible decortication; reversible hydrocolloid; reversible hydrogenase; reversible process; reversible reaction; reversible shock; reversion; revert; revertant; revertent; revery; revet; revetment; review; review, academic; review literature; review, multicase; review of reported cases; review, tutorial; Revilliod, Leon; Revilliod's sign; revisal; revise; revision; revisional; revisionary; revival; revive; revivescence; revivification; revolt; revolute; revolution; revolving; revulsion; revulsive; reward; rewarming; Rexed, Bror; Reye, Ralph Douglas Kenneth; reye's syndrome; reye syndrome; Reynolds number; Reynold's number; Reynolds, Osborne; Reynolds pentad; rezulin; RF; RFA; r factors; RFLP; RFP; RFT; r group; rh; rhabarbarine; rhabarberone; rhabd-; rhabdiasoidea; rhabdite; rhabditida; rhabditida infections; rhabditiform; rhabditiform larva; Rhabditis; Rhabditis-like; rhabditoidea; rhabdo-; rhabdocoela; rhabdocoelous; rhabdocyte; rhabdoid; rhabdoid tumour; rhabdology; rhabdom; rhabdomancy; rhabdomere; rhabdomyoblast; rhabdomyolysis; rhabdomyoma; rhabdomyosarcoma; rhabdomyosarcoma, alveolar; rhabdomyosarcoma, embryonal; rhabdophobia; rhabdophora; rhabdopleura; rhabdosarcoma; rhabdosphincter; Rhabdoviridae; rhabdoviridae infections; rhabdovirus; rhachi-; rhachiglossa; rhachilla; rhachiodont; rhachis; rhadinovirus; rhagades; rhagadiform; rhagamanthus; rhagiocrine cell; rhamnaceous; rhamnanase; rhamnogalacturonan; rhamnogalacturonan acetylesterase; rhamnogalacturonan rhamnohydrolase; rhamnose; rhamnose permease; rhamnoside; rhamnoxanthin; rhamnulokinase; rhamnus; rhamphorhynchus; rhamphotheca; Rh antigens; rhaphania; rhaphe; rhaphides; rhaponticine; rhapsodomancy; rhapsody; rhatanhy; rhathymia; Rh blocking test; rhe; rhea; rheae; rheeboc; rhegma; rhegmatogenous; rhegmatogenous retinal detachment; rheic; rhein; Rheinberg filter; Rheinberg microscope; rheinberry; rhemish; rhenium; rheo-; rheobase; rheobasic; rheocardiography; rheochord; rheochrysidin; rheoencephalogram; rheoencephalography; rheogram; rheologist; rheology; rheometer; rheometry; rheomotor; rheopexy; rheophore; rheoscope; rheostat; rheostosis; rheotaxis; rheotome; rheotrope; rheotropism; Rhese projection; rhestocythemia; rhesus; Rhesus blood group; rhesus disease; rhesus incompatibility; rhetic; rhetizite; rheum; rheumatalgia; rheumatic; rheumatic arteritis; rheumatic chorea; rheumatic disease; rheumatic diseases; rheumatic endocarditis; rheumatic fever; rheumatic heart disease; rheumatic nodule; rheumatic pericarditis; rheumatic pneumonia; rheumatic tetany; rheumatic torticollis; rheumatic valvulitis; rheumatid; rheumatism; rheumatismal; rheumatism of the heart; rheumatismoid; rheumatocelis; rheumatoid; rheumatoid arteritis; rheumatoid arthritis; rheumatoid arthritis: joint manifestations; rheumatoid arthritis, systemic-onset juvenile; rheumatoid disease; rheumatoid factor; rheumatoid factors; rheumatoid lung disease; rheumatoid nodule; rheumatoid nodules; rheumatoid spondylitis; rheumatologist; rheumatology; rheumic; rheumides; rhexis; rh factor; rh-hr blood-group system; rhigolene; rhigosis; rhigotic; rhin-; rhinal; rhinal fissure; rhinalgia; rhinal sulcus; rhinarium; rhinaster; rhinedema; rhinencephalic; rhinencephalon; rhinenchysis; rhinion; rhinism; rhinitis; rhinitis, allergic; rhinitis, allergic, perennial; rhinitis, allergic, seasonal; rhinitis, atrophic; rhinitis medicamentosa; rhinitis nervosa; rhinitis sicca; rhinitis, vasomotor; rhino-; rhinoanemometer; rhinocanthectomy; rhinocele; rhinocephaly; rhinocerical; rhinoceros; rhinochiloplasty; Rhinocladiella; rhinocleisis; rhinodacryolith; rhinodymia; rhinodynia; rhinoestrosis; Rhinoestrus purpureus; rhinogenous; rhinokyphectomy; rhinokyphosis; rhinolalia; rhinolalia aperta; rhinolalia