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V-2 carcinoma; V2 protease; V8 protease; V-A; vaagmer; VAC; vacation; vaccenic acid; vaccina; vaccinal; vaccinate; vaccination; vaccination, anthrax; vaccination, chickenpox; vaccination, children's; vaccination, dpt; vaccination, dt; vaccination, dtap; vaccination, german measles; vaccination, haemophilus influenzae type b; vaccination, hepatitis a; vaccination, hepatitis b; vaccination, hib; vaccination, infectious hepatitis; vaccination, measles; vaccination, mumps; vaccination, polio; vaccination, rubella; vaccination, varicella zoster; vaccinator; vaccine; vaccineation, serum hepatitis; vaccine bodies; vaccine, flu; vaccine, influenza; vaccine lymph; vaccines; vaccines, attenuated; vaccines, combined; vaccines, conjugate; vaccines, DNA; vaccines, inactivated; vaccines, synthetic; vaccinia; vaccinia gangrenosa; vaccinial; vaccinia virus; vacciniform; vaccinist; vaccinium; vaccinization; vaccinogen; vaccinogenous; vaccinoid; vaccinoid reaction; vaccinostyle; vaccinum; vaccuum fermentation; VACTERL syndrome; vacuist; vacuna; vacuolar; vacuolar ATPase; vacuolar calcium ATPase; vacuolar degeneration; vacuolar nephrosis; vacuolate; vacuolated; vacuolating virus; vacuolation; vacuole; vacuoles; vacuolization; vacuome; vacuous; vacutome; vacuum; vacuum casting; vacuum curettage; vacuum desiccator; vacuum disk phenomenon; vacuum extraction, obstetrical; vacuum extractor; vacuum flask; vacuum headache; vacuum pan; vacuum tube; vadantes; vadum; vagabond; vagabond's disease; vagal; vagal attack; vagal bradycardia; vagal part; vagal part of accessory nerve; vagal trigone; vagal trunk; vagantes; vagectomy; vagi; va'gi eminentia; vagile; vagin-; vagina; vagina bulbi; vagina carotica; vagina cellulosa; vagina communis musculorum flexorum; vaginae fibrosae digitorum manus; vaginae fibrosae digitorum pedis; vaginae nervi optici; vaginae synoviales digitorum manus; vaginae synoviales digitorum pedis; vaginae vasorum; vagina externa nervi optici; vagina fibrosa tendinis; vagina interna nervi optici; vagina intertubercularis; vaginal; vaginal artery; vaginal atresia; vaginal birth after cesarean; vaginal birth after cesarian section; vaginal columns; vaginal cornification test; vaginal creams, foams and jellies; vaginal cyst; vaginal discharge; vaginal dysmenorrhoea; vaginal fistula; vaginal fornix; vaginal gland; vaginal hysterectomy; vaginal hysterotomy; vaginal introitus; vaginal laceration; vaginal lithotomy; vaginal mucification test; vaginal mucosa; vaginal myomectomy; vaginal nerves; vaginal opening; vaginal orifice; vaginal plug; vaginal pool; vaginal portion of cervix; vaginal process; vaginal process of peritoneum; vaginal process of sphenoid bone; vaginal process of testis; vaginal smear; vaginal smears; vaginal synovial membrane; vaginal synovitis; vaginal thrush; vaginal venous plexus; vagina masculina; vagina mucosa tendinis; vagina musculi recti abdominis; vaginant; vagina oculi; vaginapexy; vagina processus styloidei; vagina, septate; vagina synovialis tendinis; vagina synovialis trochleae; vaginate; vaginated; vagina tendinis musculi extensoris carpi ulnaris; vagina tendinis musculi extensoris digiti minimi; vagina tendinis musculi extensoris hallucis longi; vagina tendinis musculi extensoris pollicis longi; vagina tendinis musculi flexoris carpi radialis; vagina tendinis musculi flexoris hallucis longi; vagina tendinis musculi flexoris pollicis longi; vagina tendinis musculi obliqui superioris; vagina tendinis musculi peronei longi plantaris; vagina tendinis musculi tibialis anterioris; vagina tendinis musculi tibialis posterioris; vagina tendinum musculi extensoris digitorum pedis longi; vagina tendinum musculi flexoris digitorum pedis longi; vagina tendinum musculorum abductoris longi et extensoris brevis pollicis; vagina tendinum musculorum extensoris digitorum et extensoris indicis; vagina tendinum musculorum extensorum carpi radialium; vagina tendinum musculorum fibularium communis; vagina tendinum musculorum peroneorum communis; vaginati; vaginectomy; vaginervose; vaginicola; vaginism; vaginismus; vaginitis; vaginitis adhesiva; vaginitis cystica; vaginitis senilis; vagino-; vaginoabdominal; vaginocele; vaginodynia; vaginofixation; vaginohysterectomy; vaginolabial; vaginomycosis; vaginopathy; vaginopennous; vaginoperineal; vaginoperineoplasty; vaginoperineorrhaphy; vaginoperineotomy; vaginoperitoneal; vaginopexy; vaginoplasty; vaginoscopy; vaginosis; vaginosis, bacterial; vaginotomy; vaginovesical; vaginovulvar; vaginula; vaginule; Vaginulus plebeius; vagitus uterinus; vago-; vagoaccessorius; vagoglossopharyngeal; vagolysis; vagolytic; vagomimetic; vagotomy; vagotomy, proximal gastric; vagotomy, truncal; vagotonia; vagotonic; vagotropic; vagovagal; vagovagal reflex; vagrant's disease; vagus; vagus area; vagus nerve; vagus pulse; vain; vair; vaishnava; Val; valence; valence electron; valency; valent; Valentin; valentine; Valentine's position; Valentine's test; Valentin's corpuscles; Valentin's ganglion; Valentin's nerve; valepotriates; valeramide; valerate; valerian; valerianaceous; valerianate; valerianic; valeric; valeric acid; valeridine; valerin; valeritrine; valero-; valerone; valeryl; valerylene; valet; valethamate bromide; valetudinarian; valetudinarianism; valgoid; valgus; valhalla; valid; validation; validity; valine; valine-pyruvate transaminase; valine-tRNA ligase; valinomycin; valkyria; valla; vallate; vallate papilla; vallecula; vallecula cerebelli; vallecula epiglottica; vallecular dysphagia; vallecula sylvii; vallecula unguis; Valleix, Francois; Valleix's points; vallet's pills; valley; valley fever; valley segment; vallis; vallum; vallum unguis; valmethamide; valnoctamide; valoid; valonia; valproic acid; valsalva; Valsalva, Antonio; Valsalva manoeuvre; Valsalva's antrum; Valsalva's ligaments; valsalva's manoeuvre; Valsalva's muscle; Valsalva's sinus; Valsalva test; valsalvian; valuable; value; valva; valva aortae; valva atrioventricularis dextra; valva atrioventricularis sinistra; valva ileocaecalis; valva mitralis; valvar; valvata; valvate; valva tricuspidalis; valva trunci pulmonalis; valve; valveless; valve of coronary sinus; valve of foramen ovale; valve of inferior vena cava; valve of navicular fossa; valve of oval foramen; valve of pulmonary trunk; valve of Varolius; valve of vermiform appendix; valve of Vieussens; valve-shell; valviform; valvoplasty; valvotomy; valvotomy knife; valvula; valvula bicuspidalis; valvulae anales; valvulae conniventes; valvulae pylori; valvula foraminis ovalis; valvula fossae navicularis; valvula lymphatica; valvula processus vermiformis; valvula pylori; valvular; valvular aortic stenosis; valvular endocarditis; valvular heart disease; valvular incompetence; valvular insufficiency; valvular pneumothorax; valvular prolapse; valvular regurgitation; valvular sclerosis; valvular thrombus; valvula semilunaris; valvula semilunaris anterior valvae trunci pulmonalis; valvula semilunaris dextra valvae aortae; valvula semilunaris dextra valvae trunci pulmonalis; valvula