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artifact; artifactitious; artifacts; artifactual; artificial; artificial active immunity; artificial anatomy; artificial ankylosis; artificial anus; artificial Carlsbad salt; artificial classification; artificial crown; artificial dentition; artificial eye; artificial fever; artificial heart; artificial heart valve; artificial insemination; artificial intelligence; artificial kidney; artificial Kissingen salt; artificial life; artificial limbs; artificial melanin; artificial neural net; artificial organs; artificial pacemaker; artificial passive immunity; artificial pneumothorax; artificial pupil; artificial respiration; artificial selection; artificial sphincter; artificial stone; artificial tears; artificial ventilation; artificial Vichy salt; artificial wetland; artiodactyla; artiodactyle; artiodactylous; artistic anatomy; artocarpous; artotyrite; art therapy; arum; aruspex; ARV; arvicole; aryan; arycorniculate synchondrosis; aryepiglottic; aryepiglottic fold; aryepiglottic muscle; aryl; arylacetyl-CoA N-acetyltransferase; aryl acylamidase; aryl-alcohol oxidase; arylalkyl acylamidase; arylalkylamine-N-acetyltransferase; aryl-alpha-mannosidase; arylamidase; arylamine n-acetyltransferase; arylamine N-hydroxylase; arylamine synthetase; arylarsonic acid; aryldialkylphosphatase; arylformamidase; aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylases; arylsulfatase; arylsulfatases; arylsulfate sulfotransferase; arylsulfonates; arylsulfonic acids; arylsulfotransferase; aryl sulphatase; arytenoepiglottidean; arytenoid; arytenoidal articular surface of cricoid; arytenoid cartilage; arytenoidectomy; arytenoideus; arytenoid glands; arytenoiditis; arytenoidopexy; arytenoid swelling; as; asafetida; asafoetida; asaphus; asarabacca; asarone; Asarum; Asarum canadense; Asarum europaeum; asbestoid; asbestos; asbestos, amosite; asbestos, amphibole; asbestos bodies; asbestos corn; asbestos, crocidolite; asbestosis; asbestos liner; asbestos lung disease; asbestos, serpentine; asbestos wart; asbolin; ascamycin aminopeptidase; ascariasis; ascariasis infection; ascaricide; ascarid; Ascaridae; Ascaridata; ascaridia; Ascaridia galli; ascaridiasis; ascaridida; Ascarididae; ascaridida infections; Ascarididea; ascaridoidea; ascaridole; Ascaridorida; ascaris; Ascaris equorum; Ascaris lumbricoides; ascaris suum; Ascaroidea; ascaron; Ascarops strongylina; ascend; ascendant; ascendens; ascendent; ascending; ascending anterior branch; ascending aorta; ascending artery; ascending branch; ascending branch of the inferior mesenteric artery; ascending cervical artery; ascending cholangitis; ascending colon; ascending current; ascending degeneration; ascending frontal convolution; ascending frontal gyrus; ascending lumbar vein; ascending myelitis; ascending neuritis; ascending palatine artery; ascending paralysis; ascending parietal convolution; ascending parietal gyrus; ascending part of aorta; ascending part of duodenum; ascending pharyngeal artery; ascending pharyngeal plexus; ascending posterior branch; ascending process; ascending pyelonephritis; ascending tick paralysis; ascension; ascensional; ascensus; ascertainment; ascetic; Aschelminthes; Ascher, Karl; Ascher's aqueous influx phenomenon; Ascher's syndrome; Aschheim, Selmar; Aschheim-Zondek test; Aschner, Bernhard; Aschner-Dagnini reflex; Aschner's phenomenon; Aschner's reflex; Aschoff bodies; Aschoff cell; Aschoff, Karl Ludwig; Aschoff nodules; ascidian; ascidiarium; ascidiform; ascidioidea; ascidiozooid; ascidium; ascigerous; ascites; ascites adiposus; ascites in