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T1; T2; t-2 toxin; t3; T3 uptake test; T4; t4 cell; t4 helper lymphocyte; T5 D15 exonuclease; t8 cell; Ta; tabanid; Tabanidae; tabanus; tabardillo; tabasheer; tabatiere anatomique; tabby; tabby cat striation; tabefaction; tabella; tabellion; tabernacle; tabes; tabescence; tabescent; tabes dorsalis; tabes ergotica; tabes spasmodica; tabes spinalis; tabetic; tabetic arthropathy; tabetic crisis; tabetic cuirass; tabetic dissociation; tabetic neurosyphilis; tabetiform; tabic; tabid; tabifical; tablature; table; table salt; tablespoon; tablet; tablets; tablets, enteric-coated; tablet triturate; taboo; taboparesis; tabula; tabular; tabulata; tabule; tabun; TAB vaccine; tac; tacamahaca; Tac antigen; Tacaribe complex; Tacaribe complex of viruses; tacaribe complex viruses; tacaribe virus; tacaud; tache; tache blanche; tache bleuatre; tache cerebrale; tache laiteuse; tache meningeale; tache noire; tachetic; tachhydrite; tachina; tachistesthesia; tachistoscope; tachogram; tachograph; tachography; tachometer; tachy-; tachyarrhythmia; tachyauxesis; tachybradycardia syndrome; tachycardia; tachycardia, atrioventricular nodal reentry; tachycardia-bradycardia syndrome; tachycardiac; tachycardia, ectopic atrial; tachycardia, ectopic junctional; tachycardia en salves; tachycardia exophthalmica; tachycardia, paroxysmal; tachycardia, paroxysmal atrial; tachycardia, sinoatrial nodal reentry; tachycardia, sinus; tachycardia, supraventricular; tachycardia, ventricular; tachycardia window; tachycardic; tachycrotic; tachyglossa; tachygraphic; tachygraphical; tachygraphy; tachykinin; tachykinins; tachylalia; tachylogia; tachylyte; tachypacing; tachyphagia; tachyphasia; tachyphemia; tachyphrasia; tachyphylaxis; tachypnea; tachyrhythmia; tachysterol; tachysystole; tachyzoite; tackle; tackling; taconic; tacrine; tacrolimus; tactile; tactile agnosia; tactile anaesthesia; tactile cell; tactile corpuscle; tactile disk; tactile elevations; tactile fremitus; tactile hair; tactile hallucination; tactile hyperesthesia; tactile image; tactile meniscus; tactile organ; tactile sense; taction; tactometer; tactor; tactual; Tactual Performance Test; TAD; tadpole; tadpole-shaped pupil; taenia; Taenia africana; Taenia armata; Taenia crassicollis; taeniada; Taenia demerariensis; Taenia dentata; Taenia equina; Taenia hominis; Taenia hydatigena; Taenia madagascariensis; Taenia minima; Taenia ovis; Taenia philippina; Taenia pisiformis; Taenia quadrilobata; Taeniarhynchus; taenia saginata; taeniasis; taenia solium; taeniata; Taenia taeniaeformis; taenidium; taeniid; Taeniidae; taenioglossa; taenioglossate; taenioid; taenioidea; taeniola; Taeniorhynchus; taeniosomi; Taenzer, Paul; Taenzer's stain; TAF; tag; tagamet; tagatose; tagatose kinase; tagaturonate reductase; tagbelt; tag, ear; tagged atom; T agglutinogen; taglia; tagliacotain; tagliacotian; tagliacotian operation; Tagliacozzi, Gaspare; tagnicate; tag, preauricular; tagsore; taguan; taguicati; tahaleb; tahr; Tahyna virus; tail; tail bone; tail bud; tailed phage; tail fold; tailgut; tailing; taille; tail of caudate nucleus; tail of dentate gyrus; tail of epididymis; tail of helix; tail of pancreas; tailor; tailoress; tailor's cramp; tailor's muscle; tailor's spasm; tailrace; tail sheath; tail-specific protease; tail vertebrae; taint; taintworm; taira; tait; Tait, Robert; Tait's law; tajassu; Taka-diastase; Takahara's disease; Takahara, Shigeo; Takayama, Masao; Takayama's stain; takayasu arteritis; Takayasu, Michishige; takayasu's arteritis; Takayasu's disease; Takayasu's syndrome; take; talalgia; talampicillin; talapoin; talar; talar articular surface of calcaneus; talaria; talar sulcus; Talbot; talbotype; tal butal; talc; talc operation; talcosis; talcous; talcum; tale; talegalla; talent; talin; talion; talion dread; talipedic; talipes; talipes arcuatus; talipes calcaneovalgus; talipes calcaneovarus; talipes calcaneus; talipes cavus; talipes equinovalgus; talipes equinovarus; talipes equinus; talipes plantaris; talipes planus; talipes spasmodicus; talipes transversoplanus; talipes valgus; talipes varus; talipomanus; talipot; talisman; talker; tall; Tallerman treatment; tallow; tallow soap; tallwood; tally; talo-; talocalcaneal; talocalcaneal joint; talocalcaneal ligament; talocalcaneonavicular joint; talocrural; talocrural articulation; talocrural joint; talofibular; talon; talonavicular; talonavicular joint; talonavicular ligament; talon cusp; taloscaphoid; talose; talotibial; talpa; talus; tamandu; tamanoir; tamarack; tamaric; tamarin; tamarind; tamarisk; tambac; tambour; tambourine; tambour sound; tambreet; tame; tamed iodine; Tamiami virus; tamias; tamil; tamis; Tamm-Horsfall protein; tamm-horsfall protein deposition; Tamm, Igor; tamoxifen; tamoxifen citrate; tamoxifen N-demethylase; tampan; tamper; tampion; tampoe; tampon; tamponade; tamponing; tampons; tan; tana; tanacetol; tanager; tanagrine; tanagroid; tanate; tandem; tandem repeat; tandem repeat sequence; tandem repeat sequences; tang; tangalung; tangent; tangental; tangential; tangentiality; tangential wound; tangent screen; tangerine; tangfish; tanghinia; tangier disease; tangle; tanglefish; tangram; tangue; tangun; tangwhaup; tanier; tanistry; tank; tank bioreactor; tank respirator; tannase; tannate; tanned red cells; Tanner growth chart; Tanner stage; tanner's ulcer; tannic; tannic acid; tannier; tannin; tanning; tannins; tannylacetate; tanrec; tansy; tant; tantalate; tantalic; tantalism; tantalite; tantalum; tantalum bronchography; tantalus; tantamount; T antigen; T antigens; tantrum; tanycyte; tanyphonia; tanystomata; tanzania; tap; tapayaxin; tapazol; tape; taper; tape recording; tapered bougie; tapestry; tapetal light reflex; tapeti; tapetochoroidal; tapetoretinal; tapetoretinal degeneration; tapetoretinopathy; tapetum; tapetum alveoli; tapetum nigrum; tapetum oculi; tapeworm; tapeworm, african; tapeworm, armed; tapeworm, beef; tapeworm, measly; tapeworm, pork; taphophilia; taphophobia; taphrenchyma; Tapia, Antonio; Tapia's syndrome; tapinocephalic; tapinocephaly; tapioca; tapir; tapir mouth; tapiroid; tapoa tafa; tapotement; tapper; tappester; tapping; taproot; tapster; Taq polymerase; taqua-nut; tar; tara; tar acne; taranis; tarantism; tarantula; taraxacum; tar camphor; Tardieu, Auguste; Tardieu's ecchymoses; Tardieu's petechiae; Tardieu's spots; tardigrada; tardigrade; tardive; tardive cyanosis; tardive dyskinesia; tardo; tardy; tare; tared; tarente; target; target behaviour; target cell; target cell anaemia; targeted drug delivery; target gland; targeting; target lesions of liver/spleen; target organ; target patient; target plasma; target regulation; target response; targets; targum; tarin; taring; Tarin, Pierre; Tarin's space; Tarin's tenia; Tarin's valve; tariric acid; tar keratosis; Tarlov, Isadore Max; Tarlov's cyst; Tarnier, Etienne Stephane; Tarnier's forceps; tarnish; taro; tarpan; tarpon; tarpum; tarragon; tarragon oil; tarrier; tarrock; tarry cyst; tars; tarsadenitis; tarsal; tarsal arch; tarsal bones; tarsal canal; tarsal cartilage; tarsal coalition; tarsal cyst; tarsale; tarsal fold; tarsalgia; tarsal glands; tarsalis; tarsal joints; tarsal ligaments; tarsal plates; tarsal tunnel syndrome; tarse; tarsectomy; tarsectopia; tarsel; tarsen; tarsiatura; tarsiidae; tarsitis; tarsius; tarso-; tarsochiloplasty; tarsoclasia; tarsoepiphyseal aclasis; tarsomalacia; tarsomegaly; tarsometatarsal; tarsometatarsal joints; tarsometatarsal ligaments; tarsometatarsus; tarso-orbital; tarsophalangeal; tarsophalangeal reflex; tarsophyma; tarsorrhaphy; tarsotarsal; tarsotibial; tarsotibial amputation; tarsotomy; tarsus; tarsus inferior; tarsus superior; tar syndrome; tart; tartan; tartar; tartarated; tartar emetic; tartareous; tartarian; tartaric; tartaric acid; tartarine; tartarize; tartarum; tartarus; tart cell; tartly; tartralic; tartramate; tartramic; tartramide; tartrate; tartrated; tartrated antimony; tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase; tartrazine; tartrelic; tartro-; tartronate; tartronic; tartronyl; tartrovinic; tartuffish; tartufish; tar-water; tarweed; tasimer; task performance and analysis; tasmania; tasmanian; tassel; taste; taste blindness; taste bud; taste buds; taste bulb; taste cells; taste corpuscle; taste deficiency; taste hairs; tasteless; taste pore; taster; taste ridge; taste threshold; tasty; tat; TATA box; tat-associated kinase; tataupa; tatou; tatouay; tatouhou; Tat protein; tattler; tattoo; tattooing; tatu; tatusiid; tau; tauntress; Tau protein; tau-protein kinase; tau proteins; tauricornous; taurine; taurine dehydrogenase; taurochenodeoxycholic acid; taurochenodeoxycholic acid 6alpha-hydroxylase; taurocholate; taurocholic; taurocholic acid; taurodeoxycholic acid; taurodontism; taurolithocholic acid; tauromachian; tauromachy; tauropine dehydrogenase; taurus; taurylic; Taussig; Taussig-Bing disease; Taussig-Bing syndrome; tautochrone; tautochronous; tautog; tautological; tautology; tautomenial; tautomeric; tautomeric fibres; tautomerism; tautomycin; tautonymy; tautozonal; tau-tubulin kinase; taw; Tawara; Tawara's node; tawery; taxa; taxa-4(5),11(12)-diene synthase; taxaspidean; taxel; taxeopoda; tax equity and fiscal responsibility act; taxes; tax exemption; taxiarch; taxicorn; taxidermic; taxidermy; taxine; taxis; taxol; taxology; taxon; taxonomic; taxonomic group; taxonomy; Taybi, Hooshang; Taylor, Charles; Taylor, Robert; Taylor's apparatus; Taylor's disease; Taylor's splint; tayra; Tay-Sachs carrier; Tay-Sachs disease; Tay's cherry-red spot; Tay, Warren; tazel; TB; T-bandage; TbetaR-II kinase; TbetaR-I kinase; TBG; TBI; tBoc; TBP; TBPA; t-butoxycarbonyl; TBV; TBW; Tc; Tc 120 proteinase; TCA cycle; T-cell; T-cell antigen receptors; T-cell growth factor; T-cell growth factor-1; T-cell growth factor-2; T-cell leukaemia virus; T-cell lymphoma; T-cell protein tyrosine phosphatase; T-cell receptor; T-cell-rich, B-cell lymphoma; tchawytcha; TCK receptor-tyrosine kinase; T cytotoxic cells; T-dependent antigen; t distribution; TDP; TDTH cells; Te; tea; teaberry; teachers' nodes; teaching; teaching hospital; teaching materials; TEAE-cellulose; teak; teal; Teale; Teale's amputation; team; teamed; tear; tear drop fracture; tear film; tear gas; tear gases; tearing; tearing mode; tearpit; tears; tear sac; tear stone; tear-thumb; tease; teasel; teaser; teaspoon; teat; tebutate; technetium; technetium-99; technetium-99m; technetium compounds; technetium tc 99m aggregated albumin; technetium tc 99m diethyl-iminodiacetic acid; technetium tc 99m dimercaptosuccinic acid; technetium tc 99m disofenin; technetium tc 99m exametazime; technetium tc 99m lidofenin; technetium tc 99m medronate; technetium tc 99m mertiatide; technetium tc 99m pentetate; technetium tc 99m pyrophosphate; technetium tc 99m sestamibi; technetium tc 99m sulfur colloid; technic; technical; technical error; technical report; technician; technicology; technique; technocausis; technological; technologist; technology; technology assessment, biomedical; technology, dental; technology, high-cost; technology, medical; technology, medical laboratory; technology, pharmaceutical; technology, radiologic; technology, recombinant DNA; technology transfer; teclothiazide; Tec protein-tyrosine kinase; tectal; tectal nucleus; tectal stria; tectibranch; tectibranchiata; tectibranchiate; tectiform; tectiviridae; tectobulbar tract; tectocephalic; tectocephaly; tectology; tectonic; tectonic keratoplasty; tectopontine tract; tectorial; tectorial membrane; tectorial membrane of cochlear duct; tectorium; tectospinal; tectospinal decussation; tectospinal tract; tectrices; tectum; tectum mesencephali; tecum; TEDD; tedelparin; te deum; teek; teel oil; teelseed; teem; teemless; teenage; teeong; teetan; teetee; teeter-tail; teeth; teething; teewit; T-E fistula; teflurane; tegafur; tegmen; tegmen cruris; tegmen mastoideum; tegmental; tegmental decussations; tegmental fields of Forel; tegmental nuclei; tegmental syndrome; tegmental wall of middle ear; tegmentotomy; tegmentum; tegmentum mesencephali; tegmentum of pons; tegmentum of rhombencephalon; tegmentum rhombencephali; tegmen tympani; tegmen ventriculi quarti; tegretol; teguexin; tegula; tegument; tegumental; Teichmann; Teichmann's crystals; teichoic acid; teichoic acids; teichopsia; teicoplanin; teil; teinoscope; tek; tektins; tela; tela choroidea; tela choroidea inferior; tela choroidea superior; tela choroidea ventriculi quarti; tela choroidea ventriculi tertii; tela conjunctiva; Teladorsagia davtiani; tela elastica; telalgia; telangiectasia; telangiectasia, hereditary haemorrhagic; telangiectasia lymphatica; telangiectasia macularis eruptiva perstans; telangiectasia verrucosa; telangiectasis; telangiectasy; telangiectatic; telangiectatic angioma; telangiectatic cancer; telangiectatic fibroma; telangiectatic glioma; telangiectatic lipoma; telangiectatic osteogenic sarcoma; telangiectatic wart; telangiectodes; telangioma; telangion; telangiosis; tela subcutanea; tela submucosa; tela submucosa pharyngis; tela subserosa; tela vasculosa; tele-; telecanthus; telecardiogram; telecardiophone; telecobalt; telecommunications; telediagnosis; telediastolic; teledu; telefacsimile; telegram; telegraph; telegrapher; telegraphic; telegraphical; telegraphist; telegraphy; telehopsias; telelectrocardiogram; telemedicine; telemeter; telemetry; telencephalic; telencephalic flexure; telencephalic vesicle; telencephalization; telencephalon; teleocephial; teleological; teleologist; teleology; teleomitosis; teleomorph; teleonomic; teleonomical; teleonomy; teleophore; teleopsia; teleorganic; teleosaur; teleosaurus; teleost; teleostean; teleostei; teleost melanophore; teleostomi; teleozoic; teleozoon; telepathine; telepathology; telepathy; telephone; telephone theory; telepolarizcope; teleradiography; teleradiology; teleradium; teleradium therapy; telereceptor; telergy; teleroentgenography; teleroentgentherapy; telerythin; telescope; telescopical; telescopically; telescopic denture; telescopic spectacles; telescopist; telesis; telespectroscope; telestereoscope; telesystolic; teletactor; teletherapy; telethermometer; teleutospore; television; television microscope; TeLinde; TeLinde operation; teliospore; tell; tellen; tellina; telltale; tellurate; telluret; tellureted; tellurhydric; telluric; telluride; tellurism; tellurite; tellurite reductase; tellurium; tellurize; tellurous; telo-; telocentric chromosome; telodendron; telogen; telogen effluvium; teloglia; telognosis; telokin; telokinesia; telolecithal; telolecithal egg; telolecithal ovum; telomerase; telomere; telomere terminal transferase; telomeric R-banding stain; telopeptide; telophase; telophase i; telophase II; Telosporea; Telosporidia; telotism; telotrocha; telotrochous; telotype; telpher; telpherage; telson; TEM; temazepam; temefos; temerity; temper; tempera; temperament; temperance; temperate; temperate bacteriophage; temperate phage; temperate virus; temperature; temperature coefficient; temperature-compensated vaporiser; temperature midpoint; temperature, plasma; temperature sense; temperature-sensitive mutant; temperature sensitive mutation; temperature spot; tempering; tempero-mandibular joint; tempero-mandibular joint syndrome; template; template RNA; templates; temple; templed; templet; tempolabile; tempora; temporal; temporal aponeurosis; temporal apophysis; temporal arteries; temporal arteritis; temporal bone; temporal branch of facial nerve; temporal canal; temporal cortex; temporal dispersion; temporal fascia; temporal fossa; temporal horn; temporalis; temporal line; temporal lobe; temporal lobe epilepsy; temporal muscle; temporal plane; temporal pole; temporal pole of cerebrum; temporal process; temporal region of head; temporal ridge; temporal sensing; temporal squama; temporal surface; temporal veins; temporal venules of retina; temporary; temporary base; temporary callus; temporary cartilage; temporary denture; temporary memory; temporary parasite; temporary restoration; temporary stricture; temporary tooth; temporo-; temporoauricular; temporofacial; temporofrontal tract; temporohyoid; temporomalar; temporomandibular; temporomandibular arthrosis; temporomandibular articular disk; temporomandibular articulation; temporomandibular joint; temporomandibular joint disease; temporomandibular joint disk; temporomandibular