semilunaris posterior valvae aortae; valvula semilunaris sinistra valvae aortae; valvula semilunaris sinistra valvae trunci pulmonalis; valvula semilunaris tarini; valvula sinus coronarii; valvula spiralis; valvula tricuspidalis; valvula venae cavae inferioris; valvula venosa; valvula vestibuli; valvule; valvulitis; valvuloplasty; valvulotome; valvulotomy; valyl; valylene; valyl proteinase; vamp; vamper; vampire; vampirism; van; vanadate; vanadates; vanadic; vanadic acid; vanadinite; vanadious; vanadite; vanadium; vanadium compounds; vanadium group; vanadous; vanadyl; van Bogaert encephalitis; van Bogaert, Ludo; van Buchem, Francis Steven Peter; van Buchem's syndrome; van Buren's disease; van Buren sound; van Buren, William; vancomycin; vancomycin resistant enterococcus; van Creveld, S; vandal root; van Deen, Izaak; van Deen's test; van den Bergh, A; van den Bergh's test; van der Hoeve's syndrome; van der Kolk, Jacobus; van der Kolk's law; van der Velden, Reinhardt; van der Velden's test; van der Waals attraction; van der Waals' forces; van der Waals, Johannes; vane; van Ekenstein, W; van Ermengen, Emile; van Ermengen's stain; vanessa; vanessian; van Gieson, Ira; van Gieson's stain; vanglo; van Helmont, Jean; van Helmont's mirror; van Horne, Johannes; van Horne's canal; vanilla; vanillate; vanillate 1-hydroxylase; vanillate O-demethylase; vanillic; vanillic acid; vanillin; vanillin dehydrogenase; vanillism; vanillyl; vanillyl-alcohol oxidase; vanillylmandelic acid; vanillylmandelic acid test; vanilmandelic acid; vanished testis syndrome; vanishing; vanishing cream; vanishing lung; vanishing lung syndrome; vanity; vanjas; vanner; vanning; vanquish; vansire; Van Slyke apparatus; Van Slyke, Donald; Van Slyke's formula; van't Hoff, Jacobus; van't Hoff's equation; van't Hoff's law; van't Hoff's theory; V antigen; vanuatu; vapid; vapor; vapor density; vaporer; vaporific; vaporise; vaporiser; vaporization; vapor pressure; vaporthorax; vapotherapy; Va/Q; VAQTA; Vaquez' disease; Vaquez, Louis; varan; varanus; Varciella-Zoster ORF47-associated protein kinase; vare; vari; variability; variable; variable antigen; variable deceleration; variable gene; variable region; variable surface glycoprotein; variance; variance ratio; variant; variant angina; variant angina pectoris; variant haemoglobin; variant surface glycoproteins, trypanosoma; variate; variation; variation (genetics); varication; variceal; varicella; varicella encephalitis; varicella gangrenosa; varicellation; varicella vaccination; Varicella zoster; varicella zoster virus; varicella-zoster virus; varicella-zoster virus protease; varicelliform; varicelloid; varicellovirus; varices; variciform; varico-; varicoblepharon; varicocele; varicocelectomy; varicography; varicoid; varicomphalus; varicophlebitis; varicose; varicose aneurysm; varicose eczema; varicose ulcer; varicose vein; varicose veins; varicosis; varicosity; varicotomy; varicula; varicule; variegate porphyria; variety; variola; variola benigna; variola haemorrhagica; variola major; variola maligna; variola minor; variola pemphigosa; variolar; variolate; variolation; variola vaccine; variola vaccinia; variola vera; variola verrucosa; variola virus; variolic; varioliform; varioliform syphilid; variolite; variolitic; variolization; varioloid; variolous; variolovaccine; variscite; varisse; varivax; varix; varix anastomoticus; vark; varney jar; varnish; Varolius, Constantius; Varolius' sphincter; vartabed; varuna; varus; vary; varying; vas; vasa; vasa aberrantes; vasa auris internae; vas aberrans hepatis; vas aberrans of Roth; vasa brevia; vas afferens; vasal; vasa lymphatica; vas anastomoticum; vasa nervorum; vasa previa; vasa recta; vasa sanguinea retinae; vasa vasorum; vasa vorticosa; vas capillare; vas collaterale; vascular; vascular anticoagulant; vascular bud; vascular bundle; vascular cambium; vascular capacitance; vascular cataract; vascular cell adhesion molecule-1; vascular circle; vascular circle of optic nerve; vascular cones; vascular dementia; vascular dentin; vascular endothelial growth factor; vascular fistula; vascular fold of the caecum; vascular gland; vascular headache; vascularisation; vascularised; vascularised graft; vascularity; vascularization; vascular keratitis; vascular lacuna; vascular lamina of choroid; vascular layer; vascular layer of choroid coat of eye; vascular leiomyoma; vascular meninx; vascular murmur; vascular neoplasms; vascular nerve; vascular occlusion; vascular patency; vascular pedicle; vascular plant; vascular plexus; vascular polyp; vascular resistance; vascular ring; vascular sclerosis; vascular sheaths; vascular spider; vascular-streak dieback; vascular stripe; vascular surgeon; vascular surgery; vascular surgical procedures; vascular system; vascular tunic of eye; vascular zone; vasculature; vasculitis; vasculitis, allergic cutaneous; vasculitis, hypersensitivity; vasculo-; vasculocardiac; vasculocardiac syndrome of hyperserotonaemia; vasculogenesis; vasculogenic impotence; vasculomotor; vasculomyelinopathy; vasculopathy; vasculose; vasculum; vas deferens; vas deferens calcifications; vase; vasectomy; vas efferens; vasifaction; vasifactive; vasiform; vasitis; vasitis nodosa; vas lymphaticum; vas lymphaticum afferens; vas lymphaticum efferens; vas lymphaticum profundum; vas lymphaticum superficiale; vaso-; vasoactive; vasoactive amine; vasoactive intestinal contractor; vasoactive intestinal peptide; vasoactive intestinal polypeptide; vasoconstriction; vasoconstrictive; vasoconstrictor; vasoconstrictor agents; vasodentin; vasodentine; vasodepression; vasodepressor; vasodepressor substance; vasodepressor syncope; vasodilatation; vasodilation; vasodilative; vasodilator; vasodilator agents; vasodilators; vasodilator stimulated phosphoprotein; vasoepididymostomy; vasofactive; vasoformation; vasoformative; vasoformative cell; vasoganglion; vasogenic shock; vasogram; vasography; vasohypertonic; vasohypotonic; vasoinhibitor; vasoinhibitory; vasolabile; vasoligation; vasomotion; vasomotor; vasomotor angina; vasomotor ataxia; vasomotor centre; vasomotor epilepsy; vasomotor fibres; vasomotor imbalance; vasomotor nerve; vasomotor neurosis; vasomotor paralysis; vasomotor rhinitis; vasomotor spasm; vasomotor system; vasoneuropathy; vasoneurosis; vaso-orchidostomy; vasoparalysis; vasoparesis; vasopressin; vasopressin-converting aminopeptidase; vasopressin level; vasopressin-resistant diabetes; vasopressins; vasopressor; vasopressor reflex; vasopuncture; vasoreflex; vasorelaxation; vasosection; vasosensory; vasospasm; vasospastic; vasostimulant; vasostomy; vasothrombin; vasotocin; vasotomy; vasotonia; vasotonic; vasotrophic; vasotropic; vasovagal; vasovagal attack; vasovagal epilepsy; vasovagal syncope; vasovagal syndrome; vasovasostomy; vasovesiculectomy; vas prominens ductus cochlearis; vassal; vassaless; vas spirale; vastoadductor fascia; vastus; vastus intermedius; vastus lateralis; vastus medialis; vasum; vat; VAT ATPase; VATER; Vater, Abraham; VATER complex; Vater-Pacini corpuscles; Vater's ampulla; Vater's