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ad; ADA; adacrya; adactylous; adactyly; Adair-Koshland-Nemethy-Filmer model; adam; adamant; adamantane; adamantine; adamantine membrane; adamantinoma; adambulacral; adamite; Adamkiewicz, Albert; adam's apple; adamsite; Adams, Robert; Adams, Sir William; Adams-Stokes disease; Adams-Stokes syncope; adams-stokes syndrome; adansonia; adansonian classification; Adanson, Michel; adaptation; adaptation diseases; adaptation, ocular; adaptation, psychological; adaptation syndrome of Selye; adapter; adaptive behaviour; adaptive behaviour scales; adaptive enzyme; adaptive hypertrophy; adaptive management; adaptive management area; adaptive radiation; adaptometer; adaptor; adaptor hypothesis; adarce; adaxial; addax; addendum; adder; adder's-tongue; adderwort; addict; addiction; addictive drug; Addis count; Addison-Biermer disease; Addison, Christopher; addisonian; addisonian anaemia; addisonian crisis; addisonian syndrome; Addison's anaemia; Addison's clinical planes; Addison's disease; Addison, Thomas; Addis, Thomas; addition; additional; addition compound; addition-deletion mutation; addition mutation; addition polymer; addition reaction; additive; additive effect; additive model; additivity; addle; address; addressing ligands; adducent; adducin; adduct; adducted thumbs with mental reatardation; adduction; adductor; adductor brevis; adductor canal; adductor hallucis; adductor hiatus; adductor longus; adductor magnus; adductor minimus muscle; adductor muscle; adductor muscle of great toe; adductor muscle of thumb; adductor pollicis; adductor reflex; adductor tubercle; adelaster; adelocodonic; adelomorphous; adelopod; adelphia; adelphous; adenalgia; adendric; adendritic; adenectomy; adenectopia; adenemphraxis; aden fever; adeniform; adenine; adenine arabinoside; adenine deaminase; adenine deoxyribonucleotide; adenine nucleotide; adenine nucleotide translocase; adenine phosphoribosyltransferase; adenine sulfate; adenitis; adenization; adeno-; adenoacanthoma; adenoameloblastoma; adeno-associated virus; adenoblast; adenocarcinoma; adenocarcinoma, bronchiolo-alveolar; adenocarcinoma, clear cell; adenocarcinoma, follicular; adenocarcinoma in Barrett's oesophagus; adenocarcinoma in situ; adenocarcinoma, mucinous; adenocarcinoma, papillary; adenocarcinoma, scirrhous; adenocarcinoma, sebaceous; adenocellulitis; adenochondroma; adenocystoma; adenocyte; adenodiastasis; adenodynia; adenoepithelioma; adenofibroma; adenofibromyoma; adenofibrosis; adenogenous; adenographic; adenography; adenohypophysial; adenohypophysis; adenohypophysitis; adenoid; adenoidal-pharyngeal-conjunctival virus; adenoid cystic carcinoma; adenoidectomy; adenoid facies; adenoiditis; adenoids; adenoid squamous cell carcinoma; adenoid tissue; adenoid tumour; adenoleiomyofibroma; adenolipoma; adenolipomatosis; adenological; adenology; adenolymphocele; adenolymphoma; adenoma; adenoma, adrenal cortical; adenoma, basophil; adenoma, bile duct; adenoma, chromophobe; adenoma fibrosum; adenoma, islet cell; adenoma, liver cell; adenoma of nipple; adenoma, oxyphilic; adenoma, pleomorphic; adenoma sebaceum; adenoma, sweat gland; adenomatoid; adenomatoid odontogenic tumour; adenomatoid tumour; adenomatosis; adenomatosis, pulmonary; adenomatous; adenomatous colon polyps; adenomatous goiter; adenomatous polyp; adenomatous polyposis coli; adenomatous polyps; adenoma, villous; adenomegaly; adenomere; adenomyoma; adenomyomatosis of gallbladder; adenomyosarcoma; adenomyosis; adenomyosis uteri; adenoneural; adenopathy; adenophlegmon; Adenophorasida; adenophorea; adenophorea infections; adenophorous; adenophyllous; adenophyma; adenosalpingitis; adenosarcoma; adenosatellite virus; adenose; adenosinase; adenosine; adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate; adenosine 3',5'-cyclic phosphate phosphodiesterase; adenosine 3'-phosphate; adenosine 3'-phosphate 5'-phosphosulfate; adenosine 5'-diphosphate; adenosine-5'-(n-ethylcarboxamide); adenosine 5'-phosphate; adenosine 5'-phosphoramidate hydrolase; adenosine 5'-phosphosulfate; adenosine 5'-phosphosulfate sulfotransferase; adenosine 5'-triphosphate; adenosine cyclic phosphate; adenosine deaminase; adenosine diphosphate; adenosine diphosphate glucose; adenosine diphosphate ribose; adenosine diphosphate ribose cyclase; adenosine diphosphate sugars; adenosine diphosphoglucose glucohydrolase; adenosine kinase; adenosine monophosphate; adenosine nucleosidase; adenosine phosphosulfate; adenosine tetraphosphatase; adenosine tetraphosphate; adenosine