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blight; blighted ovum; blind; blind boil; blinded study; blind enema; blindfish; blind fistula; blind foramen of frontal bone; blind foramen of the tongue; blind gut; blind headache; blinding disease; blinding glare; blind loop syndrome; blind nasotracheal intubation; blindness; blindness, cortical; blind passage; blind spot; blind staggers; blind study; blind test; blindworm; blinking; blister; blister agent; blister beetle poisoning; blistering; blistering collodion; blister pack; blite; bloat; blob; Bloch, Bruno; Bloch, Marcel; Bloch's reaction; Bloch-Sulzberger disease; Bloch-Sulzberger syndrome; block; blockade; block anaesthesia; block book; block design test; blocked aerogastria; blocked reading frame; blocked tear duct; blocker; blocking; blocking activity; blocking agent; blocking antibody; block-out; block vertebra; block vertebrae; Blocq, Paul; Blocq's disease; bloedite; blomary; blood; blood agar; blood-air barrier; blood albumin; blood-aqueous barrier; blood bactericidal activity; blood bank; blood banks; bloodbird; blood blister; blood-boltered; blood-borne pathogens; blood-brain barrier; blood calculus; blood capillary; blood cast; blood catecholamine; blood cell; blood cell count; blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier; blood circulation; blood circulation time; blood clot; blood clotting factor; blood coagulation; blood coagulation factor inhibitors; blood coagulation factors; blood coagulation tests; blood component removal; blood component transfusion; blood corpuscle; blood count; blood crisis; blood crystals; blood culture; blood cyst; blood disk; blood dust; blood dyscrasia; blooded; bloodflower; blood flow velocity; blood gas analysis; blood gases; blood gas monitoring, transcutaneous; blood glucose; blood glucose meter; blood glucose monitoring; blood glucose self-monitoring; blood group; blood group antigen; blood group incompatibility; blood grouping; blood grouping and crossmatching; blood group substance; bloodguilty; blood haemopathies; bloodhound; bloodily; bloodiness; blood island; blood islet; bloodless; bloodless amputation; bloodless decerebration; bloodless operation; bloodless phlebotomy; bloodlet; bloodletter; bloodletting; blood loss, surgical; blood lymph; blood mole; blood money; blood motes; blood patch, epidural; blood pH; blood physiology; blood plasma; blood plasma fractions; blood plastid; blood platelets; blood poisoning; blood pool imaging; blood porphyrin level; blood pressure; blood pressure determination; blood pressure, high; blood pressure monitoring, ambulatory; blood pressure monitors; blood products; blood protein electrophoresis; blood proteins; blood puzzles; blood relationship; blood relative; blood-retinal barrier; bloodroot; blood sedimentation; bloodshed; bloodshedder; bloodshedding; bloodshot; blood-shotten; blood smear; blood spavin; blood specimen collection; blood spots; blood stains; bloodstick; bloodstone; bloodstream; bloodstroke; blood substitute; blood substitutes; bloodsucker; blood sugar, high; blood sugar, low; blood-testis barrier; blood-thinner; bloodthirsty; blood transfusion; blood transfusion, autologous; blood transfusion, intrauterine; blood transfusion reaction; blood tumour; blood type; bloodulf; blood urea nitrogen; blood, urinary; blood-vascular system; blood vessel; blood vessel prosthesis; blood vessel prosthesis implantation; blood vessels; blood viscosity; blood volume; blood volume determination; blood volume nomogram; bloodwit; bloodwite; bloodwood; bloodworm; bloodwort; bloody; bloodybones; bloody flux; bloody hand; bloody-minded; bloody show; bloody sweat; bloom; bloomary; Bloom, David; bloomer; blooming; Bloom's syndrome; bloom syndrome; bloomy; blossom; blot; blotch; blote; blot, northern; blots; blot, southern; blotting; blotting, northern; blotting, southern; blotting, western; blot, western; Blount-Barber disease; Blount's disease; Blount, Walter; blow; blowball; blower; blowfly; blowfly strike; blowgun; blowhole; blown; blow-out fracture; blowout pipette; blowpipe; blowze; blubber; blubber finger; blue; blue asphyxia; blue atrophy; blue baby; blueback; bluebag; bluebell; blueberry; blueberry muffin baby; blueberry muffin sign; bluebill; bluebird; blue-bonnet; bluebottle; bluebreast; bluecap; blue cataract; bluecomb disease of chickens; bluecomb disease of turkeys; bluecomb virus; blue cone monochromatism; blue cross; blue dextran; blue disease; blue dome cyst; blue dot sign; blue-eye; blue-eyed grass; blue fever; bluefin; bluefish; blue grass; blue-green algae; blue-green bacteria; blue-green bacterium; blue jay; blue line; blue naevus; blue nevus; blue oedema; blue ointment; bluepoll; blue pus; blue pus bacillus; blue rubber-bleb nevi; blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome; blue sclera; blue shield; blue spot; bluestocking; bluestockingism; bluethroat; blue toe syndrome; bluetongue; bluetongue virus; bluets; blue vision; blue white colour selection; bluewing; Blumberg, Jacob; Blumberg's sign; Blumenau, Leonid; Blumenau's nucleus; Blumenbach, Johann; Blumenbach's clivus; Blumer, George; Blumer's shelf; Blum, Paul; blunger; blunt; blunt duct adenosis; blunted affect; blunt-end; blunt-end DNA; blunt-ended DNA; blunt-end ligation; blur; blush; blushing;

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