corpuscles; Vater's fold; vater syndrome; vaticanism; VATS; vault; vaulted; vaulty; vauntful; vauquelinite; vav; vaward; vaza parrot; VBAC; V-bends; VC; VCE smear; VCO2; VCP1 serine protease; VCUG; VD; VDE endonuclease; VDJ recombinase; VDRL; VDRL test; vection; vectis; vector; vector-borne; vectorcardiogram; vectorcardiography; vectorial; vectorial capacity; vectorial synthesis; vectorial transport; vector loop; vecuronium bromide; VEE; veery; VEE virus; vega; vegalysen; vegan; vegetable; vegetable alkali; vegetable base; vegetable calomel; vegetable charcoal; vegetable gelatin; vegetable proteins; vegetable sulfur; vegetable wax; vegetal; vegetality; vegetal pole; vegetarian; vegetarianism; vegetate; vegetation; vegetation unit; vegetative; vegetative bacteriophage; vegetative endocarditis; vegetative fish cover; vegetative life; vegetative nervous system; vegetative pole; vegetative propagation; vegetative reproduction; vegetative stage; vegetive; vegetoanimal; VEGF; vehicle; vehicle emissions; vehicles; veil; veil cell; veiled cell; veiled cells; veiling glare; veillonella; Veillonella alcalescens alcalescens; Veillonella alcalescens criceti; Veillonella alcalescens dispar; Veillonella alcalescens ratti; Veillonella alcalesens; Veillonella atypica; veillonellaceae; Veillonella parvula; Veillonella parvula atypica; Veillonella parvula parvula; Veillonella parvula rodentium; Veillonella rodentium; vein; veined; veinless; veinlet; veinobiase; vein of bulb of penis; vein of cochlear aqueduct; vein of cochlear canaliculus; vein of corpus striatum; vein of galen aneurysm; vein of lateral recess of fourth ventricle; vein of olfactory gyrus; vein of posterior horn; vein of pterygoid canal; vein of septum pellucidum; vein of uncus; vein of vestibular aqueduct; vein of vestibular bulb; vein, pulmonary; veins; veins of caudate nucleus; veins of cerebellum; veins of eyelids; veins of Galen; veins of inferior eyelid; veins of kidney; veins of knee; veins of medulla oblongata; veins of pons; veins of superior eyelid; veins of temporomandibular joint; veins of vertebral column; vein stone; vein stripper; Vejovis; vela; velamen; velamentous; velamentous insertion; velamentum; velamen vulvae; velamina; velar; velarium; velate; veldt disease; veldt sore; velella; velffare; veliform; veliger; vell; Vella, Luigi; Vella's fistula; vellicate; vellication; vellus; vellus hair; velo-cardio-facial syndrome; velocity; velocity coefficient; velocity constants; velocity space; velocity space instability; velogenic; velonoskiascopy; velopharyngeal; velopharyngeal closure; velopharyngeal insufficiency; velopharyngeal seal; velopharyngeal sphincter; velosynthesis; Velpeau, Alfred; Velpeau's bandage; Velpeau's canal; Velpeau's fossa; Velpeau's hernia; velum; velum interpositum; velum medullare inferius; velum medullare superius; velum palatinum; velum pendulum palati; velum semilunare; velum tarini; velum terminale; velum transversum; velum triangulare; velure; velutina; velutinous; velvet; velvet ant; velvet ant stings; velvetbreast; velvetleaf; vena; vena advehens; vena afferentes hepatis; vena anastomotica inferior; vena anastomotica superior; vena angularis; vena appendicularis; vena aqueductus cochleae; vena aqueductus vestibuli; vena arteriosa; vena atrii lateralis; vena atrii medialis; vena auricularis anterior; vena auricularis posterior; vena axillaris; vena azygos; vena azygos major; vena azygos minor inferior; vena azygos minor superior; vena basalis; vena basalis communis; vena basalis inferior; vena basalis superior; vena basilica; vena basivertebralis; vena bulbi penis; vena bulbi vestibuli; vena canaliculi cochleae; vena canalis pterygoidei; vena cardiaca magna; vena cava; vena cava filter; vena cava filters; vena cava inferior; vena caval foramen; vena cava superior; vena cava, superior; venacavography; vena centralis glandulae suprarenalis; vena centralis retinae; vena cephalica; vena cephalica accessoria; vena cerebri anterior; vena cerebri magna; vena cerebri media profunda; vena cerebri media superficialis; vena cervicalis profunda; vena choroidea inferior; vena choroidea superior; vena circumflexa iliaca profunda; vena circumflexa iliaca superficialis; vena colica dextra; vena colica media; vena colica sinistra; vena comitans; vena comitans nervi hypoglossi; vena cordis magna; vena cordis media; vena cordis parva; vena cornus posterioris; vena coronaria ventriculi; vena corporis callosi dorsalis; vena cutanea; vena cystica; venada; vena diploica; vena dorsalis clitoridis profunda; vena dorsalis penis profunda; venae arcuatae renis; venae articulares temporomandibulares; venae brachiales; venae brachiocephalicae; venae bronchiales; venae cavae; venae cavernosae of spleen; venae cavernosae penis; venae centrales hepatis; venae cerebelli; venae cerebelli inferiores; venae cerebelli superiores; venae cerebri inferiores; venae cerebri internae; venae cerebri profundae; venae cerebri superficiales; venae cerebri superiores; venae choroideae oculi; venae ciliares; venae circumflexae femoris laterales; venae circumflexae femoris mediales; venae columnae vertebralis; venae comitantes; venae conjunctivales; venae cordis anteriores; venae cordis minimae; venae digitales dorsales pedis; venae digitales palmares; venae digitales plantares; venae directae laterales; venae dorsales clitoridis superficiales; venae dorsales linguae; venae dorsales penis superficiales; venae epigastricae superiores; venae episclerales; venae ethmoidales; venae fibulares; venae frontales; venae gastricae breves; venae genus; venae gluteae inferiores; venae gluteae superiores; venae haemorrhoidales inferiores; venae haemorrhoidales mediae; venae hemispherii cerebelli inferiores; venae hemispherii cerebelli superiores; venae hepaticae; venae hepaticae dextrae; venae hepaticae mediae; venae hepaticae sinistrae; venae insulares; venae intercapitales; venae intercostales anteriores; venae intercostales posteriores; venae interlobares renis; venae interlobulares hepatis; venae interlobulares renis; venae jejunales et ilei; venae labiales anteriores; venae labiales posteriores; venae labyrinthi; venae lumbales; venae mediastinales; venae medullae oblongatae; venae meningeae; venae meningeae mediae; venae mesencephalicae; venae metacarpeae dorsales; venae metacarpeae palmares; venae metatarseae dorsales; venae metatarseae plantares; vena emissaria; vena emissaria condylaris; vena emissaria mastoidea; vena emissaria occipitalis; vena emissaria parietalis; venae musculophrenicae; venae nasales externae; venae nuclei caudati; venae occipitales; venae oesophageae; venae palpebrales; venae palpebrales inferiores; venae palpebrales superiores; venae pancreaticae; venae pancreaticoduodenales; venae paraumbilicales; venae parietales; venae parotidea; venae pectorales; venae pedunculares; venae perforantes; venae pericardiacae; venae pericardiacophrenicae; venae peroneae; venae pharyngeae; venae phrenicae superiores; vena epigastrica inferior; vena epigastrica superficialis; venae pontis; venae prefrontales; venae profundae