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class; class aves; class i; class I antigens; classic; classical article; classical cesarean section; classical conditioning; classical confinement; classical diffusion; classical epidemiology; classical genetics; classical haemophilia; classic cervical rib syndrome; classic migraine; classifiable character; classification; class II; class II antigens; class III; class III antigens; class III malocclusion; class II malocclusion; class i malocclusion; class iv; class switch; clastic; clastic anatomy; clastogen; clastogenesis; clastogenic; clastothrix; clathrate; clathrate crystal; clathrin; clathrin adaptor proteins; Clauberg; Clauberg test; Claude; Claude's syndrome; claudication; claudicatory; Claudius; Claudius' cells; Claudius' fossa; Clausen; claustra; claustral; claustral layer; claustrophobia; claustrophobic; claustrum; claustrum oris; claustrum virginale; clausura; clava; claval; clavaminate synthase; clavata; clavate; clavate papillae; clavi; claviceps; clavicle; clavicle strap; clavicula; clavicular; clavicular branch of thoracoacromial artery; clavicular facet; clavicular notch of sternum; clavicular part of pectoralis major muscle; clavicular percussion; claviculus; clavipectoral fascia; clavulanic acid; clavulanic acids; clavus; clavus hystericus; claw; clawfoot; clawhand; clay; Claybrook, Edwin; Claybrook's sign; clay pigeon poisoning; clay shoveler's fracture; cleaning; cleaning-in-place; clean room; cleansing cream; clearance; clear cell; clear cell acanthoma; clear cell adenocarcinoma; clear cell carcinoma of kidney; clear cell hidradenoma; clearcut; clearer; clearing factors; clearing medium; clear layer of epidermis; clear liquid diet; cleavage; cleavage cavity; cleavage cell; cleavage division; cleavage lines; cleavage product; cleavage site; cleavage spindle; cleavage stage, ovum; cleaved cell; cleaver; Cleemann, Richard Alsop; Cleemann's sign; cleft; cleft hand; cleft lip; cleft nose; cleft palate; cleft spine; cleft tongue; cleft uvula; cleidagra; cleidal; cleido-; cleidocostal; cleidocranial; cleidocranial dysostosis; cleidocranial dysplasia; cleistogamous; cleistogamy; cleistothecium; Cleland nomenclature; Cleland's reagent; clemastine; clemizole; clenbuterol; clenched fist sign; cleoid; cleptoparasite; Cleret; clerical spectacles; Clevenger; Clevenger's fissure; click; clicking; clicking rale; clicking tinnitus; click-murmur syndrome; click syndrome; clid-; clidal; clidinium bromide; clido-; clidocostal; clidocranial; clidoic; client-centreed therapy; climacophobia; climacteric; climacteric psychosis; climacteric syndrome; climacterium; climatic; climatic bubo; climatic keratopathy; climatology; climatotherapy; climax; climbing fibres; climograph; clindamycin; cline; clinic; clinical; clinical anatomy; clinical burden; clinical chemistry; clinical chemistry tests; clinical clerkship; clinical competence; clinical conference; clinical cooperative group; clinical crown; clinical cytogenetics; clinical depression; clinical diagnosis; clinical disease; clinical epidemiology; clinical eruption; clinical fitness; clinical genetics; clinical investigator; clinical laboratory information systems; clinical lethal; clinical medicine; clinical nurse specialist; clinical nursing research; clinical pathology; clinical pharmacy information systems; clinical presentation; clinical protocols; clinical psychology; clinical recording; clinical research trials; clinical root; clinical sensitivity; clinical spectrometry; clinical spectroscopy; clinical studies; clinical syndrome; clinical thermometer; clinical trial; clinical trial, phase I; clinical trial, phase II; clinical trial, phase III; clinical trial, phase IV; clinical trials; clinical trials, phase I; clinical trials, phase II; clinical trials, phase III; clinical trials, phase IV; clinician; clinicopathologic; clino-; clinocephalic; clinocephaly; clinodactyly; clinography; clinoid; clinoid process; clinoscope; clioquinol; clioxanide; clip; clip forceps; clipped speech; clithrophobia; clition; clitoral; clitoral recession; clitoridean; clitoridectomy; clitoriditis; clitoris; clitorism; clitoritis; clitoromegaly; clitoroplasty; clival; clivus; clivus ocularis; Clk3 kinase; CLL; CL lead; cloaca; cloacal; cloacal exstrophy; cloacal membrane; cloacal plate; cloacal theory; cloacin; cloacitis; clobazam; clobetasol; clobetasol propionate; clocortolone; clodronic acid; clofazimine; clofenamide; clofenapate; clofibrate; clofibric acid; clofibroyl-CoA hydrolase; clogestone acetate; clomacran phosphate; clomegestone acetate; clomiphene; clomiphene citrate; clomiphene test; clomipramine; clomipramine hydrochloride; clonal; clonal aging; clonal anergy; clonal deletion; clonal deletion theory; clonal expansion; clonal selection; clonal selection theory; clonazepam; clone; clone bank; clone cells; clones; clones, recombinant; clonic; clonic convulsion; clonicity; clonicotonic; clonic seizure; clonic spasm; clonidine; clonidine hydrochloride; cloning; cloning, cell; cloning, DNA; cloning, molecular; cloning, organism; cloning vector; clonism; clonixin; clonogenic; clonogenic assay; clonogenic cell; clonograph; clonorchiasis; clonorchiosis; clonorchis sinensis; clonospasm; clonus;

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