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bio-; bioaccumulants; bioaccumulation; bioaccumulation factor; bioacoustics; bioactive; bioaeration; bioaffinity sensor; bioassay; bioastronautics; bioaugmentation; bioautography; bioavailability; bio-bead; bio-beads s; bioblast; bioburden; biocatalyst; biocellate; biocenology; biocenosis; biochemical; biochemical conversion process; biochemical genetics; biochemical mechanism; biochemical metastasis; biochemical oxygen demand; biochemical phenomena; biochemical profile; biochemistry; biochemorphic; biochemorphology; biochip; biochrome; biocidal; biocide; bioclimatology; biocompatibility; biocompatible materials; bioconcentration; bioconcentration factor; bioconversion; biocosmetics; biocybernetics; biocycle; biocytin; biocytinase; biodegradable; biodegradation; biodiesel; biodiversity; biodynamic; biodynamics; bioecology; bioelectric energy sources; bioelectricity; bioelectric potential; bioelectronics; bioelement; bioenergetics; bioenergy; bioengineering; bioenrichment; bioequivalence; bioequivalent; bioethics; biofeedback; biofilm; bioflavonoid; bioflavonoids; biofuel; biofuels; biogas; biogen; biogenesis; biogenetic; biogenetic law; biogenic; biogenic amine; biogenic amine neurotransmitters; biogenic amines; biogenic monoamines; biogenic polyamines; biogenist; biogeny; biogeochemistry; biogeography; biogeotechnology; biognosis; biographer; biographic; biographical; biographize; biography; biogravics; Bi(OH)3; biohazard; biohydrology; biohydrometallurgy; bioimplant; bioinformatics; bioinstrument; bioinstrumentation; biokinetics; biolistics; biologic; biological; biological agent; biological assay; biological assessment; biological availability; biological chemistry; biological clock; biological clocks; biological coefficient; biological containment; biological control; biological dressings; biological engineering; biological factors; biological half-life; biological hazard potential; biological immunotherapy; biological magnification; biological markers; biological monitoring; biological oceanography; biological oxidation; biological phenomena; biological products; biological psychiatry; biological response modifier; biological response modifiers; biological sampling; biological sciences; biological specificity; biological specimen banks; biological standard unit; biological therapy; biological transport; biological transport, active; biological value; biological vector; biological warfare; biologic evolution; biologic haemolysis; biologics; biologic time; biologist; biology; bioluminescence; biolysis; biolytic; biomacromolecule; biomagnetic; biomagnetism; biomarker; biomass; biomass energy; biomass fuel; biomaterial; biome; biomechanics; biomedical; biomedical and dental materials; biomedical engineering; biomedical model; biomembrane; biometer; biometrical genetics; biometrical school; biometrician; biometrics; biometry; biomicroscope; biomicroscopy; biomimetics; biomolecule; biomphalaria; bion; bionavigation; Biondi; Biondi-Heidenhain stain; bionecrosis; bionic; bionics; bionomics; bionomy; bionucleonics; biopack; biopesticide; biophage; biophagism; biophagous; biophagy; biopharmaceutics; biophile; biophilia; biophor biophore; biophotometer; biophylactic; biophylaxis; biophysical profile; biophysics; bioplasm; bioplasmic; bioplast; bioplastic; biopolymer; biopotency; biopotential; bioprocess; bioprosthesis; biopsy; biopsychology; biopsychosocial; biopsychosocial model; biopsy, endometrial; biopsy, heart; biopsy, muscle; biopsy, myocardial; biopsy needle; biopsy, nerve; biopsy, open lung; biopsy, pleural needle; biopsy, salivary gland; biopterin; bioptome; biopyoculture; biorbital; biorbital angle; bioreactor; bioremediataion; bioremediation; biorgan; biorheology; biorhythm; bioroentgenography; biosafety; biosatellite; biose; biosensor; bioseries; bioside; biosis; biosocial; biosorption; biospectrometry; biospectroscopy; biospeleology; biosphere; biostabiliser; biostasis; biostat; biostatics; biostatistics; biosynthesis; biosynthetic; biosystem; Biot; biota; biotaxis; biotaxy; biotechnical; biotechnical engineering; biotechnology; biotelemetry; biotest; biotherapy; biotic; biotic community; biotic factors; biotic potential; biotics; biotic stress; biotin; biotin carboxylase; biotinidase; biotinides; biotin sulfoxide reductase; biotin synthetase; biotinylation; biotinyllysine; biotite; biotope; biotoxicology; biotoxin; biotransformation; biotron; biotroph; biotropism; biot-savart law; Biot's breathing; Biot's breathing sign; Biot's respiration; Biot's sign; biotype; bioultrasonics; biovar; biovular; biozzi mice; bipalatinoid; bipalmate; biparasitism; biparental; biparietal; biparietal diameter; biparous; bipartite; bipartite uterus; bipartite vagina; bipectinated; biped; bipedal; bipedicle flap; bipennate; bipennate muscle; biperforate; biperiden; bipetalous; biphasic; biphasic growth curve; biphasic insulin; biphasic response; biphenamine hydrochloride; biphenotypic; biphenotypy; biphenyl; biphenyl-2,3-dioxygenase; biphenyl-4-hydroxylase; bipinnaria; bipinnate; bipinnatifid; biplane angiography; bipolar; bipolar cautery; bipolar cell; bipolar disease; bipolar disorder; bipolar filament; bipolar illness; bipolarity; bipolar lead; bipolar neuron; bipolar psychosis; bipolar taxis; bipolar version; bipotentiality; bipupillate; bipyramidal;

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