clitoridis; venae pudendae externae; venae pulmonales; venae radiales; venae rectae; venae rectales inferiores; venae rectales mediae; venae renales; venae renis; venae sacrales laterales; venae sclerales; venae scrotales anteriores; venae scrotales posteriores; venae sigmoideae; venae spinales; venae stellatae; venae striatae; venae subcutaneae abdominis; venae supratrochleares; venae temporales profundae; venae temporales superficiales; venae thalamostriatae inferiores; venae thymicae; venae tibiales anteriores; venae tibiales posteriores; venae tracheales; venae transversae colli; venae tympanicae; venae ulnares; venae uterinae; venae vesicales; venae vestibulares; venae vorticosae; vena facialis; vena facialis anterior; vena facialis communis; vena facialis posterior; vena faciei profunda; vena femoralis; vena gastrica dextra; vena gastrica sinistra; vena gastro-omentalis dextra; vena gastro-omentalis sinistra; vena gyri olfactorii; vena haemorrhoidalis superior; vena hemiazygos; vena hemiazygos accessoria; vena hypogastrica; vena ileocolica; vena iliaca communis; vena iliaca externa; vena iliaca interna; vena iliolumbalis; vena innominata; vena intercostalis superior dextra; vena intercostalis superior sinistra; vena intercostalis suprema; vena intermedia antebrachii; vena intermedia basilica; vena intermedia cephalica; vena intermedia cubiti; vena intervertebralis; vena jugularis anterior; vena jugularis externa; vena jugularis interna; venal; vena labialis inferior; vena labialis superior; vena lacrimalis; vena laryngea inferior; vena laryngea superior; vena lienalis; vena lingualis; venality; vena lumbalis ascendens; vena mammaria interna; vena maxillaris; vena mediana antebrachii; vena mediana basilica; vena mediana cephalica; vena mediana cubiti; vena mesenterica inferior; vena mesenterica superior; vena nasofrontalis; venantes; vena obliqua atrii sinistri; vena obturatoria; vena occipitalis; vena ophthalmica inferior; vena ophthalmica superior; vena ovarica dextra; vena ovarica sinistra; vena palatina; vena petrosa; vena phrenica inferior; vena pontomesencephalica anterior; vena poplitea; vena portae hepatis; vena portalis; vena posterior ventriculi sinistri; vena preauricularis; vena precentralis cerebelli; vena prepylorica; vena profunda femoris; vena profunda linguae; vena profunda penis; vena pudenda interna; vena pulmonalis inferior dextra; vena pulmonalis inferior sinistra; vena pulmonalis superior dextra; vena pulmonalis superior sinistra; vena recessus lateralis ventriculi quarti; vena rectalis superior; vena retromandibularis; vena revehens; vena sacralis mediana; vena saphena accessoria; vena saphena magna; vena saphena parva; vena scapularis dorsalis; vena septi pellucidi anterior; vena septi pellucidi posterior; vena spiralis modioli; vena splenica; vena sternocleidomastoidea; vena stylomastoidea; vena subclavia; vena sublingualis; vena submentalis; vena supraorbitalis; vena suprarenalis dextra; vena suprarenalis sinistra; vena suprascapularis; vena-tech ivc filter; vena temporalis media; vena terminalis; vena testicularis dextra; vena testicularis sinistra; vena thalamostriata superior; vena thoracica interna; vena thoracica lateralis; vena thoracoacromialis; vena thoracoepigastrica; vena thyroidea ima; vena thyroidea inferior; vena thyroidea media; vena thyroidea superior; venation; vena transversa faciei; vena transversa scapulae; vena umbilicalis sinistra; vena unci; vena ventricularis inferior; vena ventriculi lateralis lateralis; vena ventriculi lateralis medialis; vena vermis inferior; vena vermis superior; vena vertebralis; vena vertebralis accessoria; vena vertebralis anterior; vena vitellina; vend; vendace; vender; vendetta; venditation; vends; vene-; venectasia; venectomy; veneer; veneering; venenation; veneniferous; venenosalivary; venenosity; venenous; venerable; veneracea; venerate; venereal; venereal bubo; venereal disease; Venereal Disease Research Laboratory; venereal lymphogranuloma; venereal sore; venereal tumours, veterinary; venereal ulcer; venereal wart; venereal warts; venereology; venereophobia; venery; venesection; venetian; Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis; Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus; venial; Venice turpentine; venin; venipuncture; venite; venlafaxine; Venn diagram; Venn, John; veno-; venocaval filter; venoclysis; venofibrosis; venogram; venography; venom; venom haemolysis; venomosalivary; venomotor; venomous; venoms; veno-occlusive disease; veno-occlusive disease of the liver; venoperitoneostomy; venopressor; venorespiratory reflex; venosclerosis; venose; venosinal; venosity; venostasis; venostat; venostomy; venotomy; venous; venous angioma; venous angle; venous artery; venous blood; venous capillary; venous circle of mammary gland; venous congestion; venous cutdown; venous embolism; venous foramen; venous gangrene; venous grooves; venous heart; venous hum; venous hyperaemia; venous insufficiency; venous lakes; venous ligament; venous murmur; venous plexus; venous plexus of bladder; venous plexus of foramen ovale; venous plexus of hypoglossal canal; venous pressure; venous pulse; venous return; venous segments of liver; venous segments of the kidney; venous sinuses; venous sinus of sclera; venous star; venous stasis; venous-stasis retinopathy; venous valve; venovenostomy; vent; venter; venter anterior musculi digastrici; venter frontalis musculi occipitofrontalis; venter inferior musculi omohyoidei; venter occipitalis musculi occipitofrontalis; venter posterior musculi digastrici; venter propendens; venter superior musculi omohyoidei; ventilate; ventilation; ventilation meter; ventilation/perfusion lung imaging; ventilation/perfusion mismatch; ventilation-perfusion ratio; ventilation/perfusion ratio; ventilation-perfusion scan; ventilation perfusion scanning; ventilator; ventilators, mechanical; ventilators, negative-pressure; ventilator weaning; ventilatory compliance; ventplant; ventrad; ventral; ventral anterior nucleus of thalamus; ventral aortas; ventral border; ventral branch; ventral decubitus; ventral glands; ventral hernia; ventral horn; ventral intermediate nucleus of thalamus; ventralis; ventral lateral nucleus of thalamus; ventral mesogastrium; ventral nervous system defective; ventral nucleus of thalamus; ventral nucleus of trapezoid body; ventral pancreas; ventral part of pons; ventral plate; ventral plate of neural tube; ventral posterior intermediate nucleus of thalamus; ventral posterior nucleus of thalamus; ventral posterolateral nucleus of thalamus; ventral primary rami of cervical spinal nerves; ventral primary rami of lumbar spinal nerves; ventral primary rami of sacral spinal nerves; ventral primary ramus of spinal nerve; ventral root; ventral sacrococcygeal ligament; ventral sacrococcygeal muscle; ventral sacrococcygeus muscle; ventral sacroiliac ligaments; ventral spinocerebellar tract; ventral spinothalamic tract; ventral splanchnic arteries; ventral surface of digit; ventral tegmental area; ventral tegmental decussation; ventral