joint disorders; temporomandibular joint dysfunction; temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome; temporomandibular joint pain-dysfunction syndrome; temporomandibular ligament; temporomandibular nerve; temporomandibular syndrome; temporomaxillary; temporomaxillary vein; temporo-occipital; temporoparietal; temporoparietalis muscle; temporoparietal muscle; temporopontine; temporopontine tract; temporosphenoid; temporozygomatic; temporozygomatic suture; tempostabile; temps utile; temptress; tempus; TEN; tenacious; tenacity; tenaculum; tenaculum forceps; tenalgia; tenalgia crepitans; tenascin; tench; tendance; tendency; tender; tender-hearted; tender lines; tenderling; tenderloin; tenderness; tenderness to palpation; tender points; tender zones; tendinitis; tendinoplasty; tendinosuture; tendinous; tendinous arch; tendinous arch of levator ani muscle; tendinous arch of pelvic fascia; tendinous arch of soleus muscle; tendinous chiasm of the digital tendons; tendinous cords; tendinous inscription; tendinous opening; tendinous spot; tendinous synovitis; tendinous xanthoma; tendo-; tendo achilles; tendo Achillis; tendo Achillis reflex; tendo calcaneus; tendo calcaneus communis; tendo conjunctivus; tendo cricoesophageus; tendolysis; tendomucin; tendon; tendon, achilles; tendon advancement; tendon bundle; tendon cells; tendon graft; tendon injuries; tendonitis; tendon recession; tendon reflex; tendon sheath; tendon sheath of abductor pollicis longus and extensor pollicis brevis muscles; tendon sheath of extensor carpi radialis muscles; tendon sheath of extensor carpi ulnaris muscle; tendon sheath of extensor digiti minimi muscle; tendon sheath of extensor digitorum and extensor indicis muscles; tendon sheath of extensor digitorum longus muscle of foot; tendon sheath of extensor hallucis longus muscle; tendon sheath of extensor pollicis longus muscle; tendon sheath of flexor carpi radialis muscle; tendon sheath of flexor digitorum longus muscle of foot; tendon sheath of flexor hallucis longus muscle; tendon sheath of flexor pollicis longus muscle; tendon sheath of superior oblique muscle; tendon sheath of tibialis anterior muscle; tendon sheath of tibialis posterior muscle; tendon sheath syndrome; tendon suture; tendon transfer; tendon transplantation; tendo oculi; tendo palpebrarum; tendophony; tendoplasty; tendosynovitis; tendotomy; tendovaginal; tendovaginitis; tendrac; tendril; tendrilled; tenebrae; tenebrio; tenectomy; teneral; tenesmic; tenesmus; ten Horn; ten Horn's sign; tenia; tenia choroidea; teniacide; teniae acusticae; teniae of Valsalva; tenia fimbriae; tenia fornicis; teniafuge; tenia hippocampi; tenial; tenia libera; tenia mesocolica; tenia of fourth ventricle; tenia of the fornix; tenia omentalis; tenia semicircularis; teniasis; tenia tecta; tenia telae; tenia terminalis; tenia thalami; tenia ventriculi quarti; tenia ventriculi tertii; tenicide; teniform; tenifugal; tenifuge; tenioid; teniola; teniola corporis callosi; teniposide; tennantite; tennis; tennis elbow; tennis leg; tennis thumb; tennu; teno-; ten-o'clock; tenodesis; tenodynia; tenofibril; tenolysis; tenomyoplasty; tenomyotomy; tenon; tenonectomy; tenonian; tenonitis; Tenon's capsule; Tenon's space; tenontitis; tenonto-; tenontodynia; tenontography; tenontolemmitis; tenontology; tenontomyoplasty; tenontomyotomy; tenontoplastic; tenontoplasty; tenontothecitis; tenophony; tenophyte; tenoplastic; tenoplasty; tenor; tenoreceptor; tenorrhaphy; tenositis; tenostosis; tenosuspension; tenosuture; tenosynovectomy; tenosynovitis; tenotome; tenotomy; tenovaginitis; ten-pounder; tenrec; tens; tense; tensegrity; tense part of the tympanic membrane; tense pulse; tensile strength; tensile stress; tensility; Tensilon test; tensin; tensio active; tensiometer; tension; tension, arterial; tension curve; tension headache; tension, intraocular; tension, intravenous; tension pneumothorax; tension suture; tensor; tensor fasciae latae; tensor fascia lata; tensor muscle of fascia lata; tensor muscle of soft palate; tensor muscle of tympanic membrane; tensor tarsi muscle; tensor tympani; tensor veli palati muscle; tent; tentacle; tentacled; tentacular; tentaculata; tentaculated; tentaculifera; tentaculiferous; tentaculiform; tentaculite; tentaculocyst; tentaculum; tentation; tenth cranial nerve; tenthmetre; tenthredinides; tenth-value layer; tentorial; tentorial angle; tentorial nerve; tentorial notch; tentorial sinus; tentorial surface; tentorium; tentorium of hypophysis; tentwort; tenuazonic acid; tenuiexenous; tenuifolious; tenuin; tenuiroster; tenuirostral; tenuirostres; tenuity; T enzyme; teocalli; Teodorico Borgognoni; teosinte; TEPA; tepal; tephrite; tephroite; tephromalacia; tephrosia; tephrylometer; TEPP; teprotide; tera; teraconic; teracrylic; terapin; teras; teratic; teratism; terato-; teratoblastoma; teratocarcinoma; teratogen; teratogenesis; teratogenic; teratogenicity; teratogens; teratogeny; teratoid; teratoid tumour; teratologic; teratological; teratology; teratoma; teratoma orbitae; teratoma, ovarian; teratomatous; teratomatous cyst; teratophobia; teratosis; teratospermia; TER ATPase; terawatt; terazosin hydrochloride; terbic; terbium; terbutaline; terbutaline sulfate; tercelet; tercellene; tercine; terebate; terebene; terebenthene; terebic; terebilenic; terebinth; terebinthic; terebinthinate; terebinthine; terebinthinism; terebra; terebrant; terebrantia; terebrating; terebration; terebratula; terebratulid; terebratuliform; teredine; teredo; terephthalate; terephthalate 1,2-dioxygenase; terephthalic; teres; teres major; teres minor; terete; teretial; terfenadine; tergal; tergeminate; tergiferous; tergite; tergum; terin; teriparatide; term; terma; termatarium; termatary; termes; terminad; terminal; terminal addition enzyme; terminal artery; terminal bar; terminal boutons; terminal bronchiole; terminal care; terminal cisternae; terminal crest; terminal deletion; terminal deoxynucleotidyltransferase; terminal disinfection; terminal endocarditis; terminal filum; terminal ganglion; terminal haematuria; terminal hair; terminal hinge position; terminalia; terminal ileitis; terminal ileus; terminal infection; terminal jaw relation record; terminal leukocytosis; terminal line; terminally ill; terminal nerve corpuscles; terminal nerves; terminal notch of auricle; terminal nuclei; terminal oxidation; terminal part; terminal plate; terminal pneumonia; terminal redundancy; terminal sinus; terminal stria; terminal sulcus; terminal thread; terminal transferase; terminal transferases; terminal vein; terminal ventricle; terminal web; terminase; terminatio; termination; termination codon; terminationes; terminationes nervorum liberae; termination factor; termination region; termination sequence; terminator; terminator regions (genetics); term infant; termini generales; terminist; terminological; terminology; termino-terminal anastomosis; terminus; termite; termolecular; termone; termonology; tern; ternary; ternary complex; ternate; teroxide; terpene; terpene carbocyclase; terpene synthase; terpentic; terpenylic; terpenyl monophosphate hydrolase; terpenyl pyrophosphate hydrolase; terphenyl compounds; terpilene; terpin; terpineol; terpinol; terpsichore; terra; terrace; terraculture; terra japonica; terrane; terrapin; terras; terrel; terrestrial; Terrey, Mary; terricolae; Terrien, Louis-Felix; terrienniak; Terrien's marginal degeneration; Terrien's valve; terrier; territoriality; territorial matrix; Terry's nails; Terry's syndrome; Terry, Theodore; terry thomas sign; tersanctus; Terson, Albert; Terson's glands; tersulphide; tersulphuret; tert-butyl alcohol; tert-butyloxycarbonyl; tertial; tertian; tertian fever; tertian malaria; tertian parasite; tertiarism; tertiary; tertiary alcohol; tertiary amine monooxygenase; tertiary amputation; tertiary amyl alcohol; tertiary butyl alcohol; tertiary calcium phosphate; tertiary cortex; tertiary dentin; tertiary egg membrane; tertiary medical care; tertiary oesophageal contractions; tertiary structure; tertiary syphilid; tertiary syphilis; tertiary villus; tertiary vitreous; terutero; Teschen disease; Teschen disease virus; TESD; tesla; Tesla current; Tesla, Nikola; tesselar; tessellata; tessellate; tessellated; tessellated fundus; tessera; tesseral; Tessier; Tessier classification; te&s species; tessular; test; testa; testacea; Testacealobosia; testacean; testaceography; testaceology; testaceous; testalgia; testament; test anxiety scale; testatrix; test cross; testectomy; testes; test, fisher's exact; test, glucose tolerance; test handle instrument; testicardines; testicle; testicles; testicond; testicular; testicular appendage; testicular artery; testicular biopsy; testicular cancer; testicular cord; testicular duct; testicular dysgenesis; testicular feminisation; testicular feminization; testicular feminization syndrome; testicular hormones; testicular implant; testicular microlithiasis; testicular plexus; testicular prosthesis; testicular relapse; testicular scan; testicular torsion; testicular tubular adenoma; testicular veins; testiculate; testiculus; testification; testing; testing, anonymous; test injection; testis; testis cords; testis-determining factor; testis ectopia; testitis; test letter; test meal; test object; testoid; testoid hyperthecosis; testolactone; testosterone; testosterone 15-alpha hydroxylase; testosterone 16 beta-hydroxylase; testosterone 17 beta-dehydrogenase; testosterone 2alpha-hydroxylase; testosterone 5-alpha-reductase; testosterone 6-beta hydroxylase; testosterone cypionate; testosterone enanthate; testosterone hydroxylase; testosterone-oestrogen-binding globulin; testosterone propionate; testosterone sulfotransferase; test profile; test-retest reliability; test, skin, for allergy; tests of criminal responsibility; test solution; test tube; test-tube baby; test types; testudinal; testudinarious; testudinata; testudo; tetania; tetania gastrica; tetania gravidarum; tetania neonatorum; tetania parathyreopriva; tetanic; tetanic convulsion; tetaniform; tetanigenous; tetanilla; tetanin; tetanise; tetanism; tetanization; tetanize; tetano-; tetanode; tetanoid; tetanolysin; tetanometer; tetanomotor; tetanospasmin; tetanotoxin; tetanus; tetanus and gas gangrene antitoxins; tetanus anticus; tetanus antitoxin; tetanus antitoxin unit; tetanus dorsalis; tetanus immune globulin; tetanus immunoglobulin; tetanus neonatorum; tetanus-perfringens antitoxin; tetanus posticus; tetanus shot; tetanus toxin; tetanus vaccine; tetany; tetany cataract; tetany of alkalosis; tetard; tetartohedral; tetartohedrism; tetaug; Tet DNA polymerase; tetel; Tete viruses; tethered cord syndrome; tethydan; tethyodea; tethys; tetra-; tetra-amelia; tetrabasic; tetrabenazine; tetraboric; tetraboric acid; tetrabrachius; tetrabranchiata; tetrabranchiate; tetrabromophenolphthalein sodium; tetracaine; tetracaine hydrochloride; tetracarpel; tetracenomycin F1 monooxygenase; tetracenomycin F2 cyclase; tetrachirus; tetrachlorethylene; tetrachlormethiazide; tetrachlorodibenzodioxin; tetrachloroethane; tetrachloroethene reductase; tetrachloroethylene; tetrachloromethane; tetrachlorvinphos; tetrachotomous; tetracid; tetracoccous; tetracoccus; tetracolon; tetracoralla; tetracosactide; tetracrotic; tetractinellid; tetractinellida; tetracuspid; tetracycline; tetracycline 5a(11a)dehydrogenase; tetracycline resistance; tetracyclines; tetrad; tetradactyl; tetradactyle; tetradactylous; tetradecane; tetradecanoic acid; tetradecanoylphorbol acetate; tetradecapoda; tetradic; tetradon; tetradont; tetradymite; tetradynamia; tetradynamian; tetradynamous; tetraethylammonium; tetraethylammonium chloride; tetraethylammonium ion; tetraethyllead; tetraethyl lead; tetraethylmonothionopyrophosphate; tetraethyl poisoning; tetraethyl pyrophosphate; tetraethylthiuram disulfide; tetragastrin; tetraglycine hydroperiodide; tetragon; tetragonal; tetragonus; tetragynia; tetragynous; tetrahedral; tetrahedrite; tetrahedron; tetrahexahedral; tetrahexahedron; tetrahydric; tetrahydro-; tetrahydrocannabinol; tetrahydrocannibanol; tetrahydrocortisol; tetrahydrocortisone; tetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase; tetrahydrofolate methyltransferase; tetrahydrofolic acid; tetrahydromethanopterin S-methyltransferase; tetrahydronaphthalenes; tetrahydropapaveroline; tetrahydroprotoberberine oxidase; tetrahydrouridine; tetrahydroxynaphthalene reductase; tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride; Tetrahymena; tetrahymena pyriformis; tetrahymena thermophila; tetrahymenina; tetraiodophenolphthalein sodium; tetraisopropylpyrophosphamide; tetrakishexahedron; tetrakosane; tetralogy; tetralogy of fallot; tetralysine endopeptidase; tetramastia; tetramastigote; tetramastous; tetramelus; tetramera; Tetrameres; tetrameric; tetramerous; tetramethyl acridine; tetramethylammonium iodide; tetramethyldiarsine; tetramethylene; tetramethylphenylenediamine; tetramethylputrescine; tetramisole; tetramorph; tetrandria; tetrandrous; tetraneumona; tetranitrol; tetranitromethane; tetranucleotide; tetraonid; tetraotus; tetraparesis; tetrapeptide; tetraperomelia; tetrapetalous; tetrapharmacum; tetraphenol; tetraphenylborate; tetraphocomelia; tetraphocomelia-thrombocytopenia syndrome; tetraphyllous; tetraplegia; tetraplegic; tetraploid; tetrapnuemonian; tetrapod; tetrapteran; tetrapterous; tetrapus; tetrapyrrole; tetrarch; tetrarchy; tetrasaccharide; tetrascelus; tetraschistic; tetrasepalous; tetrasomic; tetraspermous; tetraspore; tetraster; tetrastichiasis; tetraterpenes; tetrathecal; tetrathionate; tetrathionate hydrolase; tetrathionate reductase; tetrathionic; tetrathionic acid; tetratomic; Tetratrichomonas; tetravalence; tetravalent; tetraxile; tetrazo-; tetrazole; tetrazolium; tetrazolium salts; tetrazone; tetrazonium salts; tetrinic; tetrodon; tetrodont; tetrodotoxin; tetrol; tetrolic; tetrose; tetrotus; tetroxide; tetryl; tetrylene; tetter; tetterwort; tettigonian; tettix; teufit; teuk; Teutleben; Teutleben's ligament; teutonic; T even phage; tewan; tewhit; Texas fever; Texas snakeroot; text blindness; textiform; textile; textile industry; textural; texture; textus; T fibre; TGC; Tg cells; TGE; TGE virus; TGF; TGFa; TGFb; TGF-beta receptor protein kinase; T group; Th; th1 cells; th1 response; th2 cells; th2 response; Thal, Alan; thalam-; thalamectomy; thalamencephalic; thalamencephalon; thalamic; thalamic fasciculus; thalamic gustatory nucleus; thalamic nuclei; thalamic syndrome; thalamic tenia; thalamiflorous; thalamo-; thalamocoele; thalamocortical; thalamocortical fibres; thalamolenticular; thalamophora; thalamostriate veins; thalamotomy; thalamus; thalassaemia; thalassaemia, beta; thalassaemia intermedia; thalassaemia major; thalassaemia minor; thalassian; thalassic; thalassinian; thalassography; thalassophobia; thalassoposia; thalassotherapy; thalia; thaliacea; thalidomide; thallate; thallene; thallic; thalline; thallious; thallium; thallium 201; thallium heart scan; thallium poisoning; thallium radioisotopes; thallium stress test; thallogen; thalloid; thallophyta; thallophyte; thallospore; thallotoxicosis; thallous; thallus; Thal procedure; thamnophile; thamyn; thanato-; thanatobiologic; thanatognomonic; thanatography; thanatoid; thanatology; thanatomania; thanatophidia; thanatophobia; thanatophoric; thanatophoric dwarfism; thanatophoric dysplasia; thanatopsy; thanatos; Thane, Sir George; Thane's method; thanksgiving; thapsigargin; thar; tharos; thatch; thaumatin; thaumatolatry; thaumatrope; thaumatropy; thaumaturgus; Thayer, J; Thayer-Martin agar; Thayer-Martin medium; THC; Thd; thea; theaism; theanthropism; theater; theatine; theatre; theatric; thebaic; thebaine; thebesian circulation; thebesian foramina; thebesian valve; thebesian veins; Thebesius, Adam; theca; theca cells; theca cells of stomach; theca cell tumour; theca cordis; theca externa; theca folliculi; theca interna; theca interna cone; thecal; thecal abscess; theca lutein cell; thecal whitlow; thecaphore; thecasporous; thecata; theca tendinis; theca vertebralis; thecitis; thecodactyl; thecodont; thecodontia; thecoma; thecomatosis; the combined tendinous expansions of the sartorius; the consultation; thecophora; thecosomata; thecostegnosia; Theden, Johann; Theden's method; theft; the gapes; theiform; Theile, Friedrich; theileria; theileria annulata; Theileria bovis; Theileria felis; Theileria