clausa; rhinolite; rhinolith; rhinolithiasis; rhinologic; rhinological; rhinologist; rhinology; rhinolophid; rhinolophine; rhinomanometer; rhinomanometry; rhinomucormycosis; rhinomycosis; rhinonecrosis; rhinopathy; rhinopharyngeal; rhinopharyngitis; rhinopharyngolith; rhinopharynx; rhinophonia; rhinophore; rhinophycomycosis; rhinophyma; rhinoplastic; rhinoplasty; rhinopneumonitis; rhinopome; rhinorrhoea; rhinosalpingitis; rhinoscleroma; rhinoscope; rhinoscopic; rhinoscopy; rhinosporidiosis; rhinosporidium; Rhinosporidium seeberi; rhinostenosis; rhinotheca; rhinotomy; rhinotracheitis; Rhinovirus; rhinoviruses, equine; Rhipicephalus; Rhipicephalus appendiculatus; Rhipicephalus evertsi; Rhipicephalus pulchellus; Rhipicephalus sanguineus; rhipidium; rhipidoglossa; rhipipter; rhipipteran; rh isoimmunization; rhizanthous; rhizine; rhizo-; rhizobia; rhizobiaceae; Rhizobium; rhizobium leguminosarum; rhizobium meliloti; rhizocarpous; rhizocephala; rhizoctonia; rhizodont; rhizogan; rhizogen; rhizoid; rhizoma; rhizomatous; rhizome; rhizome chaff; rhizome cutting; rhizomelia; rhizomeningomyelitis; rhizophaga; rhizophora; rhizophore; rhizophorous; rhizoplast; rhizopod; rhizopoda; Rhizopodasida; Rhizopodea; rhizopodous; rhizopterin; rhizopus; rhizosphere; rhizostomata; rhizostome; rhizotaxis; rhizotomy; Rh null syndrome; rho; rhoA p21 geranylgeranyltransferase; Rho-associated kinase; rhodamine; rhodamine B; rhodamines; rhodammonium; rhodanate; rhodanese; rhodanic; rhodanic acid; rhodanile blue; rhodanine; rhodeoretin; rhodeose; Rhodesian malignant theileriosis; Rhodesian trypanosomiasis; rhodic; rho(d) immune globulin; Rho(D) immunoglobulin; rhodin; rhodium; rhodizonic; rhodnius; rhodo-; rhodobacter; rhodobacter capsulatus; rhodobacter sphaeroides; rhodochrosite; rhodococcus; rhodococcus equi; rhodocrinite; rhododendron; rhodogenesis; rhodonite; rhodophane; rhodophylactic; rhodophylaxis; Rhodophyta; rhodopseudomonas; rhodopsin; rhodopsin kinase; rhodoquinone oxidoreductase; rhodosperm; rhodospirillaceae; rhodospirillales; Rhodospirillium rubrum; rhodospirillum; rhodospirillum rubrum; rhodotorula; rho factor; rho gene; rhomb; rhombencephalic gustatory nucleus; rhombencephalic isthmus; rhombencephalic tegmentum; rhombencephalon; rhombic; rhombic grooves; rhombic lip; rhombo-; rhomboatloideus; rhombocele; rhomboganoid; rhomboganoidei; rhombogene; rhombohedral; rhombohedric; rhombohedron; rhomboid; rhomboideus; rhomboideus major; rhomboid fossa; rhomboid impression; rhomboid ligament; rhomboid minor; rhombomere; rhomb spar; rhonchal; rhonchal fremitus; rhonchial; rhonchus; rhopalium; rhopalocera; rhopheocytosis; rhoptry; rhotacism; rhtic; rhtizite; rhubarb; rhumb; rhus; rhus dermatitis; rhusma; Rhus toxicodendron antigen; Rhus venenata antigen; rhynchobdellea; rhynchocephala; rhynchocoela; rhyncholite; rhynchonella; rhynchophora; rhynchophore; rhynchota; rhyolite; rhyparia; rhyparography; rhypophagy; rhypophobia; rhythm; rhythmic chorea; rhythm method; rhytidectomy; rhytidoplasty; rhytidosis; rhytidosis retinae; rhytina; RIA; rib; riband; Ribas-Torres disease; ribavirin; ribbed; Ribbert, Moritz; Ribbert's theory; ribbing; ribbon; ribbon arch; ribbon arch appliance; ribbon synapse; ribbonwood; ribes; Ribes, Francois; Ribes' ganglion; ribibe; ribitol; ribityl; rib notching; ribo-; ribo-2-hexulose; riboflavin; riboflavin 5'-phosphate; riboflavin deficiency; riboflavin kinase; riboflavinoid; riboflavin permease; riboflavin synthase; riboflavin unit; ribofuranose; ribofuranosylthymine; ribokinase; ribonuclease; ribonuclease (Bacillus subtilis); ribonuclease D; ribonuclease h, calf thymus; ribonuclease (pancreatic); ribonuclease, pancreatic; ribonucleases; ribonuclease t1; ribonucleic acid; ribonucleinase; ribonucleoprotein; ribonucleoproteins; ribonucleoproteins, small nuclear; ribonucleoproteins, small, u1; ribonucleoproteins, small, u2; ribonucleoproteins, small, u4-u6; ribonucleoproteins, small, u5; ribonucleoside; ribonucleoside