thalamic peduncle; ventral tier thalamic nuclei; ventral white column; ventricle; ventricle of cerebral hemisphere; ventricle of diencephalon; ventricle of rhombencephalon; ventricle of Sylvius; ventricles; ventricles of heart; ventricose; ventricous; ventricular; ventricular aberration; ventricular afterload; ventricular aneurysm; ventricular arrhythmia; ventricular arrhythmias; ventricular arteries; ventricular assist device; ventricular band of larynx; ventricular bigeminy; ventricular bradycardia; ventricular capture; ventricular complex; ventricular conduction; ventricular diastole; ventricular diverticulum; ventricular dysfunction; ventricular dysfunction, left; ventricular dysfunction, right; ventricular extrasystole; ventricular fibrillation; ventricular filling pressure; ventricular fluid; ventricular flutter; ventricular fold; ventricular function; ventricular function, left; ventricular function, right; ventricular fusion beat; ventricular gradient; ventricular inhibited pulse generator; ventricularis; ventricularization; ventricular layer; ventricular ligament; ventricular loop; ventricular outflow obstruction; ventricular plateau; ventricular ponderance; ventricular preexcitation; ventricular premature complexes; ventricular pressure; ventricular rhythm; ventricular septal defect; ventricular septal rupture; ventricular septum; ventricular synchronous pulse generator; ventricular systole; ventricular tachycardia; ventricular triggered pulse generator; ventricular trigone; ventriculite; ventriculitis; ventriculo-; ventriculoatrial; ventriculoatrial conduction; ventriculocisternostomy; ventriculography; ventriculography, first-pass; ventriculomastoidostomy; ventriculonector; ventriculoperitoneal shunt; ventriculophasic; ventriculoplasty; ventriculopuncture; ventriculoradial dysplasia; ventriculoscopy; ventriculostomy; ventriculosubarachnoid; ventriculotomy; ventriculus; ventriculus cordis; ventriculus dexter; ventriculus laryngis; ventriculus lateralis; ventriculus quartus; ventriculus quintus; ventriculus sinister; ventriculus terminalis; ventriculus tertius; ventriduct; ventriduction; ventriloquist; ventrimeson; ventro-; ventrobasal nucleus; ventrocystorrhaphy; ventrodorsad; ventroinguinal; ventrolateral; ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus; ventromedial nucleus of hypothalamus; ventromedian; ventroptosis; ventroscopy; ventrotomy; venturicidins; Venturi effect; Venturi, Giovanni; Venturi meter; Venturi tube; venula; venulae rectae renis; venulae stellatae; venula macularis inferior; venula macularis superior; venula medialis retinae; venula nasalis retinae inferior; venula nasalis retinae superior; venular; venula temporalis retinae inferior; venula temporalis retinae superior; venule; venules; venulous; venus; VER; verapamil; veratralbine; veratrate; veratrate 3-O-demethylase; veratria; veratric; veratric acid; veratridine; veratrina; veratrine; veratrol; veratrum; Veratrum album; veratrum alkaloids; Veratrum viride; veratryl alcohol oxidase; verbal agraphia; verbal apraxia; verbal behaviour; verbal learning; verbarium; verbena; verbenaceous; verbigeration; verbomania; verd; verdant; verd antique; verdigris; verdin; verdine; verditer; verdoglobin; verdohemochrome; verdohemoglobin; verdoperoxidase; verdoy; vere; Veress needle; veretillum; verfication; Verga, Andrea; vergaloo; Verga's ventricle; verge; vergeboard; vergence; vergence of lens; vergency; vergeture; Verheyen, Philippe; Verheyen's stars; Verhoeff, Frederick; Verhoeff's elastic tissue stain; verine; verjuice; vermeology; vermes; vermetid; vermetus; vermi-; vermian fossa; vermicidal; vermicide; vermicular; vermicular colic; vermicular movement; vermicular pulse; vermiculation; vermicule; vermiculite; vermiculous; vermiculus; vermiform; vermiform appendage; vermiform appendix; vermiformia; vermiform process; vermifugal; vermifuge; vermilinguia; vermilion; vermilion border; vermilionectomy; vermilion zone; vermin; verminal; vermination; verminous; verminous abscess; verminous aneurysm; verminous appendicitis; verminous bronchitis; verminous ileus; vermis; vermis folium; vermivorous; vermix; vermuth; vernacular; vernacular name; vernal; vernal catarrh; vernal conjunctivitis; vernal encephalitis; vernal keratoconjunctivitis; vernal pools; vernation; Verner, John; verner-morrison syndrome; Vernet, Maurice; Vernet's syndrome; Verneuil, Aristide; vernicose; vernier; Vernier acuity; Vernier, Pierre; vernine; vernix; vernix caseosa; vernonin; Verocay bodies; Verocay, Jose; vero cells; Veronal; veronica; verriulate; verruca; verruca acuminata; verruca digitata; verrucae; verruca filiformis; verruca glabra; verruca mollusciformis; verruca necrogenica; verruca peruana; verruca plana; verruca plana juvenilis; verruca plana senilis; verruca plantaris; verruca senilis; verruca simplex; verruca vulgaris; verruciform; verrucologen; verrucose; verrucosis; verrucous; verrucous carcinoma; verrucous haemangioma; verrucous hyperplasia; verrucous nevus; verrucous scrofuloderma; verrucous vegetations; verrucous xanthoma; verruculose; verruga; versatile; verse; versed; versene; versicolor; versiconal cyclase; versiconal hemiacetal acetate esterase; versicular; version; version, foetal; versive seizure; versor; vert; vertebra; vertebra dentata; vertebrae; vertebrae cervicales; vertebrae coccygeae; vertebrae lumbales; vertebrae sacrales; vertebrae spuriae; vertebrae thoracicae; vertebral; vertebral arch; vertebral artery; vertebral-basilar artery disease; vertebral-basilar system; vertebral border of scapula; vertebral canal; vertebral column; vertebral epidural space; vertebral foramen; vertebral formula; vertebral fusion; vertebral ganglion; vertebral groove; vertebrally; vertebral nerve; vertebral notch; vertebral part of diaphragm; vertebral part of the costal surface of the lungs; vertebral plexus; vertebral polyarthritis; vertebral pulp; vertebral region; vertebral ribs; vertebral vein; vertebral venography; vertebral venous plexus; vertebral venous system; vertebra magna; vertebra plana; vertebra prominens; vertebra prominens reflex; vertebrarium; vertebrarterial; vertebrata; vertebrate; vertebrated; vertebrated catheter; vertebrated probe; vertebrate hormones; vertebrates; vertebrate viruses; vertebra vera; vertebre; vertebrectomy; vertebro-; vertebroarterial; vertebroarterial foramen; vertebrobasilar insufficiency; vertebrochondral; vertebrochondral ribs; vertebrocostal; vertebrocostal trigone; vertebrofemoral; vertebroiliac; vertebropelvic ligaments; vertebrosacral; vertebrosternal; vertebrosternal ribs; vertex; vertex cordis; vertex corneae; vertex of cornea; vertex presentation; vertical; vertical axis; vertical classification; vertical dimension; vertical displacement event; vertical elastic; vertical growth phase; vertical heart; vertical hymen; vertical illumination; vertical index; vertical instability; verticalis; vertical muscle of tongue; vertical nystagmus; vertical opening; vertical osteotomy; vertical overlap; vertical parallax; vertical plate; vertical retraction syndrome; vertical