hirci; Theileria lawrencei; Theileria mutans; Theileria orientalis; theileria parva; Theileria parva bovis; Theileria parva lawrencei; Theileria parva parva; Theileria sergenti; theileriasis; Theileria taurotragi; Theileriidae; theileriosis; Theiler, Max; Theiler's disease; Theiler's mouse encephalomyelitis virus; theiler's murine encephalomyelitis virus; Theiler's original virus; Theiler's virus; Theile's canal; Theile's glands; Theile's muscle; thein; theine; theinism; theism; thel-; thelarche; the large mass of the telencephalon; Thelazia; thelaziasis; thelazioidea; thele; theleplasty; thelium; thelo-; theloncus; thelorrhagia; T helper cell; thelphusian; thelytokous; thematic apperception test; themis; thenad; thenal; thenaldine; thenar; thenardite; thenar eminence; thenar prominence; thenar space; thenen; thenoyltrifluoroacetone; thenyl; thenyldiamine hydrochloride; Theobald Smith; Theobald Smith's phenomenon; theobroma; theobroma oil; theobromic; theobromine; theodolite; Theodor Kocher; theogony; theologaster; theologian; theological; theologics; theologize; theology; theomachist; theomachy; theomancy; theomania; theophobia; Theophrastus; theophylline; theophylline aminoisobutanol; theophylline calcium salicylate; theophylline ethanolamine; theophylline ethylenediamine; theophylline isopropanolamine; theophylline oxidase; theophylline sodium acetate; theophylline sodium glycinate; theopneustic; theorem; theoretical; theory; theory of electrolytic dissociation; theory of medicine; theosophy; theotherapy; the outer; theque; therapeusis; therapeutae; therapeutic; therapeutic abortion; therapeutical; therapeutic anaesthesia; therapeutic angiography; therapeutic community; therapeutic crisis; therapeutic dose; therapeutic electrode; therapeutic equivalency; therapeutic fever; therapeutic group; therapeutic incompatibility; therapeutic index; therapeutic iridectomy; therapeutic malaria; therapeutic pessimism; therapeutic pneumothorax; therapeutic ratio; therapeutics; therapeutic touch; therapeutic vaccine; therapeutist; therapia; therapia magna sterilisans; therapist; therapy; therapy, computer-assisted; therapy, gene; there; thereafter; the records appointment; therencephalous; theriaca; theriatrics; therio-; theriodont; theriodonta; theriodontia; theriogenologic; theriogenology; theriomorphism; theriotomy; therm; thermacogenesis; thermal; thermal anaesthesia; thermal barrier; thermal burn; thermal capacity; thermal conductivity; thermal conversion cycle; thermal cover; thermal efficiency; thermal expansion; thermalgesia; thermalgia; thermalisation; thermal melting profile; thermal neutron; thermal resource; thermal sense; thermal sensors; thermal spectrum; thermal velocity; thermanalgesia; thermanesthesia; thermatology; thermelometer; thermesthesia; thermesthesiometer; thermetograph; thermic; thermic fever; thermifugine; thermistor; thermitase; thermo-; thermoacidophiles; thermoalgesia; thermoanalgesia; thermoanesthesia; thermobarometer; thermobattery; thermocauterectomy; thermocautery; thermochemic; thermochemical; thermochemical conversion process; thermochemistry; thermochroic; thermochroism; thermochrose; thermochrosis; thermochrosy; thermocline; thermocoagulation; thermococcaceae; thermococcales; thermococcus; thermocouple; thermocurrent; thermodiffusion; thermodilution; thermoduric; thermodynamic; thermodynamic equilibrium; thermodynamic potential; thermodynamics; thermodynamic theory of narcosis; thermoelectric; thermoelectricity; thermoelectric pile; thermoelectrometer; thermoesthesia; thermoesthesiometer; thermoexcitory; thermogen; thermogenesis; thermogenetic; thermogenic; thermogenic action; thermogenics; thermogenin; thermogenous; thermogram; thermograph; thermography; thermography-breast; thermogravimetry; thermohyperalgesia; thermohyperesthesia; thermohypesthesia; thermohypoesthesia; thermoinhibitory; thermointegrator; thermojunction; thermokeratoplasty; thermolabile; thermolabile opsonin; thermolamp; thermology; thermoluminescence dosimetry; thermolysin; thermolysis; thermolytic; thermolyze; thermomagnetism; thermomassage; thermometer; thermometers; thermometric; thermometrograph; thermometry; thermoneurosis; thermonuclear; thermonuclear conditions; thermonuclear fusion; thermonuclear reaction; thermopenetration; thermophile; thermophilic; thermophobia; thermophore; thermophylic; thermopile; thermoplacentography; thermoplasma; thermoplasmales; thermoplastic; thermoplegia; thermoprecipitin reaction; thermoproteaceae; thermoproteales; thermoreceptor; thermoreceptors; thermoregulation; thermoregulator; thermoscope; thermoscopic; thermoset; thermostabile; thermostable enzyme; thermostable opsonin; thermostable opsonin test; thermostat; thermostatic; thermosteresis; thermostromuhr; thermosystaltic; thermosystaltism; thermotactic; thermotaxic; thermotaxis; thermotherapy; thermotic; thermotics; thermotonometer; thermotropic; thermotropism; thermotype; thermovoltaic; thermus; Thermus aquaticus carboxypeptidase; Thermus aquaticus Rt41A proteinase; Thermus filiformis nuclease; thermus thermophilus; theroid; therology; theromorpha; therophyte; theropithecus; theropoda; thesaurismosis; thesaurismotic; thesaurosis; thesis; theta; theta antigen; theta pinch; theta rhythm; theta wave; thetine; thetins; thew; thewed; thewy; Thezac-Porsmeur method; THF; thia-; thiabendazole; thiabutazide; thiacetazone; thiaemia; thialbarbital; thialdine; thialol; thiambutosine; thiamin; thiaminase; thiaminase I; thiaminase II; thiamin deficiency; thiamine; thiamine deficiency; thiamine monophosphate; thiamine pyrophosphatase; thiamine pyrophosphate; thiamine triphosphate; thiamin hydrochloride; thiamin hydrochloride unit; thiamin mononitrate; thiamin oxidase; thiamin pyridinylase; thiamin pyrophosphate; thiamin pyrophosphokinase; thiamin-triphosphatase; thiamphenicol; thiamylal; thiamylal sodium; Thiara; thiazide; thiazide diabetes; thiazides; thiazin; thiazin dyes; thiazole-4-carboxamide-adenine dinucleotide phosphodiesterase; thiazolsulfone; thick; thicken; thickened duodenal folds; thickened gastric folds; thicket; thick filament; thickhead; thick-knee; thickness; thickset; thick-skinned; thick small bowel folds; thick wind; thick-winded; thief; thiel; Thiemann's disease; Thiemann's syndrome; thienamycin; thienamycin cyclase; thienamycins; thienone; thienyl; thienylalanine; Thier; Thiers; Thiersch; Thiersch graft; Thiersch's canaliculi; Thiersch's graft operation; Thiersch's method; Thiersch's operation; thiethylperazine; thiethylperazine maleate; thievish; thigh; thigh bone; thigh joint; thigmesthesia; thigmotropism; thill; thimble; thimbleberry; thimbleeye; thimbleweed; thimerosal; thimet oligopeptidase; thin; thin filament; thin film; think; thinking; thinking through; thin layer chromatography; thin-layer chromatography; thin-layer electrophoresis; thin-layer immunoassay; thinly; thinning; thinolite; thin section; thin-skinned; thio-; thioacetamide; thioacetazone; thioacid; thioalcohol; thioamide; thioamides; thioate; thiobacillus; thiobacillus thiooxidans; thiobarbiturates; thiobarbituric acid reactive substances; thiocarbamates; thiocarbamide; thiocarbonate; thiocarbonic; thiocarlide; thiocholine; thiochrome; thiochrome method; thioclastic cleavage; thioctic acid; thiocyanate; thiocyanate hydrolase; thiocyanates; thiocyanic; thiocyanic acid; thiocyanogen number; thiocyanogen value; thiodepsipeptide; thiodiphenylamine; thioester; thioesterase; thioesters; thioethanolamine acetyltransferase; thioether; thioflavine S; thioflavine T stain; thioflavin T; thiofuran; thiogalactosides; thioglucosidase; thioglycerol; thioglycolate; thioglycolates; thioglycolic acid; thioguanine; thioinosine; thiokinase; thiol; thiol activated haemolysins; thiolase; thiol beta-lactamase; thiol-dependent peroxidase; thiole; thiol endopeptidase; thiol enzyme; thiol ester; thiolesterase; thiolester hydrolases; thiolhistidylbetaine; thiol proteinase; thioltransacetylase A; thioltransferase; thiolysis; thiomersal; thiomersalate; thiomethyladenosine; thionaphthene; thionein; thioneine; thionic; thionine; thionins; thiono-; thionol; thionoline; thionucleosides; thionucleotides; thionyl; thiopanic acid; thiopental; thiopental sodium; thiophanate; thiophene; thiophenic; thiophenicol; thiophenol; thiophosphatase; thiophthene; thiopropazate hydrochloride; thioproperazine; thioredoxin; thioredoxin reductase (NADPH); thioridazine; thioridazine hydrochloride; thiorphan; thiosemicarbazide; thiosemicarbazone; thiostrepton; thiosulfate; thiosulfate cyanide transsulfurase; thiosulfate reductase; thiosulfates; thiosulfate sulfurtransferase; thiosulfate thiotransferase; thiosulfonic acids; thiosulfuric acid; thiosulphate; thiosulphuric; thiotepa; thiothixene; thiotolene; thiotransacetylase B; thiouracil; thiourea; thiouridine; thioxanthene; thioxene; thioxo-; thioxolone; THIP; thiphenamil hydrochloride; thiram; third; third and fourth pharyngeal pouch syndrome; third corpuscle; third cranial nerve; third cuneiform bone; third degree burn; third disease; third eyelid; third finger; third heart sound; third law of thermodynamics; third molar; third occipital nerve; third-order kinetics; third ovary; third parallel pelvic plane; third peroneal muscle; third sound; third stage of labour; third temporal convolution; third tonsil; third trochanter; third ventricle; third ventriculostomy; thirst; thirst fever; Thiry; Thiry's fistula; Thiry-Vella fistula; this; thistle; thitsee; thixolabile; thixotropic; thixotropic fluid; thixotropy; thlipsis; thogoto-like viruses; thole; Thoma; thomaean; thomaism; Thomas; Thoma's ampulla; Thoma's fixative; Thoma's laws; Thomas splint; thombi; thomean; thomism; thomist; thomite; Thompson, Sir Henry; Thompson's ligament; Thompson's test; Thomsen, Asmus; thomsenolite; thomsen's disease; Thomson, F; thomsonian; thomsonianism; thomsonite; Thomson, Matthew Sidney; Thomson scattering; Thomson's disease; Thomson's sign; thong; thonzonium bromide; thonzylamine hydrochloride; thooid; thor; thoracal; thoracalgia; thoracentesis; thoracic; thoracica; thoracic aorta; thoracic aortic aneurysm; thoracic aortic plexus; thoracic arteries; thoracic axis; thoracic cage; thoracic cardiac branches of vagus nerve; thoracic cardiac nerves; thoracic cavity; thoracic choke; thoracic compliance; thoracic duct; thoracic fistula; thoracic ganglia; thoracic girdle; thoracic glands; thoracic goiter; thoracic index; thoracic injuries; thoracic interspinales muscles; thoracic interspinal muscle; thoracic intertransversarii muscles; thoracic intertransverse muscles; thoracic kidney; thoracic limb; thoracic longissimus muscle; thoracic nerves; thoracic nucleus; thoracicoabdominal; thoracicoacromial; thoracicohumeral; thoracic outlet syndrome; thoracic part of aorta; thoracic part of oesophagus; thoracic part of spinal cord; thoracic part of thoracic duct; thoracic-pelvic-phalangeal dystrophy; thoracic respiration; thoracic rotator muscles; thoracic spinal nerves; thoracic spine; thoracic spine fracture; thoracic splanchnic nerves; thoracic stomach; thoracic surgeon; thoracic surgery; thoracic surgical procedures; thoracic veins; thoracic vertebrae; thoracic wall; thoraco-; thoracoabdominal; thoracoabdominal nerves; thoracoacromial; thoracoacromial artery; thoracoacromial trunk; thoracoacromial vein; thorac oceloschisis; thoracocentesis; thoracocyllosis; thoracocyrtosis; thoracodelphus; thoracodorsal; thoracodorsal artery; thoracodorsal nerve; thoracodynia; thoracoepigastric vein; thoracogastroschisis; thoracograph; thoracolaparotomy; thoracolumbar; thoracolumbar aponeurosis; thoracolumbar fascia; thoracolumbar system; thoracolysis; thoracomelus; thoracometer; thoracomyodynia; thoracopagus; thoracoparacephalus; thoracopathy; thoracoplasty; thoracopneumoplasty; thoracoschisis; thoracoscope; thoracoscopic surgery; thoracoscopy; thoracostenosis; thoracostomy; thoracostomy tube; thoracostraca; thoracotomy; thoradelphus; thorax; thoria; thoric; thorite; thorium; thorium compounds; thorium dioxide; Thormahlen; Thormahlen's test; thorn; thorn apple; thorn apple crystals; thornback; thornbill; thornbird; thornbut; Thorn, George; thorn-headed; Thorn's syndrome; thorntail; Thorn test; Thornwaldt; thorny; thorotrast; thoroughbred; thorough-pin; thoroughwax; thoth; thought broadcasting; thought insertion; thought process disorder; thought withdrawal; thousand legs; Thr; thread; threadfin; threadfish; threadworm; thready pulse; threatened; threatened abortion; threatened, endangered, and sensitive species; threatened species; three; three-body collisions; three-chambered heart; three-cornered; three-cornered bone; three-day fever; three-day measles; three-dimensional diffraction pattern; three-dimensional record; three-flowered; three-glass test; three-leafed; three-leaved; three-lobed; three-nerved; three-parted; three-pointed; three-sided; threonic acid; threonine; threonine acetaldehyde-lyase; threonine deaminase; threonine dehydratase; threonine permease; threonine-tRNA ligase; threonyl tRNA synthetase kinase; threose; threpsology; thresher; thresher's lung; threshold; threshold body; threshold differential; threshold limit value; threshold of consciousness; threshold of island of Reil; threshold of nose; threshold percussion; threshold shift; threshold stimulus; threshold substance; threshold trait; thricecock; thrid; thrift; thrifty; thrill; thrilling; thrips; thrive; thrix; thrix annulata; throat; throatwort; throb; throe; thromb-; thrombase; thrombasthenia; thrombectomy; thrombelastography; thrombi; thrombin; thrombinogen; thrombinogenesis; thrombin time; thrombo-; thromboangiitis; thromboangiitis obliterans; thromboarteritis; thromboasthenia; thromboblast; thromboclastic; thrombocyst; thrombocytasthenia; thrombocyte; thrombocythaemia; thrombocythemia; thrombocythemia, haemorrhagic; thrombocytic series; thrombocytin; thrombocytopathy; thrombocytopenia; thrombocytopenia-absent radius syndrome; thrombocytopenia purpura; thrombocytopenic purpura; thrombocytopoiesis; thrombocytosis; thromboelastogram; thromboelastograph; thromboembolectomy; thromboembolic meningoencephalitis; thromboembolism; thromboendarterectomy; thromboendocarditis; thrombogen; thrombogene; thrombogenic; thromboid; thrombokatilysin; thrombokinase; thrombolic; thrombolus; thrombolymphangitis; thrombolysis; thrombolytic; thrombolytic agent; thrombolytic medication; thrombolytic therapy; thrombomodulin; thrombon; thrombonecrosis; thrombopathic syndrome; thrombopathy; thrombopenia; thrombopenic purpura; thrombophilia; thrombophlebitis; thromboplastid; thromboplastin; thromboplastinogen; thromboplastinogenaemia; thromboplastinogenase; thrombopoiesis; thrombopoietin; thrombosed; thromboses; thrombosin; thrombosis; thrombospondin; thrombospondin 1; thrombospondins; thrombostasis; thrombosthenin; thrombotic; thrombotic disease due to protein c deficiency; thrombotic gangrene; thrombotic hydrocephalus; thrombotic infarct; thrombotic microangiopathy; thrombotic phlegmasia; thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura; thrombotonin; thromboxane; thromboxane a2; thromboxane-a synthase; thromboxane b2; thromboxane dehydrogenase; thromboxanes; thrombozyme; thrombus; throstle; throstling; throttle; throttler; through; through-and-through laceration; through-and-through myocardial infarction; through drainage; through transfer imaging; throw; throw-crook; thrum; thrum-eyed; thrumwort; thrush; thrush fungus; thrust; thrustle; thuja; thuja oil; thujol; thujone; thule; thulia; thulium; thumb; thumb forceps; thumb fractures; thumb lancet; thumbprinting; thumb reflex; thumps; thunder; thunderbird; thunderbolt; thunderclap; thundercloud; thunderer; thunderfish; thunderstone; thunderworm; thunny; thurible; thuringite; thurl; thurling; thus; thuya; thuyin; thuyol; thwack; thwaite; thwarter; Thy; Thy 1 glycoprotein; Thygeson, Phillips; Thygeson's disease; thyine wood; thylacine; thylacitis; thylakoid; thylakoid processing peptidase; thylakoid protein kinase; thym-; thymate; thyme; thyme camphor; thymectomy; thymelcosis; thymene; thyme oil; thymiatechny; thymic; thymic abscesses; thymic acid; thymic agenesis; thymic alymphoplasia; thymic aplasia; thymic arteries; thymic branches of internal thoracic artery; thymic corpuscle; thymic factor, circulating; thymic hormone; thymic hypoplasia; thymic lymphopoietic