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c; C-10-deacetylase; C-13-deacylase; C1 esterase; C1 esterase inhibitor; C2 kinin; c3 cycle; C3 plant; C3 proactivator; C3 proactivator convertase; c4 cycle; C4 plant; C5a peptidase; c600; CA; CA-125; CA 15-3; CA 19-9; caapi; CAAT box; cabbage goiter; cabbage tree; CABG; cable graft; cable yarding; Cabot-Locke murmur; Cabot, Richard; Cabot's ring bodies; cacao; cacao oil; CaCC; Cacchione, Aldo; cache; cachectic; cachectic diarrhoea; cachectic endocarditis; cachectic fever; cachectic oedema; cachectic pallor; cachectin; cachet; cachexia; cachexia aphthosa; cachexia aquosa; cachexia hypophyseopriva; cachexia strumipriva; cachexia thyroidea; cachexia thyropriva; cachexin; cachinnation; caco-; caco-2 cells; cacodemonomania; cacodyl; cacodylate; cacodylic; cacodylic acid; cacogeusia; cacomelia; cacoplastic; cacosmia; cactinomycin; cacumen; cacuminal; cadaver; cadaveric; cadaveric rigidity; cadaveric spasm; cadaverine; cadaverous; cade oil; cadherin; cadherins; cadmium; cadmium chloride; cadmium compounds; cadmium poisoning; cadmium radioisotopes; cadmium translocating ATPase; CaDTe; caduca; caduceus; caducous; CAE; caeca; caecal; caecal arteries; caecal folds; caecal foramen of frontal bone; caecal foramen of the tongue; caecal hernia; caecal recess; caecal volvulus; caecectomy; caecitis; caeco-; caecocentral scotoma; caecocolostomy; caecofixation; caecoileostomy; caecopexy; caecoplication; caecorrhaphy; caecosigmoidostomy; caecostomy; caecotomy; caecum; caecum cupulare; caecum vestibulare; Caenorhabditis; Caenorhabditis elegans; caenorhabiditis elegans; caerulein; caerulin; caesarian section; caesium chloride; caespitose; cafe-au-lait spot; caffearine; caffeate O-methyltransferase; caffeate peroxidase; caffeic acids; caffeine; caffeine and sodium benzoate; caffeine and sodium salicylate; caffeine citrate; caffeine hydrate; caffeinism; caffeoyl-CoA O-methyltransferase; caffey disease; Caffey, John Patrick; Caffey-Kempe syndrome; Caffey's disease; Caffey-Silverman syndrome; Caffey's syndrome; cage; caged ATP; Cagot ear; Cain complex; Cairns mechanism; caisson disease; caisson sickness; Cajal, Santiago; Cajal's astrocyte stain; Cajal's cell; cajeputol; cajuput oil; cake alum; caked breast; cake kidney; Calabar bean; Calabar swelling; calabash curare; calamine; calamus; calamus scriptorius; calbindin; calcaemia; calcaneal; calcaneal arterial network; calcaneal arteries; calcaneal articular surface of talus; calcaneal bone; calcaneal bursitis; calcaneal gait; calcaneal petechiae; calcaneal process of cuboid bone; calcaneal region; calcaneal spur; calcaneal sulcus; calcaneal tuber; calcaneal tubercle; calcaneal tuberosity; calcanean tendon; calcaneo-; calcaneoapophysitis; calcaneoastragaloid; calcaneocavus; calcaneocuboid; calcaneocuboid joint; calcaneocuboid ligament; calcaneodynia; calcaneofibular ligament; calcaneonavicular; calcaneonavicular ligament; calcaneoscaphoid; calcaneotibial; calcaneotibial ligament; calcaneous; calcaneovalgocavus; calcaneovalgus; calcaneovarus; calcaneum; calcaneus; calcar; calcar avis; calcareous; calcareous conjunctivitis; calcareous degeneration; calcareous infiltration; calcareous metastasis; calcar femorale; calcarine; calcarine artery; calcarine branch of medial occipital artery; calcarine fasciculus; calcarine fissure; calcarine sulcus; calcariuria; calcar pedis; calcein; calcergy; calces; calcic; calcicosis; calcic water; calcidiol; calcifediol; calciferol; calciferous; calcific; calcification; calcification lines of Retzius; calcification, physiologic; calcific bursitis; calcific nodular aortic stenosis; calcific pancreatitis; calcified cartilage; calcified liver metastases; calcify; calcifying and keratinizing odontogenic cyst; calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumour; calcifying odontogenic cyst; calcigerous; calcimedins; calcimycin; calcination; calcine; calcined magnesia; calcineurin; calcinosis; calcinosis circumscripta; calcinosis cutis; calcinosis intervertebralis; calcinosis universalis; calcinuric diabetes; calciokinesis; calciokinetic; calciol; calciorrhachia; calciosome; calciostat; calciotraumatic; calcipectic; calcipenia; calcipenic; calcipexic; calcipexis; calciphilia; calciphylaxis; calciprivia; calciprivic; calcite; calcitetrol; calcitonin; calcitonin gene-related peptide; calcitriol; calcitroic acid; calcium; calcium-45; calcium-47; calcium alginate; calcium aminosalicylate; calcium antagonist; calcium ATPase; calcium benzoylpas; calcium-binding protein; calcium bromide; calcium-calmodulin-activated histone 3 arginine kinase; calcium-calmodulin-dependent phosphodiesterase; calcium-calmodulin dependent protein kinase; calcium carbide; calcium carbimide; calcium carbonate; calcium caseinate; calcium channel; calcium channel agonist; calcium channel antagonist; calcium channel-blocker; calcium chloride; calcium citrate; calcium compound; calcium current; calcium cyanamide; calcium deficiency; calcium-dependent protein kinase; calcium dependent regulator protein; calcium dependent sulfhydryl protease; calcium, dietary; calcium dobesilate; calcium excess; calcium fluoride; calcium folinate; calcium glubionate; calcium gluceptate; calcium glucoheptonate; calcium gluconate; calcium glycerophosphate; calcium gout; calcium group; calcium hippurate; calcium hydroxide; calcium hydroxy apatite; calcium hypophosphite; calcium-independent processing protease; calcium iodate; calcium iodobehenate; calcium ipodate; calcium isotopes; calcium lactate; calcium lactophosphate; calcium leucovorin; calcium levulinate;calcium magnesium-atpase; calcium magnesium dependent endodeoxyribonuclease; calcium mandelate; calcium metabolism; calcium metabolism disorders; calcium monohydrogen phosphate; calcium oxalate; calcium oxide; calcium pantothenate; calcium phosphates; calcium propionate; calcium pump; calcium pyrophosphate; calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease; calcium radioisotopes; calcium rigor; calcium saccharate; calcium sign; calcium stearate; calcium sulfate; calcium sulfite; calcium-transporting atpase; calcium trisodium pentetate; calcium tungstate; calciuria; calcivirus; calcodynia; calcophorous; calcospherite; calcspar; calculated mean organism; calculi; calculosis; calculus; calculus I; calculus II; Calculus Surface Index; calcyclin; calcyphosin;

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