diphosphate reductase; ribonucleosides; ribonucleoside-triphosphate reductase; ribonucleotide; ribonucleotide polymerase; ribonucleotide reductase; ribonucleotide reductases; ribonucleotides; ribophage; ribophorin; ribophorins; riboprine; riboprobe; ribopyranose; ribose; ribose-1,5-diphosphate synthase; ribose-5-phosphate; ribose-5-phosphate isomerase; ribose binding protein; ribosemonophosphates; ribose-phosphate pyrophosphokinase; ribose polymerase; riboside; ribosomal neutral proteinase; ribosomal protein; ribosomal proteins; ribosomal protein s6 kinase; ribosomal protein S6 kinase kinase; ribosomal RNA; ribosome; ribosome binding site; ribosome-lamella complex; ribosomes; ribostamycin; ribostamycin 3'-O-phosphotransferase; ribosuria; ribosyl; ribosylation; ribosylpurine; ribosylthymidine; ribothymidine; ribothymidylic acid; ribotide; ribotype; ribovirus; ribozyme; ribulokinase; ribulose; ribulose 1,5 bisphosphate; ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase; ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase-oxygenase large subunit epsilonN-methyltransferase; ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase; ribulosebisphosphate carboxylase-oxygenase activase; ribulose diphosphate carboxylase; ribulosephosphate; ribulosephosphate 3-epimerase; ribwort; Ricco; Ricco's law; rice; ricebird; rice body; rice diet; rice disease; rice-field fever; rice itch; rice-shell; rice-Tween agar; rice-water stool; rich; Richard; Richards; Richard's fringes; Richardson; Richardson-Steele-Olszewski syndrome; Richards-Rundle syndrome; Richter, August; Richter, Maurice; Richter-Monro line; Richter's hernia; Richter's syndrome; richweed; ricin; ricinelaidic; ricinelaidin; ricinic; ricinine; ricinism; ricinoleate; ricinoleic; ricinoleic acid; ricinolein; ricinolic; ricinus; Ricinus communis agglutinin; rickets; rickettiosis, north asian tick-borne; Ricketts, Howard; rickettsia; Rickettsia akari; Rickettsia australis; Rickettsia burnetii; Rickettsia canis; rickettsiaceae; rickettsiaceae infections; Rickettsia conorii; rickettsia infections; rickettsial; rickettsial diseases; rickettsiales; rickettsiales infections; rickettsialpox; rickettsial vaccines; Rickettsia mooseri; rickettsia prowazekii; Rickettsia psittaci; rickettsia rickettsii; Rickettsia ruminantium; rickettsias; Rickettsia sennetsu; Rickettsia sibirica; rickettsia tsutsugamushi; rickettsia typhi; rickettsia vaccine; rickettsieae; rickettsioses; rickettsioses of the eastern hemisphere, tick-borne; rickettsiosis; rickettsiosis, vesicular; rickettsiostatic; rickety; Rickles, Norman; Rickles test; rictal; RID; Rida virus; ride; Rideal, Samuel; Rideal-Walker coefficient; Rideal-Walker method; Ridell's operation; rider; rider's bone; rider's bursa; rider's leg; rider's muscles; ridge; ridge extension; ridgel; ridgeling; ridge relation; ridge resorption; ridiculous; riding embolism; Ridley, Humphrey; Ridley's circle; Ridley's sinus; rie; Riedel, Bernhard; Riedel's disease; Riedel's lobe; Riedel's struma; Riedel's thyroiditis; Rieder cell leukaemia; Rieder cells; Rieder, Hermann; Rieder's lymphocyte; Riegel, Franz; Riegel's pulse; Rieger, Herwigh; Rieger's anomaly; Rieger's syndrome; Riehl, Gustav; Riehl's melanosis; rietboc; RIF; rifabutin; rifampicin; rifampin; rifamycin; rifamycin B oxidase; rifamycins; riffle; rifle; riflebird; rift valley fever; rift valley fever virus; Riga, Antonio; Riga-Fede disease; riga fir; rigel; rigging; riggle; right; right angle clamp; right aortic arch; right atrioventricular valve; right atrium; right atrium of heart; right auricular appendage; right axis deviation; right border of heart; right branch; right branch of portal vein; right branch of proper hepatic artery; right colic artery; right colic flexure; right colic lymph