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Letter C: "chron-cigu"

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chronic; chronic abscess; chronic absorptive arthritis; chronic acholuric jaundice; chronic active hepatitis; chronic active inflammation; chronic active liver disease; chronic adrenocortical insufficiency; chronic African sleeping sickness; chronic alcoholism; chronic allograft rejection; chronically; chronic anaphylaxis; chronic anterior poliomyelitis; chronic appendicitis; chronic ataxia; chronic atrophic polychondritis; chronic atrophic thyroiditis; chronic atrophic vulvitis; chronic bacillary diarrhoea; chronic bronchitis; chronic bullous dermatosis of childhood; chronic cholecystitis; chronic cicatrizing enteritis; chronic conjunctivitis; chronic constrictive pericarditis; chronic cutaneous leishmaniasis; chronic cystic mastitis; chronic desquamative gingivitis; chronic diffuse sclerosing osteomyelitis; chronic discoid lupus erythematosus; chronic disease; chronic dysentery of cattle; chronic eczema; chronic eosinophilic pneumonia; chronic familial icterus; chronic familial jaundice; chronic familial polyneuritis; chronic fatigue syndrome; chronic fibrosing alveolitis; chronic fibrous thyroiditis; chronic focal sclerosing osteomyelitis; chronic follicular conjunctivitis; chronic glaucoma; chronic glomerulonephritis; chronic granulocytic leukaemia; chronic granulomatous disease; chronic granulomatous disease of childhood; chronic haemorrhagic villous synovitis; chronic hepatitis; chronic hypertensive disease; chronic hypertrophic vulvitis; chronic hyperventilation syndrome; chronic idiopathic jaundice; chronic idiopathic xanthomatosis; chronic illness; chronic inflammation; chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy; chronic inflammatory polyneuropathy; chronic interstitial hepatitis; chronic interstitial hypertrophic neuropathy; chronic interstitial salpingitis; chronicity; chronic kidney failure; chronic leukaemia; chronic lymphadenoid thyroiditis; chronic lymphocytic leukaemia; chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis; chronic malaria; chronic mountain sickness; chronic myeloid leukaemia; chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia; chronic nephritis; chronic nonleukaemic myelosis; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; chronic pancreatitis; chronic pancreatitis: surgical treatment; chronic persistent hepatitis; chronic persisting hepatitis; chronic phase; chronic pleurisy; chronic pneumonia; chronic progressive chorea; chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia; chronic progressive syphilitic meningoencephalitis; chronic pyelonephritis; chronic rejection; chronic renal failure; chronic respiratory disease; chronic rheumatism; chronic rhinitis; chronic shock; chronic soroche; chronic subglottic laryngitis; chronic symptomatic HIV infection; chronic tamponade; chronic toxicity; chronic trypanosomiasis; chronic ulcer; chronic ulcerative proctitis; chronic urticaria; chronic venous insufficiency; chronic vertigo; chrono-; chronobiology; chronognosis; chronograph; chronologic age; chronometry; chrono-oncology; chronopharmacology; chronophobia; chronophotograph; chronospecies; chronotaraxis; chronotherapy; chronotropic; chronotropism; chroococcals; chrys-; chrysanthemum-carboxylic acids; chrysarobin; chrysazine; chrysenes; chrysiasis; chrysocyanosis; chrysoderma; chrysoidin; Chrysomyia; Chrysophyta; Chrysops; chrysosporium; Chrysosporium parvum; chrysotherapy; chthonophagia; chunking; Churg; churg-strauss syndrome; chutta; Chvostek; Chvostek's sign; chyl-; chylaemia; chylangioma; chylaqueous; chyle; chyle cistern; chyle corpuscle; chyle cyst; chyle peritonitis; chyle vessel; chylidrosis; chylifaction; chylifactive; chyliferous; chylification; chyliform; chyliform ascites; chylo-; chylocele; chylocyst; chyloderma; chylomediastinum; chylomicron; chylomicronaemia; chylomicron retention disease; chylomicrons; chylopericarditis; chylopericardium; chyloperitoneum; chylophoric; chylopleura; chylopneumothorax; chylopoiesis; chylopoietic; chylorrhoea; chylosis; chylothorax; chylous; chylous arthritis; chylous ascites; chylous hydrothorax; chylous urine; chyluria; chymase; chyme; chymification; chymopapain; chymopoiesis; chymorrhoea; chymosin; chymosinogen; chymostatin; chymotropic pigment; chymotrypsin; chymotrypsinogen; chymous; chymus; Ci; Ciaccio, Carmelo; Ciaccio, Giuseppe; Ciaccio's glands; Ciaccio's stain; cialit; cibophobia; cicatrectomy; cicatrices; cicatricial; cicatricial conjunctivitis; cicatricial ectropion; cicatricial entropion; cicatricial horn; cicatricial pemphigoid; cicatricotomy; cicatrisation; cicatrix; cicatrix, hypertrophic; cicatrizant; cicatrization; cicatrization atelectasis; ciclopirox olamine; cicutoxin; cidofovir; cigarette drain; cigarette-paper scars; ciguatera; ciguatoxin;

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