strabismus; vertical transmission; vertical vertigo; vertices; verticil; verticillaster; verticillate; verticillated; verticillium; verticillus; verticomental; verticosubmental view; vertiginous; vertigo; vertigo ab aure laeso; vertisols; vertometer; verumontanitis; verumontanum; vervain; vervet; very low density lipoprotein; very poorly drained soil; vesalianum; Vesalius, Andreas; Vesalius' bone; Vesalius' foramen; Vesalius' vein; vesbium; vesica; vesica biliaris; vesica fellea; vesical; vesical calculus; vesical diverticulum; vesical fistula; vesical gland; vesical haematuria; vesicalis anus; vesical lithotomy; vesical plexus; vesical reflex; vesical surface of uterus; vesical triangle; vesical veins; vesicant; vesica prostatica; vesicate; vesicating gas; vesication; vesicatory; vesica urinaria; vesicle; vesicle hernia; vesico-; vesicoabdominal; vesicobullous; vesicocele; vesicocervical; vesicoclysis; vesicocolic fistula; vesicocutaneous fistula; vesicointestinal; vesicointestinal fistula; vesicolithiasis; vesicoprostatic; vesicopubic; vesicopustular; vesicopustule; vesicorectal; vesicorectostomy; vesicosigmoid; vesicosigmoidostomy; vesicospinal; vesicostomy; vesicotomy; vesicoumbilical; vesicoumbilical ligament; vesicoureteral; vesicoureteral reflux; vesicoureteral valve; vesico-ureteric reflux; vesicourethral; vesicourethral canal; vesicouterine; vesicouterine fistula; vesicouterine ligament; vesicouterine pouch; vesicouterovaginal; vesicovaginal; vesicovaginal fistula; vesicovaginorectal; vesicovaginorectal fistula; vesicovisceral; vesicula; vesicula fellis; vesicula ophthalmica; vesicular; vesicular appendage; vesicular appendices of uterine tube; vesicular exanthema; vesicular exanthema of swine; vesicular exanthema of swine virus; vesicularia; vesicular keratitis; vesicular keratopathy; vesicular mole; vesicular murmur; vesicular ovarian follicle; vesicular rale; vesicular resonance; vesicular respiration; vesicular rickettsiosis; vesicular stomatitis; vesicular stomatitis-indiana virus; vesicular stomatitis virus; vesicular transport; vesicular venous plexus; vesiculase; vesicula seminalis; vesiculata; vesiculate; vesiculated; vesiculation; vesicula umbilicalis; vesiculectomy; vesiculiform; vesiculin; vesiculitis; vesiculo-; vesiculobronchial; vesiculocavernous; vesiculocavernous respiration; vesiculography; vesiculopapular; vesiculoprostatitis; vesiculopustular; vesiculose; vesiculotomy; vesiculotubular; vesiculotympanic; vesiculotympanitic resonance; vesiculous; vesiculovirus; Vesling's line; V-esotropia; vespa; vespers; vespertilio; vespertiliones; vespertilionine; vespertine; vessel; vessel, afferent; vessel, efferent; vessel element; vessels of internal ear; vessels of vessels; vessignon; vesta; vestal; vestales; vestibula; vestibular; vestibular anus; vestibular apparatus; vestibular aqueduct; vestibular area; vestibular blind sac; vestibular branches of labyrinthine artery; vestibular caecum of the cochlear duct; vestibular canal; vestibular crest; vestibular diseases; vestibular fissure of cochlea; vestibular fold; vestibular fossa; vestibular ganglion; vestibular glands; vestibular hair cells; vestibularis; vestibular labyrinth; vestibular ligament; vestibular lip of limbus of spiral lamina; vestibular membrane; vestibular nerve; vestibular neuronitis; vestibular nuclei; vestibular nucleus; vestibular nystagmus; vestibular ocular reflex; vestibular organ; vestibular part of vestibulocochlear nerve; vestibular root; vestibular root of vestibulocochlear nerve; vestibular schwannoma; vestibular screen; vestibular surface of tooth; vestibular system; vestibular veins; vestibular wall of cochlear duct; vestibular window; vestibulate; vestibule; vestibule of larynx; vestibule of mouth; vestibule of nose; vestibule of omental bursa; vestibule of vagina; vestibulitis; vestibulo-; vestibulocerebellar ataxia; vestibulocerebellum; vestibulocochlear; vestibulocochlear nerve; vestibulocochlear nuclei; vestibulocochlear organ; vestibulo-equilibratory control; vestibuloneuronitis; vestibulopathy; vestibuloplasty; vestibulospinal; vestibulospinal reflex; vestibulospinal tract; vestibulotomy; vestibulourethral; vestibulum; vestibulum aortae; vestibulum bursae omentalis; vestibulum laryngis; vestibulum nasi; vestibulum oris; vestibulum pudendi; vestibulum vaginae; vestige; vestige of processus vaginalis; vestige of vaginal process; vestigial; vestigial fold; vestigial muscle; vestigial organ; vestigium; vestigium processus vaginalis; vestiture; vestlet; vestment; vesture; vesuvian; vesuvianite; vesuvin; vetch; vetchling; veteran; veterans; Veterans Administration hospital; veterans disability claims; veterinarian; veterinarians; Veterinarian's Oath; veterinary; veterinary drugs; veterinary medicine; vetispiradiene synthase; vetiver; vex; vexar tube; vexillary; vexillum; V-exotropia; Vg convertase; V gene; VH and VL genes/domains; VHDL; VHL; via; viability; viability test; viable; viable cell count; viable count; viaduct; vial; viand; Vi antibody; Vi antigen; viaticum; vibesate; vibices; vibraculum; vibrate; vibratility; vibrating line; vibration; vibration syndrome; vibration tolerance; vibrative; vibrator; vibratory; vibratory massage; vibratory sensibility; vibratory urticaria; vibrio; Vibrio alginolyticus; Vibrio alginolyticus alkaline protease; Vibrio cholerae; Vibrio fluvialis; Vibrio foetus; Vibrio furnissii; Vibrio hollisae; vibrio infections; Vibrio metschnikovii; Vibrio mimicus; vibrionaceae; vibrionic abortion; vibrion septique; vibrio parahaemolyticus; vibriosis; Vibrio sputorum; Vibrio vulnificus; Vibrio vulnificus protease; vibrissa; vibrissae; vibrissal; vibrocardiogram; vibromasseur; vibroscope; vibrotherapeutics; viburnum; Viburnum prunifolium; vicarious; vicarious hypertrophy; Vicat, L; Vicat needle; vice; viceroy; vichy water; vicilin; vicinal; vicine; vicious cicatrix; vicious circle; vicious union; vicissy duck; Vicq d'Azyr, Felix; Vicq d'Azyr's bundle; Vicq d'Azyr's centrum semiovale; Vicq d'Azyr's foramen; victoria; Victoria blue; Victoria orange; victorine; Victor-Michaelis-Menten equation; victress; victual; victualer; victualing; victuals; victus; vicugna; vida finch; Vidal, Jean Baptiste Emile; Vidal's disease; vidarabine; vidarabine phosphate; video-assisted thoracic surgery; videodisc recording; video games; videokeratoscope; video microscopy; video recording; videotape recording; video waveform; vidian; vidian artery; vidian canal; vidian nerve; vidian vein; Vidius, Guidi; vienna paste; Vierra, J; Vierra's sign; Vieussens' annulus; Vieussens' ansa; Vieussens' centrum; Vieussens' foramina; Vieussens' ganglia; Vieussens' isthmus; Vieussens' limbus; Vieussens' loop; Vieussens, Raymond de; Vieussens' ring; Vieussens' valve; Vieussens' veins; Vieussens' ventricle; view; viewless; viewy; vigabatrin; vigesimo-quarto; vigil; vigilambulism; vigilance; vignette; vignetting; vigor; vigorous; vilayet; vilborthite; vile; vill; villain; villi; villi intestinales; villin; villi pericardiaci; villi peritoneales; villi pleurales; villi