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antique; antirabies serum; antirachitic; antirachitic vitamins; antireflection coating; antireticular cytotoxic serum; antiretroviral; antirheumatic; antirheumatic agents; antirheumatic agents, gold; antiricin; Antirrhinum majus; antiruminant; anti-S; antisabbatarian; antiscolic; antiscorbutic; antiscorbutical; antiscorbutic vitamin; antiseborrheic; antisecretory; antisense; antisense DNA; antisense RNA; antisense strand; antisense therapy; antisepalous; antisepsis; antiseptic; antiseptical; antiseptic dressing; antiserum; antiserum anaphylaxis; antishock garment; antisialagogue; antisickling agents; antisideric; antisocial; antisocial personality; antisocial personality disorder; antispasmodic; antispastic; antisperm antibodies; antispermatogenic agents; antisplenetic; antistaphylococcic; antistaphylolysin; antisteapsin; antisterility factor; antisterility vitamin; antistreptococcic; antistreptohyaluronidase; antistreptokinase; antistreptolysin; anti-streptolysin O titres; antistrophe; antistrumatic; antistrumous; antisubstance; antisudorific; antisyphilitic; anti-tac; antitermination; antitermination factor; antitermination protein; antitetanic; antithenar; antithrombin; antithrombin III; antithrombins; antithrombin test; antithrombotic; antithyroglobulin antibody; antithyroid; antithyroid agent; antithyroid agents; antithyroid microsomal antibodies; antitonic; antitoxic; antitoxic serum; antitoxigen; antitoxin; antitoxine; antitoxinogen; antitoxin rash; antitoxins; antitoxin unit; antitragicus; antitragicus muscle; antitragohelicine; antitragohelicine fissure; antitragus; antitreponemal; antitreponemal agents; antitrichomonal agents; antitrismus; antitrochanter; antitrope; antitropic; antitropous; antitrust laws; antitrypsic; antitrypsin; antitrypsin deficiency; antitryptic; antitryptic index; antitubercular agents; antitumour; antitumour enzyme; antitumourigenesis; antitumour protein; antitussive; antitussive agents; antityphoid; anti-ulcer agents; antiuric; antivenene; antivenene unit; antivenereal; antivenin; antivenins; antivenom; antiviral; antiviral agents; antiviral immunity; antiviral protein; antivitamin; antivivisection; antixerophthalmic; antixerotic; antizymotic; antler; antlers; antlia; ant-lion; Anton; Antoni; Antoni type A neurilemoma; Antoni type B neurilemoma; antonomasia; antonomastic; antonomasy; Anton's syndrome; antorbital; antozone; Antp; antra; antra ethmoidalia; antral; antral sphincter; antrectomy; antro-; antroduodenectomy; antronasal; antrophose; antropyloric; antrorse; antroscope; antroscopy; antrostomy; antrotomy; antrotonia; antrotympanic; antrum; antrum auris; antrum cardiacum; antrum mastoideum; antrum of Highmore; antrum pyloricum; ants; ants, fire; ants, velvet; ant thrush; ANTU; ant venoms; Antyllus; Antyllus' method; anucleate; anucleolate; ANUG; anular; anulus; anura; anuresis; anuretic; anuria; anuric; anurous; anury; anus; anus cerebri; anus, imperforate; anus vesicalis; anvil; anvil sound; anxiety; anxiety attack; anxiety, castration; anxiety disorders; anxiety dream; anxiety hysteria; anxiety neurosis; anxiety reaction; anxiety, separation; anxiety syndrome; anxiety tension state; anxiolysis; anxiolytic; anxious delirium; AOC; aorta; aorta abdominalis; aorta angusta; aorta ascendens; aorta descendens; aortal; aortalgia; aortarctia; aortartia; aorta, thoracic; aorta thoracica; aortectasis; aortectomy; aortic; aortic aneurysm; aortic aneurysm, abdominal; aortic aneurysm, thoracic; aortic arch; aortic arch syndrome; aortic arch syndromes; aortic area; aortic atresia; aortic bodies; aortic body tumour; aortic bulb; aortic coarctation; aortic curtain; aortic dissection; aortic dissection: aetiology; aortic dissection: classification; aortic dwarfism; aortic facies; aortic foramen; aortic