triphosphatase; adenosine triphosphate; adenosis; adenosquamous carcinoma; adenosyl; adenosylcobalamin; adenosylmethionine decarboxylase; adenotomic; adenotomy; adenotonsillectomy; adenous; adenoviridae; adenovirus; adenovirus e1a proteins; adenovirus e1b proteins; adenovirus e1 proteins; adenovirus e2 proteins; adenovirus e3 proteins; adenovirus e4 proteins; adenovirus early proteins; adenovirus endopeptidase; adenoviruses, canine; adenoviruses, human; adenoviruses, simian; adenovirus infections, human; Aden ulcer; adenyl; adenylate; adenylate cyclase; adenylate kinase; adenyl cyclase; adenylic acid; adenylic acid deaminase; adenylic acid kinase; adenylosuccinase; adenylosuccinate lyase; adenylosuccinate synthase; adenylosuccinic acid; adenylpyrophosphatase; adenylyl; adenylyl cyclase; adenylyl imidodiphosphate; adenylylosuccinate lyase; adenylylosuccinate synthase; adenylylosuccinic acid; adenylyl sulfate-ammonia adenylyltransferase; adenylylsulfate kinase; adeps; adeps lanae; adeps renis; ADEPT; adeptist; adequal cleavage; adequate; adequate stimulus; adequation; adermia; adermogenesis; adesmy; adfected; adfluvial; ADH; adherence; adherence syndrome; adherent; adherent pericardium; adherent placenta; adhering junction; adhesin; adhesins, bacterial; adhesins, escherichia coli; adhesio interthalamica; adhesion; adhesion dyspepsia; adhesion molecules; adhesion phenomenon; adhesion-related kinase; adhesion structures linked tyrosine kinase; adhesion test; adhesiotomy; adhesive; adhesive absorbent dressing; adhesive arachnoiditis; adhesive atelectasis; adhesive bandage; adhesive capsulitis; adhesive inflammation; adhesiveness; adhesive otitis; adhesive pericarditis; adhesive peritonitis; adhesive pleurisy; adhesive tape; adiabatic; adiabatic compression; adiabatic invariant; adiabatic process; adiactinic; adiadochocinesis; adiadochokinesis; adiantum; adiaphoresis; adiaphoretic; adiaphoria; adiaphorous; adiaspiromycosis; adiaspore; adiastole; adiathermancy; adiemorrhysis; adient; adient behaviour; Adie's pupil; Adie syndrome; Adie, William J; Adinida; adipamidase; adipectomy; adiphenine hydrochloride; adipic; adipic acid; adipic acids; Adipiodone; adipo-; adipocellular; adipoceratous; adipocere; adipocyte; adipodermal graft; adipogenesis; adipogenic; adipogenous; adipoid; adipokinetic; adipokinetic hormone; adipokinin; adipometer; adiponecrosis; adiposalgia; adipose; adipose capsule; adipose cell; adipose degeneration; adipose folds of the pleura; adipose fossae; adipose infiltration; adipose tissue; adipose tumour; adiposis; adiposis cerebralis; adiposis dolorosa; adiposis orchica; adiposis tuberosa simplex; adiposis universalis; adiposity; adiposogenital degeneration; adiposogenital dystrophy; adiposogenital syndrome; adiposuria; adipsia; adipsous; adipsy; A disks; aditus; aditus ad antrum; aditus ad aqueductum cerebri; aditus ad infundibulum; aditus ad saccum peritonei minorem; aditus glottidis inferior; aditus glottidis superior; aditus laryngis; aditus orbitae; aditus pelvis; adjacent; adjacent angle; adjacent wetlands; adjunct; adjust; adjustable articulator; adjustment; adjustment disorders; adjutancy; adjutant; adjutrix; adjuvant; adjuvant analgesic; adjuvant chemotherapy; adjuvants, immunologic; adjuvants, pharmaceutic; adjuvant therapy; adjuvant vaccine; ADL; Adler, Alfred; adlerian psychoanalysis; adlerian psychology; Adler, Oscar; Adler's test; ad lib; admaxillary; admaxillary gland; admedial; admedian; adminiculum; adminiculum lineae albae; administer; administration; administration, buccal; administration, cutaneous; administration, inhalation; administration, intravaginal; administration, intravesical; administration, oral; administration, rectal; administration, sublingual; administrative personnel; administratrix; admiral; admiralty; admiration; admit; admitting department, hospital; admixture lesion; admonitrix; A-DNA; adnascent; adnate; adnation; adnerval; adneural; adnexa; adnexal; adnexal adenoma; adnexal carcinoma; adnexal diseases; adnexa oculi; adnexa uteri; adnexectomy; adnexitis; adnexopexy; adnexum; adolescence; adolescent; adolescent albuminuria; adolescent behaviour; adolescent crisis; adolescent health services; adolescent, hospitalised; adolescent, institutionalised; adolescent medicine; adolescent nutrition; adolescent psychiatry; adolescent psychology; adolescent round back; adonis; adonitol; adopter; adoption; adoptive immunity; adoptive transfer; adoral; adoration; adosculation; adosterol;

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