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BRCA1; BRCA1 breast cancer susceptibility gene; BRCA1 protein; BrDu; BrDu-banding; breach; bread; bread-and-butter pericardium; breadbasket; breadfruit; bread pill; breadroot; break; breakaway; breakaway phenomenon; breakbone fever; break-circuit; breakoff; breakpoint; breakpoint cluster region; break shock; breakthrough; breakthrough pain; bream; breast; breast augmentation; breast bone; breast cancer; breast cancer susceptibility genes; breast carcinoma; breast dose in mammography; breast feeding; breast implant; breast implantation; breast implants; breast infection; breast lump; breast mass; breast neoplasms, male; breast pang; breast prosthesis; breast pump; breast self-examination; breast thermography; breast ultrasound; breath; breathable; breathableness; breath analysis test; breathe; breather; breathful; breath-holding; breath-holding test; breathing; breathing bag; breathing exercises; breathing rate; breathing reserve; breathless; breathlessly; breathlessness; breath tests; breccia; Breda, Achille; Breda's disease; bredouillement; breech; breech delivery; breech extraction; breech presentation; breed; breeder material; breeder reactor; breeding; breeze fly; brefeldin A; brefeldin A esterase; bregma; bregmatic; bregmatic fontanel; bregmatolambdoid arc; bregmocardiac reflex; brei; bremsstrahlung; Brenner, Fritz; brenner tumour; Brenn, Lena; brepho-; brephoplastic graft; Breschet, Gilbert; Breschet's bones; Breschet's canals; Breschet's hiatus; Breschet's sinus; Breschet's vein; Brescia-Cimino fistula; Brescia, Michael; Breslow, Alexander; bret; brettice; bretylium; bretylium tosylate; Breuer, Josef; Breus, Carl; Breus mole; breve; breviary; brevibacterium; brevicollis; breviped; brevipen; brevipennate; brevirostrate; brevis; brevotoxins; Brewer, George; Brewer's infarcts; brewers' yeast; brewing; brewster's angle; briar; brick; brickdust deposit; Bricker, Eugene; Bricker operation; brickkiln; brickmaker's anaemia; bride; bridegroom; bridesmaid; bridesman; bridge; bridgeboard; bridge corpuscle; bridged compounds; bridgehead; bridgepot; bridgetree; bridgework; bridging hepatic necrosis; bridle; bridle stricture; bridle suture; brief; brief psychiatric rating scale; brief psychotherapy; brief reactive psychosis; brigade; Brigg's test; bright; brighten; bright field illumination; bright field imaging; bright field microscopy; brightness; brightness difference threshold; Bright, Richard; bright's disease; bright t1 lesion; brill; brilliant green; brilliant green salt agar; brilliant vital red; brilliant yellow; Brill, Nathan; Brill's disease; Brill-Symmers disease; brill-zinsser disease; brim; Brimacombe fragment; brimstone; brimstony; brin; brindle; brine; Brinell; Brinell hardness number; bring; brinjaree; brinolase; Briquet; Briquet's ataxia; Briquet's disease; Briquet's syndrome; brisement force; brisket; brisket disease; Brissaud; Brissaud-Marie syndrome; Brissaud's disease; Brissaud's infantilism; Brissaud's reflex; bristle; bristle cell; bristle-pointed; bristle-shaped; bristletail; British anti-Lewisite; british columbia; British gum; British Thermal Unit; britt; brittle bones; brittle diabetes; brittle star; BRL1 kinase; broach; Broadbent; Broadbent's law; Broadbent's sign; broad beta disease; broadbill; broadcast; broadcast burn; broadcast seeding; broad church; broadest muscle of back; broad fascia; broadleaf; broad-leafed; broad-leaved; broad ligament; broad ligament of the uterus; broadmouth; broadsides; broad spectrum; broad spectrum antibiotic; Broca, Pierre; brocard; Broca's angle; Broca's aphasia; Broca's area; Broca's basilar angle; Broca's centre; Broca's diagonal band; Broca's facial angle; Broca's field; Broca's fissure; Broca's formula; Broca's parolfactory area; Broca's pouch; Broca's visual plane; broccoli; brochantite; brock; Brockenbrough; Brockenbrough sign; brocker; Brock operation; Brock, Sir Russell; Brock's syndrome; Brocq; Brocq's disease; brocresine; brodekin; Brodel; Brodel's bloodless line; brodie abscess; Brodie, Charles Gordon; Brodie fluid; Brodie's abscess; Brodie's bursa; Brodie's disease; Brodie, Sir Benjamin; Brodie's knee; Brodie's ligament; Brodie, Thomas Gregor; Brodmann, Korbinian; Brodmann's areas;

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