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Baudelocque, Jean; Baudelocque, Louis; Baudelocque's diameter; Baudelocque's operation; Baudelocque's uterine circle; Bauer, Hans; Bauer's chromic acid leucofuchsin stain; Bauer's syndrome; Bauer, Wlater; Bauhin, Gaspard; Bauhin's gland; Bauhin's valve; Baume, Antoine; Baume scale; Baumes symptom; Baumgarten, P Clemons von; Baumgarten's glands; Baumgarten's veins; baunscheidtism; bauxite pneumoconiosis; bavin; bawd; bawrel; baxter; bay; baya; bayadere; bay-antler; bayatte; bayberry; bayberry bark; Bayer's patches; Bayesian hypothesis; bayes theorem; Bayes, Thomas; bay-k-8644; bay leaf; Bayle, Antoine; Bayle's disease; Bayley, Nancy; Bayley Scales of Infant Development; baylisascariasis; Baylisascaris; Baylisascaris procyonis; bayonet; bayonet forceps; bayonet hair; bayou; bay region; bay sore; bay tree; Bazett, Henry; Bazett's formula; Bazex, A; Bazex's syndrome; Bazin, Antoine; Bazin's disease; b c1 complex; B-cell; B-cell antigen receptors; B-cell differentiating factor; B-cell differentiation/growth factors; B-cell leukaemia; B-cells; B-cell stimulatory factor 2; BCG; BcgI methyltransferase; BCG vaccine; B chain; B chromosome; bcl; bcl-2; bcl-3; BCNU; b-complex vitamin; BCR; bdellin; bdelloidea; bdellometer; bdellomorpha; bdellovibrio; bDNA; BDNF; BDS; BDSc; Be; beach; bead; beaded; beaded hair; beading; beading of the ribs; beadle; Beadle, George; beadroll; beadsnake; beadswoman; beak; beaked; beaked pelvis; beaker; beaker cell; beakhead; beak sign; beal; Beale; Beale's cell; beam; beam-beam reaction; beambird; beam dump; beam-plasma reaction; B-E amputation; beam splitter; beam tree; beam-wall reaction; bean; bean caper; bean-shaped plasma; bean trefoil; bear; bearberry; bearbind; beard; bearded; beardie; bearer; bearing; bearing down; bearing-down pain; bears; bear's-breech; bear's-ear; bear's-foot; bearskin; bear's-paw; beat; beath; beatifical; beatify; beating; beatitude; beat-to-beat variability; beau ideal; Beau, Joseph; Beau's lines; beauty; Beauvaria; beauvericin synthetase; beauxite; beaver; bebirine; bebleed; beblood; bebloody;

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