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candela; candicans; candicidin; Candida; Candida albicans; Candida albicans producing proteinase; candidal oesophagitis; candida micro-abscesses; candidate; candidate species; candidemia; candidiasis; candidiasis, chronic mucocutaneous; candidiasis, cutaneous; candidiasis of oesophagus; candidiasis, oral; candidiasis, vulvovaginal; candidosis; candle; candle-meter; candle-power; candy; canefield fever; canes; canicola fever; Canidae; canine; canine adenovirus 1; canine amoebiasis; canine babesiosis; canine borreliosis; canine distemper; canine distemper virus; canine dysautonomia; canine ehrlichiosis; canine eminence; canine fossa; canine hereditary blindness; canine herpesvirus; canine herpetovirus; canine hysteria; canine infectious cyclic thrombocytopenia; canine leishmaniasis; canine malignant lymphoma; canine oral papilloma; canine panosteitis; canine parvovirus 2; canine parvovirus disease; canine prominence; canine spasm; canine tooth; canine typhus; canine venereal granuloma; caniniform; canister; canities; canities circumscripta; canities poliosis; canities unguium; canker; canker sore; canker sores; cannabidiol; cannabidiolic acid synthase; cannabinoids; cannabinol; cannabis; cannabism; cannibalism; Cannizzaro; Cannizzaro's reaction; Cannon; cannonball pulse; Cannon-Bard theory; cannon bone; cannon sound; Cannon's point; Cannon's ring; Cannon's theory; cannon wave; cannula; cannulation; canonical sequence; canopy; canrenoate potassium; canrenone; Cantelli's sign; cantering rhythm; canthal; canthal hypertelorism; cantharidal; cantharidal collodion; cantharidate; cantharides; cantharidic acid; cantharidin; cantharis; cantharis camphor; canthaxanthin; canthectomy; canthi; canthitis; cantholysis; canthomeatal plane; canthoplasty; canthorrhaphy; canthotomy; canthus; cantilever beam; cantilever bridge; cantlie line; Cantor; Cantor tube; cantrell syndrome; CaOC; CaOCl; caoutchouc pelvis; cap; capacitance; capacitance flicker; capacitation; capacitor; capacity; capacity factor; capactins; cap binding protein; CAPD; capeline bandage; Capgras; Capgras' phenomenon; capgras syndrome; Capgras' syndrome; cap II RNA(nucleoside-2'-)methyltransferase; capillarectasia; capillaria; Capillaria aerophila; Capillaria bovis; Capillaria brevipes; Capillaria hepatica; Capillaria philippinensis; Capillaria plica; capillariasis; capillaries; capillariomotor; capillarioscopy; capillaritis; capillarity; capillaron; capillaropathy; capillaroscopy; capillary; capillary action; capillary angioma; capillary arteriole; capillary attraction; capillary bed; capillary circulation; capillary drainage; capillary electrophoresis; capillary fracture; capillary fragility; capillary fragility test; capillary fringe; capillary haemangioma; capillary lake; capillary leak syndrome; capillary loops; capillary nevus; capillary pericyte; capillary permeability; capillary permeability factor; capillary pulse; capillary resistance; capillary resistance test; capillary vein; capillary vessel; capillary zone electrophoresis; capillus; Capim viruses; cap I RNA (nucleoside-2'-)methyltransferase; capistration; capita; capital cost; capital expenditures; capital financing; capital operation; capital punishment; capitate; capitate bone; capitation; capitation fee; capitellate; capitellum; capitium; capitonnage; capitopedal; capitula; capitular; capitular joint; capitulum; capitulum humeri; capitulum of humerus; Caplan; Caplan's nodules; caplan's syndrome; caplan syndrome; Cap(m(7)GpppXm) endonuclease; capnine; capnocytophaga; Capnocytophaga canimorsus; capnogram; capnograph; capnography; cap of the ampullary crest; capon-comb-growth test; capon-comb unit; capon unit; capped 5'-end; capped elbow; capped hock; capped knee; capped uterus; capping; capping of mRNA; capping proteins; Capps; Capps' reflex; Capra; caprate; capreomycin N-acetyltransferase; capreomycin O-phosphotransferase; capreomycin sulfate; capriloquism; caprin; caprine; caprine arthritis-encephalomyelitis; caprine arthritis-encephalomyelitis virus; caprine herpesvirus; caprine herpetovirus; capripoxvirus; caprizant; caproate; caprolactam; caproyl; caproylate; caprylate; caprylic acid; capsaicin; capsanthin-capsorubin synthase; capsicin; capsicum; capsid; capsomere; cap splint; cap stage; capsula; capsula adiposa renis; capsula articularis; capsula articularis cricoarytenoidea; capsula articularis cricothyroidea; capsula bulbi; capsula cordis; capsula externa; capsula extrema; capsula fibrosa; capsula fibrosa glandulae thyroideae; capsula fibrosa perivascularis; capsula fibrosa renis; capsula glomeruli; capsula interna; capsula lentis; capsula lienis; capsular; capsular advancement; capsular antigen; capsular branches of renal artery; capsular cataract; capsular cirrhosis of liver; capsular flap pyeloplasty; capsular glaucoma; capsular ligament; capsular precipitation reaction; capsular space; capsulation; capsula vasculosa lentis; capsule; capsule cell; capsulectomy; capsule forceps; capsules; capsulitis; capsulolenticular; capsulolenticular cataract; capsuloplasty; capsulorhexis; capsulorrhaphy; capsulotome; capsulotomy; captan; captopril; captopril renal scan; capture; capture-recapture method; Capuron; Capuron's points; caput; caput angulare quadrati labii superioris; caput breve; caput breve musculi bicipitis brachii; caput breve musculi bicipitis femoris; caput cornus; caput costae; caput epididymidis; caput epididymis; caput femoris; caput fibulae; caput gallinaginis; caput humerale; caput humerale musculi flexoris carpi ulnaris; caput humerale musculi pronatoris teretis; caput humeri; caput humeroulnare musculi flexoris digitorum superificialis; caput infraorbitale quadrati labii superioris; caput laterale; caput laterale musculi gastrocnemii; caput laterale musculi tricipitis brachii; caput longum; caput longum musculi bicipitis brachii; caput longum musculi bicipitis femoris; caput longum musculi tricipitis brachii; caput mallei; caput mandibulae; caput mediale; caput mediale musculi gastrocnemii; caput mediale musculi tricipitis brachii; caput medusae; caput nuclei caudati; caput obliquum; caput obliquum musculi adductoris hallucis; caput obliquum musculi adductoris pollicis; caput ossis femoris; caput ossis metacarpalis; caput ossis metatarsalis; caput pancreatis; caput phalangis; caput profundum musculi flexoris pollicis brevis; caput quadratum; caput radiale; caput radii; caput stapedis; caput succedaneum; caput superficiale musculi flexoris pollicis brevis; caput tali; caput transversum; caput transversum musculi adductoris hallucis; caput transversum musculi adductoris pollicis; caput ulnae; caput ulnare; caput ulnare musculi flexoris carpi ulnaris; caput ulnare musculi pronatoris teretis; caput zygomaticum quadrati labii superioris;

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