factor; thymicolymphatic; thymic veins; thymidine; thymidine 5'-diphosphate; thymidine 5'-monophosphate; thymidine 5'-triphosphate; thymidine-diphospho-4-keto-6-deoxyglucose epimerase; thymidine kinase; thymidine monophosphate; thymidine permease; thymidine phosphorylase; thymidine triphosphate; thymidylate synthase; thymidylate synthase-dihydrofolate reductase; thymidylic acid; thymin; thymine; thymine, 2-oxoglutarate dioxygenase; thymine deoxyribonucleoside; thymine deoxyribonucleotide; thymine dimer; thymine nucleotide; thymine nucleotides; thyminuria; thymitis; thymo-; thymocyte; thymogenic; thymokinetic; thymol; thymol blue; thymol iodide; thymolphthalein; thymol turbidity test; thymoma; thymonuclease; thymopentin; thymopoietin; thymopoietins; thymoprival; thymosin; thymosin _ 4; thymoxamine; thymus; thymus and parathyroids, hypoplasia of; thymus-dependent zone; thymus derived lymphocyte; thymus extracts; thymus gland; thymus hormones; thymus hyperplasia; thymus-independent antigen; thymus treatment; thyro-; thyroacetic acid; thyroadenitis; thyroaplasia; thyroarytenoid; thyrocalcitonin; thyrocardiac; thyrocardiac disease; thyrocele; thyrocervical; thyrocervical trunk; thyrocolloid; thyroepiglottic; thyroepiglottic ligament; thyroepiglottic muscle; thyrofissure; thyrogenic; thyroglobulin; thyroglobulin antibody; thyroglossal; thyroglossal cyst; thyroglossal duct; thyroglossal duct cyst; thyrohyal; thyrohyoid; thyrohyoid membrane; thyrohyoid muscle; thyrohypophysial syndrome; thyroid; thyroid acropachy; thyroidal articular surface of cricoid; thyroid axis; thyroid binding globulin; thyroid body; thyroid bruit; thyroid calcifications; thyroid cancer; thyroid carcinoma; thyroid carcinoma risk factors; thyroid cartilage; thyroid colloid; thyroid crisis; thyroid diverticulum; thyroidea; thyroidea accessoria; thyroideal; thyroidectomy; thyroid eminence; thyroid foramen; thyroid gland; thyroid gland, desiccated; thyroid hormone; thyroid hormone aminotransferase; thyroid hormone resistance syndrome; thyroid hormones; thyroid ima artery; thyroid imaging; thyroid insufficiency; thyroidism; thyroiditis; thyroiditis, autoimmune; thyroiditis, hashimoto's; thyroiditis, postpartum; thyroiditis, subacute; thyroiditis, suppurative; thyroid lymph nodes; thyroid nodule; thyroidology; thyroidotomy; thyroid receptor antibody; thyroid releasing hormone; thyroid scan; thyroid stimulating antibody; thyroid stimulating hormone; thyroid-stimulating hormone; thyroid-stimulating hormone-releasing factor; thyroid-stimulating hormone stimulation test; thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin; thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulins; thyroid storm; thyroid suppression test; thyroid therapy; thyroid toxicosis; thyroid veins; thyrointoxication; thyrolaryngeal; thyroliberin; thyroliberin pyroglutamylpeptidase; thyrolingual; thyrolingual cyst; thyrolingual duct; thyrolytic; thyromegaly; thyronine; thyronines; thyropalatine; thyroparathyroidectomy; thyropathy; thyroperoxidase; thyropharyngeal; thyropharyngeal part of inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle; thyroplasty; thyroprival; thyroprivia; thyroprivic; thyroprotein; thyroptosis; thyrostatic; thyrotomy; thyrotoxic; thyrotoxic coma; thyrotoxic complement-fixation factor; thyrotoxic crisis; thyrotoxic encephalopathy; thyrotoxic heart disease; thyrotoxic myopathy; thyrotoxicosis; thyrotoxic serum; thyrotoxin; thyrotroph; thyrotrophic; thyrotrophic releasing hormone; thyrotrophin; thyrotropic; thyrotropic hormone; thyrotropin; thyrotropin-producing adenoma; thyrotropin-releasing factor; thyrotropin-releasing hormone; thyrotropin-releasing hormone stimulation test; thyrotropin resistance; thyroxine; thyroxine-binding globulin; thyroxine-binding protein; thyroxine-binding proteins; thyroxine sodium; thyrse; thyrseus; thyrsus; thysanopter; thysanoptera; thysanopteran; Thysanosoma actinoides; thysanura; thysanuran; thysanurous; thysbe; Ti; TIA; tiapride; TIBC; tib-cat; tibet; tibia; tibiad; tibial; tibial arteries; tibial border of foot; tibial bowing; tibial collateral ligament; tibial communicating nerve; tibial crest; tibiale; tibiale posticum; tibialgia; tibial intertendinous bursa; tibialis; tibialis anterior; tibialis posterior; tibial nerve; tibial phenomenon; tibial tuberosity; tibia valga; tibia vara; tibio-; tibiocalcaneal ligament; tibiocalcaneal part of deltoid ligament; tibiocalcanean; tibiofascialis; tibiofemoral; tibiofemoral index; tibiofibular; tibiofibular articulation; tibiofibular ligament; tibiofibular syndesmosis; tibionavicular; tibionavicular ligament; tibionavicular part of deltoid ligament; tibioperoneal; tibioscaphoid; tibio-talar slant; tibiotarsal; tibiotarsus; tibrie; tic; ticarcillin; ticarcillin disodium; tic de pensee; tic disorders; tic douloureux; tichorrhine; tick; tick-borne disease; tick-borne diseases; tick-borne encephalitis; tick-borne encephalitis virus; tick-borne fever; tick-borne rickettsioses of the eastern hemisphere; tick-borne rickettsiosis, north asian; tick-borne virus; tick control; ticker; tick fever; tick infestation; tickling; tick paralysis; tick pyaemia; ticks; tickseed; tick toxicoses; tick typhus; tick typhus, african; tick typhus, queensland; ticlopidine; ticpolonga; ticrynafen; tics; tic-tac rhythm; tic-tac sounds; tid; tidal; tidal air; tidal amplitude; tidal creek; tidal drainage; tidal influence; tidal prism; tidal regime; tidal volume; tidal waters; tidal wave; tide; tidley; tidology; tidy; tidytips; tie; TIE-2 receptor tyrosine kinase; Tieche, Max; Tiedemann, Friedrich; Tiedemann's gland; Tiedemann's nerve; tie-over dressing; tierce; tiercelet; tie receptor tyrosine kinase; Tierfell naevus; Tietze, Alexander; tietze's syndrome; tiff; tiffany; tiffish; tift; tigella; tigelle; tiger; tiger-eye; tiger-foot; tiger heart; tiger's-foot; tightening your braces; tight junction; tight junctions; tiglate; tiglian; tiglic; tiglic acid; tigloyl-CoA-13-hydroxymultiflorine-13-hydroxyupanine O-tigloyltransferase; tiglyl-CoA; tiglyl-coenzyme A; tigress; tigretier; tigrine; tigroid; tigroid bodies; tigroid fundus; tigroid retina; tigroid striation; tigroid substance; tigrolysis; tike; tikus; tilapia; tile; tilefish; tilestone; tiletamine; tiliaceous; tilidine; till; tillage; tillandsia; Tillaux; tillaux fracture; tiller; tilley; tilley seed; tillodontia; tilmus; tilorone; TILS; tilt; tilting disc valve; tilting disc valve prosthesis; til tree; tilt table; tilt-table test; tilt test; tilt-up; timal; timaline; timber; timbered; timberland; timberling; timber stand improvement; timbre; time; time and motion studies; time-compensated gain; time compensation gain; time constant; time factors; time-gain compensation; time lapse; time-lapse microscopy; timeless; time management; time marker; time of flight; time perception; time sense; time-varied gain; time-varied gain control; TIMI; timid; timnodonic acid; timolol; timolol maleate; timothy grass; timothy-hay bacillus; tin; tin-113; tinamides; tinamou; tincal; tin compounds; tinct; tinctable; tinction; tinctorial; tinctura; tincturation; tincture; tine; tinea; tinea amiantacea; tinea barbae; tinea capitis; tinea circinata; tinea corpora; tinea corporis; tinea cruris; tinea favosa; tinea glabrosa; tinea imbricata; tinea inguinalis; tinea kerion; tinea manus; tinean; tinea nigra; tinea pedis; tinea profunda; tinea sycosis; tinea tonsurans; tinea tropicalis; tinea unguium; tinea versicolor; tinea versicolour; tineid; Tinel, Jules; tinel's sign; tinet; tin fluorides; tinfoil; tingibility; tingible; tingid; tingis; tingle; tingling; tinidazole; tinker; tinkle; tinkling; tinmouth; tinnitus; tinnitus aurium; tinnitus cerebri; tinnock; tin oxide; tin polyphosphates; tin radioisotopes; tinstone; tint; tinted denture base; tinted vision; tintle; tinto; tioconazole; tip; tipcat; Ti plasmid; tip of auricle; tip of elbow; tip of nose; tip of posterior horn; tip of tongue; tip of tooth root; tipper; tippet; tipping; tipping fee; tiprenolol hydrochloride; TIPS; tiptoe; tipula; tipulary; tip-up; tire; tire-woman; tiring; tiron; tirrit; tirwit; tisane; Tiselius apparatus; Tiselius, Arne; Tiselius electrophoresis cell; Tissierella praeacuta; Tissot, Jules; Tissot spirometer; tissue; tissue adhesives; tissue banks; tissue basophil; tissue-bearing area; tissue conditioning (dental); tissue culture; tissue culture infectious dose; tissue culture plastic; tissue displaceability; tissue displacement; tissue distribution; tissue donors; tissue embedding; tissue expanders; tissue expansion; tissue extracts; tissue factor; tissue fixation; tissue fluid; tissue hormones; tissue-inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1; tissue inhibitor-of metalloproteinase-2; tissue inhibitor of-metalloproteinase-3; tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases; tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinase; tissue lymph; tissue molding; tissue perfusion; tissue plasminogen activator; tissue polypeptide antigen; tissue preservation; tissue procollagenase; tissue registration; tissue respiration; tissues; tissue-specific antigen; tissue survival; tissue tension; tissue therapy; tissue thromboplastin inhibition time; tissue transplantation; tissue-trimming; tissue typing; tissue valve; tissue weighting factor; tissular; tit; titan; titanate; titanic; titaniferous; titanite; titanium; titanium dioxide; titanium greenfield ivc filter; titano-; titanotherium; TITh; tithe; tithing; tithonic; tithonicity; tithonographic; tithymal; titi; titillation; titin; titlark; title; titling; titmouse; titrant; titratable acidity test; titrate; titrated; titration; titre; titrimetry; tittimouse; tittlebat; tittle-tattle; tittle-tattling; titubation; tiza; Tizzoni, Guido; Tizzoni's stain; Tl; TLa complex; TL antigen; TLC; TLE; Tli polymerase; T loop of RNA; TLV; T-lymphocyte; T-lymphocytes, cytotoxic; T-lymphocytes, helper-inducer; T-lymphocytes, suppressor-effector; T-lymphocytes, suppressor-inducer; t-lymphocyte subsets; t-lymphocytopenia, idiopathic CD4-positive; Tm; TM-1 alpha-fibrinogenase; TM-2 alpha-fibrinogenase; TM-3 alpha-fibrinogenase; TMA; Tm cells; TMD; TMJ; tmj syndrome; TM-mode; TMP; tmp/smx; T-mycoplasma; T myelotomy; Tn; TNF; TNF-IL1-activated protein kinase; TNM; TNM classification; TNM staging; tnpI recombinase; TNT; TO; toad; toadeater; toadfish; toadflax; toadhead; toad skin; toadstone; toadstool; toady; to-and-fro anaesthesia; to-and-fro murmur; to-and-fro sound; toast; toasted shins; tobacco; tobacco anionic peroxidase; tobacco heart; tobacco industry; tobacco mosaic virus; tobacco mosaic virus replicase; tobacco mosaic virus satellite; tobacco, smokeless; tobacco smoke pollution; tobacco use disorder; tobamovirus; Tobia fever; tobias fish; tobramycin; tobramycin adenylyltransferase; Tobruk splint; toc-; tocainide; tocainide hydrochloride; tocamphyl; tockay; toco; tocochromanol-3; tocodynagraph; tocodynamometer; tocograph; tocography; tocol; tocology; tocolysis; tocolytic; tocolytic agent; tocolytic agents; tocometer; tocopherol; tocopherol cyclase; tocopherolquinone; tocopherols; tocopherylquinone; tocophobia; tocoquinone; tocororo; tocotrienol; tocotrienolquinone; TOCP; tocus; tod; Todaro; Todd; toddler's fracture; Todd's paralysis; Todd's postepileptic paralysis; Todd unit; toddy; todralazine; Tod's muscle; tody; toe; toe clonus; toe-crack; toe-drop; toe itch; toenail; toe phenomenon; tofenacin hydrochloride; toft; tofus; toga; Togaviridae; togaviridae infections; togavirus; toggery; toggle; togo; togue; toilet; toilet facilities; toilet training; Toison, J; Toison's stain; tok-; Tok19A1 carboxylesterase; tokamak; tokamak fusion test reactor; tokamak physics experiment; tokay; Tokelau ringworm; token; token economy; toko-; tolane; tolazamide; tolazoline; tolazoline hydrochloride; tolbutamide; tolbutamide 4-hydroxylase; tolbutamide test; tolcyclamide; Toldt; Toldt's fascia; Toldt's membrane; tolerable; tolerable daily intake; tolerance; tolerance dose; tolerant; tolerogen; tolerogenic; tolhexamide; tolmetin; tolnaftate; tolonium chloride; Tolosa; Tolosa-Hunt syndrome; tolperisone; tolpropamine; toltec; tolu; toluate; Tolu balsam; toluene; toluene 2,4-diisocyanate; toluene-3-monooxygenase; toluene-4-monooxygenase; toluene dioxygenase; toluene ortho-monooxygenase; toluenyl; toluic; toluic acid; toluid; toluidine; toluidine blue; toluidine blue O; toluol; toluole; toluoyl; toluric; toluyl; toluylene; toluylene red; tolyl; tolylene; tolypeutine; tomahawk; tomaley; toman; Toma's sign; tomatinase; tomatine; tomato; tomatoes; tomb; tombac; tombester; tomboy; tombusviridae; tombusvirus; tomcat; tomcod; tomentose; tomentum; Tomes' fibres; Tomes' granular layer; Tomes' processes; Tomes, Sir Charles; Tomes, Sir John; tomium; Tommaselli, Salvatore; Tommaselli's disease; tomnoddy; tomogram; tomograph; tomography; tomolevel; tomomania; tomopteris; tompon; tomtit; ton; tonaphasia; tonca bean; toncanet; tone; tone colour; tone decay test; toner; tonga; tongue; tongue bone; tongue crib; tongue depressor; tonguefish; tongue flap; tongue habits; tongue, hairy; tongue of cerebellum; tongue phenomenon; tongue-shaped; tonguester; tongue-swallowing; tongue thrust; tongue-tie; tongueworm; tonic; tonic-clonic seizure; tonic contraction; tonic control; tonic convulsion; tonic epilepsy; tonicicty; tonicity; tonicoclonic; tonic pupil; tonic reflex; tonic seizure; tonic spasm; tonin; toning; tonitrophobia; tonka bean; tonnihood; tono-; tonoclonic; tonoclonic spasm; tonofibril; tonofilament; tonograph; tonography; tonometer; tonometry; tonophant; tonoplast; tonoplast intrinsic protein; tonoscillograph; tonotopic; tonotropic; tonsil; tonsilar; tonsilitic; tonsilitis; tonsilla; tonsilla adenoidea; tonsilla cerebelli; tonsilla intestinalis; tonsilla lingualis; tonsilla palatina; tonsilla pharyngealis; tonsillar; tonsillar branch of glossopharyngeal nerve; tonsillar branch of the facial artery; tonsillar calculus; tonsillar crypt; tonsillar fossa; tonsillar fossulae; tonsillar herniation; tonsillar ring; tonsilla tubaria; tonsillectomy; tonsillith; tonsillitis; tonsillo-; tonsillolingual sulcus; tonsillolith; tonsillopathy; tonsillotome; tonsillotomy; tonsilotome; tonsilotomy; tonsils; tonsure; tonus; toon; toonwood; tooth; tooth abnormalities; tooth abrasion; tooth abscess; toothache; tooth-and-nail syndrome; tooth apex; tooth arrangement; tooth, artificial; tooth attrition; tooth avulsion; toothback; toothbill; tooth bleaching; tooth-borne; tooth-borne base; toothbrushing; tooth bud; tooth calcification; tooth cement; tooth cervix; tooth components; tooth, cracked, syndrome; tooth crown; tooth, deciduous; tooth demineralization; tooth discoloration; toothed; toothed vertebra; tooth erosion; tooth exfoliation; tooth extraction; tooth form; tooth fractures; tooth germ; Tooth, Howard; tooth, impacted; tooth injuries; toothleted; tooth ligation; tooth loss; tooth mobility; tooth movement; tooth, nonvital; toothpaste; tooth plane; tooth polyp; tooth preparation; tooth preparation, prosthodontic; tooth pulp; tooth remineralization; tooth replantation; tooth resorption; tooth root; tooth root sensitivities; tooth sac; toothshell; tooth spasms; tooth, supernumerary; tooth transplantation; tooth, unerupted; toothwort; top; topagnosis; topalgia; topau; topaz; topazolite; tope; toper's nose; topesthesia; topet; Topfer; Topfer's test; toph; tophaceous; tophaceous gout; tophi; tophin; tophus; topiarian; topic; topica; topical; topical anaesthesia; topical anaesthetic; topical antibiotics; topical chemotherapy; Topinard; Topinard's facial angle; Topinard's line; topistic; topknot; topmost; topo-; topoanesthesia; topognosis; topogometer; topographer; topographic; topographical; topographical control; topographic anatomy; topographic map; topographist; topography; topography, medical; topoinhibition; topoisomerase; topoisomers; Topolanski; Topolanski's sign; topology; toponarcosis; toponym; toponymy; topopathogenesis; topophobia; topophylaxis; toposcope; topotecan; topothermesthesiometer; topotype; topotypical population; topping and back pressure turbine; topping cycle; toppling gait; top-shaped; top-shell; topsoil; toque; tor; torbernite; torch; TORCH syndrome; torchwood; torchwort; torcular herophili; tore; Torek, Franz; Torek operation; toremifene; tore supra; toreumatography; toreumatology; toric; toric