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attach; attached cranial section; attached craniotomy; attached gingiva; attachment; attachment apparatus; attachment sites; attack; attack rate; attagen; attain; attainder; attainment area; attaint; attar of rose; attempt; attend; attending; attending physician; attending staff; attending surgeon; attention; attention deficit disorder; attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; attentive; attenuant; attenuate; attenuated; attenuated tuberculosis; attenuated vaccine; attenuated virus; attenuation; attenuation coefficient; attenuation compensation; attenuation factor; attenuator; attic; atticomastoid; atticotomy; attire; attitude; attitude of health personnel; attitude to computers; attitude to death; attitude to health; attitudinal; attitudinal reflexes; attle; atto-; attollens; attollens aurem; attollens oculi; attollent; attorn; attornment; attraction; attraction sphere; attrahens; attrahent; attributable fraction; attributable risk; attrite; attrition; ATT site; at wt; atypia; atypical; atypical absence seizure; atypical achromatopsia; atypical bacterial forms; atypical cell; atypical facial neuralgia; atypical fibroxanthoma; atypical gingivitis; atypical lipoma; atypical measles; atypical melanocytic hyperplasia; atypical mycobacteria; atypical mycobacterial infection; atypical nevi; atypical pneumonia; atypical pseudocholinesterase; atypical trigeminal neuralgia; atypical verrucous endocarditis; atypism; Au; Au antigen; Aub-DuBois table; Aubert, Hermann; Aubert's phenomenon; Aub, Joseph; auchenium; Auchmeromyia; Auchmeromyia luteola; auctorum; auctorum non; audile; audio-; audioanalgesia; audiogenic; audiogenic seizure; audiogram; audiologist; audiology; audiometer; audiometric; audiometrist; audiometry; audiometry, evoked response; audiometry, pure-tone; audiometry, speech; audiovisual; audiovisual aids; audit; audition; auditive; auditory; auditory agnosia; auditory alternans; auditory aphasia; auditory area; auditory brainstem response audiometry; auditory canal; auditory capsule; auditory cortex; auditory diseases, central; auditory evoked potentials; auditory fatigue; auditory field; auditory ganglion; auditory hairs; auditory hallucination; auditory hyperesthesia; auditory lemniscus; auditory localization; auditory nerve; auditory nucleus; auditory oculogyric reflex; auditory organ; auditory ossicles; auditory pathway; auditory perception; auditory perceptual disorders; auditory pits; auditory placodes; auditory process; auditory receptor cells; auditory reflex; auditory striae; auditory strings; auditory teeth; auditory threshold; auditory tract; auditory tube; auditory vertigo; auditory vesicle; auditress; Auenbrugger; Auenbrugger's sign; Auer; Auerbach; Auerbach's ganglia; Auerbach's plexus; Auer bodies; Auer rods; Aufrecht; Aufrecht's sign; augean; Auger; Auger effect; Auger electron; auget; augmentation; augmentation graft; augmentation mammaplasty; augmented histamine test; augmented lead; augmentor fibres; augmentor nerves; augnathus; augur; augurous; august; augustan; augustinian; Aujeszky; Aujeszky's disease; Aujeszky's disease virus; auk; aunt; aur; aura; aural; aural myiasis; aural polyp; aural vertigo; auramine O; auramine O fluorescent stain; auranofin; aurantiaceous; aurantiasis cutis; aurate; aurated; aurelia; aureole; aureolic acid; auri-; auriasis; auric; aurichalceous; aurichalcite; auricle; auricle of atrium; auricle of left atrium; auricle of right atrium; auricula; auricula atrialis; auricula dextra; auricular; auricular appendage; auricular appendix; auricular arc; auricular branch of occipital artery; auricular branch of vagus nerve; auricular canaliculus; auricular cartilage; auricular complex; auriculare; auricular extrasystole; auricular fissure; auricular ganglion; auricularia; auricular index; auricular ligaments; auricular notch; auricular point; auricular reflex; auriculars; auricular standstill; auricular surface of ilium; auricular surface of sacrum; auricular systole; auricular tachycardia; auricular triangle; auricular tubercle; auricular veins; auricula sinistra; auriculated; auriculocranial; auriculo-infraorbital plane; auriculopalpebral reflex; auriculopressor reflex; auriculotemporal; auriculotemporal nerve; auriculotemporal nerve syndrome; auriculoventricular; auriculoventricular groove; auriculoventricular interval; aurid; auriferous; auriform; auriga; aurigraphy; aurin; aurintricarboxylic acid; auris; auriscope; auriscopy; auris externa; auris interna; auris media; aurited; aurocephalous; aurochloride; aurochromoderma; aurochs; aurocyanide; aurodox; auromercaptoacetanilid; aurone; auropalpebral reflex; aurora; aurora kinase; aurosome; aurotherapy; aurothioglucose; aurothioglycanide; aurous; aurovertin; aurovertins; aurum;

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