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Letter B: "bia-big"

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bi; biacid; biacuminate; bialaphos N-acetylhydrolase; Bial, Manfred; Bial's test; Bianchi, Giovanni; Bianchi's nodule; Bianchi's valve; biantheriferous; biarticular; biarticulate; bias; biasterionic; biauricular; biauricular axis; biauriculate; biaxial; biaxial crystals; biaxial joint; bib; bibasic; bi-bi reaction; bible; bibliographer; bibliographic; bibliographical; bibliography; bibliography, descriptive; bibliography, national; bibliography of medicine; bibliomania; bibliomaniac; bibliomaniacal; bibliometric; bibliophobia; bibliotherapy; bibracteate; bibulous; bicallous; bicameral; bicameral abscess; bicanalicular sphincter; BICAP cautery; bicapsular; bicarbonate; bicarbonate ATPase; bicarburetted; bicardiogram; bicarinate; bicellular; bicephalous; bicephalus; biceps; biceps brachii; biceps femoris; biceps femoris reflex; biceps muscle of arm; biceps muscle of thigh; biceps reflex; Bichat; Bichat's canal; Bichat's fat-pad; Bichat's fissure; Bichat's foramen; Bichat's fossa; Bichat's ligament; Bichat's membrane; Bichat's protuberance; Bichat's tunic; bichir; bichloride; bicho; bichromate; bichromatize; biciliate; bicipital; bicipital aponeurosis; bicipital bursitis; bicipital fascia; bicipital groove; bicipital rib; bicipital ridges; bicipital tendinitis; bicipital tuberosity; bicipitoradial bursa; Bickel; Bickel's ring; bicker; biclonal; biclonality; biclonal peak; bicoid; bicoid gene; bicolligate; biconcave; biconcave lens; bicondylar articulation; bicondylar joint; biconjugate; biconvex; biconvex lens; bicornate uterus; bicornous; bicornuate; bicostate; bicoudate catheter; bicrenate; bicro-; bicron; bicuculline; bicuspid; bicuspid aortic valve; bicuspidate; bicuspidization; bicuspid tooth; bicuspid valve; bicyclic monoterpenol dehydrogenase; bicycling; bicyclo compounds, heterocyclic; bid; bidactyly; biddy; BIDE; bidentate; bidet; bidirectional replication; bidirectional ventricular tachycardia; bidiscoidal; bidiscoidal placenta; BIDS; biduous; Biebl; Biebl loop; Biebrich scarlet red; Biederman; Biederman's sign; Biedl; biello-siegel criteria; Bielschowsky, Alfred; Bielschowsky, Max; Bielschowsky's disease; Bielschowsky's sign; Bielschowsky's stain; Biemond, A; Biemond syndrome; biennial; Bier, August; Biermer, Anton; Biermer's anaemia; Biermer's disease; Biermer's sign; Biernacki, Edmund; Biernacki's sign; Bier's amputation; Bier's hyperaemia; Bier's method; Biesiadecki, Alfred von; Biesiadecki's fossa; bifacial; bifarious; bifascicular; biferous; bifid; bifid cranium; bifidobacterium; bifid penis; bifid rib; bifid thumb; bifid tongue; bifidus factor; bifid uterus; bifid uvula; bifilar; biflabellate; biflagellate; biflorous; bifocal; bifocal lens; bifocal spectacles; bifoliate; bifoliolate; biforate; biforate uterus; biforine; bifoveal fixation; bifunctional; bifurcate; bifurcated ligament; bifurcate ligament; bifurcatio; bifurcatio aortae; bifurcation; bifurcation lymph nodes; bifurcation of aorta; bifurcation of pulmonary trunk; bifurcation of trachea; bifurcatio tracheae; bifurcatio trunci pulmonalis; big; bigaminate; bigaroon; big axillary nodes and normal breasts; big brain; Bigelow, Henry; Bigelow's ligament; Bigelow's septum; bigemina; bigeminal; bigeminal bodies; bigeminal pregnancy; bigeminal pulse; bigeminal rhythm; bigemini; bigeminum; bigeminy; bigential; bigerminal; bigeye; bigg; biggin; big-head; bighorn; bight; bigitalin; biglandular; biglycan; Bignami, Amico; bignonia; bignoniaceous;

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