lens; torilto; Torkildsen; Torkildsen shunt; torment; tormentil; tormentor; tormentress; tormina; torminous; tornado; tornado epilepsy; tornaria; Tornwaldt; Tornwaldt's abscess; Tornwaldt's cyst; Tornwaldt's disease; Tornwaldt's syndrome; toroidal; toroidal beta; toroidal current; toroidal divertor; toroidal field coils; toroidal flux; toroidal magnetic cusps; Toronto formula; torose; torovirus; torovirus infections; torpedo; torpent; torpid; torpidity; torpor; torquate; torque; torr; Torre, Douglas; torrefaction; torrefy; Torre's syndrome; Torricelli; torricellian; torrid; torril; torrock; torsade de pointes; torsades de pointes; torsatron; torse; torsiometer; torsion; torsional deformity; torsion disease of childhood; torsion dystonia; torsion fracture; torsion neurosis; torsion of appendage; torsion of a tooth; torsion of testis; torsionometer; torsion spasm; torsion testis; torsive occlusion; torsiversion; torsk; torso; torsoclusion; Torsten Sjogren's syndrome; torta; torticollar; torticollis; torticollis, spasmodic; torticollis spastica; tortipelvis; tortoise; tortricid; tortrix; tortuous; tortuous aorta; torture; torula; torulaform; toruli tactiles; toruloma; Torulopsis; torulopsosis; torulose; torulus; torus; torus fracture; torus frontalis; torus levatorius; torus manus; torus occipitalis; torus tubarius; torus uretericus; torus uterinus; torved; TOS; tospovirus; toss; tossily; tossing; tossy; tosyl; tosylarginine methyl ester; tosylarginine methyl ester hydrolase; tosylate; tosyllysine chloromethyl ketone; tosylphenylalanyl chloromethyl ketone; tota; total; total anomalous pulmonary venous return; total aphasia; total ascertainment; total body hypothermia; total body irradiation; total body water; total breech extraction; total cataract; total catecholamine test; total cell count; total cholesterol; total cleavage; total cystectomy; total dissolved solids; total elasticity of muscle; total end-diastolic diameter; total end-systolic diameter; total energy; total facial index; total fertility rate; total haematuria; total hyperopia; total hysterectomy; total iron binding capacity; total joint arthroplasty; total keratoplasty; total knee joint replacement; total lung capacity; totally intrathoracic stomach; total mastectomy; total necrosis; total or partial anomalous pulmonary venous connections; total parenteral nutrition; total pelvic exenteration; total peripheral resistance; total placenta previa; total push therapy; total quality management; total refractory period; total sclerectasia; total spinal anaesthesia; total suspended particulates; total suspended solids; total synechia; total transfusion; totem; tote mism; totemistic; toter; totipalmate; totipalmi; totipotency; totipotent; totipotent cell; totipotential protoplasm; totiviridae; totivirus; toty; toucan; touch; touch cell; touch corpuscle; touch-me-not; touch-needle; touchstone; touchwood; toughened silver nitrate; tough-head; tough-pitch; touite; toupettit; touraco; Touraine, Albert; Tourette's disease; Tourette's syndrome; tourette syndrome; tourmaline; Tournay, Auguste; Tournay sign; Tournay's phenomenon; tourniquet; tourniquet poditis; tourniquets; tourniquet test; Tourtual, Kaspar; Tourtual's membrane; Tourtual's sinus; touter; Touton giant cell; Touton, Karl; Tovell, Ralph; Tovell tube; towel; tower; tower skull; tow-head; towhee; towilly; town; Towne, E; Towne projection; Towne projection radiograph; Towne view; township; toxaemia; toxaemia of pregnancy; toxaemic; toxaemic jaundice; toxaemic retinopathy of pregnancy; toxalbumins; toxanaemia; toxaphene; toxascariasis; toxascaris; Toxascaris leonina; toxic; toxicaemia; toxical; toxic amaurosis; toxic amblyopia; toxic anaemia; toxicant; toxic cataract; toxic cirrhosis; toxic cyanosis; toxic delirium; toxic effect; toxic epidermal necrolysis; toxic equivalent; toxic goiter; toxic haemoglobinuria; toxic hydrocephalus; toxicity; toxicity test; toxicity tests; toxic megacolon; toxic multinodular goiter; toxic nephrosis; toxic neuritis; toxic nodular goitre; toxico-; toxicodendron; toxicoderma; toxicodermatitis; toxicodermatosis; toxicogenic; toxicogenic conjunctivitis; toxicoid; toxicokinetics; toxicologic; toxicological; toxicologist; toxicology; toxicomania; toxicopathic; toxicophobia; toxicosis; toxic psychosis; toxic retinopathy; toxic shock; toxic shock syndrome; toxic substances; toxic tetanus; toxic unit; toxifera; toxiferine; toxiferines; toxiferous; toxigenic; toxigenicity; toxilic acid; toxin; toxine; toxinic; toxinogenic; toxinogenicity; toxinology; toxinosis; toxins; toxin spectrum; toxipathic; toxipathy; toxiphobia; toxisterol; toxmia; toxocara; toxocara canis; Toxocara mystax; toxocariasis; toxodon; toxodonta; toxoglossa; toxoid; toxoids; toxon; toxoneme; toxonosis; toxophil; toxophore; toxophorous; Toxoplasma; toxoplasma antibody titre; Toxoplasma gondii; toxoplasma test; Toxoplasmatidae; toxoplasmosis; toxoplasmosis, animal; toxoplasmosis, cerebral; toxoplasmosis, congenital; toxoplasmosis, ocular; toxopyrimidine; toxotes; Toynbee, Joseph; Toynbee's corpuscles; Toynbee's muscle; Toynbee's tube; toyocamycin; toyocamycin nitrile hydrolase; tpa; t-phages; TPHA test; Tphi CG loop; TPI test; TPN; TPP; TPR; TPX1 peroxidase; TQ; TR; trabecula; trabeculae carneae; trabeculae corporis spongiosi penis; trabeculae corporum cavernosorum; trabeculae cranii; trabeculae lienis; trabeculae of corpora cavernosa; trabeculae of corpus spongiosum; trabeculae of spleen; trabeculae splenicae; trabecular; trabecular bone; trabecular carcinoma; trabecular meshwork; trabecular network; trabecular reticulum; trabecular zone; trabecula septomarginalis; trabeculate; trabeculated bladder; trabecula testis; trabeculation; trabeculectomy; trabeculoplasty; trabeculotomy; trabu; trace; trace conditioned reflex; trace conditioning; trace element; trace elements; trace nutrient; tracer; tracer/y; trachea; tracheal; tracheal branches; tracheal cartilages; tracheal fenestration; tracheal fistula; trachealgia; tracheal glands; tracheal intubation; trachealis; trachealis muscle; tracheal lymph nodes; tracheal mucosa; tracheal ring; tracheal triangle; tracheal tube; tracheal tug; tracheal ulceration; tracheal veins; tracheal wall stripe; trachearia; tracheary; tracheata; tracheate; tracheid; tracheitis; trachel-; trachelagra; trachelalis; trachelectomy; trachelematoma; trachelian; trachelidan; trachelipod; trachelipoda; trachelipodous; trachelism; trachelitis; trachelo-; trachelobranchiate; trachelobregmatic diameter; trachelocele; tracheloclavicular muscle; trachelocyrtosis; trachelodynia; trachelokyphosis; trachelology; trachelomastoid; trachelomyitis; trachelo-occipitalis; trachelopanus; trachelopexia; trachelophyma; tracheloplasty; trachelorrhaphy; trachelos; tracheloschisis; trachelotomy; trachenchyma; tracheo-; tracheoaerocele; tracheobiliary; tracheobiliary fistula; tracheobranchia; tracheobroncheopathia osteoplastica; tracheobronchial; tracheobronchial diverticulum; tracheobronchial dyskinesia; tracheobronchial groove; tracheobronchitis; tracheobronchomegaly; tracheobronchopathia osteochondroplastica; tracheobronchoscopy; tracheocele; tracheoesophageal; tracheoesophageal fistula; tracheoesophageal puncture; tracheoesophageal speech; tracheolaryngeal; tracheomalacia; tracheomegaly; tracheo-oesophageal fistula; tracheopathia osteoplastica; tracheopathy; tracheopharyngeal; tracheophonae; tracheophonesis; tracheophony; tracheophyta; tracheoplasty; tracheorrhagia; tracheoschisis; tracheoscope; tracheoscopic; tracheoscopy; tracheostenosis; tracheostoma; tracheostomy; tracheostomy button; tracheostomy tube; tracheotome; tracheotomy; tracheotomy hook; tracheotomy tube; trachinoid; trachitis; trachoma; trachoma bodies; trachoma glands; trachomatous; trachomatous conjunctivitis; trachomatous keratitis; trachomatous pannus; trachoma virus; trachycarpous; trachychromatic; trachymedusae; trachyonychia; trachyphonia; trachyspermous; trachystomata; trachyte; trachytoid; tracing; tracing (cephalometric); track; track and field; tracker; tract; tractellum; traction; traction alopecia; traction atrophy; traction diverticulum; traction epiphysis; tract of Goll; tract of Munzer and Wiener; tract of Schutz; tractor; tractory; tractotomy; tractrix; tractus; tractus centralis tegmenti; tractus cerebellorubralis; tractus cerebellothalamicus; tractus corticobulbaris; tractus corticopontini; tractus corticospinalis; tractus corticospinalis anterior; tractus corticospinalis lateralis; tractus descendens nervi trigemini; tractus dorsolateralis; tractus fastigiobulbaris; tractus frontopontinus; tractus habenulopeduncularis; tractus iliotibialis; tractus mesencephalicus nervi trigemini; tractus occipitopontinus; tractus olfactorius; tractus olivocerebellaris; tractus opticus; tractus parietopontinus; tractus pyramidalis; tractus pyramidalis anterior; tractus pyramidalis lateralis; tractus reticulospinalis; tractus rubrospinalis; tractus solitarius; tractus spinalis nervi trigemini; tractus spinocerebellaris anterior; tractus spinocerebellaris posterior; tractus spinotectalis; tractus spinothalamicus; tractus spinothalamicus anterior; tractus spinothalamicus lateralis; tractus spiralis foraminosus; tractus supraopticohypophysialis; tractus tectobulbaris; tractus tectopontinus; tractus tectospinalis; tractus tegmentalis centralis; tractus temporopontinus; tractus tuberoinfundibularis; tractus vestibulospinalis; trade; trade name product; tradescantia; tradeswoman; tradition; traducianism; traffic; trafficking; tragacanth; tragacantha; tragal; tragi; tragicus; tragicus muscle; tragion; tragomaschalia; tragopan; tragophonia; tragus; trail; trailer; trailing; trail making test; train; trained reflex; trainer; training; training analysis; training group; training support; train-of-four stimulus; trainwheel rhythm; trait; traitress; trajection; trajector; tramadol; tramazoline hydrochloride; tramble; tram lines; trammel; tramroad; trance; trance coma; trancscendental; tranexamic acid; trannel; tranquil; tranquilliser; tranquillising agent; trans-; trans-1,2-dihydrobenzene-1,2-diol dehydrogenase; trans-2-hydroxybenzylidenepyruvate hydratase-aldolase; trans-3-chloroacrylic acid dehalogenase; trans-4-coumaroyl esterase; transacetylase; transacetylation; transaction; transactional analysis; transactional psychotherapy; transactivation; trans-activation (genetics); trans-activators; transacylase; transacylases; transacylation; transaldolase; transaldolation; transamidation; transamidinases; transamidination; transaminase; transaminases; transamination; transanimation; transatlantic; transaudient; transaxial plane; trans-bronchial biopsy; transcalent; transcapsidation; transcarbamoylases; transcarbamoylation; transcarboxylases; transcaucasia; transcellular fluids; transcellular transport; transcellular water; transcendency; transcendental anatomy; transcendental meditation; transcervical fracture; transcobalamins; transcondylar; transcondylar fracture; trans configuration; transcortical; transcortical aphasia; transcortical apraxia; transcortin; transcranial radiograph; transcriptase; transcription; transcriptional control; transcriptional silencing; transcription factor; transcription factor ap-1; transcription factors; transcription factor, sp1; transcription factors, tfii; transcription factors, tfiii; transcription, genetic; transcription unit; transcultural nursing; transcutaneous; transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation; transcytosis; transcytotic vesicle; transdermal; transdermic; transdetermination; transdifferentiation; transduce; transducer; transducer cell; transducers; transducers, pressure; transducin; transducin GTP phosphohydrolase; transductant; transduction; transduction, genetic; transduodenal sphincterotomy; transect; transection; transelementation; transethmoidal; transfection; transfeminate; transfer; transfer agreement; transferase; transferase deficiency galactosaemia; transferases; transferases (other substituted phosphate groups); transfer cell; transfer DNA; transference; transference love; transference neurosis; transfer factor; transfer genes; transfer imaging; transferography; transfer (psychology); transferred ophthalmia; transferred sensation; transferrin; transferring enzymes; transfer RNA; transfiguratien; transfigure; transfix; transfixion; transfixion suture; transform; transformant; transformasome; transformation; transformation, bacterial; transformation constant; transformation efficiency; transformation, genetic; transformation zone; transformed cell; transformed lymphocyte; transformer; transforming agent; transforming factor; transforming gene; transforming growth factor; transforming growth factor alpha; transforming growth factor beta; transforming growth factors; transforming oncogene; transforming virus; transformism; transfuse; transfusion; transfusion hepatitis; transfusion nephritis; transfusion reaction; transgelin; transgene; transgenes; transgenic; transgenic animal; transgenic disease models; transgenic mice; transgenic organism; transgenic plant; transglucosylase; transglutaminase; transglycosidation; transglycosylase; transglycosylation; trans Golgi network; trans-Golgi reticulum; transhiatal; transhiatal oesophagectomy; transhydrogenase; transient; transient acantholytic dermatosis; transient agammaglobulinaemia; transient albuminuria; transient global amnesia; transient hypogammaglobulinaemia of infancy; transient ischaemic attack; transient ischemic attack; transient retinopathy; transients and migrants; transiliac; transilient; transillumination; transin; transinsular; transischiac; transisthmian; transit; transition; transitional; transitional cell; transitional cell carcinoma; transitional cell papilloma; transitional convolution; transitional denture; transitional element; transitional endoplasmic reticulum; transitional epithelium; transitional gyrus; transitional leukocyte; transitional zone; transition electron; transition mutation; transition probability model; transition protein; transition state; transition state intermediate; transition temperature; transitory; transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt; transketolase; transketolation; translate; translating; translation; translational control; translational repressor; translation, genetic; translations; translator; translatory movement; translatress; translocase; translocation; translocation carrier; translocation chromosome; translocation (genetics); translocon; translucent; translumbar aortography; transluminal percutaneous coronary angioplasty; transmembrane; transmembrane potential; transmembrane protein; transmembrane transducer; transmethylase; transmethylation; transmethylation factor; transmew; transmigration; transmissible; transmissible dementia; transmissible enteritis; transmissible gastroenteritis of swine; transmissible gastroenteritis virus of swine; transmissible mink encephalopathy; transmissible murine colonic hyperplasia; transmissible plasmid; transmissible turkey enteritis virus; transmissible venereal tumour; transmission; transmission breakpoint; transmission electron microscopy; transmission microscope; transmission threshold; transmit; transmittance; transmitted light; transmitter; transmural; transmural myocardial infarction; transmural pressure; transmutation; transneuronal atrophy; transnexus channel; trans-octaprenyltranstransferase; transocular; transom; transonance; transonic; transorbital leukotomy; transorbital lobotomy; transosseous venography; transovarial transmission; transpalatine; transparent dentin; transparent septum; transparent ulcer of the cornea; transparietal; trans-pentaprenyltranstransferase; transpeptidase; transpeptidation; transperitoneal; transphosphatases; transphosphorylases; transphosphorylation; transpirable; transpiration; transpire; transplacental; transplant; transplantar; transplantation; transplantation antigen; transplantation, autologous; transplantation chimera; transplantation conditioning; transplantation genetics; transplantation, heterologous; transplantation, heterotopic; transplantation, homologous; transplantation immunology; transplantation, isogeneic; transplantation of cornea; transplantation reaction; transplanter; transplant lung syndrome; transplants; transpleural; transporionic