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antibacterial; antibacterial ointment; antibacterial soap; anti-basement membrane antibody; anti-basement membrane glomerulonephritis; anti-basement membrane nephritis; antibechic; antiberiberi factor; antiberiberi vitamin; antibiogram; antibiont; antibiosis; antibiotherapy; antibiotic; antibiotic assay; antibiotic enterocolitis; antibiotic eye drops; antibiotic induced enteritis; antibiotic induced gastroenteritis; antibiotic ointment; antibiotic prophylaxis; antibiotic resistance; antibiotic resistance gene; antibiotic-resistant; antibiotics; antibiotics, aminoglycoside; antibiotics, anthracycline; antibiotics, antifungal; antibiotics, antineoplastic; antibiotics, antitubercular; antibiotics, combined; antibiotic sensitivity; antibiotic sensitivity test; antibiotics, glycopeptide; antibiotics, lactam; antibiotics, macrolide; antibiotics, peptide; antibiotics, tetracycline; antibiotin; anti-black-tongue factor; antiblennorrhagic; antibodies; antibodies, anticardiolipin; antibodies, anti-idiotypic; antibodies, antineutrophil cytoplasmic; antibodies, antinuclear; antibodies, antiphospholipid; antibodies, archaeal; antibodies, bacterial; antibodies, bispecific; antibodies, blocking; antibodies, catalytic; antibodies, fungal; antibodies, helminth; antibodies, heterophile; antibodies, monoclonal; antibodies, neoplasm; antibodies, protozoan; antibodies, viral; antibody; antibody affinity; antibody aldolase; antibody-coated bacteria test, urinary; antibody combining site; antibody deficiency disease; antibody deficiency syndrome; antibody-dependent cell cytotoxicity; antibody-dependent enhancement; Antibody Directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapy; antibody diversity; antibody excess; antibody-forming cell; antibody induced lysis; antibody producing cell; antibody-producing cells; antibody specificity; antibody technology; antibrachial; antibrachium; antibromic; antic; anticalculous; anticarcinogen; anticarcinogenic agents; anticardiolipin antibodies; anticarious; anticatarrhal; anticathexis; anticathode; anticausodic; anticausotic; anticephalalgic; anticestodal agents; antichlor; anticholagogue; anticholesteraemic agents; anticholinergenic; anticholinergic; anticholinesterase; anticipate; anticipation; anticipatory control; anticlinal; anticlinorium; anticnemion; anticoagulant; anti-coagulant agents; anticoagulant therapy; anticoding strand; anticodon; anticomplement; anticomplementary; anticomplementary factor; anticomplementary serum; anticomplement immunofluorescence; anticontagious; anticonvulsant; anticonvulsants; anticonvulsive; anticor; anticous; anticurare; anticus; anticyclone; anticytotoxin; antidepressant; antidepressive agents; antidepressive agents, second-generation; antidepressive agents, tricyclic; antidermatitis factor; antidiabetic; antidiabetic agent; antidiarrhoeal; antidiarrhoeals; anti-D immunoglobulin; antidiuresis; antidiuretic; antidiuretic hormone; antidiuretin; anti-DNAse B; antidopaminergic; antidotal; antidote; antidotes; antidromic; antidromous; antidysenteric; anti-dyskinesia agents; antidyskinetic; antidyspeptic; antidysrhythmic; antidysuric; antiemetic; antiemetics; antienergic; antienzyme; antiephialtic; antiepileptic; antiepithelial serum; antiexudative; antifebrile; antifebrine; antifibrillatory; antifibrinolysin; antifibrinolytic; antifibrinolytic agent; antifoam agent; antifoaming agents; antifolic; antifreeze protein; antifungal; antifungal agents; antifungicide; anti-G; antigalactagogue; antigalactic; antigen; antigenaemia; antigen-antibody complex; antigen-antibody reaction; antigen-binding site; antigen-combining site; antigen excess; antigenic; antigenic competition; antigenic complex; antigenic determinant; antigenic drift; antigenicity; antigenic modulation; antigenic shift; antigenic switching; antigenic variation; antigen interferon; antigen p150,95; antigen presentation; antigen presenting cell; antigen-presenting cells; antigen processing; antigen-responsive cell; antigens; antigens, archaeal; antigens, bacterial; antigens, CD; antigens, CD1; antigens, CD11; antigens, CD13; antigens, CD14; antigens, CD15; antigens, CD18; antigens, CD19; antigens, CD2; antigens, CD20; antigens, CD26; antigens, CD27; antigens, CD28; antigens, CD29; antigens, CD3; antigens, CD30; antigens, CD31; antigens, CD34; antigens, CD36; antigens, CD4; antigens, CD40; antigens, CD44; antigens, CD45; antigens, CD5; antigens, CD55; antigens, CD56; antigens, CD57; antigens, CD58; antigens, CD59; antigens, CD7; antigens, CD8; antigens, CD80; antigens, CD95; antigens, differentiation; antigens, differentiation, b-lymphocyte; antigens, differentiation, myelomonocytic; antigens, differentiation, t-lymphocyte; antigen-sensitive