nodes; right colic vein; right coronary artery; right coronary artery branches; right crus of atrioventricular bundle; right crus of diaphragm; right duct of caudate lobe; righteousness; right-eyed; right fibrous trigone; right-footed; right gastric artery; right gastric lymph nodes; right gastric vein; right gastroepiploic artery; right gastroepiploic lymph nodes; right gastroepiploic vein; right gastro-omental artery; right gastro-omental lymph nodes; right gastroomental vein; right-handed; right heart; right heart bypass; right-hearted; right hepatic artery; right hepatic duct; right hepatic veins; right inferior pulmonary vein; righting reflexes; right interlobar pulmonary artery; right lobe; right lobe of liver; right lumbar lymph nodes; right lung segments; right lymphatic duct; right main bronchus; right margin of heart; right middle lobe syndrome; right or left lateral decubitus film; right ovarian vein; right ovarian vein syndrome; right parasternal impulses; right part of diaphragmatic surface of liver; right pulmonary artery; right sagittal fissure; right splicing junction; right superior intercostal vein; right superior pulmonary vein; right suprarenal vein; right testicular vein; right to die; right-to-left shunt; right triangular ligament; right ventricle; right ventricular failure; right ventricular hypertrophy; right ventricular hypoplasia; right ventricular volume overload; right whale; rigid dysarthria; rigidity; rigidulous; rigler sign; rigor; rigor mortis; Riley, Conrad; riley-day syndrome; Riley, Harris Jr; rill; rille; riluzole; rim; rima; rima glottidis; rimantadine; rima oris; rima palpebrarum; rima pudendi; rima respiratoria; rimau dahan; rima vestibuli; rima vocalis; rima vulvae; rime; Rimini's test; rimose; rimula; rind; rinderpest; rinderpest virus; Rindfleisch, Georg; Rindfleisch's cells; Rindfleisch's folds; rindy; ring; ring abscess; ringbill; ringbird; ringbone; ring chromosome; ring chromosomes; ring compound; ringdove; ringed; ringed hair; ring enhancement; ringent; ringer; Ringer's injection; Ringer's solution; Ringer, Sydney; ring finger; ringglestone; ring-knife; ring lesions in brain; ring ligament; ring-like corneal dystrophy; ringneck; ring-necked; ring of iris; ring of Soemmerring; ring pessary; ring precipitin test; ring scotoma; ring syringe; ringtail; ring-tailed; ring test; ring ulcer of cornea; ring-wall lesion; ringworm; ringworm of beard; ringworm of body; ringworm of foot; ringworm of genitocrural region; ringworm of nails; ringworm of scalp; ringworm of the nails; ringworm yaws; Rinne, Friedrich; Rinne's test; Riolan, Jean; Riolan's anastomosis; Riolan's arc; Riolan's arcades; Riolan's bones; Riolan's muscle; rioprostil; riot; riot control agents, chemical; riots; rip; Rip1 peroxidase; riparian; riparian area; riparian buffer; riparian wetland; Ripault, Louis; Ripault's sign; ripe; ripe cataract; ripen; ripening; ripidolite; ripost; ripper; ripple; ripsaw; riptowel; RISA; rise; riser; rise time; rish; risible; risk; risk assessment; risk benefit; risk factor; risk factors; risk management; risk of recurrence; risk patient; risk reduction; risks, obesity-related; risk-taking; Risley, Samuel; Risley's rotary prism; risorial; risorius; risperidone; rissoid; rissole; RIST; ristocetin; risus caninus; risus sardonicus; ritanserin; Ritgen, Ferdinand August Marie Franz von; Ritgen's manoeuvre; ritodrine; ritonavir; Rittenhouse-Manogian procedure; ritter disease; Ritter, Johann; Ritter-Rollet phenomenon; Ritter's law; Ritter's opening tetanus; ritual; ritualistic behaviour; rival; rivaless; rivalry; rivalry of retina; Riva-Rocci sphygmomanometer; rive; Rivea corymbosa; rivel; river; river blindness; Rivero-Carvallo effect; Rivero-Carvallo, Jose Manuel; Rivers' cocktail; Rivers, William; river-type fish; Riviere, Lazare; Riviere's