axis; transport; transportal; transport antibiotic; transportase; transportation; transportation of patients; transport diseases; transporter; transport host; transport medium; transport number; transport protein; transport tetany; transport vesicle; transposable element; transposase; transpose; transposition; transposition of arterial stems; transposition of great vessels; transposition of the great vessels; transposon; transposon mutagenesis; transpulmonary pressure; transpyloric plane; trans-retinal; transsection; transsegmental; transseptal; transseptal fibres; transseptal orchiopexy; transsexual; transsexualism; transsexual surgery; transsphenoidal; trans splicing; trans-splicing; transstadial transmission; transsulfurase; transsulfuration; transsynaptic; transsynaptic chromatolysis; transsynaptic degeneration; transtentorial; transtentorial herniation; transthalamic; transthermia; transthoracic; transthoracic oesophagectomy; transthoracic pacemaker; transthoracic pressure; transthoracotomy; transthyretin; transubstantiate; transubstantiation; transudate; transudation; transude; transulfurase; transureteroureteral anastomosis; transureteroureterostomy; transurethral; transurethral prostatectomy; transurethral resection; transurethral resection syndrome; transvaalin; transvaginal; transvaginal ultrasound; transvector; transvenous; transversal; transversalis; transversalis fascia; transverse; transverse abdominal incision; transverse amputation; transverse anthelicine groove; transverse arch of foot; transverse artery of neck; transverse arytenoid muscle; transverse atlantal ligament; transverse auricular muscle; transverse branches; transverse carpal ligament; transverse cervical artery; transverse cervical nerve; transverse cervical veins; transverse colon; transverse costal facet; transverse crest; transverse crest of internal acoustic meatus; transverse crural ligament; transversectomy; transverse diameter; transverse disk; transverse ductules of epoophoron; transverse facial artery; transverse facial fracture; transverse facial vein; transverse fasciculi; transverse fissure of cerebellum; transverse fissure of cerebrum; transverse fissure of the lung; transverse foramen; transverse fornix; transverse fracture; transverse genicular ligament; transverse head; transverse hermaphroditism; transverse horizontal axis; transverse humeral ligament; transverse lie; transverse ligament of acetabulum; transverse ligament of elbow; transverse ligament of knee; transverse ligament of leg; transverse ligament of pelvis; transverse ligament of perineum; transverse ligament of the atlas; transverse lines of sacrum; transverse metacarpal ligament; transverse metatarsal ligament; transverse muscle of abdomen; transverse muscle of auricle; transverse muscle of chin; transverse muscle of nape; transverse muscle of thorax; transverse muscle of tongue; transverse myelitis; transverse nasal groove; transverse nerve of neck; transverse occipital sulcus; transverse oval pelvis; transverse palatine fold; transverse palatine ridge; transverse palatine suture; transverse pancreatic artery; transverse part of left branch of portal vein; transverse part of nasalis muscle; transverse perineal ligament; transverse plane; transverse pontine fibres; transverse presentation; transverse process; transverse rectal folds; transverse relaxation; transverse rhombencephalic flexure; transverse ridge; transverse scapular artery; transverse section; transverse septum; transverse sinus; transverse sinus of pericardium; transverse tarsal articulation; transverse tarsal joint; transverse temporal convolutions; transverse temporal gyri; transverse temporal sulci; transverse tibiofibular ligament; transverse tubule; transverse vein of face; transverse vein of scapula; transverse veins of neck; transverse velum; transverse vesical fold; transverse wave; transversion; transversion mutation; transversions; transversocostal; transversospinalis muscle; transversospinal muscle; transversourethralis; transversovertical index; transversus; transversus abdominis; transversus menti muscle; transversus nuchae muscle; transversus thoracis; transvestism; transvestite; transvestitism; Trantas, Alexios; Trantas' dots; tranylcypromine; tranylcypromine sulfate; trap; trapdoor; trapes; trapeze; trapezial; trapeziform; trapeziometacarpal; trapezium; trapezium bone; trapezius; trapezohedron; trapezoid; trapezoidal; trapezoid body; trapezoid bone; trapezoid ligament; trapezoid line; trapezoid ridge; trapidil; Trapp; trappean; trapped-particle instability; trapper; Trapp-Haser formula; trappist; trappous; Trapp's formula; trappy; trash; trass; Traube; Traube-Hering curves; Traube-Hering waves; Traube's bruit; Traube's corpuscle; Traube's double tone; Traube's dyspnea; Traube's plugs; Traube's semilunar space; Traube's sign; Traugott; traum-; trauma; trauma centres; trauma severity indices; traumasthenia; traumata; traumatic; traumatic amenorrhoea; traumatic amnesia; traumatic amputation; traumatic anaemia; traumatic anaesthesia; traumatic aneurysm; traumatic asphyxia; traumatic bone cyst; traumatic cataract; traumatic dermatitis; traumatic encephalopathy; traumatic fever; traumatic gastritis; traumatic herpes; traumatic meningocele; traumatic neurasthenia; traumatic neuritis; traumatic neurosis; traumatic occlusion; traumatic orchitis; traumatic pneumonia; traumatic progressive encephalopathy; traumatic psychosis; traumatic reticuloperitonitis; traumatic retinopathy; traumatic tetanus; traumatise; traumatism; traumato-; traumatogenic occlusion; traumatology; traumatonesis; traumatopathy; traumatopnea; traumatopyra; traumatosepsis; traumatotherapy; Trautmann; Trautmann's triangular space; travail; Travase; trave; travel; traveler; traveler's diarrhoea; traveling grate; travers; traverse; travertine; travesty; trawl; trawlboat; trawler; trawlerman; tray; trazodone; trazodone hydrochloride; tre; Treacher Collins; Treacher Collins' syndrome; treacle; tread; treadle; treadmill, exercise; treadmilling; tread-softly; treasuress; treat; treatment; treatment card; treatment denture; treatment failure; treatment ind; treatment outcome; treatment protocol program; treatment refusal; treble; tree; treebeard; treeful; treeless; tree measurement sale; treen; treenail; trees; trefoil; trefoil dermatitis; trefoil polypeptide; trefoil tendon; trehala; trehalase; trehalose; trehalose mycolyltransferase; trehalose-phosphatase; trehalose synthase; treillage; Treitz; Treitz's arch; Treitz's fascia; Treitz's fossa; Treitz's hernia; Treitz's ligament; Treitz's muscle; Trelat's sign; Trelat's stools; Trelat, Ulysse; trellis; trellised; trema; trematoda; trematode; trematodea; trematode infections; trematoid; trembles; trembling; trembling palsy; tremella; tremelloid; tremex; tremogram; tremograph; tremolabile; tremolite; tremophobia; tremor; tremor artuum; tremorgram; tremorine; tremor opiophagorum; tremor potatorum; tremor tendinum; tremostable; tremulor; tremulous; tremulous iris; tren; Trenaunay, Paul; trenbolone; trench; trencher; trench fever; trench foot; trench hand; trench lung; trench mouth; trench nephritis; Trendelenburg, Friedrich; Trendelenburg radiograph; Trendelenburg's operation; Trendelenburg's position; Trendelenburg's sign; Trendelenburg's symptom; Trendelenburg's test; trend of thought; trental; trenton period; trepan; trepanation; trepang; trephination; trephine; trephine biopsy; trephining; trephocyte; trephones; trepidant; trepidatio cordis; trepidation; treponaemiasis; treponaemicidal; Treponema; Treponema carateum; Treponema cuniculi; Treponema denticola; Treponema genitalis; Treponema hyodysenteriae; treponema immobilization test; treponema-immobilizing antibody; treponemal antibody; treponemal infections; Treponema mucosum; treponema pallidum; Treponema pallidum haemagglutination test; Treponema pallidum immobilization reaction; Treponema pallidum immobilization test; Treponema pertenue; treponematosis; treponeme; treppe; Tresilian, Frederick; Tresilian's sign; tresis; tres-tyne; tretinoin; tretoquinol; Treves' fold; Treves, Norman; Treves, Sir Frederick; Trevor, David; Trevor's disease; TRF; TRH; tri-; triable; triacetic acid; triacetic acid lactone lyase; triacetin; triacetoneamine-n-oxyl; triacetylglycerol; triacetyloleandomycin; triacid; triacylglycerol; triacyl glycerols; triad; triadelphous; triadic; triadic symbiosis; triage; triakisoctahedron; trial; trial and error; tri-alanyl peptidase; trial base; trial case; trial denture; trial frame; trialkyltin compounds; triallate; trial lenses; trial of labour; triamcinolone; triamcinolone acetonide; triamcinolone diacetate; tri-amelia; triamide; triamine; triamterene; triander; triandria; triandrous; triangle; triangle bandage; triangle of auscultation; triangle of elbow; triangle of fillet; triangle of safety; triangle of vertebral artery; triangular; triangular bandage; triangular bone; triangular cartilage; triangular crest; triangular disk of wrist; triangulares; triangular fascia; triangular fold; triangular fossa; triangular fovea of arytenoid cartilage; triangularis; triangularity; triangularity of the teeth; triangular lamella; triangular ligament; triangular ligaments of liver; triangular muscle; triangular nucleus; triangular part; triangular pit of arytenoid cartilage; triangular recess; triangular ridge; triangular uterus; triangulum; triaosylceramide 1,4-galactosyltransferase; triarian; triarticulate; trias; triassic; triatoma; triatomic; triatominae; triaxial reference system; triazine; triaziquone; triazolam; triazole cytochrome P-450-obtusifoliol-14-demethylase; triazologuanine; tribade; tribadism; tribasic; tribasic calcium phosphate; tribasic magnesium phosphate; tribasilar; tribasilar synostosis; tribe; tribolium; tribology; triboluminescence; tribrachia; tribrachius; tribracteate; tribromoethanol; tribromsalan; tribute; tributer; tributyrase; tributyrin; tributyrinase; tributyrylglycerol; TRIC; trica; TRIC agents; tricalcium phosphate; tricarballylic; tricarbimide; tricarboxylic acid cycle; tricarboxylic acids; tricephalus; triceps brachii; triceps bursa; triceps coxae muscle; triceps muscle of arm; triceps muscle of calf; triceps muscle of hip; triceps reflex; triceps surae muscle; triceps surae reflex; trich-; trichalgia; trichangion; trichatrophia; trichauxis; trichi-; trichiasis; trichilemmal cyst; trichilemmoma; trichina; trichinella; trichinella spiralis; trichinelliasis; Trichinellicae; Trichinelloidea; trichinellosis; trichiniasis; trichiniferous; trichinization; trichinoscope; trichinosis; trichinous; trichion; trichite; trichitis; trichiuriform; trichiuroid; trichiurus; trichloral; trichlorfon; trichloride; trichlormethiazide; trichlormethine; trichloroacetic acid; trichloroepoxypropane; trichloroethane; trichloroethanes; trichloroethanol; trichloroethene; trichloroethyl alcohol; trichloroethylene; trichlorofluoromethane; trichloromethane; trichloromonofluoromethane; trichlorophenol; tricho-; trichobezoar; trichobranchia; Trichocephalus; trichochrome; trichoclasia; trichocryptosis; trichocyst; Trichodectes; trichoderma; trichodermin; trichodermin esterase; trichodiene synthetase; trichodiscoma; trichodynia; trichodystrophy; trichoepithelioma; trichoesthesia; trichofolliculoma; trichogen; trichogenous; trichoglossia; trichogyne; trichohyalin; trichoid; tricholemmoma; tricholith; trichologia; trichology; trichoma; trichomanes; trichomatose; trichomatosis; trichomatous; trichome; trichomegaly; trichomonacide; trichomonad; trichomonadida; Trichomonadidae; trichomonas; Trichomonas buccalis; Trichomonas foetus; Trichomonas gallinae; Trichomonas gallinarum; Trichomonas hominis; trichomonas infections; Trichomonas ovis; Trichomonas suis; Trichomonas tenax; trichomonas vaginalis; trichomonas vaginitis; trichomoniasis; trichomoniasis vaginitis; trichomycetosis; trichomycosis; trichomycosis axillaris; trichomycosis chromatica; trichomycosis nodosa; trichomycosis nodularis; trichomycosis palmellina; trichomycosis pustulosa; trichonocardiosis; trichonocardiosis axillaris; trichonodosis; trichonosis; trichonosus; trichonosus versicolor; trichopathic; trichopathophobia; trichopathy; trichophagia; trichophagy; trichophobia; trichophore; trichophytic; trichophytid; trichophytin; trichophytobezoar; trichophyton; Trichophyton concentricum; Trichophyton equinum; Trichophyton megninii; Trichophyton mentagrophytes; Trichophyton rubrum; Trichophyton schoenleinii; Trichophyton simii; Trichophyton tonsurans; Trichophyton verrucosum; Trichophyton violaceum; trichophytosis; trichophytosis barbae; trichophytosis capitis; trichophytosis corporis; trichophytosis cruris; trichophytosis unguium; Trichopleuris; trichopoliodystrophy; trichopoliosis; trichopter; trichoptera; trichopteran; trichopterous; trichoptilosis; trichorhinophalangeal syndrome; trichorrhexis; trichorrhexis invaginata; trichorrhexis nodosa; trichosanthin; trichoschisis; trichoscolices; trichoscopy; trichosis; trichosis carunculae; trichosis sensitiva; trichosis setosa; trichosomatous; trichosporon; trichosporonosis; trichosporosis; trichostasis spinulosa; trichostomatida; trichostomatina; trichostrongyle; trichostrongyliasis; Trichostrongylidae; trichostrongyloidea; trichostrongyloidiasis; trichostrongylosis; trichostrongylus; Trichostrongylus axei; Trichostrongylus capricola; Trichostrongylus colubriformis; Trichostrongylus longispicularis; Trichostrongylus tenuis; Trichostrongylus vitrinus; trichothecenes; Trichothecium; trichothiodystrophy; trichotillomania; trichotomous; trichotomy; trichotoxin; trichotrophy; trichroic; trichroism; trichromat; trichromatic; trichromatism; trichromatopsia; trichrome stain; trichromic; trichterbrust; trichuriasis; trichuris; Trichuris trichiura; trichuroidea; tricia; tricious; tricipital; triclinate; triclinic; triclobisonium chloride; triclofenol piperazine; triclofos; triclosan; tricoccous; tricorn; tricorn protease; tricornute; tricostate; tricresol; tricrotic; tricrotism; tricrotous; Tricula; tricurvate; tricuspid; tricuspid area; tricuspidate; tricuspid atresia; tricuspid incompetence; tricuspid insufficiency; tricuspid murmur; tricuspid orifice; tricuspid stenosis; tricuspid tooth; tricuspid valve; tricuspid valve insufficiency; tricuspid valve prolapse; tricuspid valve stenosis; tricyclamol chloride; tricyclic; tricyclic antidepressant; tridacna; tridactylous; tridactyl tridactyle; triddler; tridecane; tridecatoic; tridecatylene; trident; tridentate; trident hand; tridermic; tridermoma; tridigitate; tridihexethyl chloride; tridimensional; tridymite; tridymus; trielcon; triens; trientine hydrochloride; triethanolamine; triethylamine; triethylene glycol; triethylenemelamine; triethylenephosphoramide; triethylenetetramine; triethylenetetramine dihydrochloride; triethylenethiophosphoramide; triethyltin compounds; trifacial; trifacial nerve; trifacial neuralgia; trifarious; trifid; triflavin; trifle; triflorous; trifluoperazine; trifluoperazine hydrochloride; trifluoroacetic acid; trifluoroacetyl; trifluoroethanol; trifluperidol; trifluperidol hydrochloride; triflupromazine; triflupromazine hydrochloride; trifluralin; trifluridine; trifocal; trifocal lens; trifoliate; trifoliated; trifoliolate; trifoliosis; trifolium; trifoly; trifurcation; trig; trigamous; trigastric; trigeminal; trigeminal caudal nucleus; trigeminal cave; trigeminal cavity; trigeminal crest; trigeminal decompression; trigeminal ganglion; trigeminal impression; trigeminal lemniscus; trigeminal nerve; trigeminal neuralgia; trigeminal nuclei; trigeminal nucleus, spinal; trigeminal pulse; trigeminal rhizotomy; trigeminal rhythm; trigeminal system; trigeminal tractotomy; trigeminofacial reflex; trigeminothalamic tract; trigeminus; trigeminy; trigenic; trigenolline; trigesimo-secundo; trigger; trigger area; triggered activity; trigger finger; trigger point; trigger protein; trigger zone; trigintal; triglucosylalkylacylglycerol sulfotransferase; triglyceride; trigon; trigona; trigona fibrosa cordis; trigonal; trigone; trigonelline; trigone of auditory nerve; trigone of bladder; trigone of fillet; trigone of habenula; trigone of hypoglossal nerve; trigone of lateral ventricle; trigone of vagus nerve; trigonia; trigonid; trigonitis; trigonocephalic; trigonocephaly; trigonocerous; trigonometry; trigonous; trigonum; trigonum acustici; trigonum caroticum; trigonum