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cauterant; cauterisation; cauterise; cauterization; cauterize; cautery; cautery knife; cava; cavagram; caval; caval fold; cavalry bone; caval valve; cavascope; cave; caveola; cavern; caverna; cavernae corporis spongiosi; cavernae corporum cavernosorum; caverniloquy; cavernitis; cavernoscope; cavernoscopy; cavernositis; cavernostomy; cavernous; cavernous angioma; cavernous arteries; cavernous body of clitoris; cavernous body of penis; cavernous branch of internal carotid artery; cavernous groove; cavernous haemangioma; cavernous haemangioma of liver; cavernous lymphangiectasis; cavernous nerves of clitoris; cavernous nerves of penis; cavernous part of internal carotid artery; cavernous plexus of clitoris; cavernous plexus of conchae; cavernous plexus of penis; cavernous rale; cavernous resonance; cavernous respiration; cavernous rhonchus; cavernous sinus; cavernous sinus branch of internal carotid artery; cavernous sinus syndrome; cavernous sinus thrombosis; cavernous tissue; cavernous transfer of portal vein; cavernous veins of penis; cavernous voice; cavernous voice sound; caverns of corpora cavernosa; caverns of corpus spongiosum; cave sickness; Cavia; Cavia porcellus; caviar lesion; CA virus; cavitary; cavitary lung nodules; cavitas; cavitas abdominalis; cavitas articularis; cavitas coronalis; cavitas dentis; cavitas glenoidalis; cavitas infraglotticum; cavitas laryngis; cavitas medullaris; cavitas nasi; cavitas oris; cavitas oris propria; cavitas pelvis; cavitas pericardialis; cavitas peritonealis; cavitas pharyngis; cavitas pleuralis; cavitas thoracis; cavitas tympanica; cavitas uteri; cavitation; cavities; cavities of corpora cavernosa; cavities of corpus spongiosum; cavitis; cavity; cavity, abdominal; cavity line angle; cavity liner; cavity margin; cavity of concha; cavity of larynx; cavity of middle ear; cavity of pharynx; cavity of septum pellucidum; cavity of tooth; cavity preparation; cavity preparation base; cavity preparation form; cavity wall; cavogram; cavography; cavopulmonary anastomosis; cavopulmonary shunt; cavosurface; cavosurface angle; cavosurface bevel; cavum; cavum abdominis; cavum articulare; cavum conchae; cavum coronale; cavum dentis; cavum douglasi; cavum epidurale; cavum infraglotticum; cavum laryngis; cavum mediastinale; cavum medullare; cavum nasi; cavum oris; cavum pelvis; cavum pericardii; cavum peritonei; cavum pharyngis; cavum pleurae; cavum psalterii; cavum retzii; cavum septi pellucidi; cavum subarachnoideum; cavum subdurale; cavum thoracis; cavum trigeminale; cavum tympani; cavum uteri; cavum vergae; cavum vesicouterinum; cavy; Cazenave, Pierre; Cazenave's vitiligo; Cb; C banding; C-banding stain; CBC; CBED; CBF; CBG; cbl; CB lead; CBPP; Cbz; cc; CCA; CCAAT box; C carbohydrate antigen; CCC; cc-ckr-5 gene; CCDM; C cell; C chain; CCK; CCNU; CCR1 protein kinase; CCTe; CCU; cd; CD1; CD11; CD13; CD14; CD15; CD18; CD19; CD2; CD20; CD26; CD27; CD28; CD29; CD3; CD30; CD31; CD34; CD36; CD4; CD40; CD44; CD45; CD45 phosphatase; CD4/CD8 count; CD4:CD8 ratio; CD4 cell; CD4 cell count; CD4 count, absolute; CD4 immunoadhesins; CD4 lymphocyte; CD4 lymphocyte count; CD4-positive T-lymphocytes; CD5; CD50; CD 54; CD55; CD56; CD57; CD58; CD59; CD7; CD8; CD80; CD8 cell; CD8-positive T-lymphocytes; CD95; CD antigen; CDC; cdc28 protein kinase; cdc2+-CDC28-related protein kinase; Cdc42Hs-associated kinase; CDC5 protein kinase; CDC7 protein kinase; cdc gene; CDE antigens; CDE blood group; cd-I; cDNA; cDNA clone; cDNA library; CDP; CDP-4-keto-6-deoxy-D-glucose-3-dehydrase; CDP-6-deoxy-4-hexulose-3-dehydrase reductase; CDP-6-deoxy-delta(3,4)-glucoseen reductase; CDP-choline; cdpdiacylglycerol-serine o-phosphatidyltransferase; CDP-glucose oxidoreductase; CDP-glyceride; CDP glycerol glycerophosphotransferase; CDP reductase; CDP-sugar; CDP tyvelose-2-epimerase; CD-rom; Cds1 kinase; Ce; CEA; ceasmic teratosis; cebidae; cebinae; cebocephaly; cebus; Cecil; cecropin; cecum; cedar leaf oil; cedar wood oil; ced mutant; Ceelen-Gellerstedt syndrome; Ceelen, Wilhelm; cefaclor; cefadroxil; cefamandole; cefamandole nafate; cefatrizine; cefazolin; cefmenoxime; cefmetazole; cefonicid; cefonicid disodium; cefoperazone; cefoperazone sodium; ceforanide; cefotaxime; cefotaxime sodium; cefotetan; cefotetan disodium; cefotiam; cefoxitin; cefoxitin sodium; cefsulodin; ceftazidime; ceftazidime sodium; ceftizoxime; ceftizoxime sodium; ceftriaxone; ceftriaxone disodium; cefuroxime; cefuroxime axetil esterase; ceiling value; Cek4 receptor protein-tyrosine kinase;

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