salt; Rivinus, August; Rivinus' canals; Rivinus' ducts; Rivinus' gland; Rivinus' incisure; Rivinus' membrane; Rivinus' notch; rivus lacrimalis; rixatrix; riziform; RLK5-associated protein phosphatase; RLL; R loop; RLQ; RMA; RML; RMP; RMP pathway; RMSF; RMT; RMV; Rn; RNA; RNA 2'-O-methyltransferase; RNA 3'-terminal phosphate cyclase; RNA, antisense; RNA, archaeal; RNA, bacterial; RNA-binding proteins; RNA cap analogs; RNA caps; RNA, catalytic; RNA, chloroplast; RNA, complementary; RNA-dependent ATPase; RNA-directed DNA polymerase; RNA, double-stranded; RNA editing; RNA enzyme; RNA, fungal; RNA, guide; RNA helicase; RNA, helminth; RNA, heterogeneous nuclear; RNA life; RNA ligase; RNA N-glycosidase; RNA, nuclear; RNA nucleotidyltransferases; RNA phages; RNA, plant; RNA plasmid; RNA polymerase; RNA polymerase I; RNA polymerase II; RNA polymerase III; RNA precursors; RNA primase; RNA primer; RNA probes; RNA processing; RNA processing, post-transcriptional; RNA, protozoan; RNA replicase; RNA, ribosomal; RNA, ribosomal, 16s; RNA, ribosomal, 18s; RNA, ribosomal, 23s; RNA, ribosomal, 28s; RNA, ribosomal, 5.8s; RNA, ribosomal, 5s; RNA, satellite; RNase; RNase alpha; RNase D; RNase I; RNase N1; RNase N2; RNase P; RNase T1; RNase T2; RNase U2; RNase U4; RNA, small nuclear; RNA splicing; RNA splicing pattern; RNA, transfer; RNA, transfer, ala; RNA, transfer, amino acid-specific; RNA, transfer, amino acyl; RNA, transfer, arg; RNA, transfer, asn; RNA, transfer, asp; RNA, transfer, cys; RNA, transfer, gln; RNA, transfer, glu; RNA, transfer, gly; RNA, transfer, his; RNA, transfer, ile; RNA, transfer, leu; RNA, transfer, lys; RNA, transfer, met; RNA, transfer, phe; RNA, transfer, pro; RNA, transfer, ser; RNA, transfer, thr; RNA, transfer, trp; RNA, transfer, tyr; RNA, transfer, val; RNA triphosphatase; RNA tumour virus; RNA tumour viruses; RNA-tyrosine phosphatase; RNA, viral; RNA virus; RNA viruses; RNP; RNS1 ribonuclease; RNS3 ribonuclease; ro 20-1724; ro 4-1284; ROA; roach; roach-backed; Roach clasp; Roach, F Ewing; road; Roaf's syndrome; roam; roan; roar; roarer; roaring; roast; rob; robber; robe; robenidine; robert; Robert, Heinrich; Robertshaw, Frank; Robertshaw tube; Roberts, J; Robertson, Douglas Argyll; Robertsonian translocation; Robertson pupil; Robert's pelvis; Roberts syndrome; robin; Robin, Charles; robinet; robinia; Robinow dwarfism; Robinow's syndrome; Robin, Pierre; Robinson, Andrew; Robinson, Brian; Robinson catheter; Robinson index; Robinson, Robert; Robinson's disease; Robin's syndrome; Robison-Embden ester; Robison ester; Robison ester dehydrogenase; Robison, Robert; roborant; robotic; robotics; robust; robustness; roc; rocambole; roccellic; roccellin; roc curve; Rochalimaea; roche alum; rochelle; Rochelle salt; roche moutonnee; Rocher, Henri Gaston Louis; Rocher's sign; rochet; rock; rocker; rockery; rocket; rocket immunoelectrophoresis; rockfish; rockling; rock oil; rockrose; rock shaft; rock staff; rocksucker; rockweed; rockwood; rockwork; rocky; rocky mountain spotted fever; Rocky Mountain spotted fever vaccine; rocoa; rococo; rod; rod cell; rod cell of retina; rod disks; rodent; rodent control; rodent diseases; rodentia; rodenticide; rodenticides; rodent ulcer; rod fibre; rodge; rod granule; rod monochromatism; rod myopathy; rod nuclear cell; rodomontade; rodonalgia; rod outer segment; rod outer segments; rods (retina); rod vision; roe; roebuck; roed; roedeer; Roentgen; roentgen-equivalent; roentgen-equivalent physical; roentgenkymogram; roentgenkymograph; roentgenkymography; roentgenogram; roentgenograph; roentgenography; roentgenologist; roentgenology; roentgenometer; roentgenometry; roentgenoscope; roentgenoscopy; roentgenotherapy; roentgen ray; Roentgen, Wilhelm; Roesler-Bressler infarct; roestone; rogation; Roger-Anderson pin fixation appliance; Roger, Georges