neonates; ascites tumour; ascitic; ascitic agar; ascitic fluid; ascitic tumour; ascitogenous; asclepiadaceous; asclepias; ascocarp; ascococcus; ascogenous; ascogonium; Ascoli; Ascoli reaction; Ascoli's test; Ascomycetes; ascomycetous; Ascomycota; ascomycotina; ascorbase; ascorbate; ascorbate-cyanide test; ascorbate oxidase; ascorbate peroxidase; ascorbic acid; ascorbic acid deficiency; ascorbyl palmitate; ascospore; ascus; ASD; asecretory; Aselli; Aselli's gland; Aselli's pancreas; asemasia; asepalous; asepsis; aseptate; aseptic; aseptic bursitis; aseptic fever; asepticism; aseptic meningitis; aseptic necrosis; aseptic surgery; aseptic technique; asequence; asexual; asexual dwarfism; asexual generation; asexual reproduction; ASF; ash; Ashby; Ashby method; ashen; ashen tuber; ashen tubercle; ashen wing; Asherman; asherman disease; Asherman's syndrome; ashes; ash-fire; Ashman; Ashman's phenomenon; ashtoreth; ash wednesday; ashweed; ashy dermatosis; asia; asia, central; asialoglycoprotein; asialoglycoprotein receptor; asialoglycoproteins; asian americans; Asian influenza; asiarch; asia, southeastern; Asiatic cholera; Asiatic schistosomiasis; asia, western; asiderotic anaemia; asilus; asiphonate; asiphonida; asitia; ask; Askanazy; Askanazy cell; asker; Ask-Upmark; ask-upmark kidney; Asn; asocial; asoma; asomatous; ASO titre; asp; aspalasoma; aspalathus; asparaginase; asparagine; asparagine-N-glycosyltransferase; asparagine-oxo-acid aminotransferase; asparagine permease; asparagine synthetase; asparaginic acid; asparaginyl; asparagus; asparmide; aspartame; aspartase; aspartate; aspartate 1-decarboxylase; aspartate 4-decarboxylase; aspartate-alpha-decarboxylase; aspartate aminotransferase; aspartate-ammonia ligase; aspartate ammonia-lyase; aspartate carbamoyltransferase; aspartate kinase; aspartate N-acetyltransferase; aspartate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase; aspartate transaminase; aspartate-tRNA ligase; aspartic; aspartic acid; aspartic acid 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase; aspartic proteinases; aspartokinase homoserine dehydrogenase; aspartyl; aspartylglucosylaminase; aspartylglycosamine; aspartylglycosaminidase; aspartylglycosaminuria; aspartyllysine peptidase; aspect; aspect ratio; aspen; asper; asperase; asperges; aspergillic acid; aspergilliform; aspergillin; aspergilloma; aspergillomycosis; aspergillosis; aspergillosis precipitin; aspergillum; Aspergillus; Aspergillus acid proteinase; aspergillus antigen skin test; Aspergillus clavatus; aspergillus flavus; aspergillus fumigatus; Aspergillus fumigatus metalloproteinase; aspergillus nidulans; aspergillus niger; aspergillus nuclease s1; aspergillus ochraceus; aspergillus oryzae; Aspergillus oryzae carboxyl proteinase; Aspergillus terreus; asperifolious; aspermatogenic; aspermatogenic sterility; aspermatous; aspermia; aspermous; aspersion; aspersorium; asperulate; asphenc lens; aspheric; aspheric lens; asphodel; asphygmia; asphyxia; asphyxial; asphyxia livida; asphyxia neonatorum; asphyxiant; asphyxia pallida; asphyxiate; asphyxiating; asphyxiating thoracic chondrodystrophy; asphyxiating thoracic dysplasia; asphyxiation; asphyxy; aspic; Aspiculuris tetraptera; aspidin; aspidinol; aspidium; aspidobranchia; aspidosamine; aspidospermine; aspirate; aspirated; aspirating needle; aspiration; aspiration biopsy; aspiration pneumonia; aspirator; aspiratory; aspire; aspirin; asplenia; asplenia / polysplenia; asplenia syndrome; asplenic; asporogenous; asporous; asporulate; aspulvinone dimethylallyltransferase;

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