cerebrale; trigonum cervicale; trigonum cervicale anterius; trigonum cervicale posterius; trigonum collaterale; trigonum colli; trigonum deltoideopectorale; trigonum femorale; trigonum fibrosum dextrum; trigonum fibrosum sinistrum; trigonum habenulae; trigonum hypoglossi; trigonum inguinale; trigonum lemnisci; trigonum lumbale; trigonum lumbocostale; trigonum musculare; trigonum nervi hypoglossi; trigonum nervi vagi; trigonum olfactorium; trigonum omoclaviculare; trigonum omotracheale; trigonum palati; trigonum sternocostale; trigonum submandibulare; trigonum submentale; trigonum ventriculi; trigonum vesicae; trigram; trigramin; trigraph; trigyn; trigynia; trigynous; trihedral; trihedron; trihexosylceramide; trihexosylceramides; trihexyphenidyl; trihexyphenidyl hydrochloride; trihybrid; trihydric; trihydric alcohol; trihydroxycholestanoyl-CoA oxidase; trihydroxycoprostanoyl-CoA oxidase; trihydroxycoprostanoyl coenzyme A synthetase; trihydroxyestrin; triiniodymus; triiodide; triiodomethane; triiodothyronine; triiodothyronine, reverse; triiodothyronine toxicosis; triiodothyronine uptake test; trijugate; trijugous; triketohydrindene hydrate; triketohydrindene reaction; triketopurine; trikosane; trilabe; trilaminar; trilaminar blastoderm; trilateral; trilinear; trillachan; trilling; trillium; trilobate; trilobita; trilobite; trilocular; trilogy; trilogy of fallot; trilostane; trim; trimalleolar fracture; trimastigote; trimebutine; trimecaine; trimedoxime; trimellic; trimeprazine; trimeprazine tartrate; trimer; trimera; trimeran; trimeresurus; trimerous; trimesitic; trimester; trimetaphan camsylate; trimetazidine; trimeter; trimethadione; trimethaphan; trimethaphan camsylate; trimethidium methosulfate; trimethobenzamide hydrochloride; trimethoprim; trimethoprim resistance; trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole; trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole combination; trimethylamine; trimethylamine-coenzyme M methyltransferase; trimethylaminuria; trimethylcarbinol; trimethylene; trimethylethylene; trimethylglycine; trimethylglycocoll anhydride; trimethylomelamine; trimethylsilyl compounds; trimethyltin compounds; trimetozine; trimetrexate; trimetric; trimipramine; trimorph; trimorphic; trimorphism; trimorphous; trimurti; trimyarian; trine; trinervate; trinerved; tringa; tringoid; trinidad and tobago; trinitrobenzenes; trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid; trinitrocellulose; trinitroglycerin; trinitrophenol; trinitrophenyl-polylysine-horseradish peroxidase; trinitrotoluene; trinitrotoluol; trinity; trink; trinodal; trinomen; trinomial; trinominal; trinucleotide; trinucleotide repeat; trinucleotide repeats; trinucleus; trioctile; triodobenzoic acid; triokinase; triol; triolein; trionychoidea; trionyx; triophthalmos; triorchism; triorthocresyl phosphate; triose; triosekinase; triosephosphate isomerase; triotus; trioxide; trioxsalen; trioxymethylene; trip; tripalmitate; tripalmitin; tripang; triparanol; triparted; tripartient; tripartite; tripartition; tripe; tripe-de-roche; tripel; tripelennamine; tripelennamine hydrochloride; tripennate; tripeptidases; tripeptide; tripeptide aminopeptidase; tripeptidyl aminopeptidase; tripestone; tripetaloid; tripetalous; triphalangia; triphammer pulse; triphane; triphenylmethane dyes; triphosphatase; triphosphopyridine nucleotide; triphthong; triphylite; triphyllous; Tripier; Tripier's amputation; tripinnate; tripinnatifid; triplant; triplant implant; triple; triple bond; triple DNA; triplegia; triple helix; triple phosphate; triple point; triple response; triple rhythm; triple symptom complex; triplet; triple-tail; triplet state; triple vision; triple X syndrome; triplicate; triplicate-ternate; triplicostate; triplite; triploblastic; triploid; triploidite; triploidy; triplopia; tripmadam; tripod; tripod fracture; tripodia; tripoli; tripos; tripper; triprolidine; triprolidine hydrochloride; triprosopus; tripsis; triptorelin; triquadrantal; triquetral bone; triquetral fracture; triquetrous; triquetrous cartilage; triquetrum; triradial; triradiate; triradiated; triradius; trirectangular; trireme; Tris; tris-; trisaccharide; trisaccharides; trisacramentarian; trisagion; trisect; trisected; trisection; triseralous; triseriate; tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane; tris(hydroxymethyl)methylamine; triskaidekaphobia; triskelion; trismic; trismoid; trismus; trismus dolorificus; trismus nascentium; trismus neonatorum; trismus sardonicus; trisnitrate; trisoctahedron; trisomic; trisomy; trisomy 13 syndrome; trisomy 18 syndrome; trisomy 20 syndrome; trisomy 21; trisomy 21 syndrome; trisomy 8 syndrome; trisomy C syndrome; trisomy D syndrome; trispaston; trispermous; trisplanchnic; tristearin; tristichia; tristichous; tristigmatose; tristoma; tristylous; trisulcate; trisulphide; tritanomaly; tritanopia; triternate; triterpenes; trithing; trithionate; trithionate hydrolase; trithionic; tritiated; tritiated thymidine; triticeal cartilage; triticeoglossus; triticeous; triticeum; triticin; triticum; tritium; tritium-breeding ratio; tritium inventory; tritocaline; tritolyl phosphates; triton; triton burnup; triton tumour; Triton X 100; tritoqualine; tritovum; tritozooid; tritrichomonas; tritrichomonas foetus; tritubercular; triturable; triturate; trituration; triturus; trityl; tritylene; triumvir; triumvirate; triungulus; trivalence; trivalent; trivalve; trivet; trivial name; trivium; trizonal; trk; tRNA; tRNA(1-methylguanosine)methyltransferase; tRNA 2-selenouridine synthase; tRNA 3'-processing endonuclease; tRNA (5-methylaminomethyl-2-thiouridylate)-methyltransferase; tRNA A64-2'-O-ribosylphosphate transferase; tRNA excision ligase; tRNA(guanosine-2'-)-methyltransferase; tRNA guanylyltransferase; tRNA-hypoxanthine ribosyltransferase; tRNA methyltransferases; tRNA nucleotidyltransferase; tRNA pseudouridine synthetase; tRNA splicing ligase; tRNA sulfurtransferase; tRNA(Trp) intron endonuclease; troat; trocar; troch; trochal; trochanter; trochanterian; trochanteric; trochanteric bursa; trochanteric bursitis; trochanteric crest; trochanteric fossa; trochanteric syndrome; trochanter major; trochanter minor; trochanterplasty; trochanter reflex; trochanter tertius; trochantin; trochantine; trochantinian; trochar; troche; trochil; trochili; trochilos; trochilus; troching; trochiscus; trochite; trochlea; trochlea femoris; trochlea fibularis calcanei; trochlea humeri; trochlea muscularis; trochlea of humerus; trochlea of the talus; trochlea peronealis; trochlea phalangis; trochlear; trochlear fossa; trochlear fovea; trochleariform; trochlearis; trochlear nerve; trochlear notch; trochlear nucleus; trochlear pit; trochlear process; trochlear spine; trochlear synovial bursa; trochleary; trochlea tali; trochleiform; trochocardia; trochoid; trochoidal; trochoid articulation; trochoid joint; trochorizocardia; trochosphere; trochus; Troeger's base; troglodyte; Troglotrema salmincola; troglotrematidae; trogon; trogonoid; trogue; troilite; troilus; Troisier; Troisier's ganglion; Troisier's node; trolamine; troland; Trolard; Trolard's vein; troleandomycin; troll; trollop; trolly; trolnitrate phosphate; Troltsch; Troltsch's corpuscles; Troltsch's fold; Troltsch's pocket; Troltsch's recesses; Trombicula; Trombicula akamushi; Trombicula alfreddugesi; Trombicula deliensis; trombiculiasis; trombiculid; Trombiculidae; trombiculid mites; Trombidiidae; trombone; tromethamine; trommel; Tromner; Tromner's reflex; trompil; trona; trones; troopbird; troopfowl; troopial; troostite; tropaeolin; tropaic acid; tropane; tropate; tropeic acid; tropeine; tropentane; tropeolins; troph-; trophectoderm; trophesic; trophesy; trophi; trophic; trophic changes; trophic gangrene; trophicity; trophic level; trophic nucleus; trophic ulcer; trophic web; trophism; tropho-; trophoblast; trophoblastic; trophoblastic lacuna; trophoblastic neoplasms; trophoblastic operculum; trophoblastic tumour; trophoblastic tumour, placental site; trophoblastoma; trophoblast protein 1; trophochromatin; trophochromidia; trophocyte; trophoderm; trophodermatoneurosis; trophodynamics; trophoneurosis; trophoneurotic; trophoneurotic atrophy; trophoneurotic leprosy; trophonucleus; trophoplast; trophosome; trophosperm; trophospongia; trophotaxis; trophotropic; trophotropic zone of Hess; trophotropism; trophozoite; tropia; tropic; tropic acid; tropic acid dehydrogenase; tropical; tropical abscess; tropical acne; tropical anaemia; tropical boil; tropical bubo; tropical canine pancytopenia; tropical climate; tropical diarrhoea; tropical diseases; tropical eczema; tropical eosinophilia; tropical mask; tropical measles; tropical medicine; tropical myositis; tropical pyomyositis; tropical sore; tropical splenomegaly; tropical splenomegaly syndrome; tropical typhus; tropical ulcer; tropicamide; tropic hormone; tropic hormones; tropidine; tropilidene; tropine; tropine dehydrogenase; tropine mandelate; tropine tropate; tropinone reductase; tropism; tropocollagen; tropoelastin; tropological; tropology; tropolone; tropometer; tropomodulin; tropomyosin; tropomyosin kinase; troponin; troponin c; troponin I; troponin phosphatase; trot; troubadour; trouble; trou-de-loup; trough; trough-shell; trounce; troupial; Trousseau; Trousseau-Lallemand bodies; Trousseau's point; Trousseau's sign; Trousseau's spot; Trousseau's syndrome; trout; troutbird; trow; trowel; troxerutin; troxidone; troy; Trp; trubtall; trubu; truchman; truck; true aneurysm; true ankylosis; true cementoma; true cholinesterase; true conjugate; true diverticulum; true dwarfism; true glottis; true-hearted; true hermaphroditism; true hypertrophy; true knot; truelove; true muscles of back; true neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome; true pelvis; true ribs; true thirst; true vertebra; true vocal cord; truffle; trummerfeld scurvy zone; trumpet; trumpeter; trumpeting; trumpets; trumpet sign; trumpetweed; trumpetwood; trumpie; truncal; truncate; truncate ascertainment; truncated; truncation; truncheon; trunci intestinales; trunci lumbales; trunci plexus brachialis; truncus; truncus arteriosus; truncus arteriosus communis; truncus arteriosus, persistent; truncus brachiocephalicus; truncus bronchiomediastinalis; truncus coeliacus; truncus corporis callosi; truncus costocervicalis; truncus fascicularis atrioventricularis; truncus inferior plexus brachialis; truncus jugularis; truncus linguofacialis; truncus lumbosacralis; truncus medius plexus brachialis; truncus pulmonalis; truncus subclavius; truncus superior plexus brachialis; truncus sympathicus; truncus thyrocervicalis; truncus vagalis; truncus vs. Transposition; Trunecek, Karel; Trunecek's sign; trunk; trunkback; trunked; trunkfish; trunk of atrioventricular bundle; trunk of corpus callosum; trunks of brachial plexus; trunnion; trunnioned; trusion; Trusler's rule for pulmonary artery banding; truss; trusses; trust; trustees; truth disclosure; truth serum; truttaceous; try; trygon; try-in; Trypan blue; trypanicidal; trypanicide; trypanid; trypanocidal; trypanocidal agents; trypanocide; Trypanoplasma; Trypanosoma; Trypanosoma avium; Trypanosoma brucei; trypanosoma brucei brucei; trypanosoma brucei gambiense; trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense; trypanosoma congolense; trypanosoma cruzi; Trypanosoma dimorphon; Trypanosoma equinum; Trypanosoma equiperdum; Trypanosoma escomelis; Trypanosoma evansi; Trypanosoma gambiense; Trypanosoma hippicum; Trypanosoma hominis; Trypanosoma ignotum; trypanosoma lewisi; Trypanosoma melophagium; Trypanosoma rangeli; Trypanosoma rhodesiense; Trypanosoma simiae; Trypanosoma suis; Trypanosoma theileri; trypanosomatid; Trypanosomatidae; trypanosomatina; Trypanosoma triatomae; Trypanosoma ugandense; trypanosoma vivax; trypanosome; trypanosome fever; trypanosome stage; trypanosomiasis; trypanosomiasis, african; trypanosomiasis, bovine; trypanosomic; trypanosomicide; trypanosomid; trypanothione synthetase; trypan red; tryparsamide; trypomastigote; trypsin; trypsin G-banding stain; trypsin inhibitor; trypsin inhibitor, bowman-birk soybean; trypsin inhibitor, kazal pancreatic; trypsin inhibitor, kunitz soybean; trypsin inhibitors; trypsinogen; tryptamine; tryptamine-strophanthidin; tryptase; tryptic; tryptonaemia; tryptone; tryptophan; tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase; tryptophan 2-methyltransferase; tryptophan 2-monooxygenase; tryptophanase; tryptophan C-methyltransferase; tryptophan decarboxylase; tryptophan desmolase; tryptophan hydroxylase; tryptophan oxygenase; tryptophan pyrrolase; tryptophan synthase; tryptophan synthetase; tryptophan-tRNA ligase; tryptophanuria; tryst; tschakmeck; tschego; tsebe; tsetse; tsetse flies; TSH; TSH releasing factor; TSH-RF; TSI; TSP; TSS; TSTA; T suppressor cell; t-suppressor cell; tsutsugamushi disease; tsutsugamushi fever; T system; t test; TTK kinase; TTP; TTP-HUS; T tube; T tubule; TTX; TU; tuaminoheptane; tuatera; tub; tuba; tuba acustica; tuba auditiva; tuba auditoria; tuba eustachiana; tuba fallopiana; tubage; tubal; tubal abortion; tubal air cells; tubal branch; tubal branch of the tympanic plexus; tubal branch of the uterine artery; tubal cartilage; tubal colic; tubal dysmenorrhoea; tubal extremity of ovary; tubal folds of uterine tubes; tubal infantilism; tubal ligation; tubal pregnancy; tubal prominence; tubal tonsil; tubatorsion; tuba uterina; tubba; tube; tube cast; tubectomy; tube curare; tubed flap; tubed pedicle flap; tubelength mechanical; tubelength optical; tube-nosed; tuber; tuberal nuclei; tuber anterius; tuber calcanei; tuber calcis; tubercidin; tuber cinereum; tubercle; tubercle bacillus; tubercle of anterior scalene muscle; tubercle of iliac crest; tubercle of nucleus gracilis; tubercle of rib; tubercle of saddle; tubercle of scaphoid bone; tubercle of tooth; tubercle of trapezium; tubercle of upper lip; tuber cochleae; tuber corporis callosi; tubercula; tubercula dolorosa; tubercular; tuberculate; tuberculation; tuberculid; tuberculin; tuberculin skin test; tuberculin test; tuberculin tine test; tuberculin-type hypersensitivity; tuberculitis; tuberculization; tuberculo-; tuberculocele; tuberculochemotherapeutic; tuberculocidal; tuberculoderma; tuberculofibroid; tuberculoid; tuberculoid leprosy; tuberculoid rosacea; tuberculoma; tuberculo-opsonic index; tuberculoprotein; tuberculosis; tuberculosis, avian; tuberculosis, bovine; tuberculosis, cardiovascular; tuberculosis, cutaneous; tuberculosis cutis; tuberculosis cutis follicularis disseminata; tuberculosis cutis luposa; tuberculosis cutis orificialis; tuberculosis cutis verrucosa; tuberculosis, endocrine; tuberculosis, female genital; tuberculosis, gastrointestinal; tuberculosis: gastrointestinal manifestations; tuberculosis, hepatic; tuberculosis, laryngeal; tuberculosis lymphadenitis; tuberculosis, lymph node; tuberculosis, male genital; tuberculosis, meningeal; tuberculosis, miliary; tuberculosis, multidrug-resistant; tuberculosis, ocular; tuberculosis, oral; tuberculosis, osteoarticular; tuberculosis papulonecrotica; tuberculosis, peritoneal; tuberculosis, pleural; tuberculosis, pulmonary; tuberculosis, renal; tuberculosis societies; tuberculosis, spinal; tuberculosis, splenic; tuberculosis ulcerosa; tuberculosis, urogenital; tuberculosis vaccine; tuberculostat; tuberculostatic; tuberculous; tuberculous abscess; tuberculous bronchopneumonia; tuberculous enteritis; tuberculous lymphadenitis; tuberculous meningitis; tuberculous nephritis; tuberculous pericarditis; tuberculous peritonitis; tuberculous rheumatism; tuberculous spondylitis; tuberculous wart; tuberculum; tuberculum adductorium; tuberculum anterius atlantis; tuberculum anterius thalami; tuberculum anterius vertebrarum cervicalium; tuberculum arthriticum; tuberculum articulare ossis temporalis; tuberculum auriculae; tuberculum calcanei; tuberculum caroticum; tuberculum cinereum; tuberculum conoideum; tuberculum corniculatum; tuberculum coronae; tuberculum costae; tuberculum cuneatum; tuberculum cuneiforme; tuberculum dentis; tuberculum dorsale; tuberculum epiglotticum; tuberculum gracile; tuberculum hypoglossi; tuberculum iliacum; tuberculum impar; tuberculum infraglenoidale; tuberculum intercondylare; tuberculum intervenosum; tuberculum jugulare; tuberculum labii superioris; tuberculum laterale processus posterioris tali; tuberculum majus