Henri; Roger, Henri; Roger's bruit; Roger's disease; Roger's murmur; Rogers, Oscar; Roger's reflex; Rogers' sphygmomanometer; rogowski loop or coil; rogue; Rohrer's index; Rohr, Karl; Rohr's stria; ROI; roil; rokitansky-aschoff sinuses; Rokitansky, Karl Freiherr von; Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome; Rokitansky's disease; Rokitansky's hernia; Rokitansky's pelvis; rolandic; Rolandic artery; rolandic epilepsy; Rolando, Luigi; Rolando's angle; Rolando's area; Rolando's cells; Rolando's column; Rolando's gelatinous substance; Rolando's tubercle; role; role conflict; role playing; rolitetracycline; roll; roller; roller bandage; Roller, Christian; Roller's nucleus; Rolleston, Sir Humphry; Rolleston's rule; Rollet, Alexander; Rollet's stroma; rolling; rolling circle; rolling circle mechanism; rolling-pin; roll sulfur; roll tube; roll-tube culture; rolly-poly; romage; romaic; roman; Romana, Cecilio; Romana's sign; romance; romancer; romancist; romancy; romanesque; Roman fever; romanic; romanish; romanism; romanist; romanize; romanizer; Romano, C; Romanovsky type stain; Romano-Ward syndrome; Romanowsky, Dimitri; Romanowsky's blood stain; romansch; romant; romantic; romantical; romantically; romanticism; romanticist; romanticness; roman world; romany; romaunt; Romberg-Howship symptom; rombergism; Romberg, Moritz; Romberg's disease; Romberg's sign; Romberg's symptom; Romberg's syndrome; Romberg's trophoneurosis; Romberg test; romeite; Romer, Paul; Romer's test; romeward; romic; romish; romist; roncador; ronchil; ronco; rondeletia; rondle; rongeur; ronidase; ronidazole; Ronne, Henning; Ronne's nasal step; R-on-T phenomenon; rood; roodebok; roof; roofing; roof nucleus; roof of fourth ventricle; roof of mouth; roof of orbit; roof of skull; roof of tympanic cavity; roof of tympanum; roof plate; rooftree; rook; rooky; room; roomage; rooming-in care; room temperature; roost; roostcock; rooster; root; root abscess; root amputation; root apex; root avulsion; rootball; root canal; root canal file; root canal filling materials; root canal irrigants; root canal of tooth; root canal orifice; root canal plugger; root canal preparation; root canal restoration; root canal therapy; root canal treatment; root cap; root caries; root caries index; root cutting; root dehiscence; rooted; root end cyst; root end granuloma; rootery; root filaments; root foramen; root hair cell; rooting reflex; rootlet; rootlets; rootlet system; root nodule; root of facial nerve; root of foot; root of lung; root of mesentry; root of nail; root of nose; root of penis; root of tongue; root of tooth; root planing; root pressure; root resection; root resorption; root sheath; roots of olfactory tract; roots of trigeminal nerve; root sprout; rootstock; root tip; ROP; ropalocytosis; rope flap; Ropes test; roric; rorqual; Rorschach, Hermann; rorschach test; rorulent; ros; Rosa; rosacea; rosacea-like tuberculid; rosaceous; rosacic; Rosai-Dorman disease; rosales; rosanilin; rosanilin dyes; rosaniline; rosaniline dyes; rosaprostol; rosary; Roscoe-Bunsen law; roscoelite; Roscoe, Sir Henry; rose; roseate; rosebay; rose bengal; rose bengal radioactive test; Rose-Bradford kidney; rose cephalic tetanus; rose cold; rose-cut; rosedrop; Rose, Edmund; rosefinch; rosefish; rose growers granuloma; Rose, H; rosehead; rose hips; roselite; rosella; roselle; rosemaloes; rosemary; rosemary oil; Rosenbach-Gmelin test; Rosenbach, Ottomar; Rosenbach's disease; Rosenbach's law; Rosenbach's sign; Rosenbach's test; Rosenmuller, Johann; Rosenmuller's fossa; Rosenmuller's gland; Rosenmuller's node; rosenmuller's organ; Rosenmuller's recess; Rosenmuller's valve; Rosenthal, Curt; Rosenthaler-Turk reagent; Rosenthal fibre; Rosenthal, Friedrich; Rosenthal's canal; Rosenthal's vein; rosenzweig picture-frustration study; roseo-; rose oil; roseola; roseola