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cardamom; cardanolides; Carden, Henry; cardenolide; cardenolides; Carden's amputation; cardia; cardiac; cardiac accident; cardiac albuminuria; cardiac alternation; cardiac aneurysm; cardiac arrest; cardiac arrhythmia; cardiac asthma; cardiac ballet; cardiac blood pool imaging; cardiac care facilities; cardiac catheter; cardiac catheterisation; cardiac cell; cardiac cirrhosis; cardiac competence; cardiac complexes, premature; cardiac contractility; cardiac cycle; cardiac decompression; cardiac depressor reflex; cardiac diuretic; cardiac dropsy; cardiac dyspnea; cardiac dysrhythmia; cardiac enlargement; cardiac enzyme; cardiac failure; cardiac fibrous skeleton; cardiac ganglia; cardiac gating; cardiac gland; cardiac glands of oesophagus; cardiac glycoside; cardiac glycosides; cardiac haemoptysis; cardiac heterotaxia; cardiac histiocyte; cardiac hormone; cardiac impression of liver; cardiac impression of lung; cardiac impulse; cardiac incompetence; cardiac index; cardiac infarction; cardiac insufficiency; cardiac jelly; cardiac liver; cardiac lung; cardiac lymphatic ring; cardiac mapping; cardiac massage; cardiac murmur; cardiac muscle; cardiac muscle tissue; cardiac muscle wrap; cardiac neurosis; cardiac notch; cardiac notch of left lung; cardiac oedema; cardiac opening; cardiac orifice; cardiac output; cardiac output, high; cardiac output, low; cardiac pacemaker; cardiac pacing, artificial; cardiac part of stomach; cardiac plexus; cardiac polyp; cardiac prominence; cardiac reserve; cardiac rhabdomyoma; cardiac risk; cardiac segment; cardiac shock; cardiac skeleton; cardiac souffle; cardiac sound; cardiac standstill; cardiac surgical procedures; cardiac symphysis; cardiac syncope; cardiac tamponade; cardiac tube; cardiac valve prosthesis; cardiac valvular incompetence; cardiac veins; cardiac volume; cardialgia; cardiataxia; cardiatelia; cardiectasia; cardiectomy; cardiectopia; cardinal; cardinal ligament; cardinal ocular movements; cardinal points; cardinal veins; carding; cardio-; cardioaccelerator; cardioactive; cardioangiography; cardioaortic; cardioarterial; cardioarterial interval; Cardiobacterium; cardiocele; cardiochalasia; cardiodiaphragmatic angle; cardiodiosis; cardiodynamics; cardiodynia; cardioesophageal; cardioesophageal junction; cardioesophageal relaxation; cardiofacial syndrome; cardiogenesis; cardiogenic; cardiogenic plate; cardiogenic shock; cardiogram; cardiograph; cardiography; cardiography, impedance; cardiohemothrombus; cardiohepatic; cardiohepatic angle; cardiohepatic triangle; cardiohepatomegaly; cardioid; cardioid condenser; cardioid dark field condenser; cardioinhibitory; cardiokinetic; cardiokymogram; cardiokymograph; cardiokymography; cardiolipin; cardiolipins; cardiolipin synthetase; cardiological; cardiologist; cardiology; cardiology service, hospital; cardiolysis; cardiomalacia; cardiomegaly; cardiometry; cardiomotility; cardiomuscular; cardiomyoliposis; cardiomyopathy; cardiomyopathy, alcoholic; cardiomyopathy, congestive; cardiomyopathy, hypertrophic; cardiomyopathy, restrictive; cardiomyoplasty; cardiomyotomy; cardionatrin; cardionecrosis; cardionector; cardionephric; cardioneural; cardioneurosis; cardio-omentopexy; cardiopaludism; cardiopath; cardiopathia nigra; cardiopathy; cardiopericardiopexy; cardiophobia; cardiophone; cardiophony; cardiophrenia; cardiophrenic angle; cardioplasty; cardioplegia; cardioplegic; cardioplegic arrest; cardioplegic solutions; cardioptosia; cardiopulmonary; cardiopulmonary arrest; cardiopulmonary bypass; cardiopulmonary murmur; cardiopulmonary obstructive shock; cardiopulmonary resuscitation; cardiopulmonary splanchnic nerves; cardiopulmonary transplantation; cardiopyloric; cardiorenal; cardiorespiratory; cardiorespiratory murmur; cardiorrhaphy; cardiorrhexis; cardioscope; cardioselective; cardioselectivity; cardiospasm; cardiosphygmograph; cardiotachometer; cardiothoracic ratio; cardiothrombus; cardiothyrotoxicosis; cardiotocography; cardiotomy; cardiotonic; cardiotonic agent; cardiotoxic; cardiotoxic myolysis; cardiotoxin; cardiovalvulitis; cardiovascular; cardiovascular abnormalities; cardiovascular agents; cardiovascular deconditioning; cardiovascular physiology; cardiovascular radiology; cardiovascular surgery; cardiovascular surgical procedures; cardiovascular syphilis; cardiovascular system; cardiovasculorenal; cardioversion; cardiovert; cardioverter; Cardiovirus; cardiovirus infections; carditis; care; care, ambulatory; career choice; career mobility; caregiver; care, managed; care proxy, health; Carey Coombs murmur; carfecillin; caribbean region; caribi; carica; Carica candamarencis glycosylated cysteine proteinase; caricatures; caries; carina; carinactivase; carina fornicis; carinal lymph nodes; carina of trachea; carinate; carinate abdomen; carina tracheae; carina urethralis vaginae; carina vaginae; cario-; cariogenesis; cariogenic; cariogenic agent; cariogenicity; cariology; cariostatic; cariostatic agent; carious; carisoprodate; carisoprodol; carissin; CAR kinase; carlavirus; Carlen; Carlen's tube; Carl Gauss; carmalum; Carman; carman meniscus sign; Carman's sign; carminate; carminative; carmine; carminic acid; carminomycin 4-O-methyltransferase; carminophil; Carmody; Carmody-Batson operation; carmovirus; carmustine; carnassial; carnassial tooth; carnauba wax; carneous; carneous degeneration; carneous mole; carnes; Carnett; Carnett's sign; carney syndrome; carnification; carnitine; carnitine acyltransferases; carnitine amidase; carnitine coenzyme A ligase; carnitine dehydratase; carnitine o-acetyltransferase; carnitine o-palmitoyltransferase; carnitine palmitoyltransferase; carnitine racemase; Carnivora; carnivore; carnivorous;carnivory; carnosinaemia; carnosinase; carnosine; carnosine synthetase; carnosity; carnot efficiency; Carnoy; Carnoy's fixative;

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