synoviales; villitis; villoma; villonodular pigmented tenosynovitis; villose; villositis; villosity; villous; villous adenoma; villous atrophy; villous carcinoma; villous papilloma; villous placenta; villous tenosynovitis; villous tumour; villus; villusectomy; viloxazine; vimen; vimentin; vimentin kinase; vimineous; vinaigrette; vinasse; vinatico; vinblastine; vinblastine sulfate; vinca alkaloid; vinca alkaloids; vincaleucoblastine; vincamine; Vinca rosea; Vincent, Henri; vincentian; Vincent's angina; Vincent's bacillus; Vincent's disease; Vincent's infection; Vincent's spirillum; Vincent's stomatitis; Vincent's tonsillitis; Vincent's white mycetoma; vincetoxin; vincible; vincristine; vincristine sulfate; vincula lingulae cerebelli; vincula of tendons; vincula tendinum; vinculin; vinculum; vinculum breve; vinculum linguae; vinculum longum; vinculum preputii; vindesine; vindicate; vine; Vineberg, Arthur; Vineberg procedure; vinegar; vineyard; vinic; vinous; vinous liquor; vinquish; Vinson, Porter; vinyl; vinylbenzene; vinyl carbinol; vinyl chloride; vinylene; vinyl ether; vinylidene; viola; violaceous; violaniline; violantin; violaquercitrin; violaxanthin de-epoxidase; violence; violent; violet; violet-tip; violine; violinist's cramp; viologens; violuric; viomycin; viomycin kinase; viosterol; VIP; viper; viperidae; viperina; viperine; viperoides; viper venoms; vipoma; Vipond's sign; viprynium embonate; viraemia; viraginity; virago; viral; viral alkaline nuclease; viral antigen; viral core proteins; viral cystitis; viral dysentery; viral encephalomyelitis; viral envelope; viral envelope proteins; viral fusion proteins; viral gastroenteritis; viral haemagglutination; viral haemorrhagic fever; viral haemorrhagic fever virus; viral hepatitis; viral hepatitis type A; viral hepatitis type B; viral hepatitis type C; viral hepatitis type D; viral hepatitis type E; viral hepatitis vaccines; viral infection; viral interference; viral load; viral matrix proteins; viral meningitis; viral myocarditis; viral nonstructural proteins; viral oncogene; viral pericarditis; viral physiology; viral pneumonia; viral probe; viral proteins; viral regulatory proteins; viral strand; viral structural proteins; viral tail proteins; viral therapy; viral transformation; viral vaccines; viral vector; viral wart; Virchow-Hassall bodies; Virchow-Holder angle; Virchow-Robin space; Virchow, Rudolf; Virchow's angle; Virchow's cells; Virchow's corpuscles; Virchow's crystals; Virchow's disease; Virchow's law; Virchow's node; Virchow's psammoma; viremia; vireo; vires; virescence; virga; virgalieu; virgate; virgilian; virgin; virginal; virginal membrane; virgin generation; virginia; virginiamycin; Virginia snakeroot; virgin islands of the united states; virginity; virgin lymphocyte; virgo; virgophrenia; virgouleuse; virgularian; virial; viricidal; viricide; viridans haemolysis; viridine; viridite; virile; virilescence; virilia; virilisation; virilism; virility; virilization; virilizing; virino; virion; viripotent; virogene; viroid; viroids; virologist; virology; viropexia; viropexis; viroplasm; virtual focus; virtual image; virtue; virtuous; virucidal; virucide; virucopria; virulence; virulent; virulent bacteriophage; virulent bubo; virulent phage mutant; viruliferous; viruria; virus; virus activating protease; virus activation; virus A hepatitis; virus assembly; virus-associated haemophagocytic syndrome; virus B hepatitis; virus blockade; virus C hepatitis; virus diseases; viruses; viruses, unclassified; virus hepatitis; virus hepatitis of ducks; virus, human papilloma; virus III of rabbits; virus integration; virus keratoconjunctivitis; virus latency; virusoid; virus pneumonia of pigs; virus replication; virus, respiratory syncytial; virus shedding; virus-transformed cell; virus X disease; vis; vis a fronte; vis a tergo; viscance; viscera; viscerad; visceral; visceral afferents; visceral anaesthesia; visceral arches; visceral brain; visceral cavity; visceral cleft; visceral crises; visceral disease virus; visceral disorder; visceral epilepsy; visceralgia; visceral inversion; visceral larva migrans; visceral layer; visceral layer of serous pericardium; visceral layer of tunica vaginalis of testis; visceral leishmaniasis; visceral lymph nodes; visceral lymphomatosis; visceral mesoderm; visceral motor neuron; visceral muscle; visceral nerve; visceral nervous system; visceral nodes; visceral pelvic fascia; visceral pericardium; visceral peritoneum; visceral plate; visceral pleura; visceral pleurisy; visceral sense; visceral skeleton; visceral surface of liver; visceral surface of the spleen; visceral traction reflex; viscerimotor; viscero-; viscerocranium; viscerogenic; viscerogenic reflex; viscerograph; visceroinhibitory; visceromegaly; visceromotor; visceromotor reflex; visceropannicular reflex; visceroparietal; visceroperitoneal; visceropleural; visceroptosis; viscerosensory; viscerosensory reflex; visceroskeletal; visceroskeleton; viscerosomatic; viscerotome; viscerotomy; viscerotonia; viscerotrophic; viscerotrophic reflex; viscerotropic; viscid; viscidity; viscidosis; viscin; viscoelastic; viscoelasticity; viscoelastic retardation; viscometer; vis conservatrix; viscosimeter; viscosimetry; viscosity; viscotoxins; viscous; viscous mechanical coupling; viscum; viscus; vishnu; visibility acuity; visibility, limit of; visible; visible light; visible spectrum; visile; visinin; vision; visional; visionariness; visionary; vision, binocular; vision disorders; vision disparity; visioned; vision, entoptic; visionist; visionless; vision, monocular; vision screening; vision, subnormal; visit; visitation; visiting; visiting nurse; visitors to patients; visive; visna; Visna maedi virus; visna-maedi virus; visna virus; vison; visor; vista; visual; visual acuity; visual agnosia; visual angle; visual aphasia; visual area; visual axis; visual blackout; visual cortex; visual cycle; visual efficiency; visual evoked potential; visual extinction; visual field; visual field test; visual image; visualise; visualize; visually impaired persons; visual orbicularis reflex; visual organ; visual pathway; visual perception; visual pigments; visual projection; visual purple; visual receptor cells; visual-spatial agnosia; visual threshold; visual violet; visual yellow; visuoauditory; visuognosis; visuomotor; visuopsychic; visuosensory; visuospatial; visuscope; vis vitae; vita glass; vital; vital capacity; vital centre; vital index; vitalise; vitalism; vitalist; vitalistic; vitality; vitality test; vitalize; vital knot; vitallium; vital node; vitalometer; vital pulp; vital red; vitals; vital signs; vital spirits; vital stain; vital statistics; vital tooth; vital tripod; vital ultraviolet; vitamer; vitamin; vitamin A; vitamin A1; vitamin A1 acid; vitamin A1 alcohol; vitamin A2; vitamin A2 aldehyde; vitamin A aldehyde; vitamin a deficiency; vitamin A unit; vitamin B; vitamin B1; vitamin B12; vitamin b 12; vitamin B12 absorption test; vitamin B12 deficiency; vitamin b 12 deficiency; vitamin B12 neuropathy; vitamin B12 with intrinsic factor