humeri; tuberculum mallei; tuberculum marginale ossis zygomatici; tuberculum mediale processus posterioris tali; tuberculum mentale; tuberculum minus humeri; tuberculum musculi scaleni anterioris; tuberculum nuclei cuneati; tuberculum nuclei gracilis; tuberculum obturatorium; tuberculum olfactorium; tuberculum ossis scaphoidei; tuberculum ossis trapezii; tuberculum pharyngeum; tuberculum posterius atlantis; tuberculum posterius vertebrarum cervicalium; tuberculum pubicum; tuberculum sebaceum; tuberculum sellae; tuberculum septi narium; tuberculum superius; tuberculum supraglenoidale; tuberculum supratragicum; tuberculum syphiliticum; tuberculum thyroideum inferius; tuberculum thyroideum superius; tuber dorsale; tuber frontale; tuberiferous; tuber ischiadicum; tuber maxillae; tuber of ischium; tuber of vermis; tuberoinfundibular tract; tuber omentale; tuberose; tuberositas; tuberositas coracoidea; tuberositas costalis; tuberositas deltoidea; tuberositas glutea; tuberositas iliaca; tuberositas masseterica; tuberositas musculi serrati anterioris; tuberositas ossis cuboidei; tuberositas ossis metatarsalis primi; tuberositas ossis metatarsalis quinti; tuberositas ossis navicularis; tuberositas phalangis distalis; tuberositas pterygoidea; tuberositas radii; tuberositas sacralis; tuberositas tibiae; tuberositas ulnae; tuberositas unguicularis; tuberosity; tuberosity for serratus anterior muscle; tuberosity of cuboid bone; tuberosity of distal phalanx; tuberosity of fifth metatarsal; tuberosity of first metatarsal; tuberosity of navicular bone; tuberosity of radius; tuberosity of ulna; tuberosity reduction; tuberous; tuberous root; tuberous sclerosis; tuber parietale; tuber radii; tuber valvulae; tuber vermis; tuber zygomaticum; tubes, fallopian; tube-shell; tube teeth; tubeworm; tubfish; tubicolae; tubicolar; tubicole; tubicolous; tubicorn; tubinares; Tubinger perimeter; tubipora; tubipore; tubiporite; tubivalve; tubo-; tuboabdominal; tuboabdominal pregnancy; tubocurarine; tubocurarine chloride; tuboligamentous; tubo-ovarian; tubo-ovarian abscess; tubo-ovarian pregnancy; tubo-ovarian varicocele; tubo-ovariectomy; tubo-ovaritis; tuboperitoneal; tuboplasty; tuboreticular structure; tubotorsion; tubotympanic; tubotympanic canal; tubotympanic recess; tubouterine; tubouterine pregnancy; tubovaginal; tubular; tubular adenoma; tubular aneurysm; tubular carcinoma; tubular cyst; tubular excretory mass; tubular forceps; tubular gland; tubular glands of the skin; tubularia; tubularian; tubularida; tubular maximum; tubular respiration; tubular small bowel; tubular vision; tubulated; tubulation; tubulature; tubule; tubuli; tubuli biliferi; tubulibranchian; tubulibranchiata; tubulicole; tubuli dentales; tubulidentate; tubuli epoophori; tubuliform; tubuli galactophori; tubuli lactiferi; tubulin; tubulina; tubulin-tyrosine ligase; tubuli paroophori; tubulipore; tubulization; tubuloacinar gland; tubuloalveolar gland; tubulocyst; tubulodermoid; tubulointerstitial nephritis; tubuloneogenesis; tubuloracemose; tubulorrhexis; tubulous; tubulure; tubulus; tubulus contortus; tubulus rectus; tubulus renalis contortus; tubulus renalis rectus; tubulus seminifer contortus; tubulus seminifer rectus; tubulus transversus; tubus; tubus digestorius; tubus medullaris; tubus vertebralis; tucan; tuck; tuckahoe; tucker; Tucker, Ervin Alden; Tucker-McLean forceps; tucket; tucum; tucuma; tue; tuet; tufa; tufaceous; tuff; tuffstone body; tuft; tufted; tufted cell; tufted phalanx; tuftsin; tug; tugan; tuko-tuko; tularaemia; tularaemic chancre; tularaemic pneumonia; tule; tulip; tulip-eared; tulipomania; tulipomaniac; tulip-shell; tulipwood; tulle gras; tullian; tullibee; Tullio's phenomenon; Tulpius' valve; Tulp, Nicholas; tumbledung; tumbler; tumbleweed; tumbu dermal myiasis; tumefacient; tumefaction; tumefy; tumentia; tumeric yellow; tumescence; tumescent; tumid; tummals; tummy tuck; tumor; tumor marker; tumor necrosis factor; tumour; tumouraffin; tumoural calcinosis; tumour angiogenesis factor; tumour angiogenic factor; tumour antigens; tumour-associated antigen; tumour burden; tumour cell; tumour cells, cultured; tumour debulking; tumour embolism; tumour escape; tumouricidal; tumourigenesis; tumourigenic; tumour-infiltrating lymphocyte; tumour initiation; tumourlets; tumour lysis syndrome; tumour marker; tumour necrosis factor; tumour necrosis factor-beta; tumourous; tumour progression; tumour promoter; tumour registry; tumour specific antigen; tumour-specific transplantation antigens; tumour stage; tumour stem cell assay; tumour stem cells; tumour suppressor; tumour virus; tumour viruses, murine; tumour virus infections; tum-tum; tumultus cordis; tun; tuna; Tunga penetrans; tungiasis; Tungidae; tungstate; tungsten; tungsten arc lamp; tungsten carbide; tungsten compounds; tungstic; tungstite; tunguses; tunhoof; tunic; tunica; tunica abdominalis; tunica adventitia; tunica albuginea; tunica albuginea corporis spongiosi; tunica albuginea corporum cavernosorum; tunica albuginea oculi; tunica albuginea of corpora cavernosi; tunica albuginea of corpus spongiosum; tunica albuginea of testis; tunica albuginea testis; tunica carnea; tunica conjunctiva; tunica conjunctiva bulbi; tunica conjunctiva palpebrarum; tunica dartos; tunicae funiculi spermatici; tunica elastica; tunica externa; tunica externa oculi; tunica externa thecae folliculi; tunica extima; tunica fibrosa; tunica fibrosa bulbi; tunica fibrosa hepatis; tunica fibrosa lienis; tunica fibrosa renis; tunica fibrosa splenis; tunica interna bulbi; tunica interna thecae folliculi; tunica intima; tunica media; tunica mucosa; tunica mucosa bronchiorum; tunica mucosa cavitatis tympani; tunica mucosa coli; tunica mucosa ductus deferentis; tunica mucosa gastrica; tunica mucosa intestini tenuis; tunica mucosa laryngis; tunica mucosa linguae; tunica mucosa nasi; tunica mucosa oesophagi; tunica mucosa oris; tunica mucosa pharyngis; tunica mucosa tracheae; tunica mucosa tubae auditivae; tunica mucosa tubae uterinae; tunica mucosa ureteris; tunica mucosa urethrae femininae; tunica mucosa uteri; tunica mucosa vaginae; tunica mucosa vesicae biliaris; tunica mucosa vesicae felleae; tunica mucosa vesicae urinariae; tunica mucosa vesiculae seminalis; tunica muscularis; tunica muscularis bronchiorum; tunica muscularis coli; tunica muscularis ductus deferentis; tunica muscularis gastrica; tunica muscularis intestini tenuis; tunica muscularis oesophagi; tunica muscularis pharyngis; tunica muscularis recti; tunica muscularis tracheae; tunica muscularis tubae uterinae; tunica muscularis ureteris; tunica muscularis urethrae femininae; tunica muscularis uteri; tunica muscularis vaginae; tunica muscularis ventriculi; tunica muscularis vesicae biliaris; tunica muscularis vesicae felleae; tunica muscularis vesicae urinariae; tunicamycin; tunica nervea; tunica propria; tunica propria corii; tunica propria lienis; tunica reflexa; tunicary; tunica sclerotica; tunica serosa; tunica serosa coli; tunica serosa gastrica; tunica serosa hepatis; tunica serosa intestini tenuis; tunica serosa peritonei; tunica serosa tubae uterinae; tunica serosa uteri; tunica serosa ventriculi; tunica serosa vesicae biliaris; tunica serosa vesicae felleae; tunica serosa vesicae urinariae; tunica submucosa; tunicata; tunicate; tunicated; tunica vaginalis communis; tunica vaginalis testis; tunica vasculosa; tunica vasculosa bulbi; tunica vasculosa lentis; tunica vasculosa oculi; tunica vasculosa testis; tunica vitrea; tunicin; tunicle; tuning fork; tunisia; tunker; tunnel; tunnel cells; tunnel disease; tunneling effect; tunnel vision; tunny; Tuohy, Edward; Tuohy needle; tup; tupaia; tupaiid; tupaiidae; tupal; tupelo; tur; turacin; turacou; turacoverdin; turanians; turanose; turatt; turban; turban-shell; turban-top; turban tumour; Turbatrix; turbellaria; turbellarian; turbid; turbidimeter; turbidimetric; turbidimetry; turbidity; turbinal; turbinal varix; turbinate; turbinated; turbinated body; turbinated bones; turbinated crest; turbinates; turbine; turbinectomy; turbinella; turbinite; turbinoid; turbinotome; turbinotomy; turbit; turbite; turbo; turbomolecular pumps; turbot; turbulence; turbulent heating; Turck, Ludwig; Turck's bundle; Turck's column; Turck's degeneration; Turck's tract; turcoman; turcot syndrome; turdiformes; turdus; turf; turgescence; turgescent; turgid; turgometer; turgor; turio; turion; turista; turk; Turk cell; turkey; turkey gobbler neck; turkey meningoencephalitis virus; turkey red; turkey rhinotracheitis; turkey rhinotracheitis virus; turkis; Turkish saddle; turkoman; Turk, Siegmund; Turk's leukocyte; Turk, Wilhelm; Turlock virus; turmaline; turmeric; turmerol; turn; turn-buckle; turnbull's blue; turn down ratio; turnep; turner; Turner, George Grey; Turner, Henry; turnerite; Turner, Joseph; turner-kieser syndrome; Turner, Sir William; Turner's sulcus; Turner's syndrome; Turner's tooth; turner syndrome; turnery; turnicimorphae; turnip; turnip-shell; turnix; turnkey; turnkey system; turn of logs; turnover; turnover flap; turnover number; turnpike; turn-sick; turnsole; turnspit; turnstone; turnus; turonian; TURP; turpentine; turpentine enema; turpentine oil; turpentine poisoning; turpentine spirit; turpeth; turpin; turps; turquois; turrel; turreted; turricephaly; turrilite; turritella; turritelloid; TUR syndrome; turtle; turtledove; turtlehead; turunda; tuscan; tuscaroras; tush; tusk; tusked; tusker; tusk-shell; tussal; tussicular; tussiculation; tussigenic; tussis; tussive; tussive fremitus; tussive syncope; tussock; tutamen; tutenag; tutoress; tutrix; tutsan; Tuttle, James; tutty; tut-work; tut-workman; TUU; tuza; TVG; twain; twaite; twattle; T wave; twayblade; Tweed, Charles; Tweed edgewise treatment; Tweed triangle; tweezers; twelfth cranial nerve; twelfth-second; twelfth-year molar; twelve; twenty-fourmo; twenty-nail dystrophy; twice; twiddler's syndrome; twig; twiggy; twigsome; twilight; twilight sleep; twilight state; twilight vision; twin; twin cone; twin crystal; twine; twiner; twinge; twin helix; twining; twink; twinleaf; twin method; twinned; twinning; twin placenta; twin pregnancy; twins, dizygotic; twins, monozygotic; twin studies; twin study; twin-twin transfusion; twirl on; twist; twisted; twisted hairs; twist form; twisting; twitch; twitch grass; twitch muscle; twite; twitlark; twittering; twixt-brain; two; two-bellied muscle; two-capsuled; two-carbon fragment; two-cleft; two-component plasma; two-dimensional chromatography; two dimensional gel electrophoresis; two-glass test; two-hand; two-handed; two-lipped; two-parted; twopence; two-ranked; Twort; Twort-d'Herelle phenomenon; Twort phenomenon; two-sided; two-step exercise test; two-step procedure; two-stream amplifier; two-stream instability; two-sympathin theory; two-tail test; two-way catheter; twyr; TX; tybamate; tychonic; tydy; tye; tyger; tying; tylarus; tyle; tylectomy; tylenchida; tylenchoidea; tylion; tyloma; tyloma conjunctivae; tylopoda; tylose; tylosin; tylosin reductase; tylosis; tylosis ciliaris; tylosis linguae; tylosis palmaris et plantaris; tylotic; tyloxapol; tymazoline; tymovirus; tympan-; tympanal; tympanectomy; tympania; tympanic; tympanic air cells; tympanic antrum; tympanic attic; tympanic body; tympanic bone; tympanic canal; tympanic canaliculus; tympanic cavity; tympanic cells; tympanic enlargement; tympanic ganglion; tympanic gland; tympanic groove; tympanichord; tympanichordal; tympanic incisure; tympanic intumescence; tympanicity; tympanic labium of limbus of spiral lamina; tympanic lip of limbus of spiral lamina; tympanic membrane; tympanic membrane perforation; tympanic nerve; tympanic notch; tympanic opening of auditory tube; tympanic opening of canaliculi for chorda tympani; tympanic opening of eustachian tube; tympanic part of temporal bone; tympanic plate of temporal bone; tympanic plexus; tympanic promontory; tympanic ring; tympanic sinus; tympanic veins; tympanic wall of cochlear duct; tympanism; tympanites; tympanitic; tympanitic resonance; tympanitis; tympanize; tympano-; tympanocentesis; tympanoeustachian; tympanohyal; tympanohyal bone; tympanomalleal; tympanomandibular; tympanomastoid; tympanomastoid fissure; tympanomastoiditis; tympanomastoid suture; tympanomeatomastoidectomy; tympanometry; tympanophonia; tympanoplasty; tympanosquamosal; tympanosquamous fissure; tympanostapedial; tympanostapedial junction; tympanostapedial syndesmosis; tympanostomy; tympanostomy tube; tympanotemporal; tympanotomy; tympanous; tympanum; tympany; Tyndall; Tyndall effect; tyndallization; Tyndall phenomenon; tyne; type; type 1 dextrocardia; type 1 diabetes; type 1 glycogenosis; Type 1 GM1 gangliosidosis; type 2 astrocyte; type 2 dextrocardia; type 2 diabetes; type 2 glycogenosis; type 3 dextrocardia; type 3 glycogenosis; type 4 dextrocardia; type 4 glycogenosis; type 5 glycogenosis; type 6 glycogenosis; type 7 glycogenosis; type A behaviour; type a personality; type B behaviour; type culture; type genus; type horizon; type host; type I acrocephalosyndactyly; type I cells; type I collagen; type I diabetes; type I diabetes mellitus; type I dip; type i error; type I familial hyperlipoproteinaemia; type IH mucopolysaccharidosis; type I H/S mucopolysaccharidosis; type I hyperlipoproteinaemia; type II acrocephalosyndactyly; type II cells; type II collagen; type II diabetes; type II dip; type II error; type II familial hyperlipoproteinaemia; type II hyperlipoproteinaemia; type III acrocephalosyndactyly; type III collagen; type III familial hyperlipoproteinaemia; type III hyperlipoproteinaemia; type III hypersensitivity reaction; type III mucopolysaccharidosis; type II interferon; type II mortality; type II mucopolysaccharidosis; type I interferon; type I mortality; type IS mucopolysaccharidosis; type IVA,B mucopolysaccharidosis; type IV acrocephalosyndactyly; type IV collagen; type IV familial hyperlipoproteinaemia; type IV prepilin peptidase; type locality; type material; type series; type species; type specimen; type strain; type V acrocephalosyndactyly; type V familial hyperlipoproteinaemia; type VIII mucopolysaccharidosis; type VII mucopolysaccharidosis; type VI mucopolysaccharidosis; type V mucopolysaccharidosis; typhinia; typhlectasis; typhlectomy; typhlenteritis; typhlitis; typhlo-; typhlodicliditis; typhloempyema; typhloenteritis; typhlolithiasis; typhlology; typhlomegaly; typhlon; typhlopexy; typhlorrhaphy; typhlosis; typhlosole; typhlostomy; typhlotomy; typho-; typhoean; typhoid; typhoidal; typhoid bacillus; typhoid bacteriophage; typhoid cholera; typhoid fever; typhoid-paratyphoid A and B vaccine; typhoid pleurisy; typhoid pneumonia; typhoid septicaemia; typhoid vaccine; typholysin; typhomalarial; typhomania; typhon; typhos; typhosepsis; typhotoxin; typhous; typhus; typhus, african tick; typhus, classic; typhus, endemic; typhus, endemic flea-borne; typhus, epidemic; typhus, epidemic louse-borne; typhus, european; typhus, louse-borne; typhus, mite-borne; typhus mitior; typhus, murine; typhus, queensland tick; typhus, rat-flea; typhus, scrub; typhus, tick; typhus vaccine; typical achromatopsia; typical pseudocholinesterase; typing; typist's cramp; typo; typodont; typographer; typographic; typographical; typography; typolite; typology; typus conservandus; Tyr; tyraminase; tyramine; tyramine beta-hydroxylase; tyramine oxidase; tyranness; tyrannish; tyrannism; tyrant; tyrase; tyremesis; tyrkey; tyrocidin; tyrocidine; tyrocidine synthetase; Tyrode, Maurice; Tyrode's solution; tyrogenous; Tyroglyphus longior; tyroid; tyroketonuria; tyrolite; tyroma; tyropanoate; tyropanoate sodium; Tyrophagus putrescentiae; tyrosin; tyrosinaemia; tyrosinase; tyrosine; tyrosine 3-monooxygenase; tyrosine aminotransferase; tyrosine decarboxylase; tyrosine-ester sulfotransferase; tyrosine hydroxylase; tyrosine iodinase; tyrosine kinase; tyrosine N-monooxygenase; tyrosine phenol-lyase; tyrosine phosphorylation; tyrosine-repressible transaminase; tyrosine transaminase; tyrosine-tRNA ligase; tyrosinosis; tyrosinuria; tyrosis; tyrosyl aminopeptidase; tyrosyl tRNA synthetase kinase; tyrosyltubulin ligase; tyrosyluria; tyrothricin; tyrotoxicon; tyrotoxism; Tyrrell, Frederick; Tyrrell's fascia; Tyson, Edward; tysonite; Tyson's glands; tystie; Tyzzeria; Tyzzer's disease; Tzanck, Arnault; Tzanck cells; Tzanck test; tzetze;


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