infantilis; roseola infantum; roseolous; roseolovirus; roseolovirus infections; rose-red; Roser-Nelaton line; roseroot; Roser, Wilhelm; Rose's position; rose spots; rosetta wood; rosette; rosette formation; rosette-forming cells; rosette test; Rose-Waaler test; rosewood; roseworm; rosewort; rosin; rosinweed; rosmarine; rosolic; ross; Ross cycle; Ross-Jones test; Rossolimo, Grigoriy; Rossolimo's reflex; Rossolimo's sign; Ross River fever; ross river virus; Ross, Sir George; Ross, Sir Ronald; rostel; rostellar; rostellate; rostelliform; rostellum; roster; rostrad; rostral; rostralis; rostral lamina; rostral layer; rostral neuropore; rostral transtentorial herniation; rostrate; rostrated; rostrate pelvis; rostrifera; rostriform; rostrum; rostrum corporis callosi; rostrum of corpus callosum; rostrum of the sphenoid bone; rostrum sphenoidale; rosulate; rot; rotalite; rotamase; rotameter; rotary joint; rotary subluxation of scaphoid; rotascope; rotate; rotating anode; rotating anode tube; rotation; rotational axis; rotational nystagmus; rotational transform; rotation flap; rotation therapy; rotative; rotator; rotator cuff; rotator cuff tendinitis; rotatores cervicis muscles; rotatores lumborum muscles; rotatores muscles; rotatores thoracis muscles; rotatoria; rotator muscles; rotatory; rotatory nystagmus; rotatory spasm; rotatory tic; Rotavirus; rotavirus antigen test; rotavirus infections; rotavirus stool test; Rotch; rotche; rotchet; Rotch's sign; rote learning; rotella; roteln; rotenone; Roth-Bernhardt disease; rother; Rothera, Arthur; Rothera's nitroprusside test; Rothia; Roth, Moritz; Rothmund, August von; Rothmund's syndrome; rothmund-thomson syndrome; Roth's disease; Roth's spots; Roth, Vladimir; rotifer; rotifera; rotiform; Rotor, Arturo; Rotor's syndrome; rotoscoliosis; rototome; rotoxamine; rotten; rotula; rotular; rotund; rotundifolious; rouge; Rouget, Antoine; Rouget cell; Rouget, Charles; Rouget-Neumann sheath; Rouget's bulb; Rouget's muscle; rough; roughage; roughcast; rough colony; rough endoplasmic reticulum; rough-footed; roughhead; roughhew; roughleg; rough-legged; rough line; rough microsome; rough strain; roughstrings; rough-surfaced endoplasmic reticulum; roughtail; Roughton, Francis; Roughton-Scholander apparatus; Roughton-Scholander syringe; rough trees; Rougnon de Magny, Nicholas; Rougnon-Heberden disease; rouleaux; rouleaux formation; roulette; round; roundabout; round atelectasis; round bur; round cell sarcoma; round eminence; round fasciculus; roundfish; round foramen; round heart; round heart disease; roundish; round ligament; round ligament of elbow joint; round ligament of femur; round ligament of liver; round ligament of uterus; round pelvis; round pneumonia; round pronator muscle; roundridge; round window; roundwood; roundworm; roup; Rous-associated virus; Rous, F Peyton; Rous sarcoma; Rous sarcoma virus; Rous sarcoma virus protease; roussette; Roussy, Gustave; Roussy-Levy disease; Roussy-Levy syndrome; roustabout; Rous tumour; routinary; routinely; Rouviere, Henri; Roux, Cesar; Roux-en-Y anastomosis; Roux-en-Y operation; Roux, Philibert; Roux, Pierre; Roux's method; Roux spatula; Roux's stain; rove; Rovsing, Niels; Rovsing's sign; row; rowan; rowan tree; rowel; rowlock; Rowntree and Geraghty test; Rowntree, Leonard; roxarsone; roxithromycin; royal; royalisin; royal touch; royalty; Royston crow; RPF; R plasmid; R plasmids; rpm; RPO; RPR; RPR test; RQ; R recombinase; R-R interval; rRNA; rRNA (adenosine-O-2'-)methyltransferase; rrna operon; RSA; RSD; RSP; Rsr1p(Bud1p) GTPase; RST; RST segment; RSV; Rs virus; RSV test; RT; RT3; rTMP; Ru; RU-486; rub; Rubarth; Rubarth's disease; Rubarth's disease virus; rubber; rubber-bulb syringe; rubber dam; rubber dam clamp; rubber dam clamp forceps; rubber dams; rubber pelvis; rubber policeman; rubber shod clamp; rubber