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Letter B: "bih-bin"

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bihydroguret; bijugate; bijugous; bikh; bikunin; bilabe; bilabiate; bilamellated; bilaminar blastoderm; bilateral; bilateral adrenal mass; bilateral hermaphroditism; bilateral hydronephrosis; bilateralism; bilateral large kidneys; bilateral left-sidedness; bilaterally small, smooth kidneys; bilateral mastectomy; bilateral medial orbital ecchymoses; bilateral pleurisy; bilateral symmetry; bilateral synchrony; bilberry; bilcock; bile; bile acid 3alpha-sulfate sulfohydrolase; bile acid 7alpha-dehydratase; bile acid 7 alpha-dehydroxylase; bile acid-CoA ligase; bile acids; bile acids and salts; bile acid tolerance test; bi-leaflet valve; bile alcohol; bile canaliculi; bile capillary; bile cyst; bile duct; bile duct obstruction, extrahepatic; bile duct pressure; bile ducts, extrahepatic; bile ducts, intrahepatic; bile duct stricture; bile esculin test; bile gastritis; bile nephrosis; bile papilla; bile peritonitis; bile pigment haemoglobin; bile pigments; bile reflux; bile salt; bile salt agar; bile salts; bile salt sulfatase; bile-salt sulfotransferase; bile solubility test; bile thrombus; bilge; bilharzia; bilharzial appendicitis; bilharzial dysentery; bilharzial granuloma; bilharziasis; bilharzioma; bilharziosis; bili-; biliary; biliary atresia; biliary calculus; biliary canaliculus; biliary cirrhosis; biliary colic; biliary duct; biliary ductules; biliary dyskinesia; biliary endoprosthesis; biliary fever of dogs; biliary fever of horses; biliary fistula; biliary obstruction; biliary peritonitis; biliary scan; biliary steatorrhoea; biliary stricture; biliary tract; biliary tract surgical procedures; biliary xanthomatosis; biliation; bilifaction; biliferous; bilifuscin; biligenesis; biligenic; bilimbing; biliment; bilin; bilinear; biliopancreatic diversion; bilious; bilious headache; biliousness; bilious pneumonia; bilious remittent fever; bilious remittent malaria; bilious typhoid of Griesinger; bilious vomit; biliprasin; biliptysis; bilirachia; bilirubin; bilirubinaemia; bilirubin encephalopathy; bilirubinglobulin; bilirubin glucuronoside glucuronosyltransferase; bilirubin monoglucuronide transglucuronidase; bilirubinoids; bilirubin UDP-glucuronyltransferase; bilirubinuria; bilitherapy; bilitranslocase; biliuria; biliverdin; biliverdine; biliverdinglobin; billard; Bill, Arthur; billary; billbug; billet; billfish; billing credit; billingsgate; billowing mitral valve syndrome; Billroth, C A Theodor; Billroth I anastomosis; Billroth II anastomosis; Billroth's cords; Billroth's i operation; Billroth's operation I; Billroth's operation II; Billroth's venae cavernosae; Bill's manoeuvre; billy goat; bilobectomy; bilobed; bilobed flap; bilobular; bilocular; bilocular femoral hernia; bilocular joint; bilocular stomach; bilokinase; bilophodont; bilsted; bimana; bimanous; bimanual; bimanual percussion; bimanual version; bimastism; bimastoid; bimaxillary; bimaxillary dentoalveolar protrusion; bimaxillary protrusion; bimaxillary protrusive occlusion; bimedial; bimodal; bimolecular; bimolecular step; bimuscular; binangle; binarseniate; binary; binary acid; binary collisions; binary combination; binary complex; binary compound; binary digit; binary fission; binary nomenclature; binary process; binasal hemianopia; binate; binaural; binaural alternate loudness balance test; bind; binder; bindheimite; bindin; binding; binding constant; binding energy; binding sites; binding sites, antibody; bindweed; bine; binervate; Binet age; Binet, Alfred; Binet scale; Binet-Simon scale; Binet test; bing; Bingham, E; Bingham flow; Bingham model; Bingham plastic; Bing, Paul Robert; Bing, Richard; Bing's reflex; Binn's bacterium; binny; binocle; binocular; binocular fixation; binocular heterochromia; binocular microscope; binocular ophthalmoscope; binocular parallax; binocular rivalry; binocular vision; binomen; binomial; binomial distribution; binomial nomenclature; binotic; binoxalate; binoxide; binswanger disease; Binswanger, Otto Ludwig; Binswanger's disease; Binswanger's encephalopathy; binturong; binuclear; binucleate; binucleolate; Binz, Carl; Binz' test;

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