cell; antigens, fungal; antigens, helminth; antigens, heterophile; antigen shift; antigens, human platelet; antigens, ly; antigens, neoplasm; antigens, polyomavirus transforming; antigens, protozoan; antigens, surface; antigens, thy-1; antigens, t-independent; antigens, tumour-associated, carbohydrate; antigens, viral; antigens, viral, tumour; antigen unit; antiglobulin test; anti-glomerular basement membrane disease; antigonorrheic; antigraph; antigravity; antigravity muscles; anti-G suit; antigua; antihaemorrhagic; anti-HBc; anti-HBe; anti-HBs; antihelix; antihelminthic; antihemagglutinin; antihemolysin; antihemolytic; antihemophilic factor A; antihemophilic factor B; antihemophilic globulin; antihemophilic globulin A; antihemophilic globulin B; antihemophilic plasma; antihemorrhagic; antihemorrhagic factor; antihemorrhagic vitamin; antihidrotic; antihistamine; antihistamines; antihistaminic; anti-HIV agents; antihormones; antihuman globulin; antihydriotic; antihydrophobic; antihydropic; antihypertensive; antihypertensive agents; antihypnotic; antihypochondriac; antihypotensive; antihysteric; anti-icteric; anti-idiotype antibody; anti-idiotype autoantibody; anti-infective; anti-infective agents, local; anti-infective agents, quinolone; anti-infective agents, urinary; anti-inflammatory;anti-inflammatory agent; anti-inflammatory agent, non-steroidal; anti-inflammatory agent, steroidal; anti-inflammatory agent, topical; anti-insulin; anti-insulin antibody; antiketogenesis; antiketogenic; anti-kidney serum nephritis; antilegomena; antileukocidin; antileukoprotease; antileukotoxin; antilewisite; antilipaemic agents; antilipotropic; antilithic; antilobium; antilogarithm; antilogous; antiloimic; antiluteogenic; antilymphocyte globulin; antilymphocyte serum; antilysin; antilyssic; antimalarial; antimalarials; antimanic agents; antimephitic; antimer; antimere; antimesenteric; antimetabolite; antimetabolites; antimetabolites, antineoplastic; antimetropia; antimicrobial; antimicrobial spectrum; anti-microsomal antibodies; anti-mitochondrial antibodies; antimitotic; antimonate; antimongoloid; antimonial; antimonic; antimonid; antimonious; antimonite; antimoniureted; antimonous oxide; anti-Monson curve; antimony; antimony chloride; antimony dimercaptosuccinate; antimonyl; antimony oxide; antimony potassium tartrate; antimony sodium gluconate; antimony sodium tartrate; antimony sodium thioglycollate; antimony thioglycollamide; antimony trichloride; antimony trioxide; antimplwe; antimuscarinic; antimutagen; antimutagenic; antimutagenic agents; antimyasthenic; antimycin; antimycin a; antimycotic; antinatriferic; antinauseant; antinematodal agent; antineoplastic; antineoplastic agent; antineoplastic agent, alkylating; antineoplastic agent, combined; antineoplastic agent, hormonal; antineoplastic agent, phytogenic; antineoplastic and immunosuppressive agents; antineoplastic drug; antinephritic; antineuralgic; antineuritic; antineuritic factor; antineuritic vitamin; antineurotoxin; antiniad; antinial; antinion; antinomy; antinuclear; antinuclear antibody; antinuclear factor; anti-obesity agents; antiodontalgic; antioestrogen; antioestrogenic; antioncogene; antiorgastic; antioxidant; antioxidants; antipain; anti-P antibody; antiparallel; antiparallels; antiparallel strand; antiparalytic; antiparalytical; antiparasite; antiparasitic; antiparasitic agents; antiparastata; antiparietal cell antibody; antiparkinson agents; antipathic; antipedicular; antipediculotic; antipellagra factor; antipeptone; antiperiodic; antiperistalsis; antiperistaltic; antipernicious anaemia factor; antiperspirant; antipetalous; antiphagocytic; antipharmic; antiphlogistic; antiphobic; antiphospholipid antibodies; antiphospholipid antibody; antiphospholipid antibody syndrome; antiphospholipid syndrome; antiphthisic; antiphysical; antiplasmin; antiplastic; antiplatelet; anti-platelet agents; antiplatyhelmintic agents; antiplectic; antipneumococcic; antipodagric; antipodal; antipodal cell; antipodal cone; antipode; antiport; antiporter; antiporters; antiposic; antiprecipitin; antiprogestin; antiproliferative; antiprostate; antiprotease; antiprothrombin; antiprothrombinase; antiprotozoal agents; antipruritic; antipruritics; antipsoric; antipsychotic; antipsychotic agent; antipsychotic agents; antipsychotic agents, butyrophenone; antipsychotic agents, phenothiazine; antipurine; antipyic; antipyogenic; antipyresis; antipyretic; antipyrimidine; antipyrine; antipyrotic;

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