tissue; rubbing alcohol; rubble; rubeanic acid; rubedo; rubefacient; rubefaction; rubella; rubella cataract; rubella HI test; rubella immunization; rubella retinopathy; rubella syndrome, congenital; rubella vaccine; rubella virus; rubella virus vaccine; rubellin; rubellite; rubeola; rubeola virus; rubeosis; ruberythric acid; ruberythrinic; rubescent; rubiaceae; rubiaceous; rubiacin; rubian; rubianic; rubicelle; rubicon; rubidic; rubidine; rubidium; rubidium radioisotopes; rubidomycin; rubiginous; rubigo; Rubin; rubin S; Rubinstein, Jack; rubinstein-taybi syndrome; Rubin test; rubiretin; rubivirus; rubivirus infections; Rubner; Rubner's laws of growth; Rubner's test; rubor; rubratoxin; rubredoxin-NAD+ reductase; rubredoxin-oxygen oxidoreductase; rubredoxins; rubriblast; rubric; rubricyte; rubrobulbar tract; rubroreticular fasciculi; rubroreticular tract; rubrospinal; rubrospinal decussation; rubrospinal tract; rubulavirus; rubulavirus infections; rubus; ruby; ruby spots; rubytail; rubythroat; rubywood; rucervine; ruche; ructus; rud; rudd; rudder; ruddle; ruddock; ruddy; rude; ruderal; rudiment; rudimenta; rudimentary; rudimentum; rudimentum hippocampi; rudistes; rudmasday; RuDP carboxylase; Rud's syndrome; rue; ruff; ruffe; ruffed; ruffin; Ruffini, Angelo; Ruffini's corpuscles; ruffle; rufigallic; rufiopin; rufol; rufous; rufous albinism; ruft; rufterhood; ruga; rugae of stomach; rugae of vagina; rugae vaginales; ruga gastrica; rugal columns of vagina; ruga palatina; rugger jersey vertebra; rugine; rugitus; rugosa; rugose; rugosity; rugous; rugulose; Ruhemann's purple; ruhmkorff's coil; ruin; rukh; RUL; rule; rule of bigeminy; rule of nines; rule of outlet; ruler; rum; rum-blossom; rumen; rumenitis; rumenotomy; rumican; rumina; ruminal; ruminant; ruminantia; ruminants; ruminate; ruminated; rumination; rumination disorder; ruminative; ruminoreticulum; rummage; rummager; Rummel tourniquet; rummer; rum nose; Rumpel-Leede phenomenon; Rumpel-Leede sign; Rumpel-Leede test; Rumpel, Theodor; run; runaround; runaway behaviour; runaway electrons; runaway pacemaker; runch; runcinate; Rundle, A; Runeberg, Johan; Runeberg's formula; rung; runner; runner's condition; running; running time; runny nose; runoff; runology; runt; runt disease; runting syndrome; rupia; rupia escharotica; rupial; rupial syphilid; rupicola; rupicoline; rupioid; ruptuary; rupture; ruptured; ruptured aneurysm; ruptured appendix; ruptured disk; ruptured membrane; ruptured spleen; rupture, spontaneous; rupturewort; RUQ; rural; rural cutaneous leishmaniasis; rurales; rural health; rural health services; rural population; rush; Rushton bodies; Rushton, Martin; rusine; Russell, Albert; Russell, Alexander; Russell bodies; Russell effect; Russell, G; Russell, Hamilton; Russell, James; Russell, Patrick; Russell's Periodontal Index; Russell's sign; Russell's syndrome; russell's viper; Russell's viper venom; Russell's viper venom clotting time; Russell traction; Russell, William; Russell, William James; Russian autumn encephalitis; Russian autumn encephalitis virus; Russian influenza; Russian spring-summer encephalitis virus; Russian tick-borne encephalitis; russophobia; rust; rustic; Rust, Johann; rustle; rusts; Rust's disease; Rust's phenomenon; rusty; rusty sputum; rut; ruta-baga; rutaceous; rutamycin; rutate; ruth; ruthenic; ruthenious; ruthenium; ruthenium compounds; ruthenium radioisotopes; ruthenium red; rutherford; rutic; rutidosis; rutile; rutilian; rutin; rutinose; rutoside; ruttle; rutylene; Ruysch, Frederik; Ruysch's membrane; Ruysch's muscle; Ruysch's tube; Ruysch's veins; RV; rwanda; R wave; Rx; RXVRG endoprotease; ryanodine; ryanodine receptor calcium release channel; rye; Rye classification; rye smut; Ryle, John; Ryle's tube; rynd; rypophagous; rysh; rytina;


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