concentrate; vitamin B1 hydrochloride unit; vitamin B2; vitamin B2 unit; vitamin B3; vitamin B4; vitamin B5; vitamin B6; vitamin B6 deficiency; vitamin B6 unit; vitamin B7; vitamin Bc conjugase; vitamin b complex; vitamin BT; vitamin Bx; vitamin C; vitamin C deficiency; vitamin C test; vitamin C unit; vitamin D; vitamin D2; vitamin D3; vitamin d-binding protein; vitamin D deficiency; vitamin D milk; vitamin d-resistant rickets; vitamin D unit; vitamin E; vitamin e deficiency; vitamin E unit; vitamin F; vitamin G; vitamin H; vitamin K; vitamin K1; vitamin K2; vitamin K2(35); vitamin K3; vitamin K4; vitamin K5; vitamin k deficiency; vitamin K epoxidase; vitamin K unit; vitamin P; vitamin PP; vitamins; vitamin u; vitellarium; vitellary; vitelliform; vitelliform degeneration; vitelligenous; vitellin; vitellin-degrading protease; vitelline; vitelline artery; vitelline cord; vitelline duct; vitelline fistula; vitelline layer of egg; vitelline membrane; Vitelline pole; vitelline reservoir; vitelline sac; vitelline vein; vitelline vessels; vitelliruptive degeneration; vitellogene; vitellogenesis; vitellogenic carboxypeptidase; vitellogenin; vitellointestinal cyst; vitellolutein; vitellorubin; vitellose; vitellus; vitellus ovi; vitiated air; vitiation; viticulose; vitiligines; vitiliginous; vitiligo; vitiligo capitis; vitiligoidea; vitiligo iridis; vitis; vitoe; vitopine synthase; vitrectomy; vitrein; vitreitis; vitrella; vitreo-; vitreodentin; vitre-o-electic; vitreoretinal; vitreoretinal choroidopathy syndrome; vitreoretinal traction syndrome; vitreoretinopathy; vitreoretinopathy, proliferative; vitreo-tapetoretinal dystrophy; vitreous; vitreous body; vitreous camera; vitreous cell; vitreous chamber of eye; vitreous detachment; vitreous haemorrhage; vitreous hernia; vitreous humor; vitreous lamella; vitreous membrane; vitreous table; vitreum; vitrification; vitrina; vitriol; vitriolate; vitriolated; vitriolation; vitriolic; vitriolisation; vitrite; vitronectin; vitrosin; vitruvian; vitta; vittate; vivacious; vivandiere; vivaria; vivarium; vivax fever; vivax malaria; viverra; viverrine; vivers; vives; vivi-; vivianite; vividialysis; vividiffusion; vivificate; vivification; vivipara; viviparity; viviparous; viviparously; viviparousness; viviperception; vivisect; vivisection; vivisectionist; vixen; vizcacha; Vladimiroff-Mikulicz amputation; Vladimiroff, Vladimir; VLA protein; VLDL; V lead; vlissmaki; VMA; VMA test; Vmax; VMD; V-MI; v moth; VO2; VOC; vocabulary; vocabulary, controlled; vocabulist; vocal; vocal amusia; vocal cord nodules; vocal cord paralysis; vocal cords; vocal fold; vocal fremitus; vocalis; vocalization, animal; vocalize; vocal ligament; vocal muscle; vocal process; vocal process of arytenoid cartilage; vocal resonance; vocal shelf; vocation; vocational education; vocational guidance; vociferation; VOD; vodanium; Vogel's law; Voges, Otto; Voges-Proskauer reaction; vogle; Vogt, Alfred; Vogt, Cecile; Vogt cephalodactyly; Vogt, Heinrich; Vogt, Karl; Vogt-Koyanagi syndrome; Vogt, Oskar; Vogt's angle; Vogt-Spielmeyer disease; Vogt syndrome; Vohwinkel; Vohwinkel syndrome; voice; voice disorders; voice quality; voice strain; void; voidance; voiding cystogram; voiding flow rate; void metal composite; Voigt, Christian; Voigt's lines; vola; volador; volar; volar carpal ligament; volar interosseous artery; volar interosseous nerve; volaris; volatile; volatile anaesthetic; volatile fatty acid number; volatile mustard oil; volatile oil; volatile organic compounds; volatiles; volatilise; volatilization; volator; vol-au-vent; volcanic; volcanic eruption; volcano; vole; vole bacillus; Volhard, Franz; Volhard's test; volition; volitional; volitional tremor; Volkmann, Alfred; Volkmann, Alfred Wilhelm; Volkmann, Richard; Volkmann's canals; Volkmann's cheilitis; Volkmann's contracture; Volkmann's spoon; volley; Vollmer, Herman; Vollmer test; vollumescope; vollumeter; Volpe, Anthony; Volpe-Manhold Index; volsella; volt; volta-electric; volta-electrometer; voltage; voltage clamp; voltage-gated channel; voltage gated ion channel; voltage gradient; voltage loop; voltagraphy; voltaic; voltaic cell; voltaic taste; voltaism; voltameter; voltampere; voltaplast; voltatype; volti; voltmeter; Voltolini, Friedrich; Voltolini's disease; voltzite; voluble; volume; volume averaging; volume-controlled respirator; volume element; volume index; volume loading rate; volumenometer; volumenometry; volume substitute; volumetric; volumetric analysis; volumetric flask; volumetric solution; volume unit; volumometer; voluntary; voluntary dehydration; voluntary guarding; voluntary health agencies; voluntary hospital; voluntaryism; voluntary muscle; voluntary mutism; voluntary nystagmus; voluntary workers; volupere; voluptuary; voluptuous; voluta; volute; volutin; volutin granule; volutin granules; volution; volva; volvocida; Volvox; volvulosis; volvulus; volyer; vomer; vomeral groove; vomeral sulcus; vomer cartilagineus; vomerine; vomerine canal; vomerine cartilage; vomerobasilar; vomerobasilar canal; vomeronasal; vomeronasal organ; vomerorostral canal; vomerovaginal canal; vomerovaginal groove; vomica; vomicine; vomicose; vomicus; vomit; vomiting; vomiting, anticipatory; vomiting gas; vomiting of pregnancy; vomiting reflex; vomition; vomitive; vomito; vomiturition; vomitus; vomitus cruentes; vomitus marinus; vomitus niger; von; von Bruns; v onc; vondsira; von Ebner, Victor; von Economo, Constantin; von Economo's disease; Von Gierke's disease; von Graefe's sign; von Hippel, Eugen; von hippel-lindau disease; von hippel-lindau syndrome; von Kossa, Julius; von Kossa stain; von Langenbeck's bipedicle mucoperiosteal flap; von Meyenburg's disease; von Recklinghausen disease; von Recklinghausen's disease; von Schrotter, Leopold; von Spee's curve; Von Willebrand disease; von Willebrand, E; Von Willebrand factor; von Willebrand factor-degrading protease; Von Willebrand's disease; Voorhoeve, N; Voorhoeve's disease; vortex; vortex coccygeus; vortex cordis; vortex lentis; vortex of heart; vortex veins; vorticel; Vorticella; vortices; vortices pilorum; vorticose; vorticose veins; Vossius, Adolf; Vossius' lenticular ring; votaress; vox; vox choleraica; voxel; voyage; voyeur; voyeurism; VP; vp-16; Vps15 protein kinase; vp shunt; v/q mismatch; vq scan; vq scanning; VR; V region; VS; VSD; v sign of naclerio; VspI methylase; vsr endonuclease; VS virus; VT; V-type ATPase; VU; vugh; vulcan; vulcanian; vulcanisation; vulcanise; vulcanite; vulcanology; vulgar; vulgaris; vulgate; vulnerable child syndrome; vulnerable period; vulnerable phase; vulnerary; vulpes; Vulpian; Vulpian's atrophy; vulpic; vulpine; vulpinic; vulpinite; vulsella; vulsellum forceps; vultern; vulture; vulva; vulval; vulvar; vulvar diseases; vulvar dystrophy; vulvar slit; vulvectomy; vulviform; vulvismus; vulvitis; vulvo-; vulvocrural; vulvodynia; vulvouterine; vulvovaginal; vulvovaginal cystectomy; vulvovaginal gland; vulvovaginitis; Vvedenskii; V wave; V-Y flap; V-Y plasty; V-Y procedure; VZV;


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