hiatus; aortic incompetence; aortic insufficiency; aortic knob; aortic knuckle; aortic laceration; aortic lymphatic plexus; aortic murmur; aortic nerve; aortic notch; aortic occlusion; aortico-left ventricular tunnel; aortic opening; aorticopulmonary window; aorticorenal; aorticorenal ganglia; aortic orifice; aortic ostium; aortic pseudo-coarctation; aortic-pulmonic window; aortic reflex; aortic regurgitation; aortic regurgitation: aetiology; aortic rupture; aortic sac; aortic septal defect; aortic sinus; aortic sinus aneurysm; aortic spindle; aortic stenosis; aortic sulcus; aortic ultrasound; aortic valve; aortic valve insufficiency; aortic valve prolapse; aortic valve stenosis; aortic vestibule; aortitis; aortoannular ectasia; aortocoronary; aortocoronary bypass; aortogram; aortography; aortoiliac bypass; aortoiliac occlusive disease; aortopathy; aortopexy; aortoplasty; aortoptosia; aortopulmonary septal defect; aortopulmonary septum; aortopulmonary window; aortorenal bypass; aortorrhaphy; aortosclerosis; aortostenosis; aortotomy; aotinae; aotus trivirgatus; aoudad; AP; AP24 apoptotic protease; APA; apache; apaches; APACHE score; apagoge; apagogical; ApaLI methylase; apallesthesia; apallic; apallic state; apallic syndrome; apamin; apancreatic; apansporoblastina; apara; aparalytic; aparathyreosis; aparathyroidism; apareunia; apartment; apastia; apastron; apathetic; apathism; apathy; apatite; apatite calculus; apatites; A-pattern strabismus; apazone; apc; APC compound; A-P-C virus; ape; ape diseases; ape fissure; ape hand; apeidosis; apellous; apenteric; apepsinia; apepsy; aperea; aperient; aperiodic; aperiodic biopolymer; aperiosteal amputation; aperistalsis; aperitive; Apert; apertognathia; apertometer; Apert's hirsutism; Apert's syndrome; Apert syndrome; apertura; apertura externa aqueductus vestibuli; apertura externa canaliculi cochleae; apertura lateralis ventriculi quarti; apertura mediana ventriculi quarti; apertura pelvis inferior; apertura pelvis minoris; apertura pelvis superior; apertura piriformis; apertura sinus frontalis; apertura sinus sphenoidalis; apertura thoracis inferior; apertura thoracis superior; apertura tympanica canaliculi chordae tympani; aperture; aperture, angular; aperture correction; aperture diaphragm; aperture, effective; aperture for electron microscopy; aperture function; aperture of mastoid antrum; aperture of orbit; aperture plane; apetalous; apex; apex auriculae; apex beat; apex capitis fibulae; apexcardiogram; apexcardiography; apex cartilaginis arytenoideae; apex cordis; apex cornus posterioris; apex cuspidis dentis; apex dentis; apexification; apexigraph; apex impulse; apex linguae; apex nasi; APEX nuclease; apex of arytenoid cartilage; apex of cusp of tooth; apex of dens; apex of head of fibula; apex of heart; apex of lung; apex of orbit; apex of patella; apex of petrous part of temporal bone; apex of prostate; apex of sacrum; apex of the posterior horn; apex of urinary bladder; apex ossis sacri; apex partis petrosae ossis temporalis; apex patellae; apex pneumonia; apex prostatae; apex pulmonis; apex radicis dentis; apex satyri; apex vesicae; APF; apgar; APGAR score; Apgar, Virginia; aphagia; aphakia; aphakial; aphakia, postcataract; aphakic eye; aphakic glaucoma; aphalangia; aphaniptera; aphanipterous; aphanisis; aphanite; aphanitic; aphasia; aphasia, broca; aphasia, conduction; aphasia, primary progressive; aphasia, wernicke; aphasic; aphasiologist; aphasiology; aphasmid; Aphasmidia; aphasy; aphelion; apheliotropism; aphemesthesia; aphemia; aphemic; aphephobia; apheresis; aphid; aphidian; aphidicolin; aphidivorous; aphidophagous; aphilopony; aphis; aphis lion; aphonia; aphonia paralytica; aphonic; aphonic pectoriloquy; aphonogelia; aphonous; aphony; aphorism; aphotesthesia;

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