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b; B19 virus; b1C globulin; b1E globulin; b1F globulin; b1-lipoprotein; b2-glycoprotein II; B2 protease; B6 bronchus sign; Ba; Babbitt, Isaac; Babbitt metal; babble; babbler; Babcock, Stephen; Babcock tube; Babes-Ernst bodies; Babes-Ernst granule; babesia; Babesia argentina; Babesia berbera; Babesia bigemina; babesia bovis; Babesia caballi; Babesia canis; Babesia divergens; Babesia equi; Babesia felis; Babesia gibsoni; Babesia microti; Babesia motasi; Babesia ovis; babesiasis; Babesia trautmanni; Babesiidae; babesiosis; Babes' nodes; Babes, Victor; babillard; babingtonite; Babinski, Joseph; Babinski reflex; Babinski's phenomenon; Babinski's sign; Babinski's syndrome; babirussa; bablah; baboon; baby; baby bottle syndrome; baby, foetal alcohol syndrome; babylonian; baby tooth; bacampicillin hydrochloride; baccate; Baccelli, Guido; Baccelli's sign; bacchante; bacchus; bacciferous; bacciform; baccivorous; bacheelor; bachelor's button; Bachman, George; Bachmann, Jean George; Bachmann's bundle; Bachman-Pettit test; Bachman test; bacillaceae; bacillaceae infections; bacillaemia; bacillar; bacillariae; bacillary; bacillary dysentery; bacillary haemoglobinuria; bacillary layer; Bacille Calmette-Guerin; bacilli; bacilliform; bacillin; bacillomyxin; bacillosis; bacilluria; bacillus; Bacillus amyloliquefaciens; bacillus amyloliquifaciens; bacillus anthracis; Bacillus anthracis toxin; Bacillus brevis; bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccine; bacillus cereus; Bacillus haemolyticus; Bacillus histolyticus; bacillus licheniformis; bacillus megaterium; bacillus phages; Bacillus piliformis; Bacillus polymyxa; bacillus popilliae; Bacillus pumilus ribonuclease; Bacillus sphaericus; bacillus stearothermophilus; bacillus subtilis; Bacillus thuringiensis; bacilysin synthetase; bacitracin; bacitracin synthetase; back; backache; back-action plugger; back aperture; backboard splint; backbone; back cross; backed; backfill; backflow; backflushing; back focal length; back focal plane; background level; background radiation; background retinopathy; backing; back injuries; back-knee; backlash; back lens; backlog; back mutation; back of foot reflex; back pain; back pain, low; back pressure; back-pressure renal atrophy; backprojection; backscatter; backscattered electron; backscattered electron imaging; backscattering; backside; backstress; back teeth; backup electricity, backup services; backup rate; backward curvature; backward heart failure; backwash; backwash ileitis; backwoods; backwoodsman; backworm; baclofen; bacon; Bacon's anoscope; bactenecin; bacteraemia; bacteremia; bacteri-; bacteria; bacteriaemia; bacteria-free stage of bacterial endocarditis; bacterial; bacterial adhesion; bacterial allergy; bacterial antagonism; bacterial capsule; bacterial capsules; bacterial cast; bacterial chemotaxis; bacterial conjugation; bacterial conjunctivitis; bacterial cystitis; bacterial encephalitis; bacterial endarteritis; bacterial endocarditis; bacterial endospore; bacterial flagella; bacterial food poisoning; bacterial growth; bacterial infection; bacterial infections; bacterial infections and mycoses; bacterial interference; bacterial outer membrane proteins; bacterial peliosis; bacterial pericarditis; bacterial physiology; bacterial plaque; bacterial pneumonia; bacterial proteins; bacterial toxin; bacterial toxins; bacterial transformation; bacterial translocation; bacterial transposition; bacterial typing techniques; bacterial vaccines; bacterial vaginitis; bacterial vegetations; bacterial virus; bacterial wilt disease; bactericholia; bactericidal; bactericide; bacterid; bacterin; bacterio-; bacterioagglutinin; bacteriochlorin; bacteriochlorophyll; bacteriochlorophyll a synthase; bacteriochlorophylls; bacteriocidal; bacteriocide; bacteriocidin; bacteriocin; bacteriocin factors; bacteriocinogen; bacteriocinogenic plasmids; bacteriocinogens; bacteriocins; bacterioclasis; bacteriocyte; bacteriofluorescin; bacteriogenic; bacteriogenic agglutination; bacteriogenous; bacterioid; bacteriologic; bacteriological; bacteriological warfare; bacteriologist; bacteriology; bacteriolysin; bacteriolysis; bacteriolytic; bacteriolytic serum; bacteriolyze; bacteriopexy; bacteriophaeophytin b; bacteriophage; bacteriophage 2 depolymerase; bacteriophage immunity; bacteriophage lambda; bacteriophage m13; bacteriophage mu; bacteriophage omicron x174; bacteriophage p1; bacteriophage p2; bacteriophage p22; bacteriophage phi 6; bacteriophage phi x 174; bacteriophage plaque; bacteriophage resistance; bacteriophages; bacteriophage t3; bacteriophage T3 RNA polymerase; bacteriophage t4; bacteriophage t7; bacteriophage T7 induced DNA polymerase; bacteriophage typing; bacteriophagia; bacteriophagology; bacteriopheophorbide; bacteriopheophorbin; bacteriopheophytin; bacteriophorbin; bacteriophytoma; bacterioprotein; bacteriopsonin; bacteriorhodopsin; bacterioscopic; bacterioscopist; bacterioscopy; bacteriosis; bacteriospermia; bacteriostasis; bacteriostat; bacteriostatic; bacteriostatic agent; bacteriotoxic; bacteriotoxin; bacteriotropic; bacteriotropic substance; bacteriotropin; bacteriotrypsin; bacterium; bacteriuria; bacteroid; bacteroidaceae; bacteroidaceae infections; bacteroidal; bacteroides; Bacteroides bivius; Bacteroides capillosus; Bacteroides corrodens; Bacteroides disiens; bacteroides fragilis; Bacteroides furcosus; bacteroides infections; Bacteroides melaninogenicus; Bacteroides nodosus; Bacteroides oralis; Bacteroides oris; Bacteroides pneumosintes; Bacteroides praeacutus; Bacteroides putredinis; Bacteroides thetaiotamicron; Bacteroides ureolyticus; bacteroidosis; baculiform; baculite; baculoviridae; Baculovirus; baculum;

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