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basad; basal; basal age; basal anaesthesia; basal area; basal body; basal body temperature; basal bone; basal cell; basal cell adenoma; basal cell carcinoma; basal cell epithelioma; basal cell hyperplasia; basal cell layer; basal cell nevus; basal cell nevus syndrome; basal cell papilloma; basal cells; basal cistern; basal corpuscle; basal diet; basal ganglia; basal ganglia calcification; basal gland; basal granule; basalioma; basalis; basal joint reflex; basal lamina; basal lamina of choroid; basal lamina of ciliary body; basal lamina of cochlear; basal lamina of neural tube; basal lamina of semicircular duct; basal layer; basal layer of choroid; basal layer of ciliary body; basal medium; basal membrane of semicircular duct; basal metabolic rate; basal metabolism; basal-nerved; basal nuclei; basal nucleus of Ganser; basaloid; basaloid carcinoma; basaloid cell; basaloma; basal part of occipital bone; basal part of pulmonary artery; basal plate of neural tube; basal ration; basal ridge; basal rod; basal seat; basal seat area; basal skull fracture; basal sphincter; basal squamous cell carcinoma; basal striations; basal surface; basalt; basal tentorial branch of internal carotid artery; basal tuberculosis; basal vein of Rosenthal; basal veins; Basan; basanite; Basan's syndrome; basbleu; bascule; base; base analogue; baseball; baseball coil; baseball elbow; baseball finger; baseboard; baseborn; base composition; base deficit; base dissociation constant; basedoid; basedowian; Basedow, Karl von; Basedow's disease; Basedow's goiter; Basedow's pseudoparaplegia; base excess; base hospital; base in DNA; baseless; baseline; baseline foetal heart rate; baseline test; baseline tonus; baseline variability of foetal heart rate; baseload capacity; baseload demand; base material; basement; basement lamina; basement membrane; base metal; base microscopical; base of arytenoid cartilage; base of bladder; base of brain; base of cochlea; base of heart; base of hyoid bone; base of lung; base of mandible; base of metacarpal bone; base of metatarsal bone; base of modiolus; base of patella; base of phalanx; base of prostate; base of renal pyramid; base of sacrum; base of skull; base of stapes; base of tongue; base pair; base pairing; baseplate; baseplate wax; base projection; base sequence; base sequence analysis; base-stacking; base substitution; base units; base view; bas-fond; Basham's mixture; bashaw; bashkiria; bashyle; basi-; basialis; basialveolar; basibregmatic axis; basic; basic amino acid; basic anhydride; basic diet; basic dyes; basic electrical rhythm; basicerite; basic esotropia; basic exotropia; basic fuchsin; basic fuchsin-methylene blue stain; basicity; basic life support; basic oxide; basic personality; basic personality type; basic polypeptide-activated protein kinase; basic proteins; basicranial; basicranial axis; basicranial flexure; basic reaction; basic reproductive rate, ratio; basic salt; basic stain; Basidiobolus; basidiomycetes; basidiomycetes shitake mushrooms; Basidiomycota; basidiospore; basidium; basifacial; basifacial axis; basifier; basifixed; basifugal; basify; basigynium; basihyal; basihyoid; basil; basilar; basilar angle; basilar apophysis; basilar artery; basilar bone; basilar cartilage; basilar cell; basilar crest of cochlear duct; basilar fibrocartilage; basilar impression; basilar index; basilar interstitial lung disease; basilar invagination; basilar lamina; basilar membrane; basilar meningitis; basilar migraine; basilar part of pons; basilar part of the occipital bone; basilar plexus; basilar pontine sulcus; basilar process; basilar process of occipital bone; basilar prognathism; basilar sinus; basilar sulcus; basilar vertebra; basilateral; basilemma; basilica; basilical; basilicon; basilicus; basilic vein; basiliscusfibrase; basilisk; basin; basinasal; basinasal line; basio-; basioccipital; basioccipital bone; basiocciput; basioglossus; basion; basipetal; basipharyngeal canal; basiphobia; basipodite; basipterygium; basipterygoid; basis; basis cartilaginis arytenoideae; basis cerebri; basis cochleae; basiscopic; basis cordis; basis cranii; basis cranii externa; basis cranii interna; basis mandibulae; basis modioli; basisolute; basis ossis metacarpalis; basis ossis metatarsalis; basis ossis sacri; basis patellae; basis pedunculi; basis phalangis; basisphenoid; basisphenoidal; basisphenoid bone; basis prostatae; basis pulmonis; basis pyramidis renis; basis stapedis; basitemporal; basivertebral; basivertebral vein; basket; basketball; basket cell; basking shark; Basle Nomina Anatomica; basocyte; basocytopenia; basocytosis; basoerythrocyte; basoerythrocytosis; basograph; basolateral; basolateral plasma membrane; basometachromophil; basommatophora; basopenia; basophil; basophil adenoma; basophil cell of anterior lobe of hypophysis; basophil degranulation test; basophil granule; basophilia; basophilic; basophilic degeneration; basophilic leukaemia; basophilic leukocyte; basophilic leukocytosis; basophilic leukopenia; basophilic substance; basophilism; basophilocyte; basophils; basophil substance; basoplasm; basosquamous carcinoma; bass; Bassen, Frank; Bassen-Kornzweig syndrome; basset; basset hound; Bassini; Bassini's operation; Bassler; Bassler's sign; Bassora gum; bassorin; basswood; bast; bastard; Bastedo; Bastedo's sign; basyle; basylous; bat; batata; batch culture; batch processing; bate; bat ear; bated; batement; batfish;bath; bathe; bathing beaches; bathing trunk nevus; bath itch; bathmotropic; batho-; bathochromic; bathoflore; bathophobia; bath pruritus; baths; baths, finnish; bathy-; bathyanesthesia; bathybius; bathycardia; bathyesthesia; bathygastry; bathyhyperesthesia; bathyhypesthesia; bathyphyll; batoidei; batrachia; batrachian; batrachoid; batrachomyomachy; batrachotoxin; batrachotoxins; batroxostatin; Batson, Oscar; Batson's plexus; batson venous plexus; battel; batten; batten disease; Batten-Mayou disease; batter; battered child syndrome; battered spouse syndrome; battered women; battery; Battey bacillus; battle; battledore placenta; battle fatigue; battle neurosis; battler; battle's sign; battology; battue;

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